Nikon updates lens distortion control data for many DSLR cameras

Nikon released new lens distortion control data with a new firmware update for the D90, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D7000, D4, D800 and D800E cameras. This was probably the rumored firmware update I reported last week. The L firmware update provides corrections for lens barrel and pincushion distortions. You can see the complete list of supported lenses and the download link on Installation instructions can be found here.

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  • kyoshinikon

    Whaddyouknow! The D90 gets a firmware update…

    • Jan

      Probably because Canon got it’s 1st firmware update that was for features (7d) after 20 bugfix firmware updates for 7D and 50 bugfix firmware updates for 5D2. The Canoners are raving how needing to update firmware for DSLR makes things great, so Nikon gives this response to show how feature firmwares should be done.

      • Martijn

        you do realise that canon actually improved the buffer results of the D7, to use the 1Dx alogarithm, making the buffer twice as big. THATS addded features/support. Not just adding some lens info

        • Gideon

          Compare the firmwares of Canon and Nikon. You will notice that the firmware of the Canon’s are alot higher then the Nikon firmware. The firmware of the Nikon D700 is 1.0.3. The firmware of the 3/4 year newer Canon 5Dmk3 is already 1.1.2

          Wauw what a features Canon! Or…. they are releasing camera’s that aren’t flawless. The last thing is for sure!

          The 5Dmk3 is the first Canon with a Autofocus that actually works!

  • Bodin

    Well, the D90 is a quite popular camera. So the firmware update would seem logical.

    • RakSiam

      I think they meant that this is the first firmware update for the D90. Right? I recall there was a lot of hubbub in the past that there had not ever been one.

      • Remedy

        Wrong. There was already this lens distortion update for D90 last year (from 1.001 to 1.003 or something like that). Still this is not firmware upgrade as we know it and still D90 remains probably the only Nikon DSLR ever with no firmware update 🙁

        • or more realistic: it is entry level camera so they don’t bother that much.
          D90 have lot of issues and missing features which would warrant firmware update, but gotta admit that such solid camera for this kind of price will probably never to be seen again

          • Remedy

            It’s very, very far from being entry level both feature and price wise. And there were updates for even the cheapest cams from Nikon so I don’t buy it. And I strongly agree, it’s a dream cam for every manufacturer. It was a huge and well deserved success.

          • Am-Expat

            Really? What issues? By all criteria it has been one of the most sorted out cameras at release in history of DSLR.
            I have had one since they were first introduced and it has been flawless, and at the time, the best bang for the buck around with lower noise and more DR than a D300.
            Any way you look at it, the D90 has been a tremendous success for users and Nikon.

      • Moo

        Because the D90 got it right, they didn’t need a bugfix firmware update every second week like the Canon 5D2.

        • Remedy

          I kind of disagree. Been using this camera since it came out and I know few things that could be improved. For instance matrix metering can be a bit highlights happy and if You add ADL and the scene has very high contrast the result might get disastrous – washed out, very overexposed picture. Also the white balance in shaded (or cloudy) areas seems way too cold. But most of all they could have added some manual control over the video. I mean come on, shutter and ISO control is mandatory.

        • Anon

          Yeah man, they got it so right that the matrix metering is useless in about 100% of times. It got me to learn to meter manually if I want a decent exposure, so I guess there’s something right about it.

  • n/a

    it seams all cameras showing “L” line in firmware screen use the same common format lens database. wise choice nikon – I like it 😀

  • StefanosL

    What about the D3? Come on Nikon!!!

    • Kent

      yes, cuz D3 users bought it to shoot jpg.

      • RK

        yes a lot did, mainly the sports shooters who have to have the photo going down the wire less than 5 minutes after they’ve taken the shot

    • lefantome

      Unfortunately the D3/D3s/D3x don’t even have a L firmware–they only have A and B firmwares.

      • Tobi

        Why Unfortunate? – I dont use the darn lens correction thing anyway.. it just removes bits off of my picture.. and the lenses you use on those cameras probably wont need much correcting !

  • Art Jacks

    I have yet to install the first update, does anyone know if I need to do that first or will this latest update include the first one as well i.e can I get away just installing the latest update ?.

    • Mike

      You only need to install the last update.

  • david

    this has been available for the d90 and d5000 since last year

    • andy

      Also for the most recently released lenses? Don’t think so.

      • TnT

        huh? both the 24-85 VR and 18-300 VR are on the list!

        • andy

          Dude, previous update (what david is talking about) from whenever couldn’t have profiles for lenses that didn’t come out yet.

          And of course, this update has all the new lenses.

  • francisco

    update done for one D7000

  • MLN

    My D800 arrived today and it already includes the update! 😀

  • Matt

    I find it incredibly irritating that the metadata fails to include subject distance on the D800 with a couple of my lenses, including the 50mm f/1.8G and the 85mm f/1.4G.

  • raze

    It baffles me that they havn’t added manual control for video for D3100 and D5100 yet. It’s a simple fix.

    • Ray

      No, it’s not a simple fix because it’s not a fix at all.

      That would be adding a feature, which Nikon are under no obligation to provide.

      • Anon

        Yeah, we created this car that only takes left turns. It seems like it would be more useful to also take right turns, like you people claim. But that would be like adding a new feature, cause we’d need to modify the whole steering wheel module that we designed to work in only one direction.

        • mr.anthony

          You already knew the features when you bought the camera, so your analogy is off-base. If you wanted video as your main feature, you should have gotten a different camera with the feature you wanted. Or, to fix your,analogy, if you wanted a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you shouldnt buy a two wheel drive BMW and expect BMW to magically upgrade it to 4WD.

          • Anon

            Yeah, man, cause that’s a more realistical way of estimating the cost and effort of solving this issue: it’s just like people asking for 4WD engines for free. Thanks for fixing my analogy, now it really describes the situation acurately.
            Who says I didn’t know the features when I bought the camera? Nobody’s claiming we’ve been duped by Nikon to buy it. I don’t. This seems to be the only argument of all the people who feel the need to take nikon’s side on this one. We knew it had these limitations. That feature is still broken, though. And I understand if something can’t be fixed, or it’s too costly to be done. But this is a trivial fix for Nikon. Why should they do it? Because they offered a product with a broken feature and now they could fix that with almost zero costs to make it right for their customers. For them not to do this fix is just bad faith. The message is: we can easily do it but you already gave us your money, so fuck you, buy another camera.

      • raze

        The 7D updates are not fixes either – they’re updates as well. And again I think it’ll be a simple thing for Nikon to do (correct me if I’m wrong).

  • odai

    Nice, but how about a proper update like the 7D received :/

  • My D800 finally arrived from B & H this past weekend and not only did it have this Firmware version loaded on it, but also the ‘greenish tint’ that was apparent to me on an earlier D800 I received from a big box vendor did not seem to be an issue anymore!

    • Mike

      When did you order it from them?

    • Stephen White

      Really? I got my D800E from B&H yesterday and it didn’t have this update, although it did come loaded with the first firmware update.


    Again Nikon does it – provides firmwares in binary self-extracting archives.
    Anyone not using windog or osx is left on their own.
    Windog self-extracting exe can’t be uncompressed on Linux for example.

    This really blows.
    Why don’t they just give the damn binary itself, without these stupid wrappers?!

    • Mooooooo

      Stop your belly aching and get a Win box… you can get them for under $100 on Creg’s list or I assume you have ‘friends’ with computers. Surly you can find someone with a Win or OSX box.

      • Anon

        Yeah, but wouldn’t it be easier to make it mandatory for everybody to buy win or osx boxes? I mean I have one of those win boxes, how hard can it be? Pretty cheap too. Everybody should buy one, problem solved.

    • Remedy

      Because rest of the CIVILIZED world likes things simple, double click and done. No body sane cares about wasting time playing with binaries… oh wait linux community does. Facepalm.

      • Neanderthal

        For uncivilized who use Linux is doubleclick far in the past.
        Download an exe, doubleclick on it to get a binary, cut and paste this binary, delete the exec is for some people easier then download directly a binary to the right place….

      • Anon

        Boy, this comment is so precious! :))

    • Geoff_K

      Use a real op system. ;-P

      just kidding on the real however when you use an off the wall one, you get hosed sometimes

      • Anon

        There’s nothing off the wall here. It’s 2012, people! There’s linux out there, a lot of people use it.

    • Another Angry Tux

      I came here to post the same. Not everybody has Windows or Mac. It hurts nobody if they also offer a direct download link for the binary file. The link could be in the fineprint so the clueless crowd don’t get confused with it.

    • fergz

      VirtualBox is your friend.

  • C_QQ_C

    mm Wonder why the D300/s are not supported,,, are they to be replaced soon ???

    • lefantome

      I guess they simply don’t have a L firmware.

      • C_QQ_C

        Agree to that, but there is a lens correction table somewhere in the solidware fore thes cams , so it might be usefull to have an update for new lenses too ( same for D700 / D3) …

  • John M

    Will this at all impact how the lens correction profiles in LR4 or PS act?

    • andy

      Not if you shoot RAW and use these programs. If you use Capture NX and shoot RAW, then any corrections done in camera will be applied.

  • Bob

    My D4 doesn’t offer the option to update to 1.06. Yes I have checked and followed the instructions to the letter

    • Vincent

      Do you have network connection set to ON? it needs to be turned OFF.


      • Bob

        I found that out eventually Vincent DOH! The stupid thing is that I knew Network had to be turned off from the previous update instructions but I’d forgotten. All sorted now!

  • D400

    Instalation instructions for windoze?

  • FrankWest76

    Yup, D800E went well, D4 don’t get it…

    • Lars Steenhoff

      Does it work in video mode?

  • Geoff_K

    D90 updated and still works. ;->

  • Lars Steenhoff

    So the big question for me is does this realtime correct distortions in de Video mode too?
    on D800.
    Anyone has tested this?

  • Nick

    Gee, a d700 update for lens distortion would have been appreciated. Especially when used with my 16-35!

  • Don

    Just got my D800 back from Nikon service. L update is 1.007…
    And A/F is rock solid now…Whooo Hooo!!

    • Scott M

      Melville or El Segundo? (Congrats!)

    • Don

      My Bad…L version is 1.006

  • DX2FX

    I’m surprised the list of lens does not include the AF-S 18~55mm VR, the latest kit lens for D3200. Does that mean the distortion control data of this lens is already installed in the camera ? The version on my D3200 is L 1.005 though.

    • RThomas

      It’s on there, just not in strict alpha-numeric order:

      AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G ED IF
      AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
      AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR

  • Question

    So does this mean that if you have the update and an included lens that you do not need to run lens correction in camera raw or lightroom?

  • I ordered my D800 from B&H on 2/7/2012 and received it on 6/26/2012. I think it will be a great camera. It’s approximately 90% of the size and weight of the D700, which has not been obsoleted. My D800 arrived with firmware version 1.006 installed. I am happy.

  • I see that the 18-200 VRII is mentioned, does this also imply the 18-200 VRI given that they would both use the same distortion data?

  • Luis

    Does it work only with .jpg?

  • But not the D300? Damn. 🙁

    • Mark J.

      You can pretty much rest assured that the D300 is now abandoned for all intents and purposes by Nikon unfortunately. Just a bit too old now which is a shame because it was a really good camera. I got a lot of use out of mine and was still able to sell it for $1k 5 months back when the 800 got announced.

  • Mike

    Wonder if this is the “secret” sauce that ken r recently mentioned. Oh You Kenny Poo!

  • RWJ

    Thank you Admin.

    Nice to see we do not have to wait till August for our update.

  • waoh !!! what a mind blowing update .

  • David

    Hang on what happened to the update for green cast on D4 AND 800 Models what happened to that update.

    • burgerman

      D700 and D800 here, almost identical, so what green cast is everyone talking about? In all seriousness the D800 screen looks closer to my 30 inch dell calibrated hi gamut monitor than the d700 does.

      The small difference you see is CORRECT and not wrong! Get hold of a decent wide gamut monitor, calibrate it properly, then compare. They better not “fix” this to match peoples crappy monitors.

  • Julian

    I ran this on my win 7 pro pc – and the extractor runs – with no indication of where the extracted files will be placed – and they are not placed in the same directory as the extractor app – it finishes ok – but no firmware files… anyone any ideas?

    • CE

      Extracted file should be on your desktop under the name Nikon. It was on mine and I use a window 7 pro pc.. Hope this helps!

      • Julian

        Thanks CE – it didn’t occur to me to look for it there – but thats where it is.

        • CE

          Glad to be of some help…. Ur welcome!

  • JS Photo

    Why no update for D300s??? D90 is older than D300s??? Would be great to have the same thing for this camera!!!! Waiting for it!
    Anyway it’s a good job by nikon!

    • happysnapper63

      Because the D300S does not have the L firmware, just A and B.


      assume you dont have a 300 or 300S so why ask ?

  • L Gray

    Reviewed the lens database and noted it is composed of Nikon lens exclusively. I guess Nikon is admitting that Tamron and Sigma make superior lens that don’t need correction. (LOL)

    • I think it a bit more likely, that they do not feel obliged to correct the disasters of other companies 🙂

  • Peter W. Sloss

    My recently-received (June 26) D-800 already had the update installed.

  • Chris Ni
  • Ken

    newer cameras are coming with updated A and B versions?

    I see on dpreview several people have posted differing versions for A and B


    Got mine a while ago and I have a1.00, b1.01, and just updated to l1.006 from l1.004

  • john

    If I understand this firmware correctly.. the image is corrected by the photographer after the photo has been taken.. i.e. you take a pic.. then go to that section.. on the retouch menu -> then distortion control -> then choose the photo to be corrected?

    it is not an automatic correction when you use the lenses mentioned/covered in the firmware update? right?

    • Jan

      If you leave Auto Distortion Control on it will make the correction in Camera.

  • Ken

    so maybe this is the reason why………….

    this might explain the posts of newer firmware versions on latest cameras…. hihi..

    • ken

      Yup sorry Chris Ni already posted it, I was more referencing the difference in firmware versions and that link is probably the explanation.

  • DannBoy

    If correction is turned on by default, and you load the images into Lightroom, will LR
    know that a fix has already taken place? If you run the correction in Lightroom, will it be applying distortion fixing twice and dostort the image?

  • Vedran

    For Linux naggers:
    File that you have downloaded from Nikons site is SFX RAR archive.
    So, just change extension from .EXE to .RAR, and you can open it with your favorite command line archive manager.
    Inside archive look for “Distortion Control Data” folder.
    Inside that folder is “”, which contains “nkld01006.bin”, a firmware update itself.
    Just put that “nkld01006.bin” on the memory card, and follow the update procedure.

    P.S. I thought Linux people are more innovative…

    • I am left wondering why it wouldn’t be easier, using any operating system, to simply download the bin file straight from the website straight onto a memory card in a card reader? Then stick the card into the camera.


      • mr.anthony

        If i had to guess, i’d say it’s to avoid bricking cameras from only partial downloads.

  • Why are instructions for installation of this firmware update for the “Macintosh” only?

  • Tony

    This update makes my D7000 piccon not working..

    • What’s a piccon?

      • Tony

        Picture Control. I’m using it for my work, and the camera can’t read it properly anymore like be4.

        • picon – picture control. OK

          I’m aftraid I don’t know what a be4 is either.

  • jovan

    Why can I only find this update via the link provided on this site? When I follow the link from — it points me to the version posted last February.

  • tedtedsen

    my d800 wil not corect my sigma 24-105f4 and 35mm 1.4 lenses onley my Nikon 16-35mm WHY ? is there any lensprofil to download for this lenses

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