New firmware update v1.02 for Nikon D4 now available

Nikon released new firmware update v1.02 for the Nikon D4 DSLR camera. The included changes in this version are:

  • Format memory card can now be added to My Menu.
  • Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera's monitor has now been changed. This enables more vivid display of images.
  • The stability of network connections when the FTP upload option is selected has been increased.
  • When recording movies using a lens with an aperture ring in [P] or [S] exposure mode, and Aperture ring selected for Custom Setting f10: Customize command dials>Aperture setting, the minimum aperture was applied. This issue has been resolved.
  • When a still image captured during movie recording with 1920 ×1080; 30 fps; crop, 1920 × 1080; 25 fps; crop, or 1920 × 1080; 24 fps; crop selected for Movie settings>Frame size/frame rate and Live frame grab selected for Custom Setting g4: Assign shutter button was displayed in Capture NX 2 or ViewNX 2, the position of the focus point displayed differed from actual recording position. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the camera to freeze when attempting to format a memory card (setup menu > Format memory card) while the camera was connected to a network in HTTP server mode has been resolved.
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  • PhotoGradStudent

    Very happy that these issues have been addressed… especially about the part of multiple exposure mode resetting after a minute

  • ray Yeo

    In camera control with WT-5, cannot shoot with live view 🙁
    But it is great having camera control in the comfort of the warm room with the camera out in the cold no a tripod on a cold Melbourne winter 🙂

    • Bob

      Before 1.02 I could control video recording from my iPhone via the WT5. Now I have to switch off the network to get it to record at all. WTF?

  • Kirk

    So…. I guess only 2 people own a D4 then…

    • Northerntrumpeter

      The other potential owners are still waiting for Nikon to deliver ;-D

      • kam

        that made me LOL! XD

        • James

          Like me I am still waiting for my D4 to arrive by the time I get it all the bugs may of been worked out by then.

      • Jeremy

        I ordered a D4 through B&H and dropped that order when Amazon recently had a stock of them. I’ve now got it and I’m loving it! Thanks Amazon!

  • hq

    Hopefully a D800 firmware will follow soon to fix all outstanding issues (CLS, left focus, etc etc etc).

  • Phil

    I don’t own a D4 and I am absolutely delighted with this.

  • seems as another rushed firmware fixing rushed release firmware. one would expect that after so many delays for manufacturing reasons the firmware would be already close to perfect… hm

    • At least they’re making changes as they see fit. This is pretty common-place these days, especially when you’re dealing with cameras that are ever-increasing in technological advancements, like the D4 and D800/E (which are on the bleeding edge). The D4 and D800/E literally have no equal in the market, I’ll welcome any and all firmware updates as they roll-out, as long as they’re adding features and fixes.

      • i would more welcome pro gear to come in perfect condition and not need to wait a year to have it working as intended.

        • yrsued

          Then you must wait longer for releases and not whine when releases don’t come as fast as you want. This IS a reality in manufacturing these days

        • Look at it this way: Cameras are very complex these days (especially Nikon’s), so they do take awhile to develop, design, manufacture and release. You can either have a 99.99999% working camera early (and use it to make money and/or memories) or you can wait longer and use a lesser camera or no camera at all. I know what I will ALWAYS choose. The D4 and D800s in my hands work amazingly and are the best cameras I’ve ever used.

          • AndyF_Germany

            Cary, could you share your opinion as to why these bug fixes are more dominant on high-end bodies? Yes, I know these are the most complicated ones, but the issues themselves (like “…issue … caused the camera to freeze when attempting to format a memory card…”, or the LCD screen tinting) are rather basic, aren’t they?

            As far as I did read here, the D800 was ready by June 2011 (!) and was being used for months back then by Nikon’s ad campaign photographer (and mass production was severely affected due to the fatal events in Asia, resulting in the 7-month-delay of the announcement).

            Don’t you think (at least partially) that the manufacturers (yes, of course due to pressure of the market) are “using” us, the paying customers, as Beta-testers?

            That’s only a thought.

            • Ray

              It’s simple really.

              Newer tech = technology hasn’t been refined and developed for years.
              More advanced users = more likely to make more use of more features, compared to e.g. most D3100s being left in P&S mode.
              Professionals more seriously affected by problems that casual users who might just accept the picture of Aunt Nora being a bit blurry and move on with their life.
              High end buyers are far more likely to know where and how to complain to get a problem noticed.
              More people read pro photographer blogs etc. than Steve’s blurry catpix.

              A bit of everything above and probably more.

            • @ALL,
              Its really simpler than most people think. It is all in the MATH…

              Discovering the firmware bugs in a new camera is much like playing the lottery. In the lottery you have to get 6 numbers correct out of say 49. More precisely, 1/49 x 1/48 x 1/47 x 1/46 x 1/45 x 1/44 = 1/10068347520 (but your odds improve a bit since you can don’t have to choose the numbers in the order they are drawn, this still comes out to approx 1 in 14 Million!)

              Now take the Nikon D4, it has 58 custom settings items, each of which have typcially 2 to 9 options, and in some cases sub-menus with additional options. The shooting menu has another 25 configurable settings, again with each having its own set of options. Then let us not forget the buttons (30), the switches (5), the rotary dials (5), the directional pads (4), and some other things I probably missed. Now think about every single possible combination of settings, switch positions, and button presses you can have on a D4. Do you honestly believe a manufacturer can test for every variable? Could you even calculate the number of combinations that would be?

              My hat goes off to the companies which continue to release firmware updates, many years after they quit making a particular model; Nikon is one of those companies that does just this. Are they perfect? No, not by any means, but they are better than most others.

              Of the items that were most recently fixed, only the first one has real intrest for me. I was kind of irked by not being able to add the “format” memory card to My Menu. I just wish Nikon would also permit me to add the other ISO Sensitivity Settings to My Menu! As a matter of fact, any shooting menu item or custom settings item should be placeable on My Menu.

          • Rudi

            @DrScsi your math should read 49! / 6! = 1 : 13.983.816

        • B!

          By the time all the wrinkles are ironed out you’ll say i’m going to wait for the D5 and then you’ll just repeat your statement again. Stick to your iphone, im sure you think its perfect!

  • nuno santacana

    Everytime I see the NR feed with a new post my heart beats hard hoping for some info regarding D600 or D400.

    We are in July, I think NRadmin said this moth could be the one for D600.

    • D4Guy

      I’m not expecting a new release before August (D600). However the Thailand plant is up to something, they can’t just be making D3200’s and cheep fx lenses…

      As to the firmware update, I’m not sure I want the change in gamut in the display… My D4 is ticking away without any problems so I guess that makes us 3? My only dislike of the camera is its soft FX-movie mode. Anyone else experiencing this? 2.7 crop is amazing sharp like that of the D800.

      • Jon

        i agree, that is the one change it would be nice to see — better video at full frame, was hoping this update would include this change.

  • alvin

    hey, I have a d200 and i’m still waitin’ for a firmware that fixes the low MP count, low fps, and hi iso noise.. 🙂

    • Aldo #2

      Most likely your firmware update will simply display bold letters on your screen saying… “time to buy a new cam” ………… j/k good luck =]

  • Nik

    Would it work for me (Canadian) to download this firmware from the european site? The Canadian one doesn’t have it up yet and I’ve got two shoots today.
    Just wondering about video code regions and language and such.

    • DMc

      It is all the same. Can you select EU languages on your camera now? That indicates it is the same. They do not post things like “V 1.02 China” or “1.02 North America.”

      • Nik

        Thank you muchly! I thought this was the case but didn’t want to go into battle with my weapon loaded with the wrong ammo!

        • shootin nuts w my AK

          Weapon loaded with the wrong ammo? What are you doing with a D4? I take it you haven’t been shooting yet? Had this update come out next week, would you have rescheduled your sessions? Or go blindly in to battle with your “wrong ammo”?

    • DY

      The Canadian site now has it available for download.

      Though I do not see the “L” firmware upgrade available as shown on NR a week ago.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been shooting away for the past three months on V. 1.00. I’ve already emailed Nikon about the Video Issue and hoping they resolve FX and DX mode.

    • D4Guy

      If they did manage to fix that with a firmware release I would be very impressed. I’m thinking that lack of sharpness is caused quite low in the process and that it is a hardware, not software problem. I’m hoping I’m wrong…

      • Jeremy

        I think it is just a firmware fix. it’s how they are Binning the pixels together. Canon has figured it out. give it some time I think they’ll make an improvement.

        • MikeSlagter

          D4 owner +1 here.

          I too would think its firmware related, since its essentially software that tells the camera how to bin pixels while recording, not a physical hardware thing (proven by looking better at 2.7x).

          Actually I was thinking we won’t see nice FX video till the next model is released, but if it is improved as a firmware update. I will definitely jizz in my pants.

          I’m very interested in before/after the gamut changes on the screen, (would be nice if we could enable/disable the change) I didn’t even feel that it was something that needed fixing.

          • BartyL

            “I will definitely jizz in my pants.”

            Careful, the Puritans will be after you.

          • D4Guy

            The 2.7 crop is native, and like the FX and DX (which will never be real 1080 sharp) is a feature of the sensor design. Could it be improved by new firmware, maybe but I doubt it will ever be as sharp as the 2.7 crop. Other rumors say that the delay in first shipping the D4 was due to the initial reports from early testers saying the fx does not produce broadcast quality video.

        • D4Guy

          I’m sure they will, its called the D4s!

          • B!

            LOL, might be, but then it’ll probably come with 4K video.

  • KL

    @admin, thanks for the post!

  • D600=$1499

    Admin, where are my D600 rumors? When will it be announced?

    • Aldo #2

      All some people do here is wait for new cameras hoping its “the perfect” camera. There will not be another F4 people… work with what you got and be happy.

    • we are just missing the announcement date

  • When you leave the D4 in the on position and put it down for a few hours. (not using it, just sitting on a table) it drains the battery completely. Other Nikon cameras including the D3s don’t do this.

    This wasn’t fixed in the firmware update?!?!?

    • Phil

      Well the fix surely would be for you to turn it off?

      • That’s what I have been doing, even turning it off when not shooting for a couple of minutes because it does drain.
        My D4 was one of the first cameras made, if others that received their camera later don’t have that problem, that would be good news.

        I have talked to other first batch D4 owners that do have the same problem.

      • Steven Georges

        Problem seems to be fixed, see comment below.

    • Jeremy

      I’ve left mine on over a few days. it should have gone to ‘stand by’ and only thing that stayed on was the top LCD. maybe there’s a setting?

    • domitor

      Steven Georges, I have 3 D4 cameras and often forget to turn them off and I haven’t had that issue. The battery does drain faster if the network is enabled but I haven’t drained a battery completely yet. I’ve put the cameras in the case after shooting an event to come back the following day and realize I left one on, top lcd is the only thing that remains on and not a dead battery. May be u have a faulty battery or camera? Or like Jeremy said, check ur settings…

      • Steven Georges

        Good to know your D4 doesn’t have that problem. I have read posts that others do have this problem.
        Hopefully for others, the problem isn’t as common as originally thought.

      • domitor,

        You are a genius!
        I went and checked and yes, I left the network on back when I first played with the ethernet connection. I then turned it off and ran a test leaving it on overnight BEFORE I installed the firmware update.
        It worked!

        Thanks again.

        • @Steven Georges,
          If you thought enabling the network was bad, just hook up the WT-5 to your camera and let it transfer images as you shoot. A fully charged battery will only last 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of images xfered. I’m hoping this firmware update fixes the excessive battery drain the WT-5 causes.

          • Domitor

            I don’t use the wireless transfer option as much as the camera control for only certain shots depending on the situation so I didn’t go with the WT-5 just yet. But i did go out and get a small AP/router for 25 bucks and a portable battery for 20 bucks. Since the Battery power for the router is external the D4 doesnt drain as much. I have yet do do file transfers as I shoot. I’ve shot video using the live view with my tablet but not to the point where it just dies.

            It’s good to know the WT-5 sucks the life out of the D4 battery… I will try it and report back tomorrow 😀

            How many shots would you say you transfer on average? I would assume raw files. I shall report my findings…

          • Domitor

            I have tested out my DIY wireless transfer unit, I shot for 90 minutes for a total of 200 Raw files transfered, and my battery only went down 25%. not bad at all 🙂 altho it might be slower than the WT-5, but im not sure and i have no way of testing that. I also shot video but not a whole lot. Was more interested to test Dr. SCSI battery drain vs a DIY version of the WT-5.

    • Dave

      I found this when I had the network enabled, even when it was not used.
      However with that not enabled the battery does not really drain at all when left “on”.

  • Louie

    I dont think Nikon will ever have a firmware fix for user stupidity. Im sure they are hard at work on it though.

    • EGGZZ


      That is such a stupid remark!

      If the Camera doesn’t go on stand by after a while, the Camera is more stupid than a mobile phone.

      Everybody are used to things switchin into powersave standby, all normal people would expect a camera to do the same. Am I wrong to presume that 99% of the worlds digital cameras actually does that….and since you find saving your battery life automatically while you’re not using it stupid, do you actually know what a camera is ?

      • Shawn

        Even my “lame ass” D5100 and D50 go into standby after a specified period. I’ve been keeping my cameras on for years and never drained a battery. If I shelled out $6K on a D4 I sure as heck would want it to perform better than my “amateur” models. If I’m carrying my camera around all day, I don’t want to have to turn it on every time I want to take a shot just because I’m afraid to drain the battery while it’s slung over my shoulder.

        Hope it turns out to be a setting that needs to be tweaked for all you D4 folks out there.

  • Clark

    So, how is the new Firm??

    especailly the:
    Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera’s monitor has now been changed. This enables more vivid display of images.

    • DY

      Not sure how I would even test the difference. I’ve already updated to the newest firmware so can’t do any before and after tests. However, I’ve never had an issue thinking that my D4 display was not vivid and I also thought my D4 colours were more natural and accurate than my D700 when looking at the back of the camera.

  • Adrian

    Please Nikon, improve video on my D4 🙁 Surely firmware v1.03 can bring it on par with the D800 at least. Many thanks!!

    • Jeremy

      send in a complaint to Nikon. They will request some sample footage. The more people complain about it, maybe the faster they will address the issue.

  • MikeSlagter

    Haven’t had a lot of time with this firmware just yet, but I think I had a couple of instances where when I pushed the play button to review an image, the backlights went on instead? Had to hit play button a couple of times before I’d get image review.

    Has anyone else had this or was I possibly just too drunk at the time?

  • Jeremy

    of course as I was shooting on Ver. 1.0 firmware the camera froze when taking pictures. Upgraded to latest Firmware and we’ll see.

  • B!

    Weird, I hear ol these people complain and so far my D4 is perfect. I’ve tested for all the issues people mentioned and none were shipped with my camera. I did receive it fairly recently from Amazon so I guess most of the stuff might have been addressed already.

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