Meike MK-D600 is a cheap alternative battery grip for Nikon D600

Meike released their new MK-D600 battery grip for Nikon D600. The original Nikon MB-D14 grip costs $274.95. You can get the MK-D600 for around $70 on eBay.

Additional images:

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  • Sin

    Dont buy this sh***t. I’ve got one for my D800. Waste of your money. :/

    • ScienceTheBear

      why’s it a waste?

    • Pdf Ninja

      Would you care to elaborate? Let’s assume that I need a vertical grip. Is there any reason why this particular one is worse than the others? Or you just don’t need a grip, as simple as that.

      • Aldo

        NO… I was under the impression that I was just buying cheap plastic… but it is worse than just cheap plastic… the mechanism that attaches to your camera is very fragile and of poor quality… it will end up locking to your camera forcing you to dismantle it to remove it… at least that was my experience with it… read my comment

  • Jetlagged Pete

    Nice PS job on the Nikon logo. Shows style.

  • Aldo

    I was defending the meike brand after I got one for my d800 until I couldn’t get it off my camera one day… it was sort of worth it for the d800 because the price difference was so huge… but in this case saving 200 dollars may not be worth the trouble this one may bring you.

  • John

    After years of owning 3rd party battery grips (all of which have worked functionally fine) I splurged on the Nikon one when I got my D600 (mainly because at that time there were no 3rd party options). I must say that the build quality of the Nikon brand is MUCH better than the creaky plastic 3rd party ones. The Nikon is made from metal and really adds a very solid feel to the D600.

  • Rafael

    I bought three of these Meike branded grips. One for the D5100 (which I sold after barely using it) and other two for the D7000.

    The build quality is not that good – at least for the D7000 ones. The first one was kind of short-circuiting and discharging the battery after several hours (even with the camera turned off). I returned it. The second one (bought from other dealer) slowly started giving troubles on battery contacts – then one day it died and stopped recognizing any of my (2x original EN-EL15) batteries. This happened right when I was in a trip to Paris – I had to simply dump it and purchased a Nikon grip at (thanks for the fast delivery!) so I could carry on – I’m still with this Nikon grip.

    Build quality of the rigid plastic is OK, but I doubt on the QC of the internal electronics. It was common to have the aperture wheel “reversed” on the grip.

    All in all, the original Nikon grip is very expensive, but to get it right since the beginning, it is the best choice…

  • AlphaTed

    I had Meike for my D300. It works as it’s intended function. A really good deal.
    If you don’t like spending for the Nikon and plainly just want it for whatever purpose you need it, then grab one.
    Just don’t expect quality in it. You get what you pay for.
    With occasional use, It lasts as the camera’s lifespan, which is obviously just a few years.
    But if you’re a heavy user, or use the camera on a tripod often, go with the Nikon.

    • Ted

      I used Meikes for ages. But the one for D800 had functional issues. I guess it’s the same here, wait at least a year to get software kinks out 1st.

      • Numero

        they corrected those problems with the current batch ,as far as i read on the Dpreview forum.there was even a return and replace option with Meike recently.

  • Mansgame

    So all it takes to be a pro is a $70 from ebay? I’ll pass and look like an amateur without a grip.

    • Jacob

      it takes a lot more than that to be a pro 😉

      • Bob

        Yes it takes a branded strap and a Facebook fanpage.

    • ragamofyn

      I’d rather NOT look like a pro. Looking like a pro attracts attention and people react to you differently.

  • mes2424

    I purchaased the Pixel version for my D800, it worked ok. Cheap build like the Meike and another issue was it didnt fit with the Really Right Stuff L bracket, which I use 24/7. Sent it back and bought the original Nikon. Happy I did!

  • Chad

    For the D800 price difference. It’s probably worth a gamble. I picked up the D600 original for around $250. Much less a price difference, do yourself justice just get the original for D600. It feels much like the rest of the camera than the 3rd party material.

  • Taco

    The top 3 pictures are Nikon images of the real Nikon grip. The bottom 4 appear to be the Meike grip. The area around the command dial and seams are different. Rip off Nikon’s photos as well as the design…

    • ken J

      no, they are the Meike ones, and that´s the point,it´s hard to see the difference but you can feel it once u have it in your hand, that´s all. everything else works fine as the original.even the rubber skin feels just like the original.

  • Patrick Wenz

    Hey everybody. I also got one of the Meike D800 grips and I sent it back. Believe me, they are NOT identical, especially if you prefer the solide feel and sturdiness of a Nikon product. It was really really expensive, but I ended up with the original MB-D12 for my D800. It is worth the extra money. The Meike stuff just does not fell the same, it has a different sound when knocked on, the rubber tends to attract dirt like a magnet and in general it feels as if it could break any second when holding the camera only with the grip in hand. YES I know that the popular youtube videos say otherwise, but there are also not so popular ones that confirm my experiences. First i did not want to believe it and bought the knock-off, but I had to pay the noob tax (in my case the stress and work of sending it back because it was fully refunded).

    If you absolutely only want the functionality then go for it, but if you prefer the quality, robustness and feel then get the original grip.

    Think twice before you jump! And look for that other more objective youtube videos!

    • Ken J

      interesting, i use the Meike grip on my D700 for almost 2 years now and never had a problem, yes they are plastic and not metal but very well built and hold the heavier d700 fine.

      and you never carry the camera holding on the grip for long anyway, and if i have to use any camera on tripod i use it without grip so it´s better balanced.
      either way the original d800,600 grips are rip off compared to the d700 original grip ,and heavier too.

      • ragamofyn

        I take it you’re not a concert or fashion photographer, eh? I’ve spent hours using the vertical grip alone.

        • D800

          That must look funny at a fashion shoot, holding just the vertical grip with no camera on it.

    • danei

      So you are expecting spending 1/5 of the original price and getting exact same item?

      • Patrick Wenz

        No, I expected to spend 1/5 of the price and get something like 1/2 of the quality, but didn’t 🙁 At least not with my metric of “quality”.

        • danei

          So only hand feeling part is more than 1/2 the quality for you?
          Ok, but for me, as long as the knock out is functional, it’s half way done, and if it’s enduring, it’s of 80% quality.
          I own meike version of d200 and d7000 grips, and they are both functional, and enduring (I used the d200 version for about 3 years). The dial and rubber coating feel different, but the different feeling won’t prevent me from doing anything that a grip should do.

          • Patrick Wenz

            To be honest, it also didn’t work properly but I didn’t want to mention it, as it also could have been a firmware thing and I didn’t want to fuel the potential troll wars. Afterall, it’s not really representative if one unit is disfunctional but all the other rest works well, which obviously seems to be the case with all the Meike grips. So from that (working) perspective there is nothing wrong with it. I absolutely agree, if it is only the functionality you are after, then go for it.

    • nautillus

      i have batery pack Meike for d300s…it is an excellent replacement of the original! Don’t bullshit me! Meike makes a quality product!

    • Andrianarivo Ramamonjy

      I owned a Meike grip for the D700 MB-D10. Its base was much, much larger that the Nikon’s. L-brackets designed for the original grip don’t fit on it. Finally I sold it and got the Nikon. Now I’m waiting for further price drop of the MB-D14 to get it or maybe wait for Phottix to issue its own model.

  • chris chadwick

    I bought the Ilion Battery grip for the D800. This Nikon copy was a little more expensive than the Meike and seems to be working ok at the moment but doubt that it will stand the test of time. As soon as I can afford I will buy the Nikon version but will use the copy until then. All the dials and buttons are set correctly and work fine but there are no seals visible so won’t be using it if the weather is bad. I bought the iLion grip as I had a portrait shoot come up and don’t like using the camera without so bought otto put me on. I think if you are spending so much on a camera your best getting all original accessories knowing everything is compatible and should be any issues.

    • ragamofyn

      I think the only obvious rubber seal is the one around the battery contacts.

  • sshoihet

    I had a Zeikos grip for my D7000. It was cheaply made, fit ok, and lasted about 10 month of pretty heavy use. It was better than nothing but the Nikon grip is so much better; it might be expensive but I think it’s definitely worth the money.

  • Magnus

    I bought a Meike grip for my D700 1½ years ago. Pretty soon I started getting problems with the mirror, it just didn’t lock in the end positions and I had to remove the lens and manually press the mirror down to lock it, then restart the camera, press the shutter again and pray it would work. This occurred when the battery in either the grip or the camera was close to empty. When i tried removing the grip I found out the problems ended. I sent the grip back to replace it, but the new one didn’t work any better. First I believed it worked, but very soon I got the same problem again. Didn’t care sending it back again, but bought a used (or actually unused) original Nikon grip. The build quality is definitely better with the original, and all problems I had with the Meike grips were gone.

    So basically I wasted 70 euros on the Meike grip. I wish I had spent that money directly on the Nikon grip instead. It turned out over three times more expensive than the Meike, with the power battery and charger included in the deal, but it was definitely worth it. I’ll never buy a Meike or other 3rd party grip again.

  • nek flopwell

    Nikon…you should be ashamed of yourself for charging 400 plus for a battery grip on the D800!!! and almost 300 for the D600…what gives? I can see why someone would be the knockoffs…..Get a Grip Nikon!!!

    • RxGus

      That’s funny because you used the word grip!

    • ragamofyn

      Agreed. The D600 and D800 grips are near identical in terms of functionality and quality of build. Why there is such a big difference in price is beyond me. I think a “fair” price for the D600/D800 grip would be in the $200-range.

      Or, for $300-ish, add a WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS into the grip!

  • ragamofyn

    Most third-party grips are made of creaky plastic with bad manufacturing tolerances. When I’m holding my D600 and 70-200mm using the vertical grip, do I really want to worry about whether the grip is going to fall off?

    The grip needs to hold the weight of the camera. Is this a place where you really want to skimp on materials and build quality?

  • ImageX

    I bought a Zeikos grip for my D300S and it was surprisingly good. I bought a Meike for my D7000 and while the price and build quality was ok….. it would drain the batteries just sitting unused. Garbage. I purchased a Nikon grip for my D600 and it’s excellent. I’ll never be dumb enough to buy a cheap knockoff again…. just to save a little money. It’s just stupid when the OEM grips are so well made and have 100% compatibility and reliability. The knockoffs are a big risk in many ways. Don’t do it.

  • nokerti

    i’m going to wait for the phottix one

  • Emanuele Ay

    I immediately bought this Meike battery grip (for my D600) that I received today, I can say that it is of excellent quality and it is not easy to distinguish from the original. The rubber is soft, like the original. I am very happy with the purchase!

    • Hi,
      can you tell me how the dials on the Meike performs when you try to change shutter speed really quickly? Also, does the D600 continue to recognize the grip’s AA batteries after you turn on and off the D600?

  • I have used Meike grips for years and they work great. I have never had any problems and I cannot complain about build quality either. A superb bargain especially when you consider the peice

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