DIY Nikon 1 J1 rig used to record 3D video

Nikon 1 J1 3D rig
Nikon 1 J1 3D rig (2)
Nikon 1 J1 3D rig (3)

A reader from Russia sent me few pictures of his home made 3D rig which consists of two Nikon 1 J1 cameras. This is the video shot with that setup (need 3D glasses for full effect):

Here is another picture of the 3D rig:

Nikon 1 J1 3D rig (4)

Flashback: check out also this Nikon FM10 RBT 3D X5 camera and this Nikon D90 3D setup.

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  • RMJ

    Nice. I have been planning to do the same as those cams are so dirty cheap.

  • Fry

    friendly warning:

    MUTE the video, or your head will explode.

    edit: or do I need some special 3D earbuds for the noise to make any sense ?

    • No longer Pablo Ricasso

      That must be 3D. I got a headache just looking at the picture for a second.

      • chisel

        Sorry for your brain, this experimental video) is trying to develop in this direction

        • Jonas from Sweden ;)

          The pain is a new form of cybervirus, Do not play the video unless you want the virus in your brain.

          • chisel

            I plan to make a video with all the errors. I also want to do a side by side video to not be limited to anaglyph. The first video is difficult to make quality, sorry)

          • Micah Goldstein

            google: blipvert

    • David

      Yeah, it is an old cold war era weapon. Those old “3D” videos were leaked to CIA operatives to make their heads explode.

  • Scott M.

    Love the low tech dual shutter release! Nice job overall. I would love to play with this.

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