Real or fake?

This screenshot of a Nikon DSLR camera was taken from BMW's Facebook page. As far as I know Nikon never had such a model in their line-up. This is either a new, unannounced camera or a photoshop job.

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  • uh ..

    i dont see the point in debating whether its real or not. if fake, what cameras BMW used … who cares? there are better rumors out there than this,.

    • You really don’t get it, do you?

      If it was real, it would be a camera we’ve not seen. That would be a rumor worth discussion.

  • Darren

    Heh it looks like they chopped some stuff up because they didn’t want to deal with licensing issues.

    • OsoSolitario

      When someone who makes an advertising campaing shows a third product on it, usually does some makeup (changing buttons, hidding the brand) in order to not show which brand is, so avoid licensing issues. Cameras are the best exemple of that. Who didn’t has seen dozens of advertising brochures shoving Canon or Nikon cameras whitout their logos?

      • Greg

        Odd they didn’t bother to hide the VR logo though…

  • Tom

    IT’S A FAKE!!!!!

    • mirko de filippo

      very strange the viewfinder, a new class camera? however it’s clearly a fake

    • Steven Georges

      Well, if it’s all caps it must be fake. 😉

      • Tom

        Was sorta hoping that someone would get the Star Trek DS9 reference…. it’s but too vague I suppose.

    • Tom
    • Me

      Well done gumshoe.

  • ctrl copy

    it´s new D700 (maybe 🙂

  • Tom

    The Lens looks like DX (no FX lens starts from 18 so far). If it is not fake, will it be D400?

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Too small to be the D400.

      • R!

        It is the D 400 yepee!!!!

        • R!

          …or the D 8000,5 ????

  • Nino N.

    A mixture of Nikon D7000 and a Nikon P7000/7100.

  • Retsu

    maybe is D7100 with 18-105mm

  • Rogues

    Looks like the command dial fouls with the pop-up flash. No focus indicator on the lens. I tend to agree that this is a doctored image to get a point across without infringing copyright.


    • Metten

      The lens is very real. It’s a 18-105VR with the label removed.

    • Tu Pana

      Per the rendering, it does not even have a pop-flash which should put this rumor to rest. This is a fake.

  • Scavenger Cat

    There are so many comments about this being a Photoshop job, and how difficult it would be to pull this off in PS, but my money is on a 3D model. I work for a major ad agency and we use them all the time in situations like this. Here are some models from TurboSquid – for a few hundred bucks I can grab a handful of models, ready to render. One of my Maya artists can strip off infringing badges and identifying marks, mix and match dials and lenses, and render a photorealistic image in a couple of hours. Check out their Nikon models:

    • Aris

      Wow! Never realised there was a market for stuff like this.. That turbosquid site is amazing. Thanks.

    • Metten

      It’s really not a render. It’s just a PS’ed picture of the top plate of a D7000

  • NikonGuy

    Just have a look on the position of the “VR” logo. As far as i know the position of this logo is centered if the lens is mounted on a camera…

    Seems to be a fake…

    • Metten

      It’s a 18-105VR with the label removed. On most lenses the VR logo is centered, but not on the 18-105VR 🙂

  • Metten

    It’s not at all hard to pull this off in photoshop. It’s a D7000 with some minor adjustments like the P7x00 ‘mode dial’ and the lines on the popup flash removed. And some stupid ‘dial’ at the viewfinder.

    There’s really all there is to it. It could be done in 30 minutes in PS by almost anyone.

    • R!

      oh, oh….I think you’re right!!!!…

  • KitHB

    Probably not a render.
    There’s three planes of sharp focus, look at the surface texture, one on the hotshoe, one the strap lugs and one on the lens filter thread. That’s got to be PS (or a lens with really bad field curvature). A 3D artist wouldn’t be expected to render it and add those artefacts into the image.

    The background image is much worse. Film never had the sprocket holes within the image area. 35mm has been 24×36 framed between the sprockets since Leica started using movie film for stills in the 1930’s. And that’s Michael Schumacher in the BMW overalls. Michael raced for Jordon, Benetton and Ferrari. His brother, Ralf, drove for Williams BMW.

  • BrD

    Just look at the viewfinder… it is tiny >> it is fake…

    • Daf

      As others – probably chopped up to avoid showing a 3rd party item in too much detail.

  • Marc

    Photoshop. You can see it on the flash. The panel line where it should open is visible on the left of the hotshoe and then disappears at the front of the hotshoe. other than that it’s mainly a D7000 with maybe a few bits of D300 and a weird viewfinder.

  • Randy

    Righthand side is clearly D7000 – lens DX 18-105 – but viewfinder and mode selector are doctored (…badly) .

  • Fake -all of it,command dial on camera, vr label on lens should be at top, etc.

  • ultimate knowledge

    It’s fake.

    I was going to list the reasons here, but it would be too long.

  • Rickard Hansson

    It is a fake, it is put together using at least two cameras, where one of them is the Coolpix P7000.

    Almost the complete back of the cameras as well as the left wheel is taken from the P7000.
    The hotshoe is also non standard for an DSLR, it is also taken from an small compact model.

    Look at P7000 from top view in the link.

  • SiliconVoid

    Look intentionally faked..
    Like their advertising department purposefully changed the look of the camera someone there uses so they aren’t ‘promoting’ any one model over another.

    Certainly not a sneak peak at a new D600, it has a DX lens on it..

  • mk

    its a photoshoped d7000

  • elliottdoland

    It’s only a prop

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