First leaked Nikon D600 images

The "cheap" full frameย Nikon D600ย DSLR camera is real, as those leaked images from show:

You can find the updated Nikon D600 specs here.

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  • hidra

    Will be my next FX camera!

    • Jan

      Bit disappointed. Looks like a toy.
      D7000 sized body, cramped hands but with extra weight in D600!
      Different market I guess.

      • gt

        please god give it CAM3500 and not CAM4800

      • Nikon 1 is too small

        Think of it as what a Nikon mirrorless should be… but with added mirror.

      • Seriously, what did the expect? These comments time after time never cease to amaze me. It will be priced like a toy so it’s not going to be a shrunken D4. Buy the D800 and be happy – it’s magnificent for the price.

        • Phil

          Couldn’t agree more with this.

          What on earth to do expect for the money? Jeez. If you want a full sized FX body, save up for a D800 and stop complaining.

          Here’s the thing. Nikon were never going to make a camera that has the same size, build quality etc as the D800 and price it at nearly half the price of the D800…… because guess what…… people would stop buying the D800 and buy the cheaper model.

          If you don’t go like the way Nikon works, go and disappear to Canon. And don’t come back. Please.


          • D400

            Lets not forget that the D800 is very competetively priced as it is

            • karl

              Absolutely. But an FX format consumer camera for roughly the same price as a professional DX camera ? it’s a steal!

          • Dr. Phil Uranus

            It could, at least, have a decent size!

            Some of us don’t have kid’s apendices…

  • medvedev

    Good, it has an build-in AF-Motor!
    But it looks very similar to the D7000

    • Teun

      Not only that, it even has got an aperture index-ring, making it compatible with even all the old AI lenses. Great news!

      • Worminator

        That’s right, I was thinking there was a very good chance Nikon would drop that feature. -relieved-

      • iamlucky13

        Ooooohhh…great job spotting that. This makes me very happy. I’ve got a couple old primes for my film camera that will work on the D600.

  • Nishikant

    Finally! The FX I can afford.
    Can’t wait

  • bruce

    I do not know what to feel when I saw that AUTO mode in an FX body.

    • Fugio

      Canon 5D3 has a tiny little green “A” on the left shoulder. LOL

    • Mark J.

      Could not agree more. Seeing the noob dial on a full frame camera is depressing.

    • agree!

      a big camera commands and builds trust! sounds bad, but nevertheless very true. I guess there has to be a concession for making it more affordable.

      probably has same pixel density as d7000, but ff is wider and better for interiors and architecture

      • iamlucky13

        It’s not a surprise at all. Considering the D7000 has it, and the rumors strongly point to the D600 being more or less a full frame D7000, it was a good bet there would be a full auto mode on the D600.

        Besides, all those aspiring middle age males with disposable income who these days are suddenly deciding they have a creative streak are going to gravitate towards this camera, because it’s bound to be awesome and get solid reviews. Just like with every previous model, though, most of them are going to expect to pick it up and use it like a point and shoot.

        It’s silly, but true.

        So the single position wasted on the mode dial for the “Auto” setting is a minimal compromise for Nikon bringing out an enthusiast priced FX body.

        • Andrew

          Yeah, you have to serve the folks that are funding Nikon’s full frame research and development effort. Smaller size, lower weight, increased resolution, and reduced price (D600) FX camera is what I have been looking for to replace my wife’s D80. The ISO performance of the D600 should at least match that of the D800 if not a little better. But I am so happy for the millions of professional photographers in the developing nations who can now more easily afford a pro camera. Way to go Nikon!

    • don

      Want a pro body? Then buy a pro body.

      Pretty simple to figure out.

    • Get over it, my D3x has ‘P’ mode which give or take is auto.

  • Jorgen

    This looks like the ticket, let’s hope the price really is as low as rumored. Love that it has the D7000 mode dial, btw.

    • Rob

      Ya, I love paying $2000 for a camera that has the feel of a $300 camera.

      • jason

        the $3500 Canon 5D Mark 3 has a similar mode dial and no one seems to mind.

        • Rob

          And much like the Mark 3, I won’t be buying the D600. See how that works? So yeah, people do mind.

          • Rob-the-whiner

            Then what are you still doing here?Haven’t found you perfect camera yet?Maybe you should make one yourself?

            • Rob

              Nah, I have a D300s, D800, D4, already and a D800E on the way. It would have been nice to have a disposable full frame camera though. Based on the build, I’d have to baby this thing a lot more than any of my other cameras otherwise it’d probably break. That kind of counters the whole low-price advantage. I do like the 24MP count, but the build, size, controls, focus, and feel would all be a step down.

            • silmasan

              Well, Rob, you know, for some, “D300s, D800, D4, and D800E” are fine examples for a “disposable full frame camera”. Maybe you can join those people and stop worrying about breaking anything money can fix.

            • silmasan

              Oops, never mind the D300s, the D700 is.

          • trooolololo

            legit photo of your face and your cameras or it never happened

            • karl

              it never did. He’s a 12 years old troll with too much time on his hands.

            • Rob

              What would my face add to it?

            • Rob

              Also, the D800E doesn’t arrive for a couple days. Can’t have it in the pic. Boxes will have to do because I need to use one of the bodies to take the pic.

          • Blacklighting

            “step down” of course it’s an entry level camera.

          • Sean


            I’d love to see a $300 camera with the same build as that camera with the same features. It’s very nice you have that arsenal of bodies, so how about you just quit spouting off at the mouth, and go create work with them?

            • Rob

              I just bought my cameras to take pictures of the boxes. I can take 36MP photos of the boxes if I need poster-sized prints. If it’s dark in my studio and the boxes are moving quickly, I can take photos of them at 11FPS at ISO 12,800. For everyday shooting, I just photograph my boxes with the D300s.

              I haven’t dabbled too much into the video capabilities yet, but I’m looking forward to making some HD clips of the boxes.

        • jason

          i will say it looks a tad smaller than i’d prefer (that’s what she said).

          • silmasan

            ๐Ÿ˜€ well at least *that* thing has live cells you can *mold* to preference.

      • Hen Cockwell

        Or you could just buy a $300 camera that has the feel of a $300 camera.

      • karl

        you must be doing something wrong when you buy a camera to “feel” better

        • nah

          yea because ergonomics don’t matter at all, right?

          • karl

            yeah, the sales figures of D7000 absolutely prove just how bad the ergonomics are, LOL

            • Rob

              Based on your logic, the D3100 has the best ergonomics of any Nikon DSLR. Yet the ergonomics of the average Coolpix blows away any DSLR’s ergonomics.

              …because sales volume is solely a reflection of ergonomics (according to you). Sales have nothing to do with price or the size of the target market.

            • karl

              It was YOUR logic that stated the only thing that matters is ergonomics. Check your first post.

          • jason

            no one is saying “ergonomics don’t matter”, just that they tend to matter less when we’re talking about FF DSLR at the rumored price point of <$2000

      • Edubya

        Based on the photos, the D600 is probably built like the D7000, which has a magnesium alloy body and weather sealing. It’s certainly not as tough as the higher-end bodies, but it’s not exactly a $300 toy either. I have no issues hanging an 80-200 2.8 on the front of my D7000, and I’m sure I’ll feel the same with my D600.

        In any case, it’s SUPPOSED to be smaller and lighter. That is the whole point. Nikon has clearly taken what the D700 started and split the line in two, upward and downward.

      • don

        My perfect studio camera. Won’t need the ruggedness or ergonomics that you seem to be clamoring for — I just need the pixels.

        For ergonomics and speed, I’ll turn to my D3s. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • coloretric

      D7000 mode dial is a pain in the … It doesn’t lock enough to prevent changes whilst carrying the camera. It really needs heavier click stops or a locking mechanism.

  • yay

    yay !

    • boo

      boo !

  • price

    any pricetag info ?

  • Greg

    The fact that it has the consumer type mode dial is pretty strong evidence that it won’t be more than $1500!

    • Metten

      That didn’t bother Canon to price the 5D Mark III at $3500…

  • Whoop, there it is!

    • Where am I?

      Is it 1993?

      • Alex

        Because songs can’t be quoted after the year they are released?

        • Durr


  • They got U1 and U2 in D600, why o why Nikon couldn’t get those to D4 and D800.

    We need FW update to D4 and D800 to enable at least manual saving and recall of the Banks!!

    • Has Nikon ever updated a firmware to provide useful features?

    • Andrew

      What you should do is corner a Nikon official and ask for their reason for omitting U1 and U2 from their higher end camera. Who knows, maybe they are giving you a reason for buying the D600 as your must have backup camera.

      • coloretric

        D4 I can see a reason as to why not-when using such a camera you should in theory know what the ___ you are doing and how to compensate for it. Usually I don’t need to switch between settings all that often. However, when I use the D800 I find it could do with the User Switches.

  • Rob

    If this comes out at $2000 with the kit lens does anyone see the D800 dropping in price a few months later? Maybe to $2800?

    • WoutK89

      Different sensor, different build quality, so I don’t think so. Especially with the high demand on D800’s

      • D800 can be handheld

        Yeh but there’s a high demand for D800 because there’s no D600 to compete with it at the moment.

        • Rob

          Yup. I’m thinking if it’s $2000 without lens or ~$2250 with lens that there won’t be any drop in the D800. But with a $1700-1800 without lens price ($2000 with), that makes the D800 almost twice the cost.

          In 3 months the supply of the D800 will probably have caught up with demand, so the timing works too.

  • WouterJ

    Looks like a very small body to me! If it is something like a D5000 body style, the rumored low price of around 1500$ might be correct. In that case, a D400 with a pro built body like the D300s will be justified in my opinion.

    If Nikon releases both, I think they can keep everybody very happy.

    • Greg

      Looks almost identical to the D7000.

      • erik

        except it has the record button on the top

    • jason

      most will buy for the FF sensor – your logic is the tail wagging the dog..

    • WouterJ

      I meant, a higher priced pro built D400 over the D600 may be justified.

  • Andre

    change ur web name into NIKONFACTS.COM

    • NikonFacts

      Much agreed. The accuracy rate and timeousness of NikonRUMORS is much more informative and just as accurate as Nikon official NewsFeed. Makes it look like Admin dines with Nikon CEO on a weekly basis and is given all the news before anyone else. Good work Admin for such a top notch service.

      • Yes, Nikonrumors has been putting out quality info long before releases, where some sites can’t get the facts right even after they have read the official press materials ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • hehe, I am trying my best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, it does look like an evolved D7000. At least from the few photos so far. So we’ll get a FX camera in a D7000 sized package. Who wouldn’t want that? Oh wait, here comes the responses from all of nameless pro photographers without links to there work. Lol!

    • “Their”

    • Rob

      Perhaps people with hands larger than an infant’s. Or maybe people who want to balance a lens larger than a 50mm 1.8.

      • agree ๐Ÿ™‚

      • karl

        My hands are larger than an infant’s and I handle my D7000 with the 24-70 nikon with no problems. You logic is flawed. Again.

        • MacManX


          I use the D7000 with a 70-200/2.8 and a MB-D11
          There’s no way on Earth that it would be “too small”.

          • Poch


            I use FX lenses on my D7000 (only DX lens I have is the 35mm 1.8) and it’s not too bad as other people make it out. I don’t even use a grip.

            • D80

              +3 I have shot my nikon D80 + 24-70 and 16-35 FX lens… 6’3, big big hands, NOOO problems… And for the sake of it, I’ll post the picture on Flickr just to prove it. Oh and don’t mind the other pictures, the account is an upload means for college, lots of pictures taken by a D40 on a 35mm f1.8 or 18-55mm… And usually, nikon D80 is shot with the 50mm primes lens, but for the sake of not having to argue, you guys will have the links to the pictures…

        • Deep Lurker

          My D90 is even smaller than the D7000, and it feels great in my hands.

          However, while the D7000 isn’t too small overall, its grip is too small/too skinny/oddly shaped. I (and apparently a lot of other people) find it uncomfortable to hold because of that.

        • coloretric


      • Ke

        How big our people’s hands around here? I’m 6 foot 4 & the D90 & D7000 are very comfortable to handle. If you want a giant DSLR with built in extra grip, then fine, but there’s no reason to start mocking people who want something a bit more portable.

    • Nameless “pro”

      All ur foto sux. I take better foto wid my dads kodak.


    • mojo

      Lol! Agree! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those pro are scared, that in few month having FX camera will not be such COOOOLL as now ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahaha

  • Eric

    Does this increase the release likelihood over 80%?
    Its looks good with that 50mm F/1.4 D on it.

    • Greg

      We’re probably at 99% by now.

      • Yes, we are. I will bump the probability once I get the announcement date.

        • iamlucky13

          Still sounding like September, I assume?

          It seems like so far away, but probably not as long as we’ll be waiting for Nikon to catch up with preorders after it’s announced.

  • I will place an order as soon as its announced, don’t want to wait like i have been for the d800.

    • Well I learned my lesson with the D800 and I got cut. I will never jump in on day 1 ever again. As with all things, the first round of production will inevitably have faults, especially at this end of the market. Wait six months, allow the dust to settle, let Nikon release the first inevitable firmware and then move in with your eyes wide open…..

      My first D800 in March had issues requiring Service Centre repair. My second at the end of May had none. Just look at the 5DMKIII too – there are plenty of cameras out there with a light leak for crying out loud.

      • Andrew

        After releasing the Nikon 1, D800, and D4 in the space of a few months, my confidence level for the D600 manufacturing is at 95%. Nikon has done an exceptional job in its new product releases. Overall, the biggest issue was firmware related which simply required a software update. Nikon is very adept at manufacturing and it shows.

        Unfortunately, about 5% to 7% on average of all manufactured products have defects. So any defect you may have encountered may have been unavoidable. But I understand your point, no defect is welcomed; and you must act based upon your comfort level, so waiting in your case may make sense. I purchased three PS3s and three Sony large screen TVs immediately after release and none of them have experienced any manufacturing issue even after years of usage.

        If the D600 is released at $1,500, I most likely will order it immediately. But if it cost $1,800, I might wait since my needs are not urgent. The D600 might be on back-order longer than what has been experienced with the D800. So I most likely will take my chance.

      • coloretric

        +1 on this – First one (of three) to have in my country a D7000 – spent 2.5 months at Nikon Service Centre – had no AI Index Ring, required a new shutter after it failed on me, required “new” screws that took one month to arrive from Hong Kong. And a few other misc. things. Also paid AU$2k and then watched the price drop like a stone – going to wait a bit till I purchase again.

  • Alienate

    There will be three Fx models, three dx, so forget about D400, D7200 is coming, and probably 3cx models too. You will see…

    • +1 that’s exactly what’s going to happen

  • french fries

    Interesting camera as a backup to the D800.

    This camera might hurt Canon’s 5D MKIII more then D800 if the price mentioned will be correct.

    • Primary

      5DmkII is half the price of a MKIII, so the MKII is the one competing with the D600

      • jason

        i would say a similarity in features rather than price ought to determine comparability.

      • Who will win?

        the 5Dii will probably lose to the D600 on high iso and AF. Video I dunno. Maybe similar.

        I use to own a 5Dii. Now I own a D800 and a D800E. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David B

    Well it does look just like D7000 as I predicted

    • Aldgate

      I have D700’s and as far as I’m concerned they have 3 “green” modes: “P,S,&A.” They just aren’t painted green as you must press a button and spin a dial to select them.

  • An FX Camera with “Green Mode” ?????? No, thanks.
    Then i will go on with my D700.

    • This camera is not an evolution of D700, for that the D800 was made.
      This camera is for hobby photographers coming from the D7000 and alike. And for that it look perfect!

      What is so wrong with “Green Mode”? For you apperently 6 question marks (!) SIX in total >_< for yeah, a green mode really says IT ALL about a camera!

    • Stop whining

      Since when does the “green mode”make any camera a bad camera?If D4 or D800 would have “Green mode” would you say that those are bad cameras too?

      • Christoph Ohlrogge

        You never look like a pro with a green mode camera. And seriously, looking like a pro is what photography is about.

    • Rob

      I’ve never used an auto-mode, but I’d have to say there are occasions when it’d come in handy. I’ve definitely had times where I missed a shot, under/over-exposed it, or ended up at a much higher ISO than I’d like simply because I didn’t have time to change all the settings after shooting something else. With an auto mode, you have that option for the times when you only have 2 seconds to change settings and you know your ISO, WB, and shutter speed are all off and you’re set to bracket. Especially with the way you have to go through menus with these consumer models it’d be beneficial.

      • Spock

        You are exactly right. When in panic mode Auto is always a safe bet as a last resort,Or when handing the camera over to a newbie.

        I do prefer the mode buttons on the D800 though

  • This looks like THE camera for me. FF and small, love the size of the D7000. I hate to carry around huge heavy cameras, I’m not shooting that dynamic, I’m always on the move. Those complaining about the small size of this, why don’t get the D800, that would be the camera for you, why bitch about a body that is not design for your purpose? Or are you not pro enough that you can’t afford it, is that what the bitching really is about?

    • Damien

      You’ll need FX lenses anyway, so in the end it will still be heavy.

      • silmasan

        Depends. For example, 45/2.8 Nikkor-P.

      • I only use primes, so the weight of my lenses does not add to much to the total weight compared to FX zoom lenses.

        • Exactly, this is also the reason why I love to see this D600 images. The body is perfect, I also only use primes and love my D7000 ergonomics. The only thing I want is full-frame, and this is a D7000 FX model, perfect!

  • FanBoy

    Looks fake to me because the shape of the Function and Preview buttons is completely different from that of D4/D800.

    • D7000

      Google: “D7000 front” in google images…

      • Rob

        This is another thing that bothered me. The D7000/D90 Fn button seems way out of place to me. Isn’t it a far reach, or are those bodies just so small it’s a similar distance compared to the placement on the pro bodies?

        • Why are you complaining that much? It’s obviously NOT the camera for you, so stop bragging.

          The Fn buttons on my D7000 are perfect, it’s not a far reach, it works perfect. Stop bragging.

          • Rob

            Why the hate-filled response? I asked a legitimate question about a camera I’ve never used. You seem to take offense at that just because I own more expensive cameras. No one’s bragging, you’re just interpreting something that’s not even written. It makes no logical sense for a button to be a farther reach on a smaller camera (since people with smaller hands would be more likely to own it). That’s why I asked if the distance worked out to be the same but just looks farther (since the grip and lens mount are closer).

        • coloretric

          Rob the D7000 function button I find much easier to use (with the MB-D11 attached) than the one on the D4, as strange as that sounds.

  • Andrew

    It even looks cheap.

    • fiuhfu

      Poor baby. Now you won’t look good while you shoot pictures. What ever will your cat think?!

    • Andrew

      -1 (This Nikon camera looks great!)

      I see there is another Andrew voting on this one. Well, this Andrew thinks the D600 is designed just right and it will look awesome in person. So for me the design gets 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Hey guys,

    I’m abit confused.

    I thought it was either the D400 or D600 this year as the cheaper FX alternatives. Now it looks like both will be released.

    I don’t remember the difference in specs between the two but I’m guessing they are for different target markets?

    Admin, could you shed some light?

    Much appreciated.



    • Greg

      My guess:

      D600 ($1500) is for prosumers who want a big sensor
      D400 ($1800) is for pros who want speed (8/9 fps), and DX crop for more reach.

      • Mmm interesting

        Also… D800 owners might be temped by a high fps DX cam if they want to shoot some sports on the side or something.

      • yes, if the D400 exists, I think this will be the aprox. pricing

    • Alienated

      No d400. Who for? D7200 will have it all. Look at D800 body. The ergonomics of d300/700 is over. Like it or not, there will be no d400

      • Rob

        Based on what, oh wise one?

  • U jelly?

    I just bought a D800E to go with my D800.

    Still this looks nice for the rest of you.

    Ahhh hah ahahahah!

    • Andrew

      You are a real perfectionist. But then again, so am I!

  • 103david

    So nobody noticed the AI follower at one o’clock? In other words, I can keep on using my 55 1.2 AI and my 24 2.0 AI lenses with metered manual and Auto exposure…the lenses you can’t get any more.
    The key here is, no matter how cool today’s body is, consider it nothing more than disposable. But invest in the lenses.

    • I also got the 55mm f/1.2, AI converted. Would love to get the 24mm f/2.0. How does that lens handle?
      I recently bought the 20mm f/3.5, and it really disappointed me. It is too soft with alot of chromatic aberration.

      Love those old Nikkor lenses ใƒƒ

  • Daniel

    Looks like my choice, compact enough, seem a good price if the rumored price are true, decent low light performance, only doubt is the Live view for my old manual lens

  • CarstenLP

    Looks like there’s a mode dial lock too. Awesome! The mode dial on the D7000 is way too easy to move accidentally

  • BookerC

    To all those complaining about the size, a small compact size is smart on Nikon’s part. They’ll sell to those who want a small body size, and then sell an add on battery grip for those who want more size/weight. and to all those complaining about the size or dials because of how it looks, grow up, if you buy a camera because of how it looks and not by how it shoots, that’s just ridiculous. You’re just groping for the “you must be a great photographer, you have such a large/expensive/fancy camera” comments. If this camera performs as a pro level FX AND has a battery grip, then who really cares? That’d be a Pro Level FX DSLR for around $1700. Who can argue with that?

  • Am I the only one who misses the flash sync and 10-pin terminal on the front? Won’t we be able to use a remote control or geotagger on the D600?

    • Alienated

      No, hope it is somwhere there. Still wonder if D700 keeps some of the features forbidden for d600

    • gt

      No because PC sync is the worst type of connection possible. Loose, unreliable, and all around terrible.

      • gt

        never mind, I thought you were referring to the flash sync connector

      • Ian

        He is referring to the off-camera flash connector. They’re called PC Sync ports and have been standard on cameras for decades.

        The D600 not having one would be a deal breaker for me, I’d buy a used D700 instead.

    • Ian

      Am I the only one who misses the flash sync and 10-pin terminal on the front? Wonโ€™t we be able to use a remote control or geotagger on the D600?

      I would totally miss those ports. No PC Sync would be a complete deal breaker for me, I’d buy another used D700 instead of a new D600. ๐Ÿ™

    • tifkat

      As it looks to be an FX D7000, I’d expect the remote and geo connectors to be the same as those used for the D7000/D90/etc

  • Second by cheating

    Second, woot!

  • Nikonnut

    Hope it does high iso well!

    It certainly looks like the d7k but I’m pretty sure it’ll be slightly larger AND have the 51 p af system.

    Great move Nikon!

  • Roger

    Top left shoulder dial looks a little cheap / doubling as an exposure mode button???

  • SK

    Some of the biggest morons on the internet just posted comments to this..
    Not liking a camera because it has a GREEN mode? are you serious? I really hope you guys are trolling hard. Otherwise I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

  • D400

    A locking mode dial, oh joy!
    I have missed a lot of shots on my D7k due to flicking the mode dial over to the wrong setting

  • uoweu

    I wonder if d7000 battery grip will be compatible.

    • coloretric

      probably not as the mirror is larger and thus a deeper body will be required

  • ravemotion

    Finally something closer to the size and weight of the F80 I had during my film days. Wonder if I’ll be able to get this for free by selling the D700 body.

    • Greg

      Only if you sell your D700 before the D600 pricing is announced.

    • LeGO

      The D700 will likely drop a bit in price once this is released. Just note that the D700 AF system is still much better than this unit. This is why I am still keeping my D700+MB-D10 to use with my D3s for events. I intend the D600 to replace my D3100.

  • I like the size. This seems ideal for photographers like me who use a small camera to trek and photograph in the mountains where a D800 would be an overkill!

    Also the compatibility with the old AIS lenses is great as well.

    All in all a welcome addition to the full frame range of Nikons!

  • hombre

    probably my next body :DDD

    please god give it price around 1500 EUROs

  • James

    Now let’s just hope that the sensor is not anything old (from e.g. Sony 850) but something that can compete against the latest 20-25mp sensors.

  • Looks bigger then D7000, and D7000 is too big and obtrusive when shooting people.. So I guess Iยดll have to stay with Dx for a few years more and buy the D3200.

  • Apollo

    The size of D7000. Thank you but no. I’ve got big hands and I like the grip of D300s and D700 more than D7000. Also those functional buttons…seriously Nikon, your low-end FX camera looks like a toy…jeez.

    • Paul

      Geez get over it!!. Who cares what it looks like, its the lens, the sensor and the photographer that makes good images.

    • don

      Great to hear. One less person in line. One step closer to getting it in my hands. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew

      At $1,500, the D600 is a beautiful toy. I want one!

    • Andrew

      This D600 is the camera I have been waiting for; its D7000 size is perfect. The term low end is relative – if you are moving up, this camera is a higher end camera:

      Specs of its higher end features: A magnesium alloy body, full frame sensor, 24 MP, built-in AF motor, 100% View Finder coverage for FX, ISO range 100-6400, 39 AF points, etc. And you get all this for $1,500. Wow!

      I would love to see this camera outperform the $8,000 24 MP D3x that was recently discontinued. Nikon has finally brought the high end to the low end. This in my opinion is a high end camera with a low end price!

  • I am pretty sure this is a photo of a real object… but can anyone explain how a full frame camera with a prism could possibly have such a small mirror box with an obviously concave lower edge?

    The D700’s mirror box is larger. Even the full frame penta-dach-mirror box on the venerable F80 is larger than this, and has a convex lower edge.

    Could the price point of this camera, and this odd shape, be explained by this being Nikon’s first SLT?

    • Kenny

      I do agree with you. It might have like 94% coverage or something? That would make the prism a bit smaller

      • Well, the D700 has only 95% coverage, and its mirror box is definitely larger than this.

        I’ve reconsidered this: I looked again at my own cameras. I still wonder if Nikon’s price-buster point here is that this camera lacks a prism. The reflection in the mirror does suggest that it has an ordinary matte screen though, so I find myself wondering if the price-point-buster here is not that it has an EVF, but that maybe it has some new, improved penta-dach-mirror.

        The mirror box just looks too small to contain even the D700’s prism.

        • silmasan

          This was/is my concern as well. Still life and landscape are fine shot through the LCD but not sure how it will perform for action and portraits. Might be the biggest reason to keep a D700 around.

      • Travis

        Prizm looks the same size as D700. On first photo it was just shot from the bottom, so the effect. Look the other two photos – it is big enough sure.

        • It’s not the same size as the D700’s, I think.

          This body has all the shape characteristics of the D7000. Even taking into account all the weird angles, it’s hard to see how the D700’s prism could be fit into that shape. The front edge, for example, is clearly slimmer than the D700’s, and the slope is different.

          I’m almost certain there is something different here. I’m interested to find out, particularly as I just the other day committed to acquiring a D700 :-/

        • coloretric

          I think there is some (a fair bit of) barrel distortion in those photos. Particularly with the shot of the 50mm. This should be taken into consideration.

    • Rob

      Smaller (%) viewfinder than has been rumored? Or is it possible to make a penta-mirror that distorts the image to be smaller, to allow for 100% viewfinder with only like 80% the size?

      • Yes – just wondering the same myself! Improved pentamirror design seems quite plausible. I don’t see how a glass prism consistent even with the 95% view of the D700 could be squeezed into that box.

  • JamesJ

    It really does look like a D7000. I’m crossing my fingers that it has an AF-ON button.

  • tanki

    What’s so wrong about the green mode? So you’re able to give the camera to somebody who’s not a photographer knowing all the P,S,M and A-mode, e.g. making a photo from you and your family.

  • RXG

    Hey, at least it has a black shutter button.

    I’m hoping to move up to full-frame soon. This may be my next camera purchase, allowing me to put more money into better lenses.

  • Dyan

    I have to say, these are some poorly shot photos.

    • Spy shots = blurry

      But fantastic spy shots.

      • Alex

        So true, we all complain that cameras on phones exist, but if they didn’t, what would be the chances of seeing spy pics like that? Highly unlikely in my opinion! You just don’t want to rely on your phone for pics.

  • Angelino

    Ohh ! a full frame D7000 !
    Why did I buy a DX one last year ?

    • It is double the cost, and do you have the lenses to bolt onto it?

    • Paul

      Just be happy with what you’ve got. The D7000 is a brilliant camera. It will always be the case once you’ve bought a camera something better will come out. Just get out there and take some great shots with what you’ve got!!!

  • One thing Iโ€™m not sure about though, if they release the DX D400 at 24mp and already have a D3200 at 24mp is there room in the DX lineup for two more cams (5xxx, 7xxx)? Iโ€™m not sure there is, and to me it would make more sense to have 3 DX cams and 3 FX cams.

  • diy75

    A very solid step by Nikon. Will steal market share from D800 and 5DIII alike. Money makers have always been the low-end cameras.

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