Gear and models at the Nikon booth during the 2013 CP+ show

The 2013 CP+ show Camera & Photo Imaging show is currently ongoing in Yokohama, Japan. Attached are few pictures from the Nikon booth (click for larger view):

CP+2013 012   CP+2013 026
The new Nikkor AF-S 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens:

CP+2013 019
Ai Zoom-Nikkor 1200-1700mm lens:

CP+2013 011
The current Nikkor lens lineup:

CP+2013 010
CP+2013 062
Underwater camera case WP-N2 for Nikon 1:

CP+2013 059
Nikon 1 V2:

CP+2013 060
The models at the Nikon booth:

CP+2013 030
CP+2013 016   CP+2013 024
CP+2013 023   CP+2013 046
CP+2013 022   CP+2013 039
CP+2013 045   CP+2013 064
Photos courtesy of gqtuazon

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  • Eric Calabos

    2012 at first picture!

  • The lighting is really sucks. Can’t Nikon do better than that?

    • I always wonder why these photo companies don’t invest in some of the new cool continuous lighting when they have models.

  • Photoretouchpro

    Whew! For a moment there I thought that under water housing was a new Niikon 1 camera.

    • I need an underwater housing for my D600, but the are so expensive now. Twice as much as the camera itself … ridiculous.

  • Scott M.

    Does J1 or S1 have removable batteries? I want to take either with underwater case down Colorado river. No way to recharge anything for 7 days. Otherwise, it will be GoPro and D800 in Pelican case.

    • gsum

      Does J1 or S1 have removable batteries? er yes.

      I’d like to see you shooting high res stills with a GoPro, or anything at all from inside a Pelican Case.

      A Nikon1 in an underwater case is the nearest you can get to a Nikonos. The Nikon case is mindbogglingly expensive but I don’t know whether the cheaper alternatives are any good.

      • Enrique

        Yeah, that 750$ price tag is pretty offputting.

  • parrot

    You know, females are interested in camera gear too believe it or not, and most of us aren’t interested in girly models. What’s the purpose of it? Totally pointless. I drool over lenses, not girl models (or any models).

    • Pointless

      Pointless? Whatever. These aren’t super-models or anything — not by a long shot. They are just normal, discount models. I’m sure there were plenty of other things to shoot at the show too, like… boxes. But, in general, people do want to see flesh-tones, because model photography is a huge industry. Its not pointless. If you are going to shoot some thing, why not a person? Women will always be a natural choice as subjects, because of thousands of years of art culture saying as much, current fashions will always allow women to have more fashionable differentiation without labels like “gay”, and far more men who prefer seeing models attend/follow gear shows than women who prefer shooting.. boxes. Its not pointless at all. Its exactly what is demanded. If anything, you should say that they should throw a male model in there or two. But not that its pointless. Cat pictures instead? No thanks.

      • Fraucha

        Japanese School Girl Uniforms FTW

      • gsum

        Photographs of emaciated and ill looking models are pointless. Lets see some general views of the show.

      • Spy Black

        “They are just normal, discount models.”

        I’ll take them. All of them…

      • Hawkeye

        “If you are going to shoot some thing, why not a person?”

        • Jill Binoche

          Lol 😉

  • Smudger

    Nice juxtaposition of the 800 & 1200-1700mm images!
    How to design (1200-1700) and how NOT to design a tripod mount for a long lens. Should be required viewing for Nikon engineers……..

  • Spy Black

    1200-1700 mf lens on a film body? That’s a little sad, no?

  • KnightPhoto

    If that’s the 800mm, it looks tiny enough, and I want one! i wish they had showed the 800mm stacked beside the other Super-teles in the line up photos ;-(

    • I also thought the 800mm lens looked too short – maybe it’s the perspective.

  • Tommy

    That black S01 seems kind of cute.

    • Ari Brockman

      I’ll take one 😉

  • Tommy

    That black S01 seems kind of cute.

  • equus

    here you can see more photos of companion girls in the event.

    I’ve personally been to this event so I know how beautiful they looked (though quite skinny by western standard). But once you see them in pictures, they look average (with a few exceptions). After all, there aren’t that many truly beautiful girls in Japan, but that’s fine because they are not AKB48.

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