The Nikon 800mm f/5.6 lens is now shipping in Asia

Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 6

The Nikkor 800mm f/5.6 lens ($17,896.95) is now shipping in Asia according to this forum post on mobile01. The US release date is currently listed as April 4th, 2013. More details on the lens can be found here. Few addition images from mobile01:

Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 1  Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 4
Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 5  Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 2
Nikon 800mm f-5.6 lens 3

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  • teddy

    Hope you full-framers are happy. Where’s my D400?

    • lorenzo

      Yeaa! I had missed the D400 scream 🙂
      Be patient, it will come.

      • MyrddinWilt

        Why would you put this on full frame? If you want 800mm f/5.6 you can do it for less, just stick a 600mm on a DX body and save $10K. OK so you can’t get 36MP. But 24 is probably enough.

        • lorenzo

          I think Teddy’s comment was just to address the D400.

        • KnightPhoto

          Your point is a good one about 600mm on DX. I was considering (before they announced the price), selling my 500VR and getting the 800mm and going pretty much all FX. I have the FX cameras already and their sensors are great.

          Now though, I’m thinking a 600 f/4 with lighter characteristics via a fluorite design like the 800, would be a more versatile tool. Meanwhile I’ll get the D400 for shooting my 500VR in good light and use the FX cameras in more challenging light.

          • max

            or for a fraction of the price, the sigma 800mm 5.6 is a stellar lens on its own

            • No longer Pablo Ricasso

              I think it is a good lens. I don’t think it is up to the Nikon 600 and 1.4x. It isn’t anywhere near the new lens.

            • Good,not stellar..

          • DonD

            If you already have, FX, continue to shoot with it, esp the D800. You can post crop out a DX version of the shot, yet you can see area around the shot while you are shooting it. I never shoot the D800 on DX mode, I just crop it to DX later. The only think I miss is the extra frame rate and loose a little storage, but look at the advantages. You essentially have a variable sensor size from FX all the way down to DX and even tighter if you want it. I think shooting file has made us somehow think that post cropping is cheating or not was “real photographers” do.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Of course the real men will put a 2.6 CX body on the end plus the 1.25 tele to get a 2600mm.

              At that point the main limitation is the optical quality of the atmosphere rather than the lens itself…

              It would be great for astrophotography.

          • No longer Pablo Ricasso

            But the full frame has more resolution and the new lens has enough sharpness to actually use it. The 600 will appear soft in comparison and at the same time the smaller pixels will be demanding more sharpness out of it. You can also put the 800 lens on your D7100 and shoot it in crop mode. You can even do this with a converter. I’ll bet the folks who make tripods and heads are more excited about this than you are.

            • No longer Pablo Ricasso

              Sorry, the comment was directed at Myrddin Wilt.

              It makes more sense if viewed in that context, particularly the second sentence. The “smaller pixels” being those of the cropped sensor that the shorter lens would be mounted with. Also, while there is an extra stop of “speed” with the shorter lens and cropped sensor, the low light performance ability of the full frame camera negates that advantage.

              The choice for the smaller sensor and lens comes down to price and size and weight. Some people will probably want both.

            • KnightPhoto

              Which is all the more frustrating at the price of the 800mm, which currently puts it at a level difficult to justify. It would be great on the D800E wouldn’t it?

        • Your 600mm lens is always a 600mm lens,nothing more,DX is just a crop of the full frame image…

    • AM

      That pink elephant must have taken it again.
      By the way, here’s your pill for your hallucinations.

      • KnightPhoto

        Explain the minuscule buffer in the D7100 then.

      • DonD

        I think the real hallucination is that the D7100 is somehow the best DX camera Nikon wants out on the market. Tooo many deficits to me the one. The D400 will come. Too many people still shooting the D300 who have NO desire to go to the D7100. Nikon wants to give them that desire to upgrade and that will only happen with a D400 or whatever the choose to call it.

        • MyrddinWilt

          +1 I think we will see a D400 for sure. Nikon likes money and there are plenty of folk who want a D400 who would like to give them some money.

          With the rest of the range completely updated, there really isn’t any other gap for Nikon to fill right now. There will possibly be a cosmetic revision of the D3000/D5000 level body for the Xmas market but that will be just to push boxes by making the old look new.

          The only other gap in the Nikon camera range is the lack of a D4x. There are still some applications that demand 48MP. Nikon has the technology and the lenses to deliver 50MP, why not do that? 2013 might be too soon.

          On lenses the only gaps left now are exotics. Nikon has delivered the f/4 lenses people whined for. They have even delivered the 80-400 superzoom. The ‘missing’ lenses are all exotics like AFS versions of the DC lenses and a 50 f/1.2 and updates for the fisheye lenses.

          • patto01

            I agree with your assessment concerning cameras but we’re still missing VR versions of the 24-70 and 300 f4, both of which are at least as wanting as the 80-400 was. I’ve never understood why they thought we needed VR on the 16-35 and 70-200 but not the 24-70!?

      • DonD

        I think the real hallucination is that the D7100 is somehow the best DX camera Nikon wants out on the market. Tooo many deficits to me the one. The D400 will come. Too many people still shooting the D300 who have NO desire to go to the D7100. Nikon wants to give them that desire to upgrade and that will only happen with a D400 or whatever the choose to call it.

  • TR_T-Rex

    I returned mine because it was backfocusing to the extent that AF fine tune +20 did not help. Not to mention heavy CA. It was even worse with the mis-aligned left AF point of my D800. The worst part is I need to wait 20 years for the AF-Z update of this lens.

    • Post

      Then buy a Canon 🙂

      • Post

        or Stigma 😀

    • mok

      if you have backfokus on D800 contact service. They are fixing it within one day, if you are lucky. It happens on D800 wafter cirka 10000 shots.

      • entlassen

        1 day? more like 3 weeks not including shipping time, at least in the US.

    • neonspark

      sad to hear that considering I just sold my canon 800 because of the same problems went with the Nikon due to its superior MTF and the 800E. well at least the canon lens can be paired with low resolution bodies which shouldn’t reveal most of its optical flaws 😀

  • Chris

    At least I already have the drop-in polariser

  • Maddog

    The 600 is looking more like a bargain all the time…

    • Tor Gunnar Berland

      Sure is, just bought the AF-S 600mm f/4 VR brand new with a great discount 🙂

  • app

    Hey! I have that same lens………cap!

    • lorenzo

      Are you sure? Isn’t that a special one that costs $129.95? LOL

  • lorenzo

    Great piece of glass, but can’t afford it now. I’ll wait for the $200 rebate 🙂

  • AlphaTed

    I wonder if the D3200 on tripod can support this. 🙂

    • jim

      The lens supports the camera – you mount the lens on the tripod and the camera sits at the end of the lens without any support under it.

      • A_Lwin

        There is a product by Sunwayfoto that helps support the camera body. I’m not sure if there are similar products by other manufacturers.

        • This is cool, never seen those before. Will post this online.

          • A_Lwin

            Check out some of their other products too, decent alternatives to some pricy stuff from Arca-Swiss, Really Right Stuff, Kirk, etc.

            • Jimmi smith

              There is also this support from Manfrotto:

            • Fraucha

              I have their DB52LR ballhead 2.5 year old model), a DYH-66x leveling base (2 year old model), and l-plates for my D300s and D800. I have had RSS heads also in the past. I have to admit that Sunwayfoto makes very solid high quality items. I used to do some mechanical design and machining, and see and feel no difference between RSS and Sunway. Yeah they are in China, but I think this company is totally serious about quality and it shows. Prices are good also.


    Buy Nikkor 500mm F4 and D400 and you’ll have allmost the same mm, but F4!

    Today I was shooting Great Grey Owl and used D300 and D3s behind the nikkor 500mm F4 lens. Both have theyr usage, but I’m still waiting the D400!!
    Hurry up with it!

  • SleeperSmith

    Heh, all it says is “廠商說今天下午會對外發表” which means it will be announced.

    Doesn’t say it’s shipping yet. 😛 From what I can tell, the page doesn’t mention a shipping date.

    • Do you have some sample images from the 800mm lens?

  • Mansgame

    pfft, it’s not even f/2.8. Amateur lens.

    • Neopulse

      Pretty sure that f/2.8 the depth of field wouldn’t exist at 800mm.

      • Mansgame

        Actually, in DOF calculations, the distance from the subject plays a very large part in the formula and say if I were 200 feet away (about 66 yards such as in a football game), on a D800, at f/2.8 the DOF would be about 3 feet which is reasonable. f/5.6 is about 6 feet.

        I wonder what the minimum focus distance is on that monster. And of course I was joking about the amateur lens. If it WERE possible to make a f/2.8 800 mm lens for the Nikon mount, you’d need a golf cart to carry it.

  • Neopulse

    When are they gonna come out with the D400 with the new Expeed 4 or 2 Expeed 3 processors I wonder…. That would be worth the wait.

  • EJP

    Waiting for the $12K rebate 🙂

  • MyrddinWilt

    It is not exactly small, but a LOT smaller than I expected.

    • Remedy

      Same here, I was expecting it to be significantly bigger. Seems like a nice walk around lens for casual tourism ;D

      • MyrddinWilt

        Maybe that is why it costs so much…

  • Geomaticsman

    Lets see….800VR+TC1.25+V2 = 2700mm equilvalent. Heck, I’m going to have to back up just to fit those little 3″ warblers in the frame! LOL

  • Fraucha

    This will be sweet on my J1.

  • Dave

    The mobile01 poster said that Nikon Taiwan is hosting a announcement conference in the afternoon and Nikon personnel was kind enough to allowed him/her to took a few pictures of the lens. Nothing says the lens is now shipping.

  • Sid

    I was looking for my daily camera porn but this was more than expected !

  • Crusty

    I like the black matt finish.

  • LOL. Advert below this $17,896 lens on my screen is for “Slim Your Wallet.” Indeed!

  • Jorge

    Compensating for something?

  • Terry

    I wonder how many Nikon expects to sell. I’m with Lorenzo, drop the price and maybe I’ll buy two…

  • JB

    Anyone see the rental price on this lens yet? More than $1200 for a 3 day rental…with an expected date of April 30th…..and I thought the week rental on a 600mm was bad,,,,

  • I traded my ef800 in against one of these,I hope it live’s up to the hype..

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