This month’s Nikon instant rebates include D4, D800/E, 24-70mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses

Nikon D800 instant rebate options

After months of having only DX equipment in the US Nikon instant rebate program, we finally have some discounts on full frame gear:

The $200 instant rebate is also valid when you bundle the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G or 70-200mm f/2.8G lens with the Nikon D700D3x and the D7000.

Nikon D800 instant rebate options

There is also a new instant rebate when you purchase the D5100 or the D7000 with the 18-200mm DX lens.

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  • C

    No one will be interested if the latest new is unrelated to D600..

    • Foolishcfo

      I assume your name is “No one” as there should be a lot of interest in this deal assuming Nikon can reliably deliver product. I wish they had run this last month as I would have purchased the 70-200mm with the savings.

    • nuno santacana

      Many interesting rumors lately. But I also would be thrilled to know how the situation is about D600 and D400.

    • Anonymous Maximus


    • no one


  • Levi H

    I wish they would just let you combine which lenses you would like to get a rebate on, or just give us a rebate for buying the D4 period! Isn’t that enough money spent!? Haha.

    • Global

      Seriously — its ridiculous for them to push certain lenses in this way. It reveals their hand that the lenses are way overpriced (by margin and SRP), and it shows disrespect to their major customers who already own these lenses. It certainly is not about excess inventory, since you can’t even get the bodies.

      Nikon’s discounts are a very disrespectful program right now!

      • Bengt Nyman

        It seems a bit out of place when they can neither build nor deliver the D800(E) bodies. I ordered a D800 with two lenses in February. I cancelled my order in July when it turned out that many D800 are having focusing problems.
        It has been a rough year in Japan and it shows.

  • wow instant rebate of 200$ can mean a lot to someone.

    • Mooooooooo

      At least you folks in the US get rebates from Nikon. The rebates here in Canada are few and far between. D800 w/ 24-70 would have gotten us an unbranded t-shirt from Nikon if we’re lucky. Thanks Nikon! [w/ middle finger salute]

      • When i went to pick up my d800 the merchant told me that I could get a 24-70/70-200 and get a “rebate”… this was in Canada. I just had to let them know asap before it expired (which I think was last month)

    • James

      Oh yes, -2.4% rebate, what a deal!! 🙂

    • And can barely offset the amount of loss one gets when they sell both a 24-70 and a 70-200.

    • jack

      Nikon just increased those lens 300$ then give 200$ instant rebate, what the fk

  • Of course…. this has to come out now… I bought the D800 and 24-70mm for full price…

    • shoes

      OMG +1, although 200 can only buy another cf card, and a good meal lol

    • Ray

      Me, too.

      I waited to order the 24-70mm lens because who knew how many more months we would all have to wait to get a D800 we ordered months ago.

      When I got word my D800 was shipping, I immediately ordered the 24-70 lens, and was promptly informed “No rebate, Sucker.”

      Nikon should be paying ALL of us who ordered the D800 or D800E, for being loyal customers and not buying a Canon (which, by the way, I WILL do the next time).

  • Mike

    Is this a joke or something? So wtf do I do? cancel my order for my d800e and get a rebate, but kill any possibility of getting the actual camera in 2012? F-U Nikon.

    • Jason

      yes, total F-U from nikon… delivered D800 just yesterday from b&h… and now the $200 – that i needed but will not get.

      Delayed shipment, delayed rebates! : (

      • Ir can only mean one thing: the d5 and d900 are about to be released.

        • Max

          I got your sarcasm. Taking it literally though the D5 will not be here until 2016. Cross reference Nikon’s fiscal quarters with the release dates of the journalism oriented D# bodies and its easy to see a pattern. One of the most consistent patterns of any series of bodies Nikon has.

  • okay

    Back with the D700 the instant rebates were $300 for the 24-70 and $400 for the 70-200.

    • FX DX

      Those rebates were also available with D7000. Better overall deal. I got my Pro lenses with D7000 and got rid of it on Craigslist for $35 less than the market price. Save a lot of money on my Pro lenses. This deal is good but not as good as the deal that was offered in early 2011.

  • Generally, if you’re shooting with this level of equipment, I’d think you’d already have the 24-70 and 70-200.

    • WoutK89

      What about people that are just starting to make their sets for their job?

      • AM

        Or DX shooters upgrading to FX.

        • Fair enough comments. I recall buying my 24-70 when it was released in preparation for using with the D3 when it first shipped, the 70-200 VR I replaced the workhorse 80-200, but the VR II was purchased with a D3S.

          They are my standard lenses on most of the shooting I do. The comment on upgrading to FX makes sense, as that’s essentially what I did in buying the 24-70 and the 14-24, waiting on the D3.

          • Light Switch Bulb

            Don’t forget people switching from Canon.

            • Calibrator

              Some of them already have Nikon glass…

  • john stevens

    IF there is no fucking products..why do rebates..GOOD thinking Nikon!!!

    • Calibrator

      For a large part this is only “hot air” (=free advertising on countless sites).

  • frustration

    so…. would this be a B&H exclusive, retailer discount/rebate?
    Any reason why Amazon would not have this deal active on their site?
    they still have some lousy $150 rebate for dx super-zooms… but . NOT INTERESTED in plastic lenses. lol

  • fernando

    If you pre-order the D800 and you still havent got it, bandh lets you add the lense and give you the discount

    • Ray

      I beg to differ. I purchased by D800 from B&H and they didn’t honor the Rebate because I didn’t order the lens BEFORE the camera was assigned to me on their long Queue.
      Cheat me once, shame on you.
      Cheat me twice, shame on me.

      Buy from Adorama, next time.
      Buy Canon next time.
      Save thew difference and buy a new car!

  • Landscape Photo

    Why no instant rebate for D800 with 24-85mm VR ?

    • Shawn

      24-85 is a trash lens for D600.

      • Anon

        That’s complete nonsense. How do you know? There aren’t any reviews yet.

        24-85mm may be as good as a 24-70mm at apertures used for landscapes.

        • stiffone

          Clearly “trash lens” is an overstatement, but it’s extremely unlikely the 24-85 will seriously challenge the 24-70 f2.8 across its full range of strengths.

          And if I were buying a D800, I’d want the 24-70.

          • Max

            While I personally would not want the 24-85 with a D800 because I have serious doubts that it would be able to handle that body’s sensor, don’t forget the 24-120. I switched to the 24-120 because it was noticeably sharper than my 24-70. Its definitely not for everyone, because the f/4 aperture isn’t ideal for many people but I carry a couple fast primes anyways so for me it was a no brainer.

  • Steve Starr

    Wonder if a 24-70mm f/2.8 VR lens is on the horizon soon and they need to unload the current non-VR ones by offering this rebate? Seems logical since Tamron has a VR-type one already out for 2/3 the Nikkor priced one too.

    • don

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Calibrator

      Any of you guys know if there are reliable online reviews for the Tamron 24-70, yet?

      I only read contradicting reviews in German magazines (some say it’s really great, others say it’s clearly inferior to the Nikon, but the VR is always welcomed) but my trust in these magazines is limited, at best.

    • stiffone

      The Tamron can’t hold a candle to the Nikon 24-70.

      Why put the money into a D800 and then shoot a Tamron?

      • Calibrator

        The Tamron isn’t exactly “dirt cheap” either *and* it comes with their variant of VR, which I consider useful at the longer end.
        That’s why I asked for its *performance* which is more important to me than brand loyalty (Nikon doesn’t show customer loyalty to me either, so why should I?).

  • NikModo

    I’m guessing everyone who bought the camera + lens for price and been weeping like a girl is not familiar with Nikon’s rebate schedules. Besides, this is just a starter for the real FX rebates that’s gonna start in September.

  • Mohanad

    Let them fulfill the orders of D800E placed on Feb 08 then anyone will hope to get new orders soon.

    I’m still waiting and an hour back, I asked them to at least give me an estimated date but whom am I asking!!!! B&H…….

  • A new hope

    They can’t deliver D800(E) and still they have a rebate? I guess that it is marketing that have f**ked up. This rebate should not have been there until the shops have a lot of D800 in stock. Now there is none…

    • Calibrator

      People were willing to pre-order without a rebate and now they will be even more willing to “pre-order” because they get $200 for the waiting…

  • Foolishcfo

    Is this an April Fools joke? No B&H can’t get bodies in but can offer a bundled discount? Frickin amazing!

    • Steve Starr

      Notice on the ad above it expires this month (26th I think and sort of blurry here). Chances are B&H won’t even begin to ship a boatload by then to fill their list of backorders. Maybe BH has some warehouse of gray market lenses to unload.

      Might be a way to keep those jumping the BH ship off to Best Buy or the small local shops to stay onboard in their always unspoken of order que for whatever trumped reasons they have as well. “We say nothing. We know nothing. You get nothing. Wanna buy a gray lens though – Cheap? Have we got a rebate for you!”

  • Mark J.

    Would of been useful back in say MARCH when everyone was getting their D800’s and D4’s…… Worse part is im actually in the market for a 24-70 and want to upgrade my V1 70-200 to the new VR2. Shame i can’t just return my D800 and re-order it lol

  • don

    How will this work? If I order the D800E (out of stock) with say the 24-70/2.8 (in stock), when will the instant rebate apply? When the D800E is delivered next year (presumably when my credit card gets charged for the body)? Or will I have to pre-pay for the body (to be received next year) in order to get the $200 deduction? Or will the lens be shipped when the body is available, meaning everything (rebate too) is delayed until next year when the body is available?

    A rebate on an unavailable item will be hard to execute to say the least.

  • Tom

    Just called B&H to apply the discount to my order (D800 body + 24-70 mm lens), which I placed on Feb 19. They assured me that this would not change my place in the pre-order queue. Good deal if you can stand by for another 4-8 weeks – the estimated waiting time they gave me for my camera … I will see it one day :).

    • PaulK

      Wow… B&H actually gave you a time frame. The only thing I can get out of Adorama is “Currently, there is no official ETA from the manufacturer for our next batch. Please bear with us as we are at the mercy of the manufacturer.”

  • FG

    Peter, Do you know something about a possible 24mm 1.8, 2.8 or whatever?

    • I think there was a patent in the past but I have no other info.

  • Not a US citizen

    Hi admin,

    Love the site! Great rumours and Nikon news.

    I’m just wondering if it would be possible to separate the news from the rumours?

    Like have a tab for Nikon news where “D800 in stock” and “rebates announced” kind of posts could go?

    Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Some guy

      +1 Yes, I don’t mind “news” like this, but separating the news and rumors would be a good idea.

    • I have tried this in the past and it did not work. Readers were still emailing me about news that I already posted online which means that they did not bother to click on the news tab. Similar is the situation with the weekly Nikon links – I usually report all not so important news on the weekend and there are always readers who email me with the same topics after they have been posted online. I have to keep everything in one place.

  • Trialcritic

    Best buy has d800e now!

  • Rene

    When the NIKON D600 will come to light?

  • Nikon just gets stingier and stingier on their rebates. A D4 combo with a 70-200 2.8 is over 8K and they only offer a $200.00 rebate. Sad, very sad!

    • Calibrator

      This is essentially only a cash discount (“Skonto” for our German readers) and companies usually have that in their calculation.

  • I wish I had the same rebate on the purchase of the new nikon lens 18-300mm ; )

  • Mark

    Woulen’t you know they’d finally offer rebates on this gear a month after I get them. Both camera & lens.

    • Mark

      Sorry, that’s Wouldn’t. But then you knew that.

      Pays to proofread.

  • I managed to order a D800e from Best Buy online. Estimated delivery 07/04 – 07/06. Hopefully it won’t have any focus issues. Thank you NR for letting us know which stores are carrying! 🙂

  • I do not understand all the whining about to small and infrequent rebates. Either bundling rebates should be constant, so anyone could take advantage of them no matter timing of buying, or rebates should be abolished all together. A small general decrease in list price would be much fairer over all, I am not fond of this lottery.

    So I am glad, rebates are fewer and smaller, I hope they are vanishing (not likely I know but…)

    • By the way I was told today, that I can pick up my D800 this afternoon. Ordered the day after announcement 🙂

  • hmmmm

    so, is this rebate only for B & H? I would be all over this, but I don’t want to wait for months for the camera to come. Are there are any other retailers offering this rebate?
    Does this mean Nikon is finally expecting to fulfill all of the B & H pre-orders?
    I was going to wait for the D600, but I really want the 24-70 and I’m a little tempted to pull the trigger on this….. if the D800 was actually in stock(only have a 2week window to receive my order.)

  • I recently purchased (2 months ago) the 70-200mm from J&R Music.

    They price matched an online store, gave me great service, and a great deal.

    I think I paid $2099, no rebates, just a price match.

    Do a little research, you might find some great deals as well.

    • PeterO


      “My momma told me…You gotta shop around”

    • MuttonPuncher

      I thought with Nikon’s new pricing policy that all dealers are to have the same price?

  • no one

    useless. now where’s my D600?

  • mark china

    I got an email from nikon inc,it says get ready to experience the greatest monarch ever!The real vision begins 7-7

    • Gino

      I received that same email….is Nikon announcing a new camera on 7-7???

      • Domitor

        Not a new Camera, Nikon Monarch will have to do with their Spotting scopes/binoculars/rifle scopes. I got the same email, but if you look at the links below the email, the first one is “Nikon Store Hunting” The second one “Products”, under products you see “Binoculars, Rifle Scopes, Range Finders, Spotting Scopes, Digiscoping, Accessories” Not a single link related to cameras. Currently Nikon has a Monarch line of products for the first three categories listed…

  • Ce-CH

    sorry for being slightly OfT
    The combination of Sigmas 120-300 and Nikon TC 20 III makes some trouble, they don’t fit together.
    I tried to put the question on DP ( therefore had to join the site (although being not a big Fan of them))
    anyone else tried to join DP and failed miserably also?

    P.S. @admin
    Thanks for your great work on this page, your informations about the D800 were spot-on, and even the high ISO noise is much better than expected.

  • Nikon has been running a promotion and rebate in Canada for a while now. I got my 24-70mm at $1548 at Photo Service in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, when I picked up my D800, but the rebate was not conditional to the purchase of the camera body.

  • Geoff_K

    Robertscamera in Indianapolis has the D4 as add to cart at midnight july 4th

  • Nat

    This news would only be useful it I could actually find a D800. I figure by the time a D800 becomes available in Canada, there won’t be any rebates available.

  • Vin

    I just had a call from Pro Photo Oregon. in Portland they are getting D800’s and D800E in, i had to pass because i just got my E already. not sure if they are all spoken for?

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