Nikon D800/D800E price drop on December 15th?

The latest rumors suggests that Nikon will reduce the price of the D800/D800E DSLR cameras in the US on December 15th, 2012. I am not talking about an instant saving when you buy a body and a lens, but a direct price drop  - just like the D600. I was told that Nikon is making this move in order to match the recent $200 instant rebate on the Canon 5D Mark III. I expect the D800/D800E price drop to be also $200.

Update: the price of the Canon 5D Mark III now dropped to $2,999.

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  • Thom Hogan is also hinting at that in his Nov. 27th blog.

    • Pietro

      Actually Thom’s comment generated this “rumor” here…

      • Not really – I got the info yesterday from multiple sources. Thom’s post doesn’t mention anything about a price drop.

      • Much_Suprised

        Thom just capitalizes on what happens in internet space and then puts “I” “me” “my” “i” “i” “me” “me” in front of everything and is mostly good for conveying his experience in the field and theorizing on lovely day dreams/trips he is having focused on self-aggrandizement — NR admin, by contrast, has consistently and humbly provided new or well-aggregated information resulting in accurate forecasts. Rockwell on the third hand is pure marketing and basic backyard testing. The entire cast of DPReview is a sales team or bickering mass of technophiles. No “actually” is needed — there is room for all of them, and more, in supporting the credibility of any idea, and it wouldn’t be a rumor if there wasn’t at least 2 points of information, would it be. 😉

  • Great. I’ll probably buy one after this.

  • Aldo

    More reason to buy the 800 over the 600

  • sebas

    in europe like DE or AT the D800 u get already for around 2319,- € when it came out the price was around 2900,-€

    and i am sure it will drop more before christmas 🙂

  • AlphaTed

    Great deal, for those who need it.

  • Micah Goldstein

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          • Micah Goldstein


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  • D800GuY

    FML, i paid 3.5K for it…

    • Noor

      I was able to get some of the first ones – sold two for $5K 🙂

  • Lee

    Wow, Nikon and Canon have to GET A GRIP with the copying of each other. It has gotten out of CONTROL.

    • n11

      What? You mean companies shouldn’t offer a price drop on their products over half a year after their release?
      I mean uh, Yeah! You’re right! Consumers won’t benefit from these price drops!….

  • Blahjones

    So, is this a permanent price drop or temporary (re: instant savings) like the 5DMK3?

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Oh ****, not the next month after I’ve bought it.

    Anyway, this news may hint a new killer FX SLR is coming soon, configured as a medium resolution & very high sensitivity (25k iso native) model that many folks are still waiting for. Nikon still don’t offer anything similar to Canon 5D mk III in the same size & price region. It could be a 16mp D900, 2013 1st Q. announcement, 2nd Q. shipment. Who knows…

    • Pat

      I wish that’s the case. Or having the D600 24mp sensor inside a D800 body with 1080/60p video wouldn’t be bad either.

  • jsilva200022

    Great tip, Admin. Thanks! I will definitively be buying one now.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    I paid full price for my D800 and I don’t regret it. It is a wonderful camera even at $3000.

    • Aldo

      I paid full price and got one from the first batch… dont regret it one bit either…it has already paid itself

      • DEs

        I paid full price and got one with defects that service couldn’t rectify. I waited a few more months to get another copy, also a bit out but this time service could rectify.

        By the time I got a working body, months had passed and prices had dropped.

        So yes, I regret it, 6mth after launch is still too early, next time I’ll wait at least 1yr.

        • Aldo

          I got a good one… guess I was lucky

        • RamesesThe2nd

          I upgraded to D800 in haste of moving from DX to FX. Like most amateurs, I thought FX would make me a great photographer and my pics would look so much better.

          I agree in general waiting a year or two with electronics (including cameras) is probably a smart thing to do. I remember when PS3 first came out, it was $600. Now it sells for sub $200 in a combo with some lame games.

          • Aldo

            The d800 can actually turn you into a worse photographer if you aren’t careful with it (motion blur), but once you adjust to it, you will be a better photographer all around because the camera forces you to pay attention to detail.

            • precisely my experience .. though a couple months with the d600 got me up to speed

          • Captain Megaton

            “I thought FX would make me a great photographer and my pics would look so much better.”

            Did it? A lot of people who don’t make money from their photos seem awfully willing to run out and spend $3k on the D800. It’s a lot of money, considering that unlike lenses the depreciation on the D800 over 4 years use comes out to $500 a year thereabout. So I would like to know whether you think it was worth it.

            • RamesesThe2nd

              I think it made me a little better photographer. I think about my shots a lot now and don’t just take pics of everything in front of me. Dynamic range and noise performance of D800 is a lot better than my D90.

              On the negative side, adjusting from DX to FX wasn’t that easy. DOF of FX is so shallow that a lot of my shots initially were ruined by it. Also My FX setup is much heavier than my DX setup and therefore I carry it less with me.

              All in all, if you don’t make money with photography, D800 (FX) is not your camera. I might go back to DX setup again at some point. I, personally, think that DX is just the right compromise between size and quality and it is obviously a lot cheaper than FX.

            • neversink

              When I retire from this crazy photo-business, I still will shoot with my D800 — And by the way, no camera can make you a better photographer.

              want to becoome a better photographer:

              One – you have to understand the craft and it’s limitations and how film and/or digital translates many different types of light into an image.

              Two – You need to understand technique, which is actually part of the craft.

              Three – You need to have a good eye and understand composition, as well as what to leave out or include in a photo.

              Four – After putting craft, technique and composition together you need passion. You need to have dedication and passion for your photography.

              No camera will make you a better photographer. You can buy all the expensive equipment in the world and not be able to produce a good photo. Or you could build a pinhole camera or use an iPhone camera and be an incredible photographer. Yes, a good camera, like a Nikon D4 or D800, is a great tool in the right hands. It cannot, in and of itself, transform anyone into becoming a better photographer.

            • RamesesThe2nd

              I agree with you for the most part. However, I think camera as a tool does a lot or nobody would spend thousands of dollars on lenses and cameras. Phone cameras are not quite there yet. Again, I am not disagreeing with you, but to say that your camera got nothing to do with your photography is not completely true, IMO.

            • neversink

              Well, I would never want to argue with someone named Rameses The 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • RamesesThe2nd


  • Billy

    It’s a $200 Instant Savings, not a price drop, and it starts on Dec 14th. I am 100% on this.

    • Blahjones

      Do you know how long the instant savings will last for?

      • The curent Nikon instant rebates are valid till December 15th.

  • RMJ
  • Rhonbo

    All Nikon needs to do if come out with a D800S that has more than one raw file size using the whole sensor along with a few more features and tweaks, That would solve just about everyone’s complaints and probably be the camera folks would keep for a very long time.

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      No it wouldn’t. It still won’t shoot 11fps.

      • Aldo

        If you follow the complaints on the D800… you would know that the fps is at the bottom of the list.

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          I do follow the complaints on the D800, and there appear to be a large segment of people demanding a baby D4, i.e., an 11fps D800.

          • Aldo

            no… most people want a d700 with a 24mp sensor. I doubt people wanting 36mp @ 11fps are part of the majority

            • Aldo

              *with video

            • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

              Whatever. I didn’t mean the 36mp@11fps camp, I meant the 11fps camp, no matter the megapixels.

            • Aldo

              no matter the megapixels? it’s called D4 unless 11 is a magic number to you.

            • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

              I will rephrase then: 11fps @ $3000

            • Aldo

              used D3s at 3500 at 9fps ? or the 2 extra fps makes it break the sound barrier? I just can’t justify the camera you are asking for.

            • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

              Oh I agree, but this is *other* people who want this camera – and they can’t live without video. Or it has to me more than 12 mp. Or they just can’t bear using a camera that is soooooooooo old . . . . .

            • Aldo

              Yeah a mercedez at a toyota price would be nice but eh… Current cameras are excellent for the price range… and there are some who argue that these soooo old cameras are of superior build quality… not to mention have sensors build by nikon who many claim produce better colors.

            • David Kasman

              Maybe try a $299 V1 (B&H) and get up to 60fps at 10MP.

          • Captain Megaton

            They don’t want a baby D4, they want a D4 but just don’t want to pay for one.

            • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

              Yes! I Absolutely agree! +1000!

      • neversink

        The D4 is what you want. I have both the Dr4 and the D800. I see little need for 11 fps. It is at the bottom of my list and I have been making my full-time living from photography for 25 years. And before that, I was making my living part-rime from photography for another 11 years. I have covered riots, sporting events, demonstrations and I have shot for annual reports, advertising and other commercial photography and never needed such fast burst rates. I purchased the D4 for assignments where conditions are harsh. Like the African Sahel, where I am soon headed on assignment. 11fps is at the bottom of my list for features. I don’t need it.

        Years ago, I was happy to have purchased both the MD1 and MD2 motor drives with accompanying battery packs for my Nikon F2 bodies. I was able to get up to 5 fps, under certain settings. And that was before auto focus. That was fast enough then, and I rarely used the maximum fps. I don’t need 11 fps. 4fps on the D800 is plenty fast for me, and I still cover action events. A good photograph is still about waiting for the right moment, not blindly blasting away at the subject.

      • More than likely there is a D4x down the pipe with the same sensor as the D800.

        • Or maybe even bigger than 36MP. Remember the D3x – it had 24MP two years before other cameras came out with that sensor.

    • JasonW

      if it does come out with D800s i would sell my D4 and get 2 of them…. leaving the D700 without any successor make me no option….

  • D800

    Nikon here is a thought, instead of dropping the price to spur demand, how about adding firmware features? Like more sophisticated focus calibration or trap focus option or customization of the video record button,,,,,

    • Much_Suprised

      Or accurate left focus… and dust prevention.. and hand grips that do not cost $500…

    • Anonymous Maximus

      LCD color customization could be added easily with a firmware update.

  • Vin

    It seems that it has been the norm to have a 5%-10% reduction off list in the first year maybe more. The interesting thing is it usually takes longer and is less of a percentage the more of a premium product. Seems like we see 20%-30% in last year of its production before replacement. I think in the past we did always see a nice drop in price after first quarter off retail prices. It seems most Nikon is not doing this due to our global market.

  • Davide

    I’ve just bought mine, and Nikon decreases the price. Not nice. 🙁

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Much or less, there is an rattle sound from all D800 coming from the top when onboard flash is shut down, startled even with a slight wiggle. Btw, it goes off when th flash unit is open.

    That’s stupid & annoying. Why on a $3K camera? Was it hard to prevent it, Nikon?

  • Jeff

    If it happens, I won’t be making any more Nikon purchases in the future. I just got my D800E a couple months ago and now they are lowering the price? That’s total BS and while I’m sure they don’t care about my feelings… I’ll feel better knowing I’m not letting them screw me yet again.

    • Really?

      Wow you’re an idiot. Will you not be buying a computer in the future since the one you bought last year is now half the price? You seem a bit confused as to how the pricing of technology products work.

      If you didn’t get $200 of use of your D800E in a couple months (which would be the cost of renting it ONE TIME), you did not need a $3300 camera. And if you did get $200 out of it, it was worth it even with the price drop.

      • Jeff

        You completely missed the point, so who’s the idiot.

        • Really?

          Still you.

      • Aldo

        I can see how someone would be upset of price drops they couldn’t take advantage of… main reason… they are not making money with the camera… in other words… it is not a work tool.

  • Localsoldier

    You have this rebate in Belgium now, til the 5th of January €200 less on a D800 and €220 less on a D800E…. and I just gt my D800E

  • nikon

    tried to buy a nikon, the price falls and falls, I do not, does not make fun

  • Club Soda

    Sorry Nikon. I’ve already sold all my gear and jumped ship. Too little too late… and your bad focusing, dust gathering cameras! Goodbye Mr Bond!

    • geodav45

      Bit odd that you still frequent this forum, isn’t it?

    • JIm

      Your loss, our gain.

  • Neopulse

    Damn, still they are charging that much for the 5D MKIII? Honestly that price should’ve been that normally plus the $200 mark down. Wouldn’t mind owning one, but at such a price compared to the D800 it’s outrageous.

  • Captain Megaton

    Price war! Price war! Nikon and Canon are really going at it no holds barred the full frame sector. Tag team 3Dmkiii,6D vs D600,D800.

    I wonder who’s winning on the sales front? Canon have definitely brought their A-game this round…

  • nikkormate

    That picture of the D800 and the box are totally out of focus.

  • Neopulse

    Did a shutter count on a refurbished D800 bought from Adorama (last few) the other day. Only 208! And got it for $2599. Sweet deal for others to get for the holidays. Also bought it with a 70-200mm VRII. Have to fine tune the AF it seems.

  • Alistair Nicol

    Will the existing deals remain when purchased together with a lens? For example if purchased with a 70-200mm will you get the $200 off the D800 and $200 off the 70-200mm?

    • Alistair Nicol

      Moderator, any ideas on this?

      • I think so, but I am not 100% sure. I will know more tomorrow (Thursday) around midnight and I will post it online.

  • Incogneto

    firmware features? Like more sophisticated focus calibration…..hahahahha your kidding me your using a SLR camera your eyes is the only tool you need ….you better use a digi-cam not SLR .

  • Incogneto

    Show me the Pictures not the Camera……..

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