Nikon D7100 body only now in stock


Update: the D7100 body only sold out at Best Buy and is now listed as "not available for shipping". The ship to store option is still available.

Nikon D7100 body only is currently in stock at BestBuy. The camera is listed to ship from the warehouse for free in one business day. New D7100 sample images were published today at Focus-Numerique (including downloadable RAW samples).

The Nikon D7100 camera is also available for rent from Borrowlenses.

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  • Bob

    Any chance Nikon Rumours you can find out the stock situation in the UK namely the biggest retailers: Warehouse Express and Amazon UK? Thanks

  • Neopulse

    Awesome camera whoever gets to own one. Also is there such a graph or scale showing how weathersealed a camera is? I know that the pro line are realy good against rain, snow, humidity, dust, etc. But wonder if there is a grading scale of sorts in comparison to their DX lines and previous models in general. Kinda helps you wonder where that extra money from R&D goes into.

    • Global

      I’d like this as well — ADMIN…… are you able to find or make one by any chance? A chart would be better than a scale.

      • I don’t see how I can collect data for such chart, unless you guys volunteer your cameras for some “wet testing”.

        • Neopulse

          Volunteer a camera wish I could. But there has to be a way of determining it. For example, How long can a camera stay in a certain temperature without it being affect (eg: sub-zero or very hot like desert temps which lots of photographers go to.) or the lenses reaching a point of lens damage from temps also, remember reading about the 80-200mm f/2.8 (two ring version) had to be in the case for 20 mins to get accustomed to the surrounding temp before usage. Can it handle light rain, normal, heavy or typhoon rain.

  • Pete Grady

    So now, what’s the status on a D300s replacement?

    • Aldo


  • morg

    I wont upgrade to a new camera from my D200 till I see a D400 then I will decide on D400,7100,600 so hurry up Nikon or it will be another year of not buying anything from you!

    • Neopulse

      The D300s is a great camera. Why not get that???

      • RC

        Even the D300 blows the D200 out of the water. It was such a huge upgrade over the D200. Nikon has really lost its mind by not introducing a D400 sooner…MUCH sooner!

    • Calibrator

      > so hurry up Nikon or it will be another year of not buying anything from you!

      What a threat! I bet Nikon is crapping its pants right now!

      • Global

        This is a real threat – Nikon lost a huge portion of the market (potential) by delaying a D400 this long. There are a huge number of D200/D300 fanatics who are just biting for a D400. If it doesn’t come, they won’t upgrade – they will continue to wait. Thus, lost sales. A lot of lost sales. By the way, I am not one of them. I have a D700. But even I am waiting for a D400 before even considering a D7100 as a second body. Its just economics. Nikon is wrong for not releasing a D400 by now. Just like they are wrong for charging nearly $2,000 for every pro-lens now, even though third-party lens makers can make the same or better quality for half as much these days. Nikon is kicking its core users when its not considerate of these concerns, capiche?

        • NRA Advocate

          Capiche this: There will be no D400. It won’t hurt Nikon one iota. Those who wait and choose not to upgrade will only lose out themselves…and Nikon won’t give a crap because it doesn’t matter. Not every pro Nikkor costs $2000. Third party lenses are rarely better than Nikon pro class optically, but are ALWAYS inferior mechanically.


          • danpe

            Zeiss seems a tad better mechanically to me… Optically different, but I’ve yet to try the expensive new ones.

        • Calibrator

          “or it will be another year”A year in which Nikon did just fine without a group of specialized users (DX sensor packed in a sturdy body).
          So, apparently, Nikon gave a f**k about people wanting to buy a new D300s with four more megapixels.
          You can ignore, boycott, petition or even lament in public forums as much as you like – it doesn’t matter.

          As for cheaper lenses: You still haven’t grasped one of the basics of this industry: The real money isn’t made with the bodies but the lenses.
          Apparently Nikon is doing very well here or they wouldn’t follow exactly the same strategy that Canon uses: Introduce newer lenses at much higher price points.
          It’s a profit deal!

          The second thing you haven’t noticed is that the commercial world doesn’t care the least about “core users” or “faithful buyers” anymore. At least when these are regular consumers (the pro market still works a bit differently).

          Few large companies try to get consumer customers back by repairing their own
          crap at low prices (or even for free) when they are out of warranty.
          tactic nowadays is to increase prices on spare parts so repairs will be
          uneconomical – and thanks to their position (F-mount in the case
          of Nikon) the consumer will practically be forced to buy a new unit (camera

          Consumers only get better prices if they work for it by comparing products, trying to haggle with their local dealers or importing from other markets. However, they will regularly be punished for using the advantages of globalization as many manufacturers won’t honor warranties then (in some markets manufacturers are forced to honor warranty like car companies in Europe).

          The companies are profiting from globalization to the extreme: They buy parts from the tiniest Asian countries, use the lowest possible wages on the planet and then shift profits around to evade taxes.
          If you truly wan’t to change this system you have only one choice: Buy NOTHING!
          Instead you lament of paying up double for Nikon lenses.

          For all other people, realizing that change won’t come: Buy quality parts so that repairs are at least unlikely. It’s your best chance.

    • No one will listen to you, who are you to tell Nikon to hurry up? 😀
      If you want some changes – make a petition and collect thousands of signatures. Send letter with signatures to Nikon.
      There too many useless comments about D400

    • Jon McGuffin

      Please just go buy a Canon and take your whiney bad attitude over there..

      • desmo

        I second your motion,
        all the whiners are detracting from this threads ability to provide useful info to people considering this camera and other new products

    • Stef

      Speaking of the D400… I saw this image on Mirrorless rumors…

      The D400 is in this timeline.

    • Most of this information is based on posts from rumors blog, nothing reliable really:

  • Andrew (Thinker)

    The headline should have been written something like:

    > Nikon D7100 body only – now in stock
    > Nikon D7100 body only, now in stock!
    > Nikon D7100 body “only” now in stock

    • Title

      Are you reading it like “only now” in stock? (Like, its ONLY NOW in stock.. because we’ve waited SO long)? lol..

      • Exactly 😀 That is how I read it first time. This is more sort of psychology (people chose where to put coma)

  • Jon McGuffin

    Is it just me or are the sample images over at photographyblog looking pretty darn good at high ISO rates? 3200 is looking a bit better than I would have expected maybe… This could be good news…

    • desmo

      All of the new sensors from Nikon and Canon handle High ISO noise a lot better than previous gen
      there still is noise but its more film like
      grainy not banding
      that being said the FX chip D600 should still handle this (iso 3200-6400)better
      when evaluating samples in this region not only look at iso but shutter speed
      iso 3200 shot at 1/200 means nothing
      the noise crreps in with long exposure
      look for samples iso 3200 or 6400 at 1/4 or 1/2, 1/10 etc
      thats where you will see it
      my D600 really handles this well

      • Jon McGuffin

        That’s a very good point and tip, I hadn’t thought a lot about that but at the same time 90% of the time I’m in need of low noise performance it involves people in the scene, so I typically can’t realistically shoot at less than 1/80th give or take (and dependent on focal length to a point) anyway.

        I have the D700 and a D7000 which I’m selling. The d7100 is en route and I’m just hoping that I get noise performance that is better than on the D7000 which, when I push it I feel I can shoot at 1600, but really not above.

    • sunkenbranch

      The D7100 has pleasing ISO 6400 to me and in Auto ISO mode it gives 1/3 stop increments for the next 3 increments. I’m all about high school sports shooting on a budget. I LOVE the bright numbers in the viewfinder, such a nice improvement. No regrets so far. Fun crop mode too for more reach and a little less hard drive consumption. Full size raw mode produces 30MB images. The first thing I did when I got the camera was to put one of those disposable screen protectors on that back and on the top display. I too wish for a D400 but this camera is great, I guarantee it.

  • Spy Black

    I for one would like to see direct comparison shots of like scenes shot with the D7100 and the D600. I have a lot of FX glass and have been leaning to a D600, but this little sucker is so much better equipped.

    • RC

      The D7100 is better equipped than the D600 in what way?

      • desmo

        51pt AF
        as a D600 owner I’m green with envy

      • Spy Black

        Better autofocusing system, points spread out wider across the live area, 1/8000 sec shutter speed, higher resolution rear screen, .94 viewfinder mag vs. .7 mag, 6fps v5.5fps, 2, 3, 5 frames bracketing vs. 2, 3 only, stereo microphones vs. mono, 1080i60 video, no AA filter on the sensor.

        So, a fair amount of options available on the D7100, some trivial I suppose, others certainly significant. It’s a tough decision for me. I will probaly go with the D600 simply because I have so much FX glass, but that D7100 is certainly a nice machine.

        In the end, the differences in image quality are what counts the most, which is why I’d like to see identical scenes shot with each with appropriate prime lenses as I mentioned. That I would really like to see.

        • RC

          To me, most of those won’t significantly affect my photography. The AF points are spread out wider because it’s a DX camera. I have a D300, and I find no issue with the D600’s AF point arrangement. The 1/8000 shutter speed is rarely used. I shot portraits in sunlit snow at F1.4 with my 85mm, and I was able to get by with 1/4000 at ISO100 without any neutral density filters, barely though. 0.5 fps, really? =) The stereo mics I could take but I bought an external mic. I don’t get the AA filter thing. If you want such a specialized tool, the D800E is that tool. I gather that you prefer the D600 now based on one of your later posts =) Like you said, IQ is what counts, and there’s no way a DX-sized sensor is going to compete with an FX-sized sensor.

          • Spy Black

            Actually, it was close, at least, in the lower ISOs. I could have gone with a D7100, but I needed to get back to FX. I picked up the D600 with a Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC USD lens today. 😉

  • dswatson83

    There is a good look at some of the hardware and comparison with the Canon 7D on youtube:

  • ScottnLaguna

    Best Buy comes through again. They sold me a body only D800 on opening day last year.

    • Aldo

      Same here! When people were paying 4.5k for them i walked in a best buy and came out with one

      • Global

        Are these the same ones with focus issues? Haven’t we Nikon users learned not to buy Nikon lenses & cameras as soon as they are released, yet? Seems like Nikon always releases stuff that has huge problems with about 10%, doesn’t admit the issue, and then miraculously 5 months later the never-admitted-problem is solved in the new batches. Not to mention prices are $100-300 dollars less. Boycott buying Nikon on opening day – they use their users as guinea pigs, probably intentionally.

        • Aldo

          No focusing issues with my d800. I did take it in for screen tint calibration, but other than that it has been a joy to shoot with it.

  • Burt

    Can I get this in red, yellow or fuchsia?

  • stefmusic

    This is the second time I try to post a comment/response. The first one disappeared. hmmm… OK…. “Morg” at the top of the comments section brought up the D400 (now that the D7100 is “out of the way”. I know everyone is saying it won’t come. I just wanted to post this image I found on mirrorlessrumors.

  • you comment is still there – just go up a page

  • Took Delivery of My D7100 at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday March 14, 2013 and had a couple of days to work with it and can only describe the Changes made from D7000 as AWESOME. Those who are waiting on a D400 may find themselves SOL, cause it just may not materialize.

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