New Nikon Monarch on July 7 *UPDATED*

I was not going to cover this teaser sent by Nikon since it does not apply to a photographic product, but after I received over 100 emails with questions, I have no other choice. Monarch refers to several Nikon products outside their Imaging division that includes binocularsriflescopes and laser rangefinders (more info on the various products can be found on the Nikon Sports Optics website).

My guess is that Nikon will announce a new high-end binoculars on July 7th.

Update - this is the new binocular that will be announced on July 7th:

Nikon Monarch 7 10x42 Ssecs:

  • ED glass (Extra-low dispersion, particularly low dispersion) for color correction, and for brighter, clearer view
  • Large apparent field of view (60.7 ° for 10x42)
  • Prism with dielectric, highly reflective multilayer Enver mirroring ensures a more uniform light transmittance over the entire visible spectrum, leading to a brighter display and more natural colors
  • All lenses and prisms are multilayer coated for a very bright picture
  • Scratch resistant coating on the outer surfaces of the front lens and eyepiece
  • Phase correction coating the roof prisms for high resolution
  • Large eye relief for comfortable viewing even for eyeglass wearers
  • Waterproof (at 1 m depth up to ten minutes) and fog-free with O-ring seals and nitrogen gas
  • Adjustable rubber eyecups with multi-locking positions are easy to fix in an optimal position for the eye
  • Flip down front lens cap

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  • Monster

    Thanks Admin for the info though it’s not related to photography as you said…Still Good 🙂

  • Brent Schmidt

    I could use a new scope on my M16-A4…

  • Ole

    Thanks admin,

    But I really need my D600 rumor fix. Coffee is not enough at the moment to keep be above water, so to speak.

    PS: Can’t even spell ‘rumor’ correctly anymore 🙁

  • Bob buttons

    What, no full frame sensor in your binoculars…. I’m switching to canon….

    • J Shin

      +1. 🙂

      No EVF, either!

  • BartyL

    Binoculars eh? I wonder if the left optical train will be aligned with the right…

    • Zograf

      Nikon perfectly do even the cheap ones.

  • wublili

    but can it beat Coolpixes ???

  • markogts

    So like the Canon IS but without VR.

    Never try a IS binocular, as you will never step back.

  • Org

    I have a pair of Nikon sun glasses I have loved for years!,
    o ya, just picked up my E, felt like a religious experience,
    one I have not felt for some time,
    as the shutter click goes off!
    words do not express the image,
    breath taking.

    • Funduro

      HA my Olympus XZ-1’s images run circles around your D800e body ! What good is the worlds best FF DSLR without a lens? Why do they sell bodies only? I think it’s a conspiracy to get more of our money !

      • org

        How did you know I was shooting with out a lens. Ha ha

  • Jason

    These look great. I’m a nature photographer in the market for some new binoculars. I used the D4 with 500mm VR 2x tele converter to photograph this curlew at the weekend.
    You need binoculars to to scan the landscape, so very relevant post.
    Hope they are available in the UK soon. Any links would be appreciated.

    • Richard


    • Johnnymunro

      Great shot of a Curlew not seen one in years!!

      Well done Jase.

  • Michael

    I agree the post is relevant since there are a lot of nature photographers that need bins. I have the original 8×42 Monarchs and love them but am a little jealous of my wife’s new Swarovski EL 8.5×42. I wonder where these will fall in the spectrum… presumably will cost more than the Monarch 5 but much less than the Swarovski high end.

  • John Mitchell

    Thanks for posting this, Admin!
    I use 10×42 monarchs for bird spotting at dawn.
    They are very bright and they reproduce colors perfectly.
    Unfortunately for Nikon, I will probably keep mine for many years to come, but I will gladly recommend them to friends 🙂

    • If there are enough people interested, I can start covering the sport optics from Nikon.

  • Richard

    It will be interesting to see just how much the Monarch 7 represents an improvement over the Monarch 5 and its predecessor (which are being moved out at desirable prices).

    The Monarch 5 10×42 goes for about $300. It appears that the Monarch 7 10×42 will be priced at $500. Not only will the 7 need to have some pretty significant optical improvements to justify a $200 price increase, but, in moving into a higher price point, the competition has just changed.

    Presumably the Monarch 5 which is comparatively new will continue in production to occupy the $200-$300 price point.

    I guess we will see whether they are worth the extra money when the birder web sites get their hands on some production samples.

  • Anon

    Monarch = D600 😉

    A monarchy in FX…

    • org

      If there is a d600, monarchy. Then the’re will be. The d600 army. The king is the d4, the queen the d800. The e is the knight. The d400, the house men. The foot men will come. and the dx d3200, the pawn’s. The is a crusade brewing, it will move swift across the lands..

  • King of Swaziland

    Darnit, I was hoping for a scope to rival the Nightforce 12-42 x 56 series.

    • Rolf

      Now THAT would be cool. The Nightforce scopes are REALLY good.

      I keep wishing someone would come out with a good mil-dot reticle scope, with a built in camera and lase rangefinder, so that it’ll take decent video leading up to the shot, a really good high-res image when it detects recoil (the shot is happening), and continue with the video afterwords for a little while. As a training tool, to see what is really happening just before, during, and after would be great. Could make some good hunting movies, too. It would also cut down the number of seperate things you have to carry around in the woods.

  • Dean

    Let me guess, binoculars with a camera feature. Like headphones, cameras should be in ‘stereo’ anyway.

  • hjkl

    Look at that green hue. Must have been shot with a D800

  • fatchicken

    Where does this binocular fit in Nikon’s line? You get the overpriced EDG at the top with ED glass, then you get the HG binoculars which doesn’t use ED glass, then you get the Monach X at 1/2 the price of the HG.

    This Monach 7 has ED glass and an AFOV wider than the EDG. Is this Nikon Sports Optics’s equivalent of D7000 killing their own D300s?

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