First leaked Nikon D600 images

The "cheap" full frameย Nikon D600ย DSLR camera is real, as those leaked images from show:

You can find the updated Nikon D600 specs here.

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  • Anonymous Maximus

    Folks, better save up a few bucks & get the real one – I mean D800, rather than wasting on this D600.

    It’s a a crippled camera to reduce the price. And it’s too small for FX lenses, unless you prefer to use the smallest primes.

    • Michael

      I don’t consider the D7000 as a bad camera.

    • Adrian

      I dont see why the D800 is a real one and the D600 is not. For an enthusiast like me, who just wants to replace his aging D90.. I think it’s a perfect fit.

      • Luke

        An acquaintance, just bought a D800, to replace his D90 with one dozen of DX Lenses.

    • Henry

      Nonsense. Why has a FX to be so bulky? If you want bulk add a battery grip!

    • andy

      Camera snob!

      • guy

        Now the big question- price

        • my guess: sub $2000 price level, it could be as low as $1500

    • Hom Thogan

      This only can come from a silly dude with no idea that the D800 isn’t all that is hyped to be… I had one and I sent it back and got a used D3x, I will leave you with that idea.

      “Moar Megapickles” isn’t everything in photography.

      • D3x is too pricey

        Whereas I got one (D800) and then sold a D3s to buy a D800E.

        I guess you don’t need the superior quality and just like spending money?

        Perhaps you don’t know how to handle the files?

        D3x man… are you joking?! Nikon are really pushing the D3x now because they know it’s been made obsolete by the D800.

        More Megapixels isn’t everything it’s true, but you can do so much with those MP. If you know what you’re doing… D3x?! Seriously?! You’re that dumb… lol I just can’t get over it.

    • Phillip J Fry

      Not sure if trolling…

      …or just stupid

    • Anonymous Maximus

      A smaller-than-D800 FX body would have made sense if the FX lenses were proportionally small too. We are no longer in the FM era. Lens sizes have gone up meanwhile, some becoming monstrous. Look at the f/2.8 zooms! Even the new 24-85mm VR will look quite fat on a D600.

      Lens size must be in proportion with the body. Adding a grip will make things even worse, making the body too tall according to its width. D300 & D700 have been the optimum shape for dslr as comfortably wide. And D800 follows them.

      But imo, the D600 is a certain no-no!

    • Sahaja

      The size looks great for traveling and walking around all day

  • Rob

    Does it come in pink?

  • To bad Nikon is stepping away from there class numbering. Dx for pro, Dxxx for semi pro, Dxxxx for consumer class. This should be named the D7000f or D7050 or something like it. Mixing classes and numbers like this makes it harder to select the right model for your wishes.

    • Rob

      You could actually look at, I don’t know, the FEATURES and PRICE to make your decision instead of the MODEL NAME.

      Buying an American car must be a nightmare for you. How can you possibly know whether a Sonic is better than a Spark? The name doesn’t tell you!

      • Adrian

        Rob, buing american cars is always a nightmare… SCNR!

      • Rosco

        Does the US still make cars? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dan

      Really? You chose it by model number or by price and needs? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alfonso

      Are you kidding me~!

      You cannot stop complaining, can you~?
      Just read the bloody specs and then buy what better suit your photography…

      Who cares about names

  • Delimaero

    It looks fantastic. The price gap between the d7000 and d800 is far too large so this should fill that gap nicely

    I also think the size is a good thing. I have big hands, but I don’t use a broom to brush my teeth so I think I can manage a smaller camera. In fact I also have a gh2 and much prefer the dimensions to my d300s and that’s because I don’t need to always hold something that fills the entire span of my hands for it to feel comfortable. What a ridiculous comment to make. Do you see people walking down the street with d700 sized iPhones? No? Well go figure

    I can’t wait for this camera. To me it looks and sounds like a fantastic upgrade to my d300s.

    • Rahul

      “I have big hands, but I donโ€™t use a broom to brush my teeth so I think I can manage a smaller camera”

      LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      • iamlucky13

        I enjoyed that line, too.

        However, a big part of ergonomics isn’t just size, but shape and weight.

        The D40 feels just fine in my hands. The D7000, despite being bigger, actually feels slightly cramped…the shape of the grip isn’t quite right for my hands, and the extra weight emphasizes it.

        It’s not bad enough to be a problem, but I just thought it was interesting how a bigger camera could feel more cramped.

        I’m not worried about the size of the D600. I suspect when I get one in hand, I will wish it was slightly bigger, but still find it a piece of cake to hold, especially compared to my FM…that thing is heavy, has no grip, the shutter button is a bit awkward to reach, and the film advance takes a pretty dramatic motion of the wrist far beyond any of the controls of a modern DSLR. Plus, being left-eyed, when I have the advance lever in position to turn the meter on, it pokes me in the cheek.

        Let I enjoy shooting even with that metal brick.

  • Williamns

    These are fake images. The product has not reached to the manufacturing process yet.

    • andy

      I lol at the naysayers xD

    • So a concept mockup cannot be created yet? If the D600 is going to be announced at Photokina, then I think they really need to have a (working) concept already. This looks very real to me, and looks PERFECT. It looks like Nikon is making a camera specially for me.

    • thomas

      don’t be stupid: nikon first announces a product and than produces it…and it could be a concept of course although i highly doubt it; if it has been leaked it’s because a prototype has been given to a photographer for testing who apparently couldn’t keep a secret.

      • Rich

        Before they mass produce them the have prototypes out in the field to be tested, way before they are announced! You think they just start producing them without testing. Who does that? NO ONE!

        • thomas

          that’s what i was saying…

    • Sahaja

      Nikon test cameras like this for months – the D7000 was in the hands of some testers at least 8 months before release. So’ if it is going to be released this year’ there are already actual cameras – not mock ups.

  • Moe Jacknally

    Well that’s one butt-ugly camera.
    It’s hideous!
    And I bet it smells bad!

    Coolpix it is for me!

    P.S.: I’m really happy with my D800e. Now I’m looking for a backup. Not sure whether I should get a D800 or a D4.
    According to its specs the D600 has no advantage whatsoever to the D800e.

    • Paul

      You mean EXCEPT for the price ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Delayedflight

      Different camera for different purpose. Seriously people need to understand that not EVERYTHING is squarely aimed at them.

      • Calibrator

        The NR forum mantra:

        I am the alpha and the omega
        My own belly is the center of the universe
        Everyhing is revolving around it
        My wishes are absolute

        • BartyL

          There is some truth in what you write.

    • Rahul

      “According to its specs the D600 has no advantage whatsoever to the D800e.”
      Size perhaps…and don’t forget that it would probably cost half as compared to D800e.

    • Alfonso

      @ Moe Jacknally

      You’re a candid boy, are you~?

      Off course you see no advantage on this entry FX over top of the class (across all brands)
      but seriously if you can invest almost 10K for your cameras only.

      Obviously the D600 is not aimed at you or at the likes of you.

      I think Nikon addressed the Pro (real one) with a perfect combo:
      D4 Photojournalim (even extreme) Sport, Wedding,
      D800 – D800e Landscape, Studio, BigPrint Wedding
      the D400 will address all those pro who don’t need the FX like wildlife…

      And this is a breaking point, an entry level who could upgrade from a previously cheaper still very good camera i.e. D7000 to a slightly better one.

      SuperPro or people with a huge budget really needs to understand that Nikon as a brand can deliver outstanding products only if is profitable:
      Leica is making point and shoot cam’on and nobody complain, since for the pro the 10k guns are still there…

      And furthermore not all the products are aimed to PRO

    • Joe Chuckwagon

      Oh I agree. This puny D600 will never fit into my collection of eight D800Es because I need to have four D4s and four D800s as backups. This D600 just won’t cut it.

  • Jeff

    You can tell from the picture that the mere box is much too small to have a full frame pentaprism. So what’s the viewfinder? EVF??

    • I have been wondering about this (earlier in the comments – a couple of replies from similarly puzzled people). Alternative opinion: some sort of new pentamirror? Maybe more plausible, and could be a price-lowering aspect.

      • Metten

        ‘FX’ pentamirrors aren’t new: my Nikon F65 (N65 for yanks) also had one and it was smaller than the ‘bulge’ on this one. Let’s just hope it has 100% coverage, unlike my F65.

        • No, of course they aren’t new… My F80 has one. But it achieves only about 90% coverage (even the D700’s smaller prism achieves 95%), it’s much darker (feels like almost two stops darker compared with the excellent prism in the D300). And even the mirror box for the F80 is larger than this.

          I won’t be surprised if it’s a pentamirror, but I would be surprised if it wasn’t a radically improved one, because the market isn’t going to take well to a pentamirror with characteristics as they used to be in 35mm cameras.

    • BartyL

      A pentamirror is possible given the rumored price, but given that the images appear to have been taken with a phone-camera set to its widest zoom setting, I don’t think you can say much about the dimensions of it at all.

    • Sahaja

      The pentaprism on a Nikon FM was small.

  • troll hard bro

    Buy a damn battery grip if you don’t like the size. Seriously, I would prefer a D300s size as well, but wtf do you expect for $1500? Seriously, stop complaining.

    • WoutK89

      And if the size is the same as the D7000, the MB-D11 has just gotten an extension to its life cycle.

      • Calibrator

        Suckiest grip ever!

  • rick05

    Looks great, I’m just hoping it has AF fine tune to go with its Af motor or it could spell a bit of trouble for my older fast primes.

    Hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

    • Metten

      The D7000 has, so this probably will have too.

  • Very Serious Sam

    I will not trade in my D800 for it, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  • burak

    what s the sensor-like spot between the dial and “D600”, IR?

    • Yeah, probably. On that spot on the D7000 you’ve an IR sensor for the remote.

  • This will go great with my Nikkor-E ais 50mm/1.8 pancake lens. In combination with the D600 it will be a light small FUCKING FULL FRAME package perfect for almost everything from weddings, commercial to reportage. This WILL be Nikons best selling digital camera ever.. Until they release the Digital Nikon FM that is.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Graham

      If Nikon ever make a digital FM, they’ll be so overwhelmed by orders that they will have to open a new production facility to cope. I wonder whether Nikon ever do any market research.

      Even better – how about a Nikon FF digital rangefinder?

      • Sahaja

        Yes a digital Nikon FM -AND – a digital Nikon SP

  • I’m not sure where Nikon will go with their lineup. Suppose the D400 24mp rumor is true, then you will have a 24mp DX D3200, 24mp DX D400, and 24mp DX D600. That is fine, and easy enough to understand. But where would a potential D5200 and D7100 fit into the lineup? Can you have 4 DX 24mp cameras? How would they differ? I have a feeling Nikon may drop a model from the DX lineup soon.

    • The D600 is FX and Canon’s line-up was also 3 models with the exact same sensor, though there were enough differences between them.

      • Metten

        Canon even has 4: the 550D (T2i), 600D (T3i), 60D and 7D. The new 650D/T4i has an updated sensor with hybrid phase detection AF, but it still has te same 18MP.

        There is no reason why Nikon couldn’t have 24MP across the DX line.

      • Manuel

        In earlier days, you could always use the same film type in every 35mm camera. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t enough differentiation between models.

        • Mike

          True, but Nikon didn’t have 7 current film bodies at the time.

          • EnPassant

            1984 one could find the following Nikon cameras on the shelves: EM, FG, FG-20, FM2, FE2, FA, F3.
            Hmm, wasn’t that seven (7!) cameras?
            And all full frame!

      • Mike

        Sorry, typo on D600, yes it is FX. Still, 4 potential DX cams all with the sensor seems like a marketing nightmare to me.

  • Kenneth

    Wow…it’s my luck. I almost order D800 but this monster is very attractive. The price should be much chapher than D800 but the quality may be on par or probably very close. Bravo !!!!!!

  • brian

    So I presume this will take the mb-d11, which will mean no d4 battery and no increased fps with the grip.

    I was kind of hoping for something that might be able to do 7 fps at least. I’ll guess this will Max out at 5fps then. And would be less appealing as a faster compliment to the d800e I’m still waiting for.

    • brian

      Does mb-d11 take 8 aa’s? If so then maybe there is hope for faster fps.

      • ISO Peanuts

        MB-D11 takes 6 AA batteries or 1 EN-EL15 battery.

      • brian

        But doesn’t appear to help boost fps unfortunately. Maybe the aa’s will get it to 6fps but I doubt it

  • David B

    If the price is anywhere near rumored $1500. based on what I’ve seen with D7000 in 2010, and D800/D4 in 2012, if you don’t preorder this within 1 min of being available, you will not see it before Xmas. The good news, just like with D800, if you do pre-order it and get it first, you can play with it for 6 months, and then sell it at the same price. So very safe purchase

  • Thijmen

    Why does a certain group of people get angry at this camera? I think its awesome that the amount of options for photographers (pro or not) is getting bigger and bigger. There was (is yet) no FX Nikon dslr with the size (and thus handling) of a DX format camera. People getting mad over auto-functions or the “look” of this photographers equipment just sound like elitist hipsters to me.

  • Dylan

    Something tells me that all the haters are just trying to bump themselves up the the pre-order line, by convincing people against ordering. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll be ordering as soon as I can, but just for good measure:


    • Dylan

      I am truly not sure if you are kidding or not. If you are not: Read the first part of what I’d said and note the satirical nature of the capitalized words. If you are: mentally replace all text in this comment with “Lol.”

    • jason

      are you aware that you’ve just been trolled by a person who wasn’t even trolling?

  • inginerul

    So, it’s a cheap FF model with a great 24 Mp sensor, and YET is has an AF motor !, it has 2 scroll wheels, it has A TOP LCD SCREEN. They should call it the Nikon “Santa Claus”.

    • Metten

      Maybe, but that would depend on the price tag: at โ‚ฌ1.500 it’s denitely a ‘gift’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • alex

    Now THIS is exciting!!!

  • ISO Peanuts

    The camera pictured is definitely not a D7000. Looking forward to getting this camera as a second to our D800. However my wife is giving me the “LOOK” right now. Must not look into eyes… Yes dear… I will buy you the Louis Vuitton bag…

  • EEECCKK! So excited

    Bring it on Nikon! Whatever, just release everything you’ve got and see how the market has changed….more people are buying DSLRs and so people are willing to dump huge amount of money, most likely on the consumer level because the whole camera system is just too expensive for NON-Photographers

    I don’t want a D7000 FF
    I want D700 but with updated sensor and features!

    Oh, well, I’ll take whatever is released next! Not a minute late too.

    • Levi H

      Exactly how I feel man and what I want man. Don’t cheap out on FF, do it right. What happened to all the talk about “The d800 is not the D700 replacement.” So what is?!?!!? We’re going to be going on 4 years coming up!

      • Edubya

        The D800 and the D600 are both the D700 replacement. Unless there’s some D710 middle ground next year, but that would make for a cluttered segment.

  • ant

    It looks bigger than the D7000 to me. On the grip side it looks like the LCD and button layout of the D800 (with the mode button swapped for meter) , so that side is probably similar in size to D800. On the other side it looks similar to the D7000, it’s missing the remote release port etc. of the D800. The prism will have to be similar in size to the D800, but it seems to have lost some bulk under the lens mount. We’ll see.

  • Kim

    Looks like it has “aperture-feeler” to give it Auto-exposure with old Ai-lenses!
    And the fokus motor is there too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Delayedflight

    Seems that the D800 and D7000 decided to have a baby.
    Even though I own the D800 I’m super excited at the prospect of a more inexpensive full frame consumer offering.

  • Alain

    This is really fake !

    where is the remote output, white balance / iso and quality selector as the D300s ?! it’s just a d90/d7000 modify I think… and you can only choose AF or M for focus settings (at the right of the camera) ? not Continous / Spot and Manually as the D300s ? And finally, this is really small for a FX camera… so I think it’s pure fakeness

    • Metten

      It is not fake. It’s just not a ‘pro’ grade body like the D300/D700/D800. It’s a FX version of the D7000. Which is good, because that’s what makes this camera cheaper and lighter. Very good news for anybody but fulltime Pros and elitist snobs.

      • Yes, it’s real. I have been reporting in the past few weeks that this will be a “cheap” FX body.

        • Jim

          Yes, and to make cheap possible despite of an FX sensor, mirror, shutter and what have you, Nikon decided to take curved glass fiber instead of an expensive FX pentaprism

    • thomas

      I’ve compared the d7000 and these pictures: there are subtle differences; look to the picture showing the right side; very different there…the overal design looks more rounded like the d800…to me it looks amazing

    • I think the picture is real, just like the specs I reported before.

      • thomas

        you’re specs look spot on: congrats admin!
        you see an announcement tomorrow realistic?

        • don’t think it will happen, only the two lenses this week

    • Alex

      The pics that reveal bigger changes to the body tend to be real. The fake ones are current or old model pics with the model number photoshopped. Remember the D800 leaked pics? Everyone said it was fake because the model label curved around, unlike previous models. They also said it was fake because it the red chevron was slimmer. If it had of been photoshopped, people would not change stuff like that!

  • Nino N.

    Nikon: Crap! We accidentally created a huge gap between D300s and D800….what shall we do?

    Nikon’s engineer: Take a D7000 and D800 and smash it up each other….and there we have a D600.

    That is exactly what it looks like lol

    I’m looking forward to hear more about this camera though. Maybe I’ll sell my old D90 and save up more money to get this D600 as a second body ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jamez

    that does look very real!

    Grip size seem alsmost identical to the D7000, a bit dissapointed that it’s not a small fraction larger – it wouldn’t hurt since the prism housing is much taller anyways.
    But the I’ve used the d7000 and it’s a good compromise with more portability and almost enough gripsize…

    I see it has a AF-motor also – yay! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I know my wife is going to love that it has a green auto-mode. She hates that my d300 doesn’t.
    I’m even starting to believe the 1500$ price might be real!

    It does look great, and I’m sure this’ll be my next camera!

    • Alain

      A green mode on a 1500$ body, this is a non-sens !… buy a D3200 if you want that kind of specs :/ I have a D300s, and I really happy there is not a GREEN NOOB mode on it.
      And D7000 is too small for good handheld, as not as the D300s !

      • thomas

        dude chill out; you don’t have to use it…

        • Jamez

          Correct, you don’t have to use it!

          But when my wife is picking up the camera to photo my son (and I took some pictures last night with all kinds of manual settings) -it great rather than taking a overexposed blurry shot or fiddling with settings and letting the moment pass by…

          Alain: I’m glad your happy with your d300s with no greet button!
          Me, I’d rather have it and not use it!

      • Boing Wronkwell


        You are a Camera Snob. Go buy three D800E’s and shut up.

  • Nick

    Looks like they finally made a true digital F80 – and what a great camera that was, a true classic in my view!

    • BartyL

      I have one of those. I haven’t used for a few years, but it is a great camera.

  • Dylan

    Do we have any back-story on these pictures? I don’t have a reason to doubt authenticity, but I’m curious none-the-less.

  • JC

    I think if these were real he would have included some blurry cell phone pics of the back as well.

  • Jan

    Couldn’t they just do a picture of it mirror up, then everybody would shut up about it being a fake… dream come true if it’s real, dimensions are just right!

    • Metten

      The mirror itself is FX size. In DX cameras it is way smaller.

  • Matt

    This sounds like exactly what I was wishing for the “d800”

  • Running off of the spec list, this camera could be Nikon’s most rounded camera for video shooters so far. The D4 is very clean at high ISOs but waaaay too soft when filming in FX and DX mode. The D800 is updated to have much better video resolution but the 36MP sensor means that it struggles at high ISO compared to the likes of the Canon 5D Mark III (for video I mean!). Hopefully, the D600 will have the video resolution advantage of the slightly newer D800 with lower noise at high ISO due to it’s lower actual sensor res. Now, if they can just do something about that video moire and aliasing I think a lot of DSLR filmers might have a good look at this.

  • Martin L

    Has any information come forth as to the dimensions of this camera? Is it the size of a D7000 or a D800?

    • Sahaja

      Looks like midway between the two. Kind of a tall D7000

  • nuno santacana

    It has Mode wheel instead of Mode button, like D7000. It looks like a D7000 replacement (but FX) giving space for a semipro DX D400 (D300s replacement).

    I dream of D900 or D710…


    I do NOT comment on fakes though … considering the ยดGREEN THING/SIGNยด on the awful ring on the left side I seriously doubt this is anywhere near semi-pro … nore pro body.
    Well – for my DX-FX transfer I was just hoping for the d3s sensor in the d300(s) body which now seems even less probable … sadly

    we will see what REALLY comes out … IF even smthg. And IF – any wide angle fixed focal lenght lenses at f/1,8 or f/2 on the horizon?

  • Dominic Savio

    I’m glad that Nikon is going to release D600 since it’s not as pricey as D800/E and also can give Canon hard time for release something similar to D600. My friends are waiting for cheaper FX body, this is it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just believe you people.. have you never watched an image taken with a wide-angle lens before? This camera is NOT small. Its a tiny tad smaller then the D800. Which is HUMONGOUS!!! Everything bigger then the D3200 is BIG in my eyes, and no, I dont have small hands. And why would you want to carry around all that weight? I just dont get? You know that you do not get muscles by using a heavy camera huh? You just get injuries. Do you think you look extremly masculine with a big camera? Whats your problem? I can understand that you want a big camera for when you use those 400 – 1000mm lenses and always shoot on tripod, but otherwise, no, I just dont get it.

    • Metten

      Some people need their camera to match with the size of their ego. A small camera is a bad thing then ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • BartyL

        I’ve heard somewhere that the size of a man’s camera is inversely proportional to the size of his dick. There’s a lot of over-compensating going on here.

  • jorg

    what a cool camera. there is
    -the small FX-body so many wished for
    -an upgrade for D90 and D7000 users
    -a cheap backup-body for FX-shooters
    -a good camera for travelling light.

    what i would love to see is the back. swivel display? viewfinder?

  • thomas

    Looks like a dream come true… fx sensor in d7000 body.
    I’m happy it the d7000 body because now we finally have a light body than landscape and travel photographers can carry with them; now hoping it has the same or better sensor than the D700 because it would totally suck if they put some kind of cheaper sensor in it…the af system won’t be top notch but you can bet it not going to be a lesser body than the d7000 on any point….

    • Jamez

      so while carrying a 780g d7000 – plus lenses – adding another 210g to the d800 will kill the carry-ability ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • thomas

        yes ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s exactly it…try carrying a D800 a full day and than put on the D7000 :p

  • Looks pretty good to me. If it ergonomically works like the D7000 and has the same feel of quality, this will be a fabulous piece of kit. Just want to see a bit more of the spec before I get really excited and stop dreaming of the 36Mp monster that has been haunting me for months. I know my computer kit can easily cope with 24Mp and my time sat looking at a screen will be reduced by buying this ‘little’ chap. The D800 is still calling, but it’s a little less insistant than it was!

  • Rich

    Damn, Im kinda disappointed it has the little amateur wheel on the upper left hand side. I was hoping it would be an FX sensor in a D300 like body. But it looks like it WILL BE A CHEAP FX body. It is exciting but I was hoping for a more pro like body . A D300s body with an FX sensor would have been perfect for me.

    • Metten

      Just. Get. The. D700.

      • Rich

        I’ll probably wait to get a D800 when they become more readily available. I thought this would be perfect at 24mp. I do a lot of compositing so 36mp seemed a little too big; with all the layering the files are going to be in the gigs. Actually 18mp would be perfect but Im not going to switch to Canon. I wish we had cheaper D4 sensor options. Im using a D700 now. Its a great camera but looking for more up to date features.

    • jorg

      how can anybody be disappointed, when ever since the name D600 was mentioned it was supposed to be a cheap FX camera.

      • Rich

        I just was hoping that “cheaper” meant 24mp fx in a $1999 D300 like body. A truly cheap body with the kind of image quality we know this camera will have; its like putting a Ferrari engine in a Ford body. Why Nikon, why???

        • jorg

          what you were hoping for is a new D700. from the beginning of D600-rumors it was clear, that this would not be the new D700.
          i do not seen, how a cheaper body should stop anybody from utilizing the IQ from this new sensor.

          • Fred

            Can just imagine the subjects saying “Don’t point that cheap FX camera at me!” I can see trees and rocks getting especially upset …

          • Rich

            It was mentioned as cheap Fx but it was also mentioned it had no focusing motor and it does, and had gps, which it doesn’t! Not everything that is posted here is fact. Its not about image quality, I stated that Im sure it will be great! But I was HOPING for a D300s like body. I have a D700 and was hoping it would be similar but new sensor, just stating MY opinion. I will wait to get the D800! Jorg and Fred if you like great sensors in cheap bodies good for you, pat yourselves on the back.

  • Finally a small full frame to replace my F65! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jorg

    nikon just announced 18-300 DX and 24-85 FX lenses, to be shipped already in june.
    so there is the kitlens!
    good year for nikon!

    • jorg

      af-s 24-85/ 3.5-4-5 VR2 = 619,- โ‚ฌ (

  • wowo stunned

  • Cymon

    +1 for the smaller size, but what about the pro-body features like dust and moisture protection and the stronger shutter mechanism? I think there’s space for another body between this d600 and the d800, maybe a dx pro/semipro camera. I used my d300 under rain, snow and sand storm without a problem so I would miss this features. I don’t see this camera so durable in such situations.

  • VJ

    Interesting… but difficult for me… An amateur currently shooting DX (still D100, so I know any update will be a big improvement).
    An FX body would put my main lenses in the same range: 17-55 f/2.8 (DX) and 24-85 /f2.8-4 (FX). Just cropping from the 24-85 yields the same field of view as my DX lens… So I would be more tempted by a DX SLR at this time… but if the price and features are right…

    • jorg

      since ANY dx-body available would improve your situation + you own a professional DX-standard zoom, a used DX-body would be the most cost-effective option for you.
      D90, D300 and soon D7000 will be available cheap with the most bang for the bucks.

      if you survived until 2012 with a D100, you do not suffer from GAS and any of these cameras will be perfect for you.

      • VJ

        I know – usually I don’t really consider second hand gear, maybe I should now… Although they appear to be just a couple of 100 euro’s cheaper than the new ones, and if I do such a long time with a body, does it matter?
        As a new purchase, I was looking more at the D300s than at the D7000, but the arrival of a D400 might be interesting (if for no other reason than a price drop of other models).

        The D100 serves me well – I’m just an amateur – but people seem surprised by the photos I can take with such an old camera. Still, it is showing its age and drawbacks: small buffer, poor in-camera processing (IMO slightly too much variation between the NEFs, preventing a faster conversion and shorter workflow) and the mode dial is not always registering when set to adjust the ISO value. ๐Ÿ™‚ Particularly the need for the longer workflow is starting to put me off of taking photos, which is not a good thing.

        (and another Jรถrg on nikonrumors. :-))

        • BartyL

          I bought a D300s second-hand through eBay last year, as a move forward from my D50 (with which I managed to take good photos), and I’m very happy with it. I paid with a CC via PayPal, which offers you some protection and costs the buyer nothing.

          I await the D600 with interest. This time next year we will know what it’s like, the early bugs will have been fixed, and there will be no queue. I will then either buy a D600 or a second-hand D700.

  • Nikonnut

    if it beats my D7000 in auto focus speed and accuracy and low light/high iso im buying this! A bigger buffer would be sweet too!

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