Nikon US no longer supports the D800E? I don’t think so.

Photographyblog just published a report that the D800E could be "no longer supported" by Nikon US. The article quotes a response from Nikon support who told a photographer interested in purchasing the camera that the D800E is no longer supported by Nikon: “they are not going to stock or make anymore”. I seriously doubt that the Nikon D800E will no longer be produced or available for sale in the US (D800E is currently in stock at Amazon). Nikon UK already confirmed that the D800E is a current product in the UK. The D800E is also not listed on the official list of discontinued products.

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  • Hans Walth

    not sure if troll…

    • Now if only someone would come out with something valid saying that: “the DX could be “no longer supported” by Nikon US except for pre-existiong product” :-).

      Troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the webz… (but it would be a good thing to Deep siX DX! :-)!)

  • Robert Lowdon

    I hope not. I thought I was smart by waiting for the eventual price drop.

    • fjfjjj

      In other news, Google will be dropping its Maps service, and Apple’s suppor for the iMac will expire in November.

      • Larry

        And Apple will fill the void with their maps, forcing everyone to IOS6

  • FX DX

    D800E will not be discontinued for next 3 years. This story might make a little more sense in 2014 or 2015, but something that just came out 6 months ago, no way, Jose.

  • T.I.M

    Good thing I did not buy one yet, I’ll wait for the D800F

    • Larry

      I missed the 800A, 800B, 800C and 800D. And now they are coming out with an 800F! It must be really powerful with features like creating the scene to make the picture.

  • Dave in the USA

    That thar’s funny right thar. Muh sides is killin’ me.

  • Trolltastic! But D800 is currently so game changing as it is, only a few discerning types would truly need the ‘E’. I’m not one of them. D800 does the job for me as it is.

  • NikonGuy

    This is laughable.

    Check B&H. It’s listed.

    Must be a slow rumor day at Nikon Rumors

    • After I received over 20 emails on that, I had to clarify. Note also that I did not start this rumor, no reason to blame me.

      • Nikon Shooter

        So all one really has to do to get a rumor posted here (no matter how ridiculous) is to send it to you from 20 different email accounts???

        Use your common sense Admin!

        On the other hand I know you are a bright guy, so you must be trolling…

        • T.I.M

          @Nikon Shooter
          That’s why it’s called Nikon RUMORS.

          I remember a guy who said few years ago that Nikon was working on 3 CCD sensor (R.G.B like in the pro video cameras) and he also said that Nikon did not plan to make a D400 DX body.

          Well, he was wrong about the 3 CCD sensor but is he right about the D400 !


          • Nikon Shooter

            You are comparing apples and oranges TIM. A rumor about an unreleased and unannounced product is one thing, but spreading unfounded rumors about a newly released product is something totally different. What I saw today was not a rumor.

            If I say “The new batches of D4 will be released with two Memory Stick Duo slots only.” Does this automatically make it a rumor? What if I were to send it to Admin from 20 or even 50 different email accounts, does it make it a rumor then?

          • Spy Black

            So where did you get your information confirming or denying such rumors?

          • Nikon IS working on a three-color sensor (and it was never specified as CCD), including patenting the way they intend to do it (with tiny mirrors and an interesting tunnel approach to moving the photons into collection areas.

            Note that there were rumors of an FX body at least three years before the D3 showed up. Given that some of the R&D cycles on things in cameras can be ten years or more, and for the cameras themselves four years, it’s difficult to invalidate a rumor, even after a “few years.”

            As for D400, technically it wouldn’t be due until about now, so it’s difficult to say that they have no plans to make one. I’m pretty sure they will. Indeed, it would be silly for them not to. But that, too, is another rumor that you’d have to wait for at least another year to be able to say it isn’t true.

            • Just Smoke

              What are ya’ smokin’ Thom?

              D300s replacement (=D400?) was overdue 2 years ago.

              The nails started going into the hi-end DX coffin with the release of the D7000. More went in with the camera at the bottom of the DX line getting the new 24mp sensor first.

              “Silly” or not, after the D800 nonsense (and more)does anyone think that Nikon policies necessarily make sense?

            • Disiderio

              To those saying a d7000 is a replacement for a the d300 – this is simply untrue. The controls on the d7000, d600 and whichever high end amateur photographer there is are not sympathetic to professional shooting. Whilst I have little idea about what Nikon are doing, I do not believe a d7000 is a replacement for the d300 which suits professional shooters by virtue of it’s menu system and layout.

              For the purpose of my work, I would rather a d300 over a d600 just because I know I can shift a lot of variables under a lot of different lighting conditions.

            • Andrew


          • PHB

            I think he is right that Nikon are not going to be making a full mag body DX camera again. But that just means that the D7000 replacement will be called a D400 instead of D7100.

            There is certainly a market for a DX camera with the same build etc as the D600. Anyone who wants a full mag body and the weight that goes with it should buy the D800 which is a DX camera as well as FX.

            Sure there are some people who want a DX version of the D600 in a D800 type body but not enough to be an important market. The D300 and D7000 are very profitable so there will be at least one refresh body in that area and it will be called the D400. But the D7000 body is actually better for most of us who would be the target audience.

            I am more likely to be buying a D800.

            • D400, I hope

              Thom Hogan says they’ll probably make a D400 (true successor to the D300S). PHB says no.
              Hmm… I think I’m going to go with Thom on this one.
              Enjoy your D800; I wish I could afford one (including the corresponding lenses).
              Oh yeah. A common theme is: the D800 is also a DX camera. Technically, yes. But I can’t imagine wasting its potential with the current crop of DX lenses.

            • …well it may not technically be current, but I still love my 17-55 and look forward to using it on the D800.

            • Smudger

              Agree the D800 is the best DX camera we haven’t got!

              But, at the price of a crippled viewfinder in DX crop mode (yes, I use the extra 2fps, and no the DK-17M is not the aswer).

            • D400, I hope

              Just curious, do you think the 17-55 is as good as the 24-70 or you’re wanting to use it as a temporary measure? Agree it’s an excellent lens but you’re still wasting the benefits of the larger sensor, while giving up the speed (if the rumors are correct) that you would get with the D400. Maybe I’m not thinking about this right.

    • Don

      There was a thread on Luminous Landscape by a woman who genuinely seemed to be wanting to purchase one. Her story is similar – she was told by customer service reps at Nikon that the D800E is “no longer supported”.

      Seems very unlikely to be true…

      • Sahaja

        No, but it is not unlikely that a “customer service rep” didn’t know what they were talking about.

  • Al

    Ban for Nikon Shooter…..

  • Funny, I found it in the Nikon USA store in about 30 seconds.

  • Zeb

    D300s listed as discontinued in that link.

    • Now that definitely is interesting.

    • dgm

      and so is the D3X !!!

  • Dixie

    Where is my D400?

    Wow, I was the first!

  • Xu, Sean

    If it’s true, it would be a great news for all current D800E owners. Because of its very short production time, very low production number, and very special/unique feature (one and only Nikon DSLR without Anti-Aliasing), D800E would become a hot and rare collectable item. Everybody would want one, and its price will go up.

    • agree

      Is time to stop shooting with mine? Let it sit untill its worth $6000,….

      • bossa

        I’ve got two D800E.. this could be the best investment I ever made. LOL

  • John

    Nikon Canada no longer lists d800e

    • Mike Greene

      Its still there, at the bottom of the D800 page, just like its been on the US page:

    • Neal Nuber

      Canada doesn’t count!

      • Canadian and proud.

        take it easy people Canadians have feelings too.

        as you all know: there are only two types of people those who are Canadians and those who wish they were…

        you should also know that an American is just a Canadian with his head kicked in
        LOL! . LOL!

        as far as the cameras go. I would opt for the D800 given some of the short comings of the D600.


      • bossa

        Perhaps if Canada changed it’s name to Canadia we’d consider taking them more seriously 😉

  • Mike Greene

    The Nikon D800E is available in the Nikon USA Store – it has never been listed separately in the general product description website, but is shown as a variation on the D800 product page. It is still shown on the bottom of the D800 page as “which is right for you?” Nikon needs to improve their customer communication (apparently not just as to left side AF issues).

  • Misred

    The comments from Nikon make sense if D800E is replaced with D80 !

    They probably just misred the question.

  • Greg

    What I found more interesting is the page of discontinued items. I don’t read Japanese, but the d300s is listed. Maybe a replacement this week?

    • Apollo

      D300s have been discontinued about…since D700 got discontinued which was about a week before launch of D800.

    • de-lister

      The D700 and D300/D300s use the same internal battery, which was banned
      for sale in Japan. Both the D700 and D300s have been de-listed on the
      Nikon Japan for awhile now. Both cameras are still listed on Nikon USA and
      Nikon Canada.

  • larry angier

    However, the D300s is among the discontinued cameras listed…

  • Ken Flipwell

    Well when you go to current cameras….bam!!! D800/E is there….

    stop posting shit that YOU can check out!!!

    • Dammer

      Admin did check it out which he made clear in his post. He passed on a RUMOR that had been sourced about a statement from a Nikon service rep.

    • Overton DJ 20

      Stop flipping out, Flipwell.

  • Dammer
    • OMG! OMG!

      A D400 is coming! A D400 is coming!

      • Dammer

        I think you missed the point of my post.

  • Steve Starr

    I could be that the caller on the D800E hit a USA rep who is just reading off the main Nikon USA website. The Nikon USA website doesn’t show the D800E body on it at all under DSLR cameras, never has as I recall, so maybe the rep was saying “It’s not available” just looking at that web page.

    Welcome to the new breed of “I can’t find it on our website so it must not exist” employees. You know, the ones who are there just to get paid and know nothing of what they make or sell, much less use any of it.

    Funny when you encounter people like that they defend their stance, even though they know nothing. I’ve had that sort of encounter with some best Buy salespeople in the past. Sort of funny, but sad too. “It’s not on my iPad or iPhone so it doesn’t exist!”

  • benji2505

    Selling follows its own rules :). The shop clerk tries to sell something off his shelf, not something that (s)he won’t be able to get from Nikon in weeks.

  • snarfy

    Wow, a lot of you seem butt hurt over this post; enough, it seems, to post rude attacks at NRAdmin.

    Maybe, just maybe, you should piss off if it offends you this much. It’s a rumor site. Deal with it.

  • MB

    Nikon is serious company that makes serious decisions based on projections developed by forecasting department.
    The latest report from this department says Nikon system 1 will outsell everything else in the universe so they are logically focusing all available developing and manufacturing resources to V2 and new system 1 lenses and something like D800E and DX DSLRs must be moved out of the way.
    The only suspicion some people at Nikon have about this decision is that the head of the forecasting is Ashton Kutcher and two leading consultants are Duffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, people without too much experience in the camera business.

    • bjrichus


      Well said.

  • T.I.M

    Nikon repair center discovered that many D800e don’t not have a AA filter, that’s why the D800e production is suspended until they fix the issue.

    • Vin

      Well that is interesting? None? Ha ha? Competency at repair center is like fast food…

    • Joe

      Maybe they remove the AA filter from the regular D800 as well, as no photographer ever found a single occurrence of moire so far, and thus make the D800E obsolete?

      • D800 and D800e owner

        D800E is still sharper and I’ve never found moire in any of my shots (which include a lot of buildings.

  • treehaus

    If you go to the link, at photographyBLOG the first thing thing it says is its false alarm. soo…..

  • WhatIf

    and if it was true instead? How come no one thought about it?

    A very diplomatic way not to:
    a) invest lot of money to train the Service Centers how “NOT” to fix those cameras.
    b) recall all the D800E for the LT AF bug, yes, all of them have it!
    c) admit that there was a problem and save their ass…

    Say troll if makes you feel good, I don’t care.

    • Vin

      Mine does not have left af problem. Tac sharp on all points, left and right.

      • WhatIf

        with all the respect I have for you I am sorry not to believe it.
        Perhaps you:
        a) you don’t care;
        b) you didn’t test it;
        c) don’t know how to test id effectively;
        d) don’t want to admit it for your pride.

        At LumoLab and an University in the UK two PhDs have run that test using Focal and documenting it in deep detail, see:

        I will say that they are very reliable, no offense.
        But what’s important is that YOU are happy as I wouldn’t be.

        • Vin

          I am not saying that there are some or many D800’s E or not that have a left af problem. I am just saying that mine does not. I tested it, seems to be the same on both left, right and middle. Recived mine few months ago, i does apear that some do have an issue.

          • Vin

            I will take a look at what you posted.

            • WhatIf

              They look very serious and I am almost ready to order their Focal Pro, guess the license for 5 cameras was about $100.
              I was waiting for this thing to be resolved to get the D800E, IF THEY STILL CONTINUE TO MAKE IT.

          • WhatIf

            My negativity and lack of trust in anyone (primarily Nikon), was suggested by Dr. House on TV: “PEOPLE LIE” – if you ever saw an episode, I just saw few of them.

            If that is the case for you I am very surprised and can only be happy that you didn’t get the bug.

            I am a Nikonian, always had Nikons since 1971 and loved all of them as all the lenses I have (more than 25 considering the old ones). I started losing trust when I bought a defective D300s that went back and forward to Service for 7 times with no improvement. I should have sold it immediately or trashed it, instead… I got all their “Camera is at factory specs”, from El Segundo. I am still pissed.

            So I am very cautious before I buy the D800E (and hope they still produce it).

            What made me even more untrusting was Nikon at Photokina. They acted as the Service Centers “There are no problems” saying that they found the bug and fixed it in production. However, they don’t know which serial numbers are affected.

            THAT’S ALL BS!

            You Nikon found the bug today, so you know that today serial # 1234567890 or do you assign them randomly?

            That is why I said “People Lie”. And I am not the only one to have lost trust in Nikon, even those two PhDs have.

            Anyway, sorry for the long polemic, you might see how upset I still am. Enjoy your camera!

        • Engligh means Oxford

          “Two English PhDs” yet they misspelled both ‘advertised’ and ‘colour’

          No English person would ever use Websters misspelled dictionary for children who can’t spell. Either they aren’t English, or some helpful person has translated it into American for us.

          I spose we shd b glad it nt writ in txt speak.

      • Feelin’ good

        Please do not feed the trolls.

    • David

      Troll..there you have it you bozo.

      Oh and it does make me feel good.

      • Vin

        Ha, well even a starving hungry troll under a bridge needs to be fed once in awhile. Or a disgruntled ex-Nikonian…
        From what i can tell in the thousands of D800’s the percentage of problems is small. I would buy another E , and a D800, if it were not for that fact that there is 3 more camera’s I want. A D600, D400, or next high end DX. I also want a retro rangefinder…something, even if it may not be a Nikon this time. Although i did like the start of the brain storming or that type C. I am very much in line with that thought prosses.

        • Michel

          Ahhh. For you the ideal number of cameras then is n + 1 (when n is the number you possess). The trouble with having lots of cameras, (and lens) is like having a huge wardrobe of clothes, as some women have found, and that is choosing what outfit to wear when you are going out. In a worst case scenario you might just sit in front of you photographic cupboard, weeping, because the Fuji x100 goes so nice with your shoes, but really the low light of the evening suits the D600 more. Oh, the agony…

          • Vin

            How did you know, always so hard to get dressed, so I just change clothes and cameras all day, untill I walk around with just my cameras on. Shoot naked!

  • NoLongerInStock

    Last week Nikon US store had the D800E in stock. Currently the “Buy Now” yellow button is replaced by the gray “Where to Buy”. It might not mean much or does it?

  • Pass this one by me again…. the D800e has only been out a few months. It would be a massive embarrassment, surely… more embarrasing than not being able to se eye-fi.

  • This sounds like someone got to talk with a moron in a call center that doesn’t know anything at all. If it were true, that would indicate there was some huge bust in the D800e design followed by offers to replace the D800e with a D800 and subsequent lawsuits.

    • T.I.M

      @Ron Scubadiver
      What bike do you ride ?

      • Michel

        Probably the Lance Armstrong signature frame full exotic gruppo fitted carbon fibre enhanced racer someone threw in the dumpster…. (and one fitted with the little decal saying it is dangerous to ride a bicycle at night time without lights…thanks litigious USA )

        • BartyL

          The machine in Ron’s avatar appears to be a motorbike. If it’s the Lance Armstrong signature model, I guess it wasn’t just the injections that helped him win all those Tours.

          • I don’t even cycle

            He’s only “guilty” because he got tired of the witch hunt.

            • r_mutt

              looks like the witch hunt actually found a witch.

  • Not related to the post but there have been reports popping up everywhere about the Nikon D600 have sensor dust issues.

    Just recently, PetaPixel posted an article about this, saying 20 out of the 20 D600 cameras that were tested demonstrated this issue:

    I’m really bummed because I was looking to upgrade to the 600 but definitely will not unless this issue is resolved.

    Admin, could you comment on this?

    • BartyL

      I can’t believe the ‘fingerprints on the grip’ problem isn’t putting more folks off buying a D600.

    • JD

      It might be part of the dry mud from the Asian flood 🙂
      D800E has focus bugs, D600 has dust… does D4 have anything to blame?

    • FF

      @Adil Zaman

      I have the same problem as you. I need a new FF camera and the D600 fits in my budget. But I’m also concerned about the sensor dust issues. I hope it will get fixed soon.

  • Funduro

    Woo HOO ! I own Dinosaur DSLR’s ! Both my Nikons, D300s & D700 are on the extinct list. As is my FE2 SLR.

    Soon National Geographic will have a story on how Nikon let the D300s go from endangered species, to extinct just as the D300s was morphing into a D400.

  • supernikbonbon

    Man, I told you boyz nikon was going to go bankrupt. Produce things that most DSLR buyers dont want and that will happen.

  • supernikbonbon

    and the E is not available on their online store. HAHAHAHAHA I called it.

    Also, The D300s still costs 1700 bucks? HAHAHAHAHAHA


  • supernikbonbon

    LOL I told you boys a year ago Nikon was going bankrupt.

    • BartyL

      And we warned you that all the hormones you’d have to take after your sex change would make you confused, but you didn’t listen to us. Now look where you are.

  • rickmave

    To summarize:

    • D800E no longer available with Buy Now on Nikon US store. D800 available.
    • D800E link no longer on Nikon Canada. Only mentioned as variant in D800 description.
    • All scattered mentions from Nikon reps on people trying to get D800E.

    All these lead to the conclusion that something is going on and mostly D800E is no longer produced. Stock on D800E was always tight from launching at many stores. There is still some stock available at retailers but it will deplete vary fast as this present rumor will became fact.

    Admin here knows what he’s saying…

    Question remains: what happened and why D800E had such short life?

    • Mike Greene

      The D800E never had its own product page, it was always shown as a variant of the D800. The D800E never lasts more than an hour or 2 on the Nikon Store site. In case no one else noticed, the original article at PhotographyBlog now reads “False Alarm”.

    • Big J

      Any new D800Es left will have a very large increase in price. Gonna be interesting to see resale values.

    • Mike Greene

      Not sure anyone is paying attention? D800E has never been shown on its own product page; its always been shown on the D800 page. The stock at the Nikon Store comes and goes, just like everywhere else. Read the original PB article, it now says “FALSE ALARM”.

    • Roger Amdahl

      You can certainly buy D800E from the US store.

  • Fiatlux

    IMO, this is possible ( note, I did not say “likely”). Special editions of cameras such as the Fuji S5 UV/IR were sold in very low volumes (admittedly, they were very expensive too).

    Maybe Nikon did not anticipate the D800e success, and produced a unique batch that will soon sold out? Given the small difference between both cameras, it should not be a big issue for Nikon to start more batches if deemed necessary.

  • Not trolling

    THAT’S IT, I’m selling my D800E and moving to Canon.

    I really am. Gonna buy a 1Dx.

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