First leaked Nikon D600 images

The "cheap" full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera is real, as those leaked images from show:

You can find the updated Nikon D600 specs here.

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  • CameraBoy

    I want the D400!!!!! I don’t like FX. Those are for the big boys with good jobs and nice women.

  • Kris

    I wanna buy one if price not kill me

    • me too!

    • Santo Subito

      Io lo compro anche se mi uccidi!!

  • Hans

    This is actually great. They probably used the Nikon D7000 body and changed it a little, but ergonomics seem to be really similar. Could be an indication that the D7000 will not be followed by another DX-Camera. Combined with a hispeed DX like a D400, the Nikon-lineup would be complete.

    • jorg

      agree. EVILs and highend compacts shove DSLRs up the ladder, one of the fourdigit line has to go.
      entry must remain.
      one step better than entry must remain too, because that is where the future upgraders come from. will rise a little in price.

      upgrading from D5xxx line is above 1200 $/€, there comes the choice:
      A do i stay DX = pro body, bulky, high iso, high fps = DX-D4
      B do i go FX = semipro body, moderate bulk, fps = FX-cam on a budget

      DX D3xxx 24 MP
      DX D5xxx 24 MP

      FX D600 24 MP MB-D11
      DX D400 18 MP MB-D12 or D4-gestalt

      FX D900 18 MP MB-D12 <—the new D700
      FX D800 36 MP MB-D12

      FX D4 18 MP

      • KT

        I thought the D4 was a 16.2 MP

        • jorg

          whoops, you are right. thanks.

      • Cymon

        Exactly what I meant with the previous post.
        I think the lack of a non-fx pro body indicates that the nikon lineup is actually incomplete. Where will go the d300/d300s users? D800 can’t be the only choice, too far for price/specs. the d700 is out of date for who needs video, mp count etc, and the d600 looks too entry level to replace pro body’s features. I think a d400 could close that gap.

      • Chaitanya

        I doubt its will be a MB-D11 grip for D600. It will most probably be a MB-D12.

        • ME

          Yah..the grip is ever so important, especially the model #.

      • Kyle

        With the impending release of the D600, why do you still believe the D800 is not a replacement for the D700? I am aware that one Nikon rep stated it wasn’t going to replace the D700, but that’s just because they’re continuing to manufacture and sell the D700 for the time being.

        That being said, it’s readily apparent that the D800 is indeed the replacement for the D700. They more or less cost the same at launch, and the D800 is truly a low-light monster. I like the photos it produces at high ISOs just as much as those my D700 produced.

        I loved my D700, and I think that, in terms of build quality, it was superior to the D800, but the D800 is meant to replace the D700. Plain and simple.

  • The the left wheel (A,M,…) reminds me on my D80…
    It doesn’t display the Mode on right display, which is a problem when you
    use it in the night. I hope the D600 displays the mode, as the D200, D300,… does.

  • wublili

    Mmmm… What’s the button on top of the left dial wheel ?

    • a lock for the mode dial; that is win redefined!!

      • Manuel

        The lock button looks good to me. The lack of it on the D90 is really annoying. On the D90, the dial accidentally gets turned out of position quite often.

        • Tonio

          Same on D7000, but user modes from D7000 are MIA (why Nikon?)

          • Tonio

            Oh wait they’re there but blurred. I’m happy!

    • DX2FX

      I think that’s the lock button for the lower tier dial which selects the S, CL, CH, Timer, Q, Mup..

    • a4

      Should be the lock… AT LAST! 🙂

  • Mojo

    When I read these silly comments like “to be pro you need to buy d800”, or “d600 is for demn beginers who want to be cool”. Great, that you’re so smart, but I’ll buy this amazing body, because it gives me everything I need in (let’s hope) reasonable pirce. 3000$ for D800 is not a price for an me. D700 is an oldie and to expensive for its features. D600 seems to be perfect! So Go for you D4 and be a pro, and leave d600 for “amatours”.

    • ActionJunky

      Maybe you just shouldn’t worry about the other people’s opinions. If it fits your needs, got for it. Your life will be much happier.

  • nico

    It cannot be D600. Look at the hump of the viewfinder, it is totally the same as a DX camera.
    So whether they use a low magnification and the few finder will be small and not 100% or it is a hoax

    • James

      I agree. It is also very edgy compared to the D800 and D4 Giugiaro designs. This doesn’t look modern enough.

      • Boing Wronkwell

        Ah ha! I spy a fashion victim: camera body design is what matters to you then? Are you taking pictures or in them? LOL!

    • Jake

      I’m holding my D7000 and comparing the two. The viewfinder in admin’s pics is huge compared to the one on my D7000. GTFO.

  • Rob = Spammer

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    • RICH = Spammer

      RICH not Rob (sorry Rob).

      • Rob

        It’s ok. I’m used to it.

    • deleting now

  • Zin

    I want to see the back so badly…

  • I don’t kow about this one people. The viewfinder housing looks too flat ad the mode dial just looks wrong for modern nikon.

  • Dimitrii1130

    mhm looks to be even smaller than d7000 and d90. i want to see her back.. is there enough space for the 3.2″ LCD..?

  • seriously

    God, I can’t believe people are complaining here. Seriously, what the fuck were you expecting in a budget FX? Also, people auto dismissing this camera based on the “green auto mode” is beyond me. If you’re so pro, buy the D800 and piss off.

    • Mr. Dy

      +1… It’s great upgreade from D90 😉

    • BartyL


    • ActionJunky

      -1 Worry less about the opinions of others and spend your money how you want. If it makes you happy, I don’t need to agree with you.

      • Alex

        There’s some irony in your post. Why worry about what he said?

    • Levi H

      unless you want a real D700 upgrade. That’s what I’m still waiting on. Nikon will still be missing a camera in the FX department if it does not truly replace the D700 in my opinion.

      I don’t want a cheaper FX camera Nikon, I want a D700 with new tech! (but I do appreciate the benefits of this camera for others)

      • Actionjunky

        No, they won’t.

  • Les

    Check out the size of the of the D7000 and D800 in comparison to the D600. The shock is it is also smaller than the D7000 and therefore will not real suit any F2.8 lenses. So what is the point here in having a great FX camera if you can’t hold on to it properly with a larger lens?

    • Worminator

      Nikon clearly expects you to use the new 24-85, which will no doubt be its kit lens.

      However, for using with prime lenses of all stripes 135mm and under, this size and bulk could be just the ticket…

      • Les

        Good point! However I know a lot of people hoping for something like a D800 (just a bit smaller) with a 24MP sensor. The price would have enable them to spend the money on some great F2.8 lenses however the camera appears to be too small to easy use these.

        • Iron oak

          That’s what I’m hoping for!

        • For that you will have to wait at least one year, and maybe than it will ”only” have the d4 sensor

        • SnappyUK

          Remember that there may be the option of a power grip, such as on the D700 and D800. If that’s the case, I’d expect its use to improve the balance with larger lenses.

    • Fuzz

      If you have a problem with your camera balance then you are holding your camera wrong. The weight of the SLR should be supported by your left hand, your right hand operates the controls.
      Do you think a 500/4 “balances” nicely with a D4?
      I’m liking the look of the D600, it will be interesting to see the genuine specs.

      • Les

        Problem is I shot manual for everything and need to adjust ISO, Shutter and Aperture on the fly. Therefore need to press the ISO button with the right hand and adjust with the left. This means you need to hold up the lens with the camera body when changing ISO. Is there any other way to adjust ISO manually one handed?

    • Greg

      What are you talking about? My 80-200mm 2.8 AF-S works fine on my D90.

  • Worminator

    No shot of the back, unfortunately, but from what we can see it looks like a very handsome camera. More curves, fewer bumps and buttons. Less bulbous prism housing that the D700 or D800, more like a D300.

    Seems to have everything I might want, without piling on stuff I don’t.

    At <$2000 out of the gate, this could be a watershed dSLR for Nikon.

    • SnappyUK

      It’ll be a watershed for me, because it means I can get a full frame camera without paying the high-price of the D800, which has features I’ll never use. If it comes in under $2k I’ll be the first in the line.

  • David

    Looks great.

    Mode dial is fine by me. I think the mode button on the d800 is silly – that always struck me as weird in Nikons.

    Green box mode. who cares? Just don’t use it.

    Full frame is great. As long as this has a good sensor, it can be a fantastic camera. It’s ENTRY LEVEL full frame. For those who want thin depth of field, access to better wide angle lenses etc.

    Stop bitching about whatever bits being plastic, or it not being large enough. It’s an entry level camera. Just get the d800 if you want something better.

  • Hbb

    hmm interesting…

  • Matt Taylor

    I still love my d2x more than anything in the world, but with a new camera being released (what feels like) every 6 months, its getting harder and harder to hold onto my baby…

  • D1000


  • jgarcia

    its just like d7000?… how ironic that they both do look the same.

  • Macchese

    This is simply amazing. And the body is definitely a D7000, but look at the mirror: is a FF mirror, so I don’t think it’s a fake



  • ericn

    yeah yeah, blah blah, size, specs, price, etc.

    what I’m really interested to see is the quality of the photos and video.
    I hope to see a good D7100 – D600 – D800 image quality comparison soon.
    that’s what matters most to me.

    right now it looks like a D7000 sized body, with D800 quality photos, and let’s hope that because of the reduced pixel-count it will have 5DmkIII quality video at high iso’s 😉

    that just really sounds like the perfect package to me to carry around, ESPECIALLY at that price point 🙂

    • Jamez

      I’m sure IQ will be great. Probably around~D3X…
      I don’t think anyone is concearned that it will dissapoint there…

  • André

    It’s got the U1 and U2 presets on the mode dial from the D7000 that the D800 is missing badly. This is really great, e.g. when your in the street and switch back and forth between panning shots and lets say people.

    The old fashioned shooting banks are completely unusable compared to U1/U2 presets.

    • Jyri

      You are so right, I used to have D7000 and now I am using both D800 and D4 and I really, really miss the U1 and U2…

  • Nikonnut

    Its gonna have an Electronic Viewfinder!

    • Michael

      Not it’s not.

      • Michael


    • Greg

      It hasn’t got an electronic viewfinder. The prism is clearly visible.

  • Rob

    With these leaks the pictures are always blurry and never show detail. This has obviously been leaked by Nikon to stir up interest.

    I mean if I saw one of these I would take a few more than 3 pictures. Nikon have been doing the same thing for the non-pro bodies for years.

    All I want is a F100 sized body, FF, no in built flash with a good viewfinder.

    • brian

      The digital f6. I still would like this even though I ordered an 800e.

      Build quality of a d3/d4, but the size of the f6. I suspect theses are all more robust then the d800’s. I know my d3 is a tank.

    • ActionJunky

      Yes… As an automotive engineer once told me, “you don’t see leaked spy photos unless we want that.”

      It’s like looking at pictures of UFO’s… Nearly everyone has a great camera these days, but somehow the leaked photos are alway blurry. How do you take the time to position the camera on the counter, pull out your phone, access the camera app, and then forget to take one second for focus lock?

      Maybe this is alien technology we should not be viewing?

  • wow

    Check this out:
    D700 -12MP 8fps
    D600 – 24MP 6fps?
    D800 – 36MP 4fps
    D4 – 16MP 11fps (af)
    D3x – 24MP 4fps

    1Dx – 18MP 12 fps (af).
    5DmkIII – 22MP 6fps.

    canon’s choices a joke. no selection at all.


      This is meaningless choice, and Nikon’s product range is getting very confusing. Compare Apple’s product line to Dell’s. Choices like this become paralyzing. Suppose the D600 is 6fps or worse has 6fps but distinctly inferior video to the D800. People will get hung up choosing (I know I will). Canon offers two cameras that are better in every way than their predecessors.

      Nikon needs to clear up its product line and horrible naming convention. It needs three DX and three FX models — good, better, best — Getting better on every respect from left to right nd relative to preceding models.

      D700 has better ergonomics than d800 — WTF? D3S is better in low light than D4 — WTF? This is marketing 101 stuff.

  • Mike

    If Nikon releases a 70-200 f/4 VR lens with this D600, they have a winner.

    I’m looking forward to a comparison of the 17-55 f/2.8 on a DX body vs. 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 on an FX body.

  • Sazi

    Lots of chinese replicas are also out there and they are very fast too…. I think it is one of that….

  • I wouldn’t complain about size and the green mode, since I think that the d7000 with grip is quite perfect, but what I am kind of afraid of is that with smaller size and a ”dummy” mode, we could also have an incompatiblity with the Nikon PC-E lenses, which then, would be a total deal breaker for me.

    As long as these lenses are compatible I happily take a smaller body size and an auto mode which I can use when in hurry instead of changing into Af-auto, Auto Iso and P-mode… And since I mainly shoot raw I don’t care about offset WB anyway.

    • Benjo

      True, if the viewfinder/flash overhangs as much as the D7000 it will be essentially useless with PC-E lenses…If someone doesn’t want a D800 though, the D700 works fine with them and will be $1250 by the time you can buy a D600 without waiting months.

      The D600 would be a tempting second body to the D800, but not if it can’t use PC-E lenses.

      Oh, and every chance I get I’d like to remind Nikon to get moving on that 17mm PC-E they patented…

      • +1 on the 17mm and not to forget a 70-200 f4 just like the canon version (great build, weather seals, no zoming extension and IF) and an afs wideangle prime for travelling! (something like 18mm f2.8)

  • D1000

    Admin, is it possible that the upcoming d600 will be announced this friday or maybe before photokina? It seems a bit strange to me that real images are leaked almost 4 months before…

    • I think the official announcement will be before Photokina, but not this Friday. I do not have an exact date but for some reason I think it will be in July.

      • D1000

        Thanks for all the daily informations!

  • Cathrine

    OMG!!! With a D7000-body!? NOO! I don’t want a D7000-body 🙁 I thought at least that it should have a body like the D700 or D300s…. Disappointed! I thought this camera would be mine .. I’ve been waiting for over 1 year on a new model, neither the D800 or D600 tempts me anymore. I was sure that the D600 would be good, based on specifications. And then they destroy it with that small body!

    • BartyL

      There there.

      There there.

    • Toecutter

      So Nikon didnt measure this up for you then….diddums,pop your dummy back in

    • ActionJunky

      Maybe your concern would be more appropriate in the GQ forum.

    • Sahaja

      You like a big body – go buy a D4.

  • DHappy

    Wow… it kinda looks like a toy. It’s cute. 🙂

  • To the admin, as you can see on the pictures, the D600 will have a headphone jack. 🙂

  • Naz

    Where is the ISObutton. I need the ISO button on the top. My D7000 is almost perfect, except for that disadvantage.

    • Magnus

      I hate the fact that the iso button on my D700 is on top. It’s way more comfortable to have it on the back, IMO. As a related note; on the D700 I also don’t have a “quick iso” adjustment, which probably this camera has. I really miss that function from my previous D90.

      I’d buy this camera on the spot if I didn’t have a D700 that is good enough for me despite some features that I miss.

      • +1 I find the quick iso on the back wheel when shooting in Aperture priority mode on the d7000 and d90 really handy and way more is easy to reach than on the top.

      • Naz

        I see. Well for me should be fine on the top but it would be perfect if we can set it to work on one of the Function buttons next to lens

  • Josh

    I will never get rid of my D3x, never! I bought it so cheap used that it is worth holding onto for a very long time. It’s far better than the d800! Just the right amount of pixels too!

  • Srini
  • Nino
    • an old fake, with a watermark 🙂

  • Nick

    If it has decent AEB i’m definitely in. And I’m sure it will..

  • Omg! Do I see a Canon-like button on top of the mode selection dial to change between the different shooting modes?! Why?!

    • Rob

      The target market is well-off consumers, not photographers.

  • Glenn

    No one seems to have mentioned/noticed, the camera has a built in autofocus motor and what appears to be a full aperture coupling ring.

    • Jeremy

      You seem to have failed to read the earlier comments.

    • Sahaja

      I think one of the leaked pictures has an AF-D lens mounted just to make it very clear that there is an af motor.

  • Mo

    If it only had a flip screen.

    • ActionJunky

      It does… The hinges are located between your thighs and shins.

  • sloma_p

    Bing it on 🙂 S/H D700 will get cheaper and I’d take better AF and more robust body over MP any day (for my work, YMMV) 🙂

  • Dragon Reborn


    Do you have any more info on the focusing system on the D600?

    Is it the D7000 system? or the newer Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX AF like the D800?

    • check the link to the specs – that’s all I got for now

  • sloma_p

    Bring it on 🙂 S/H D700 will get cheaper and I’d take better AF and more robust body over MP any day (for my work, YMMV) 🙂

  • cobby64

    hmm.. Do u guys think it will hinder the market of the D800/E if it has iso comparable to the the 5D MK iii?

  • malez

    I LOVE U1&U2 thank you, Nikon

  • With every new camera my D300s becomes more and more honoured because it has all that loveable features that D7000 and D600 haven’t:

    1. Pro (secured) mode dial.
    2. dedicated AF button.

    Honestly I can’t imagine what mode dial for. But thousand times I was caught by wrong mode dial position after taking camera out of the bag.
    Also autofocus on shutter button is garbage of time and efforts.

    With D300s I can surely get camera in hand, shoot 1 (Only one!) time and be sure with picture. Tht’s impossible with all these new toys.

    P.S. Honestly there is “Green zone” point on dial that usable, but only.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. It looks like the perfect architect’s camera.

    • Benjo

      Only if the 24mm PC-E can be mounted and shifted…the D7000 can mount it with some difficulty, but can only shift up a few mm.

    • that’s what I’m thinking, though shouldn’t we architects be shooting with canon since the 5d is out? 😉

      But I love Nikon so there’s no way I’m switching!

  • Adam Welz

    Two GREAT things about this body:

    1) U1 and U2 presets on mode dial. If these work the same way as the D7000, this is totally brilliant. I usually shoot in manual exposure mode using spot metering and the lowest ISO possible, but sometimes when conditions change rapidly I want to be able to go to program exposure, auto ISO and matrix metering — this is a real pain without these presets.

    2) Look carefully on the side panel. There is a little *headphone* icon next to the mic input so you can monitor audio while recording video. Yay! If Nikon is smart and allows full manual control of exposure during video shooting AND full manual control of audio levels during shooting (the D800 *unbelievably stupidly and unnecessarily* does not allow audio gain to be changed after you’ve hit the rec button) they will steal a significant chunk of the video DSLR market away from Canon, which has kept a small advantage with the superior audio control that the 5DmkIII offers. As someone who has migrated from shooting stills to pro video, I have seen a massive demand for budget-friendly, short movies for high-quality web streaming. If I can use the same gear to shoot stills of an event and, for example, short 1080 video interviews with people at the event *without* having to futz around with separate audio recording, I will be EXTREMELY happy. (Pluraleyes is great, but it’s an extra step that I’d rather avoid — and who wants to carry all that gear?)

    I can’t wait to see this body!

    • Say what? What does “video” has to do with anything? You must be posting in the wrong place. The D600 is a camera. With a camera you take pictures.

  • Max

    I don’t understand what’s all this fuss for. The F75/N75 was an entry level FX camera, and everyone was fine with it…

  • Rot

    If this thing is going to have a full FX viewfinder and maybe DX mode and nikon is throwing out a 16-30mm very light and sharp they can just come and take my fucking money out of my fucking wallet.

    Those plus a 50mm 1.4G.

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