Nikon D7100 kit instant rebates now live


The new Nikon D7100 instant rebates are now live at B&H (for the additional savings, click on the Buy Together & Save link):

  • $100 savings for the D7100 + 18-105mm kit
  • Additional $200 savings on the Nikkor 70-300mm lens
  • Additional $150 savings on the Nikkor AF-S 55-300mm lens
  • Additional $100 savings on the the Nikkor 55-200mm lens
  • Additional $50 savings on the Nikon SB-910 flash
  • Additional $30 savings on the Nikon SB-700 flash

The free shipping and 2% reward offers are also valid. In addition, Nikon still has the up to $350 off Nikkor lenses offer and the Nikon DSLR bundle savings. All of those rebate programs are set to expire on March 30.

B&H will start shipping the D7100 tomorrow.

A new Nikon cashback program will be introduced in the UK tomorrow with the following savings:



Similar rebate programs are available also in Belgium and France.

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  • scottd800

    I’m really excited to see what the d7100 brings to the table in terms of
    video IQ. With recent reviews of the d5200 (toshiba sensor) on sites
    like this one …
    … where the quality of video is comparable to the 5dmkiii!! It would
    be awesome if they have made any other video improvements. CHECK OUT THE LINK, GO NIKON! [re-post, sorry]

    • Jon McGuffin

      The link isn’t working scottd800 FYI

      • Eric Calabos
        • Jon McGuffin

          Great article, thx for sharing!

        • scottd800

          Thx for updating link Eric. I work with a d800 and do a lot of video as well as stills but I can sure afford to pack the light 5200 on my side for multi-tasking. EOSHD’s articles upset many of my buddies, who are all canon users. It was nice to finally hear something positive about nikon’s d-movie from a canon/panasonic video guy on the website. He does a good review of the d5200 by itself, along with a HDMI ProRes vs. the Black Magic Cinema Camera too.

    • Interesting. Is this something Nikon could address with a firmware update in the FX bodies, or are we looking at the DX sensor cameras having superior video capability for the next however many years?

      • scottd800

        Most of the problems i have with both the d800 and d600 for video are the moire and strange noise patterns (d7000 gets the bad mosquito noise too). Don’t know why there wouldn’t be some kind of firmware fix to change compression sampling, the processor should be able to handle it.

        • KnightPhoto

          D4 overcomes this in my experience with video. You may want to borrow/rent and try it out to see if the D4 does what you need. I’m pretty sure D4 is clean in both CX crop mode and FX video. The CX footage is gorgeous of course.

          • Scottd800

            I was lucky enough to use a D4 and my experience was that the d4, while far superior in auto focus (does this in the dark) lacks detail in movie modes. The 2.7 crop looks the best, but who buys a full frame dslr just to use a tiny crop mode. The d800 IMO is much sharper and clearer, but somehow the d5200 is nearly as good!? I’m not going to stop using d800/d600 fr video because I like the FF. Phillip Bloom did a video review that shows these differences better than I can describe them. see the vimeo video near the middle of the page.

        • The fact that head to head tests show the D800 as having markedly worse issues with low light video and moire than nikon indicates canon is sampling more pixels, and it looks like Nikon has corrected this in the D7100. The question is whether the sampling is hardware constrained.

  • Daniel Watson

    Can’t wait for my camera. It looks awesome. Still can’t find the manual posted anywhere…wanted to get a head start. The previews look amazing thus far:

  • Jon McGuffin

    Well, I’m really hoping I am going to be one of the shipments tomorrow. I placed my order for the D7100 somewhere between 1-5 mins after it was made available at B&H. When the news was announced here, I was searching and refreshing the B&H website until the product went live and got my order in.

    I’m sure I won’t be disappointed (own a D7000; selling it) but do have some mild concerns about ISO performance.

  • If I walk into B&H tomorrow will I be able to walk out with one? Of course I’ll pay for it.

  • syn3rgy

    are you frikken kidding me.. i have literally just brought the nikon D600 which got delivered on Tuesday and NOW they offer cashback.. Nikon you suck…

    • D5100 owner

      this is there fault how?
      Plan. Take a Risk. Be done. AND DON’T COMPLAIN

      • You can return it still or call the store – they should be able to give you credit.

  • Jon McGuffin

    I just got an email from B&H saying Nikon is telling them they are going to receive their shipment tomorrow and that if I want to add a lens via a rebate to my pre-order, I better do it today. That’s good news. Not sure I believe the bodies are truly not arriving until tomorrow and aren’t there already but nonetheless, it appears pretty solid that they’ll ship my camera tomorrow. Anybody else on the preorder list can hopefully expect the same.

  • hank

    does anyone know if adorama will be shipping tmw as well? their site still says 3/21…

    • Every store usually gets them at the same time.

  • spicynujac

    I’m very excited for the D7100 but none of these discounts interest me at all. $50 off a $500 flash? And some mediocre lenses. I think the 18-55 is probably the best walk around lens for it, but no deal there

    • Jon McGuffin

      I’d argue the best walk around lens for this camera is going to be the 50mm 1.8. By all accounts, this is going to produce really good images and with that many MP and no AA filter, good glass will be appreciated and needed to really flex the power of this body. Skip the slow kits, and build off of a very good little prime in that 50mm 1.8.

      • spicynujac

        The 50/1.8 is the lens I’ll be buying for this camera, but it’s a little too telephoto for general use. I find myself using the 18 end of my 18-55 all the time. I considered the 18-300 but it’s just too heavy. I have coverage from 10-300mm but would love a deal on a good lightweight general zoom.

        • Jon McGuffin

          Well, next up, if it must be zoom might be to consider the Tokina 12-24, the 11-16 (not a lot of zoom range), or maybe better to go with the 28 1.8G prime combo. Optics on the 28 1.8 are, again, stellar.

          If I had to have a zoom, and didn’t want to break the bank, I’d probably take a hard look at the new Contemporary Line Sigma 17-70 f2.8-f4 Macro w/OS & HSM. Their newer products seem to be very good quality (I have the 35mm 1.4, it’s fantastic) and it’s essentially a full stop faster than equivalent “kit” lenses and throws in decent Macro performance to boot.

  • Arkasai

    I’m pretty much sold on the camera, I just want to read some more comprehensive reviews and the DXO scores. Only problem is I sold all my DX lenses a while back, so for a while this will be my tele cam. I’ll be tempted to get a wide angle for video though…I should probably just start addressing my tax returns to Nikon.

  • EnticingHavoc

    In the meantime Nikon behaves like a WalMart store. It’s living on rebates and firesales. What a downfall. Nikon customers quickly got adopted to the bad habit of not buying brand new equipment due to excessive price cuts in the near future. Well done, Nikon.

    • Joe Jurci

      That is why I do not buy any new equipment due to excessive price! I keep and use my old equipment. Camera Cannibalism is coming soon. More and more people use phone devices for taking pictures and video!

  • March 14, 2013….Just took delivery of my spanking brand New D7100 this morning at 9:30 at Memphis Photo Supply in Memphis TN. Thanks to Buzzy for being on top of this and getting me the 1st one. Have had it for abt 3 hrs and its “LOOKIN GOOD”.

    • Jon McGuffin

      Hey James, how about posting up some full rez ISO 3200 samples? 🙂

  • dswatson83

    None of these lenses interested me. With the 24-85mm just a bit more than the kit lens, I’ll take that…at least I know I can use it if I ever rent or use a FF Nikon. Well worth it. I won’t be selling that for years though I wish they had it as a kit option with the discount

  • Hello

    D7100 kits are now in stock at B&H!

  • Rhonbo

    To bad we can’t shoot and develop raws until Adobe comes out with an update to LR or ACR. I decided to cancel my order and wait until I can actually start using it shooting raw. I wonder how long that will be?

  • Joe Jurci

    Camera Cannibalism is coming soon! More and more people use phone devices for taking pictures and video! I am not saying it takes good quality but many of them are happy. One device is able to do all!
    Nikon needs to wakeup!

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