More Nikon D600 leaks: full specs and new images

Those new Nikon D600 and WU-1b images and detailed specs were just published in a Malaysian forum:

Sensor: 24,3MP CMOS  Total: 24.7 million

Image size

FX 36mm x 24mm :
6,016 x 4,016 (L) 4,512 x 3,008 (M) 3,008 x 2,008 (S)

DX 24mm x 16mm
3,936 x 2,624 (L) 2,944 x 1,968 (M) 1,968 x 1,312 (S)

FX-format photographs taken in movie live view :
6,016 x 3,376 (L) 4,512 x 2,528 (M) 3,008 x 1,688 (S)

DX-format photographs in movie live view :
3,936 x 2,224 (L) 2,944 x 1,664 (M) 1,968 x 1,112 (S)

ISO 100 ~ 6,400. ( 50 - 25600)

Finder: 100% coverage.

AF: 39 points.

Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Carbon fiber and Kevlar, tested to 150,000 cycles.

2,016-Segment RGB Meter

Flash Sync: 1/200. Built-in Flash

Frame Rate: 5,5 FPS.

Rear LCD: Exquisite 3.2," 921,000 pixels.


The Nikon D600 can capture Full HD (1080p; 1,920 x 1,080 pixel) video at either 24, 25 or 30 frames per. For 720p (1,280 x 720 pixel) video, a rate of 60 frames per second is possible. Video can either be shot using data from pixels across the entire width of the image sensor in FX mode, or with a 1.5x (DX-format) focal length crop, taking data from the center of the imager, without affecting the video resolution.

Videos are recorded using H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format compression, maximum clip length is 29 minutes, 59. Even more unusually, it's possible to have the live feed piped to the D600's HDMI port as an uncompressed full HD signal, allowing it to be recorded using an external device and/or routed to an external monitor. If desired, this signal can be mirrored on the camera's own LCD display at the same time; the off-camera feed doesn't have any overlays added, so as not to impact external recording devices.

And the time-lapse photography function can be used to automatically photograph relatively slow moving action

HDMI HD output

White Balance
"The D600's intelligent auto white balance algorithm renders white as truly white even when shot under a wide range of light sources, including mercury vapor light. The D600 analyzes color and brightness information of the scene before shooting utilizing Scene Recognition System, and detects the light source highly accurately by referencing its massive collection of in-camera shooting data. The D600 also carries another auto white balance mode that maintains warm lighting ambience when you shoot under incandescent light"

Auto (2 types), 2500 K-10000 K

EN-EL15, standard; same as D7000 and D800.

Connect with smart devices through the Wireless Mobile Adapter (Android and iOS devices )

Nikon announced an optional Wi-Fi transmitter for the camera. The WU-XX clips into the USB socket of the D600 and allows you to broadcast its images to smartphones and tablets running a Nikon app. The unit allows the camera's live view output to be streamed to the smart device and allows images to be shot remotely. The WU-XX immediately transfers photos and also allows you to upload them to social networks to share with friends and family

Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

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  • Kodos

    Sigh. Still the 1/4000. Guess we will see how the reviews go.

    • Kodos

      .. Along with flash sync of… eh…

    • It depends on price. If the body sold for under $1,600 USD, it’s a pretty good deal.

      • Kodos

        Overall true.. Hopefully high speed flash sync will be intact.. Should be really.

      • Justin

        For what this is, anything under 2k is a good deal. $1699 and it is guaranteed product of the year. 1/4000 is not a deal breaker. There will be expanded low iso values likely too. 5.5 fps is pretty zippy. Excited about the wireless transfer module, wish it were built in though. Better yet, wish it worked with the D800 or that Nikon would make for the D800. With a few 1.8 primes or the 24-120 this makes a great light(ish) kit.

    • Buy an ND filter and save 1000$ on this cheaper body over a D800 😉

      • ND filter takes time to take on and off and takes lot of place in pocket.

        • steve!

          You’re right, however will you manage.

          • FMJ

            ISO 50 also help if you are into F1.4 in day light.

            in fact, i manage ISO 100, F1.4 in daylight no problem, usually 1/6400

            • Rhys

              ISO 50 isn’t real ISO. Camera just uses DR range to simulate ISO 50. You need to be careful not to clip highlights.

        • scurvy hesh

          You poor sweet baby.

  • Aaron

    flash sync 1/200…..ew……I was expecting the AF module, but taking a hit on the shutter life and speed (min 1/4000???) is ridiculous.

    I wonder what the DX fps is, and what grip the body uses…..If its 5.5fps max, this camera is juuuuust silly.

    • nfoto

      Not at all. There are many photographers that don’t need or use continous shooting. Personally I want a FX camera that is smaller (and lighter) than the current models, for both travel and hiking. I’m very exciting about this camera, but the rumors about the Sony RX1 is also ery interesting (it’s small!). Overall reviews will hopefully help those of us interested decide.

      • Sharon

        I have the same thoughts. Smaller and lighter than my D3 for travel but still FX. Can’t wait!

        • Anon

          How about D800? D600 will feel too small for someone used to a D3.

          • Dave

            I myself never had problem switching between D3 and D90. And this new FX would be a nice size for me to travel with.

            • bobj

              Ditto, I use the D3 around town and D90 for travel. I did find the D40 to be too small but D90 fits my hand perfectly.

      • Aaron Chartier

        As far as the lineup is concerned, professionals (or at least me) were looking for the D800 as a high megapixel, slow monster for use in print photography and landscapes, with a “mini D4” with a low megapixel count, high FPS, but with similar features (while using lesser-grade body components to keep the price down).

        Now for the top range of cameras, you literally only have or the D4, or the D800. If you want more than 4FPS while maintaining a normal sync speed and shutter speed, you HAVE to go D4. That is what I call ridiculous. semi-pro sports photographer/wildlife photographers no longer have a state-of-the-art 8fps camera in their price range.

        • Mike M

          This was my issue as well, I have fingers crossed either this has a grip that will push it up or that a D400 is still coming this fall to fill that missing spot.

        • Dakota

          You never had an 8fps camera in that price range.

          • Aaron

            That is my point. If they could make this camera, they could have made one with 16-18 megapixels with 8fps at the same price point. Again, this is speculation, as far as we know the D600 IS 8fps with a grip…

            • Rabbit

              That’s why I still use my F5. 8FPS and the nothing can compete with it except the D4.

            • David

              Then nobody would buy the D4.

              You’re basically asking for the majority of D4 specs for <$2000. That's simply not going to happen

        • Cynog

          When I started taking photographs, the highest shutter speeds were a thousandth of a second. As for ISO, well 800 was considered pretty darn fast, but you could get 1600 film if you were daring and prepared to live with grain the size of golf balls. Frames per second were measured by how fast your thumb worked, unless you were really rich and could afford a motor drive. Zoom lenses were only found on TV and film cameras… should I go on? Now all I read about is “the shutter speed/ISO/flash synch’s not high enough. Talk about being spoiled!

          Of course, no one took great photographs in those days…..

          • Mikael

            +1 on that!
            Though im from the digital era.

            • Richard

              +1 on both!

    • Khandroid

      What are you people shooting that requires shutter speeds faster than 1/4000 on a regular basis?

      This camera is aimed at enthusiasts and I think the specs fit the bill just fine

      All I want is:
      Low price ($2000)
      Image Quality better than D7000

      • YinYang.ERROR

        Wide apertures (for shallow dof) outside during the day, is one place a shutter speed greater than 1/4000 is pretty useful. At deserts, beaches, and places with lots of snow too.

        • Anonymous Maximus

          C’mon… Just stick a $20 ND or polarizer filter in front of your lens. Or shoot raw & overexpose a bit. It’s not a dealbreaker thing.

          • Niktard

            Yeah, it IS a deal-breaker thing. if you don’t need 1/8000 you don’t need FX. its that simple.

            • Aaron

              +1, and if you are about to stick a 20$ ND filter in front of your landscape lens, you dont need to be spending thousands on a DSLR. A slide ND filter system for the 14-24 Nikon costs minimum 300 dollars….

            • scurvy hesh

              “if you don’t need 1/8000 you don’t need FX. its that simple.”

              Ahhh! The old Harold Ellis logic I see. Good form sport!

            • Axel

              hahahaha !
              This one made my day @Niktard ! Very well said !

            • +.5 the other use being bokeh control and low light situations, Christmas markets come to my mind; but other than that, I think you hit the nail on the head. It is what I have said often, “A very select few will know what to do with a D600, where as the masses who will buy this camera, only do so because they have heard full frame is better, but don’t know why!”

              +1 @ Aaron, those willing to put a $20 ND filter on their lens mounted to a D600 weren’t willing to spend the money on fast glass in the first place. F3.5-5.6 glass will hardly ever need 1/8000, and as the camera will always be in “Professional” (P) mode, it will stop down anyway for proper exposure when needed!

            • Mikael

              Niktard, if you aint trolling, and you are…
              Show me those awsome photos with a shutterspeed faster then 1/4000 🙂
              I cant WAIT to see those awsome shots!

              @Aaron: True, but then again explain to me when you use a Nikkor 14-24 2,8, at 2,8?
              If you do a quick math on it with the sunny 16 ( its not perfect but still ) you will get 1/8000 at 2,8, true, but i want to see those DEALBREAKING photos please 😀
              I mean, maybe im stupid, but i cant see that prefect photo during those conditions at that aperture tbh 🙂

              Prove us wrong or just stop trolling about please 🙂

        • Patrick

          You might try using the native/base ISO, instead of auto-galore.

          • YinYang.ERROR

            You really shouldn’t assume people don’t know what they are doing, and you obviously have never shot in very bright areas before.

            Shooting at iso 100 at F2 would instantly put the shutter speed above 1/4000 if you were shooting at a beach in the middle of the day. ND filters would help, but if you are changing environments between a darker indoors area, and a much brighter outdoors area, and want to keep a static F2 while maintaining a low ISO and high shutter speed you will have to constantly remove and put back on the ND filter. This takes time, and while shooting events time is everything.

            • Mikael

              Are you talking about working photography or just “normal” stuff?
              If you are talking about “normal” stuff, like a soccermom buying this.
              Well then she is required to know atleast something about photography since she bought a “prosumer / enthusiast” camera.

              I would love to see your work you are selling from your beach shots with sub 2.8 during a superb day.
              Ooooo the hard shadows on those subjects will be AWESOME! 🙂
              But by all means, troll on 😀

        • Maji

          This is an entry level camera aimed towards enthusiasts. How many of them are using 1.8 or wider lens? Even if you have one and want to shoot at that under the glaring sun, then why not get a $100 ND filter and stop bitching about the camera?

          • PHB

            This is NOT anywhere close to being entry level. $1500 body only is not entry level!

            I have 2 f/1.4 primes (50 and 85) and would certainly buy a f/1.2 50 mm if they made a good one again.

            The main reason I haven’t bought any other f/1.4 primes is that they make no sense on a D300.

            Since the D700 came out after I bought the D300 it really didn’t offer enough extra to move and frankly the DX line has been the better choice till recently. Nikon has only just completed revamping their lens lineup for FX.

            The D3 didn’t really appeal either, too expensive and much too heavy. The D600 is a mini-D3x at a D300 price point. That seems like a good deal to me.

            D800 is a lot more money for that 50% extra pixels.

            With the D600 out the only hole in the Nikon range is at the top end. The D4 is looking a little low resolution being outshadowed by both compact bodies. I know there is a market for a high FPS newspaper journalists camera but I think we will see a D4X next year at 48MP because that is the benchmark for glossy fashion magazines.

        • scurvy hesh

          Yin yang I’m not buying your nit picking. Wouldn’t you be using a polarizer in those circumstances anyway?

          • YinYang.ERROR

            For the most part.

            However, buying high quality polarizers for each lens can cost a bit. Also, taking off polarizers and putting them back on takes a bit of time as well. I could see doing this a bit while doing event photography if I am constantly switching between an indoor and outdoor environment (which happens more often than not).

            It is a little thing, but it is an inconvenience.

            • YinYang.ERROR

              Note: Change Polarizer to ND. In this comment -__-;

            • Mikael

              Buying the biggest possible, i mean if you have the nice lenses they are 77mm.
              Buy that pol. and stepdown rings if needed 🙂
              Problem solved and cheaper then buying alot of pol. filters.

              And yet again want to see those killer shots people take, that makes it worth bitching about 1 stop 🙂

    • scurvy hesh.

      Is 1/200 down from 1/250 really going to limit you? Same about the shutter speed. 1/4000 is still pretty damn fast I really only think this should matter to measurebater.

      • Aaron

        Flash photography in sports, flash photography on moving objects….

        1/4000 to 1/8000 in the sun is the difference of a full stop. Shooting f/8 instead of f/11. The ability to shoot f/1.4 instead of f/2…..or 1.8 instead of 2.5……….

        good luck shooting your 50mm with shallow depth of field at 1.8 even in “hazy” light…

        • Abraham Collins

          ND or polarizing filter. . .

        • Scurvy hesh


          The difference between 1/200 and 1/250 is negligible. Ill get excited when we get a real 1/500th+ sync again.

          Difference between f8 and f11…So what? Then shoot at f11. Or one of these.

          Assuming you mean portraits with the shallow DOF shots then you would want to have a dark foliage background behind your subject making the difference negligible again.

          I’m just not buying you y’alls beef with this camera. Its a fantastic piece of equipment and I will most certainly buy one. Actually pretty much every FF Canon, Nikon and Sony has coming out right now will serve anyone well. The only limiting factors in these cameras will be the photographers using them.

          Happy shooting!

          • Aaron

            Explain to me how Im going to fit a 77mm ND on my 14mm 2.8….?

            • scurvy hesh

              So you are shooting the 14mm at f2.8 in bright sunlit situations? How often would you do that if ever?

  • D80 user

    Where is the locking mechanism on the mode dial? Shouldn’t it protrude visibly?

    • Aaron

      I think it is that thing sticking up just to the left of the dial (when viewing from the front) centered on the body next to the pop-up flash….

  • R8R

    I’m sold.

  • Glen78

    The top doesn’t look the same as the leaked images from a couple of months ago. It looks like it is sized for a DX viewfinder. Could be another photoshop job from a D7000.

    • Glen78

      Just closely compared this and the D7000 and there are enough differences to make a photoshop job seem less likely. The top still looks short to me but maybe it is just the perspective

    • Glen78

      Just compared it to the leaked photo from a couple of months ago and everything looks that same, except to my eye the viewfinder housing looks much smaller, could just be the perspective.

  • Bill

    This looks great. But two questions, NR: does it have a mic and headphone jacks? Will the wait for one be as long as the D800’s?

    • I believe so, but not sure.

      • I need more pictures for that. I will do it after the announcement.

        • St.

          I meant specifications, not pictures. Sorry for not making that clear.

    • BC

      To me the top flap on the side appears to say “Mic” on it.

    • Fred

      There are 3 side ‘flaps’ on the left. Looks like:
      1. Headphone/Mic – Top
      2. USB/HDMI/Power – Middle
      3. “Accessories port” – Bottom


    SOLD as well.

    will be using this, along with my iPad to shoot videos with the iPad as the monitor. YES!!! Goodbye D7000

    • Carl S

      Maybe this is a dumb question, but how can you use your iPad as a monitor? I thought that iPads don’t have a way to input video.

      • MRGABE

        It said up above that the WU-1b would allow “the camera’s live view output to be streamed to the smart device..”

        but, in retrospect, unless the wireless connection is high-speed, we might encounter some lag.

  • poof

    Well I for one am not getting this. Says right in the headline it leaks.

    • Nicko

      Probably leaks from the left focus sensor 😉

    • John M

      But that just means it will get lighter over time. 🙂

    • enesunkie

      Some electrical tape inside the camera should fix it!

  • Daf

    Woo – wonder if the WU-1b WiFI gizmo will work on the D800….

    • I don’t think so.

      • Rob

        That’s so much rubbish from Nikon.

      • Daf

        TBH I’m sceptical too, from the start anyway.
        Hopefully/maybe a D800 firmware might do the trick.

  • Gabe

    what is the estimated price difference between this and the 800?

    • ericnl

      about 12MP worth 😉

    • BC

      The chatter yesterday was that the D600 body only would be $1899 vs. $2999 for the D800.

  • Palomino

    while i think i can deal with 1/4000, 1/200 flash speed is ridiculous.

    • Palomino

      Will it at least support CLS?

      • Iris Chrome

        Most likely. Why would you expect it not to?

    • gt

      the difference between 1/200 and 1/250 is negligible…

      • Palomino

        Well i thought that it will lack hi-speed FP sync. And actually compared to 1/320

    • Ben Dover

      1/4000 and 1/200 flash speed reminds me of the D100 that had 1/4000 & 1/180 flash speed.
      Although most novices won’t notice the limitation, the rest of us will.

      • gt

        Novices won’t notice ey? But pros will?

        the difference between 1/200th and 1/250th is .25 of a stop. So you won’t be able to kill the ambient light by an additional .25 of a stop and its a deal breaker?

        I shoot professionally and I’m more concerned about its build quality and Autofocus accuracy than something like sync speed being dropped to 1/200th.

        For the record, the canon 5D mark II syncs at 1/160th. You can’t tell me that people haven’t been taking amazing images with that thing using flash

        • Ben Dover

          1/200 flash by itself isn’t a deal breaker per say. But combine that with limited shutter of 1/4000 and you will need to break out some ND filters if it becomes an issue.

          Just sayin out of much experience with the D100.
          peace out.

          • gt

            I believe the 1/4000th is a nonissue too. The D700, for example, has a base ISO of 200 and 1/8000th max shutter speed.

            In other words, the equivalent of ISO 100 1/4000th. This thing is can handle bright light at least as well as the D700.

            Furthermore, on the flash front, I believe it out performs the D700.

            D700 has base ISO 200, sync speed 1/250th.
            D600 has base ISO 100, sync speed 1/200th.

            If you’re trying to kill bright ambient light and use flash, you’re better off with the D600. It can kill the ambient light by .75 stops more than the D700 — and still sync with a flash.

            • Ben Dover

              fair enough….. I overlooked the lower ISO value.
              The way I use the D700, I don’t bump into these kinds of limitations like I did with the D100. Seems like the D600 will do fine after all for that stuff.

            • BC

              Good post, gt.

            • Russb

              Wow, someone with a brain. What are you doing in here? 🙂

            • Iris Chrome

              +1 @ gt

            • BartyL

              Good post.

        • Ben Dover

          …. and I agree with you on the AF accuracy being much much more of a concern than the other 2 points.

        • Booron

          Obviously, we all use our gear very differently, and it’s silly to argue what someone does or does not need. Rated flash sync is one of the few camera aspects that manufacturers rate conservatively. 1/250 says to me that I can push it to 1/320 with a wire (or cybersyncs, oddly enough), and get usable crops up to 1/500. I can only assume from limited data (my Canon buddy with slowwww sync) that the entire scale decreases as the rated value decreases, so for my personal interestes, .25 of a stop is more dramatic.

          • gt

            you’re making a lot of assumptions.

            Also, when I used cybersyncs and a d700 combo — I saw a visible gradient at 1/320th on the edge of the frame. its not always noticable because ambient light fill it in, but do a white wall, no ambient-light test and you’ll see.

    • Richard

      Syn speed isnt a big deal but I am worried about lack of CLS and high speed syn. 1/200 is sufficient for most studio shooting, but lack of high speed syn and CLS cripples the speedlight performance. That means buying a SU-800 which is around $200…

      • Joven


        It’s like people get so caught up in the numbers that they don’t think about what the implications of these numbers actually mean.

        “OMG, it’s only a stop! Fix it in post!” Yet they look down on me. Really?

        I’ve had blinking “1/4000” on overcast days b/c I was shooting at 1.8. “Oh hey, kids, go play in the shade so daddy can get his shot.” Come on, guys, get off your high horses.

  • Mike M

    I wonder will the 39 point AF work significantly better than the D7k due to it being “fx sized” sensor spots, and given the inevitable improvements and maybe more cross type points? If it’s not at least equal to the D300, and if it doesn’t do more than 5.5 FPS with a grip, I’m probably out, if there’s improvement with a grip and this iteration of the 39 point AF system is competitive with my D300 I might be interested… I kinda fear Nikon is leaving the “pro fast” equipment to D700/D3S/D4 and poising this more as a 5D I and II killer to put Nikon in the low budget fashion/artsy full frame game. Given it’s price will be competitive with a 5DII in the used market and it’s faster, well it still may make a big splash.

    • ashwins

      Hey Mike, if the posted specs are true it shares D7000′s AF system which is far inferior to D300′s AF. And even the metering seems to be with the same 2016-pixel metering sensor as in D7k.

      For me 5.5 fps vs. 6fps is not any deal breaker, but the two biggest complain I have about my D7000 is very inconsistent AF with fast lenses (f/2.8 or faster) and in low light and also inaccurate metering, and now Nikon seems to be thinking (despite of all the complains) that these are good enough for a $1600-$1900 FF camera! Not good!

  • Nikon_Boy

    My 300s camera is far superior than this camera with the exception of mega pixels. I won’t be getting this camera. I will just wait and get the D800. This may be a great camera for some just not for me.

    • R8R

      How do you know which is superior without seeing sample pics? Image quality is the most important thing.

    • gt

      Aside from megapixels, this will have superior image quality and less noise at high ISO. It will also allow you to have shallower depth of field, open up a range of FX lenses, etc.

      The draw is, of course, the full frame sensor — not the megapixels.

    • Rabi

      I love D300(s) owners who are too stubborn to admit that those cameras are outdated. The D7000 produces better images than the 300s, and the 600 will be better still.

      • Vertigo

        Right, the D7k produces noise-free images, but single color: orange.
        Highlight tones (and especially skin tones) of the D7k is the main reason I’m switching to Canon (not kidding). The successor of my good old D300 is a 7D.

        • mikils

          The very idea of a 7D preferred to a FX 24MP camera is ludicrous. GTFO Troll.

    • Richard

      The higher MP and full frame sensor will knock the s***t out of D300s in terms of high ISO performance. Even the D7000 is a better performer. The only thing about D300s is the frame rate and rugged body. Image quality blahhh

      • Anonymous Maximus

        “Image quality blahhh”

        Not at low iso. Is high iso your only measure of quality?

        • Spacedog

          Not for single pictures, but if you shoot multirow panoramas you need the high iso quality to be as quick as possible when light is changing fast.

      • ashwins

        What are you dreaming, Mike? If the posted specs are true it shares D7000’s AF system which is far inferior to D300’s AF. And even the metering seems to be with the same 2016-pixel metering sensor as in D7k.

        For me 5.5 fps vs. 6fps is not any deal breaker, but the two biggest complain I have about my D7000 is very inconsistent AF with fast lenses (f/2.8 or faster) and in low light and also inaccurate metering, and now Nikon seems to be thinking (despite of all the complains) that these are good enough for a $1600-$1900 FF camera!

        Very disappointed, indeed!

  • Rob Banks

    ?? $$$$$ ??

  • R8R

    So everyone is jumping on the negatives already (flash sync, shutter speed, etc) but did anyone notice the positives? Uncompressed HDMI out? Wireless control for HUNDREDS less than a D800/D4? Common battery? 5.5fps at 24MP? (if that disappoints you and you’re looking at this body mainly for sports you don’t know how to shop for a camera)

    This camera would seem like it dropped in from outer space just a few short years ago. I am anxious to see the higher ISO sample photos. if they are even close to usable at 1600-3200, I’ll be more than happy.

    • Ben Dover

      the negatives of flash sync, and shutter speed will only be a deal breaker for you if you find yourself using flash outdoors.
      Otherwise, (in general) you really won’t care.

    • Richard

      I dont think there is ever a new sensor which performs inferior to the old ones in the history of Nikon DSLR (other than d40 and d40x?), so I dont think this 24 mp full frame sensor is going to perform any less than a D700. The D4 might not be much of an improvement over D3s, but some slight improvement nevertheless. The D800 with its huge MP over the D700 still performs better in high ISO performance by a stop or so…… the only thing to look for is the price. $1500 or less it’s probably the best camera ever. 1/4000 can be solved with a ND quite easily pairing up with a 1.4 in bright day light. Lack of CLS and high speed syn sucks for outdoor speedlights…1/200 is adequate for most studio lighting

      • Iris Chrome

        Perhaps I missed it, but where exactly did it say no CLS?

    • Iris Chrome


      I for one am happy at Nikon’s choice to use EN-EL15.

      5.5 FPS is even better than what was expected (although I’ve never used higher than 3 FPS on my D7000).

      Couldn’t care less for 1/4000 shutter or 1/200 sync limitations.

      • Iris Chrome

        Oh and +1 for the 3.2″ LCD screen

      • Spacedog

        Could be even faster in DX mode. I hope the viewfinder has the same DX-frame as on the D800.

    • Dakota

      Absolutely agree, a lot to be happy with if rumors are true, especially comparing it to the $3500 Canon 5DMIII

  • samer R.

    I’m sold provided reasonable price.. a light full frame for walkaround will certainly be much better than either my D3 or D300 (again for walkaround)..

    I really hope the AF-ON is there, it’s just very convenient..

  • amien

    Is that it ?

    I would have expected some minor “upgrades” from nikon such as 1080P 60P and not the old outdated 720P again !!! How long will the joke continue ? I guess Sony is really crushing Nikon to not implant full HD slow motion…

    So actually the consumer will pay a bunch for a lower end camera not even as professional as the D7000 or D300 (no 1/8000, no high speed flash sync)

    This camera is a Hybrid camera : low-end prosumer with FF sensor, for 2000$ ? NO WAY !!!

    • gt

      It will almost assuredly have high speed flash sync.

      1/200th of a second is the upper bounds of NORMAL flash sync.

      all modern nikon cameras are capable of HSS with CLS capable speed lights.

      • BC

        Not ALL Nikons – D3200 and D5100 don’t do HSS

        • gt

          Oh, I stand corrected, that’s bizarre. It’s a feature of the flash more than the camera — I don’t know why they’d intentionally cripple their cameras that way.

          I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the D600 can and can’t do. No HSS would be pretty lame. I’d probably just bite the bullet and go D800 then.

          • BC

            I’m pretty sure this will have HSS and CLS. Everything above 5100 has it. But yeah, the do intentionally cripple that on the lower models so that it’s a feature to pay for on the higher ones.

        • Richard

          D5000 D5100 D3000 D3100 D3200 D5100 all has no high speed sny and CLS……

    • MRGABE

      720/60 is just fine. 1080/60 is too hard to deal with on a regular computer. want a camera that does that? buy a camera that does that.

      i plan on doing videos and them being viewed online, not on the big screen.

      but to each his own, i dont mean to attack you

      • amien

        hard to deal with on a regular computer ?

        Not at all, all modern consumer computers can edit 1080P 60P without any issue.

        BTW, all sony DSLR cameras, even their compact cameras shoot at 60P in full HD…

        The deal is simple : sony owns Nikon with its greater sensor technology, and Nikon is not allowed to implant it, for the moment.

        • Maji

          Bull shit about Sony owning Nikon.

          Sony does make great sensors but Nikon designed sensors are not slouches either. Why are you looking for high end features on a entry level FX camera? Shouldn’t those features be offered on higher level cameras costing more so that the people who need it buy those more expensive cameras allowing Nikon to make more money? That is what Nikon wants… to make more money. However, they do offer a lot of value to the users for the price and that is why I shoot Nikon.

    • Know many normal DSLRS that shoot 1080P in 60 fps? Didn’t think so..

    • Anthony

      Oh please! The amount of data you’d have to deal with at 1080P60 is so much more than 720P that having 720P makes a lot of sense for an awful lot of applications/situations/users. Not every videographer fancies himself/herself as Cecil B. DeMille. Not everyone has huge hard disks and quad-core i7’s with 16 GB of RAM. Sheesh.


    so, im guessing you want a high FPS d800 at $1500 price point?

    • sebastian

      no, but shutter 1/4000 and flash sync 1/200 is a joke!

      • MRGABE

        i can agree with that. although i CAN work with both IF the camera comes in at $1500-1700.

        i figure if you want those things, wait until this camera is announced and grab a d700 for $1400

        • BC

          If only the D700 had video I would have been all over it by now. That’s the only thing that will probably push me to buying the D600.

      • MB

        Yeah, but resolution is better than Canon 5d mk3 that costs 2 times as much and IQ will be better too as always with Nikon, flash sync is the same and as we all know it goes down to 1/4000 with Nikon speedlights, FPS is the same, LCD size is the same too so tell your employers at Canon too better try and make the product that could actually compete with Nikon instead of investing in trolls.

        • Andrew


      • babola

        I kind of share your frustration, however – no it isn’t a joke…this isn’t a camera aimed at professional and demanding shooters. For 99% of amateurs and enthusiasts it will be more than sufficient.

        • babola

          Admin, replying to specific posts in this thread is a little scr3wed up. My comment above was in reply to post from Sebastian, but somehow ended up at the main thread.

          I believe MB’s post was the same.

          • because I deleted some comments

            • NR Enthusiast

              TY admin

            • Andrew


              Now I see why I have been enjoying reading the comments in this blog. Good work, though I know it is hard spending valuable time cleaning up senseless posts. Anyway, thanks for allowing us to digest the comments on this important news regarding the D600 without unnecessary distractions.

      • Tamim

        just switch the Auto FP and you should be fine! you can go up to 4000 with flash ON !

      • Maji

        Can you explain why is it a joke?

        D700 – max SS = 1/8000, base IS= 200, Shutter Sync = 1/250
        D600- max SS = 1/4000, base IS= 100, Shutter Sync = 1/200.

        Doesn’t it do the same thing for a given light. As for the need for 1/8000 for stopping motion, how many enthusiasts need that? As for shutter sync, the D600 is actually better than the D700 when you factor in the base ISO.

        • Henrik

          I believe you just “scienced” some of the critics =)

        • Tomas

          1/8000 sec is not for stopping motion, but for blurred background & small DOF.
          If you choice F1.4 … F1.8 … F2.2 … in sunny day, you would need 1/16 000 sec. , for F1.4 in sunny day at the see you would need 1/32 000 sec.

        • D400

          sync speed is not countered by lower ISO. Sync speed kills ambient only, but ISO kills everything. If you are in a situation where you can’t raise your flash power any more, it becomes significant.
          That being said, we will probably still get 1/250th with radio triggers.

    • Axel

      with the AF / ISO perf of a D4 / D3S yes …

  • RussB

    Poor baby, are you overwhelmed by all of the choice? Best be off to Canon instead where life is simple, under-specced and very, very expensive.

    • That’s funny 🙂

      • baked bananas


        That’s truth

    • Maji

      Very true… this D600 probably will kick the 5D3’s butt in terms of DR.

  • FanBoy

    Essentially this is a great video cam.

  • Ghoma


    FOR THOSE COMPLAINING ABOUT 1/4000, 1/200 and 5.5fps

    There is a simple reason it0s not 1/8000 and 1/250 (at least): that will be Nikon D610. Who’s gonna buy it if D600 was that good? MARKETING! Nikon is going to sell tons of these, competition has nothing to answer with, they don’t need to go up with specs yet!

    Guess 5.5fps is just limited by the 24mpx files which fill the buffer really quickly.

    So, if you don’t like it, you can be sure D610 is gonna be what you want.

  • Gary S


    Any info on the weight and size?

    • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g


      • gt

        For comparison:

        D7000: Weight, Approx. 690 g (1.5 lb) without battery, 780 g (1.7 lb) with battery.

        • also


          D300s: Approx. 840 g without battery

          So this sits in between, closer to the d7000 in terms of weight.

          • gagAB@gGA.COM

            Just also noticed this will weight nearly identical to the Canon 60D (750G w/o battery) if thats any indication of size.

  • guddu

    How many of you out there, if any, thinks that d600 will surpass d800 in picture quality, low noise capability, just over all might be a better camera than d800?

    • Richard

      No way the D600 is a better camera than a D800, needless to say the D800E…..for half the price?!

    • rhlpetrus

      Not me.

      • gt

        4 years of sensor improvements can pretty much guarantee better picture quality and low ISO noise.

        Better overall camera….now that’s a different story….

        • JED

          Um, In what part of the world has the D800 been out for 4 years?

          • gt

            my mistake. I thought he was comparing it to the d700. yeah, no way is it going to surpass the D800

            • Anthony

              Except for the frame rate.

    • Price is the simplest guideline here. Better sensor material and technology carry greater cost, the most significant cost. That is the reason pointing that sensor technology in D600 will be significantly sub-par to D800’s one. Yes, D600 will claw some back by larger sensor sites but expect the end result to be price-proportional quality, nothing else.

  • bjaxson

    For me price will be everything. Based on these specs if the price is near $2000, I will probably have to consider a D800/E. I really wanted to stay will the 24 mpix so as to not have to handle the 36 files. We shall see in a few days and then the decision time comes.

    • D800E_user

      You can always shoot 1.2x crop mode in D800/E. most lenses outside of the gold ringed lenses and the f/1.8G primes doesn’t do well outside the 1.2x crop area anyways….

  • Could the WU-1b WiFI gizmo work via on the D800 via a firmware update or is their some bits missing inside camera for this ?

    I like the compact size of the D600 and the AF if replicates the D7000 to FX will be fine in my books – expect Canon to offer a 22mp 5d3 sensor and 7d AF in a 7d / 60d body very soon.

  • MWNN

    Come on !
    Some of you guys cannot be serious !

    Complaining for a max shutterspeed of 1/4000s !!

    I say : once I’ve seen dozens of pics @ 1/6400 & 1:8000 (from each one of you crying guys) … then I might say it’s a problem …

    Some guys are just not serious.
    Wanting the D4, with a D800 sensor at a D3200 price ! Nonsense !


  • MWNN

    Come on !
    Some of you guys cannot be serious !

    Complaining for a max shutterspeed of 1/4000s !!

    I say : once I’ve seen dozens of pics @ 1/6400 & 1:8000 (from each one of you crying guys) … then I might say it’s a problem …

    Some guys are just not serious.
    Wanting the D4, with a D800 sensor at a D3200 price ! Nonsense !


    • amien

      1/8000 is very easy to implant (look at the D7000) and helps to gain 1 Full stop of aperture, in any case you need to isolate more, so yes, in a advanced consumer oriented model, this should be a no-brainer.

      • Pellevin

        D600 goes down to ISO 50 while D7000 goes to 100 which means you can use the same aperture in bright light with both cameras. Not much to cry about. Besides it is easier to make a DX camera 1/8000 than an FX so don’t compare apples and pears…

        • amien

          “D600 goes down to ISO 50”

          are you sure about that ?

          I dont think it is easier to implant it on DX, it is the same, same mechanics, same expeed engine etc… it is pure marketing !

    • gt

      D700 – base ISO 200; max shutter 1/8000th

      D600 – base ISO 100; max shutter 1/4000th.

      they’re equivalent.

      • Spacedog

        Dosn´t make sense to me, please explain.

        • BC

          The D600 base ISO is supposed to be ISO 100. That is one stop less sensitivity than the base ISO of the D700 (ISO 200). Therefore only going to 1/4000 is the same exposure as 1/8000 on a D700 due to the ISO difference.

          • Alex

            The DR maximum on the iso200 almost all sensors

          • Spacedog

            OK, now i understand what you mean when you say equivalent.
            Thanks 😉

        • Russb

          Let me help, pro FX cameras are not for you…

          • ‘Litism

            Feel proud of yourself now?

  • John

    I don’t detect any ISO or WB buttons on the back and I don’t think they will be on top as in the D700. Can anyone answer this?

    • Maji

      The control dial on the left hand side (when you are looking in to the viewfinder) has two tiers. I believe one of the tiers are for the picture controls and the other is for stuff like ISO, WB etc.

  • David

    To all of you bitching around about 1/4000: you seem to forget that most DSLRs before (like the oh-so-great D700) had a minimum ISO of 200. In terms of reducing light 1/4000@ISO100 equals 1/8000@ISO200.

    If you need the speed to freeze extremely short motion (which does not seem to be the case for most of the comments here) go get a D800 or D4. Nikon would be completely insane to pack all those pro features into such a low-priced body.

  • lamont

    cant even get the d800 problems solved, and get the people thats got orders from jan there cameras and gonna drop another on lets see how many problems this one has. Lets go nikon.

    • Michael Switzer

      Learn how to effen write and spell, troll

  • Landscape Photo

    Forget this toyish D600. If you are desperate for FX, then better try saving another grand or sell a lens and get the real thing, D800 to avoid buyer’s remorse & frustration.

    D600 will unlikely have any advantage over D800 other than being more affordable. Small size will not be an advantage unless you restrict yourself with the smallest set of primes. Otherwise to give an example, the 28-300mm VR will look really weird on a D600. And I don’t think it will have a remarkable high-iso advantage over D800 because of less pixel count. If it were so, then Nikon would have used it on D4.

    • ben

      It’s funny that you claim the D600 is “toyish” because it is not big enough for the 28-300 to look nice on it.

    • Michel

      Good strategy. I dont think anyone should buy or consider ordering a D600 until I get mine, I dont want to wait either.

  • D300user

    Never gone faster than 1/1000 in 28 years of photography. I didn’t know that 1/8000 would be so important to someone. I don’t like the cheap body, as we know a new D700 / 24 mp with fast fps lacks and D800 has only 4 fps. I don’t know what to do, I have 24-70 and 70-200/2,8 so I’m almost ready for FX but… D600 is a compromise! I could also keep my D300 and wait for a D400. Nevertheless the price of D600 is inviting for a 24MP FX!

  • rockland01

    How about an external Nikon Battery pack that bumps up the fps?? Even in DX??

    The wildlife /sportsshooters need a few more fps to help without spending double or triple the cost of this camera!!

  • Joopey

    Personally, a 1/8000 shutter and 7 fps would be better, but as an entry-level FF and at a $1,600 price point, I will buy it. I’m switching from Sony so I would rather put my money into some 2.8 lenses and upgrade to a better FF a few years down the line.

    • BC

      Seems like a lot of people were saying yesterday that the price point will be $1900, not $1600.

      • St.

        That could be the difference which makes me buy it or not…

  • T.I.M

    What about the vertical grip for the D600 ?
    $500 ?

    BTW I bought a Meike grip on Ebay for $53 (free shipping), it’s not Nikon’ quality but I’ll only use it occasionally with my Af-s 200mm f/2

    If Nikon was selling the MB-D12 for $300 it would be OK but at $400 they won’t have my business.


  • Jatz

    Stay calm people… Let’s just wait and see what the new iPhone has tomorrow…

    I’m tipping full frame, 18mp, 1/8000, 1/250, 10 frames a second and full 1080p 60f video.


    On a serious note though… I don’t see this as the replacements for my D700’s either! Hate the 36mp sensor or that and don’t like the 1/4000 of this model. What to do??? C’mon Nikon, you have to produce a solid D700 replacement soon!

    • St.

      Please give me some examples of how do you utilize the speed difference 1/4000 – 1/8000?
      What shots you MUST do with faster than 1/4000 speed?
      I’m really curious what frames you cannot freeze with 1/4000sec?

      If it’s just about making the correct exposure – a reader above was right – D600 and D700 are the same.
      D700 has ISO200
      D600 has ISO100
      … which stop compensates the one stop in speed difference.

    • Maji

      The D700’s base ISO is 200 and fastest Shutter Speed is 1/8000. The D600’s base ISO is 100 and fastest Shutter Speed is 1/4000. For the same lighting condition, these will give you identical exposure settings, given other stuff are equal. Why are you bitching about the SS then? Or just bitching for the sake of bitching?

  • rhlpetrus

    Price? If under 1,700, a bighit, at 1,899 as some say, smaller amrket. I’m going FF, will wait a bit and see IQ from this camera. If similar to D800’s at 24MP, will likely get one, use extra cash for at least one good zoom.

  • Ernesto

    It seems is going to have a SMALL VIEWFINDER. I hate those narrow dx viewfinders.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Opposite to D800, LCD of D600 will now have a magenta & violet cast, and Nikon will claim it reflects the true colors on a claibrated screen 🙂

  • Chris

    For those knocking the specs, what other options for $2000 or under would be better than this? Seems like performance and IQ will be at least as good as the D7000 and obviously it’s much cheaper than the D800 and the 5D so it seems like it’s a pretty good niche in the market Nikon is filling.

  • Dave

    No, 1/4000 isn’t fast eough, neither is 1/8000. Those crying babies need 1/999999999999999 so that they can shoot faster than light.

  • Newsed1

    Can anybody tell the file size (in MB) I would get on DX format at the largest settitng?


    • Spacedog

      About 14 MB in RAW, don´t use JPEG. JPEG costs too much image quality and many possibilities of editing..

    • d300user

      I think about 10 MP, like D200 was…
      3,936 x 2,624 = 10,32

  • Padaung

    Admin, any idea if it will have USB2 or USB3?


  • tlt

    What this is behind other product:
    – metering 2,048 vs 91k in D800
    – standard iso is only up to 6400 – sony ff has up to 25,600

    Looks like a D7000 with FF sensor, and possibly improve video.

    • scurvy hesh

      ISO isnt what it used to be. Just because a camera is rated to 25,000 doesn’t mean it will be worth using. Sony has been known to exaggerate the ISO numbers in the past. Lets see what the actual photos look like before we get our panties in a bunch

  • rhlpetrus

    I don’t get the whiners here, this is what many asked for, an FF D7000. It’s exactly that, almost same body, just a bit larger mirror box. D7000 has been one of the most successful bodies in Nikon history, it leads DPR in both uploads and challenge participation. It’s also the second leading Nikon at Flickr (D90 is still first). The D600, depending on price, will follow that path. Not the camera many wanted, so what? People wanted a D700+D4 sensor at <2,000USD?

  • Spacedog

    The D3100 has a pretty good image quality for a entry level camera (if you use good lenses) and FF will be a boost of quality. That counts for me. I think D600 will fit perfectly as an FF addition for my D7000 and really makes sense for me.

  • per

    The biggest drawback is the 2016 sensor. I t means they are usling
    The old af system of the d7000. I was hoping for the greater tracking ability of the new 91000 sensor. Nevertheless, it’s a winner!

  • tlt

    This can be Nikon bait for selling more FF lenses (much more expensive than the DX ones)

  • Mp3Markel

    I currently use the D5100 and am impressed with the ISO capability. I have never felt limited by my shutter speed (rarely go over 1000) but I do tend to use 1/200th pretty often with flash. Is a faster flash sync for the extra 1k+ for the D800 worth it to me? Not hardly.
    I’m excited to see the enhanced ISO capability using FF and also the new perspective FF will give me with a few FX lenses I own. One feature I hope this camera includes is a DOF preview button.
    For those saying this camera is a joke, I love the ability to go FF for under 2K, something I never thought I’d be able to afford! I think a photographer that is on a budget (and not so worried about specs they’d never use anyway) will be more than happy with this new option!

    • cheesy strider

      Don’t you wish you could keep that swivel screen from your 5100? I know l do

  • Doug B

    Nikon, I’ve got to hand it to you.

    It takes a *special* skill to release so many cameras with fantastic specs and bells and whistles, YET STILL fail to release a single body that does what I want/need.

    D4 = Great but not enough MP
    D800 = Great but not enough FPS
    D600 = Nice, but too slow sync, 1/4,000, probably too slow FPS and too consumer body/form factor
    D7000 = Nice IQ, but cramped consumer grade body and slow FPS kill it.

    You are clearly doing a shitty job when the best cameras for me are STILL the D700 and D300s, as they are SO showing their age.

    Come on already, tired of this BS.

    • Rob Banks

      If I were you, I’d make my own camera. Yeah, spec and all, exactly the way I want it!

    • bc

      Wow, Doug! You’ve got me really curious now about what you shoot that requires both 36mp AND 10fps!

      • Anthony

        Well, offHAND, I’d say something that needs a lot of magnification and happens so fast, he needs the frame rate to capture it.I’d guess, but I don’t want to CHOKE. Just too CHICKEN, I suppose. Hope the admin doesn’t SPANK me for postin’ here, like some MONKEY.

    • BartyL

      Are you sure your name isn’t Goldilocks?

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