Nikon announcement in 24 hours

In approximately 24 hours I expect Nikon will announce a new Nikon 1 V2 camera and a Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 full frame lens with the next generation VR. In addition, the company is expected to reveal plans for the future development of three new lenses for their mirrorless cameras. The official announcement should be on October 24th, but in the US the news should be published online around midnight on Tuesday (EST). Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

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  • yeah i’m still waiting for d300s replacemente

    • BartyL

      Which is relevant to this post on the 1 series, how?

      • Jan

        Because jmleguizamon is a very important person in this world, and when he speaks everyone listens. In fact I have it on good authority that Nikon had the D400 ready to release months ago, but was just waiting for the word from jmleguizamon before proceeding.

        • Twaddler Belafonte

          First you must say his name 5 times in a mirror…

  • Al

    Admin….any further info about the rumored 24mm 1.8fx and the 18mm 1.8 fx that was rumored around the time of the 28 1.8 ?

    • Tony5787

      I thought that patent was for a 20mm 1.8 and an 18mm 1.8. Was there a patent for a 24mm 1.8 as well?

    • KnightPhoto

      I don’t get these 24 f/1.8 wishers… Nikon’s going to go broke producing WA lenses that are only 2/3 stop diff.

      R u willing to pay $800 for your 24 f/1,8? It has to be more expensive than the 28f/1.8, so take that price and go up from there,

      Anyhow, on the OP, am interested to see if the V2 is more of the X1 that everyone wanted in the first place.

    • D400

      24mm f/1.8 fx isn’t gunna happen. Just four millimeters difference from the 28mm f/1.8, or ~15% difference in focal length.
      Not unless the 28mm f/1.8 is discontinued first, and I don’t see that happening for quite a while.

  • Cacafuego

    Couple of months ago Thom Hogan claimed that we’d see a d5200 before the end of the year.

    Guess he was mistaken. Again.

    • Seismo

      Has anyone else noticed that Thom Hogan isn’t right anywhere near as often as he thinks he is? Or that he thinks he knows marketing better than Nikon knows marketing?

      • Rob

        Actually it’s Cacafuego that isn’t right anywhere near as often as he thinks he is. I don’t really follow Thom’s predictions, but I wouldn’t use this as an example since Cacafuego seems to be “misremembering.”

        As for marketing strategies, I tend to agree with Thom more than I agree with what Nikon actually puts out.

        • Patrick


        • Tahir Hashmi

          Except for his latest rants on DX lenses.

          Those who want high pixel density for telephoto performance should now be putting their weight behind the CX format because that’s what will really improve their ability to get pictures due to smaller, lighter lenses.

          Those who want ultra wide angle would probably save more money on an FX body + FX WA lens combo than on a DX body with an even wider WA lens.

          The gap between the performance of DX and FX sensors has narrowed down quite a bit (feel free to use DxO Mark Comparison Tool here), but the size-weight difference still remains insignificant.

          IMHO it makes much more sense now to increase the sensor size gap and go for the benefits of one vs. the other. DX is good as a general purpose format (as reflected in Nikon’s push towards entry-level DX bodies), whereas for specialisation, you either pick CX (telephoto/compact) or FX (wide-angle/architecture).

          • ausserirdischegesund

            As you say, DX is good as a general purpose format.

            Therefore we need general purpose lenses, like (moderate) wide angle primes with moderately good lens speed, like a 24mm f/2.3 (or 2.0, 2.5, 2.8 it does not matter) or a 16mm f/2.8.

            We DX users don’t need extreme lenses, but a 35mm equivalent has been a bread and butter lens for decades, since Zeiss introduced theirs in the 30ies.

    • Rob

      Feel free to back up your claim with a quote and a link to his website, unless you’re claiming he deleted that post from his archive. On April 23 he claimed at least 1 new DSLR, which was the D600.

      Search for yourself:

      Unless of course you are mistaken. Again.

      • Ken Mockwell

        “On April 23 he claimed at least 1 new DSLR, which was the D600…”

        Hmm, that was a tough guess, indeed.

        Even my 4 year old daughter could have made that prediction and guess that one.

  • yay…cant wait for 70-200/4…

  • Dick hertz

    Thom also heavily criticized the “big croppers” that initially bought the D800 for it’s croppabilIty – but today he posts that he doesn’t use his D300 anymore for wildlife as he just uses his 36 MP D800 to get the reach/ pixel density on target. Hmmm…can you say “back peddling”? Next time’ maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss one of the major benefits of a high MP camera!

    • D400

      And who says he practices big cropping with his D800 when he shoots wildlife? He probably has the prototype for the new 1200mm f/2.8 which weighs only three kilos and costs only $800

  • bert

    Why do they sync with Apple events this year? Is that cool?

  • ageha

    Still no leaked prototype of the V2?

  • Toonie

    awwww, one year and no dx camera ? I’m sad 🙁

  • antpsa

    Any idea if the new 80 400 will be released before summer ?? I’ve been desperately waiting for this upgrade. Had to buy a Sigma 50 500 but will definately leave the sigma for the new Nikon

  • Will the tiny sensor size remain or do we expect any upgrades there?

    • AC

      if what is indeed coming out tonight is the V2… I very much doubt there could be a change in sensor size. The sensor format is the heart of whole system of camera bodies and sensors. An upsizing of sensor would basically mean the writeoff of all the investments so far.

      Anyways I am not sure why people want a bigger sensor on the 1 Series. The 1 system is about speed and size advantage, made possible by a compromise in IQ. If a photographer doesn’t want that compromise there are other products around (e.g. slower, bigger and more expensive Fuji which has much better IQ). Nikon ultimately should be applauded for offering different choices for photographer rather than just churning out thoughtless “me-too” products.

      BTW I think Canon has made exactly this mistake you were hoping for. Canon made a APS-C mirrorless EOS-M but it has bulky lenses, slower AF, no EVF (not even as an optional purchase). So at the end of the day it has no real unique selling point (unless you are a Canon guy) compared to Nikon or Fuji or Sony. Now that’s a problem

      • What I’m looking for is a small camera with good low light performance and what Sony presented a month ago gave me a huge smile :). I don’t really need the speed on a camera like this, for speed I have my D800 with a batterygrip.

        I want to be able to put the camera in my jacket pocket and bring it everywhere, all the time. Today the D800 follow me a lot, but I have a backpack for it, and it is not that discrete for like street photography shots.

        So the main reason I want to have a bigger sensor is to have better low light performance. The short dof is also nice to have. But maybe I’m expecting to much from a little piece like this. Or maybe I’m not the user Nikon expects using their 1 series…

  • ageha

    Still waiting for the announcement…

  • AC

    I know it’s only dreaming… But how wonderful it would be if the V2 takes the styling cue from the FM3 (both in terms of looks and some more external controls). I know not everyone is keen on retro styling but many (inc myself) find the Fuji and OM-D so appealing.

    The J1 clearly and seems successfully covers the P&S upgraders market and therefore pays the bills for Nikon. Maybe that means Nikon can indulge a bit with the V2 design?

    I know it’s very unlikely but ow wonderful it would be…

  • CRB

    Any remote chance to have the RX100 sensor inside?

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