Nikon dumps Ashton Kutcher

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Update: Nikon denied reports that are no longer associated with Ashton Kutcher.

The National Enquirer reports that Nikon dumped Ashton Kutcher as their company's spokesperson because he got greedy and tried to double his multimillion dollar contract. Reportedly Nikon didn’t even try to negotiate with the actor. Let's see who will be the new face of Nikon.

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  • IanZ28

    I was always amazed that he landed an endorsement contract in the first place. If he did ask for more money that was extremely foolish. Spend a tiny bit of research studying up on your “smaller” Japanese corporation employer before you get greedy. Nikon /= Sony and you aren’t Tiger Woods.

  • Matt

    Awesome! Couldn`t stand the man.. good move Nikon!

  • Fred Flintstone

    I need to go to the toilet, time to take a dumb

  • Imagine this!
    I’do it for two custom made D70s.
    D70 is what I use but the photographic experience could be improved with minor tweaks.

  • Real NASCAR fan.

    Danica Patrick and a Nikon sponsored NASCAR car, how ’bout that?

  • mike_tee_vee

    I hear Lance Armstrong is looking for sponsors.

  • Frank

    I vote for Kate Upton!

  • Ryan Gosling, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith (oh wait, they can’t afford Will Smith), Psy of Gangnam fame, perhaps Jimmy Fallon?

  • alvintoro

    +1 for Chuck Norris

    • Chuck Norris does not need Image stabilization, the whole world is too damn scared to move when he looks at it. (Eh, forgive this French
      Canadian for the half baked attempt… My first Chuck Norris Joke ever)

  • FredBear

    If they’re looking for a new person, maybe someone who knows which side of the camera to point at the target?

  • markmimage

    Why even? Just make cameras!

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    Peewee Herman.

    The true choice for measurebators.

  • So you say

    Thank God- that man is moron.

    Decomposing bodies are less offensive than he is.

  • NN

    Don’t see why they need anyone famous. If they pick one person, and stick with them, they will become the face of Nikon that everyone recognises. No over-paid gimmic junky required.

  • Know this turned out to b a bust, but how about a well known movie producer? Wouldn’t that make sense for both photographers and the general public, considering video is now, like it or not, a major part of DSLR / Compact systems?

    Sadly, I cannot see a pro photographer as main spokesman. Would be great to see D800’s and D4’s but 99% of the blokes who buy D7100 will be asking who that guy / gal is…

    My vote would go to J.J. Abrams but I understand he’s a polarizing figure that people either love or hate. Roll out the dough and get Spielberg Nikon! DO IT!

    • OR get Clint Eastwood… Both Actor and Producer / Director. Just make sure he’s not making a monologue to the camera, that turns out sour…

  • Ralph

    I’ve never understood how some air head celebrity can entice you to buy a particular item they dont necessarily know anything about?

  • LaurentProulx

    Don’t forget it’s a spokesperson for coolpix camera.

  • Mike

    Bahahah you guys are taking intel from The National Inquirer? REALLY? lol

  • Peter Kelly

    Sorry might sound stupid but what has he got to do with Photography, if you want a face to go with Nikon then use someone that uses the Camera for their every day job a Professional Photographer someone like Joe McNally a photographer who takes Professional photos for a Living and who has taken them for News papers, and national Geographic

  • Steve Bowman

    Having a personality endorsement actually puts me off the product.
    Let the images do the selling. Save a heap and don’t turn a percentage of the population OFF your product

  • Mugatoo

    Nikon should be clever and replace Ashton with new spokesperson Demi Moore. 😀

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