Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7.4 release candidate does support the Nikon D7100


Update: Adobe contacted me and told me that the D7100 listing for the Camera Raw 7.4 release candidate was a mistake - they have since removed it from their website.

The latest Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7.4 release candidate does have added support for the just released Nikon D7100 DSLR camera. Adobe Lightroom 4.4 release candidate however does not support the D7100 for now. You can use Nikon ViewNX 2.7.4 until Adobe releases their next version.

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  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    ahhh but does it support the D400?

    • Tim Marchant

      Well, I don’t see support for the D300 or D300s . . . so it must support the D400.

  • GH

    haha so people who get the D7100 on release cannot use lightroom or a stable update for PS. If they had just waited a few months they would get full third party software support and cheaper D7100…..

    • Micah Goldstein

      The final ACR 7.4 isn’t out yet, but I’d expect it to have D7100 support.

      In the mean time, the people who have it can still take pictures. They just can’t do much with em. Yeah, not useful for people who make money at it, but that’s always how it is with gear when it first comes out.

    • The price on DSLRs doesn’t drop that fast!!! I wished! The price finally dropped on the d7000 and that took the d7100 to come out before that trend south started to happen

  • Rhonbo

    I canceled my D7100 order until I can actually use it shooting raw.

    • Jon McGuffin

      Lightroom will support the D7100 in a very short time. Canceling that order may have been a mistake.

      • You replied to the guy, who didn’t make any order, but pretending to look smart, saying that he “will only shoot RAW” and cool, saying that he “canceled” pre-order…
        On the contrary it made him look silly…

      • DH

        On average it takes 2-3 months for Lightroom and Photoshop to release stable updates. They do release candidates before that but They are not fully stable and the have a disclaimer stating so. So you are talking Probably June before LR,PS are updated let alone software like DxO. I will wait a few months before purchase that way all the software will be in place and when I buy it will be at least 150-200 cheaper as what always happen come the second or third month if a nikon release.

        • Cvv

          Yes you are right. I just emailed adobe and they said the full/final stable release of Lightroom 4.4 is May 1st and at the moment they do not support D7100. From what they said in email it’s like Nikon did not give then the D7100 information. So that at least until may before the editing software is usable with the D7100. Guess all those folks that paid full price on release feel silly now.

          • Rhonbo

            Sounds like the May 1st release wont’ support the D7100 since its not part of the current release candidate. Maybe LR4.5 will cover it. So its jPegs only for a few months. Makes sense to wait then if you a raw shooter unless you just have to have it now. Waiting will also confirm if there are any issues with the new camera.

            • Jon McGuffin

              They’ll end up supporting the D7100 in the May release, too mainstream of a camera release to not offer it. No worries..

            • SXC

              I don’t think so, but you never know. However I see absolutely no point in getting the camera before then, I don’t want to be wasting time taking jpegs or using garbage nikon software. I’m not sure but I’m sure when I got my D800 on release they already had D800 support beforehand or within 2 weeks, maybe wrong. I was looking for a DX camera but really surprised Nikon or devolpers hadn’t seeded the information to companies like adobe so they could have things prepared for release. Seems like an oversight for such an important camera the “flagship” after all

        • Techrod

          Dx0 update for D7100 came out this week.

    • Eric Calabos

      I canceled my D400 order until I can use it shooting Jpeg

    • drew

      I cancelled my pre-order but it was due to buffer concerns. I’m sure it’s a top notch camera and will probably buy it in a month or so, I just want to see some actual tests.

    • I’m picking mine up in a few days (30th). I have two other Nikons and plan to ‘get to know’ the d7100 while I wait for updates for CS6. Then I will likely sell my D300.

  • TacoFeeder

    Admin: Where did you get this information? I just tried both Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 Release Candidate (version and DNG Converter (version beta). Neither one will open a D7100 NEF file!

    • The screenshot was taken from Adobe’s website – they removed the D7100 entry since, it was their mistake. I received an email asking me to remove the post.

  • Adam Mullins Photography

    Downloaded and installed update this AM…. didn’t work…..
    called adobe after work, they said i was making it up… Clicked your link again, and went to the page where the list was this morning and the list is now gone! You can not find that list on adobe’s site anymore, they pulled it off. It was most definitely a mistake on adobes part, but adobe thinks I’m an idiot because i told them i saw my camera this morning!!
    Anyone have a cached version or a full screen shot?!

    • Yes, I just received an email from Adobe that this was a mistake. I updated the post.

  • Horshack

    Here’s a quick and easy hack to get ACR (CS6) or LR4 to handle D7100 files. It involves modifying the EXIF data so that it looks like a D5200 file:

  • Ahmed Moussati


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