New patent indicates the possibility of a Nikon 1 mirrorless lens with f/0.7 aperture

Nikon 1 32mm f/1.2 lens patent

Nikon 1 32mm f/1.2 lens patent

A new Nikon patent (201298706) filed in Japan indicates the possibility to produce Nikon 1 mirrorless lens with f/0.7 aperture. Nikon was able to achieve f/0.7 by optimizing the aperture diameter, the flange back length and image circle. One of the given examples in this patent was for a 32mm f/1.2 lens.

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  • K i love nikon ,

    but i can’t help but think this is a great lens for a stupid camera

    • karl

      I think it’s not the camera which is stupid. It’s those anonymous internet heros that have never held the camera in their hands, yet bitch about it ever since it has been released.

      • Yeah NO–held it and played with the V1. I dig the basic form factor and even the sensor. The UI/UX is complete utter SHITE. If it had a menu system and basic funtionality of even a D3100, I’d have bought one in a heartbeat. It just struck me as a janky mess. Alright hardware crippled my harebrained software. I’m not anonymous. You can check out my website and even call me up and tell me I’m wrong. But I stand by this. The V1 is a dud from a user interface standpoint. It’s a big fail.

        Give me: a real manual focus ring, 1080/60p, AF that doesn’t suck at EV3 and at least half hour video clips, and then we’ll talk. Oh, and give me a lens for it that gives me at least the equivalent of 20mm FX. And Nikon has to make the glass, since it’s a proprietary mount/format. Current offerings don’t cut it.

        The gripes are real, the hype is not.

        • I have to agree. Until they add dedicated buttons for basic functions such as SS, aperture, and ISO, I won’t be picking one up. I played with one at Best Buy and was severely disappointed.

          • rhlpetrus

            Then you didn’t use it in real shooting. It’s pretty good ergowise. And even people that shoot mostly manual like me (slrs) can enjoy the very good auto fucntioning of this camera. It’s the perfect snapshooting tool for travel and family.

        • karl

          ROFL – MANUAL FOCUS RING !!!!
          You gotta be kidding !
          On a P&S camera on adrenaline ? Really ?
          Are you sure you don’t want the built-in flash on the J1 to work as a master with the Nikon CLS as well ? How about a built-in battery grip with battery life up to 3k shots ?

          Get a clue. It’s not your miniaturized DSLR. It’s a better P&S. If you want a mini DSLR, get a Nex or the X-Pro1.

          The only missing feature is AutoISO with the possibility to set minimum shutter speeds/max ISO.

          • Dave

            … while I would not go so far as claiming that the “only thing” missing from the V1 is a decent Auto ISO implementation as described by Karl (i.e. minimum shutter speeds!!), it is a missing feature that could all so easily implemented by a firmware update (or so I would assume) – missing button & switches on the other hand can not be installed as a software patch 🙂

            So please Nikon, get the AutoISO fixed NOW. In its present form, it’s useless.

            • karl

              the nice thing about a “normal” auto ISO implementation (with minimum shutter speed and max ISO) is, that it effectively makes Shutter priority mode useless. So the PSAM mode dial comes down to Aperture priority and Manual (only Ken Rockwell uses P mode, really).

            • Dave

              I would phrase it diffently. AutoISO with minimum shutter speeds (as in my D700) allows me to preselect *both* aperture and shutter speed as required for realising my original “pictographic idea” (whoa! big words!), and the camera simply “turns on more light”, if required 🙂

              That’s how I usually explain the concept to someone who is new to it.

          • Richmond

            A better P & S, yet with interchangeable lenses … interesting

          • Bret M

            I wouldn’t call it a “better P&S,” though it seems like that is Nikon’s intended goal with the 1 series. There are lots of “bridge” type P&S cameras that offer manual controls and buttons for ISO/shutter/aperture, and now even a few with actual manual focus rings (though I agree manual focus is pretty useless on a camera this small).

            It’s definitely still a quality camera, but the price is pretty stiff when compared to the proven, and larger sensor 4/3 offerings such as the Panasonic G3.

            • karl

              well, I call it a better P&S camera because that’s exactly what I’ve bought my J1 for. It was a replacement for my old Powershot G9 – a P&S with lots of manual controls, but pretty terrible image quality. And absolutely sluggish AF.

              I also wanted a usable video mode – with fast AF, 60fps and the possibility to adjust shutter speed/aperture manually while recording. Something that neither the current MFT, nor NEX cameras deliver.

            • rhlpetrus

              Same here, had a G9, the V1 is so much better in all aspects, the G9 has been added to the camera museum shelf with Leicas, Pentax, Oly Pen EE and a few others.

            • Richard

              I do believe that Nikon have aimed the 1 Series at the P&S crowd who want something better (and with interchangeable lenses), but want the camera to function in a way familiar to them…i.e. turn it on, zoom and press the shutter release.

              I have noticed the “street price” coming down which, IMO, is necessary to avoid competing with perceived “more capable” cameras and simply because the intro pricing was a big jump from the majority of P&S cameras.

              Prints I have seen from it are really quite good all things considered.

              Because of the crop factor it would be a very interesting camera for digi-scoping. (2.7x vs. 2x for µ4/3)

              It may be that a variant of the current 1 Series which provides more control options will come later, but is trying to move this one off the shelves.

          • gorg

            Karl, you miss the point. Nikon 1 could be a very fine complement to a DSLR. This means, it should be a hybrid between P&S and a DSLR – in fact it is more expensive than an entry DSLR so it must give us DSLR features.

            This means a manual focus ring – even my Canon S100 has this! – AND CLS AND some dedicated buttons AND DSLR like handling (without the size & weight) are a absolut must on a Nikon 1 additionally to the automatic P&S variants.

            By the way, imho the DSLR is dead – the mirror is useless, they should get rid of this archaic monstrum und build an EVIL camera around a D4/D800 sensor with the size and weight not bigger than the Nikon F3. I would buy a couple of these..

            • karl

              gorg – it already is. Manual focus ring is absolutely ridiculous. The EVF is too small to use it with manual focus and having an enlarged area displayed on the LCD is totally inconvenient.
              It’s difficult enough to focus manually on a DX camera with its small viewfinder – doing it with a CX camera would be downright impossible. I’m quite sure you’re in minority with this need.

            • Sahaja

              It may be hard to get manual focus on a DX camera – but then, with a sensor this small, you should get way more depth of field at an equivalent focal length – so you can afford to be a little off.

          • ertan

            If only it was not priced as a mini DSLR…

            • karl

              it’s not. Amazon:
              Nikon D3200 & 18-55mm: $729
              J1 & 10-30mm: $546.95

      • Ren Kockwell

        I’ve held and used it as well. Just not impressive. The problem? It wasn’t built for any of us. That’s likely what irks folks here. It was built for a target that has bought a lot of them. It has some really interesting features that I would love to use, but in the end, the IQ isn’t impressive enough, the UI isn’t customizable enough, the form factor isn’t small enough—and yes, I want manual focus on the lens as well as 1080/60 video.

        For me, if I buy a camera this big, it needs a bigger sensor. If I buy a sensor this small, it needs to fit in my pocket.

    • Nikon Shooter

      It’s the lenses that make a great camera system. I think Nikon left a lot of room for improvement on purpose and it has a potential to become a great little system once it has matured. I am holding out until that day, but from what I’ve seen it’s already capable of doing things that no DSLR can, so actually it isn’t redundant like all the other mirrorless systems.

      • not really troll.

        you know, there are three kind of cameras:

        iPhone or S100 – the camera, always with you

        DSLR – the real camera always in your bag, car, or just laying on the shelf at home

        Mamiya 645 RZ with P1 Dback – the real camera when somebody pays.

        you see? The Nikon 1 won’t fit anywhere. It is just for japanese chicks who want sumthin hello kitty pretty

        • EnPassant

          😀 😀 😀
          And what does that make men using Nikon 1 and other mirrorless “chicks cameras”? 🙂

          • well, there is quite a few males who are just more beckhamy-like into nice smell and fine clothes then into harleys, beer and rough metal rangefinders

            • Nikon Shooter

              Not everyone gets a hard-on from seeing a harley straddled by a guy in leather chops…
              Most of us would rather go for a girl with a Nikon 1, but I’m not judging.

            • Well played, good sir!

              Whatsup withall the dudes who are “straight” but like seeing buff dudes in tights, shoulder pads, and spiked shoes wrestle over a piece of leather?

            • Good one Nikon Shooter 😀

        • Maji

          What is wrong with providing Japanese girls the camera they want? Perhaps it will become a fashion statement and other chicks around the world will want one. Nikon is starting to show that way.

          It really makes great business sense. No doubt you don’t work for Nikon but just spend your hours criticizing brilliant business decisions.

          • of course it will make them some moneys, in global world, when you have name as nikon, you will make moneys even by releasing empty box, but it is not “targeting japanese chicks” what made them what they are now.
            and believe whatever you want to believe, more CX means less DX and FX

            • Andi

              Oh, did Nikon reach their final limits for production plants or employees 😮

          • Ren Kockwell

            Well, for starters, it would help to make a camera that was less ugly if you’re trying to make a camera that’s an accesorized fashion statement for all women in the world.

        • Worminator

          Actually Japanese women, when not toting something like a Norita66, mostly use micro 4/3 these days, PEN series tyipically, at least for those times where the iPhone won’t do.

        • jorg


        • Hunt

          This is a stupid comment troll. There is nothing wrong with that camera.

          • silmasan

            except that
            1) it’s not small enough given the sensor size, or, (if the size of a Pana GX1/Oly EP/Sony NEX feels about right to you) the sensor is simply too small (pro’s reasoning)
            2) it’s not even that pretty (chick’s reasoning)
            3) it’s more expensive than both parties expected (wait, do chicks have expectations?) (wait again, do pros complain about price?)

            • karl

              1.) it’s small enough to replace P&S cameras. NEX is not.
              2.) subjective opinion – the silver J1 is very nice imho
              3.) J1 is actually cheaper than any NEX, or anything above the very basic range from MFT

            • silmasan

              1) Hmm? Even the J1 is _not_ smaller than NEX 5N.* 2) and 3) sorry you didnt get the joke

              *Combine that with the fact that Panasonic made a _pancake_ standard zoom, and the rumor that Sony might follow very soon… well, that should say something about the size advantage _potential_ that CX has. This is no hatin’, just some pushing.

            • karl

              I’m sorry, I didn’t know you shoot your NEX 5N with just the body cap on.
              Come back when you mount the 18-55mm zoom on the body.

            • silmasan

              Tbh, only with a pancake could they replace P&S. Can you pocket a J1 with the 10-30 in your jeans? Try a GF3 + 14-42 X. The Nikon 1 system could be made even smaller than that (and a _lot_ smaller than NEX), but it’s not (yet). But if you’re already happy with your silver J1 don’t let me ruin the fun.

            • Astrophotographer

              Some facts:

              Sony Nex5n
              111 x 59 x 38 mm (4.37 x 2.32 x 1.5″)

              Nikon J1
              106 x 61 x 30 mm (4.17 x 2.4 x 1.18″)

            • karl

              I could not pocket my old Powershot G9 either – and that was the P&S that my J1 replaced.

        • silmasan

          Mr. Harold Ellis, can you tell me please where I can get a Mamiya “645 RZ”? Never heard of that exact model. Surely you didn’t confuse the 645 with the RZ(67)?

        • Sahaja

          Yeah I bet the pink version sells well to “Japanese chicks”

      • Michael

        It will be an equivalent 0f f/1.9 on FX. What’s so frightening and special bout’ it?

        • Travis

          It is progressivly more difficult to do bright lenses on smallervsensor cameras. And beside your DOF equivalens of 1.9 it will have light gathering ability of 0.7 – almost three times more then 1.8 fx lens, so you can use much lower iso.

    • Foolishcfo

      I share your sentiments exactly!

  • Sam

    I really don’t like the line Nikon 1

    Make a 50 or 85 1.2 for FX… -_- Not a 0.7 for Mirrorless wtf nikon

    • The CX line needs more lenses. For FX you already have several 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.8 lenses and several 85mm f/1.4 and f/1.8 lenses. It’s unlikely you can’t get the shot you need using one of the f/1.4 lenses, but CX has big gaps in the lineup. Note: I shoot FX.

      • Sam

        I know the line up need more lenses, but i just dont like the mirrorless of nikon. I think other compagnies makes better mirrorless. And yes I have the shots that I want with my fast primes.

        • Sure, they make better mirrorless, but it’s Nikon’s first crack at it. Next models will be better.

  • Yoan

    Now that would be the fastest lens for a mirrorless camera!

  • Paul

    Finally, some news of fast lenses for the 1 series.
    Too bad by the time they come out, I would most likely have moved on to another mirrorless system.

    • I have the feeling that there will be some new Nikon 1 lenses announced for Photokina in September.

      • Sebastian

        If only to keep the engineers from coming up with wide DX primes…
        But seriously, more 1 lenses are needed to make it a system. There will be some sticker shock, though: look at the prices of the more serious m43 lenses.

        • Wormintor

          Considering the Nikon 1 “system” has exactly one prime lens to its name, uh, yeah, it does.

          Some sort of macro lens is a given. A fast telephoto (32mm sounds about right) probably second in line. Fast standard (17mm), third. Ultrawide (6-7mm?), fourth.

          The concern is whether even at F1~1.4 it’s “worth” the cost given that you don’t really see significant DOF, you are paying only for the light gathering ability.

          • Michael

            f/1.9 on FX? Only for light gathering abilities?

      • Paul

        Any word on a new 1 series body?
        Maybe a Z1 as Thom Hogan suggested?

        • no reliable info yet

        • Details coming soon, I am still trying to sort out the info I am receiving.

      • NikonFanBoy

        Hi ADmin ,

        Any word on the 800mm f/5.6 VR release date yet?

        • no, nothing reliable

          • NikonFanBoy

            Thanks for the update…I guess it will be sometime next year then….

      • Michael

        Do you think Nikon would release any other glass at Photokina? Perhaps based on the recent patents of the 18 and 20mm 1.8?

        • Yes, new lenses are definitely coming, I am still not sure which one and when.

          • Richard

            It seems to me that there should be quite a few products, lenses included which were delayed by the earthquake/tsunami and floods.

            Are you getting any indications that production capacity has been restored to the point that Nikon have the ability to introduce them and deliver at least some quantity in a reasonable time frame?

      • Foolishcfo

        Anything to avoid having to address the D300s successor issue. I have heard from my local camera shop that the Nikon 1’s aren’t selling as well as Nikon had forecasted. Have you heard anything to the contrary? Thanks.

  • Macsbello

    Woah! Now I can sleep quietly

  • wow thats crazy… where will be in 10 years time!

  • Pellevin

    Definitely about time for some news about this system. Nikon 1 has some potential but a roadmap is gratly needed, and some fast glass. And some other improvements…

    However there is no faster mirrorless camera out there, and the frame rate blows away most DSLRs as well. And still IQ is not so bad. If they make a V2 with improved sensor and manual controls and release some fast primes this could turn interesting. But if they don’t give us any news soon potential buyers will look for other systems.

    I have always liked small equipment to complement my DSLRs. The V1 is interesting not at least due to the adapter to use my other Nikon lenses. But I am not buying into this system unless Nikon shows some dedication too it.

    • Michael

      Nikon 1’s sensor efficiency is the same as D7000 and D800, well almost. Now what Nikon will have to do is to shrink their lenses. Even after having a smaller sensor, their lenses+camera are still to big to be pocketable. I’d be hoping for a retractable 10-25mm like the 14-42mm from the M43. I’d also hope for more fast pancakes.

      • AtlDave

        The 10-30 already is retractable like the 14-42.

        • silmasan

          The 14-42 is a “pancake” when retracted. The 10-30 is umm, a taller pancake.

          • AtlDave

            Depends which 14-42 your are talking about, I was thinking of the Olympus 14-42, not the Panasonic pancake.

            It would be nice to have a pancake style zoom like the Panasonic. But introducing a second standard zoom that closely matches the specs of the existing 10-30 while there are no fast primes of any focal length or ultra wide options would be strange. Nikon seems to be OK with strange when it comes to the 1 series so I would not be shocked to see such a lens.

            • silmasan

              right, I assumed the Panasonic one since he mentioned “pocketable” and “pancakes”.

  • jack

    This is great news. The Nikon V1 is a fantastic camera. Apart from a slightly diminished DR and lack of shallow DOF, I had no complaints. This addresses one of those issues. Nice work Nikon.

    • what? it have DOF of 85mm f1.8 and will cost probably more.

      • EnPassant

        Just like the Voigtländer 25/0.95 lens for M4/3 is costing much more than a standard 50/1.8 lens and even the Zeiss 50/1.4 also made by Cosina .

        • dont be too loud, you will be called a hater on the great system which have mediocre image quality, unbalanced and “developed in the run” system, but costs you as much money and in the end saves you 1cm in all directions compared to DSLR.

    • jack

      I love all the complainers… the Nikon 1 gives the results of a D200 with better sharpness, color, skintones, high ISO, exposure and auto-focus in a more compact form. I dare say the D200 was more capable of a camera than 90% of the photographers on here could fully utilize.

      I still shoot 4×5 and 8×10 for slow tripod work, but for grab shots and memories, the Nikon 1 system is more than capable… Maybe I’m wrong, however, maybe the photographers on here need 36 MP for images of their cat or so they can check the pores on their teenage daughter’s prom photos.

      Oh, I thought of my one last complaint, no built in CLS in the V1.

      • MLN

        Don’t say “was”, it still IS more capable (I’m still using mine, and the 4×5/8×10 with paper negs).

      • Ren Kockwell

        If you’re getting results as good as your D200, it’s time to take a class on how to use your D200.

        • jack

          Ren, I’d love a class, but I’ve since sold my D200… I loved it. It paid for itself many times over. The art directors, clients, and I were very pleased with my ability to utilize the camera. So if my inability to comprehend its complexities were the shortcoming, that just shows that today’s digital cameras are idiot-proof and all people are doing on this forum is wanting a camera to better offset their lack of knowledge.

          Regarding comparing the two cameras, I’ve done some quick tests and those are the results I received… The D200 may be better at base ISO, but the auto WB and jpeg engine on the D200 is atrocious and anything above ISO 400 or 640 in lower light is unusable. Now the AWB and jpeg are correctable, but for someone who doesn’t use the D200 as their “serious” camera and uses digital out of convenience, this is more work than necessary. Note, the DR of the D200 is also superior at base ISO, but this quickly falls off–the rear screen is far inferior to the V1 and the AF is slower (not that I missed shots with the D200–the V1’s AF is just that fast). Oh yea, while not ideal, the V1 also shoots video…

          Maybe it makes me a less serious photographer, but for family events and travel (when photography is not the primary objective) a dslr propped on a table or slung over my shoulder is overkill. The low cost, compact zooms on the Nikon 1 series is superior to the low end Nikkors. Of the standard zooms, only the 16-85 and 17-55 are better.

          Again, I loved the D200–it was my first digital camera, but technology has come a long way. Now, I must confess, I no longer have my V1… I got a steal on a complete Ricoh GXR outfit which has d90 image quality in a similar size with easier customization than the V1.

          That said, if I was still working in a professional camera store and a wealthy customer walked in and said they wanted a great camera that did it all but was still portable, I’d hand them a V1 on the spot. If my parents or wife gave a hoot about photography, I’d do the same.

          My wish for the V1 system are fast lenses capable of some OOF areas, CLS control, and better accessibility to advanced user settings and custom functions.

      • >>Maybe I’m wrong, however, maybe the photographers on here need 36 MP for images of their cat or so they can check the pores on their teenage daughter’s prom photos.

        No they don’t. They complain about 36MP too. Unfortunately there is just no pleasing some people. But thankfully Nikon knows the market better than its detractors do, and I think your analysis of the V1 giving even better IQ than the D200 is very thought-provoking. I still really like my D200 even though it’s now my 3rd camera body.

        • jack

          One last addition to the two comments above. Admittedly, I was also one of the V1 detractors. I was outraged at a sensor smaller than DX and even smaller than M43. I was lent the camera and despite the shortcomings mentioned, it was great. The only problem, as others have mentioned, is that the UI is awful. Not pre-2004 awful, but pretty bad–especially in light of Nikon’s typically excellent interfaces.

          I love all the people crying out for F1.2 and faster FX lenses. It really is laughable. How many of the greatest photographs in history were shot beyond f1.4 or even f2? Lenses were made that way out of necessity–high ISO sucked. You now have cameras that give acceptable results at ISO 6400–perhaps even higher. Is everyone here shooting no flash weddings, theater work, and cave painting reproductions?

          People want bokeh which obliterates everything so as to salvage a crappy photograph. If you want that, purchase a 200 F2. It will leave your subject sharp with everything else looking like a soup of color.

          Lastly, to those complaining the 85mm is F1.4 vs F1.2
          At a 6ft subject difference, my calculations show that the DOF difference is 1.44 inches (f1.4) vs 1.2 inches (f1.2)
          At 10ft it is 4.2 inches (f1.4) vs 3.48 inches (f1.2)

          Nikon has given you the best wide angle zoom ever, the best fast wide angle prime ever, the best moderate zoom, tied for the best telephoto zoom, the best cheap prime lenses and excellent fast primes. The 80-400 and 300 f4 could use an update. There has never been a counter to Canon’s excellent 70-200 F4. What is there to be upset about? Wait, where’s my D800?

          • Well put. Hope you get your D800 🙂 I’d recommend trying a good local store, that’s how I got my D7000 when they were in very short supply (I paid in full, got put into the front of hte queue — and got it in a week!).

  • Please Nikon, a retro classic with EVF, and buttons, knobs and twiddly bits. Then I may care. People are buying that slow, overpriced Olympus and Fuji leatherette stuff with limited lens support because they LOOK awesome.

    If I’m going to use something as ugly as the “1” it had better be waterproof, and screw to my helmet.

    • jj65

      J1 is one of the best designed camera of all times (red dot)!

  • Glenn

    Haters gon’ hate, I suppose. I am guessing the “instant rebates” on the 1 system kits must mean that sales haven’t met expectations. But after doing a good bit of research I just jumped in thanks to the sale. The V1 can do a lot of very interesting things I expect to enjoy.

    • PHB

      Umm not really. All consumer oriented Nikons are habitually marked up and discounted.

      It actually selling pretty well on Amazon.

  • It would definitely be interesting to see a 35/1.2 FX result from this.

    • yes, if you would be able to stick it inside so close as the flange is, you would get awesome 8Mpix crop from D800. Then you discover it would be easier to put a 35f1.8 for $200 on it, go closer and get shallower DOF and 36Mpix photo with much more data then that 1,5 stop of more light you would get.

      • “that 1,5 stop of more light you would get”

        In theory, the total light is the same… one is brighter but smaller image area. The other’s not as bright but bigger area.

    • Michael

      Lol. To get an equivalent image of 35mm f/1.2 on CX, you’d need a 13mm f/0.45.

  • Nikon 1

    Very interesting news. I think all the companies have under estimated the market for a small enthusiast camera.

    Nikon 1 has some interesting features, like 60 fps full resolution

    I’d like to see an enthusias camera with tri-mode dials like the NEX 7 – ISO, shutter, aperture adjustment

    and standard hotshoe

    Couple that with a f 1.0 small prime and that would be a very nice camera

    Nikon 1 could also be the basis for a very good video camera

    • Michael

      I don’t mind large lenses, I just need thin ones.

  • PixelBrine

    Ok Nikon, Ill buy one of these oddly specific lenses for your mirrorless system if you can guarantee I’ll receive my D800 sometime before we see the rise of French Guyana as the next world superpower.

  • Aaron Shepard

    I’m expecting the second-generation Nikon 1 to be the perfect camera for street and candid photography. I love my D7000, but with a telephoto zoom, it’s simply too obtrusive.

  • Kwvin

    hmmmm…. does the nikon 1 need a fast prime? i think the mainstream consumers need a fast zoom… (maybe a constant f/2.8 10-30mm would be good)

    • Michael

      No way one would want a fast zoom on this camera. If you want fast lenses, why not go DSLR? The reason you’d wanna buy this camera should be you want a small camera. And a small camera should have small lenses. A big lens like the fast zoom would remove the point of having a small camera.

  • King of Swaziland

    Nikon needs to stop producing so many patents, and start actually introducing some of these lenses.

  • Kenneth Kwok


    I take photos for my family only.
    Only rarely do I appreciate my D700 giving a limited depth of field.

    I actually like compact cameras for their infinite depth of field.
    Everything is in focus.
    I think the small sensor is to take credit for it.

    Could someone in the know, comment on the depth of field
    of a Nikon 1 CX sensor and a f/0.7 lens?


    • PixelBrine

      Based on sensor size the total depth of field for the Nikon 1 at 5 feet away with this lens would be somewhere in the hyper tiny 1.2 Centimeter range wide open at .7 Aperture.

    • Dylan Robinson

      This is why the tiny sensor on the 1 cameras makes it pointless. Even at .7 your not going to get generous DOF blur. Probably similar to 2.8 or maybe 4.0 on a full frame camera.

      Olympus, Panasonic and Canon realize that compact, yet high quality cameras still need sensors larger than point ans shoots to make better photography than point and shoots.

      Nikon built the 1 to be high profit margin, mediocre image quality camera. Shame on them. I’d kill for a high end, m43 camera and lenses made by Nikon. It will never happen, but that’s a shame. M43 is the most exciting thing other than mainstream full frame sensors to happen in the history of digital cameras if you ask me.

      • Michael

        Don’t mislead others if you don’t know how to calculate. -.-

      • silmasan

        For DoF equivalence, here’s how you calculate it _roughly_:

        (focal length x crop factor) at f/(effective f-number x crop factor)

        so if you get, say, 30mm f/0.7 lens for CX, the _DoF_ equivalence would be similar to that of a (30mm x 2.7) at f/(0.7 x 2.7) = 81mm at f/1.89 on FX, while you still get the light-gathering area of the f/0.7 aperture.

        • PixelBrine

          I could have been wrong but I’m pretty sure the depth of field I posted is pretty close to accurate. I was posting the total range that is in focus not the focal length/F stop equivalence.

          The equation would be:

          Near focal Distance = Focus Distance * (Hyperfocal Distance, mm – Lens Focal Length, mm) / Hyperfocal Distance, mm + Focus Distance – 2*the lens focal length, mm

          Far focal Distance = Focus Distance * (Hyperfocal Distance, mm – Lens Focal Length, mm) / Hyperfocal Distance, mm – Focus Distance

          • Your DOF calculation is meaningless to pretty much everyone. It’s far better to state the DOF relative to a known lens… i.e. using equivalence.

    • Michael

      It is f/1.9 on FX.

  • JPaulJ

    I’m buying the V2 or Z1, or whatever the next one is. I’m hoping for better IQ. Very anxious to put the FT1 and my 400mm 2.8 on it. If I can get at least 5 or 6 megapixels on those itty bitty I’Iwi birds, I think I’ll have somethin’ special. There’s no way in hell I can sneak up on these guys and my D4 with the 400mm won’t do it. However, with a 1080mm f/2.8, I got a chance. C’mon Nikon…. give me some more image quality.

  • KID

    My Nikon 1 V1 Gallery

    • silmasan

      I like many of your B/W images, you’re talented at visual storytelling. 🙂

    • PAG

      How bizarre. Guy who likes Nikon 1 posts photos (with bonus points for actually showing Nikon 1 shots). Guys who trash Nikon 1 post no photos, even with the top of the line FX cameras and professional lenses they supposedly own. Hmmmm.

  • Bernard

    This is good news ! Let’s hope they carry on that way and produce a V2 very soon ! I’m just waiting for that ! 🙂

  • I would definitely be interested in a 32 f1,2 for my V1. That would put it near my ancient 85mm f2,0 AI that I like to use on FX. It would be nice if it had a manual focus ring on the lens too, though the autofocus is so good I could probably live without that. I bought my V1 not long after dislocating my left shoulder, on the idea of having a lighter weight back-up camera to take on location. So far it has exceeded my expectations, though I still want a firmware upgrade to allow assigning a function to the “F”unction button. I certainly hope Nikon doesn’t wait until the end of the year to release new CX lenses, but perhaps the floods in Thailand set them back too far.

  • KnightPhoto

    I agree – the BIGGEST missing feature is AutoISO with the possibility to set minimum shutter speeds/max ISO. I don’t need a PASM dial but I do need a proper Aperture priority Auto-ISO like on my D4.

    This really impacts my V1 shooting, so I shoot the V1 camera in Shutter-priority instead (which is opposite to how I shoot all my other cams).

    Locking mode dial also needed (I keep accidentally shooting video).

    Must say though, on-sensor PDAF is great and I want it on all my DSLRs (at least in Live-View mode). Coming to a D400 near you? 😉

    Oh and the 1-series lens that is really needed is an 80-400 equivalent, as well as a 600 5.6 equivalent. Can you say cheap-fast birding tool? (big market)

    • karl

      actually there IS a little workaround you could try:
      Switch to Manual mode.
      Set the Aperture value you want to use.
      Set shutter speed to a value, you would normally put in AutoISO as the minimum shutter speed.
      Now head over to ISO and set it to Auto 100-3200.

      This way you get your aperture and shutter speed, and the camera changes ISO to make up for a proper exposition. You can adjust EV up or down to control the ISO indirectly.

    • PAG

      “Oh and the 1-series lens that is really needed is an 80-400 equivalent, as well as a 600 5.6 equivalent. Can you say cheap-fast birding tool? (big market)”

      I give a program about beginner bird photography (admittedly all that I’m qualified to give a program on) and one of the most frequent questions I hear is if any of the smaller cameras are up for bird photography yet. I think if Nikon could get the lens, they have the customers waiting. If they can make the F-mount adapter work better, that’s an even bigger bonus. In that case the Nikon 1 good be a “gateway camera” towards also owning a DSLR.

  • rhlpetrus

    J1 white double kit is currently #2 best-selling IL camera in Japan. Nikon knows something about market that people here don’t.

  • Nikon please!

    Stop the CX format! Use the M43 or aps-c, stop invest the time and money on a dead camera system. oh and keep the good FX please.

  • B-Backa

    I’m waiting patiently for the one that shoots 4K video, so I can stick one of these in front of it:

  • CX is almost dead

    Really, don’t buy a CX format camera, go to the M43 format, a better bet for the future with more and better choices of accessories and lenses and bodies …
    Yes, CX is a stupid format at this days for who know.

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