Last chance to take advantage of Nikon’s instant lens rebates and savings

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You have few more days to take advantage of the various Nikon discounts. Several retailers have already indicated that some of the current rebate programs will not be extended after March 30th (the end of Nikon's financial year). This is a list of the ongoing Nikon instant rebates that are currently set to expire this Saturday:

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  • Maji

    Nikon’s financial year will be over soon, and it makes business sense what is being presented. I say get your lens before the rebate goes away.

    • Jer

      Trouble is the lenses I want need are not on the list 14-24, the new 70-200 f4 and the 300 f4

      • or the 105 macro

      • Neopulse

        Have to agree on the 300 f4 one. But the new 70-200 is too new to have a rebate in my opinion. And it’s a VERY reasonably priced lens as it is.

        • Jer

          Yes, I probably will just go ahead and get the new 70-200 f/4, the 300 f/4 and save $300 on getting the D800E and the 60 f/2.8 macro. Then I can use the rewards money on those purchases to get the 14-24 f/2.8. My dream system will be complete with the TC 14E Teleconverter thrown in. The MTF’s on all four of these lenses are amazing and will cover 14mm – 420mm with the only hole to fill would be 35mm focal length. I guess I’m leaning on the Sigma 35mm for that lens. This would be a great system for a nature and landscape photog like me.

          • Neopulse

            Damn, well have fun with all that gear 😛

  • LarryC

    I picked up the 85 1.8 for my d800 and love it. I also have the 24 2.8D and like the lens and now have a nice lighter, smaller way to travel and can leave my 24-70 2.8 behind. I can’t decide if the 28 1.8 would be a substantial and justifiable upgrade over my old 24 2.8. Only a few days left to decide! What to do?

    • Aldo

      You can always buy test and resell if you don’t think is something you need… with the savings you won’t lose money maybe?

      • anon

        or if you buy from b&h, you can return within for 30 days, no questions asked, unless you obviously break it first. With regard to LarryC. I would say yes it’s worth it. If you like your 24 2.8 and the 85 1,8, you’ll like the 28 1.8 as it’s supposed to be an exceptional optic. The 85 1.8 is fantastic on the d800, as is the 50 1.8 but a little less so.

        • larryC

          thanks. i have the 50 1.8g too, and agree it is great but a bit less so then the 85, but i find when i want to shoot primes, it’s usually either the 85 or 24 that i reach for.

          either way, im convinced – i’m ordering the 28.

          • Gas

            the 85mm 1.8 is on back order for the whole month. When is it going to be in stock again?

            • LarryC

              I don;t know, but I ordered one from Adorama the second day of the sale since I had been following “used” ones on ebay for about the same price. They went OOS very soon thereafter. I can say that if you get one you will love it. It is a fantastic lens, at least on the D800.

  • Yup, definitely a great opportunity to get some major glass… Few retailers have the 24-120 f4 bundled with the tiffen 3 filter pack bundled too…

  • lorenzo

    Not immediately but I bet on another one towards the end of their next quarter, when Nikon will realize that the sales of Pro and semi-Pro DSLR won’t be as expected – anyone can guess why?

  • Rock Kenwell

    They were over-priced with MSRP prices imposing to the resellers to begin with. My next lens is going to be 35mm 1.4 Sigma. But for new Canon body or for my existing body, still deciding.

  • Paul T

    The message to Nikon users outside the US and France is clear – Look seriously at 3rd party lenses (in fact many are now beating us on quality AND price), your brand loyalty means nothing to us, its all about revenue.

    • nikkor guy

      Some of the Pentax lenses are made by Tamron, they even look almost the same !

      • loki989

        Some by Tokina as well- the DA* 50-135mm and 35mm limited were both developed with Tokina.

    • loki989

      Precisely why I chose a 6D recently rather than D600. The recent review where Roger buys a system was telling:

      He mentioned how horrible Nikon’s support is compared to Canon, even for them (lensrentals). Also, for less money in the Canon lineup I got L glass for the zooms, rather than a kit quality 24-85mm etc.

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso


        Every stark raving moron should troll up the whole place with stories about how their employer’s nasty products are just what every other stark raving moron should want because nobody started a rumor about dust spots or some other thing like that…

  • jpv

    or perhaps wait another year…

  • anon

    bought 70-200 2.8 last night. can’t wait till it gets here. primes are nice, but for weddings at least one zoom is nearly a necessity. Almost bought the 24-70 also and still might before saturday.

  • this is good for me because i’m looking to sell a few lenses on ebay. can finally start the auctions.

  • Craig

    Admin, Has there been any comment on whether or not they the $200 rebate on D800/E’s will disappear? Thanks

    • I forgot about that rebate, I am not sure if it will stay.

      • Thom Hogan

        I know that the D800E rebate expires. Not sure about the D800 rebate, but I think it expires, too.

        • Craig

          Thanks, Thom – I’d better make a decision then!…

          • Craig

            Ok, done that – helloooo 800E

            • Jer

              Best of luck with the E Craig. Been wanting badly to pull the trigger myself but can’t quite afford it yet.

            • Craig

              Thanks very much, Jer. It’s certainly a financial commitment – in fact I’m now paying off the debt to my wife’s credit card. She’ll probably make me do the dishes all Spring but you only live once as the teenagers say these days… 🙂

  • mark papke

    They need to drop the prices a lot more than that for me to afford them.

  • EnticingHavoc

    ha ha ha … a good one.
    According to Nikons state I’d guess that within 6 months we will face the next fire-sale. Nikon lost its credibility regarding product quality and price stability. A fatal mistake when it comes to pricey luxury products.

  • John

    Now look for the D600 big price drops in April. The demand for it has been terrible due to their QC issues.

    • I think it will depend on their financial results and the strength of the yen.

      • John

        Like all things in a market, It will mostly have to do with supply and demand of the actual D600 itself. Nikon will price it to move it if they are not selling, which they are not. At least not nearly at the pace of production. If I was a betting man I would expect about a $150 to $300 drop or a return of the $2000 lens kit to bring in demand and move the supply of all the D600 units.

        Take a look at the retailers they have no shortage of refurbished supply of D600’s as well. I don’t think there is any question that there is a glut of D600’s on the shelves.

  • zoetmb

    I don’t believe the rebates won’t get extended again (or they’ll be a new program in a few weeks). The Yen is now 94 to the dollar. It was 80 when any of the recent lenses were priced. That’s a 17.5% increase in the dollar. Nikon can easily afford to keep the rebates. In fact, they could lower all U.S. lens prices by 15% and they’d still be 2.5% ahead of where they thought they were going to be for this fiscal.

    • I think the bundle rebates will get extended, the rest will probably not.

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