Nikon D4 in stock at Amazon

Today's in-stock update: Nikon D4 is currently in stock at

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  • Jabs

    Great news and maybe we will have less complaints now – yeah right???

  • Rob

    Got one! See you tomorrow D4! I love prime shipping! and I like to gloat so FYI I’ve already received one D4 and Two D800’s from amazon.

    • I wish I had your bank roll.

    • Nikon Shooter’s wife

      I wish.

    • Hmmm

      Hmmm. Define almost…

    • Mark J.

      This is the interwebs.. If someone of an age that wouldnt be appropriate to view that comment is on it anywhere at all they have already seen, and partaken in 1000x worse than reading that comment…..

    • Nikon Shooter

      The D4 does not have a power button, it has a power switch. Nothing wrong with Coolpix btw and I’m sure it brings you a lot of joy. Happy shooting!

    • lolly

      It’s really “in bad taste”, not maybe … I think your “almost 10 inches” member is out of line 😉

    • Andrew

      Dear Admin,

      Please block out comments that use sexually explicit language for further editorial review before posting on this forum. It is always shocking to encounter such language when used in an inappropriate context on this site. If someone posts a duplicate comment, your system rejects it, so we know that your system can also perform this simple task. These guys feel no compunction to spill their lewd imaginations on these pages. I never see such language on Amazon, neither on a host of other popular forums. Some of these posts move this site to the threshold of an Adult site!

      • Calibrator

        What’s next?
        Somebody already called their favorite lawyer?

      • Nikon Shooter

        You probably blush every time you take a leak at the sight of your own penis/testicles and very likely a vagina. You may even do it with the lights off so it doesn’t feel like you’ve just visited (God forbid) an adult site.

        People reenact sexual intercourse on national television and make sexual references that are 10 times worse. During the Lewinsky scandal “erect penis”, “oral sex” and “blowjob” were probably the most used words on radio and television.

        Stop pretending that genitals don’t exist and/or are wrong. If it was up to people like you we wouldn’t even have the internet just because there’s always a possibility of running into a penis. Your only two options are to join the Amish/North Korea or to stop sweating the small stuff (even when it’s 10 inches long.)

        • BartyL

          I support your comment (the one immediately above this reply at least) 100%.

      • PC Police

        What is wrong with you? Just how would admin block him? Just how fast could he reply with another name and email address? While I agree the language doesn’t belong here I am amazed at the number of prudes who react to it. You only give the fool the attention he is looking for.

        • Always amazing to see gun brandishing Americans blush at quite innocent expressions of sexuality…

      • deleted the comments

    • northerntrumpeter

      There’s a flaw in the defence put up by Nikon Shooter and Mark J.
      Imagine a kid watches and listens as his father thrashes his mother half to death on a nearly daily basis. He then walks to the shops with his mum one day and sees a couple of drunks fighting. The boy is unaffected as he has seen much worse…but his mother crosses the street with him to protect her son from having to see the violence. The mother knows her son has seen and heard worse, but still tries to protect him. Why does she do this?
      Two main reasons
      A) Because if something is wrong, it will always be wrong, even if it gets eclipsed by something worse (and even if people have become desensitised to it).
      B) Because there should be SOME safety in the world.

      Having said all this, I agree with Nikon Shooter’s sentiment. Why on earth does Rob need two D800s and two D4s? It seems like a peacock showing off his feathers. I’d have been more impressed had he posted a link to his fantastic photography…

      • PC Police

        What he failed to mention was that he drives and lives out of his old Chevy Vega!

    • We don’t need this.

      Admin, can you do something about this offensive waste of bandwidth?

      • LarryC

        Unfortunately, there’s little to be done about it. Class is about as rare on the internet as the D800E. One can only hope that people with this level sophistication are not representative of photography or photographers in general.

      • yes, deleted the posts

        • T.I.M

          Thank you.

          • Smudger


            Admin,for the future, is it possible for you to block IP addresses?

            • Yes, and I do block some IP address. Unfortunately this is not aways efficient.

        • BartyL

          I think it’s unfortunate that once again you have given in to noisy puritans.

          • Disillusioned

            Sorry Bart, decent people are deserving of being treated with decency.

            …and anyway, what the heck has what he said anything to do with Amazon and the D4?

            PS. My job used to involve having to kill people. When you’ve been there and done it, you pray that there are indeed some noisy puritans left in the world. Thank God there are!

  • AM

    The new ones are $5,999 and the used ones $6,999. I wonder if the used ones already have Ken Rockwell’s settings thus the extra $1K.

    • Justin


      • Mike

        Hey good one!

        I wonder if Ken will be reviewing the new Nokia 808 phone? I’m sure he’ll be the first to get it and I bet he’ll be wowed by the resolution.

    • Lolapalooza

      Right and wrong!
      Ken’s settings reduce value because he never says exactly what they are… BUT remember everything under his watch is constantly “growing” (his bank account balance included) 😉

    • Spock

      “For Ken’s Growing Family” not doubt

      • Sahaja

        Just the thought of many little baby KRs is frightening.

  • Ordered one back on June 20th. Still hasn’t shipped. I wonder if they will update me with shipping information soon!

    • Foolishcfo

      You know this isn’t rocket science? Cancel your previous order and get one from Amazon and you’ll be playing with it this weekend!

      • Sean Mc

        +1. I ordered a D800 from Amazon in April after waiting since February for my D800E. D800 arrived a week later while folks with February-March backorders were still waiting. Something’s weird over there. Take matters into your own hands! It’s Friday, June 29 at 11:30pm now and there are still 12 D4s available on Amazon. Go for it, man.

  • Frank

    My D4 comes tomorrow from B&H!! About time! Now I need a 200 f2

    • Jon

      Thanks to your mention of success with D4, Frank, I checked, for the umpteenth time, my B&H order status for D800–wow, it says in stock, order sent to warehouse! I placed this Feb. 7, 2 pm EST.

      • Wowzers, the first local shop I called up in search of a d800 3 days ago, turned into them calling yesterday, and me picking it up today. And that is just a little local shop in a town of 100k in Ontario Canada. It even has the latest firmware lens profiles on it! 😀

  • Joaquim Prado

    I hope to be a sign that things are settling down!

  • D

    Forget the D800 and D4. Bring on the D600 and a new 80-400 AF-S VRII

  • I wonder when it will be possible to buy a D800 from stock with some looking around. With the D3s supply never caught up to demand.

    • Scott M

      I saw a D800 for sale online from prophoto, Irvine, CA. Looked avialable for sale.

    • Scott M

      A D800 is for sale at regular price right now at
      Prophoto, Irvine. On the website-google it

    • EnPassant

      I think it is a safe bet that when D600 start appear in shops the demand for D800 will fall. By that time the used prices for D800s will be more reasonable as many who bought a D800 did it because it was the only option while they actually would have preffered buying a smaller and lighter D600 with more than enough 24 MP.

      I also bet Ken R. will declare the D600 best buy full frame camera after his short love affair with 5DIII!

  • Neutronman

    Hooray! I finally got my D4 from my local camera shop today. The downside is they made me pay for it : (

    • Damien

      Those Bastards.

  • James

    It seems more and more Nikon D4s are making their way into the US but not to Canada as my camera store told me it may be the end of July before I see one.. The summer is 1/2 over by then and I was hopping to catch in on the Canada Day celebration this weekend 🙁 At least more people will catch their July 3rd in the US with their D4’s


  • Jeremy

    Yeah. It really sucks to be in Canada. Here in Calgary, The Camera Store has not even fulfilled pre-orders on the D800.

    The funny thing is that The Camera Store just had “another huge shipment this week” and surprise surprise there are several D800’s and even one D800E now available on Kijiji (local Calgary classifieds) who just received their orders.

    I hope those who ordered several of these cameras hoping to make a quick buck get royally shafted. I refuse to buy from all these shysters!!!!! Of course, you can, if you wish, pay $3650 for the pleasure of being screwed by one of these shysters!!!

    • James

      How does your warranty even work as you can not take your camera back to the store for support as they guy on Kijiji is long gone and doesn’t give 2 cents about you. $3000 to $6000 is a lot to put out without any protection on what your paying for just to say I got one. It’s nice as any camera I had I bring it back to where I got and they deal with the shipping to Nikon to get it fixed and I don’t need to deal with packaging it up to send it to Nikon.

      So I hopping wishful thinking is Nikon finally floods the market with D800’s and D4’s so these people looking for a quick buck gets stuck with them

    • Fine for me in Canada. I just called up a local shop on tuesday, gave em my name, Yesterday they called, they had it in, and today I picked it up. They even gave me a break on the price, $2900. BJ Photo (no joke) in Waterloo ON. They have more, give em a ring!

      • James

        I ordered from Vistek here in Toronto as you would thing if BJ is getting them why not Vistek??

  • Markcarpet

    Got my D800 from Adorama in good time.. Maybe because I ordered the grip at the same time, Only thing is Nikon have had it longer than I did. Died after 3400 shoots. Now been on parts hold for 2 weeks. Got to love new toys..

  • Martin

    Got mine today, pre-ordered it like 4 weeks ago, I live in Switzerland.

  • Nokin

    Where’s my D4OO?

  • LarryC

    Got my first D800 from Amazon on June 6th after a not-too-painful 6 week wait, sold it to a pro tog friend who I felt sorry for for being so dumb as to not give up on B&H after 4 months when getting one has not been that hard for some time. Ordered my second one from BB Sunday and it’s ready to pick up tomorrow. I don’t get people who will bitch about waiting 6 months but won’t make a couple of calls to get one in a couple of weeks.

    • Mock Kenwell

      You don’t get it? How about saving $500 in taxes? You get that? 5 months from B&H. Rigodambdiculous. I tried 3 local shops by me twice each. They don’t have any. So don’t think your experience is the only one out there.

      • LarryC

        I don’t know where you live, but my Amazon D800 cost me nothing in taxes or shipping, and even in CA the taxes on the camera I will pick up today will be about $250, but I get $60 back in rewards from BB and with 18 months free financing, worth to me about $200 or so in investment returns over the 18 months (I’m also smart enough to know “the cost of money” and to spend “other peoples money” when I can), that pretty much makes buying one from BB tax free. No to mention I can walk it back to the store in 2 weeks if I don’t like the tint on the LCD.

        Further ANYONE could have ordered from Amazon when I and many others did (before March 23 rd ) and received their camera a month ago. Do you get that?

        But don’t get me wrong, I’m very appreciative of you and your friends. I would not have received 2 cameras, with little effort on my part, without the misguided allegiance of the throngs committed to doing nothing more than wait for an email from B&H or Adorama. God bless you all.

  • KL

    I’m getting my D4 tomorrow from J&R. How do I find out if I’ve got all the latest patches installed?

    • jason

      ask another rich D4 owner…

      how will you use a D4 if you cannot even check for software install?

      • KL

        Set everything for auto and shoot 🙂

    • KL

      D4 firmware A: 1.01 / B:1.01

      Modifications enabled with this upgrade of firmware, release date May 29, 2012

      • When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp glowed steadily, and, in some rare cases, the camera ceased to respond to operations. This issue has been resolved.

      • When network functions were used with certain settings applied, RAW images were also transferred when Network > Send file as was set to JPEG only. This issue has been resolved.

      • When an option that utilized the main command dial was selected for Custom Setting f15: Playback zoom, and an image was zoomed in or out with playback with certain settings applied, shooting shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation settings were sometimes changed. This issue has been resolved.

  • I got it!

    I got my D800….or so I thought….

    It’s a freaking D600 by mistake! Well, it’s going back….

    • James

      D600??? I didn’t think that one exists as its not on any Nikon site?

      • Calibrator

        IT WAS A JOKE!!!

        (loud + clear enough?)

  • Ben

    I just received mine today from One Call. My D4 does not have the XQD memory card. My father inlaw bought one last week at local Samy ‘s Camera in Santa Ana got the XQD card.
    Was it the recent D4 batch do not come with the XQD memory card.

    • KL

      I just got my D4 from J&R today and I got the 16GB XQD and reader.

  • Peter R.

    I just received my second d800 from Crutchfield, that I am selling. I only need one. I am in Los Angeles. If interested email me for details. BNIB. USA warranty.

    • Geoff_K

      I did not think the warranty would be any good without a receipt of purchase ? The receipt would have your name on it, so how would someone else get service under warranty ?

      • Peter R.

        The holder of the warranty can get service at Nikon in the US. You only need to show that it was purchased in the usa….i have the original receipt to show that.

  • Peter R.

    Somehow it didnt leave my email….here it is:

  • nuno santacana

    What’s the point of so many blog posts about stock availability in stores? I’m the only one who have enough of that for a while?

    Every time there is a new blog post in NR my heart pounds hopping there will be something new about D600 or D400. And when I find posts like this one is a disappointment. We appreciate the reliable rumors for which NR is a successful site.

  • Julian

    Ok I have tried running this update now on 2 different windows 7 pcs – following the instructions letter by letter – but no update .bin file or folders containing said files are generated anywhere in the vicinity of the downloaded application.
    There may be a problem with this pc update.
    Earlier this morning I ran the D800 1.01 B firmware update on the same PC – and applied it in camera with no problems – so I do not think this is a user error…

    • Peter R.

      I just updated both d7000 and d800 with this update…worked fine…just make sure .bin file is in main folder not subfolder

    • KL

      You won’t find the Nikon folder anywhere near the downloaded file. It can be found right on your desktop as a folder icon named Nikon. Double-click the folder icon to get to the file.

  • Smudger

    Even London’s most pretentious (sorry, “Prestigous”) nikon delaer has D4, D800 & D800e gathering dust on the shelf.

  • Hunk

    Is it mirrorless?

  • Jay

    I just received my D4 on Thursday from B&H. I ordered mine on Jan 19th and I did not receive a XQD card and reader.

    • KL

      I just got one from J&R and a 16GB XQD and reader was included.

  • James

    What is up with Nikon as they are holding back on sending any D4’s to Toronto Canada at all and all the major stores will not have them for another month but on Nikon Store US they are in stock?? Nikon did Canada piss you off but I noticing a trend that bigger camera stores like B&H don’t have them as well as they should be screaming at Nikon as well. When Bestbuy in the US gets them before well know camera pro stores get them there is something wrong as Bestbuy should be the last to get them

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