Update: Nikon denies reports of dumping Ashton Kutcher as a spokesman


A quick update to one of the posts from the weekend: in a statement to Imaging-Resource Nikon's representative denied previous reports that Ashton Kutcher is no longer the company's spokesman:

"Ashton Kutcher remains a key part of Nikon's advertising campaign and we have no changes to announce with regards to our relationship with him"

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  • Wish they would dump him.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Well that is a relief!

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    So does this mean we don’t get Peewee Herman?

  • scottd800

    i almost just switched to canon until i heard the new update. Thanks Nikon! haha

    • Sahaja

      If they don’t get rid of him I will switch to Canon.

  • Kartken

    denying has been a Nikon policy for sometime 🙂

    • metsatsu


    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      +1 😀

  • Bratislav ILIC

    Just look at that enlightened face, how could you dump someone with a face like that?

  • twoomy

    Nikon, however, did NOT deny the report that Ashton Kutcher is a douchebag.

    • Ben


    • cheap model

      Cool pix has become too complex for Ashton… Nikon is waiting for him to pass the training.

      On other offer — Nikon, i am available to advertise for a Free D4. No 7 figure contract needed.

    • neversink

      Wow. That was a quick response.
      Too bad Nikon hems and haws when it comes to explaining why they canceled a photo show they sponsored last year. That show was to exhibit portraits of surviving sexual slaves, known as Comfort Women, during World War II that Japan’s military forced into bondage. These women would be raped repeatedly and viciously. Funny that Nikon buried this issue and barely responded to critics condemning cancellation of this show due to political pressure.
      But hot-damn, they certainly came to Ashton’s defense quickly. I guess Ashton’s reputation is more important than a show on the Comfort Women.

  • Danit

    It’s not a “spoke persoon” it’s an actor paid to have his face photographed for ads..

    • Alan

      Now, there’s a typo that fits better than the correction!

    • neversink

      That’s what a “spoke persoon” for any company usually is. An actor. Sometimes a “spoke persoon” is a sports figure or even an animated animal like a gecko. They are all acting. They are all acting at being a “spoke persoon.”

  • David Whitham

    The first time I saw his mug in a Nikon commercial, I almost switched to Canon

  • Joe

    Dammit….I was jumping for joy. Can’t stand this guy. He cheapens the brand.

  • Spy Black

    Damn! I was hoping for Lindsay Lohan…

  • edd1965

    Nikon should loose Kutcher, he is a dud of an actor.

    How about Charlie Sheen, at least he’s funny!!!

    • Willy Wacker

      They are afraid that he will demolize everything if he is drunken, Kutcher will Twitter

    • Another Guest

      They had enough problems with dust on the D600 sensor. If they hire Sheen, they’d have to figure out how to explain the problem of white powder on the sensors…

  • Belladonna

    Who the hell is Ashton Kutcher???


    It’s the second time I’m hearing his name, first was when he was (allegedly) “dumbed” by Nikon.

  • Nikonuser

    Just b/c Nikon is silent about something or denies something, doesn’t mean they will at some point say that thing is true.

  • Micah Goldstein

    Wait, Nikon is using Ashton Kutcher for advertising? Who’s Ashton Kutcher? Who has advertising in their life anymore?

  • Mike

    National Enquirer! I told you admin!! 😉

    • Yes you did, but I still do not trust Nikon 100%. I guess we will know the truth in few months or by the end of the year.

      • Foolishcfo

        It was too good a rumor not to post!

      • Fraucha

        That going out on a limb there, deciding which has the most reliable information: National Enquirer or Nikon…it’s a no win situation.

  • Our hopes are dashed.

  • Aaron Shepard

    If I may say so, this rumor should never have been repeated on this site except as a curiosity. The post said it was from the National Enquirer. That is not a news source, it’s a scandal sheet. Anything reported in there should automatically be assumed to be made up. It makes Nikon Rumors look like the New York Times.

  • adampad

    If only Nikon would respond to actual issues with their cameras as quickly as they react to something nobody cares about………..

  • aekn

    Let him snap a few shots of a scantily clad Mila Kunis and share them with us. That’ll change your mind…

  • JimP

    Is NR now a celebrity site, when not pushing Nikon related merchandise?

  • Hugo

    I thought Ashton was using Nikon to advertize himself…

  • ageha

    What a waste of money…

    • Sahaja

      Yes – and what’s worse is that we help pay for this yo-yo every time we buy a Nikon product..

  • Bug

    We should make a petition to Nikon to dump him already, now the rumors are started!

  • Does this mean that my hope for two custom-made D70s is over Nikon?

  • fjfjjj

    No way! I wanted a new spokesman!

    • Fraucha

      ….that’s not a man

      • lorenzo

        just a dumbass with earrings…

  • Jenny

    His highest score on rottentomatoes is 49%! i.e. he has never been in a decent movie. He should be in commercials for single-use cameras

  • Ben

    Clearly, Nikon continues to try hard not to appeal to serious photographers… too bad. There are quite a few celebrities that actually take decent photos…. maybe they should start there

  • Bigfoot marries space Alien

    Really, the National Inquierer was cited as a credible news source and you believed it? For shame.

  • miky61

    So, ok… but what about new D900 and new D600s?

    • lorenzo

      you meant D900E 🙂

  • Bertil Gunnolf


  • This lame ass news if he is or not is…is Lame. Stop posting this BS, BS…find camera news and freaking dumb ass lame shit….GO FIND that Nikon D400….NOW!!!

  • is it just me or does that camera in his hand look ridiculously small? it looks smaller than his face.

    • lorenzo

      You are right! Maybe originally he had a “different brand” that was replaced in Photoshop 🙂

  • lorenzo

    I don’t care of Nikon spokesman, don’t buy cameras and lenses because that person holds some. Nikon should invest that wasted money in QC.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Ashton Kutcher spent money on an idiot campaign against prostitution.

    He got his facts completely wrong. No, 10% of US children are not child prostitutes. Anyone saying so is an utter dimwitted fool. The basis for this ‘fact’ turns out to be a scam artist who uses such obvious nonsense to get people to fund his campaigns (and himself).

    In case you think there might be truth in the claims, arrests for child prostitution are in the low thousands per year. If there were hundreds of thousands of child prostitutes as claimed by Kutcher et. al. then the figure would be much higher. The US police are not complete incompetents.

    Turns out that the hundreds of thousands figure is children ‘at risk’ of being turned into child prostitutes because they live close to the border with Mexico.

    The guy is like Tom Cruise, he thinks he is donating money to a worthy, important cause but he is just helping a spiv fleece other people with a bunch of absurd lies.

  • samthedog

    Update: Ashton Kutcher says, “What’s a ‘Nikon?'”

  • HMF

    Hey admin, pls, post anything to take this guy staring at me with his dumb look everytime I visit the page, pls! Anything will do, a new USB cable, new 52mm UV filter from an unknown Chinese company, pls!

  • Bernard

    Who is he any way ????…

  • Chris Brown

    Who cares?

  • ThomasH

    Could we please return to Nikon Equipment?

    I even got to look over in IMDB who in gods name is Ashton Kutcher. Why would someone pay so much to show someone with a camera in hand, escapes me, but I am admittedly not a public relations specialist.

  • Ryan Hulvat
  • AB

    Nikon should drop Ashton Kutcher because he doesn’t know shit about photography and instead hire a well-known photographer as a spokesperson.

  • o_joe

    Oh, Thanks God!! I was so worried about Ashton I almost forgot about the missing D400!

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