Nikon D600 now in stock

Nikon D600 is currently in stock at Amazon US and Amazon Germany. Amazon UK expects it on September 21.

Update: Nikon D600 is also in stock at BestBuy.

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  • Some Nikon D600 samples and Hight ISO here :

  • A review of D600

    Here is a video review of the new Nikon D600 that is available to buy NOW, not in December (or even possibly later) as the Canon EOS 6 D is.

    Here is the video “D600 Hands-On Field Test ” at
    Two important remarks:

    1) High ISO pictures are excellent. They might even be better than what the Nikon D800 produces!!!

    2) The auto-focus system works fantastically well! It might even work slightly better than the pro auto-focus on the Nikon D800!!!

    Contrary to the Canon EOS 6D auto-focus that seems really crap, the Nikon D600 auto-focus and image quality seem to be nothing short of excellent.

    • Andrew

      Excellent review of the D600. Maybe worth considering after all (well, sort of!).

    • Mark H

      Regarding the autofocus, it seems like he’s saying it’s the exact same as in the D7000, heck, he even says he likes the D7000 autofocus when he’s talking about the D600 and comparing it to the D800. It certainly sounds like a preference issue.

      If there are any issues with the D7000 autofocus, I’m sure they’ll carry over to the D600, much like D7000’s the inability to change aperture while in liveview mode is also in the D600.

  • Ole


    I will start with a Sony RX-100, and see if that isn’t enough 🙂

  • T.

    the biggest online camerashop in Holland also has it now in stock

  • twoomy


    The exact opposite of the D800 release experience. Looking forward to being a D600 guinea pig; I’m feeling lucky.

    • JohnDaniel.

      In Italy was available the day after anaunced. I had the chance to play with it and i like everything at this camera . the only thing that i don’t like is the body and for this i think i will save up for the d800.

  • Luke

    the german stores are just doing the right thing to improve their sales -_-‘

    –> EUR 2.152,99

  • Mazzy

    I’ll bet that it’ll not in back-order anytime soon…

  • SHoe

    This info is not correct. raised the price to EUR 2.171,98 (body) today and says they will be ready to ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Batcoll
  • mike k.

    Good, that means my Amazon pre-order should ship today. Should have my grubby little hands on it by Thursday.

    • Ron

      Amazon has lied to me once again. They failed (miserably, by months) to correctly estimate delivery times on both the D800 and the D4. By the time they were actually ready to sell me the cameras I had pre-ordered, I already had what I needed.

      I decided to give them another chance. I pre-ordered literally within minutes of Amazon opening up pre-orders. I called them directly last week to change my order to one-day shipping (I’m a prime member, but they didn’t offer that option when I checked out). They promised me that it would arrive on the 19th. This morning at 12:23am the sent me an email indicating that the card could not be charged. I inadvertently deposited the incorrect amount into my gear account, so this morning I transferred the correct amount to make up the difference and had them re-process the order. I immediately received another email stating that my order would now arrive on the 20th. I called and asked why that was the case.

      They blamed the payment issues. I told them I could order it within the next 7+ hours right now from the site and have it arrive by the 19th, as it is listed in-stock. Realizing the payment argument didn’t have legs, they tried to shift blame to their “system”. I tried to order another body from their site, but apparently they only allow me to order one D600. Communist Russia much? I asked them to cancel the order so I could buy it again from the site. They said the system would take longer to allow that than it would take the current order to ship.

      So much for their “camera concierge” service. Amazon probably won’t get much of my money in the future (if any). Failing to live up to their promises, then blaming the customer for their inept systems or service is BS, and I’d rather let the local shops take care of me like real men do.

      Amazon lies. Amazon sucks.

      • Ric

        So you blame Amazon for you not having the $ to pay for the camera.

        Amazon will only bill when an item ships. Should you have paid for the D800 and D4 when you pre-ordered?

        No Ticky, No Washy.

        • anlsx

          You missed the point completely, learn to read.

          • Ric

            Which was?

            • Ron

              I have to say, I’m surprised and pleased that Amazon actually came through. After a call into the camera concierge line, and after being forwarded to a supervisor, Agustine (who agreed it was nuts that new orders could arrive by the 19th but my week-old paid-for pre-order couldn’t) I was told he would do what he could to get the order back on track. He emailed me that evening to tell me that he had contacted the shipping manager and made it happen. All I can say is that Agustine did what he set out to do, and I’m very grateful for his efforts to make good on the original promises Amazon made to me, despite the mix-up which was entirely my fault.

        • Ron


          This is about a pattern I’ve consistently seen when dealing with Amazon. If you think the big issue here is one camera, or one card that failed to charge, you’re obviously ignoring the point.

          If this were the first time that Amazon screwed up, then I would understand.

          If I had corrected the billing problem at 5pm (heck, even as late as noon) then I would understand.

          If Amazon had said “we screwed up, broke promises, and we’ll make it right”, then I would understand.

          But this is not what happened.

          – Amazon promised me that I would get a D800 by a certain date. They were months late.

          – Amazon promised me (and subsequently reassured me with a “guarantee”) that I would get a D4 by a certain date. They were months late. When I called back on the day of “guaranteed arrival”, they did nothing but backpedal, make excuses, blame Nikon, and downplay their earlier promises as a mere mistake.

          – Amazon promised me that I would get a D600 by a certain date. It remains to be seen if they come through. I take full responsibility for mistakenly transferring the incorrect amount to my debit account. That still doesn’t explain the fact that even now I can order a camera on Amazon and choose 1-day shipping, to have it arrive tomorrow. I tried doing just that (and frankly I’d probably have opted to keep both bodies) but for some inane reason, their site won’t allow it.

          – I didn’t order through Amazon for any other reason than speed. If you have a problem with that, fine. But that was the criteria that prompted me to choose them again, against my better judgement. From now on, I’ll save the hassle, pay the higher amount, and deal locally.

          – This time around the rep has stated “We don’t like to promise anything, because, you know, the shipping truck might tip over in transit”. Seriously? Call me when the truck tips over, and I’ll laugh with you, and wait patiently for a new package to ship out. Better yet, I would prefer Amazon simply keep their promises, rather than backpedaling on the promises you never seem to keep.

          They say they’re working on correcting this, so we’ll see. But given their past track record, I’m not holding my breath.

          • Rob

            OMG!!!! I messed up and i blame everyone else. You sound like a baby. wait one more day it won’t kill you.

            • Ron

              You know Rob, I would totally agree with you on both counts if this were about the D600. It’s not.

              If you don’t want to look at this for what it is, that’s your prerogative. That goes for your ad hominem attacks too.

            • jb

              Maybe you should go out and take some photos instead of throwing your toys out of your pram because amazon didn’t deliver your new toy on time. Some people!

            • Ron

              Are you really that big of a moron that you fail to realize this is about broken promises, and has nothing to do with when my “new toy” might arrive?

              Are you saying that if a company made a promise or even guarantee to you three times — and broke those promises — you would just shrug it off and say whatever?

              Wow, all I can think is that you must have a pretty low self-esteem.

          • Ric

            then I guess Amazon is not for you. Time to move on.

            • +1

              what’s the big deal? if you don’t like their broken promises then move on. there are thousands of other online retailers out there.

              and i doubt the getting the latest gear will improve your skills.

      • WiscShooter

        I placed a pre order with Amazon within an hour of the product annoucement and had similar issues with not be offered the 1 or 2 day shipping. I called them the next day and was told they could not offer other shipping options until the day before the camera was supposed to ship. I called back yesterday and had the shipping changed to 1 day without any further issues. Overall, I think it was an inconvience, but after all I wanted the camera the day after the release so it’s hard to be too critical of Amazon. I thought the concierge service email they sent after my pre-order was a nice touch.

        There are a lot of d800 customers who would have given their rght arm for delivery within 48 hours of it’s release. I think both Amazon and Nikon have done a great job on this camera’s launch.

        • ninpou_kobanashi

          No sh*t! 48 hours? A dream!

      • RC

        I’m sorry to hear about your experience but this is entirely YOUR FAULT. Your expectations are unreasonable.

        Amazon uses automated machinery to process their orders, so when they say that the “system” can’t do it, they’re telling you the truth. What about all the other times when Amazon shined? Are you going to bash them for one problem that wasn’t even their fault?

        They limit the quantities to be more fair. I know I’d be upset if MY D600 was caught in YOUR mess.

        Amazon is an awesome company! It’s the first place I look when I need something, and their customer service is second to none!

        • Andrew


      • mike k.

        Sorry about your experience. You seem to be pretty pissed off about a one day delay, but you like a lot of people had a bad experience with the D800. I would be pissed too I guess.

        My card got charged at 1:21 AM today and got my shipping email about an hour ago.

        The concierge email was nice, but I kind of don’t get the point.

      • oldhkr

        So you bounced a credit card on them and then complain that it cost you a one day delay. You are not a victim here.

      • twoomy

        Holy bajezus, what a bunch of spoiled rich white men! You’ll get your f*cking camera 24 hours later, oh no, will you survive? Amazon is Communist Russia? Really? In Soviet Russia, YOU get delivered to Amazon!

        • +1 hahahahahahahha

          first world problems at its finest.

      • Seriously? How is it their fault that the money isn’t in place? The fact that they allowed you to reprocess the order and guaranteed it only one day later seems generous.

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    gonna wait and make sure there are no initial shipment bugs

  • moon

    I’ll get mine tomorrow, they’re shipping it today 😀
    Switzerland CHF 2020.– (€ 1’666)

    • Mario

      I’m also a lucky Swiss guy 🙂
      Will recieve it on thursday for the same price !!!

    • thomas verbeke

      Do you think they will ship to belgium? That’s a very good price imo

      • moon

        no they only ship to swiss addresses. but the price is nearly the same in all swiss shops (incl. 8% swiss VAT). check other shops for international shipping.

    • stu

      Have they got shops all over, any in geneva, be cheaper for me to fly over to get it?

    • Old Amsterdam

      Damn, we just sold our family holiday home (since 1946) in Verbier.

  • And maybe the first unboxing 🙂 (read the description on how I had the camera today)

  • patiently waiting

    Why did Amazon have to start charging tax in Texas?! Guess I’ll wait and HOPE that my B&H pre-order does in fact ship tomorrow and save $200…

    • BC

      This happened a month or two back. They were forced to by the state of Texas because they have some business operations here.

      • patiently waiting

        yeah, I know… guess I’m just being cheap, but why not just save that ~$200 and get a cheap prime or something? I still use Amazon and my Prime membership for most things under a few hundred dollars, but after that taxes start to take a toll. Hopefully I wont’ be kicking myself weeks from now waiting for the body to arrive from B&H!

  • Stan Ackman

    It means the pre-order of D600 is not as hot as people thought. Very clearly, the demand of a $2100 entry-level FX camera is not high. I personally never buy the concept that D600 is a upgrade for D7000 users. Look, $900 difference of their debut prices is just too big to be considered a upgrade.

    • twoomy

      It doesn’t necessarily mean that at all. It just means that Nikon was amazingly able to built up stock and wait to announce when they had stock. (Rumor has it that the D600 was ready many, many months ago.)

      I was on the pre-order waiting list for the D800. And while there was definitely high demand for the D800, having to wait 4-5 months was more a function of Nikon’s inability to ship.

    • AlanDF

      It was announced only a few days ago

    • JS


      Stan, you are right.

    • …or that they beefed up production and when these run out the wait for more will be REALLY long…

    • Yeah I think there is a demand for an entry level FX, but not so much at $2100. It it was a $1899 or something like what the D300 was, it would be a much bigger initial rush. The D800 and D4 were pro cameras that had not been updated in a long time and pros make their money back so they were not as price sensitive and the price was more or less what they paid for their D3’s and D700’s. This is a new concept so I think Nikon will learn very quickly they overplayed their hand.

    • RC

      I would like to know how you guys know any of this. Do you have inside info or something? How do you know how many D800s were produced compared to D600s? I guess if you own a camera store you might know.

  • Josh

    I got my D600 yesterday, I’m getting green tint on my pictures/lcd. Anybody else getting this? I set my wb to M1 to try to counter act.

    • krr

      troll or real? statements pls!

    • Jorge


      Schmucks. LOL Oh, check for focus issues while you are at it.

    • TROLL ALERT!!!

      @josh = TROLL TROLL TROLL

    • Dimitrii1130

      it’s the same screen. so this is a feature 😉

  • Eric Calabros

    Nikon is controlling the game with her ancient rival Canon very well
    Now its time to work on Sony Hunting

  • Hi Guys,

    Well, all I can tell you, is that a purchased mine yesterday in Paris, for an incredible price of 1 975 Euros, in a high-end camera store. I was able to add 2 x 16Go SDHC cards, a ThinkTank-Strap and a 52mm filter for the same price as at Amazon.

    Take Care

    • LOL

      A ThinkTank-Strap-On a D600???
      Better be careful, I don’t think warranty covers that kind of sh**t…

  • R!

    D600 are already available in store in europe since this morning!!!!viewfinder is a lil darky but the beast feels great !!!!

  • Jiri

    Cheapest Nikon D600 in Europe…? €1760 (real exchange calculation)…Czech republic.

    • Jiri

      Okay 😀 first read then write! Sorry…

  • T.I.M

    D600 in stock, I guess Nikon learned from the D800 failure.

    • Andrew

      Unless the D600 was being manufactured and held up for months while Nikon was enjoying unprecedented demand on the D800. Why stop the Gold rush with a competing product?

  • I was the first with this, at 6AM EDT. Now if I can just get my D800 back from El Segundo and forget about buying a backup camera body for now.

  • MegaMo

    Sorry for being a party pooper but


  • upgraded to FX

    YAY….My D600 will arrive in the next few days….I am excited…Can’t wait to shoot my first clients with it 😉

  • choco

    It’s available in almost all stores in Switzerland now!

    • choco

      The lowest price at the moment is 2029.50 CHF, btw.

    • T.I.M

      You guys are lucky in Switzerland, you get the gold plated version !

  • Neekone

    My order is showing “backordered”.

    • T.I.M

      I told you not to order from B&H !

  • Zoot

    The instruction manual appears to be the same dimensions as the box. Curious departure from the established norm. Or are the ones which appear on the unboxing videos the big print versions for Canon converts?

  • WiscShooter

    Pre-ordered mine from Amzon a few hours after its was annonced. It just shipped with overnight delivery tomorrow. Today feels like Christmas eve! Will be using it as a second camera for a wedding shoot this weekend. Hoping for great things.

  • Old Amsterdam

    My local dealer has the D600 in stock:

  • Pedro Albuquerque

    I just received my D600 through the mail… Great!

  • Daniel Marks

    I spoke to my dealer in Houston today and was told that my D600 would be here today for me to pick up. Also said that the wireless adaptor will too but not sure if the battery grip would be.

  • Badger

    D600 in stock in the UK for £1600 – that’s about the right (currency converted) price – too good to be true?

    • Padaung

      That’s more lile it! Almost seems too good to br true though, have never heard of that retailer before.

    • Toecutter

      They are based in HK,Dont think they come with UK warranty.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Walked into Best Buy when they opened. Asked about D600. Clerk reached under the case and pulled one of three that I could see out for me. Battery is charging now. Slowly blinking. Mockingly it seems. Reading through the manual and so far the only disappointment I see is a lack of uncompressed NEF.

  • Victor

    If you have got a Nikon D600, can you tell if your unit has any AF issues or any other issues?

    I am interested in buying a D600, but concerned about bugs as those in D800.

  • Julysha

    I bought my D800E already more than two months ago and paid €3200 for it. The price in Dutch shops is still the same. That is why I doubt if the price of D600 can go down soon. Also I doubt if it is wise to buy D600 having D800E, D700 and D7000. I was waiting for something with higher ISO. Now I have the only choice – or to buy D4 (but it has too many unnecessary features for me) or to wait for D400.

  • Franz

    Amazon germany is already sold out – 3-4 weeks delivery time…
    I preordered the cam a couple hours after the announcement and have not been served yet :-((

  • Amazon just charged my account…looks to be on the way.

  • niels

    in all the attention the D600 is getting, i lost sight on the D7000 replacement… what are expectations on this? will it come still or now D600 gets placed in Consumer silo it’s the end of high end DX updates?

    • julysha

      I don’t think that D600 is better than D800E. I have both D7000 and D800E. In a way they are alike if to talk about a final result (only the first belongs to DX and the latter belongs to FX with the same pixels density), but D800E feels like D700, and has a great AF.
      Better read Tom Hogan’s review:

      • Rich in TX

        who on earth suggested the D600 would even try to compare to the D800/e?

        other than by those who cant afford the D800?

        • Julysha

          D800E is a very easy camera, but I had a slight hope that D600 would have a higher working ISO due to its 24 Mp vs 36.

  • Calgary
  • mcd

    Amazon, too big for my own good…….
    Placed my order with Amazon on the 12th.
    I see on their site that the camera is in stock today (18th)
    My order says shipping soon?
    I called Amazon and they said that because I ordered early my order is processed differently and will not ship until the 21st!
    They said that if I ordered today it would ship today.
    I tried to order another one and it won’t let me.
    They said they cannot cancel my order.
    I asked to speak with a supervisor.
    She gave me a long winded excuse as to why pre-orders will ship later than new orders, but promised I would receive by the original quoted delivery date.
    I explained to her that I PRE-Ordered so I would be the first to ship, but had tremendous difficulty getting her to understand.
    She then transferred me to another person in some other department.
    Apparently Amazon chooses orders to ship by the shipping method, not by order date.
    In other words, if 2 orders are placed simultaneously, one for ground shipment and one for air shipment, Amazon will process the air shipment order immediately, but the ground shipping order may not be given to the freight carrier for up to 3 days.
    So much for Pre-ordering with Amazon.

    • I preordered on the 12th as well and my order still says shipping soon. I am also seeing an order total and a shipment total (sales tax included).

      • Justin

        Same here, pre-ordered on the 12th within minutes of the announcement. Mine is now shipped via the only method it would let me choose at checkout, which appears to be ground. It’s on a truck somewhere in KY headed for CA. They also charged tax (recent CA law that took effect on the 13th, even though the total on the 12th showed without tax).

        So now I have a camera sitting in a truck in KY, credit card charged, and cameras in stock at my local best buy for the same price. Arrival set for a full 6 days away. I’ll be surprised if I don’t just buy another one locally before then and return the other, I’ve lost any value of buying Amazon.

        • Ovrkast

          Pre-ordered mine on the 13th, received an email this morning that my credit card didn’t go…rightfully so…I no longer have that credit card…oops…LOL! I changed the payment to correct card, then checked Amazon and it showed as “Shipping Soon”. As of now, the status reverted to “Not Shipped Yet” =( I contacted Amazon to make sure there were no issues with the switching of payments and it shows everything is fine on their end. I hope it ships out today so I can get it soon. We have an Amazon distribution center in Las Vegas, and Fernley that deliveries usually arrive within 1-2 days. Crossing fingers…

        • mcd

          I did just that. I went to Best Buy and picked it up today. Amazon will get theirs back.

        • rensuchan

          When I pre-ordered from Amazon on day 1, I could only select the free saver shipping or ground as well. When I checked back in a few days it let me change the shipping option to overnight. I’ll have it in my hands tomorrow!

  • Michel

    I have been quoted $2350 AUD in an Australian store also selling D800E for @3590 and D800 for $3310. I am tempted by the D600, have the E model on order…

    • BartyL

      Which Aussie store is offering it for $2350? Only thing close to that I can see is my preferred HK store.

  • mirrorless

    Is nikon going to drop the price soon or should I just invest in mirrorless systems like the fujifilm’s x-e1 camera which is obviously the future? FX is nice, but DX in a small package is very tempting even with today tech that will get perfected in couple of years.
    I fear that nikon marketing team miscalculated and by the time they set the price to more reasonable levels these kind of cameras will start to became obsolete. Better get the D7100 or D400 (don’t overshoot with the price!) on the market soon – more and more people will realize that there are some better alternatives on the horizont.
    BTW, I am not a pro (pros bought d800 anyway, not d600).

  • Pedro Albuquerque

    I was gonna order mine from Amazon on Sept 12 since they seemed to be the first ones to accept pre-orders, but since they would not ship to Canada I ended up ordering from Henry’s (ON, Canada) on the 13th at noon. I got mine this AM through CanadaPost!
    I can’t believe I got it so fast and that we Canadians are getting the cameras before most everyone else!

  • I got mine from a local camera store. that is all.

  • ed

    Really wish Nikon would’ve included GPS in this bad boy 🙁

  • John

    I ordered from Amazon on the morning of the 13th of Sept. They promised to ship on the 18th (Today) and they did. Its due at my door Thursday. No Problems!

  • HelpComputer

    Y’all complaining about Amazon need to chill out. There are people walking 40 miles each way today just to get drinkable water. Waiting a day or two for a camera won’t kill you.

    • mcd

      Wow, where did that come from? Missed the point a bit did you?!
      Its not how soon the order arrives, its the principle that new orders are shipping before pre-orders and Amazon prevents anyone with a pre-order from placing a new order or cancelling the pre-order.
      Had I been informed of this policy prior to ordering I would not have ordered from them.

      I have to go now. I have to walk 40 miles to get a drink……….

      • HelpComputer

        Dude, calm down. It’s only a camera. You’ll have it soon enough.

  • You happy you

    Man, I am so envious!!!! You Nikonians have everything we Canon shooters can just dream of. First you have a better D800 than “our” 5D Mark III and now your marvelous D600 is far better than “our” crippled 6D. Thank god Nikon has no dedicated pro video cams. This way they do not have to prevent canibalizing sales and to cripple their cams to the outmost possible. Lenses are also no argument anymore. Nikon lenses are as good as Canon lenses. Man, I really should switch!

    • BartyL

      Hmmm, is this ‘reverse trolling’, ‘anti-trolling’ or ‘mirror trolling’? Or even some new form of communication that doesn’t involve any form of trolling at all? Astro-turfing? Interesting…

  • mcd

    Well, Amazon said they wouldn’t ship today, even though it shows in stock, and they said they couldn’t cancel my order. So I drove over to Best Buy and had my new D600 in my hands 20 minutes later. It’s not that I couldn’t live another few days without the camera, it was the fact that Amazon shipped new orders before my per-order, and tried to make it sound like it was my fault! So they will get a refused delivery! Customer satisfied!

  • Matty

    I pre-ordered on amazon. Kept checking my account all day. Finally updated with a tracking number at 7:56pm, supposed to arrive tomorrow. Checked the bill and it has $183 in tax that never showed up before. I’m going to send it back and buy local.

    • Visually Oriented

      Similar story for me… Ordered D600 and 24-70 AF-S G on the 14th. No mention of tax at all. When the lens went to “Shipping” they added almost $400 to the bill without my permission or even notification. Yeah, I now know that they started collecting sales tax on California sales on the 15th. I’m still not paying $400 more than I agreed too…. Especially when there are many other on line stores. Hell for that amount I’ll go down to the little store in my area and give them my business. Order refused

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