Weekly Nikon news flash #209


Lego Nikon DSLR camera Lego Nikon DSLR camera 3 Lego Nikon DSLR camera 2

Red Dot Award

  • Five Nikon digital cameras received the "red dot award: product design 2013": Nikon D4, Nikon 1 V2, Nikon 1 J3, Nikon 1 S1 and Coolpix S01.

Nikon to sponsor Copa Perdigao do Brasil 2013

Nikon service software

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  • Cndlpwr

    Show me the MTF!

  • Geoff

    I remember getting Red Dot Awards when I went to Primary school. It gave me a great feeling.

    • FredBear

      Many get red dots but they’re mostly Indian.

      • Or acne.

        • FredBear

          These people are easily spotted.

  • lorenzo

    D800/E not as good as Coolpix S01? 🙁

    • ageha

      Haha, just because of the “reddot” award? 😉

  • So these awards have a pretty low bar I guess.

  • D4ve

    Japan still hunts heavily in the Southern Ocean, why would they care about hunting in Africa?
    Now, stop killing whales and start building D400’s. it’s getting ugly around here, but it does serve as great entertainment.

  • Interesting thing is that Copa do Brasil will be broadcast worldwide INCLUDING Brazil! That’s a relief, Nikon! Imagine if we wouldn’t have our own games broadcast? 🙂

    • Kynikos

      Which tournament is this actually? Is it one of the state championships, a national championship, a Cup, or…

      • Copa do Brasil is a national cup, runs along with Campeonato Brasileiro (national championship) — they look alike, but are completely different. The teams in Copa do Brasil do not necessarily play the same series as in Brasileiro.
        Just another excuse for having even more games in the season.

  • saywhatuwill

    Oh no. The moment Sigma comes out with this docking station to update lenses, it’ll start a precedent for all companies to follow where the lazy programmers will just send something out and they’ll fix it later. That’s what happened with software. Before the internet and bug fixes through file downloads companies would test the heck out of software to make sure it was as bug free as possible. Nowadays they rush out software that’s buggy knowing they can fix it later.

    • anon

      and that makes products get to customers faster. In my opinion i’d rather have something that works decently and can be fixed/improved over and over than nothing at all while i wait for that item to be tested 8 billion times, which still leaves room for clients to find issues. The best stuff is the stuff you have; not the stuff you are waiting to get. We’ve been updating camera firmware for years.. why not lenses..

      • saywhatuwill

        I can see your point, anon, but then we end up with green LCD screens, AF parts that sometimes don’t work (it looks like a software issue because the fix, supposedly, is to remap the AF points), etc., etc. I know that cameras are more complex than lenses and that if it wasn’t for user installable bug fixes then the people wouldn’t be able to fix their LCD colors, but in lenses if the electronics have a bug in it then we get out of focus pictures or maybe not the right aperture. A lens should be perfect the moment it hits the market. Since people don’t anticipate when a lens comes out the designers and testers can take their little ol’ time.

    • nobody cares

      The Mars Rovers all take S/W updates. The ability to update s/w is a positive feature, not a sign of poor QC.

    • xjxjxjxjxj

      this has more to do with compatibility. sigma makes sure, that future nikon-bodies will work properly with this lens. imho a good move from a third-party supplier

  • Spy Black

    Is the the Tibetan Temple Nikon F edition?


    Lego camera is cooler than an actual older nikon F camera.

  • FredBear

    Cool, one can use the red dot to cover the sensor spots!

  • Neopulse

    Ever since I hear about the 120-300mm being able to become updated via computer from Jared Polin, I was actually skeptical about it, because I thought it had to be meant for repair shops to do for the lack of parts from the companies themselves. Guess in the end it’s for the consumers and that deserves kudos.

  • Adam

    Anyone try out the service software with a D800E? I’ve tried sending stuff to Nikon several times to focus issues fixed, and they always comes back with focus issues. I was hoping to try and fix it myself, but the software does not appear to work with my D800E :(.

  • Cynog ap Brychan

    Won’t have to wait for Lego to produce the camera. Pentax will make it first (a gentle jibe from a Pentax lover)

  • Bret M

    The lego camera looks awesome, though I’d probably make a few cosmetic changes myself just for preference. I hope the winding lever works.

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