Nikon D800 delivery situation improving in the US

B&H sent out this email to existing D4/D800/D800E pre-orders - the situation with D800 deliveries is improving, but this seems not to be the case with the Nikon D4/D800E:

Dear ***:

You're receiving this message because you ordered but have not yet received a Nikon D800, D800E or D4 camera.

We are happy to report that we have seen an uptick in both the frequency of D800 deliveries to us and the quantity of camera bodies per shipment and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. As we have in the past, we will continue to fill orders in the order we received them.
For the D4 and D800E we have not seen the same improvement yet but we do anticipate an increase in frequency and volume during the months of June and July.

We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. We note from comments made in various online forums that several of our competitors have also adopted policies of the same nature. While we are very aware that some customers may find this policy frustrating, it is nevertheless necessary. We understand that you are interested in the speed with which your order will be filled, and we will continue to fill orders as quickly as we get cameras from Nikon USA.

We remain grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust.
Henry Posner
Director of Corporate Communications
B&H Photo-Video

If you have received your D4/D800/D800E - when did you order it and from which store? Please post in the comments - this may be helpful to other readers.

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  • Patrick

    I got tired waiting for my D4 from an order I placed with Ritz camera in Feb 16, I went on eBay and found a D4 in California, paid $6500 ( same money I would have paid if I buy it in a local store with sales tax ) so, it’s all worth it for me.
    I placed my pre order for D800 with Casey’s camera here in Las Vegas on May 20 and I got it May 30…I was so lucky …now enjoying my D4 and D800 !

  • B&H and Adorama sent me my D4 and D800E orders without notifying me. Since I already my preorder from Amazon months ago, I need to return them. If anybody is interested, contact me via my website. I’m in the DC metro area.

    • John Rodman

      Look no further. I will buy your d800e. Here’s hoping it’s still available.

      • @John contact me via my website. or leave your email here.

  • Ordered D800 in Conns Cameras, Dublin , Ireland on the 26th of March and got it last Saturday ! They are operating a strict list and being NPS did not seem to make a difference here in Europe. It arrived just in time for a big job. The camera is phenomenal, over 3000 shots down in the first week and the quality of the machine ( apart from the green tint ) and the files are astounding. Hang tight its worth the wait : )

  • martha

    I ordered a D4 from Adorama on January 6 at 9:33 a.m. PST. I received it on May 30.

  • I ordered my D800 from here in the UK at the end of february and I have not received it yet. They have been very sheepish about delivery dates and availability. I am hoping the increase in supplies will mean I may get it soon. The sceptical side of me suggests that since had it at a discounted price for a while, Nikon will not supply them with it and they may try to cancel my order like just like amazon UK tried to do.

    • Glad I’m not the only one, finding info about UK orders is a pain in the ass! I too ordered from them and have heard nothing. (Ordered mid march). They have removed it from the site now though. They have the worst customer service. Utterly clueless.

  • Cbrown

    I am a first day Nikon D800 order from B@H. I ordered early in the day and STILL have not recieved my camera!

    I am distressed to read about others who have order later from other places and have already recieved their cameras. I thought the B@H being so large would be an advantage but clearly that is not true!

    • Patrick

      Try your local camera store.It worked for me here in Las Vegas.

    • PPPhotos

      Orderd D800 Feb 7th from B&H to be loyal. With everyone around me ordering way after and getting their cameras delivered in a week or less through other local outlets, I decided to try ordering from my local (Chicago) Best Buy. I ordered on May 18th. On May 23rd I received an email that my order was ready to be picked up. I was skeptical thinking that there had to be some sort of error and this was really a D80 :). But it really was a D800 with exactly 0 actuations. Other colleagues went the Calumet route and got theirs in the same timeframe. Lesson learned and I will always go local first.

  • Jim

    I was number 2 on the waiting list from my local Nikon dealer (was told #1 when I did it but the store owner’s friend got first dibs in the end) for a D800 and received it March 27th. I also called up one of my local Best Buys on Thursday and they did a store transfer of the only D800 in the Midwest in there system to me. I should have it by Tuesday. I feel sorry for everyone that has to wait so long, its a very inconstant thing.

  • Vin

    I ordered about 9-10 hours after Feb. 7th 12:00am start time EST, from B&H D800E.

    Started getting frustrated and worried I may never get a camera 1st. of May, so I contacted a small local chain of photo stores. They said might be second on the list for a D800E at least from one location. I wonder what the turn around is from Nikon once a small store puts in an order, seems like they don’t want to order D4 or D800E unless they know they have a buyer. Kinda funny!

    • Julian

      From what I’ve seen Nikon are just passing the same number of bodies to all of their recommended dealers here in Sweden – and then a smaller number to the non recommended dealers. So the bigger outfits don’t have so many more bodies than the smaller places – so to me it makes sense that B&H and Adorama are having problems supplying even their first few days of orders.

    • ZoetMB

      It’s not funny…a small store doesn’t want to put out that kind of cash unless they know they can sell the camera. A large inventory of products without a lot of cash flow can sink a small store. Of course, it’s silly when you have products that are in high demand, but if they don’t think they can sell it before they have to write the check to Nikon, they won’t order it.

      • Vin

        Sorry, I should be more clear. I do believe in supporting the local photo stores. I this case the only local store with in 100 miles that is a Nikon dealer is a chain of 10 stores that has been around 30+ years. I also used to work for them years ago. Other then that all the pro stores have packed up and retired in late 90’s. Or you have to drive. It seems like Nikon has not changed there distribution proses they give all stores some opportunity to get inventory at least some.

  • John K

    I got my B&H order conf @ 7:31am PST on 2/7
    No camera yet, but hoping this week… ???

  • Stop ordering with those huge retailers. I ordered D4 at a small on-line shop (with reputation of course) 8 days ago. It arrives tomorrow. 🙂

  • Jason C

    I ordered right after midnight Feb 7th from B&H…D800E. Finally have UPS shipping confirmation for delivery this tuesday. No notice of shipment came from B&H, I just happened to check my account and the camera listed “shipped” with a tracking number.

    • Vin

      That is great! Have fun! Well it sounds as if B&H still has not been able to move past the 1 hour of orders on the first hour for the D800E. Even if they loss 50% of sales for every hour to other stores, they still may not be able to fill all their D800E orders for the first day in a years time.

      So my local retailer has plenty of time to come up with one over the summer. I know who I will be looking at when its time to get a D600, D400,.. No offense B&H, but you were great back in the day before the web, back when I need the hard to view camera, or large rolls of Agfa warm tone fiber paper.

  • JRH

    I live in Switzerland. I have my D800 since March 20 but still no trace of my D4 (pre-ordered to my retailer in 2011 before its official announcement).

  • Rob

    Just travelled to HK and there were a couple of D800 bodies around also some around necks. Had a play in a store of their demo D800.

    One store had one in the window but would not sell it, actually priced another 15% of the RRP, who would want it at that price?

    In Australia tracked down a D800 and D800E but they would not do a store transfer so I could not buy either of them. Others want full RRP but have none in stock.

    I have my name down because I need a replacement camera body but there are conflicting reports as to just how many are coming into Australia. Nikon Australia as of last week have said there are 2800 bodies on back order with them.


    • Rob

      Sorry should have read – 15% more than the RRP.

    • gregorylent

      bought one in hong kong two weeks ago from a small shop, no problem

  • neversink

    That’s terrible… I have to be thankful that I received both the D800 and D4 on the same day more than a month ago at US prices plus an extended warranty…..

    Very, very lucky… I see the prices on ebay and I know I wouldn’t pay the 20 to 40 percent markups. Would you??? I was going to sell my D700 and D7000 but think I’ll keep them as backups. The D7000 is great for hiking. Stick an 18-200 DX lens on it and you can’t go wrong.

    • silmasan

      If you don’t have immediate use for your D700 it’s probably a good idea to sell it at the current rate before D600 comes in. Unless at least one of these things apply to you: a couple hundred dollars doesn’t matter to you; you’re not interested in the D600; or the exact unit you own has strong personal nostalgic value. ^^

      • neverssink

        No… i could always use the bucks… Wonder how much I could get for a D700 in good shape…

        I’ll go check ebay…

  • bert

    Are people cancelling D800 orders as the D600 is around now? A Canon 5DmKIII killer for less than half the price….

    • silmasan

      Not sure about that. The D600 isn’t “around” yet except in [NR] realm.

  • Vin

    I don’t think many people are canceling orders. People that want a D800 know what they want, unless they found one at one of the other 3 places they ordered. The D800 is what it is, no D600 will change that. But on the other hand there is always a new D what ever just around the corner.

  • Jeremy

    Nikon have really screwed up bad.

    They have made all the “go to” places and highly popular sources for Camera equipment and accessories look like total morons! Even B&H Photo (which I have dealt with a lot and are first class people) is obliged to apologize to all their customers! Large stores in major cities with excellent stock of gear/accessories and plenty of rental lenses with high sales volumes and knowledgeable staff are getting the same small number of D800 as a small store with no stock and virtually no accessories or rental gear in the middle of nowhere!

    Meanwhile, if you want the latest and greatest D800, simply pick any small town unknown camera store that never sells any high end camera gear and whose sales clerk has probably never hear of a D800 (as they sell only point and shoots), and bingo you have a D800 within two weeks.

    Nikon are totally NUTS! Total and complete FAIL!

    In marketing terms, Nikon have just demonstrated how to piss off as many of your loyal customers and retailer networks as possible!

  • Tim

    Ordered Feb. 7 from B&H at around 2PM CST. Still nothing. I guess I won’t make the same mistake of pre-ordering from B&H in the future.

  • Louie

    “We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature.”

    Thank you B&H for not telling me my place in line after I paid for my D4 in full with cash almost 5 months ago. Thank you Normans camera for shipping my new D4 after only 1 1/2 week of waiting.

    • T.I.M


      What “place in line” are you talking about ?

      Employees in big retail store/online companies don’t make much money, it’s fair for them to get our cameras and selling them back on Ebay for quick profit.

      We only are stupid customers, why should we get our cameras in time ?

      • Jeremy


        Locally I have seen at least one D800 available on local Kijiji / Craigslist each week. One of these specified listings even said it came from The Camera Store and was still in the unopened box.

        So it sure looks like insiders get the cameras first and customers have to either wait or pay a premium. Same deal as concert tickets in our modern corrupt world.

      • Louie

        @ T.I.M

        you are right. I was stupid for giving my cash to B&H only to get treated like crap, but lesson learned.

        B&M shop > B&H

        I may have to change my last name to Van Susteren if I ever preorder from that place again.

        • zoetmb

          B&H is a brick & mortar shop and it happens to be, along with J&R and several other major camera retailers, my local camera shop.

          But I’ve always believed that people should buy local. And in the case of these cameras, where everyone charges list (at least) anyway, there’s no reason not to buy local. Keep your local independent photo dealer in business. But it from them! Forget the big chains and web retailers. Buy local.

  • barbara

    I received the same message and I ordered my D800 on the 7th of February at 8:30 am.

  • I ordered both the D4 and D800 in March, got tired of waiting for the D4 from B&H and using I was able to get the D4 when a body became available within a week. I’m waiting for the D800 from Amazon still!

  • SAJI

    Just received the good news:
    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2012 4:39 PM
    Subject: Your order (#102-xxxx)


    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# 102-xxxxx):

    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: June 06, 2012

    If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:

    We hope to see you again soon!


    Customer Service Department
    Check your order and more:

    Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

  • Feb 06 11pm PST: Ordered the D800E, about 2 hrs after it appeared on B&H
    Mar 28: Received e-mail from B&H illustrating the differences between the D800E and the D800 and offering to change my order to a D800 without loosing my spot in the waiting list, which I disregarded, pretending to know (and always be in control of) what I am doing
    Spent the next 2 months pondering this question on and off, reading a seemingly endless number of analyses and discussions on the internet by people who claim they know what they’re doing, backing up their wisdom with 100% crops of test shots, and hence why they got the D800E or why they got the D800 instead
    May 29: Finally convinced myself that the D800 would be a better choice for me and accepted B&H’s offer
    May 29: (within hours) B&H confirms order change and place in line
    May 30: Pending charge appears on my credit card statement
    May 31: Charge becomes permanent
    Since I received no mail from B&H that the D800 had actually shipped, I checked my B&H account to confirm and obtain the tracking number (signature required)
    June 4: (scheduled) UPS delivery

    Sure would be interesting to learn more about Nikon’s allocation scheme. To make this really fair for all of us this may require a single, world-wide waiting list.

    • zoetmb

      A worldwide waiting list is NEVER going to happen. You’re not buying from Nikon. You’re buying from a retailer. And it might even be illegal in some places.

  • I’ve got 2 D800 and 2 D800E for sale. Contact me through DesertRidgePhotographyDotCom.

  • Bill

    Cancelled my B&H preorder for an 800 placed in February last week, found them in stock at the Nikon Store website Wednesday morning 5/30, paid for two day shipping and got it Friday 6/1.

    • jason

      D4 is available on Nikon Store now (6/3/201. 10:52pm, ET)

    • Anne

      Did you pay tax?

  • Vince

    Ordered my D4 on January 9 around 6pm (ET) fom B&H. Shipped on May 22 and received on May 23. Amazingly it cam with the XQD bonus of 16MB card and readers.
    Patience is definitely required during this period of Nikon Mania.

  • Greg Jolicoeur

    I placed an order for a D800 with Amazon on Feb. 7th.
    I received it May 14th. (It was a returned unit – 0 actuations).

  • Bill Kajdzik

    Ordered my D800 from B&H within 30 minutes of it appearing on their website.
    Received it on April 16th.
    Thanks B&H.

  • I order my D800 3 day after the announcement. Just received it 3days ago. It’s amazing. Btw. My local camera shop have D4 in stock.

  • Kon

    Ordered my D800 from B&H on Feb 7 just before 1pm. Still waiting.
    I got this email, too.
    The reason I’d rather wait than buy from a local store like Best Buy is that I don’t have to pay tax if I’m shipping out of state. I’m saving $265 on sales tax. I don’t know why no one has mentioned this factor.

  • EC

    D800 ordered from B&H 2/7/2012, 7:26am EST.
    Shipped via UPS Ground 5/16/2012. No email shipping notice was ever sent from B&H.
    Received D800 on 5/22/2012!

  • Carlos

    I placed an order for the D800 on Amazon may 21st.
    Friday june 1st I got an email with an “Estimated arrival date: June 22, 2012 – July 12, 2012”.

  • derek matarangas

    These guys have a d800E in stock but will only accept a wire transfer. I won’t do it but if somebody is interested.

  • I ordered my d800E from B&H and got an email confirmation back from them on 2/6 10:45 pacific time.

    still waiting, just checked order status = back ordered

    I guess I can cancel my order and wait for d900 in 2016?

    • waldemar

      I beat you by 10 min and I am still waiting.

  • steven

    Still waiting 3 months now, for my D4. Number 17 (I was number 20 when I ordered)on the waiting list. The seller told me there where no deliveries in the month of may.
    Antwerp Belgium.

  • Ordered my D800 body by (Switzerland) on 29th february…. & still waiting.

  • gregorylent

    better get a tripod and a more powerful laptop with that d800 … my d700 is sharper/better than the d800 unless the d800 is on a tripod

  • gregorylent

    meant, d7000, dropped a zero

  • jrtodd

    Try looking at the Nikon store, I too had a D800 on order from B&H but last Wednesday in a fit of frustration I starting shopping the internet and ended up at the Nikon site drooling over the stats. For laughs I checked the Nikon store and low and behold they had stock, I placed my order on 5/30 and had camera in hand 6/1. It seems they have a few cameras early in the morning, I placed my order around 6:00 AM EST. Stock is sporadic but worth a try if you really want to get the camera.

  • Flash

    I ordered a D800 from Adorama on Feb 23. After waiting and reading all of the comments on line, I realized it was still going to be quite a while before I would get it. Then I ran into someone who actually had one that he bought at a local store. I canceled Adorama and within one week of order at the local store I got mine on 6/1. Of course I paid $260 in sales tax.

  • Rikard Hedberg

    For Sweden. I ordered mine from Scandinavian Photo on February 8. Received it May 31. Shop told me they got their largest shipment thus far on that day.

  • Bryan

    I ordered a d800 from amazon on April 3, and, not surprisingly, I still hadn’t received it as of May 17. I had been calling around and occasionally checking camera stores throughout the state (not thoroughly mind you, I only have so much time in my day) to see if any had a d800 in stock, but wasn’t having any luck. I guess I happened to view the website at the right time… I was able to order one from there and it was at my door 6 days later.

    • Anne

      Really? I thought they only sold refurbished stuff there? Good for you! Congrats!

  • Ordered a D800 from thecamerstore in Calgary Canada on Feb 08. Still waiting. 3 Weeks ago I switched to the D800E provided they keep my original order date, which they agreed to do. They required a deposit. Sooo many personal projects on hold.

  • Eric

    I ordered a D800E on Feb 7, and a D4 on Feb 12., both from B&H. I have tried to find out where I am on the list…no luck. I received the same email. In a fit of frustration, I called a local camera store last week. The local shop told me that they just sold their last D4 out of stock, and if I ordered I would be #1 on the list. As for the D800E, I would be #5. So on May 30th, I put both cameras on order locally. I will see which cameras come in first. As a data point, I also had a battery grip for the D800 on order and finally cancelled it when I found one elsewhere. I love B&H, but I think that their policy of not allowing customers to know where they stand is counterproductive. I understand how they want to sell as many cameras as possible…that’s only fair. However, currently people are cancelling orders when they find cameras elsewhere…this does not lead to repeat buisiness the next time a new camera comes out. If on the other hand, B&H made the queue length public knowledge, and provided online queue position, I think customer satisfaction would be higher and the next time a hot new camera came out I would still feel good about going to B&H first. … B&H would sell just as many cameras, but might find themselves in the position of getting new customers as opposed to alienating the old.

    • Anne

      I ordered from B&H and I’m still waiting. I don’t feel that I’ve been kept in the dark. From Day 1 they told me (us) that they didn’t get a lot of stock and would be going in order of first-come, first-served. I have no reason to believe that they are not honoring this practice. I haven’t seen or heard of any non-NPS member that ordered from B&H after me, getting their camera before me.

      I think the fact that they sent out this note (I received it, too) means the list is now moving. I think I read that someone received a shipping notice that ordered a few hours before me. I would think I will get my camera in the next few weeks or so.

      I am annoyed at people who ordered from multiple places and didn’t have the decency to cancel before the duplicate was sent out. That’s not cool. I don’t want a camera that’s been sitting around anyone house or barn. I want my camera fresh off the boat from Japan with no pit stops.

      • louie

        “I have no reason to believe that they are not honoring this practice. I haven’t seen or heard of any non-NPS member that ordered from B&H after me, getting their camera before me.”

        hmmm, can u say Greta Van Susteren?

  • RonR

    Ordered D800E on Feb. 6 (day of announcement) from B&H, less than one hour after the B&H site started accepting orders; camera delivered Friday June 1.

    No notification that item had been shipped.

  • Juneau

    If any of you reading this site live in the SFO bay area, check out Frys. As I am looking now, the store at Fremont, CA , 43800 Osgood Road lists the D800 as ‘item available’. Please go local guys! I learnt the lesson in the hardest possible way. Keeble & Shuchat is able to get one within a couple of weeks now. I waited 4 weeks back in April. San Jose Camera is also giving favourable responses – even though I dont deal with them much (I have to drive all the way to South bay). It is worth saying it again: “Go Local”. It is good for your community. It is good for your own health as you can get rid of this never-ending wait list from the big boys! And BTW – The D800 is freaking awesome! Worth every cent if it!!

  • Rob Parrott

    I ordered my D800 on March 6th from Crutchfield thinking that since they typically sell more to consumers than professionals, I might have a better chance of getting a D800 sooner than ordering from B&H, where most pros are going to order through. This seemed to prove correct (at least as far as I can tell) as my camera shipped on May 15th. A friend of mine ordered from B&H the day after the D800 was announced (Feb. 7th or 8th I beleive), and is still waiting on his to ship.

    • Jeremy

      This confirms that Nikon distribution strategy is an epic FAIL!

      The stores with the longest wait times (4 Months and counting) are those highly reputable dedicated camera stores with terrific support structures, plenty of in stock accessories, hundreds of rental lenses and cameras for pros, and high numbers of savvy customers.

      If you order from a relatively unknown store that normally does not sell much in the way of high end cameras and accessories then you will get a D800 in two to three weeks!!!

      Go figure!

  • Anne

    Received the email mentioned in this article. I ordered at around noon EST on Feb. 7th. Haven’t received it yet and I’m not having a temper tantrum about it. I hope, when I receive it, it wasn’t something that bounced around in Fedex or UPS because some numbskull didn’t cancel his/her order with 20 different vendors. B&H should have charged shipping to avoid this. I bet that those forgetful folks would have canceled their orders then.

  • owen murphy

    Ordered from Adorama on Feb.29, still no D800.

  • Thomas

    Ordered a D800E on 26th March, received 24th April. Originally ordered from a large electronics retailer here in Finland, then after about reading the supply situation and bias towards smaller stores, changed my order to Jas Tekniikka, a pro dealer which also handles most pro camera repairs for Canon and Nikon in Finland. I figured that it would give me better chances as they’ve got a good relationship with Nikon, and small/obscure enough that they wouldn’t get many orders.

    My original choice of retailer is only receiving 4-5 bodies a week, and consistently have more than 25 orders waiting (the number shown is capped at 25, I suppose there are many more…)

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