Interesting Nikon eBay finds


Some interesting Nikon finds on eBay: Nikon FM10 RBT 3D X5 camera - this is a custom 3D camera made by the German company RBT.

A nice Nikonos kit for $5,452:

Rare Nikkor 50mm f/1.1 lens with Leica L39 mount for $35,202:

More Nikon eBay finds:

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  • neversink

    Pretty cool… Not that I need one though…
    Happy Independence Day to those in the USA

    • Geoff_K

      Thank you neversink.

  • Zorro

    A digital Nikonos would be good.

    • Smudger


    • Grant

      Now we are talking – digital Nikonos!!!

  • Butcher

    Nikon FM10 RBT 3D X5 camera

    We’ve been here before.

    Take 2 D800s…..angle grinder……..soldering iron………epoxy………

    • Funduro

      You can save some money by substituting used Bazooka bubble gum for the epoxy.

    • lorenzo

      Great idea, but I bet the LT D800 will be out of focus 🙁

      • Don

        You mean the one on the left side ?

  • Iris Chrome

    That 3D X5 looks neat if nothing else. I wonder what the photos look like with it. It’s so weird though that the seller is willing to do any test on it except put an actual film. My eBay senses tell me it’s a dud.

    • Rob

      Actually, it’s guaranteed to work. He listed it as “used,” so it doesn’t matter that he says he won’t accept returns and that it’s sold as-is. According to eBay policy it has to function properly to be listed as “used.” To be sold as-is, he would have had to list it as “for parts or not working.”

      If you buy it and it doesn’t work, you are entitled to a full refund (minus shipping). If the seller refuses, eBay will side with you and refund your money (and you may get to keep the broken camera).

      • Al

        Regarding the shipping, it depends where you are purchasing from. If you are a European Union country then you have to be refunded for the full amount (so item cost+shipping). Unless you otherwise agree to a partial.

      • Iris Chrome

        I emailed the seller about this and his answer was that if the camera does not sell the first time THEN he will test it with a film. No explanation why he can’t test it now…

        If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably IS a duck… even if it says otherwise.

        eBay might be on your side and all but why go thru all the hassle and trouble AND lose on your shipping especially if the seller is not willing to do a simple and reasonable test.

        This is not to mention other possibilities like camera working and taking shots but having some sort of defect… or worse seller is not honest.

  • acuberos

    FM10 is not a real Nikon, it was made by Cosina and it was low quality product. They shold have used at leat a Nikon FM2…

  • Funduro

    LOL imaging the cost to setting it up with the Holy Trinity now a days ? 2 of every lance can get expensive real fast.

  • wow that’s kinda cool. just wishing that it’s digitalised. 🙂

  • R!

    3D IS BULLSHITT!!!!!

    • R!


    • BartyL

      Are we to take it that you go around with one eye closed all the time?

      Remember to swap eyes regularly to avoid laziness in the un-favoured eye.

      • R!

        Human eyes still focus on one single point…
        …Let see how you focus your 2 eyes on 2 diferent points at the same time!!?

        • BartyL

          Yes, they focus on one point from two slightly different points. Unconscious triangulation between those three points allows us to judge depth and distances – to see the world in ‘3D’.

          3D recording systems work the same way. If the lenses are not focused on the same point, you get ‘double vision’, not 3D.

          Also, you need to relax a bit. Just because a comment isn’t plastered with ‘smileys’ doesn’t mean it’s not an attempt at humour. Learn to take a less ‘2D’ view of things.

          • R!

            You might be right technicly ,I still dont like the 3D “effect” images or video , they look unreal that’s my opinion ,maybe I’ll change with the evolution later,nothing in my points are agressive I just like polemics .I always argue with my self a lot so do I with others ,It’s just me ,dont take it personal,take care.
            By the way I still think that 2D pictures in good condition and even 2D paintings in good conditions give you a better looking 3D effect compare to so called 3D visual effects that still in 2D technicly since they stay on one flat plan at the end,I guess we have to wait holograms to be developed forward…

            • BartyL

              I agree, I haven’t seen much 3D work that adds significantly to a film over and above 2D – with the possible exception of ‘TT3D’, a documentary about the Isle of Man motorcycle races. I find the effect is better if you sit right at the back of the cinema. I think capture and display rates need to at least double.

  • pooh

    The 50/1.1 has its plastic hood. Quite a feat.

  • CamaMan

    Wow the guy writes an item number or product code with a marker on a 35000$ lens!
    Brilliant! 🙂

    • mr.anthony

      You need a better monitor, cama. He wrote on an easily removable sticker, not on the lens.

      • Camaman

        Sure do…
        My laptop didn’t have enough contrast to show the details. 🙂
        I see it now at home.

  • I scored an absolutely MINT condition Nikon Nikonos V a few weeks back. It was a complete kit (Nikonos V, UW-35mm ƒ/2.5, SB-105, all hardware). The body was made in 1992 and was barely used and everything still works perfectly. This was a nice addition to our Nikon collection. I only paid $100USD for the whole kit.

    Now, I would really like to have the Nikonos RS SLR, as the Nikonos V is a manual rangefinder and exact focus can be difficult to nail at wide apertures. The RS is still a little pricey, but a GREAT system.

    P.S. As we increase our old Nikon collection, Nikon’s amazing quality and durability becomes quite apparent. Our 1978 Nikon FM is in PERFECT working condition as is our MINT 1983 Nikon FE2. Every classic Nikon in our collection works perfectly.

    P.S.S. A digital Nikonos RS would be AMAZING.

    • yes, if Nikon releases a digital Nikonos it will kill the entire industry of expensive underwater housings

  • SnappyUK

    That 3D FM10 arrangement must be properly tricked out. For it to work as a 3D image, the distance between the shots needs to approximate the distance between the human eyes (around 85mm?). Fair enough, but what is the wind-on mechanism like? Assuming from the pictures that the design uses 35mm full frames, they’re 36mm long, meaning there will be a gap between the L and R frames of 13mm. If the camera wound on by a single frame – as it would with the original mechanism, the exposures would overlap, so wind-on requires the film to move more than double the normal distance each time you want to take a pair of shots.

    No wonder it’s expensive.

  • Keith

    Strange…it says he can run tests on it for you, has only dry fired it, but won’t run film through it. The photographs show Fuji Velvia 100 in the camera!


    Still waiting for Nikon to bring back the F3hp but with a decent image sensor 😛

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