Nikkor f/1.8 limited edition lens kit

Nikon f1.8 lens case

Nikon f1.8 lens case 6

Last year Nikon released this limited edition f/1.4 lens case/kit (24mm, 35mm and 85mm lenses) in several European countries. After the recent announcement of three new f/1.8 lenses, Nikon is now offering the limited edition Nikkor f/1.8 case. Made out of aluminum, the kit contains the latest Nikkor 28mm, 50mm and 85mm f/1.8 lenses and will probably be available only in few European countries (Belgium, probably Sweden). The price of the kit is not known at that point is €1245 (around $1600).

More images of the new Nikkor f/1.8 case and an unboxing video after the break (click on images for larger view):



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  • Paul

    The 35mm f/1.8 gets no love?

    • It’s not full frame, great lens otherwise.

    • Micah Goldstein

      It’s not FX. And the 1.4 set lacked the 50mm/f1.4. These are local marketing gimmicks, not created by papa Nikon.

  • Sam Walker

    Another look at these lenses together. Not anything new, just a simple summary:

  • R8R

    So… probably an added luxury charge for an crap aluminum case and some foam. They would have had my interest had it been a Pelican case and not some cheap dent magnet.

  • John Richardson

    Nice Set, I could use them but I am afraid I will have to piece it one at a time.

  • Guest

    Nice set, I would like these, but it looks like I will have to piece it one at a time.

  • FAOfj

    Nikon not NAI-kon.

    • sardonic

      Nikon, not Nikkon.

      How do you pronounce icon? Iccon?

      • Mike

        How do you pronounce Japan? Jay-pan? Americans…

        • Well, in Japan, Japanese would pronounce it “nee pon” (Nippon) Back home, we pronounce Nikon as “nee kon”

          Just for fun in Hong Kong they use “nic kon”

      • Remedy

        How about you ignorant idiot you check first right at the source how it supposed to be pronounced? What in the world makes you, american morons think everything is pronounced as if it was an english word/name? Too much hamburger fat in your brains maybe?

        • Amon

          My favorite American mispronunciations:
          > I-ran: Why did you run?
          > I-raq: What are you racking?

          Oh well….
          At least it goes with their i-phones and i-pods (>.<)

          • twoomy

            Thanks for that, I-mon.

          • Neil

            About as funny as all the foreigners who mispronounce place names in America… But we’re usually gracious enough to only smile and not make fun. 🙂

            • Amon

              And I whole-heartedly agree and 95% of the time will do the same… but when news anchors and statesmen make that mistake over and over again… :-/

    • PeterO

      This has been debated many times before. Here in Canada when you phone Nikon Head Office, the receptionist says: “N(eye)kon Canada, how can I help you?” If that’s how Nikon says it here in Canada, who am I to dispute them?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t help that Nikon’s own TV ads in the US use the NAI-kon pronunciation.

  • Gaytan
    • W00f

      So yes it cost more than the lens alone; too bad :-/

    • Richard

      But in Sweden, the price will have to be set in Kronor, which can go down (or up)?

      As for the video, couldn’t they have found a pretty girl to open the box? I could have admired her, rather than simply wasting 1min 06 or however long it took?

    • They’re about 100€ cheaper than Spain, without shipping cost. Not bad.

  • D90

    I’d love these… with or without the case! lol

  • sambalbabi

    nothing limited, to me – unless the lens is white in color. 🙂

    • umeshrw

      Then people would mistake it for canon lens.

      • sambalbabi

        it’s people mistake, so what. it’s kinda cool to have that ‘wrong perception’ on gears you’re using, no?

  • RichMonster

    Makes absolutely no sense to anyone who actually wants to use the lenses for what they were designed for. Why would you carry around a case 4 times the size it needs to be with no provision for your camera body.

  • xb900

    At least we should write 1:1,8 not f1,8. f was a mistake of the Japanese, when they started to send their lenses to Europe and the America’s.

    • rjs3273

      Interesting. I have never hear that claim before. When do think this “mistake” appeared? Certainly among all the books I have looked at, f/ was in widespread use in both UK and USA by the 1880s. (Manual of photography, C.H. Bothamley 1890; The Optics of Photography, Traill Taylor 1892, American annual of photography 1889). I just don’t have anything older than that to look in. I am sure somewhere here will.

    • rjs3273

      Interesting. I have never heard that claim before. When and how do you think this “mistake” occurred? In all the books I have looked at, f/ was already in widespread use in both USA and UK by the 1880’s. I just don’t have anything older than that to look in. (The Optics of Photography, Traill Taylor, 1892; Manual of Photography, Bothamley, 1893; American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times, 1889)

  • MJr

    The point is ?

  • Szejbi

    I have this lens It’s best staff. Pentax have better limited case.

  • twoomy

    While a case like this doesn’t interest me at all, it reminds me how we still need to see updates to some old classic primes. How about an update or replacement to the old 20mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/2?

    • Aleksa Vukomanovic

      Amin for 20mm G, or even wider! Nikon lacks ultra wide angle primes. Nikon, are you listening?

      • nikkor guy

        Agree, 20mm 2.8G or f2G please !

        The 28mm 1.8G is an overpriced “not very wide” angle lens. Nikon had to put the N coating badge and gold ring around it to justify the price. Look at that set in the case. The 28 doesnt even match.

      • D800

        20mm is not UWA. They have a 14mm… For the rest use a 14-24 😉

        • twoomy

          The point of a WA or UWA prime is to avoid the weight of beast zooms like the 14-24. I’d love an updated prime in the 14-20mm range. The old 20mm is a favorite, but its resolution is a bit weak in the D800 era.

          • MyrddinWilt

            Price of such a lens is going to be dominated by the front element. Take a look at the 14 f/2.8 and the 14-24 f/2.8 and you can see where most of the cost goes. The zoom has a more complex cam and two moving elements rather than one but the cost of making it probably isn’t much different to the cost of making the prime.

  • Neil

    I wish Nikon would someday realize all their missed marketing opportunities. What is the point of doing this for only a few countries? Surely there will be more buyers if they made this a special edition available worldwide?

  • Kaouthia

    So, you’re basically paying about $500 for a case?

    • Freeman Guye

      not only that … can you return any lens in the set for an exchange if you don’t like it ?

  • Mike

    What I want to see is a limited edition box set with a 24mm f/1.8 DX, 35mm f/1.8 DX and 85mm f/1.8.

  • D800GuY

    1.8 lenses do not deserve such lavish packaging, only the best can!

  • aekn

    I don’t get it. What’s the reason for this set? Not like these are that special. Leave the “limited” stuff to Pentax.

  • jw48335

    Um. I don’t get it. Those lenses total $1520 on amazon. So you basically get the lenses at retail + an $80 case with the Nikon name on it. Woopee.

  • Flaaf1245

    This kit is availbable here (×36/nikon/coffert-nikon-f-1-8-edition-limitee.html?___SID=U ) for 1200€ in Brussels. One of the best shop i know !!

  • this kit is in front of a store in my city ( Montpellier , France ) since 3 or 6 months. Not a fresh news …

  • Balssask

    This lens set distracts from the real reason we are photographers.

  • Picky man

    Why that big?? Nice idea but missed oportunity because of case design.

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