Nikon D800 and D4 in stock updates

Today's in-stock updates - Nikon D800 is currently in stock at:

Nikon D800E is now in stock at BestBuy.

Nikon D4 is currently in stock at:

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  • dmcdougall

    D800’s are STILL in-stock at
    D4’s have been in-stock for a week now.

  • Ngoc Nguyen

    Just want to let you know that, I ordered D800e on the first day from B&H, Ritz and Ado. I thought that I not going to see it untill 2013. However, I got it yesterday, Friday 13th! from Adorama.

    • Val Thor

      Was really looking forward to a D800E but cancelled my order because of the massive autofocus issue that is showing up on the D800s and D4s. I can’t believe that Nikon would release $3k to $6k cameras that have known issues and/or defects.

  • CB

    There are also several D800s in stock in a swiss online store called microspot. I got to know that mine is on its way since yesterday, unfortunately, Swiss Post does not deliver parcels on Saturdays… Have to wait till Monday then… 🙁

  • Zaphod

    In sweden the big distributors have not seen any shipment for a long time. Af few have at least demo units. To me this lookss like a major fuck up by nikon. They can sell a lot but they cant deliver. If i was a stocck holder i should have been very worried now.

    • really id be excited. a high end camera that nikon cant make enough of to meet the demand. people will do some bellyaching but this is not bad for nikon. this is better success than they could have hoped for. also hang in there there building them as fast as they can youll get yours

      • zaphod

        It very importent that they understand their customers and the market. A huge miss like this shows that they dont. Or ofcource it might be some technical problem. Realy bad yield on the sensor or something.

  • Too bad this wasn’t up 2 weeks ago, I could have avoided paying sales tax on my D800. Looks like things are freeing up now. Lots of cancellations by people having multiple orders. There are lots of D700’s for sale on CL.

    • Sly Larive

      I agree. I posted a similar comments a while back and a lot of folks were dubious to my comment. Well, I phoned in quite a few times to local stores and a few online retailers in Canada and the consensus was that they had a lot of cancellations of late.

      You’re right on the D700 as well… Might be a good time to pick one up.

      • Aldo #2

        d700 @ $1600-1900 vs d600 @ $1500?

        • Here is another way to look at it:

          If someone has a D700 they need to sell it now because if the D600 arrives at $1500 used prices on D700’s just might collapse.

  • I ordered my d800e from b&h (confirmation email) on 2/6 10:45 pacific time, i received it on 6/29.. and ups delivered to wrong address!! – got it worked out, thankfully.

    Good luck to those of you still waiting!


  • tad davis

    Picked up one of two in stock at the sepulveda Samy’s camera store

  • I had a D800 on order at, wait for it…B&H since April. Was totally depressed knowing I was late to the ‘hurry up and wait’ party and figured I wouldn’t get mine till next spring. While away shooting on a trip, a photog-hobbyist friend called me. He was browsing a little mom and pop camera store in hills of Va. And spied 4 D800’s sitting on a shelf! I immediately called, ordered, and had in my eager hands the D800 within a week. What I learned: I use B&H for the window shopping, maybe even read the user feedback, but shop brick and mortars that are not also servicing the entire free world via the web.

    • Oh, and i quickly told three other friends and they are sold out now…lol almost forgot… I actually talked them down to 50 bucks off MSRP. Score!!

  • all i can say is local camera shops guys. I ordered mine from stewarts photo a locally own camera shop in anchorage alaska. I ordered in late march and got my camera in early june. Yeah it was a wait but i was really late in ordering and i got mine before a lot of people got theres who ordered online the first day. A second point is as pro and amtuer photographers some of us rely on our little local stores in a pinch. You wouldnt have had to pay a penny more at a local shop and they probably would have got it you faster. Support a local business you may find yourself needing someday. If your local shop can get you gear for a reasonable rate (stewarts always charges minimum advertised price) give them the sale.

    • CT_Yankee

      I think that Nikon did a horrible job. They have not communicated properly to loyal die hard fans like myself. I think that they are making firms like B&H get a bad rap here. I dont think that they have any idea what and when they are getting shipments. They took care of the “Professionals” first. And what did some of them do?? They immediately put them on E-Bay for a profit. I think that I was very close to number one on order with B&H in tghe wee hours of the morning they allowed orders. It didnt matter, I did not get one.

      So, I purchased from a scalper, and purchased thru e-bay and it turned out great but it cost me a few hundred dollars more.

      I absolutely love the camera, and believe it is well worth the wait. I have been a loyal fan of Nikon since 1969. I still have all my prime lens from then, 50mm F1.4, 24mm F2.4, and a 85MM F1.4 and they still work on my D800. In the beggin this was the main reason I stuck with Nikon.

      Buy come on guys, Nikon did not do the right thing. They could have told us as soon as they realized the demand and let us now how bad things were going to get. They should have posted allowances by country so we all would no what to expect.

      Then maybe the good retailers out there could have notified us what they time frame was gong to be, based on our position in the que.

      Shame on Nikon for this mess and frustration.

      • Jason

        I think you are wrong. I work for a retailer and we have had 800’s as regular stock for over a month. My theory is that BH and some of the other big guys pissed nikon off by all the breaking of msrp in the past.

  • Jason

    I don’t know what happens for other retailers, or why they can’t the cameras. I can’t imagine how many orders bh has had on 800’s. I am guessing we have had about 300 D800’s go through so far and have about 50 sitting on our shelves now without backorders. Haven’t had the same luck with 800e’s or D4’s, but we have a few D4’s and a very short wait list on 800e’s.

    • A week ago, a cust svc rep at B&H said they have 6k on backorder.

  • Henmofo

    I just checked Roberts Camera in indianapolis, and they have D800s in stock for about 2 days now. I already have mine and i didn’t have to wait on any list.

  • Here in Israel stores received teo grips and a few cameras. I just randomly walked in and picked one up…

  • Ken Stockwell

    Oh yeah, Nikon D800s with sh** y autofocus is in stock and of course a bunch of idiots on here are still going to order them.

    I own a d700. I’m just really angry at Nikon still selling bodies with autofocus problems. I need to upgrade my d700 for gods sake Nikon!

    Wtf Nikon.

    • I haven’t had a problem with my D800….Maybe they fixed the issue along with the battery problem, or maybe it is just my luck of the draw?

      • Ken Stockwell

        Hey Aaron,

        Is your D800 the newest batch?

        • Ill have to check. It is definitely after they fixed the battery issue but I’m not sure exactly what batch number it has…gimmee a few hours and Ill look.

    • lorenzo

      Ken, I missed the one of the viewfinder blurry! Thanks for posting it. BTW, is there ANYTHING that works on these cameras? 🙁

      I think that the pct of D800/E with the LT AF issue is much higher than 50%, if it is not even 100%. There are too many people that either don’t care about it or don’t know how to test them throughly and they say their cameras don’t have the defect; I strongly doubt it. I will believe it only when all the new shippings are perfect. Also, I don’t think that the first or the last batch TODAY makes any difference for what I just said.

      IMO this time Nikon messed it up well; I did not cancel my order at B&H as they said that I would be lucky to get the D800E by October. Instead I arrived to a solution: as they receive the units they notify UPS and send an email with the tracking right the way, then they send the box to UPS. If I ever catch this email before Nikon has covered their heads with ashes and made the announcmente :
      “Sorry World, we screwed it but now everything has been fixed and is under control” I can call B&H immediately and they will recall the shipment from UPS before it goes in the air – so I don’t have to bother testing another piece of junk to return it anyway or to send it to Nikon Service on my dime.

      Maybe meanwhile should I consider an used D700 E+ from Ado?

  • Photo Market in Portland Maine is Maine’s largest camera store. They are an authorized Nikon dealer, and have had D800s in stock for quite a while now. Folks from as far away as New Jersey have heard about Photo Market and purchased their D800 from them. They sell USA only products, and can ship right to you!

    P.S. They have the new Nikkor 18-300VR in stock too!

    Photo Market, 945 forest ave. Portland, ME 04103 207-797-7100


    • They need to rethink their marketing strategy-the D800 is not a US product, and neither is most camera gear.

    • Image Maker

      I have been waiting for this camera since the fall of 2010. I waited because all I read and heard was “Wait till spring for the new camera to come out”.
      I’m trying to decide if I want to skip down to Portland and get the camera ( I would like to support the Local Businesses, But…I’m thinking maybe just going to NH and save some money because NH doesn’t have a state tax. please correct me here if I’m wrong. money towards cards ect.

  • Gary Stanley

    Many new cameras including both Canon and Nikon will often have some issues in the early stages of release. They are usually quick to correct the problem. D7000 did, 5D MarkII etc. I’m sure they didn’t do it to piss you off.


  • Ferdinando Bosquet

    I preordered from four different suppliers and forgot to cancel the orders once I obtained the first body. Now I have four D800s. Looks like i’ll be giving D800 christmas presents this year.

    • Patrick

      Ive been a good boy Ferdinando….wink wink….I want a D800 for christmas …or maybe an advance christmas gift = )

  • Zoot

    Amazon UK now offering in-stock D800 at £93 below RRP.

    Things are getting better.

  • GregS

    Slightly off topic, but earlier today I saw a D4 on the shelf at the local camera shop.

    • Ric

      So did I. Paul’s Camera in Torrance, CA

    • James

      Send the all unwanted D4s to Canada as I been waiting so long 🙂

  • Aldo #2

    BTW this is off topic completely, I received the knock off battery grip from meike (md-d12) for my d800 last friday and used it Saturday on a wedding. You have no idea how much more comfortable the camera becomes handheld even on the landscape position. Build quality is very decent and the camera picks it up just as it would pick up the nikon version. So if you feel like your right middle finger is about to fall off after a day of handheld shooting with your d800 ( at least this is how I felt), the meike is a very cheap option to make your camera more comfortable to shoot with.

  • lorenzo

    A question completely off topic, if I may: LENS PHYSICAL CALIBRATION

    And by that I don’t mean the LensAlign or similar AF compensation setting to put it in the camera. I mean a physical lens alignment/calibration, the one that they probably do at the factory.

    Given a lens with all the optics and mechanical parts I guess it could project a perfectly focused image in the plane where the sensor is or be slightly out of focus, is this correct?

    If so, how do they do the alignment? My points:
    1. can we say that a lens is perfect by itself and then adjust the cameras?
    2. can the same lens require a +5 on a D700 and a -15 on a D800?

    If this is the case I am back to the first question: how can we/Nikon fix the lens first and then the camera?

    I am afraid that they might mess up with both to obtain the best on a pair of lens-camera, then when we move that lens on a camera where it was working fine it won’t work anymore.

    Can you please esplain this? Thank you in advance.

  • Wow with all these problems. I have been waiting so long to update my D700. Could have gotten a D3x a long time ago.

    I’d like the D800 but with all these issue’s i’m hearing, i think i’ll skip it for now.

    Hopefully Nikon will fix this issue or at least announce that there’s a problem.

  • i’m from Milan (Italy) got my D800E 3 weeks ago and i ordered 1month in a shop in Milan,
    i have to say that i tested the camera and it had the “famous autofocus issue with left sensors” i went to the technical center in Turin and in 3 days i had the camera back with all the lenses tested, now it’s perfect and i love it 🙂

  • umesh

    nikon india recently increased the prices of D800 and D800e AGAIN by Rs 10000 which is equivalent to 200 dollars. Now indian D800/e prices are at par with US prices. Bad luck for the people who still haven’t got them. Although I was the lucky one who got my D800e before both price increases at price of Rs 150k i.e. at approx $ 3000. Hope prices do not increase further. Btw the price increase is only for D800/e and not for lenses.

  • paul

    walked in and bought a d800 yesterday at the best buy in brooklyn, ny, bay parkway store.

  • RobUK

    there is already a D800 for sale second hand here in London 😉

  • Got mine

    Pcnation had 6 available. They aren’t on the website…contact Pearl and she will hook you up. This was the first time I used them and was incredibly impressed! They have great customer service and treat you like you are the only person they are dealing with.
    800-235-4050 ext. 3009 her direct line her email

  • eggzz

    got my D800 yesterday…ordered it feb. 22th…

    as a D700 owner, my first impressions are very good….

    a couple of drawbacks though….

    the grip…..I have to say that the D700 i MUCH nicer to handle….they really took a huge step backwards when it comes to the ergonomics….a bit dissapointing….the D700 is just fantastic to hold……the D800 is not.

    the filesize…obviously….but the image quality is worth it…..

    the slow fps….my D700 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon 😉

    but apart from that …..a GREAT camera !!

  • Pkr

    Am I right to think that is is cheaper on Amazon.DE than the UK ?

    In the the UK it is, £2,849 on amazon DE it is EUR 2.869 which is around £2,246 at 1:0.78

    Would there be any taxes to pay ?

  • I placed ordered on Amazon for a D800w April 20, they have cancelled ship dates twice and said they will update in August.
    I don’t thin k that those that have been shipped will be returned to the factory, so check your new camera out for AF issues.
    I have to say Nikon does a bad job of communications to there loyal fan boys.

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