Updated specifications for the Nikon D600


The release probability of the Nikon D600 for Photokina is now at 99%. Here is an updated list of the specifications (new additions in bold):

  • Very small and lightweight body
  • 16 bit image processing
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Maximum video recording: 30 minutes
  • Built-in mic
  • 19 scene modes
  • Magnesium alloy only on top and back only
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000
  • Shutter life: 150,000 cycles (the D800 is rated for 200,000 cycles)

Previously reported Nikon D600 specs:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100%
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 will not have built-in GPS
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • Internal AF motor
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
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  • Richard

    WOW….if the D600 is REALLY $1500…then it’s really a big bang for the buck.
    Does it make sense to get the D800 with double the price for: more metal alloy, faster shutter at 1/8000, slightly more durable shutter at 200k, slightly more AF points, slightly higher MP (36 vs 24.7), slower fps?? Wow I think that’s a no for many, except D800E owners like me who don’t mind paying more. But damn I am so getting a D600 for my wife and sister. The U1 U2 settings are extremely useful, which I am disappointed isnt incorporated in the D800, which still has that old school custom menu bank thing which takes forever to customize and switch. Ok so Nikon kick canon’s bottom with the D800 and D600…but lost to the 1DX with the D4

    • KT

      I wonder where you got that idea from that the 1D X won the battle against the D4, from what I read, both the AF and sensor performance are a wash and the DXO review of 1D X is yet to come out

      • IKnowAll

        No. The 1D X Won.

        • Ben

          16 bit image processing will be a first in an DSLR.

          d600 will be groundbreaking in may ways.

          • CHD


          • JED

            Not at all. My D300 has 16 bit processing and so does I think every other Nikon DSLR in the last five years.

          • MP

            The D$, D800 and D3200 all have 16-bit image processing.

            • I’m afraid the last two commenters are wrong about that. While you have to select the “16 bit” mode in pp to get the full 14 bits out of your camera, none of nikon’s current cameras (including the D4) offer 16 bit raw recording.

              D4 specs are here: http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d4/spec.htm

              As far as I can tell, the D600 *would* be the first camera in Nikon’s lineup to offer 16 bit recording.

          • Koseng

            16 bit image processing is not the same as 16 bit RAW. It’s just a measurement of the CPU I guess.

            • JED

              Correct. The cameras all have 16 bit processing. Final output is 12 or 14 bit.

    • MS

      Keep in mind the D800 can do 5FPS @ 25MP and 5.7 FPS @ 25MP with grip. That puts it very close to the 5DM3. The price difference buys you a grip if you need it.

      Also everything I’ve read suggests the D4 bests the 1DX. Image quality slightly better on D4 and AF better at tracking on D4 with more keepers, but acquisition on 1DX a fraction of a second faster. Obviously both are amazing cameras.

      All that being said, my ideal camera would be a D4 Sensor in a D800 body with 6fps (8w/grip). Not sure I’ll ever see that. I was hoping for a D400 too, but looks like either never, or maybe in February.

      • Richard

        +1 on the D4 sensor in a D800 body.

        I haven’t had an opportunity to try the D800 extensively, but have shot the D4 enough that I noticed the difference in the physical feel of the shutter release button compared to the D7000. I think part of the problem with the D7000’s need for higher shutter speed is that the shutter release button itself is not up to par. It disturbs the camera when depressed much, much more than on the D4.

        Many people are overlooking the fact that the D800 was a year old design when released. There are a lot of things that appear to have changed in that year. None the least is the realization that an integrated wireless capability is about to become a standard feature on any better camera. Even the D4 missed the boat in this regard with the absurdly expensive add-on wireless module.

        What with the production problems with the D800 I have come to wonder if it will soon be replaced with an updated version. It is nearly two years old already…which would normally be about right for a mid-life refresh anyway.

        I also wonder if the extra time has provided Nikon the chance to design their own sensor for the D800 replacement.

        With the price drop of the D7000, one has to wonder if that is the signal that there will soon be either a D7100 or a D400, or perhaps even both.

    • Josh

      Yeah I really don’t understand why there are no custom user modes on D800/D4. Being able to quickly configure your camera for different situations seems like it would be even more valuable to pros than amateurs.

      • georg


        The D800 is a landmark and sure one of the best cameras now. But the usability and handling is imho really bad and a huge step backward. I like the D700 and D7000 much more than the D800 (for you fanboys: Keep your weapons down, I’m talking only about usability from my point of view).
        If the D600 has the U1,2 modes of the D7000 or better C1,2,3 modes of the 5D it will be a much more “useable” camera than D800.

        Nevertheless, I want a mirrorless DX and FX body ASAP. The FX with the sensor of the D800 🙂 and size not bigger than a F3 without motor.

      • Rob Banks

        Because Nikon was afraid of your “pros’ will revolt and buy Canon if they put a “scene dial” with U1.U2 on D800/E. That dial is saved for the amaturs.

        • Josh

          lol they dont’ have put a scene dials. The user modes could be included and selected just like PASM are.

        • georg

          You simply do not understand what a user Mode is and mistake it as scene modes.. *facepalm*

      • @Josh, both the D800 and D4 share similar customization abilities by giving you four banks each for shooting and controls. As I never really got to play with the D7000 much, after owning it less than a week, I didn’t quite understand what the U1/U2 modes provided. I thought it was just two extra buttons which a user could asign a shooting or control item to. It was a way to make up for the lack of buttons, wheels, and knobs you get from the physically larger cameras. All of the Nikon DSLRs I’ve owned and shot regularly with thus far have been the D300, D3, D700, and D4. All of them have VERY similar menu systems and customization abilities, which is why I REALLY like Nikon’s DSLRs; after you learn the first one, the rest come easy! With that said, I still think Nikon could improve on it some more.

  • Trujillojosh

    Sounds like a big let down to me small light wight plastic body and high priced FX lens. Sounds like I am going to be save $3000 to buy the D800 or buy the D300s

    • MS

      If the rumors are correct, the body will be mostly metal just like the D7000, and weather sealed. Only plastic on the front, which granted is a disadvantage if you’re hanging pro zooms off of it.

      • Andrew


        It is about time we get a compact, light weight, magnesium alloy full frame DSLR camera. The D600 fits the bill. You cannot please all of the people all of the time. The D600 will obviously outsell the D800 and D4 cameras combined. In fact it may probably outsell all of Nikon’s higher cost cameras combined. The D600 will in my opinion be the biggest product release in the history of Nikon.

        • Rob Banks

          Disagree. D70 was the first time Nikon put a reasonably priced ($1000) DSLR in the hands of greater mass. That camera started the DSLR revolution as Ford Model T in automobile. Before that, DSLR is only for a handful “pros”.

          • Andrew

            I cannot argue against the importance of the D70, though I think the D90 holds a more important role in the history of photography than the D70. The D90 was the first DSLR camera to come with video recording capabilities. I “myself” own a D80, though I wish I had waited a year and bought the D90 which made the D80 obsolete with its video capability. The D80 takes beautiful pictures, but neither it, nor the D70 gave us video capability.

            The D600, with its full frame sensor will be the first camera to serious challenge the high-end consumer camcorder market with its allegedly aggressive price point of $1,500. Its video performance should be acceptable for use by News reporters, Movie Studios, and TV Documentary production. The D600 is a game changer!

            • Gideon

              I think there are just too many DSLRs around now for any one to be as groundbreaking as the D70 (or, if you like, the D90). The presence of a low end like the D3200 means most sales will go there and the midrange is for prosumers.

              As for this camera though, it is a breakthrough for full frame. At last we can have something reasonably small to use with a prime or small zoom. I’m sure it’ll be robust enough for normal usage. This is the full-frame ‘for everyone’.

          • Thierry

            That camera (D70) started the DSLR revolution as Ford Model T in automobile. Before that, DSLR is only for a handful “pros”.
            The first sub-$1,000 camera was the Canon Rebel. The rebel is the one which started the dSLR revolution “as Ford Model T in automobile”. The D70 came later.

    • Eric


      I currently shoot with the Nikon D300s and am very pleased but if you opted for a D300s you would be taking a step backwards in ISO performance. If the D600 is anything like the D7000 and D800 it will perform very well at higher ISOs. The D300s can’t produce usable quality images above ISO 800. Now add to that it is going to be full frame body and it is a no brainer either the D800 or the D600. I will very likely go with the D600 unless the price point it only a few hundred less than the D800.

  • Chris Weller

    Any word on increased FPS with battery grip?

  • Kysa

    1/4000 is a dealbraker…

    • Rhys


    • Mark

      You can’t be serious.

      • Michael

        You obviously have never shot wide open with primes in daylight.

        • Adam

          Wouldn’t a neutral density filter help out in that regard? Or at the very least a CP.

          • @Adam, filters get in the optical path, a faster shutter doesn’t. Good filters are expensive and you may require several for all of your glass, or at least step up/down rings and one good filter. Stepping between outdoors and indoors will most likely require the removal of a filter. Its cheaper and much more convienent to do 1/8000 in camera than to do 1/4000 plus filters. IMHO, the D300/S is more of a professional DSLR than the currently rumored D600, with respect to construction and shutter speeds. Now I don’t doubt the sensor in the D600 will give you an image quality advantage along with its larger size over the D300/S. I just wonder how Nikon is going to convince everyone that a D600 is significantly better than the top of the line pro-built DX DSLRs. And what message do you think consumers will get if a D400 is released at a similar or higher price point, with a sensor of similar specifications in terms of resolution and ISO, with cheaper and lighter and smaller DX zoom lenses which provide similar results to their larger FX equivalents? What is then left, the FX advantage for Bokeh? I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to what sells and Nikon has discovered there are enough people out there that think they need FX, even though they can’t explain why, or even afford the faster FX glass to benefit from it.

    • RC

      What do you need faster shutter speeds for? Just use ND filters.

      • hawkins

        Oh yeah, bring a ND filter for every size of your lens? That’s a big hassle, especially if you need to change filter in the field with more dust getting in. Also most people use variable ND filters now, which gets very expensive especially for your larger glass.

        • karl

          you mean there are other sizes than 77mm ?

          • nick


          • don

            I guess you never heard of primes…

            • Joe Boston

              I guess you’ve never heard of stepping rings.

            • Mark

              I guess the guys who made great photographs with cameras limited to 1/2000 (or even 1/1000) had skills that you lack. And don’t say the lenses were not as fast because they were.

              +1 for ND filters, if that still needs to be said.

          • @Karl, yes, ever heard of 52mm drop in? What’s that you say, “A D600 user will never mount such a lens because if he can afford that kind of glass, he can afford the D800 or D4.” Exactly my thoughts too! And likewise for the holy trinity, most future D600 owners won’t spend more on a single lens than the DSLR body. Which explains why Nikon is busy making cheaper, slower, FX glass. Which now brings up another point altogether, why bother with an entry level FX camera? Because it sells to two groups of photographers, a smaller budget oriented group which knows the best f/1.8 prime lenses to pair with it, and the huge group of enthusiasts which have heard that FX is better, but have yet to learn why, but are still willing to shell out $1500 for the body alone! I would be willing to bet that the two FX lenses which get kitted with the D600 will be the 24-120 and 28-300 zoom lenses.

        • FilterND

          Hawkins, are you really dumb enough to think you must buy a ND for .every lens? You buy a 77mm or large enough to cover all sizes…. and use step down rings for your other lenses. This is how it is done unles you ahve money trees growing in your backyard. What’s cheaper? A $2 ring or a $100+ filter

          • fhfg

            Just because they may not be familiar with stepping rings is no reason to call someone dumb. Next time try giving the person helpful advice (and your post was helpful) without the terrible attitude.

          • @FilterND, What’s cheaper and more convienent? A $1600 D600 with a 1/8000 shutter, or a $1500 D600 with a 1/4000 shutter + $100 filter + $10/step up ring + S&H for said accesories + inconvienence + lost time screwing with filters (pun intended).

        • R8R

          If you can afford multiple prime full frame lenses, why would you shop for a D600 anyway? Get the body that matches your glass, your budget and your shooting situations.

          Or buy one big ass 105mm ND filter and hold it in front of each lens to take a shot. You got two hands, right?

        • Erica

          never heard of Lee filters?

          • @Erica, Lee filters are great, as well as their prices. I bet that less than 1% of the D600 purchasers would be willing to buy Lee filters because of the cost alone. I suspect the cheaper resin filters from Cokin will sell beter to a future D600 audience.

    • Edgar

      Even worse then my 8 year old D70…. 1/8000th is nice when shooting wide aperture in the sun.

      • Aurobindo Saha


        You need to realize 1963 Austin Mini Copper & 2012 Toyota Prius.

        Times change. Though you have a old is gold philosophy, but sometimes possessing gold is makes no sense.

        I am a D70s owner, and the camera feels so good in my hand. So confortable. But technology change. The dynamic range and ISO of D70s is far far low than than modern DSLRs. I bought D7000 last week, and though my hand misses the grip of D70s, I love the new changes D7000s brought.

        Lets make room for new ones. May be we love what we have so far. But we also need to accept the new.

        My grandfather loved his Leica M2 and Rolli; it was part of him, and he thought , no other camera can be better than that. I don’t find any use of it now.

        It depends on individual perception. As long as you happy clicking it does not matter if its Rolli or Leica or D70 or D7000 or D600.

        These are all my personal humble opinion. Hard hard feelings.


    • Aaron

      I have to agree. I shoot a lot of weddings and events in Southern California and Las Vegas and shooting wide open in that sun is difficult at 1/8000. 1/4000 is a deal beaker for me too, and it’s too bad, because I would buy 3 of these in a heartbeat otherwise; they’re a perfect backup to have sitting in car or for my assistants to have in their bags. As for ND filters, I use them anyway, but they’re a pain, and yes, there are many other filter sizes that 77mm in pro glass…the 35mm f/1.4G or the 14-24mm f/2.8G (which doesn’t accept a traditional filter at all) both spring to mind.

      • You meen to tell me you would take a camera designed for amateurs, to weddings ? That is such a shame !

        You should realise that this body would not balance well with large 1.4 primes, or 2.8 zooms, it would not have the ergonomics of a pro camera, and so on.

        • @inginerul, Aaron’s proposed useage for professional wedding photography makes perfect sense to me. By having multiples, he is less likely to have a inability to capture images due to failed equipment than if he just had one D4. Balance and ergonomics are all subjective and individually biased, much like OUR posts on this forum.

    • georg

      Nope. 1/8000 is nice but not really needed. You may not need a ND filter in 1 of 1000 shots.. but 1/8000 to 1/4000 ist just 50% of the light.. in scenes with fast primes wide open you may need a ND filter even with 1/8000.

      If you use a D600 or D800 you have to have the money for additional filter or stay with a D3200.

      Nevertheless, I want a DX and FX mirrorless body asap.

  • Gary

    “Smaller body”, does this mean similar to D7000?

    • Ke

      It’ll be a fraction bigger & heavier than the D7000, but still smaller than any other fullframe camera around.

  • Photonut

    Don’t know about the weight, but it doesn’t look very small to me.

    Smaller than the D3200 and lighter than a pound would qualify for that statement…

  • ras

    The true successor to the 700 is… the 5D MkIII 🙂

    • krr

      people seem to forget that 5d mk iii costs 3000 euros … way to expensive to be a d700 successor and a way too bad to win against d800

      • Also, it’s made by Canon, so it can’t be D700’s successor, because it doesn’t have its most basic feature, the Nikon F mount.

        • don

          An adapter will fix that.

          • D400

            Yeah, the adaptor will rob you of autofocus, auto diaphram, aperture control on G lenses, VR, etc etc etc.

  • ras

    To me The D6H looks slightly smaller than the D7K.

  • Sitha

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, crap, waited all this time, and shutter only 1/4000 sec, I’ll pass on…. this totally sucks…

    • hawkins

      Totally agree… You figure this camera will fit nicely between D700 and D800 in pixel size. They should have just priced this camera at $1999, with 1/8000 sec shutter, and full weather seal.

  • AM

    I hope one of the 19 scenes is the Ken Rockwell’s settings: cranked-up color saturation, AutoWB A4, so everything looks orange.

    • Vlad


      I almost choked on your comment, HILARIOUS! 🙂


      • Boing Wronkwell

        Absolutely …

        Got to have orange skin tones for pics of the kido.

        Remember to over sharpen too. Canon gear is perfect for that, right out of the box.

        Nikon? Who needs them, what with all that accurate rendition? Pah!

        • Ren Cockswell

          Yep, Ken Rockwool is a little dumb and I will buy the D600.
          God shave the queen !

          best regards

    • Z

      Too funny …

  • jw48335

    Focus Peaking? Please? With sugar on top? Even the little Panasonic GH3 has it now. That’s the only thing I see missing…

  • FX for $1500 will be a game changer. Expect more reasonably priced and sized FX lenses like the 24-85 VR, and no D400. Sorry birders…

    • Richard


      I know the rumors of a D400 have been very scarce, but there certainly will be a lot of disappointed people if there is not a D400 sometime soon. You may be right, but I hope that is not the case.

      • DX2FX

        I believe if there was a D300, there will be a D400 DX. It has just become more difficult for Nikon to figure out what specs and price point the D400 is going to have.

      • Richard, no doubt there are people who will be disappointed if there is no D400. However, I believe the main buyers of such a camera are birders who need pro quality AF with maximum pixel density. There are lots of them, but probably not enough to justify a distinct DX body.

        It is quite possible the successor to the D7000 will have an improved AF system to keep the birders from becoming too unhappy. It simply will not have a Magnesium body and some other features.

  • rosscos20

    Why?….Why oh why do Nikon think their customers want an under-proportioned camera? I just don’t get it, it’s not like anyone is putting a DSLR in their pocket!

    Ergonomics will suffer and that may just sway me to a 5DmkII or Canon’s rumored entry-level full frame (supposing that isn’t made to fit my 5ft wife!)

    • Cndlpwr

      I’m guessing you haven’t shot an event where you have to raise a camera to your eye 500 times a day. Shave a pound off your camera/lens combo, and you lift 500 pounds less that day.

      That’s not insignificant and a lighter body is very tempting for such an application.

      • krr

        he talked about size .. not weight …

        • Cndlpwr

          They are directly related.

      • @CndlPwr, I don’t know about you, but I can use the exercise!
        For the petite soccer moms, I can see the attraction to smaller and lighter. I’m just the oposite, as I have hands big enough to palm a basketball with in one hand. XXL gloves are two sizes two small for me. The D4 is my best friend!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You should get a larger wife!

    • Erica

      I for one would like a FF DSLR with the ergonomics of the D7000 which I own.
      I don’t have big hands and when I use my partner’s D700 I always have the problem of it being to big for my hands. So I can imagen that a lot of female photographers would like the D600. And for specs: I like them.

  • Alex

    The sensor is made by Aptina.
    That’s a bad news. Because shadows won’t be as good as D7000, D800 etc.
    DR will be less. Low light performance will not be so good.
    Nikon without Sony boosters 🙂
    The sensor will give below-D7000 performance for a full frame camera.
    Buy the D800, but only after the left focus issue is sorted.

    • jw48335

      We don’t know that yet. Nobody seems to know to what extent Sony takes a part in these sensor designs. These fabrication facilities often just churn out what they’re handed- just like very few chip makers in the PC world actual own their on fabs. If Nikon cooked the design themselves and Aptina is just manufacturing it, then chances are good it will benefit from their D4/D800 sensor experience. Of course, that may not be the case, but we don’t know either way yet.

    • dnguyen

      Nikon may outsource sensor manufacturing but Nikon designs the sensor itself, and everything else through the competition of the body. Why do you think Sony sensors and cameras are never match the quality that is Nikon even if they manufacture the sensors for Nikon?

    • Timo

      The D600 is the wrong move in my eyes. It’s not a worthy D70 successor and so it doesn’t supplement my D800. If Nikon fornicate with the sensor anyway, the better move would have been to get the Fuji X1pro sensor for a D300s successor without AA. Of course with Nikon’s other up to date electronics in it.
      Not that I’m going to leave the Nikon camp but I’m now seriously thinking about getting a 5DIII. Even it can’t keep up with the D800 but the 24 PCE can’t keep up with Canon’s 24 TS and a 17 TS still isn’t available from Nikon. I personally like even Canon’s 70-200 better as Nikon’s 70-200 has too much focus breathing. And on a Canon one can use Nikon glass with an adaptor while it doesn’t work vice versa.

      • Richard

        Yea, that 24 T/S is a sweet lens. Nikon really ought to get a new generation of PC lenses out and quickly.

    • That’s a possibility, but the Sony a99 will also have a 24MP sensor.

  • dnguyen

    Nikon D600 + 28mmg18g + 50mmf18g + 85mmf18g

    • Gideon

      My thoughts exactly. Don’t forget the 20mm f/1.8 (?) and 24mm f/1.8 that are surely on their way.

  • Nick P

    I love reading people’s comments on a product that hasn’t been released yet. Nothing could be more true than this article for people that already own something when a new model comes out.


  • hpb

    This is the first time, in more than 30 years, that I really feel let down by Nikon.
    As a (very pleased) owner of a D300, I now feel in a kind of dead end.
    I do not expect a D400 anymore.
    On the other hand, as far as I am concerned, I do not see any acceptable upgrade path to FF (no real D700 successor)

  • atw

    hpb, agree. There will be no room for a D400 in the Nikon lineup if the D600 is released at this price point. Recent price drop suggests the D7000’s days are numbered. Presumably, that would make the upcoming D7100 the new top of the line DX camera.

    • Deep Lurker

      hpb, atw, I disagree. I think there’s plenty of room in the market for both a D600 and a D400, even with both at the same price. There are a lot of people who think “why get a D400 if I could get a D600?” and also a lot of people who think “why get a D600 if I could get a D400?”

      I’m sticking with my prediction that Nikon will release both this year.

      • @DeepLurker, EXACTLY! I too think that a D400 can and will eventually co-exist with the D600, even at the same price point, or possibly a bit more. Nikon just needs to take the price difference between the FX sensor in the D600 and DX sensor in a D400 and apply it to the D400’s features. So, you might get a D400 with the following specs…18MP DX sensor, 51 AF points, f/8 AF cross points, EXSPEED3 processor, 1/8000 shutter, 200K shutter rating, All magnesium weather sealed pro body (D800 ergonomics), 7FPS native, 10FPS with optional MB-D12 battery grip, dual XQD card slots, HUGE memory buffer, ISO 100 native low with 12,800 ISO native max, and 25,600 expanded HI ISO, HD Video because they can, 100% viewfinder, backlit buttons, optional WT-5 transmitter support…all this for only $1599! Any takers?

        • Richard

          @Dr SCSI
          I think such a camera would thrive rather than merely coexist with a D600. While it is true that a D4 can shoot in DX mode, people who will primarily shoot in DX mode, certainly wildlife photographers, need something sturdy to stand up to the weight of supertelephoto lenses attached to them when being handled. When mounted on a gimbal head the lens is the weight bearing point, but the body and lens mount still need to be substantial.

          The specs you describe would make a very interesting camera. I certainly would be interested in such a camera!

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Did I mention that I’m really happy about this?
    I’m having thoughts about a ceremony involving my Fuji and my Kodak and a LAKE somewhere. But there must be some other equally destructive but slightly useful way to expend them…
    I’m really happy about this. I know that there are some who aren’t and that kind of makes the moment like one of those you have when you’re trying hard not to laugh at a funeral or something. This is really good. I mean really really really good. Maybe enough to be the first new thing I bought in years.

    I’m sorry for those of you who have a lot of bucks tied up in a lot of stuff if you didn’t use it. That’s a lot of stuff. APS lenses and bodies… Top shelf full frames… Other brands… On the bright side, it’s not out yet and you still can use your stuff until then, and even afterward. Also, for other brand users, your brand may eventually offer something vaguely similar. If your thinking about your money, prices of used gear tend to take a long time to adjust to a new market reality. But be sure. This IS a new market reality. The prices of everything you own will be set by this reality. And I think it will become a lot harder to differentiate what was taken with “professional” gear, just as it was in the good old film days. This is really really good.

  • Bill

    Right now I’m very disappointed that Nikon does not make a camera that I’m interested in purchasing. Which is a shame since I have the money and I’m ready to buy.

    What I’m looking for is a camera with a PC connection, AI compatible metering, minimum 5 fps, and a body that’s going to fit my very large hands, around 18-24 mp in either a DX or FX sensor and a price around $2,000 US.

    The D800 is simply too much camera for me. The D600 isn’t enough. If they would put a modern sensor (of either size) and processor into a D700 body, I’d be in line with cash in hand.

    • hpb

      + 1000

    • Pablo Ricasso

      The D700 was 3000 bucks when it came out too. Since when is there too much camera? The D800 is cheaper than the new 5d and about the same as the non existent Sony. You can use it on dumbed down resolution and probably still get better images. And the D600 IS 5 frames per second. I think the D800 is also in DX mode. What would you have done if you were looking for a camera at this time last year? And what makes you think you can’t use your AI lenses?

      • Bill

        Why do I need 36 megapixels when the vast majority of my shots are displayed on a 1280 x 1024 monitor? A small number of my pictures are printed between 11×14 and 20×30 so I need sufficient pixels for that.

        The D600 is not going to have a PC connector, according to the specs here and based upon the D7000. I want a PC connector and a 10 pin connector. Does the D7000 have a 10 pin connector? I think it does not.

        The D7000 body doesn’t have the meter coupling tab thingy needed for AI lenses, does it? I want a meter coupling tab thingy. I do not wish to use stop-down metering.

        The D800 gets above 4 frames per second, if and only if, you add the grip and extra batteries. Then it’ll get 6 in DX mode, which is minimally acceptable, although I understand that the viewfinder is crop mode is sub-optimal. I do not want to use a sub-optimal viewfinder simply to get the fps that I desire.

        Since I was looking for a new camera this time last year, I can tell you what I did. I waited and didn’t buy. I suppose that’s what I’ll do again this year and I’ll continue to do that until Nikon produces a camera that I would be interested in spending my money on or until my S5 kicks the bucket and I am forced to compromise.

        • Jake

          >The D7000 body doesn’t have the meter coupling tab thingy needed for AI lenses, does it? I want a meter coupling tab thingy. I do not wish to use stop-down metering.

          Yes, it does, and the specs for the D600 indicate the same. Learn to read.

      • Bill

        I suppose I should mention that I think the D800 is a superb camera and it inspires quite a bit of camera lust and the amount of bang for the buck is outstanding. However, I just don’t need 36 mp.

        The D600 is going to be an exceptional camera for it’s price point, if the rumors are correct. But I don’t want a compact SLR with it’s compact interface and missing features.

        However, neither of these cameras are what I want to spend my money on. And since it’s MY money, I’ll just hang on it until there is a camera that I want. I do not need to buy just because a manufacturer puts out a new product.

  • Eric

    I really don’t feel that Nikon is looking to take a step backwards in image or performance quality. Why would they want to give Nikon shooters reason to look elsewhere? Did the D800 disappoint? Did the D4 disappoint? By disappoint I mean is the image quality and over all performance worse than previous models. There will always be bugs to work out on new camera bodies. D700 and D300/D300s shooters have waited a long time for replacements bodies for Nikon to just screw it up. Beside the last time I checked Nikon is no in the business of screwing up.

    • Andrew


      One thing is certain, each new camera Nikon releases has a target audience. People complain because they do not see the camera they are looking for. It is either an issue of specs or an issue of price. Nikon cannot custom build their cameras to meet each individual requirement. Sure, sometimes they make decisions that appear as purely business. Unfortunately, cameras are not as configurable as personal computers. You can buy a PC online with a build to order option. This is not possible with cameras. Sure I do not like the 1/4000 maximum shutter speed, but it is not a show stopper. I will look at its image quality (IQ), ISO, and its video performance to make my final decision. With Nikon’s track record, the D600 should perform brilliantly in all of these areas. What excites me is the small size of the D600 and being able to take low light pictures without the need for a flash.

    • George

      Not true. Quite a few of us want better low light capability, something Nikon has evidently decided only D4 owners can have. Look at how Canon is dominating crime scene recently… Nikon chose to ignore a whole industry. They even refuse to make one minor change in firmware to match Canon’s capability with devices like the Promote Control.

  • Monkeydonot

    What’s with the 1/4000 shutter speed? It seems like Nikon is blatantly holding back features on this one. Even the D7000 has 1/8000. Every other Dxxx body has 1/8000, I think.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Why the D600? If you need to shoot FX, D800 is there for you. If you have a tight budget, then a 2nd hand D700 & ai-s primes will be a shortcut to quality.

    D600 is meaningless while the two anticipated & more important models below awaits announcement:

    a) Successor to D300s -> D400 (16mp 0r 24mp DX for wildlife & sports)
    b) Successor to D700 (typical low-light prioritized camera updated to new standards, 16 to 24mp FX with clean ISO 6400) -> D? D800 is the nearest answer but, for many neither D800 nor D600 will be what they are looking for. D800 offers an arguable extra stop over D700, and I doubt a $1.5-2K D600 would be good enough in this department.

    Nikon is doing wrong imo.

    • Christobella

      The sad truth is that Canon have made the camera many of us are crying out for in the 5D III. But I, like so many others, have too much money invested in Nikkors & speedlights etc to even consider jumping ship. And so we wait.

      • krr

        the 5d is way too expensive to be the alternative you are talking about

        • Christobella

          I accept that it’s a little overpriced, but having said that, if it had a Nikon badge I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be alone.

          • MS

            I might agree with you if it had a better sensor in it. It’s DR and ISO performance don’t even match the 5 year old D700 (as per DXO), let alone the D800. Keep in mind too that DXO’s downsampling methods should favor the higher MP cameras, and it sill falls behind 5 year old technology. It would also have to be $3000 or less, and not $3500 or whatever it’s going for now.

            I also need cameras that can AF at F8 and in very dim settings, so that would rule out the Nikon-badged 5DM3 for me.

            The sweet spot would be a D4 sensor (or similar 16-25MP), 6 fps (8w/grip), and pro AF in a D800 body. I think people would be lining up to pay $3000 for that – I sure would. It might eat D4 sales though, just like the D700/D3. Basically, half the people want the D800 as is, and the other half want a D800 “S”. We may get our wish but not until after the D600 release.

          • pedant

            it might need to change more than just the Nikon badge.

            the lens mount and a few other bits and bobs inside would want to be a lot less Canonical too.

            • umesh

              That’s what Nikon badge means.

          • Gary

            Christobella – I’m intrigued.

            Which Nikon camera(s) do you have now, and what types of photography are those cameras either preventing you from taking and/or giving you poorer results than you want?

      • Nikonhead

        Usually people switch from Canon to Nikon, not the other way. Nikon has always made better quality DSLR’s and lenses. The most important feature in any camera is the focus system and Nikon crushes Canon in this department. I still scratch my head when I see more Canons at sporting events. The shutter sound on the 5D III sounds horrible compared to even the Nikon D7000. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the FPS on the D800. It is not a camera for sports or wildlife. The D600 will certainly be a breakthough if the price is $1,500. I will have to see the reviews before I make the move.

        • @Nikonhead, in the past there was a mass exodus of Nikon shooters who switched to Canon as a result of Nikon ignoring its customers. Specifics: Canon introduces AF, Nikon claims no Pro wants that, Canon introduces image stabalized telephoto lenses, Nikon claims its not necessary and there is no benefit. Only in the last 15-20 years has Nikon started to gradually pull back customers by giving them what they demand.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Dude, look at the nearest mirror…

  • Chris Weller

    Anonymous Maximus


  • ajendus

    Is this supposed to be a D700 or a D7000 replacement. In my opinion, it doesn’t really replace either. But I’d also argue that the D800 isn’t *really* a replacement to the D700. Either way, I think this will be a good camera.

    • Nikonhead

      I would love a true D700 replacement. Video and 10fps would be a good start.

      • xt

        Then why not buy a D4? If a D700 replacement has 51-point AF, Full HD video, 10fps, same body with D800, around 20MP, and sells at 2000$, who will pay for D800 and D4??

  • d800

    price of D800E = price of D600 and panny GH2 (or GH3) combined
    for the folks who want FF IQ and decent video, D600 plus a GH series might matke more sense with roughly the same cost

  • Dan

    IF these pics are true, why isn’t nobody noticing the ai/ ais aperture reading tab? IF pics are true, this toy will put ai/ ais lenses to good use.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Thanks to somebody else for POINTING THAT OUT!!!

      This is yet another game changing camera of the century to be released by Nikon, hopefully this year.

  • Nikkkkkkkkon

    Thanks Nikon. Now I get to save my money. Idiots.

  • If I dont move to Fuji, then the D600 is my next camera. Without a doubt. I want a FF camera that I can carry with me from dusk till dawn every day all year around. And a D800 sized body is just to big and heavy for that purpose.

    • Nikonhead

      Which Fuji is F/F?

    • Sebastian

      D800 is indeed bigger then D7000 (supposibly D600’s body). I’ve handled D700 and D7000 body. For me, the 700 is so much nicer to hold for longer periods of time. Having average to large size hands the 7000’s grip is just to shallow, making it hard to get a secure grip around the handle. Hands felt cramped in half an hour…

      Small size is very welcome but please beef up the grip a bit! Especially when taking the needed FX lenses into concideration.

  • Peter

    $1500 in USA
    £1500 in UK

    Can somebody tell me if this camera is more useful that the D700 which will at £1000.

    £500 on a beautiful 85mm 1.4D might be money better spent.

  • niktard

    1/4000 usually mans no high speed sync with Nikon. Look at D5000 and such.

    • PeterO

      Nope. Even the lowly D80 has High Speed Sync and only has 1/4000.

      • PeterO

        Never mind, this was all discussed back on page 2.

  • Joergonix

    Why are all of you so NEGATIVE?? I understand this is the internet, and everyone loves to complain, but for crying out loud get a clue.

    This camera is not a D700 replacement, it is not a D300 replacement. It is a new model meant to bridge the gap between DX and FX.

    Not a clue why anyone bothers with DX anymore, honestly the lenses were never that much smaller, and the bodies seemed just as bulky, and the image quality was just never there. Not to mention that the D7000 is an excellent DX body with a fantastic sensor.

    As for a D700 replacement, seriously get over yourselves. The D800 is a stellar camera, I should know I own 2 of them and a D700 and I came from a 5dII before that. The D800’s 36mp are no different to process or store than the 5dIIs files so dont talk to me about file size. I have medium sized hands and the ergonomics feel almost no different to me. I have never had a single left AF issue (pretty sure there are probably like 10 actual cases of this happening, 20,0000 photographers that don’t know how to operate a camera blaming their gear for not being able to get something in focus, and 100,000 Canon fan boys running around saying nikon sucks). As for speed, I have yet to feel limited by the 4fps, but I also dont shoot sports. I suppose if I did shoot sports though I would just buy a d4 or d3.

    Would I like a 24mp high iso beast with 5fps and the dynamic range of the d800? Yes I would, but I would also like an updated 135 2.0, a true high end 50mm, a 300mm 4.0 with vr, an rf flash system, and a pot of gold. Oddly enough I still take good pictures without these things, i know crazy right?

    Finally the D600 having a slower shutter speed probably has a lot to do with the fact that the full frame mirror, mirror box, and shutter all cost more to make, so the costs savings of going to a slower mirror and shutter assembly are part of what allow this camera to be so affordable. Its also possible that the camera might be able to go to 1/8000th in live view.

    • Niktard

      What if I don’t want to shoot JPEGs? D800 files are larger than the mark II. I am already seeing D800s coming up for sale on Craigslist so other people are going WTF did I get into and selling. Nikon really messed up bad here. It will take a while for people to figure it out but the they screwed the pooch.

      • Joergonix

        When did I say anything about shooting jpegs??? Compressed D800 raws are between 30-45mb. 5dII raws are between 25-30mb. I am sorry but a 33% bump in raw file size is nothing to cry about. I have no doubt that there are D800s on craigslist, people buy and sell things all the time, but that doesn’t mean they are bad, just not right for the person who purchased it. Heck half of the ones on craigslist are probably just people that got ahold of one and thought they could make a profit. Been busy taking fantastic images with mine since day one. I am personally glad that Nikon doesn’t try to please everyone with their bodies like canon does. The 5dII and III are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Atleast with the mkIII they gave it good enough AF to be a pretty stellar wedding body, but beyond that the camera is stretched to thin to be truly great at anything. The D800 is truly great as a landscape/studio/fine art body, and I have been using mine with great success for weddings and portraits.

      • ikemyer

        I love the files from my D800. I don’t know how many of you came from a film background, or for that matter seriously studied printing both black and white and c-print, or for that matter could tell the difference between and E.I. and an ISO, or for that matter still look at a scene and look for a Zone III to assure proper exposure. The point is, for the first time since I first shot a 35mm based DSLR (Kodak D620), I finally have the feeling of shooting a DSLR with film camera characteristics. The D800’s latitude is fantastic. Through LR 4, I have pulled back background highlights on portraits that I could never get out of a 5DmkII. If you want speed, then this is not the camera for you. Get a D4. If you want 1/8000 second shutter over 1/4000, you’re foolish. Test the accuracy of a shutter at those speeds. As long as shutters are mechanical, very few cameras will actually show a 1-stop difference between those shutter speeds. If youe light is actually that bright that you need 1/800 second, close down your lens. I agree with Joergonix, a good photographer doesn’t need to quibble about things like this. A good photographer should be able to make a good image from any good camera.

    • Timo

      Why being negative? You answered the question yourself!

      The gap between the actual DX and the actual FX models would exactly be filled with the D300s and the D700 successor in terms of technology and usability (shoot the 70-200 or an even longer lens with a D7000 size and with a D700 size body and you know what I mean)
      If at all the D600 fills the gap just concerning the price. And Nikon apparently places just attention on the number of bodies sellable and further delay the one and arguably abandon the other successor. Therefore the disappointment turns in negativity.

  • Joopey

    I like the specs for the D600, but I wish that the D700 was still available. I know B&H says its been discontinued, but I can’t find that confirmed on any of Nikon’s websites. My goal was to buy one of two this fall. I really wanted the D700, but I was waiting to see how the IQ of the D600 compares against it. But alas, if the low-light D600 looks as good as the D700, I will have a really sweet fall.

  • rich

    24.3MP full frame CMOS Exmor sensor is in th eA99, this spec said 24.7mp. So is this no longer a sony sensor and is an activa or whatever that Italian sensor maker name is? I was hoping for the same sony a99 not some smaller cmos maker. 1/4000 was disappointing to see. I am a d7000 user, so it is ostly built and features are the same, onlt the 1/4000th is lower spec.

    but overall 24mp at $1500 FX is a buy for me. Still hoping it is a sony sensor thought.

  • Hoper

    This camera will be a big hit for sure. At last an affordable FF and lenses. Keep in mind that, due to the lower pixel count, many lenses that perform so-so on D800 will perform pretty well on D600 (24-85, 70-300, 24-120 VR, AF-D primes for example), then the big expensive Nikkors won’t be needed.

    Also, it having an Aptina sensor the ISO performance and dynamic range will be pretty good (remember V1/J1 sensor). It’s good for Nikon not to depend only on Sony for their sensors.

  • Just a thought

    I don’t know why everyone assumes that there won’t be a baby D4 some day, maybe a year or two from now. How many D4s can Nikon sell anyway with its current price tag. It is really aimed at the pro market, and not even at every pro by a long shot. Most advanced amateurs even with enough cash to spend won’t buy it because it is too big, to heavy, and just not what most people would like to take along on a trip. A large body also attracts unneeded attention. I have D700, and I have the grip, but I only use the grip when shooting sports. Period. So, the time will come when Nikon upgrades D4 to D4s or D4xs, or whatever they choose to call it, and create a D700 sized D4-light. This D4-light will probably bring them higher overall profit than D4 ever will just because of the much higher sales volume. So, those who want a D700 upgrade — do not despair — Nikon will do just like it did with D3, D3s and D700, it will release a baby D4 at around D800 price point, — just not quite yet. Until then, enjoy your D700, there is very little that D700 cannot do for you. I personally feel that I can shoot it for the next 10 years, and not miss much.
    As for pro DX body, this might be a tougher call…

    • Shane in Canberra

      I hope you’re right about the baby D4. I was looking to the D600 being an FX replacement for my D300, but it isn’t.

      Gear lust aside, my D300 is producing good shots still, so I’ll have to be patient!

  • Do they have a guess on the release date yet?

  • pablo

    seriously us a deception for me, what is a fucking different with my 7dk, 8mgpx?, I.prefer save more many and get the 8DK, I think that Nikon wrong this time

  • jorgen

    fantastic specs. this camera will – like the D800- change the game. i have a suspicion, that nikon has already produced thousends of them, ready to roll in the next weeks.

  • Ben

    What does 16bit give me in terms of IQ that 14bit does not?

  • ericnl

    I really hope that with “Very small and lightweight body” they mean D7000 sized, but not smaller.

    I’m sure that the image quality will be excellent, and I’m even confident enough to be hoping that the lower pixel count will deliver a cleaner image than the D800 has when shooting video at high iso’s.

    apart from the size, my only other concern is the “Built-in mic” part in the specs, because I dearly hope that it will also have a line-in for external mics…

    • I’m also hoping for a better image quality in videos. 🙂

      I think that it should have the external mic jack as well as the uncompressed HDMI output.

      Can’t wait for this camera to come and to check all of the reviews!

      • ericnl

        I’m considering going to Cologne (2 hour drive) armed with an SD card to check out the thing first hand at Photokina…

        • You’re lucky you live so close. You should definitely go and then report back to us! 😉

  • Why so srs bro

    I don’t understand why people are scoffing at the D600. This is a major breakthrough, repeat with me kids: Con-sum-er Full-Frame. Never before have these three words been uttered in the same breath.

    Cheaper, smaller and lighter technology coming to the mass market. How can you not like this? I applaud Nikon for being the first company to make the D600 a feasibility. You really want something better, pick up the d800, switch brands, or pick up the D4. You have options, stop complaining and go make it happen.

  • Toonie

    unhappy ppl can always get themselves a d700/800, if u don’t like d600 it probadly is not in the market for you that’s all 🙂

  • Shy

    Anyone who does not know why a D700/D800 body is a “must” for his/her work can proceed freely and doubtlessly with a D600 🙂 I think it will be a great consumer camera and maybe a good back up for a pro body.

  • Jason

    This is the first time I really envy Nikon users. I don’t have enough money to buy a D800 or 5DMKIII so I don’t care that much. But @$1500 and these specs? Wow!!! I hope Canon can release something with this price range and specs. I’ve invested in some very good Canon lens (mostly prime). It’s time for you Nikonites to celebrate. If the performance of the sensor will be at least near D800, this will be a bestseller.

    • Jason

      Oh and I hope it will have a better screen. It’s not so important but still will be critical for landscapers/macroers like me.

    • Andrew

      Very classy comment. When Sony purchased Minolta, I am certain that Nikon took note and realized that the competition in the high-end of the camera market will intensify. Sony’s manufacturing might cannot be underestimated. Then the prevalence of smart phones with their built-in digital cameras was another development that Nikon had to contend with. And finally, mass market companies like Samsung entering the DSLR market was threatening to commonize the market with cheap low performing DSLR cameras that the average consumer may not be able to differentiate from brand names like Nikon and Canon. Nikon is now on a roll and the onslaught of new releases including the D600 will in my opinion change the landscape. And the frightening thing for their competitors is that Nikon is still not done. And yes, you are correct; the excitement level in the Nikon camp is now very high because of all of the choices Nikon is giving us. It all started with the D7000 being priced at $1,200 with its magnesium alloy body… and now Nikon is repeating it again with the full frame D600 pricing at $1,500.

  • Photo Bug

    If D600 is released/announced at Photokina in Sept., when will it be available for shipping?

  • Don

    Ok, I have not read all the posts, so maybe someone already said it, but can’t wait to see the dynamic range with 16 bit depth.

  • Hi,

    It says 16 bit image processing, not necessarily 16-bit color depth. But we’ll see! 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised at a fantastic surprise like that from Nikon…..

    I think it’s great idea for a camera and I fully intend to buy one unless there’s some huge bugaboo early on 🙂 A lightweight, small FF camera that’s not the size of a water buffalo would be great 🙂 Of course the pro lenses will still be the sizes of water buffalos 🙂

    And for me, so far 1/8000 second has not been a huge necessity. If it were then I could work around that, I’m pretty sure. No camera can do everything for everyone, but this one looks like it will do very well what I need!

    • Tim

      Firstly you won’t be able to get one for about 6 months. Then there will be some bugaboo which affects a relatively small number of units but people will keep banging on about it for the next 6 months or so…. 😉

      I’ll definitely be upgrading to this from my D90. Anyone know to get new models “quickly” in Singapore? Judging by the D800, even the price here doesn’t get released for weeks after the original announcement.

      • Meh. Singapore still doesnt even have good stock of the 800. Wonder how long it will take for the D600 to even be in stock.

      • Unfortunately, Tim, I think you’re right. Forgot about that 🙁 But I’m sure when it’s finally available it’ll be amazing 🙂 I get really premier treatment at Keeble and Shuchat Photography, the top pro store in our region. If you pay for it in advance they put you first in line, ahead of the other pre-orders 🙂 That’s how I got my D7000 in about a week.

  • Tim

    Cannot wait to buy this!!!

  • Fred

    The D600 isn’t a pro level DSLR with every conceiveable combination of Bells and Whistles for $1,500.
    I’m voting for Mitt Romney!

    • Andrew

      And may people are not voting for him!

      Hope he does not send your job overseas… I don’t want to be reminded about Wall Street and all the problems they have caused to the economy. Anyway, this is a Photography site and my comment does not indicate my political affiliation.

      • Alex

        People still drink that Obama-Kool-Aid? Businessmen don’t send jobs overseas, consumers do! That’s right, you do! By shopping for the cheapest prices. Companies that hire local people lose sales to companies using overseas manufacturing. They either have to import or go out of business because of consumer choices. Government can limit the incentive by taxing imports to level the playing field, but then that will hurt your foreign-trade-agreements and export opportunities… Go take Economics 101, so you can at least have an economic understanding, rather than just recite typical lefty politician rhetoric.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Cameras don’t shoot people! People shoot people!

        • Andrew

          Alex, I think you are the one who needs economics 101. My father went to the London School of Economics and I guess I have learned some economics by osmosis! OK, I am an electrical engineer and computer science (yeah… university educated) professional and I have enough common sense not to get personal as you just did with your snide “lefty political rhetoric” remark. Yeah, it is amazing how these name callers cast the world as either left or right!

          Seeing that you just painted yourself as a name calling right wing fanatic, let me correct your thinking… the Government does not have to impose additional import duties or tax, all they have to do is require companies to repatriate their foreign earnings back into the United States. Why shouldn’t they pay taxes live everyone else? Why is it that America’s top high tech companies and one [I don’t want to give the company’s name] in particular, increased their engineering head count in India from 900 employees in the year 1999 to now over 35,000 employees in 2012? Then all the while fired tens of thousands of engineers in the United States! These are not just manufacturing companies that are depriving college graduates – lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, and others from finding high paying jobs in America. That is why 50% of young people between the ages of 18 and 26 do not have jobs. The jobs that are being created by American companies are being immediately sent overseas. If you think that foreign countries do not impose import duties on certain industry segments, then you really do not understand global economics.

          You really do not understand business 101. You are wrong in saying that “Businessmen don’t send jobs overseas, consumers do”. As an engineer and a businessman, I know that businessmen are always looking at ways to lower cost. Even if consumers decide to buy only “Made In America”, most business people will not hesitate to ship any job overseas that will increase their profit. It is the job of businessmen to lower their cost and thus increase their profit. But likewise it is the job of the government to make certain that American businesses do not benefit from selling their products to American consumers while at the same time keeping billions of dollars in profit shielded overseas from taxes!

          And talking about President Obama, he is still fixing the mess that was handed to him by the previous administration. It is the same mess that happened in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Ireland due to the speculation in the financial markets from the likes of Wall Street and the Banks! And as fast as hundreds of thousands of new jobs are being created, businesses continue to fire more workers and ship their jobs overseas. That is why before President Bush left office he approved over $700 billion in emergency spending to help save the Banks that were speculating on mortgages and approving mortgage loans without verifying the credit worthiness of borrowers. Why? Because they could sell those mortgages to Wall Street who them bundled them into securities and sold to investors. This was the reason for the financial meltdown. And who bailed them out? The American consumers!

          • Alex

            well if calling me a right wing fanatic is not personal or name calling, I’ll be darned! In my attack, I was attacking the lefty politicians, not you!!!!

            As for your advice, I took economics 101 many years ago. I did very well, though pursued my major in psych with a 4.0 GPA. I have had business experience too, and I know it sucks to start a business and have the IRS after you (under Obama) before even turning a profit! I know a few other business owners, who have had similar experiences. Not a healthy business environment for America right now! Health care will be much better to work in, but it’s not going to benefit the consumer under Obamacare. That, I can guarantee. It’s sad that his supporters are expecting it to be affordable and beneficial to them, because I can guarantee it will not be. Instead of seeing your M.D., you will be seeing your PA or NP, overseen by the M.D. It’s already shifting that way in dentistry, I saw my dentist for 1 minute, and dental hygienist for the rest of the time. It really sucks, and by the way, I am Australian, I came here to escape the excessive taxes to pay for socialized medicine, not to get more of it.

            Anyway, consumers dictate the market, businessmen just react to the market trends. As you mentioned you’re an economist, you will no doubt know that if the demand drops on foreign made goods and increases on domestic made goods, there will be an advantage to make goods in America, right? It’s the most basic economic law there is, supply and demand. I actually don’t know a simpler economic law.

            As we’re Nikon fans, there’s no point attacking people buying foreign made here. But the government could incentivize consumers to buy domestic made through its tax structure. It could also incentivize businesses to start up in America and open plants in America. That’s what we should be doing, but Obama has not been doing that.

            Ok so we both made our points, time to move on.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Switching to Argus!

    • Fred

      Chill people,
      the comment was made as an alternative to “I’m switching to camera company XYZ”.
      Tongue in cheek.
      No sense of humour.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I’m switching to Canon Rumors!

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