Nikon D600 recap

Detailed recap of the latest Nikon D600 news/updates/links:

  • The new Nikon WU-1b wireless mobile adapter ($59.95) is not compatible with the D800.

  • The Nikon D600 has a new battery grip: Nikon MB-D14 ($274.95).
  • As previously reported, the D600 will start shipping very soon after the announcement. The date given in Nikon's press release and Amazon is September 18. This is a new record for Nikon - the camera is expected to start shipping less than a week after the official announcement!

Nikon MS-D14 AA Battery Holder
Nikon MS-D14EN Battery Holder
Nikon BM-14 LCD Cover
Nikon AN-DC8 Replacement Neck Strap for the D600
Nikon CF-DC5 Semi Soft Case

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  • RXG

    I really want one. But is the D600 a step up, or a step down from the D300s? A step sideways? Maybe a step down, then a step sideways, and then a step up???

    • Nikon Shooter

      Depending on the type of shooting that you do it can be all of the above. Just get the D800 and save yourself a possible regret later.

      • Marc

        Well, with 36 Megapixel the D800 might be too
        massive for some people, and in regards to
        the D800 left focus issue not yet completely resolved
        by Nikon the D800 can be a regret too.

        • ericnl

          also the two user-settings might be a selling point in favour for the D600. I don’t understand why that wasn’t included in the D800?

          • Josh

            The D800 doesn’t have the user settings because they have an “amateur” stigma. See most “photographers” are actually quite vicious gear snobs despite the claims of ” the camera doesn’t mater.” None of them want “amateur” settings on a “pro” body. That is also the only reason the D800 doesn’t have an A mode or Scene modes. “Real” photographers would be embarrassed to have them on their camera even if they didn’t use them.

            • ronbenson

              I don’t know for D800, but D300 has user presets saved in the menus, not on the wheel.

        • stop whining !!!!!!

          I just spoke to a technician at Nikon repair center yesterday, and asked about the “left-focus-issue” and he laughed and said that this “problem” was an internet duck and that they, so far, hadn’t seen or repaired ANY D800’s with a “focus-issue”.

          • Whiners gonna whine.

            Nearly all the whiners don’t or will never own a D800/e.

            • john stevens

              +++++ THIS…..

          • Mahan

            well, they simply lied! I own one and it was replaced by Nikon because the first one had the left issue( fixed twice by Nikon but they could not solve the problem)…they replaced the camera but my current body still has the same problem…I sent the samples to Nikon and they acknowledged it…so I am waiting for solution still.
            But other than the focus issue, amazing camera.

          • john stevens

            THIS!!! I have owned the Nikon D800 for over a month..and that issue is a NON ISSUE. It is jackasses who never had/or owned the D800. They see it on the net..and stir it up. Trolls.

            • Mahan

              Good for you. I know about my camera which has the issue.

            • Zeke

              Based on your sample of 1? Thom Hogan is a “jackass?”

        • It would be nice if they released a d800s that had all the hardware that the D800 has but with a 24MP sensor that focuses more on high ISO than MPs …I’d wish for a D800s with a D4 sensor but that won’t happen.

    • Andrew

      The D600 is not what it is claimed to be. Anyone who purchased the D80 regretted their decision one year later when Nikon came out with the D90. The D90 had video capability whereas the D80 did not.

      The D600 is a mixed bag, it is more – half empty than half full. This camera was not built for enthusiasts, it gives you less than the D7000 and adds a full frame sensor at a $1,000 premium. To me this camera is not worth more than $1,200. The list of omissions is long, and to give it a shutter speed of 1/4000 puts it in the class of the D3200, a $699 camera. I am waiting for the D610.

      • I’m with you in spirit. But the shutter speed limitations aren’t really limitations, and I think I’d take it if it just had the damn CAM 3500.

        But you’re spot on that it’s a D7000 with an FX sensor. That sensor can’t cost a grand. Eff dat.

      • a4

        …as for the D80 vs. D90 – where in hell did you come to this conclusion???

        The only two things I’m missing at D600 is 1/8000 shutter speed (or native ISO50) and a real price for Europe/UK (the one currently announced must be a joke). Apart from the shutter speed, what else is this cam lacking against D7000?

      • komalkumar

        What does a enthusiast need in a camera body?
        and D600 does not have for an enthusiast?

        Have u seen the specs of 5d or 5d2? D600 has better specs than both other than a bigger body…. and 5d and 5d2 ruled the full frame market for a long time in case u do not know the history…. 5d2 is still in good demand…..

        • Josh

          “What does a enthusiast need in a camera body?
          and D600 does not have for an enthusiast?”

          That’s easy, a price they can afford and are willing to pay.

          • komalkumar

            good if it is the price than is there a camera with similar or better specs at lesser price (not used) in the market right now?

            • Josh

              Easy again. A D7000. All you give up is the FX sensor and a few megapixels. You don’t even sacrifice noise preformance judging form the samples I have seen from the D600 so far. I love how you stipulate new too. I guess even you realize a used D700 is much better value for the money.

              But that is really a staw man anyway since the specs are irrelevant. If one cannot afford or justifying spending +$2000 on a body for what is just a hobby to them they wont. Even if it was the best camera ever made and has no equal. But the D600 isn’t even close to being that or even just a good value for the money. It is a D7000 with slightly lower specs and a mediocre FX sensor shoved in it.

            • Pablo ricasso

              “All you give up is the FX sensor and a few megapixels.”


              That alone SHOULD be enough, but then I wonder about the size of the viewfinders. You don’t think the one is going to have a better viewfinder? Bigger and 100 percent coverage and all?
              Then there’s the focus with f8 lenses. Can the D7000 do that? I would suppose the focus might be a bit more beefed up in order to do that despite it having the same number of points…
              I’d say more but someone has got my attention…

        • Andrew

          komalkumar, Nikon’s press release repeatedly trumpets the D600’s enthusiast pedigree. I consider it to be a high end consumer camera and a low end enthusiast camera if you are to compare it to the D800.

          I like the D600’s body size, sensor size, the D800’s video features including HDMI out for uncompressed video, and some of the ergonomic features of the D7000 like the center lock mode dial with U1 and U2 settings.

          I just came across an article by Thom with the following quote “The D600 feels more “casual enthusiast” to me with the D800 being “dedicated enthusiast.” The D600 shooter is more likely to be the weekend-only, or worse still, vacation-only shooter. The D600 shooter probably isn’t trying to get to the highest pinnacle of photography, and is satisfied with “good images.” The D800 is someone shooting all the time and trying to move to the next level.”

          Thom believes that the Nikon D600 is a winner with basic and nice ergonomic features and well priced at $2,099 for an entry level full frame camera. Please see his excellent write up at

      • Mike1

        Agreed, a long list of things are missing. The 1/4000 max shutter speed and the lack of high speed sync is the deal breaker for me.

        • marmot

          The D600 does have high speed sync. Nikon calls it Auto FP. It’s going to be a great camera.

        • RonBenson

          The thing is auto FP. I tested this morning with my D7000 just to make sure what it does. You can sync up to 1/8000th (tested 1/2000, 1/4000 and 1/8000, I use 1/1000th on a regular basis) of a second with a speedlite 600 or 700 I tested both, with the flash on or off the camera. People, stop whining about thing you never tried nor used.

          • nikonhead

            Yes, you can use your speedlights above the sync speed, but at reduced flash power

      • The tiny coverage of the AF matrix is what bothers me the most. Besides that, this camera is cheap in every category except sensor and price.

        I was hoping this would be a great backup for a D800, but it’s not.

      • Rob

        $1,200? That’s a bit generous, don’t you think? The D600 is worth $17, tops.

      • Rich

        Reading these posts is hilarious, I also read and I’ve noticed a common thread… Here everyone needs 1/8000 shutter speed and 100% metalconstruction, there everyone needs a truck that will tow 12,000 lbs, yet when I drive around I seldom see anyone towing (any trailer) let alone a 12,000 lb one and I can pretty much assume the same about the 1/8000 shutter.
        I don’t know what world you live in, but in my world, there are price points and manufacturers offer more/ better features as you move up in price, if you need 1/8000 then buy the model that offers it, or you can start your own company create that mystical D710 or in your case D610, I would suggest you change brands but guess what, the D600 is the best featured, best priced Full Frame on the market… Not even the upcoming 6D from Canon can compete!

        • DogOnABoat


          People just want 1/8000 so they can say to their friends “Yeah but can yours go to 1/8000?!”. I’ve got an old D50 and I don’t think I’ve used 1/4000 for any more than two of my photos in the past year and that’s at the lowest ISO of 200. You will never need to use a shutter speed of 1/8000 if you’ve got ISO 100 (or even 50 if you need to).

          • Aaron

            Looks like my comment was removed….

            Living in the Mid-East and travelling to the Himalayas, unless you want to hike around with a slide-filter system all day, you HAVE to have a 1/8000 shutter speed for shooting on the 14mm/14-24mm lenses during the daytime (No filter threads on 14mm lenses). It can make the difference between shooting wide open at f/2.8, or being able to stop down to f/4.

        • Aaron

          I live in Israel and travel to Nepal and India rather frequently. Shooting in the mountains or the desert in the bright sun with a 14mm REQUIRES a 1/8000 option, unless you own a 400 dollar filter mount system and are willing to hike with it all day…

          • APA

            Whether you travel to Nepal, India or the moon you can just put a $30 CPL on and the job is done.

            I don’t know any photographer who doesn’t own a CPL.

            • Aaron

              Show me a CPL that will fit on a 14mm lens……no filter threads, you need a slide-mount system…

            • Aaron

              Not sure if youre trolling, or really have no idea what a 14mm lens looks like.

            • Aaron

              Not to mention your comment is silly. For reducing light you should be using an ND filter, not a polarizer…Ill chalk it up to trolling…

          • Sahaja


            I’m not sure why the focal length of the lens should make a difference.

            People claim they need a high shutter speed to shoot a fast lens wide open in bright sunlight to get a narrow DOF. But I’m not familiar with a 14mm lens that is that fast – and it is not a focal length I’d associate with trying to get a narrow DOF.

            The D600 has a base ISO of 100 and can go down to 50 if need be.

            I live in the mountains (Bhutan) and have done for 9 years and also spent several years in Nepal and many in India before that as well. I can’t say that I’ve ever found the need to shoot at 1/8000 – although it is there on my current camera.

            Just curious about this “requirement”.

            • Maji

              I think Aaron is the troll. I have been to India many times and never ever needed 1/8000. I used to use 100 ASA film on my Canon T series and I believe the highest speed was 1/4000, which I do not ever recall using. Got rid of Canon when they decided to ditch FD mount, but I digress.

              Consider sunny 16 rule. So, on a sunny day, using 100 ISO, and f/16, one can use 1/100 ss or 1/125. For arguments sake, assume he is going to f/2.8, then he is opening up 4 stops, so the SS has to be 1/4000. Looks good to me. Now, in snow or sand, you should probably use f/22, but let us give him the benefit of doubt. Also, I wonder why he needs to shoot wide open for landscapes. Goes to show he is just a troll.

            • nikohead

              Focal length does make a difference because the wider the lens the easier it is to gather light

            • Ronbenson

              To Nikonhead, focal length doesn’t make a difference. Focal ratio only does. In fact, if we want to be fossy, T ratio does the difference.

          • RonBenson

            Just don’t shoot at f/2.8… I live in Canada and go out on winter sunny days when your eyes hurt because of light. Never had aproblem even with my old Pentax topping at 1/2000

    • Are you kidding, at all? A full frame vs. a 4/3 sensor? A full frame trumps hands down. I own a D300 and bought the D800 (just the surface area alone makes a huge difference, megapixel is less of an issue), and my photography became infinitely better.

      • hmm?

        “4/3 sensor”?

        • Big J

          Before posting, try Googling ffs.

          Can’t believe the bitching and whining on such a great camera release with such great features at a fair price. Unfortunately the fair price isn’t applicable in most countries apparently and trust me I sympathize with you all.

          @Bob: Yes, the image quality CAN be better on a full-frame compared to a four-thirds (facepalm)

      • Bob

        “my photography became infinitely better” ……..I feel very sad when good or even great photography is hardware dependent.

    • Baked bananas

      These are the best images I’ve seen so far on the web. At least a stop above the d7000 which is beginning to piss me off due to its low light capabilities ( or any aps -c by the way). Take a closer look at the large version of the picture of the lamp and cup. You can clearly see a strand of a woman’s hair in the lampshade. At 1/400 sec , iso 800…. the d7000 could NEVER accomplish this in those lighting conditions. For those complainers about the pricing not being under $2000 I’m sure there are plenty of companies offering a full frame dslr with clean hdmi at a lower price point.

    • Patrick Kent

      I’m a 300s shooter as well and I am going to get this D600 as my first FX camera (I just preordered it, YAY). I like all the features and the price is well within my budget. The D800 is an FX camera on steroids and I’m not ready to make that big of a leap into the FX world.

    • jake

      get the D800E , it is a crap, image quality is very bad , much worse than I expected it would be and considering very small price difference between these 2 the D800 and the D600, there is noreason to get the D600 any more.

      I was really exceited about it because it was the first small and light weight FX but hey, I decdied to stick with my D800e.

      if you get the D600 , you will always wonder you might be happier if you get the D800 instead….

      and the AF of the D600 is a big step down from your D300s.

      I tried it today at Nikon plaza OSaka and honestly, I am disappointed , I thought I would have save some by going for it but I would get another D800 or e.

    • I would definitely say a step up. The D300s is closer to the D7000.

    • JB

      I would agree on the both comment. I went from a D300 to a D7000 and the to D4. The step from D300 to D7000 drove me crazy. The sensor is clearly better in the 7000 but the body…it stinks in comparison. Controls, feel, speed…pretty much everything is surpassed by the 300….except that sensor. Now that I have a D4…the D7000 is really uncomfortable to try to use. So while I’m certain you will love the D600 sensor…you aren’t going to like the body….


  • Nikon Shooter

    Wow, the British are really feeling it this time. At least it makes the D600 vs D800 decision easy.

    • Mike1

      Yeah, for £100 more I would buy a D800. But not sure if it’s the right camera for me 🙂

      • jake

        even 500more , still the D800 wins over anytime, the D600 is a toy like camera, just as cheap built as the D90 was.

        • Allen W.

          Really? “Toy like?” Have you used a D600 already?

          I am being serious here, because I will add either D600 or D800 to D2x under tight financial constraints.

        • Allen W.

          …and I already have a good range of quality FX glass.

      • Sahaja

        I think they did this just to try and make British customers feel that the price hike they made there just after the launch of the D800 was somehow not unreasonable.

        Either that, or they’ve got it in for the Brits.

      • umesh

        Mike 1 , 800 is definately the camera for anybody who is considering fx. Remember that all those high mps are going to come in handy in your difficult shoots. Huge file sizes and processing limitations of your pc wouldn’t matter in 6 months as memory cards become cheap and you upgrade your pc. Even if you don’t upgrade your pc it’s ok as it will work slowly but will get the work done. A lower quality image is ALWAYS lower quality image. And seeing the global trend , it’s better to get better now than upgrade later at double the cost.

  • I really hoped the kit price would be lower or for the price we would get a 24-120VR. It was too much to assume for a 1600 asking price at launch. From what I see, no green tint not that I was one of those haters on the D800 screen( which I prefer tbh)

    • Max

      The D600 may come along with a good performance. However its birthing is a difficult one as it is in a position which doesn’t make it to a recommendable purchase!
      On one hand it is almost 3 times than the street price of the D7000 from which it differentiate almost only by the FF sensor.
      On the other hand it is only few hundred bucks less than the D800.
      This makes the D600 at this price to an unreasonable purchase. If one don’t need FF at all cost, the better strategy is to get the D7000 and investing the savings in good FF glass. And if FF is indispensable the D800 is the far superior choice, which one can enjoy a long time as opposed to accept a compromise right now waiting for a real D700 successor.

      • Rich

        3x the price of D7000? Here in the US, the D7k sells (newly discounted) for $996 & the D600 for $2100! Buying the D800 is not the answer for most people, 1st all your glass needs to be premium, then you have to be worried about refraction and last but not least, you have to upgrade your computer and your storage due to the large file sizes, downloaded a raw D800 sample and put it through my normal workflow – my computer slowed down to a crawl!
        Buying a camera is an individual decision, needs have to be weighed vs cost and make the best available choice – don’t get cought up in the hype, what features do you really use now?

        • Max

          In Euro-land it is 799 Euro (i’ve seen even lower prices about 3 weeks ago) vs 2150 for the D600.

          Are you suggesting, that for the 24 MP D600 you won’t need stellar glass? Come on, we know since the launch of the D3x and even the D7000 that some lenses have reached their borders. DX at least has the advantage to use the sweat spot of the lenses, the D600 don’t

        • umesh

          It is not MANDETORY to have premium glass. It’s just that you can squeeze the best quality out of 800 with it. Ordinary lenses still give fabulous result but best glass adds 10 to 15 percent to it. I am using my old common lenses and upgrading to good ones as I am getting money . Difference is there but it is not that you just cannot work without it. Btw I have 800e .

        • umesh

          Rich I had the same problem. I will suggest you increase the ram first. Would make tons of difference.Memory is what makes the real bottleneck and not the processing.
          D800e owner

  • Nikon Sniper

    Dude, In the second video First He puts his big plam print on the front lenes element and the he places the camera face down on the table on the front lenes element. What an Idiot.

  • Unboxing Pro

    In the first video, it wasn’t even a legit unboxing. The guy had the battery in there already to turn on the D600. Battery comes separate.

    • Poor Unboxing

      Yup, saw that.

      OTOH, the dude wasn’t even trying. By video end, I was waiting for him to throw the camera off the table.

  • porkchop


    Looks like something is missing probably D7000 or D300s replacement.

    • Paul

      Maybe 13 is an unlucky number?
      Canon went from G12 to G15.

      • Neogene

        In japan 4-9 and 13 and unlucky numbers.

        • Nikon Shooter

          If they are so particular about their unlucky numbers then how come D4 saw the light of day under its current name?

          • Big J

            Also other stuff like batteries (eg: En-EL9) carry some of those numbers. Could be a hint about a grip maybe for a D400 (wishful thinking).

    • Jonas Nimmersjö

      Is it not better if Nikon does like they did with the D700-D300(s) use the same battery grip? Then a D400 (If it ever comes) can have almost the same body as D600 and use the same grip.

      • JB

        Hopefully a D400 would have the same body as the D800….the D600 is a much lower level body.

        • Jonas Nimmersjö

          OK! Didn’t think of that … much better choice! 🙂

  • jason

    Well i should have waited for this camera than my d7000, oh well i will live with a DX camera for now.

    • chris

      oh god however will you survive

      • jason

        I will take a picture of my sad face.

  • Sahaja

    Even after taking VAT into account the UK pricing is highway robbery.

    Then there was the pricing fiasco Nikon UK made at the launch of the D800.

    Does Nikon have something against UK customers?

    • Smudger


      Ever used their repair (dis)service?

    • Jack Graham

      Totally agree – the UK price is nothing short of disgraceful. :-((((

    • I think the UK price is set by Nikon UK, not by Nikon Japan.

    • whilst working on qm2, we thought about buying cameras in new york and selling them in southampton, at a time they were half the price! we were in the other every two weeks.

      If you want to buy a few things, it was cheaper to get a flight/hotel for a few days.

      St Thomas in the Caribbean is even less and tax free!

      Does anyone know if you can put a dx lens on a fullframe and keep it at fullframe size? eg 16-85 stays 16mm wide

      • umesh

        Lenses alway stay at the same focal length. On full frame yout 16 -85 will give you a usable 18 mm .

        • that will do!

          It means I could probably use the one lens when going away on a trip instead of having 10kg on my shoulder!

          Now I need to get excited and wait for 16-85 f4…

  • SowPic

    hm, it looks like Nikon want’s to sell their cams at the same price in each country:
    2000 pounds in UK, 2000 Euros in rest of Europe, 2000 $ in US, looks like a price strategy. I’m living in Austria, Europe, so for me the price is also around 2169 Euro. I just looked on a best price guide site.
    the D700 is selling at the latest for 1850 Euro new, but there’s only one store where its on stock.
    so stop whining, we will see if the prices drop
    the D800 was selling at 2900 Euro, now you can get it for 2650 Euro.
    so we will see if the D600 drops also
    i remember when the D300 came out, it was around 1800 Euro, then it dropped to 1400, and i bought it for 1100 new when the D300s came out. That’s just strategy to price it high in the beginning and then drop it a bit or more…
    just my 2 cents 😉

    • Sports

      I would get one for approx. 2000 kroner in Denmark, then. (That’s like 300 $ 🙂

      • a4

        If this turns out to be true I’m paying a visit to Denmark before Christmas ;D

      • ;)

        Awesome bro. I’ll get it for $2000 Hong Kong dollars ($250usd).


      • umesh


    • D800man

      Then just drive over the border to Switzerland. Chf 2000 here!

      • Fabian

        Good idea!!!
        But is it also considered “grey market” (loosing warranty) if one comes over from Germany or another European country???

  • Paul

    Why isn’t the D7000 grip compatible with the D600?
    Are the body sizes that different?

    • Henri

      check the dimentions, the D600 is a bit bigger, wider and higer.

  • Michi

    I am from germany the price there is 2150 € and the best price of D800 is 2550 €… So i will buy the d800!

  • Matty

    I pre-ordered on Amazon tonight. Sales tax charges start tomorrow on Cali orders, so I’m wondering if Amazon will charge me tax? Anyone have experience with this?

    • I also live in California (I don’t know anyone who actually lives here that calls it ‘cali’) and I preordered it from Amazon an hour after it was announced. I was actually planning on going to a local camera shop where my friend got his D800, but avoided it after I calculated CA sales tax (8.75%) into it. I hope we don’t get charged the sales tax.

      • IRS

        Tax evasion is a serious crime. Your IP address has been noted. The tax police is on your bum now.

      • n/a

        you americans are like spoiled children – 8.75% tax is a joke, compared to 21% + weird nikons currency conversions. if you take a cheap plane tickets to us and back, buy camera there – you brake even. and if you buy a lens and etc… 😀

        • Agree. My D800 is relatively cheaper than new D600 if I buy D600 now.

        • It’s okay to be jealous. 🙂
          And what I was referring to is the state sales tax, our income tax is much higher than that, but of course not as high as Europe.

      • Matty


        Let me double check my birth certificate… yep still says Santa Monica. But yeah, I guess saying Cali does sound like a non-native transplant thing to say. It was late and I was lazy, what else can I say.

    • Tony

      I spoke with 2 Amazon customer service reps, one of whom asked their legal services. They sent an email which I quote below:


      Thank you for your inquiry regarding the recent announcement of our agreement with the State of California to begin collecting California sales and use taxes.

      Under the terms of the agreement, we will be required to collect sales and use taxes on items shipped to addresses in the State of California on or after September 15, 2012.

      Please note that if you place an order prior to September 15, 2012, your Order Total may not include an estimate of California sales taxes, but those taxes may still be charged if your order is prepared for shipment on or after that date.

      We hope to see you again soon.

      Best Regards,

      Md Abdul M

  • Chris P

    Yes everybody, we in the UK are being ripped off on the price again. The solution is very easy, providing that you all do the same thing. Forget ‘must have’ that’s just a marketing ploy, the only ‘must haves’ are food and water, a roof over your head is a very close third but, as some people in this country have been forced to find out you can, just, survive without one.

    Don’t pre-order it, or order via the web when it is released, or rush into your local camera store; leave it on the dealers shelves. Go on to every website you can, particularly UK based ones, and start a campaign to refuse to buy it until it is reduced in price. Point out to everyone you know that is interested in one that it is at least £250 more than it should be if the price was in line with Europe, let alone the US.

    Nikon UK have got greedy because they have become convinced that the photographers in this country have such a ‘must have’ mentality that they will pay the stupid introductory prices. It is time you all got together and disillusioned them!

    • David

      Yes, but you have free health insurance. Isn’t that worth a little extra tax?

  • The price of this everything-cheap-but-the-price camera will drop like a rock.

  • GfK

    So please enlighten me:
    If price gap is as small as 500EUR
    and I’m interested solely in street low-light photography
    and I’m not interested in 1/250th sync speed and PC-socket
    is there something else D800 has over D600 ?

    • Henri

      Only better focus in low light, more mp’s, better dynamic range, 1/8000 max shutter speed, …

      • Vlad

        Better focus in low light is not yet known, but the AF-System of the D600 is able to cope with f/8-lenses. Regarding only the Specs of those cameras, the point for low-light-AF goes to the D600. Until someone reviews the D600 and compares its AF to the D800, one can not know which one is better. Same goes for dynamic range, as it just hasn’t been tested yet.
        Also, if his interest is in street LOW-LIGHT Photography, 1/8000 isn’t really an argument.

    • umesh

      Af unit of 800 is much better than that of 600 so better and faster low light af. Also moer and wider placed af points in 800 are better.

  • Mariospin

    As you all know the Poland is the richest country in Europe (i am being sarcastic) so we can easily afford the 10,000 pln which is 3,200 usd price for the body only same as UK. Have been waited soooo long for D600 and now i am sooo dissapointed. It seems that Nikon treats UK and Poland as non-european countries … I have sold my Canon to move to Nikon and now it seems that it was a mistake.

    • umesh

      Don’t. Canon prices have also increased insanely. So you are actually better off.

  • MoOoH

    How can they sell the D600 2100$ in USA and 2100€ in France ?????????
    2100 $ = more or less 1600€. What a difference !!!!

    Really, i don’t get it ( and i am sad 🙁 )

    • n/a

      european prices include vat, but still its a overprice

  • notimportant

    Mario – by now you have probably found out that Canon is an even bigger Mistake – looking at their 6D Camera compared to the 600D. These two large companies are looking for ways out to make money – while they want to improve their profit margins.

    Its the wrong management making these kinds of decisions – penny wise pound foolish mentality never works. Instead they should try just to make the best camera they can for their users because these sells. I get the feeling that many camera’s look like they are great on the surface – but most don’t really match customer need.

  • Mariospin

    That is true, the canon nikon thing in my post refered to the sale – i shouldnt gave sold the canon before nikon price announcement. Now i am struggling what should i do i wont pay the price which is 1,200 usd higher than in us. At least canon does not differentiate the price so much fex price for 7d in amazon 1,500 in local store 1,650 which is acceptable, while 1,200 not. Anyway i will probably have to buy d7000. Or go back to canon … As i cant wait another year for d300 or d7000 replacement

    • Big J

      Chances are that there will be new rumors soon about the DX cameras especially when xmas is around the corner. It will be the season to buy stuff. I have faith in the DX line having new models (or successors) like the D300 and the D7000 in that time or early 2013. Just wait I would say unless you’re job needs such equipment. If you make a living off of it then it’s okay switching because you need it then and there. But don’t lose hope though so soon there’s still time. Plus there’s a lot of DX users that need a high performance DX camera.

  • John

    Body only = $2700
    Kit = $3400

    Really shitty pricing!

    • Mikael

      Well as the D800 is $3600 in Sweden the gap is still around $900.
      More or less the same as in the states.
      But its sick that the VAT makes such a difference.

    • okay

      The Swedish price is actually appropriate compared to the Japanese price of ¥215,000.
      Is it shitty that Sweden doesn’t get a discount from a Japanese company just because the USD is weak? Should a Japanese company increase the US price by 29% to normalize amount of money paid to them? None of this is with even taking VAT into consideration yet.

  • Idealistidiot

    What’s wrong with this world? We want the same prices everywhere. Is not like the shipping costs justify the difference.

    • bah

      You have only the governments you elect, and the taxes you allow to be imposed on yourselves, to blame.

      • Allen W.

        In many countries (most certainly in the USA) our governments are _bought_ rather than elected. I call it payocracy because it most definitely is not democracy.

  • alex

    yea, this is definitely affordable here in europe in my country (ro) where most salaries are under $500..

  • Nordic

    You guys are lucky.

    In Norway:
    D600 body only: $3051,-
    D600 kit: $3830,-

    For comparison:
    D800 body only: $4141,-

    The $1100 difference in price between the D600 and the D800 is substantial and why I’ll buy the D600, even if I’m getting shafted compared to other countries. It’s shitty to know that the same camera is $1000,- cheaper in the US. I could of course fly over there and buy it, but then I won’t get the warranties, etc.

    • BornOptimist

      These are the prices including VAT. If you deduct VAT (25%) you get a lot closer to the US prices (which are always announced excl. VAT).
      If you want to compare to US prices, do it on the correct prices (price excl VAT).

      • Nordic

        True, but very few people actually buy the camera in Norway without paying tax. So the real price is what I’ve listed above, even though if you look at the price without VAT it’s actually not far off the US list price.

      • ericnl

        after deducting the tax and converting it to dollars the European (NL) price still sits at $2,368.61

        and that still doesn’t change the fact that in real life situations we do pay the tax and that in the US through certain sites or in certain states (OR, DE) you don’t, making a real life difference in price of $700.00

    • Alex

      In Mexico the D800 costs 49,900 pesos (3924 usd)… D600 will be al least 39,000 pesos (3066 usd).

  • Noora

    I got 3 questions
    1st it the 2000$ for the kit or the lens
    2nd is there a d400 or I should buy d600 or 7000
    Last question , can I use the crop frame lens like the 100mm macro or the landscape on this camera normally

    • mikils

      There is no clue of a D400 anywhere but in the whishful thinking of the NR and other sites visitors.

      Any lens which has the nikon (Bayonet) mount can be used on any Nikon Camera. DX lens on a FX camera will generally not be able to get you a FX picture but you will get a picture none the less.

    • Allen W.

      All the Nikon 105mm macro lens versions are FX so they work on FX or DX camera bodies, no “crop frame.”

  • Gabor

    The same or even worst here in Hungary 2350Euro where the salaries are 500USD = 380Euro, altogether with lenses etc. it’s like buying a Ferrari 🙂

    Where is the price politic Nikon, Canon or whatever? i could call it margin politic without respect to customers.

  • Recap: a consumer camera for 2000€

  • useless_battery_grip

    The battery grip for the D600 doesn’t seem to give any improvement in fps as with other grips/camera combo’s. Is this correct?

    If yes, then all it seems to do is provide a Vertical Grip, double the number of pic’s you can take between charges and allow you to use AA batteries.

    It doesn’t seem worth it to me – I’ll just buy a spare battery and live with the inconvenience of not having a vertical grip.

    Having said all that I’ll probably go for a D800 as I’m a UK buyer and it doesn’t make any financial sense to buy a D600, unless they bring the price down to £1600.

    • mikils

      Or you can just wait few weeks and get a Meike grip with all functionality for 90£

    • Allen W.

      For those of us used to large pro bodies (D2x, D3, D4) the all-important ergonomics difference of adding a battery grip to the small-frame Nikons is HUGE.

      • Syd

        COST. You forgot the word ‘cost’ at the end of your sentence.

  • It’s more or less the same price in Norway as in the US, people in the US pay taxes/VAT as well. Within 12 months the price will have dropped below $2000 incl. taxes.

    • Nordic

      Probably true, but who wants to wait another 12 months?
      I want the camera now and I’m willing to “loose” whatever the price decrease will be over the next year, because I know how much joy the camera will bring me in that time.

    • neversink

      @Tor Gunnar
      WRONG!!!!!! People in the US do not pay VAT. But we do pay tax if we buy in state. However, if we buy from another state and have the camera sent to us we don’t even pay the sales tax. So, all we will be paying is the list price.

  • Voytek

    Hi travelling people have look the price in Dixon airports in Europe. Dublin airport price for D 800 €2380 the chipest in Europe.I bougcht nikon 24-70 f2.8 for €1382.19 +olimpus compact camera worth €80 for €20, gift…

  • John Arthur

    Why would I buy a D600 in the UK when I can get a D800 for only an extra 200 quid. Uk pricing is an absolute joke and, I am sure, contravenes some sort of fair trading law? Any lawyers on the forum?

    • David P

      It’s called “Supply and Demand”. They can set whatever price they like for their goods, just like most other goods suppliers. It’s not like they’re the only manufacturer of cameras around, so they don’t have a monopoly.

      In this case, it sucks, but Nikon must believe that enough people will pay that price to make it worth while. So Chris P (above) is right… no-one buy it, then their marketing bods will realise it’s priced too high and start bringing it down.

  • fast shipment is quite good but the price is … unbelievible..

    if it’s 2800$ in China, why people choose D600 rather than D800?

    D800 is around 3100 – 3200$ in China.


    buy or not to buy, price is a question…

    • yalishanda

      sorry the price in China is not so high, you can find it on Taobao for allready €1700 for the body and €2100 for the kit. But the problem is the warranty, it’s only valid in China and HK.
      Anyway I think the warranty thing is stupid. I remember when I bought my first FE I had a worldwide warranty. Now while many people live abroad and move from continent to continent the warranty is limited. The companies want free trade, but not for the people.

  • Roberto

    There is a difference between the d600 viewfinder and d800 viewfinder?
    The entrance of the eye looks bigger in d800.

    I know both of them has pentaprism and 0.7x magnification, but d800 version look like bigger.

    Sorry for my english

    • Allen W.

      Your English communicates just fine.

  • Jabs

    A Little Observation – Usually Canon was the Company that made all the first moves with new plus different DSLR’s at a rapid pace but since the release of the Nikon 1 System, Nikon has out-gunned Canon in a way that has been rather eye opening.

    V1 and V2
    and now D600
    plus some lenses too.

    WOW – we Nikon lovers and admirers have indeed been getting a lot of releases since the disasters. I wonder if there are any surprises left for Photokina?

    • HA!

      You’re joking right?
      Ok, D800 kicks 5DIII butt from here till tomorrow, I’ll give you that.
      EOS-M… 1 system isn’t even worth mentioning.
      1Dx kicks D4 butt.
      650D also kicks D3200 butt.
      D600? Really? It’s a good camera at $1500… $1800 max. But at $2100, who’s gonna buy that craptastic piece of junk?

      Dude, wake up and smell the Canon.

      • Allen W.

        I do not do fanbois wars because IMO Canon and Nikon both make various excellent and less excellent products. However someone has to say

        Dude, I do wake up and smell the Canon. Every morning when I take a…

        • That’s funny XD

          Hmmm, if you’re saying what I think you’re saying then dude you must have a pretty big… opening ROFLMAO!!

  • Steve

    Lowest price for the D600 is 2500USD in Japan and the D800 3100USD. Just enough of a difference. Clever.

    • Trevor Nelmes

      The UK price of the D800 dropped today to just £2100, a mere £145 more than the D600. Game on. NOTCome on. Seriously? Who wouldn’t get the D800 if the gap was that small? You can check prices on

  • EvaK

    I have the D3S and am still satisfied with it. I like it especially in locations where tripods and flashes are prohibited, but the D3S can be such an obstrusive monster if I want to take photos in the street… *sigh* So I’m looking for a smaller snapshot SLR with FX sensor as a sidekick for the D3S. The D600 meets my expectations, I have not to buy new lenses like for the Fuji X-Pro1, it would be a step aside – but not for the price of EUR 2,149 (USD 2,821 currently) in Germany or the Netherlands.

    However, I have still one question to both Nikon and Canon: Why it seems to be impossible for them to design a “dicreet” DSLR in the size of a Leica? It was possible in the late 197os, and with all the today’s technology it should be even more possible. Have a look at my old Fujica ST605N which is nearly the same size as the Fujifilm X-Pro1, except from the pentaprima. If Nikon offered such a DSLR with FX sensor, I’d buy it immediately.

  • neversink

    Nikon is producing too many camera bodies….. I’ll stick with my D800 and D4. I do like the U1 and U2 data banks on the dial on the D600. Why Nikon refuses to put these on their pro cameras is astounding!!!!!!!!

  • Well, it ships. Let’s see how long it takes to work the pre order wait down. Amazon charges sales tax where I live, so I might as well walk into Best Buy.

    • Larry Van Valkenburg

      Ron, I looked at your photos. Excellent scenery photos.
      If you’re already shooting with a D800, why are you interested in the D600?
      I’d really be interested in finding out what lenses you are using.

      • Thank you for the kind words Larry. My D800 is presently in El Segundo awaiting repairs. I fell during a shoot last month, got hurt and cracked the back cover of the D800. Since then the camera has been working, but I want to get the back fixed. If Nikon tells me they are “waiting for parts” I will need to get something else to tide me over, although a D3200 with a 35 f/1.8 is the leading candidate.

        Most landscape images posted on the blog since acquiring the D800 were captured with a Nikon 24-120 f/4 VR. A few with either a 20mm f/2.8 AF, or a 70-300 VR. The 70-300 is also in El Segundo. Seems I am having a lot of bad luck lately. Most indoor and night pictures were shot with a 50mm f/1.4 AF-S, although a few were shot with the 20mm.

        I can tell you the low light capabilities of the D800 blow the D700 away. AF and AE functions are improved. The improvement in dynamic range is noticeable, too.

        • Larry Van Valkenburg

          Thank you for all the info.
          I have that 35mm f1.8. For $199, that’s a really nice lens.
          I also am interested in the D3200, but was really hoping the D600 would be more affordable.
          Sony used that same 24mp fx sensor in their @850 for $1999 and their @900 for $2500. They were way better cameras than the Nikon too, but the good lenses were really up there too.
          I’ve got to bookmark your website.
          Good to meet you.

          • Thank you Larry. $2100 is not small change for most people, but I think the D600 will turn to be a good value. I was amazed at the improvement going from a D300 to a D700 made. The most noticeable things about FX is lower noise at high ISO and reduced depth of field allowing selective focus in more instances. For some people additional features and controls of the more expensive bodies are very important.

            • Larry Van Valkenburg

              I like Liliana With a Nikon in your photos.
              The woman and the photo. Is she a friend of yours?
              I don’t need to rush out to buy another camera, so I’ll be waiting and watching just to see what is going to happen. Besides, they’ll probably need to work out the bugs for a while too. I would really like a full frame now for my retirement photos, that aren’t selling. LOL

            • I did get to talk to Liliana, but she is way too young for me.

        • Allen W.

          Thanks, that is good to know.

  • Jiri

    Here in Czech Republic is the price for D600 body 50 000 Czech crowns (= 2500$ = 2 000€) and for the kit with 24-85 is the price 63 000 crowns (= 3150$). The D800 body cost about 68 000 crowns (= 3 400$). Our VAT 19% is icluded. The cost here is lower than in other European countries. I think, the price will drop soon. I have bought my D700 4 years ago for about 3 150 $ here. The price for the last D700 bodies was about 2 250 – 2 600$ now. It is sold out now. I will be happy with my D700 next years. The only problem was unstick of the rubber thumb plate after two years. Repaired and now unstick again. Sensor cleaning 4 times. After 50 000 shots the only burden is its weight (mainly with 2,8 zooms) :-((.

  • I find so many of the nay-sayers comments so funny…and irrelevant. I have been waiting a long time for this camera. I shoot (mainly) weddings & portraits, and this is the upgrade for me (from D7000). The D800 is too expensive, and the filesizes too large (for high-volume shooting, ie weddings), so the D600 is PERFECT for me. I look forward to better low-light capabilities & all that comes along with an FX sensor. 1/4000 sec limit? No big deal for me. I can’t wait to start shooting with this camera.

    • :P

      35mb per file isn’t that bad.

      I shoot weddings and the d800 is great. Stop being a pussy, buy bigger cards and some freakin’ hard drives. It’s 2012.

      Oh D600 is good too. 😛

      • …yeah sure anonymous…how do you find time to shoot weddings when you are busy trolling the internet and showing the world what a moron you are… but hey to each their own, if you want to drop an extra grand on a camera, buy extra memory cards, extra hard drives, & slow down your editing that’s up to you. Like I said this camera will be perfect for me, so you have fun with your D800 & tell your mom I said hi.

        • Big J

          Damn, that was harsh…..

        • Maji

          Different strokes for different folks. D700 is still a great camera and will suffice for high volume shooters looking for great high ISO performance and small file sizes. However, if someone wants to get the better performance, IQ wise, then D800 is there. Of course, the negative is file size (storage and computer horse power is cheap though).

          One thing I still wonder, why does wedding photography have to be high volume? Most wedding photographers I knew off who shot film, used maximum 5-35 exp. roles for 135 format and about 50-60 exposures when using MF film. I guess with digital, instead of timing, spray and pray has become the new mantra of wedding photographers. Maybe not for all, but the way Shawn put its, there seems to be a lot of these sprayers.

          • Larry Van Valkenburg

            I ask the same question about as you say “spray and pray”, photographers. In weddings I shot a max of 10 220 film, or 300 photos. And that was overkill. I rodeos the most I woud shoot would be 200-250 a performance and I eventually cut that back to about 100. Very expensive to shoot overkill with film. When I switched to digital, I stuck to the very same rules I had with film. Shoot fewer, better photographs.
            For some reason, new comers to the digital world, that never shot film, just don’t know when to take their finger off the button. The more you shoot, I guess, the better chance of getting a lot of something good. They just never heard of the term “overkill”, I guess, and there’s no additional overhead, except the additional, days and days of proofing and corrections.
            Me? A couple hundred pics of an event, photos withing an hour, (I have a Sony High speed printer), and instant cash income for my time.
            I’m retired now. Haven’t shot weddings in many years, but just retired from shooting 3 to 7 rodeos a week, one year ago, where as I said, 100 to 200 shots a perf, and I’ve been replaced by a “spray and pray” shooter, shooting 1500 a perf and taking 3 to 5 days or a week, for turn around time for digital photos, and no printing and apparently, no Instant cash flow either.
            Just also sayin.

  • 3

    it doesnt have exposure meter on the fron of the led so it sucks a lot its realy an entry level FX, for those who come from d3200 d5100 d7000 in FX, but d800 is way advanced, i my self thought to buy d600 because it looked like a good alternative to d800 but now no way im guessing ill take d800

  • Cyclop

    Both these two guys treat the box and lens and camera body like shit.

  • and

    no 10 pin conector double suck is a replaceent or a back up cam then d800 d700 or any d4 is tired

  • Steve

    Oh wonderful the D600 in Japan has Japanese and English menu options. Nice. Sony and Panasonic only sell with Japanese menu option so tooooo bad if you are an English speaker living in Japan. Sorry if you are neither a Japanese or English speaker living in Japan and want the D600. Better learn English fast because Kanji characters will make the camera difficult to use in Japanese. Not impossible as so much s icon based. Will just take much longer to learn. No,no you cant import it from America where the menu has over 20 language options, they wont let you. lol. Crazy!!

  • Fishguy

    Well –

    That unboxing video was a hoot! You could tell that this camera had already been unpacked, put back together, and then unboxed again for the video! No sense of the unknown, “what comes next?”, no anticipation at all!


  • WD

    Price in Poland: 2250 euros or 2900 dolars for body only!!!!! WTF

    • Randy Stephens

      The gentleman above that said the D800E was crap and made other comments about the camera and images is 180 degrees from my opinion. Mine produces the most amazing, almost 3D, images that I could ever hope to produce.

  • Timo

    The rumor thread about the D600 was an interesting marketing an psychology lesson. The originally anticipated price of $1500 was disappointed price of $2100 resulting in more disenchantment and reservation about the D600 than any comments of trolls paid by a competitor could have caused

  • soularstorm

    I wish they’d start making battery grips like they used to, with the part that connects by sticking up into the battery compartment. The one for my D80 was like this and the one for the D7000 looks similar to the one above for the D600. These just aren’t as secure and no matter how tight you make them there’s still a lot of play between the camera and the grip. This is increased if you use a camera strap like the black rapid that suspends the camera upside down by the tripod lug.
    Better yet I wish Nikon would hurry up and give me a D4oo with an integrated grip, like the D4.

    • Jonas Härter

      My MB-D12 is in no way loose, don´t think your grip for the D7000 is as good as mine, this is new and much better fitting. There is a space in between, but it is well fixed by the 2 pins and the connector and the shape of right and left border. I think nikon has learned the lesson of fixing both parts realy tight, and i think every new one will be as tight as mine!

  • Christophe

    Just to let you know in Switzerland the price of the D600 is 2’000CHF (Swiss francs)
    Where the D800 is 2’600CHF. This corresponds to 2160$ and 2800$ respectively.
    more than 600$ differences is quite important.
    Thus I must say that the price in the UK is just ridiculous compared to the D800

  • Zen-Tao

    Photographers in a ridiculous raw:
    4.-Enthusiastic (the most ridiculous)
    5.- Amateur
    100.- Veri bad

    Everybody can belong a Nikon D600 without being ahamed to show it on public.

  • The pricing for the UK is messed up. 50% more than the US? And for a little over 10% more you could get a D800. Or take a cheap flight to the US, buy a D600 there and still save yourself over £200. Madness. Surely they’ve got to rectify this at some point?

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