Adobe Lightroom 4.1 released with Nikon D4 and D800/D800E support

Adobe released Lightroom v4.1 with added support for Nikon D4, D800/D800E and other recently announced cameras. The Mac version is available here.

Adobe ACR 7.1 (Windows | Mac) and DNG Converter 7.1 (Windows | Mac) are also now available. New lens profiles were added for the following lenses with F mount:

Nikon Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED
Nikon Nikon AF Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8D
Nikon Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.8G
Nikon Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5
Nikon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 16-28mm f/2.8
Nikon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 17-35mm f/4
Nikon Sigma APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
Nikon Sigma 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
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  • Peter2

    I’m confused. Sorry for my ignorance, I thought LR4 already supports D800 (have been using it with my D800)? Why is it now version 4.1 added supports for D800 – or is it for some additional features?

    • Yagion

      Same here. I’ve been processing my D800 NEFs with LR 4.0

      • Nick

        Same as so many people, I used LR4 with D800’s NEF files already.

        And I found that the CA won’t be corrected/fixed by LR4. Hopefully LR4.1 would address this.

        For this CA problem, I was about to purchase NCNX2…

        • Sem

          Complan to Adobe. The new auto lateral CA removal is mostly great except that it fails with really poor lenses, probably due to exceeded max no of pixels. This is likely to be the problem with D800 files too, moderate CA extending over many pixels.

          • Nick


            FYI, I’ve installed LR4.1, and used it to open a D800 NEF. Too bad that it won’t correct/fix the CA.

            By using NX View 2 with the same file, the CA is gone.

            I need to think about my work flow now… Sigh…

            BTW, my lens is 24-70/2.8.


      • CMan

        I have also been processing with LR4. But my problem is I can’t seem to export to photoshop correctly. What am I doing wrong?

        I used to do CTRL+E to open with photoshop after my edits in LR.
        The only thing I knew to do was save as a .psd file and open in photoshop, that’s a bit annoying and takes more time. Any ideas?

        I have LR3 and LR4 as well as CS5 and CS6 Demo right now

        • inginerul

          Ctrl+Shift+E. And export them without resize, jpeg to a location on the hard, then open them in PS.

    • bosstoss

      iirc, d800 NEF support was added with a hotfix after LR 4.0, while 5D3 support was just added in 4.1; they’re grouping them together to consolidate their list of newly supported cameras. Or i could be totally wrong and it was in there from the very beginning.

    • Ron Carroll

      Yeah, I don’t understand it either. I’ve been processing my D800 photos in LR 4.0 without any issues.

    • EAJ

      Were you using the Camera Raw 7.1 release candidate? This is the official Camera Raw 7.1 release. I couldn’t find it on the Adobe site but the latest release can be found by using the “Update” function in Photoshop (and I presume Lightroom ).

  • Lumenatic

    Man, finally ! Let us hope they fixed the most crucial issues. I am getting tired of those “this image format is not supported”-stuff whe importing pictures from my D800.

    • jorg

      remember you need 64 bit windows for D800 NEF-files. good old XP will only display D800-jpgs

      • I’ve been using my 4-year-old Dell (4G ram) with old XP pro, and its been handling my d800e files just fine. Granted it takes 15 seconds to open a 100 mb file, but I’m shooting landscapes and don’t mind.

        • jorg

          my mistake! it was lightroom 4, that does not work with XP anymore.

    • Lumenatic

      I have surpassed the necessity to run a certain Windows distribution when I bought my first Mac years ago :-p

  • I wish Adobe would fix LR4 so it is not so Slooooooooooooooooow.

    • Mark J.

      If you want it to speed up shoot uncompressed NEF. twice the file size, but twice as fast when editing 🙂

      • BartyL


        • helb

          i guess it could maybe load a bit faster, but the editing will be still slow…

        • Mark J.

          Yes, seriously. Lossless compressed means the file is stored just like a zip/rar file. So anytime you want to use it, Lightroom, photoshop, etc etc has to unzip the file, then load it. Where as an uncompressed NEF file is exactly that, uncompressed(non zipped) so it doesn’t have to uncompress the file before it can be viewed/edited.

          • Art

            Actually, for image files I highly doubt that the zip algorithm is used. There are much better lossless algorithms taylored just for image compression. The trick for getting the best compression ratios is to know your data and to taylor your compression algorithm to compress that data specifically. The zip algorithm is a good general purpose algorithm but there are a lot that are better and especially those taylored for image compression when working with images.

      • No, does not help at all. I shoot uncompressed, using D4 and D3s. LR4 is slow in editing, and really slow when exporting to web gallery.

        • Gareth

          I bought it, but I wont be installing it until it runs as fast as LR3.

        • Totally agree with you BJørn. Lightroom is a dog, and pretty much always has been. It abuses resources in order to support its clunky interface that, while beautiful, is a complete mess.

          If you want better performance (and have paid for the “privilege” to use the Bridge/ACR combo by buying Photoshop), then I suggest you get used to using Bridge to manage your images, then set Bridge’s ACR settings to open RAW files on double click inside ACR in Bridge. You’ll get about double the performance, and won’t have to deal with any of the proprietary library/import BS that Lightroom shoves down your throat. Oh, and the speed….

          Adobe needs to sell Bridge + ACR alone for the same price as Lightroom. I’d pay for that in a second, but will never pay for another version of Lightroom as long as I am breathing.

          • Seriously Ron.
            I have CS6 and will start looking at it more carefully if you confirm your post.

            • I am Ron Adair and I approve this message.

              I’m not sure what you mean by “confirm my post”, but I’m happy to do it if you can clarify. 🙂

            • LOL Ron. I am going to look at Bridge and see if it can speed my work flow.

            • I have CS6 and updated everything but my D800 files do not show up in Bridge!! I’ll look a little more to see why?

            • One problem I think I ran into was when I pulled up a folder in Bridge before the ACR plugin was properly installed. It cached icons for the files instead of previews (indicating the plugin could not read the files), and I had to purge cache on two folders once the plugin was correctly installed in order to get it all working as expected. If you believe you have everything installed correctly, quit/restart Bridge, select the folder in the Folders Panel, then go to Tools > Cache > “Purge Cache for Folder”. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the ACR plugin.

              If you get stuck, you can manually install the ACR plugin and accompanying lens profiles. Contact me through if you want me to walk you through it. It’s quick and easy, just a little involved.

              BTW — once you get it up and running, remember that caching the folders is your friend, just as with Lightroom (except the performance is way better in Bridge). Definitely take the time to do that so you get the best performance.

              DO NOT render 100% previews. Man, that was a waste of time, both to render and to work with the files afterward.

            • Also, are you using the ACR 7 Release Candidate, or are you using the final release?

            • Thanks Ron. I did install the camera raw manually. Now I can see my images. Can we continue this conversation via email? I can tweet my email to you if that is ok.
              Thanks for all your help.

            • Great! Yes, I’m at

          • Don’t want to start discussion, but interface and responciveness of Adobe Bridge many times slower than Lightroom. Also ACR conversion is same as in LR.

            • You may have underlying issues with Bridge. In my experience using Bridge/ACR on quite a few machines ranging from Macbooks with 2GB of ram all the way up to Desktop machines with multiple cores and 24GB of ram, (and a handful of machines in-between), the Bridge/ACR bests LR handily every time.

              LR is just a LOT more resource intensive technically, and I personally feel the interface is much too intrusive on the UX side..

          • Booyah

            That is because Adobe cannot write software worth a shit. They are the Norton Antivirus of the graphics world. I really don’t understand why people still give them business.

            • Please… name better, more flexible better photo-editing software than photoshop…

            • That’s the problem Bob. Currently there isn’t an apparent viable alternative (to me at least). Adobe has a stranglehold on the market. The beginning of the end for a company like Adobe comes when (not if) a suitable replacement comes along — most likely something simpler, more focused, and better suited to a strong core market.

              I for one have tried and will continue to try new options as they’re released, simply with the hope of being able to give my money to someone who values me as a customer and treats me accordingly.

              It will happen. Hopefully sooner than later.

          • It is true, Lightroom 4 is very slow. It is pokey even on a 4 core machine that is overclocked to 4.3 Ghz. Photoshop is faster because it has GPU assisted rendering.

          • wow Ron, its good to hear some validation from someone who has used both LR and bridge/acr. I’ve loved my bridge/acr workflow for years, but finally caved to peer pressure and curiosity and bought LR 4. its got some really neat features, but also some really big annoyances (slow speed, complications, teeeerible zoom and image navigation, etc) that have kept me firmly rooted with bridge.

            in fact, my buddy came over and saw me working in bridge and wondered why he was spending so much time trying to figure out whether aperture or LR was right for him when bridge/acr does everything so seamlessly. if bridge was sold separately, I’d definitely recommend it to all of my friends!

    • import as DNG. makes a ton of difference in speed. also you can use the old process version and it makes even more difference (but sacrifices a ton of quality)

  • Luis Diego

    Lightroom 4 didn’t recognize D800 .NEF photos taken while in Movie Live View mode (the ones that come out with a different aspect ratio)

  • Ben

    does this cover the d3200 ?

  • Will

    Still no D800 tether support. Just tried it.

    • jaduffy007

      no D800 tethering support?! Wtf?! Ugh. Sofortbild will have to do for now. Incredibly lame Adobe.

    • Eric

      Right, and OnOne’s DSLR Remote HD for iPad still doesn’t do tethering with the D800 either. Get with it developers? What are you doing? Taking vacation? Not until you support my camera! 🙂

  • Eric

    What are you talking about? My D800 has always been supported by Lightroom 4 since the beginning! That’s why I bought Lightroom 4 and dropped Aperture 3!

  • Stephen White

    Aperture supports raw D800/E files and has for weeks.

    • More importantly, Lightroom supports raw D800/E files and has for months.

  • Ross

    I have been having issues with web galleries being EXTREMELY slow with d800 files in Lightroom 4.0, I hear this issue has been fixed a bit in 4.1, can anyone confirm this?

    They’ve been so ridiculously slow (I’m talking 4-6 hours for 15o shots) that I’ve been shooting RAW + JPG, importing the JPGs into lightroom 3.6, then processing web galleries from there…way faster.

  • Jason

    yup! everything is available for D800… new adobe software, new firmware 1.01, new Cf and SD cards… except the actual D800. Idiocy rules!

    • dVo

      I went through the same period of owning everything D800 but no body until recently that both the d800 and d800e arrived. I have an extra d800 ready to let go to a loving owner! 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    ACR 7.1 does NOT work with Photoshop CS5 but CS6, while the time-restricted beta version works which should essentially the same thing. The deadline is 31 May ’12.

    What a cruelty from Adobe ! Why should people be forced to update a software if it does the job for them.

    • Landscape Photo

      Something to worry about later anyway, since currently the D800 is only available from black market prices around $4K ! I have no will to pay this extra $1K premium & waiting for the supply bottleneck to ease down, but it seems forever 🙁

      • Maji

        I got my D800 from Adorama at the list price. Also, if you ask around your local brick and mortar camera stores, you will find D800 cameras at list price. Yes, you may have to prepay and wait for the next shipment, but that is because it is a high demand item. Do not pay the black marketeers and the NPS flippers.

        • KenTi

          I finally gave up on B&H. I had a D800E on pre-order 6 minutes after it went on sale and was told that even with their latest shipment, I still wouldn’t get it. I was in Talls Camera in the mall and they had a D800 on the shelf, so no E for me, but I finally have my camera. They even sold an E version over the counter that week. (With my luck, I didn’t want to chance screwing something up when I could have the D800 right then). I still wish I had the E, but I’ll live.

          I wonder if there will be a secondary market for converting a 800 to an 800E?

          • T.I.M

            I’m glad you finally get your camera, enjoy !

            • KenTi

              Thanks! It’s not the E, but its been fun so far, now I can finally plan trips. Since I can’t blame the lack of resolution and clarity on the camera much anymore, I guess I’ll have to improve my photography skill by a large amount. 🙂

  • JR

    Lightroom 4 is so slow. I edited all these with 3 (baby photography) much faster! I tried doing it on 4 and timed it. About a 1/3 more time wasted waiting on it loading. And this is on a D700!

    • Ben

      Thats the problem… D800 NEF files can only be edited on LR4. LR3 won’t open them as LR is not backwards compatible.

      • JR

        Your kidding me, really? D800 NEF’s don’t open in LR3?

  • Analyst

    So no d3200 support yet, or is there some beta version that can edit the d3200 raw files?

    I have been using View NX and Capture NX to work with the d3200 raw files, and man it really makes me miss Lightroom big time.

  • Bob

    Am I the only one who learned the hard way not to shoot raw with the movie switch on?

    A whole weekend of red rock photos in glorious tiny pixel counts.

    • Sean

      RAW with switch set to Still: 7360 x 4912
      RAW with switch set to Video: 7360 x 4912
      RAW with switch set to Video & Liveview: 6720 x 3776

      I guess it’s slightly smaller to shoot a RAW still in video mode with Liveview but when using the viewfinder it makes no difference.

  • I have the D800 and LR4.1 and all files are loading similar to my D700. LR4 is a little slow but it is to be expected and I actually thought it was going to be a little bit worse when I loaded the HUGE D800 files. I am pleasantly surprised.

    Now for a couple complaints: The obvious; tethering is not supported and that KILLS me.

    Also, I just picked up the new 85mm F/1.8g and am noticing some pretty decent CA (to be somewhat expected) and LR4 doesn’t have the check box to remove CA on this lens. If this is some sort of automatic setting because Adobe realized nobody wants CA, then it doesn’t work. I have to take pics into PS and manually remove the purple… BOGUS!

    • I can confirm that dealing with D800 files is only very slightly slower than with D700 files. Import is a totally different story, but actually working on them is pretty painless.

    • jorg

      There are 3 tabs in Lens Correction now. click on “color” and you find everything you need to deal with CA

      • Rudi

        ;-)) It’s always fun complaining without knowing how to use my software..

  • David K

    Is it just me or does anyone else have a very negative, visceral reaction to Photoshop image of the woman with the feathery eyelashes? She looks diseased to me. Also, the colors are garish. Seems like a very poor choice.

    • KenTi

      No, you’re not alone. I agree that it’s a very poor choice. If the eyelashes were gone, I think it would be better.

      • It’s just weird to me.

        But I get why they use it. It’s the whole feather theme Adobe likes to use. But yeah, I think the “eyelashes” are ugly.

        • BartyL

          Are you guys out of your freakin’ minds?! That woman is hot! What’s not to like about an anthracite lover with feathers for hair and wild crystalline growths exploding from her eye-sockets?!

    • Jorge

      Yes. Very Disturbing IMHO.

  • It’s about time. Lightroom 4.1 has been RC for a while now.

  • Don Lambert

    I need to shoot tethered with the 800e and lightroom 4.1 still does not allow that.

  • I see a lot of complaints about LR4 running slower that LR3… but I haven’t experienced this at all. I have a 2011 iMac with 16GB of RAM (was 8GB until very recently, though) and am shooting mostly a D800 for reference.

    • KenTi

      I see LR 4 faster than LR 3 on my PC (I7 3.2Ghz, 8gb RAM, SSD for catalog). D800 RAW file performance is pretty good even when the source is on my network drive. Of course, the JPG files are extremely fast too. I would probably say speed increase is about 15% faster. Compared to LR 2, it’s about 80% faster. All in all (except for lack of tethering), I’m pretty happy with LR.

    • MarkJH

      Software performance appraisal so often veers toward meaningless. You can benchmark, but results one user considers “fine” another considers absolutely unusable.

      Case in point: lots of people argue that Capture NX2 performs fine, even though it doesn’t even make real-time adjustments as you move sliders–it’s a drag, drop, and watch affair. If users don’t consider that a performance deal-breaker, what could possibly be?

      Anywho, I’ll chime in for LR4’s performance being more or less fine. I shoot a D7000 and import RAW as DNGs on an early 2009 Mac Mini (2Ghz Core2Duo, NVidia 9400, 8Gb RAM, Seagate Momentus XT HD-SSD, OS X Lion). For the most part, sliders are real-time smooth, brushes and gradients are quick, and developing is snappy from one frame to the next. But I find the order of edits matters: as expected, applying sharpening or noise reduction dramatically slows down every other adjustment / brush / gradient you apply after. So I make these adjustments last. Maybe that’s the performance issue that’s bothering everyone?

      • KenTi

        Maybe that’s why I don’t have much problems with LR performance. I do local edits first, then overall adjustments last.

        • MarkJH

          You hit it right on, KenTi: local edits first = the key to LR4 develop module performance happiness.

      • jorge

        I love Capture NX for certain images even though I use LR4.x
        Use it for my D300, and my D700 images. Does a fantastic job. Slow — yes, somewhat but I can deal with that; I’m in no huge hurry for my personal work.

  • WoutK89

    So no one is commenting on the fact there is a lens profile for a lens that isn’t even available? (Sigma 50-150 OS HSM)

    • Analyst

      The new Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 OS has been in stock from Nikon and Canon mounts for about a month now. Check B&H for example.

  • Ric

    Long live Capture NX!!!!

  • Maybe I’m the only one, but I wish they’d just merge LR with PS. It might save me a few seconds 😉

    • They have — you can use Adobe Camera Raw plugin, available to be used either with Bridge (my preferred method above LR or any other workflow) or standalone in PS.

      Personally, I wish they’d separate Adobe Camera Raw and sell it separately in two flavors: on its own and optionally packaged with Bridge. If they charged $150 for the ACR/Bridge combo (a massively overpriced tax on 1/10th the software that the bloated Lightroom or Photoshop are), then I’d be first in line.

      As it is, one might reasonably assume that dealing with Adobe’s inane licensing BS, getting raped by their astronomical prices, and their practice of using customers as beta-testing buffoons only to rip the features out of their hands once they go GM would be enough to infuriate all their users. But alas, apathy prevails.

  • Rudi

    4.1 sucks so to say. Crashes my catalogue of newly loaded images after removing one image and it’s folder… And slooooow

  • Michael

    Has anyone managed to import D300s video files into Lightroom 4 or 4.1?
    I can import any other video files, but Lightroom does not recognise my nikon movie files, says that there are no video frames in the files?

  • JonMcG

    Why does everybody not think this release has performance improvements? Striaght from the readme file.

    4.1 Bugs – Fixed
    • Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 and before have been restored.
    • Addressed performance issues in Lightroom 4, particularly when loading GPS track logs, using a secondary monitor, and the controls within the Develop module.
    • Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.
    • Adjustments made in the Develop module were not properly being reflected to photos that have been laid out in the Book Module
    • Postscript Type 1 Fonts do not appear in the Font menu within the Book module.
    • Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.

  • Morg

    Time to get Lightroom.Nx3 will never come out!

  • lorenzo

    ****** Nothing to do with all the above ******

    Hey Admin, any more rumors about the D400?
    Mansurovs gives it as sure in his D800 review. What will it be?

  • vvLA

    Finding v4.1 much less clunky/jittery and plays nice with my D800 files. No tethering with the D800 is not cool (haven’t tried myself yet but I believe the other postings), I use TetherPro beta for this, works pretty well and Todd at TP has been very helpful.

  • James

    I’ve noticed a significant increase in thebtime required for LR 4 (and 4.1) to load and process my D4 images. I’ve transitioned from D700’s to the D4. I shoot 14 bit lossless compressed RAW on the D4 just as I did on my 700’s. I realize the resolution diferences but the increased processing time seems out of proportion. I use a a late 2011 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM and an SSD so the images still process pretty quickly in comparison to days gone by, but still… I have noticed what seems an inordinate processing time increase.

    I realize I’m really just whining about a very luxurious “problem” but it is interesting. The longer process times haven’t really been a problem but I’ve really noticed the workflow change because of it.

    I have wondered if there is some kind of new or different translational process from the D4….

  • Lightroom – We have tethered capture!!

    • KenTi

      Who has tethered capture? Certainly not LR4 and D800. I’m using a watched folder and Camera Control instead. Seems to work much better than LR3 did at tethered capture. If I took too many pictures, LR3 use to just stop receiving, now even if LR4 chokes, Camera Control is still dropping the images into a folder so I don’t lose anything.

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