Nikon D7100 now shipping in the US, limited in-stock availability, D7100 digitutor and manual available online

Nikon D7100 manual

Nikon D7100 started shipping in the US today. Currently only D7100 kits are in stock at Amazon, B&H and Adorama. The D7100 digitutor is also available online. The Nikon D7100 manual can be downloaded here.

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  • AlphaTed

    Now that’s out of the way … where’s the D400? 🙂

    • Better buy this one…which should have been called D8000. A D400, significantly better than this, would immediately kill off many future D600 and D800 sales — except for FX fanatics. If the D7100 had a full metal body, and just a couple of extra electronic features, it could be a D400, and sell for a grand more. No D400 coming, from where I’m sitting.

      • AlphaTed

        Kill future sales?
        Of course, because they’ll be obsolete by then, when the D400 comes out. Who knows, D600 owners might even “upgrade” to the D400. Nikon likes that.

        • desmo

          as a D600 owner

          Not likely

          Fresh out of DX lenses

        • desmo

          not likely

          D600 ownerfresh out of DX lenses

          • VikingAesir

            And not bright enough to know FX lenses work perfectly fine on DX cameras?

            • desmo

              not for wide angle(16-35 equal 24-50 not really wide)

              also DX would be a step backwards

      • Jon McGuffin

        Terry, the D400 is coming. It’s coming last for the reasons you mentioned about fending off some FX sales, but it is coming. There will always be a clear difference between FX and DX. Viewfinder image size, better ISO abilities, and a different set of lenses is enough separation to keep both markets going strongly.

        There is also plenty of room for a D400 between the 7100 and the D600. A better buffer, a faster shooting frame rate, a better build quality, and a few smaller things such as USB 3.0, Aperture changes in live with while shooting video, etc are all elements that will make for a very attractive product to the D400 market. It’ll compete side-by-side with the forthcoming Canon 7DM2, and it’ll be priced around $1599 USD.

        The big question for people with $2K will be, D600, cheap FF or “pro” DX in the D400 and save a few $$. The extra expense on Nikon’s part to create this product out of the D7100 will not be that much added expense so expect their profit margin on the D400 to be pretty good.

        That’s important because it likely will be, by overall standards, the best camera that Nikon has to offer; pound for pound.

        Have no fear… the D400 is coming and it’ll be here probably within a month of the 7DM2 (likely ahead).

        • AlphaTed

          I would like the wifi to be built-in. I’ll pay extra $50 for that feature.

          • Marrok


        • Spy Black

          Boy, for your sake, I hope your right, ’cause you’re gonna be REALLY miserable if it never materializes!

          • Jon McGuffin

            Actually, I won’t be because I won’t be buying it. The D7100 is plenty good enough for me. It’ll happen though and I’m so surprised there is so much doubt here.

            When in doubt, look at what makes sense from the standpoint of making more money.

            Does Nikon have an answer in their lineup right now to the Canon 7DM2 that is coming? They do not. That is a segment that is very popular by Canon and their customer base. Is Nikon sincere when they say they intend to increase market share against Canon? I suspect yes.. This Nikon must release a body to compete. What do you think that body will be? High end DX of course.

            • NRA Advocate

              There will be no D400. That is already a certainty.

            • Louella Allen

              I read this somewhere also

          • fred

            Only option for D300s owner is D800.

            The D600 is a step backwards (buffer/flash sync/focal points/body build/useability/fps).

            That’s why we wait for D400.

            The D7100 is prequel to D400, standard practice in Nikon marketing strategy. Many who jump in now for D7100 will have buyers regret 🙁 .

            Better to wait till 6 months to September for announcement..

            • desmo

              only problem is

              the D600 takes much better images

              especially low light,hi ISO

              someone who has both cameras

              (but do miss the 51pt AF)

        • fred

          Biggest -ve with D7100 seems to be with its buffer.

          If Nikon replaced small buffer with larger/faster buffer giving extra fps for an extra $150 would you then buy? I think I would.

          • fred

            I forgot to mention, also as a D300s owner, put me on list waiting for the D400.

            • NRA Advocate

              Gonna be a looong wait…

          • Nikonhead

            I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikon already has a firmware update to increase buffer and fps and they are just waiting for Canon to make a move.

            • desmo

              buffer requires hardware(memory) not a firmware fix.

              (unless, maybe,you pair it with a grip that contains the extra memory, but none of the recent grips have upped FPS)

            • Nikonhead

              Yes the buffer requires hardware but is the hardware maxed out? Maybe it has been restricted with anticipation of an update.

            • desmo

              probably wishful thinking
              (memory is areal cost so don’t think Nikon would spend the money then not use it)
              but for your sake I hope your right

            • Nikonhead

              Canon did increase the buffer in Raw and Jpegs on the 7D with the latest 2.0 firmware update, so I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

            • Marrok

              Not exactly the old firmware can be the under clocked version of the d7100 after canon makes a move you get a new firmware that removes the under lock limit to get you up and running .. So there might be a point and I hope it is so

        • Mr. Mamiya

          *Nothing* will come. Most of the professional sports/wildlife photographers are using a D3s, D4 or D800 nowadays. I can’t imagine a news agency sitting on a bunch of D300s and whining “Uh, when will Nikon ever release the D400 so that we can finally replace our 6 years old D300s”. So what is the market for a professional DX-D4 that everybody imagines, except a few enthusiastic amateurs, that couldn’t find another model to fit their needs?

          • KnightPhoto

            Clearly Nikon did not expand the buffer on the D7100 and they easily could have. Clearly that is because they are protecting a market space for a more upscale camera to come. It’s not even a grey area, lets say had the D7100 been designed with two times the buffer it has, that would be more tricky to evaluate. But in the case of the D7100 Nikon pretty much sent us a memo in black and white – a D400 is coming. I don’t see how people missed that signal it is so blatantly obvious. Nikon could have easily expanded the buffer in the D7100 and they didn’t. Great camera the D7100, don’t get me wrong I think it’s great.

          • PAG

            Mr. Mamiya, you’ve obviously never been birding. There are piles of Nikon D200/300’s (and D7000s for those waiting for a D400) and Canon 7Ds out there in the hands of enthusiasts. And there are orders of magnitude more “enthusiastic amateurs” than professionals.

            Go to Cape May, NJ in the fall after a cold front and count the non-pro bird photographers. Or try Bosque del Apache in winter. Or the Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska. Or almost any ultra rare bird that pops up in any state. You’ll see concentrations of non-pro photographers with DSLRs and telephotos at all of them.

            If Nikon wants to keep a big chunk of this market, they need a D400 and good up to date lenses. They’re killing it in the lower end bodies, which is great. They’ve finally updated the 80-400mm. Next they need to update the 300mm f/4 and then produce a 400mm f/5.6 to compete with one of Canon’s most popular bird lenses. That will put them in running with Canon in the very large amateur wildlife photography market.

            • Mr. Mamiya

              Right. And a D7100 or D800 in DX-Mode, if you want, isn’t suitable for birds for what exactly? 😉

    • NRA Advocate

      In your imagination…?

  • enesunkie

    I wonder what percentage of people are like me and really would like to buy the D7100 now, but will be waiting a few months to see how it’s QC turns out.

    • I pre ordered at amazon & canceled 2day because the price dropped ~25€ >>than pre Ordered again >> I hope Adobe has the 7100 on the List, when LR4.4 is released.

      • HL

        You do know that by doing that you will be further down the list. Amazon does pre orders on first come first serve basis

    • Andrew (Thinker)

      Not too many. The D7100, like the D5200 and D3200, should have great QC. The D600 is a professional camera and many pros are used to cleaning their sensors. The good news with all of these new Nikon cameras is that the manufacturing is top quality. The bottom line is that with the D7100, you are getting a much better and more modern camera than the D7000 (with its magnesium alloy body) which was incredible for its market segment!

      • anonymous coward

        Nikon does not consider the D600 a pro camera because it is not a qualifying body for their NPS program.

        • desmo

          Last time I checked, the D600 did qualify for NPS
          but your correct is it a prosumer body
          As an early purchaser of the D600 I wouldn’t discourage those wanting a D7100 from buying one now,
          if you wait, you buy it in time for it to be obsolete

          I’m happy with the performance of my D600 ,but not
          totally thrilled with Nikon’s response to the lubricant on the sensor issue
          (not dust requires wet cleaning)

          • anonymous coward

            I stand corrected. The D600 counts but does not count as a primary body.

            • Rhonbo

              If I have an issue it goes back to Amazon, no hassle. I won’t send it to Nikon unless a problem pops up after owning it for a while.

    • anonymous coward

      It’s not so much if there is a problem or there isn’t a problem; it’s more that I don’t trust how Nikon would deal with a problem.

    • Jason Miles

      I got my D7100 last week. Absolutely stunning. Everything works great. I wouldn’t worry about QC. The camera has actually been in pre-production for months. Mine was perfect right out of the box. Nikon does really well with the testing of their products to have a low rate of defects.

      • Louella Allen

        I just wish they took care of their pro customers like they take care of their products.

  • LastOneInIsARottenEgg

    I can’t wait to start reading all the early adopters complaints about this camera.

  • Marty

    Come to me, baby 🙂

  • Jon McGuffin

    I placed my order minutes after it went on sale at B&H and my card was charged about 2 hours ago, my body only order appears to be shipping today.

    • Yes, the body only is shipping today to existing pre-order. I guess they did not have enough to have it in stock.

      • Jon McGuffin

        As expected, I got a tracking number. It’s on the way 🙂

    • Dave Engler

      I just received my tracking info from B&H and I didn’t place my pre-order for the body-only until Feb 23rd

  • kpts44

    What’s this “No EXIF” tooltip in the screen capture? I’m looking for a firefox addon allowing to show EXIF data in such a tooltip but can’t find one… I use FxIF at the moment, but opening/closing a window is annoying.

  • dswatson83

    Nothing from Amazon yet for me

    • dardennephotography

      same here… should’ve pre-ordered from B&H.

      “Initial orders for this product are scheduled to begin shipping March 21, 2013. Your place in line will be maintained, and we will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.”

      • That probably means that they did not get enough units to cover their pre-orders.

        • Andrew Hill

          Amazon will not be receiving more ‘body only’ shipments until April 14th
          at the earliest. I spoke with one of their representatives, and he
          confirmed to me that they had a delay with their supplier. Kinda sucks :/
          I can’t speak for the kits though.
          I hope he was wrong and it won’t be so long.

          • Wow. That sucks. I would have pre-ordered with B&H or Adorama but figured they would have sold out before Amazon. You live and you learn..

            • kampante

              My D7100 (body only) shipped yesterday night from Adorama. No news from the MB-D15 grip I preordered.

            • Per Adorama, the grip should be available after 3/17.

            • kampante

              That would be nice, thanks!

            • kampante

              Also, Adorama seems to have now in stock the 85 1.8G. I just got a shipping confirmation.

            • kampante

              Actually I got from Adorama that the grip will be available on April 6th.

        • dardennephotography

          Any idea if Best Buy will have an inventory to sell in store?

          • desmo

            Walk in to your local BestBuy and ask, also check your local Photo store
            remember Nikon prevents dealers from underctting price so your local dealer sells for same price as NY wholesalers
            support your local photshop

            • I called my local stores and they said they have a sale embargo and cannot sell the camera till next week. I guess they learned their lesson from previous “early” releases.

  • Aldo

    Gratz to those getting their cameras soon. I cheer for you and for this new camera

  • David

    The 80-400mm AF-S VRII’s are shipping also. Just got the email from my B&H order saying it shipped.

  • PT109

    Adorama has shipped mine. The order was placed 7 am ET the morning after the announcement.

  • GreGnl

    In usa you can find them in stock in

    PS. Thanks to Jared !

    GreG in netherlands

  • byte0468

    D7100 is shipping in Romania, Europe, as well. I just got mine yesterday. Very good quality build, nice to keep it in hand, good materials, grip seems to be a bit better than D7000’s. Image quality is very good but I only tested shortly last night. I look forward for the week-end…

  • Ace

    Is a Nikon 24-70 f2.8 an overkill for the D7100?

  • Screamin

    Just picked up my “body” only at Best Buy a few hours ago….Battery is charging now…

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