Nikon D800 delivery situation improving in the US

B&H sent out this email to existing D4/D800/D800E pre-orders - the situation with D800 deliveries is improving, but this seems not to be the case with the Nikon D4/D800E:

Dear ***:

You're receiving this message because you ordered but have not yet received a Nikon D800, D800E or D4 camera.

We are happy to report that we have seen an uptick in both the frequency of D800 deliveries to us and the quantity of camera bodies per shipment and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. As we have in the past, we will continue to fill orders in the order we received them.
For the D4 and D800E we have not seen the same improvement yet but we do anticipate an increase in frequency and volume during the months of June and July.

We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. We note from comments made in various online forums that several of our competitors have also adopted policies of the same nature. While we are very aware that some customers may find this policy frustrating, it is nevertheless necessary. We understand that you are interested in the speed with which your order will be filled, and we will continue to fill orders as quickly as we get cameras from Nikon USA.

We remain grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust.
Henry Posner
Director of Corporate Communications
B&H Photo-Video

If you have received your D4/D800/D800E - when did you order it and from which store? Please post in the comments - this may be helpful to other readers.

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  • glen

    I ordered my D4 from Adorama. I planned to shoot my chicken eggs.. now the eggs had been hatched and become chicks. still no D4 news from them. maybe the next egg my camera will come…

    • glen

      oh i forgot, i made an order on 14 february 2012.

    • I ordered one of My D800E’s from Precision Camera in Austin February 7th and got it last Tuesday ! I was number 8 on the list. I also ordered one from B & H on same day and I am probrably # 10,000,000 so dont expect it for 3 Light Years ! I got same Email as above 2-3 days ago.

  • Pete O

    D800E: ordered 2/7 ~11am EST From Amazon. Still nothing, no estimated date despite multiple inquiries. To those endorsing local dealers, that’s really nice but you’re very much right that I don’t want to pay sales tax on a $3300 item if I don’t have to. Why give the money away? Also, I don’t need a local dealer’s help. If you think local dealers are important, I think large dealers and their resources are even more important. I think Nikon is making a huge mistake not shipping more to adoroma/b&h/amazon. On the other hand, it may be their only defense against jackasses placing multiple orders and creating a huge backlog of returns/refurbs. I do disagree with the big stores’ unwillingness to provide delivery estimates. If you can’t manage your supply chain with a manufacturer you don’t deserve all the back orders.

  • Mike Lowery

    I ordered my D800e at 12:10 a.m. on Feb 7 (as soon as it went live) from B&H. I received it on May 1. I used pay pal on Feb 7, so my Am Ex was charged immediately. I figured that ordering so quickly and paying upfront would help (it did). The camera is awesome…I also picked up a D800 from Best Buy the first week of May. It was a walk up that took 3 days to come from the wharehouse. I hope everyone receives theirs soon.

  • Jun Robato

    Ordered D4 on February 6. Still waiting. 🙁

    • KFA

      Same for me but i ordered as soon as january 6th.. 🙁
      I feel the D800 is given priority due to more profit. How about service instead??

  • Steve V.

    I ordered a D800E at 1:05 am on Feb 7 from B&H. At the time the D800E was listed on the website and the D800 had not yet been posted. Still waiting for a camera. I received the email above exactly as shown.

  • Jay

    I ordered a D4 from B&H on Jan 19th. Several emails but no camera as of June 2

  • Ben

    Ordered my D4 from B&H on Jan 9 @ 11pm.
    Nothing but 10 automated emails stating it is still on back order and they can’t tell me anything about when I might actually get a camera. 🙁

  • Frank

    Went to the store (Berlin, Germany) and purchased my D4. Great camera.

  • Pete

    Thank goodness over here in Europe you can walk into your local store and buy one. If they are temporarily out of stock, just drive to the next city and buy one there.

    • I think it depends where in Europe you are. UK is still pretty bad.

      • trampa

        Ireland is even worse, we depend on UK’s Nikon and it seems nothing is working despite the price increase
        My pro centre told me that Jessops is going into administration or something like that, that may free up some bodies

      • julian

        No signs of D800 in stock anywhere in Sweden still. I check pricerunner daily.

        • Julian

          Ironically I managed to get my hands on one yesterday – so perhaps things are easing a little here in Sweden after all…

    • ShaoLynx

      As posted before: in Belgium not that much of a problem either.
      Ordered my D800 on March 23rd in my local store and got it on April 20th.
      Works great! No issues whatsoever. On a recent shoot for Special Olympics there were even people with a D800E there…
      My local store even has some in stock right now (showed me).
      So if you’re living in BE and are desperate for a D800, you can go there, pay for it and take it home. Just google for “fotomarkt tienen” for Refs. Just don’t forget to mention that that guy from Artosa on NR gave you the referal. Peter will apreciate it…

    • Joe

      Seems like the big online stores in Europe are still massively out of stock though. It may be have been a better idea to buy locally, but unfortunately, I live in Geneva, an area known for massively inflated prices on almost anything.

      I would have loved to have my D800 by now. I’m away for the next two and a half weeks on a working holiday, would have been the perfect time to use it.

      • D800e user

        If you take a day trip from Geneva to Bern or Zurich, than you just enter a shop and get it. Sometimes in the shop instantly or approx 2 weeks delivery time. (No inflated prices of course …)

  • Roland

    I ordered the same day they were announced from B&H and didn’t get anything but excuses from them.

    The thing is, B&H could indeed keep track of how many units of the D800/D4 have already arrived per shipment as well as the frequency of those shipments from Nikon. With this information it would easily be possible to extrapolate/estimate when individual orders can be expected to be fulfilled.

    I am convinced that the only reason that they don’t tell you your place on the waiting list is that they do not want to risk loosing you as a customer. (nobody wants to hear that they are number 100,000…)

    In contrast, when I ordered at Ritz/Wolf camera, they immediately told me my place on the waiting list and I received my D800 within 2 weeks!

    I recently also ordered a D800E from them and again, after only 2 weeks, I had the camera in my hands.

    So, if you want to get a D800/E soonish, I would strongly recommend you to cancel your order at B&H and go to Ritz & Wolf camera instead.

  • Larry C

    Ordered a D800 from Amazon on 3/23. Received an email Friday that it would be delivered between June 25 and July 12. Received this email this morning (Sat.):

    “We have good news! We’re able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised:

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Previous estimated arrival date: June 25, 2012 – July 12, 2012
    New estimated arrival date: June 06, 2012″

  • I agree with the comments on Europe – have seen D800s for sale at both Amsterdam and Charles de Gaulle airports!

    I live in Zurich – some of the local merchants are starting to get D800s but there are still no deliveries for D4. One of the main high end shops here told me they had 27 backorders placed and at the present were receiving only 2-3 D4’s at a time from Nikon. On a tip from a friend, I ordered a D4 from Robert White in the UK – was delivered in 2 days and after my first test shoot its simply stunning.

    Ironically, about 2 years ago I was sweating out the announcement of a D700 upgrade and purchasing decision before a trip to Iceland. I’m actually going back this July and did not want to sweat availability again!

  • Brian

    Wondering how divulging your place in the queue gives up proprietary information. BULL!

    • Greg

      Not to defend the practice, because I think it’s stupid, but I think I understand the reason. Let’s say you placed an order at five big online retailers (which I’m sure many have done). If you knew you were 40th in line at Amazon and 10th in line at B&H, wouldn’t you cancel your Amazon order? I think it’s their way of keeping your money. Like I said, it’s not very ethical and has nothing to do with “proprietary and confidential information” and more to do with keeping you on the hook. However, we all know they can’t say that.

      • silmasan

        Yes, I think it’s stupid too. Everyone will benefit from a little more transparency (even the stores themselves, in the long run). Keeping customers in the dark will/should teach customers not to rely on them again for preorders.

    • Art

      Well, it tells competitors how many were ordered. If you are order 10000 then they have received at least 10000 orders. Given that and an order date a competitor could figure out pretty closely total orders pretty close.

    • Ken Elliott

      It tells you how many sales they’ve made at the time you placed the order. I guess you don’t realize that some companies will place an order with a competitor to get an idea of their sales volume, then cancel the order.

      I don’t like it either, but I understand why B&H does it. I’d like some idea of a shipping date for money management reasons.

      I ordered a D800E the day it was announced and I’m still waiting. But I’m ok with that as the later production models tend to have some of the initial issues resolved. I did not want to get an early production run, so the wait is actually a good thing in my eyes.

  • Mishal

    I preorderd my D4 from B&H on Jan 20th. Cancelled the order I believe in early May and got one from my local dealer in Saudi Arabia on the same day. Unfortunately it was $1000 more expensive, but I got the XQD card/reader with it.

    I feel sorry for the people still sticking with B&H

  • Jens Steffien

    D800E. Ordered February 14th, 2012, my usual local German dealer for camera bodies. Notice of arrival last Friday, June 1st.

  • Theera

    Ordered D800 from Amazon USA on March 8, I got it on May 22
    Everything works perfect, shutter count 0 and no issue so far

  • Bordon

    We have same problem in Slovakia, because I am waiting on my D800 during 3 months. It’s horrible!

    • Stefan

      Ordered my D800E 22/4 – got it first of june :-).

      FotoHamer/Bochum/Germany :-).

    • Me too, its terrible!

      • Bordon

        Michal I had mail from megafoto, my camera will be this week, I hope its reality 🙂 SuS on FTF VSMU 😉

  • JB

    I was surprised when I went to my local camera shop and they had 2 D4s and a D800 sitting on the shelf yesterday. I received my D4 in April from the same shop. I’m very thankful to have a great local camera shop and not having to wait on the B&H or Adorama fiasco.

  • Linghu

    the info really helpful , get to know many order early still not have it feel a lot better i am not waitting alone hahahah . thanks Admin

  • Treehaus

    Ordered mine on 7th Feb, Got it a few days ago. One of the first here in NZ.

  • Sinedllab

    Sorry to hear about the long wait in the USA. I ordered my D800E from the local camera shop in Frankston, Australia and took delivery on April 24. Lucky me.

  • jj

    I ordered my D800 from B&H on 02/07/2012 around 7am…

    I just got it 5/22.. I guess I was on the 2nd shipment?

  • francesco

    D800 ordered at (not at the stores) on March 26th. Amazingly, was only 8th on line (at the fnac stores, waiting list was much bigger). Got it on April 24th… + a 280 euros gift certificate included ! it sounds I’m pretty lucky to have choosen this way. Camera works great so far.

    • trampa

      ordered the same day in Ireland, being told not to expect the camera for at least 2 months 🙁
      and no gifts…

  • Ordered a d800e from 5 (web)shops in the Netherlands early April, last week 3 of them called they had my camera, so I ended up cancelling two orders. The week before I did a round calling them and they all had no idea on when they would receive anything.

  • David

    Well, let’s just make sure we all remember this when the d600 launches. Avoid B&H who STILL aren’t delivering orders placed on the second day of preorders yet.

  • Is anyone here who own a D800/E or D4 experiencing AF issue with respect to the left outer AF focal point, especially when use with fast wide lenses such as the 24mm f/1.4 G?

    • ShaoLynx

      Just tried it with my 50mm 1.4G, no probs here.

  • Emanule

    In Italy no bigs problems: my Nikon Specialist has always receives 2 or 3 D800 all the weeks, from Nikon Italy (Nital). If you call some italian Nikon Specialist ( you can buy one immediatly.

  • Kame

    Well I got my d800 two weeks ago and I more than happy with it.
    No issues whatsoever, even with fast lenses on outer AF points.

    Deliveries here in Italy are now reliable.
    d800 and d800E are now available almost everywhere in one week maximum.
    d4 are delivered in two weeks.

    I am damn sorry for US customers. Nikon definitely screwed deliveries to the US somehow…

  • Toby

    Ordered my D4 from B&H Jan 10th. As of June 3rd I still don’t have it!

    Getting tried of the generic answers how revealing anything will compromise everything for them. As a previous post said, they can extrapolate the trend in deliveries to give you a very general idea at least. Many people use these cameras for their livelihood. At the very least they could give an estimate, so people can plan!

  • Online bro

    Day first became available to non-nps members. Put my name down at a local shop (Hong Kong) was first on their list. My friend in the US got one a couple of days later in Best Buy.

    Ordering online was a mistake people.

  • Daryl

    Received my D800E on May 31, order placed 9:17pm 02/06/12 from B&H. Previously paid for a local one, so this is sitting new in the box. Anyone in SoCal contact me jmail at dslextreme dot com if you want one.

  • pokeyourwife

    No no no no no, WHEN WILL I GET MY FAULTY NIKON !! Xxx

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Got my D800e from the local pro shop here in Portland. You guys with your B&H are a mystery…

  • Michael

    On Thursday I just went into a electronicshop on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf (Germany) and asked, when they will have D800 cameras. The answer was “You can take it right away with you). Another Photo Dealer got 37 D800 two days ago

  • Dave

    Ordered mine 2/8 via got it two weeks ago yesterday, haven’t shot too much with it yet. Wife just got out for the summer so she’ll be taking me places I can shoot. Can’t wait.

    • ShaoLynx

      @Dave: “Wife just got out for the summer”
      Did you keep her inside all winter and spring?
      Jeez, man: you shouldn’t be so restrictive on your lady, there… 🙂
      (in the absence of T.I.M., someone’s got to make the practical jokes, eh?)

      • T.I.M


        I’m watching you guys….always watching.

        By the way, take a look at the overpriced D800/D800e sold on Ebay, most of them are shipped from Brooklyn…..where the 2 big boys are…..easy money !

        • ShaoLynx

          I hope that by now people are getting it: order from your local store: you’ll get it a lot sooner.
          BTW: did you get your D800E fixed by now?
          A good D800E makes stunning pictures, comparable to Hassy and Leica S2… I myself am really happy with my regular D800…
          Here in Europe I saw some good d800E’s in action already.

          • T.I.M

            No, but I got a Fuji X100 for my birthday last week, great little camera, much easier to carry than my DSLR 30lbs backpack !

  • glen

    I can use my D4 to shoot for the next olympics.. not this coming one.. lolz..

  • Ramset

    Got my D800e on May 4th in Sydney Aus, ordered on Feb 7th. I believe second first shipment to the store. Its an exceptional camera and worth the wait however long it is at the 2 big US stores. Will give anyone that needs to buy top end glass to put on it time to save…..

  • tracht

    Ordered D800E from Adorama within 5 minutes of availability on website. Shipped 6/1/12.

    • You order your from Adorama in March 22nd when they start deliver and you have yours already? Funny I ordered mine on Feb 8th, nothing and they don’t know when it will be shipped, I hate that, I ordered from another store hope I have a better chance there if they give me a better answer I will cancel my order with Adorama and never buy another product from them.

      • Jay

        I also ordered from Adorama on the 8th. I am in the same boat. Hopefully we will hear something this week.

  • Levasseur1

    Ordered Feb 14th and paid FULL deposit to “speed” my order!…
    Ordered from “”, was sent update last week: “probably another month’s wait, Nikon sending 8 bodies/week”

    • Levasseur1

      That’s Nikon Canada, sending 8 bodies/week to

      • Anonymice

        Hmmm, that gives us roughly 100+ bodies per week in Canada….
        That’s not much.

    • Jeremy

      That is ridiculous. The Camera Store in Calgary is huge and is always full. This is in one of the larger cities in all of Canada. The Camera Store in Calgary probably easily sells twenty or more D800’s each weekend.

      Nikon have really screwed up bad.

      They have made all the “go to” places and highly popular sources for Camera equipment and accessories look like total morons! Even B&H Photo (which I have dealt with a lot and are first class people) is obliged to apologize to all their customers!

      Meanwhile, if you want the latest and greatest D800, simply pick any small town unknown camera store that never sells any high end camera gear and whose sales clerk has probably never hear of a D800 (as they sell only point and shoots), and bingo you have a D800 within two weeks.

      Nikon are totally NUTS! Total and complete FAIL!

      In marketing terms, Nikon have just demonstrated how to piss off as many of your loyal customers and retailer networks as possible!

  • Adam

    I order from BH around 10:30am on Feb 7th and received my D800 on May 31st. It was shipped on the 30th.

  • whisky

    i ordered a D800E from B&H on February 7th, sometime in the afternoon. B&H consistently refused to share with me where I was in the order queue, and offered absolutely no incentive to stick with them — other than I had ordered early.

    two weeks ago my local camera store had a few D800’s in stock, and asked if I wanted one. i told them about the order I placed with B&H for a D800E. They put my name on their list, told me my position w/o reservation, and promised to get back to me in a few days. a couple of days later I got the call my D800E was in stock. not only did I get the camera, but they credited me the equivalent of what I paid in sales tax against additional merchandise. i could have picked up an MB-D12, but elected to get a refurbished 60mm micro AF-S. top grade service.

    otoh, those who ordered from B&H in the early morning of February 7th , still haven’t received theirs. B&H won’t share where they are in line, and have refused to even upgrade the shipping to hold onto customers while word spreads these cameras are available all over the country.

    now there’s a Facebook page available to help people shop for D800’s, especially those still locked inside the dark tunnels of the big mail order stores:

  • I ordered my D800E from Ritz Camera in Sacramento on March 22 and got it on May 2.

    I also ordered the D800 from Best Buy in Folsom at the end of April and got it on May 1. I took advantage of the Best Buy return policy and shot w/ both for a few weeks.

    My choice was the E and I am delighted with it!


  • Kyle L

    The lesson here is that if your livelihood depends on having the latest and greatest from Nikon, you should be a member of NPS. My livelihood does not; I pre-ordered a D4 from Adorama at… let’s see… 10:51AM (US Eastern) January 6th, probably less than an hour after their web form was available. I knew I would be waiting months for the camera to arrive; I knew it might not ship before wedding season started. I thought it would be two months, but it wound up being four.

    The D4 arrived on May 15th, and I had to use my old camera body on my next photo shoot, because my PocketWizard FlexTT5 triggers aren’t yet compatible with the D4. Some (most?) things are more important to your photography than the camera body. That said, the quality of the autofocus on the D4 blows me away on a regular basis.

  • xkm

    Pre-ordered a D800 from Adorama on Feb 7 – no sign of it so I asked Adorama yesterday on the status. Below is a verbatim quote on the situation from their Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador.

    “I’m really so very sorry, but Nikon are not sending us any expected ship dates at all. We’ve had a few units which have already been shipped to customers with them on back-order, but the first we knew of them coming into us was when we unloaded the UPS trailer.
    We do very much wish that we could provide the level of service which our customers have come to expect from us, but we are in Nikon’s hands.
    Meanwhile, we have to sit and watch D800s go on sale via the Nikon store and be snapped up by customers immediately – cancelling their back-orders with us.
    It’s a horrible situation, for everyone.
    I hope this helps, but please do come back to me if you need help with anything else, now or in the future.”

    These complaints should be addressed directly at Nikon not the distributors as they are helpless in this matter.

  • Josh

    When my D3 broke, I was in need of a D4 or D800. Ordered in February, I never received mine. As a business, I had to come up with another solution quick, as my D7000 wasn’t doing it for me.

    You will all hate me, but I sold my Nikkor Trinity lenses and bought canon gear. I still have my D7000 and 17-55, 28-300, but that’s it! The canon 5D III was in stock at kenmore camera Seattle and I had to buy it. When a business has a problem, they need solutions quick.

    Don’t launch a product if you cannot fill the orders!

    • GeoffK

      “Don’t launch a product if you cannot fill the orders!”

      IF preorders exceed production what can they do ? One can only make X cameras per day.

  • Dweeb

    I think for holding your money they could “divulge” where you are on the list. Nikon really screwed this one up.

  • SGreenberg

    Well, I can certainly understand why they don’t want to make public any sort of proprietary information relating to sales. It would compromise national security, I’m sure.

    • silmasan


  • I ordered mine from eBay and got it a couple of days later. It cost me $4000, which is what I sold my canon 1d mark iv for. I got the better end of that deal.

  • Patrick

    I started my D800 quest in early April. I was just accepting that it would be a long wait based on the Nikon fever that was swirling around. I went to my local store that told my that it would be about 1-2 months, so I went ahead and jumped on their list (and they asked me to inform them if able to find one sooner).

    After about 3 weeks of watching the rumor mill grow, I decided to check around more. I called all of the Nikon dealers within about a 50 mile radius of the DC area and asked, “What kind of list do you guys have for the D800?” My typical response was “long” with a little discussion about how the shop had only seen a few of the cameras in their shops. After a while I got the impression that the bodies were just trickling in regardless of store size…so if everyone is ordering from a particular location, chances are its going to be a long hyper-obsessing wait.

    As I was checking Nikon’s site, Ritz/Wolf and Best Buy were dominating the local dealer lists. Best Buy was “no clue” so on to Ritz. I hadn’t purchased a camera body from Ritz since my Minolta Maxxium 700si back in the 90’s. I wasn’t unhappy with the purchase,I just moved on. As I started calling the local Ritz locations I started getting a glimmer of hope as about 1/2 of them said that their wait lists were very short. To my surprise, when I went to one of the local shops to place my order they said that there was no one in front of me on the list…Bonus! I placed my order with Ritz (in shop) in late April and received a shipping notice about 2 days later. I had my D800 within 1 week of placing the order.

    Call and keep calling. If you find a camera, be sure to call any other wait lists and have them remove you so that others can get there cameras a little faster. I hope everyone gets their cameras soon so that they can finally get some sleep.

    Good Luck!

  • res

    I ordered my D4 from Bedford Camera May 20 and received it May 29. They charge your credit card up front and so have a much smaller waiting list. My B&H order and Amazon orders never made any progress prior to my recent cancel of them.

    From what I gather as I called around to different dealers trying to find one, there are something like 100 / week coming into the US and being distributed across all the authorized dealers. Smaller guys get one or two, larger guys probably get 5 or 6. I have no idea how the smaller guys would have that information since we’ve heard from multiple sources that Nikon doesn’t reveal this kind of broad information, so it might not be accurate at all.

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