Nikon limited edition f/1.4 lens set

The first report of the Nikon f/1.4 limited edition box came from Belgium. Now it appears that the exclusive set will be available for sale in Sweden as well. Only 100 pieces were produced.

More images:

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  • Chris


    • texasjoe

      For me it would be the 24 1.4, 85 1.4 and 200 f/2. But try putting all 3 in a box together.

  • Jizzo

    How likely is it that the US will see it ?

    • Banned

      Well, what is the point anyway? I find it ridiculous to number the lenses on the box, as if the lenses were limited editions when it’s only the box that is. But a numbered box has a lot less appeal than even a FAKE limited lens I suppose.

      I guess it’s good for ppl who like to display their gear and not use it.

      I think admin said that it was cheaper than buying all 3 lenses separate but I have yet to see that, especially in the US where the lenses are cheaper than anywhere else.

      If anything I expect the price of the combination to be higher here.

      And that is really douchy. Maybe that’s why it won’t happen.

      • Stanley77

        Yeah Banned, I bet Canon is REALLY UPSET NOW.

        • Global

          The price was supposedly cheaper than buying them individually — so I can tell you that ANYONE who owns all 3 right now…. would have loved to have had that option.

          That’s who.

          • Rocking Kenwell

            One never has that option.

            I grabbed the 24mm before my Spain trip, and the 85 and 35 before my India trip.

            One can’t wait for a “deal”. One must work best with whatever one has at hand.

  • twoomy

    It’s so beautiful, I would be afraid to even touch it and lessen its value. A bottle of a fine pinot noir would look good in that case as well.

  • Dweeb

    Too bad they don’t put their efforts into fixing diaphragm and autofocus issues for the rest of the rubes with 2 grand in their pocket. Typical Nikon.

    • ZoetMB

      I don’t have facts, but considering that this is only being sold in Sweden and Belgium, my bet is that Nikon Japan had nothing to do with this. I bet the local Nikon organization put this together. And unlike some of the unique things Leica has done and Nikon has done in the past, there’s nothing special about these lenses – they’re stock lenses put into a unique storage case. It’s just an excuse to get people to buy all three lenses at once, although at least it’s actually cheaper than buying them separately.

      • xscream

        No, it’s not cheaper than buying separately, as I pointed out in the previous thread on this box-thing.

  • The cool thing about Nikon G-primes is that they have similiar exterior. No one in the street is going to tell: “WOW this is a XXmm fx.x!” Just black lens. Stealthy and not magneting attention. 🙂

  • Adde


    • NisseHult

      Verkligen! Go sweden 🙂

  • Labvia

    How does it cost?

  • Mock Kenwell

    Say what you want. This is what heaven looks like.

    • Banned

      I know I’m a geek but this comment takes the cake.

      • Banned

        BTW mate just wondering why you keep posting under various variations of the Ken Rockwell name? doesn’t feel a little passé after a while? No offense meant huh?

        • Ren Kockwell

          Naw, I’ve just got the one. when I went with the name, no one else was doing it. Then people just seem to have gone nuts with it. Now I’m kind of sick of it too, but I guess I’m stuck with it.

          And yeah, I’m unafraid to nerd it out a not over 1.4 primes. We all have our weaknesses!

          • Mock Kenwell

            You’re a riot. Very funny.

          • WoutK89

            You are not stuck, the picture is linked to your email.

  • Eric Pepin

    But…. there missing a lens… 24,35,50,85…. there re clearly 4 modern 1.4 primes made by nikon that all match and would work nicely in a set.

    • Yeah, I definitely noticed that, too! In my opinion, the most useful line of lenses would be 24, 50, and 85. Still, that’s a whole lot of really nice glass….

      • Banned

        The 50 feels out of place as it’s a POS for many reasons. but yeah if you’re going to do a 1.4 set you should include it regardless. They probably thought it would corrupt the box.

        • Troll

          The 50 1.4G is a POS? Really? Well, your comments just became irrelevant for all time.

          • Jizzo


        • Dr SCSI

          +1 Banned…it is for this very reason that the 50mm is SANS-Golden ring; it isn’t worthy in Nikon inner circles. It just isn’t sharp enough and the contrast is weak. POS is a bit strong though, I would say it is more like a wanna be. I am certain Nikon is remaking the 50mm f/1.2G as we speak, one worthy of the gold and not another me too piece.

        • anonymule

          While I wouldn’t call it a POS, I do wholeheartedly agree. It doesn’t have a gold ring, nor the nano coating, therefore it doesn’t belong in this set. I own one, and it’s not a great lens. Then again, very few are. But it is a decent lens.

  • rmichaud

    Where’s the 50 1.4???

    • Kaze Kaze

      the 50 1.4 didn’t make it to the “Gold ring” wagon, apparently.
      And now, the interesting part starts is how u guys going to explain to the insurance agent? my “nikkor f / 1.4 box” is worth €1,000, negative…

    • ShaoLynx

      See previous post on the topic.
      The 50mm doesn’t have the Gold ring and therefore doesn’t qualify for this set.
      That was the interpretation in the Belgian Set post.
      Having ‘said’ that, that is exactly the lens I just recently bought (good lens).

  • R R

    yeah yeah.. what ever.. where´s the D800 ????

  • In a beautiful box like that, I wouldn’t think of taken the lenses out to use :p

  • Bruce

    Buy all 3 for less than each bought separately. Someone explain to me what’s not to like about this? This is pretty clearly a local effort. If HQ had anything to do with it a Japan release would probably have been be first.

    Personally I’d love to see each of these available in chipped Ai-s versions, manual focus only. I guess we have to wait for Zeiss to satiate our hunger.

  • another anonymous

    i can buy just 24 and the box, for other 2 will need some sponsor 😉 the box then i can send as giveaway 😉

    • another anonymous

      sorry i forgot, where is my D800?

      • Baked Bananas

        D4 this year……. d700 replacement 11 months later. So quit askin… If i’m wrong i’ll lick ashton kutchner’s big crusty fat toe while i’m wearin a miniskirt made completely of red coolpixes duct-taped together.

        • WoutK89

          if so, what camera would you use to document this happening?

          • Baked Bananas

            The d700 replacement of course!

    • Alvin A

      I can only buy the box. =(

      • WoutK89

        If all three lenses bought in this set would be cheaper than buying the lenses separate, than the box is free, so anyone can afford the box *rolls eyes*

  • FM-2 fan

    Nikon seems to have a strange concept about customers … why don’t they simply offer a purchasing plan to those, who have already 2 out of 3 lens to make sure, they get the third. These boxes are of no value unless additional services are offered …

  • Michel

    Is there a high-res image available of the second picture? would very much like to have it as my PC wallpaper. thanks in advance

    • no, Nikon has not posted any official pictures yet

  • vic.v

    working copies limited to about 20 i bet.had all and all went back to store and i continue to use my ai-s’s 20 years after purchase. nikon quality control and sony a match made in heaven

  • Angus

    The locking mechanism on the box in the perspective view is a very terrible photoshop job

  • rodger

    woo hoo. Where is Mr. Ken Rockwell.

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