June Nikon instant rebates: $100 off the D7000, $200 off the D5100

Nikon's rebates for June include a $100 instant saving on the Nikon D7000 and $200 off the D5100. This offer ends on June 30th, 2012.

Update: the complete list of Nikon rebates can be found here.

In the UK there is a new Nikon 1 V1 and J1 £50 cashback promotion valid till August 31st, 2012:

BestBuy seems to have Nikon D4 in stock:


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  • KT

    Here hoping the D800 will be available soon

  • hunt

    The storm is coming

    • D600 =$1499

      Yup, D7100 for $1299 which would be a Pro-DX replacing both D7000 and D300s.

      • The Big K

        That is what I am hoping for! Only need to find out…. WHEN!?!!?!

      • iamlucky13

        I’m not understanding why so many people are absolutely convinced Nikon won’t create a direct replacement for the D300s.

        The D7100 will not have the same rugged build as the D300, nor as high of frame rates, nor as many external controls. I also very much doubt it will have Nikon’s new lower light AF module.

        I can’t say for certain whether Nikon will produce a D400, but I suspect they will, at a price somewhere around $2000 or so. The D7100 will, of course, be much more popular, but I’d bet there are enough high end users who want something in between the D4 and D7100 (other than the D800) to justify producing it.

        • PeterO

          Well, if Nikon produces a D400 at $2K, then it’ll be dead in the water. Its only real competitor, the Canon 7D can be had for $1,400. The upgrade won’t be much more than that.

          • Michael

            You mean 7DM2.

            • PeterO


        • Dimitrii1130

          D7100 must be better than D7000.
          I don’t think it will get the 24mp sensor, there are no rumors about a 18mp sensor and therefore it is likely it will get the new 16mp sensor. As a result, it will differ with lower noise and more f/s and hopefully new AF.
          If not, consumer would only use D7000 or wait a few more month for D5200…

        • I can tell you why: the d800 is ergonomically quite close to the d7000. No more knob for af but a button right where the af/m switch is, a direct wheel for the shooting mode and a smaller body compared to the d300/700. A d7100 could retain the same body and add a full magnesium body + proper weather sealing + min 7fps and there you go you have a d300 successor. Just people will still complain since the body is smaller. Nikon is moving away from the direct controlls we love and It’s a potty (d4 has a button for the metering mode instead of direct wheel)

  • alex

    Has anyone tried ordering from bestbuy?

    If the D4 is avail.. consider it sold!

    • diy75

      does not work for me. cannot add to cart. (I did not want to buy anyway 🙂 I was just trying.)

    • Jeff

      BEST BUY buying procedure:
      You must go to a Best Buy store in person. Go to the customer service counter and ask the person there if the D4 is available to order. It helps if you print out the item`s product page from their web site as it has the SKU number for the item. If it is in a warehouse available for shipping you may order it. You must pay for it when you order it. This is how I got my D800 a month ago.

      It doesn`t matter if the particular store would not normally keep a particular high end item in stock.

      If there aren`t any cameras left in their warehouse keep checking at the customer service desk weekly. Do not go by their web site availability.

    • Diacritical

      Bought mine on the website this afternoon at 12:16PM EDT. Confirmed it is being shipped to a local store for pickup by next Wednesday. The site showed out if stock a few minutes later. Cancelled my B&H order soon after. After four months waiting for B&H to get some stock, it was quite a relief to help everyone behind me in that queue.

  • Hollander

    Where is my D4?!!! This is so long to wait…

  • moo

    The $100 saved can be used to defer shipping charges incurred from sending the D7000 back to Nikon two or three times to get the auto-focus fixed.

    • JC

      only because u dont want to pay the doctor’s bill to figure out why your shaky hands can’t take steady shots…

      • Ex7000 user

        Why can’t “pros” figure out that blur and bad focus look different. One has a sharp image in the wrong spot and the other is blurry everywhere. D7000 has bad backfocus problems. Gave me a lot of sharp mike stands and drum sets but no singers and drummers. That wasn’t bad form. It was a bad 3rd camera.

        • sd

          I wish peoples first response to the d7000 back focus wasn’t an explanation of dof and then saying that theirs was perfectly fine.

  • I know people are waiting for delivery of cameras from Nikon that have already been announced (D800, D800E and D4) but thinking a bit further down the road, have there been any hints or rumors that there might be a D4x in Nikon’s future?

    • Andrew

      What specs would you expect in the D4x that the D800 does not fulfill? Don’t say frame rate since the D3x gave you only 5 fps. Don’t say higher megapixel since 36 MP is ample enough in the D800. Don’t say higher ISO since the D800 excels in low light. Image quality (IQ) is already exceptional in the D800. Now if you are really eyeing the frame rate, then we are indeed talking about the Expeed 4 image processor, but I would not expect that to come out anytime soon – not within the next 2 years.

      Consider this, Nikon has just discontinued the D3x – that is, less than 2 months after the D800 was released, maybe that is their way of saying that the D800 is the D3x replacement, and thus no need for the D4x anytime soon.

      • There won’t be a d4x. I guess we will never have a single digit x body again. The next generation bodies will have 36mp with at least 6fps and you will only be able to sepperate the full pro bodies by their build quality. Kind of like the f100 compared to the f5. Both are extremely capable cameras.

  • Duane

    Sold out, just checked. Thanks for the heads up, just need to be quicker next time

  • Nathan

    It was there at 6am PST, but now, as was pointed out, it’s sold out online.

  • PeterO

    Henry’s in Toronto was selling the D7000 for less than $1K last week. Methinks something is afoot. Either 1) sales have slowed down sufficiently that they can now start discounting it, 2) they want to sell more for the summer vacation season, or 3) the rumours are true about a replacement at Photokina. The D7000 replacement may turn out to be the much discussed D300s replacement. Either way, it’s turning out to be an exceptional year for Nikon especially if the D600 rumour turns out to be true. Side note: it looks like the Canon 1DX may not be ready for the Olympics.

    • Maji

      Nikon is on roll this year. Actually, their 2 year plans got compressed into one year.

      I think they will have at D7100 (or whatever, a pro grade DX) and the D600 for Photokina. I think the D600 is going to shake the market up if Admin’s predictions/rumors are correct. A $1500 FF will make it one of the best sellers and maybe put Nikon on the top, like it was during its SLR heydays.

      I think that Canon announced 1DX prematurely to undercut Nikon’s D4. Putting my tinfoil hat on… the Canon spies figured out Nikon’s specs and Canon put 1DX specs trying to best it slightly. However, in reality, Canon is facing the daunting task of converting those specs into a workable camera and is running into a brick wall with their outdated sensor fab facility… Now back to reality… I think Canon is just having production problems or an unexpected glitch/bug found during beta testing and it is taking more than expected time to debug.

      • Michael

        It’s not going to be $1500. Period. More than likely it will be around $1800-$2300

        • PeterO

          I agree with you Michael on the D600 price. Even at $2K it’s an excellent deal. As for the D7100/8000/D400, I can see that being in the $1,500 range and the D7000 remaining in the catalogue for $1K. Nikon is happy to have the D3000/3100/3200 coexist, why not the D7000/7100? They seem to be blanketing the whole DX range.

          • B!

            Unless Nikon is setting itself to surprise every single competitor I really don’t see an FX camera for less than 2000.

            At 1800-2200 it would already be a great seller. Why would nikon sell it for $1500? You’d say well, they can sell the FX lenses then, but you can sell an FX camera for around 2K and still sell FX lenses then. Nikon is a money making company like any other.

          • Andrew

            Nikon will sell the D600 for $1,500 to expand their market and do so because they will make money selling it at this price.

            The $2,000 to $2,3000 price range will be filled by the baby D4 with a 16 MP sensor. Nikon will make a lot more money on the baby D4 than they could ever make on the D4. The D4 is just too expensive for most photographers. All this reasoning makes sense seeing that Nikon was willing to release the D800 at $3,000 and discontinue shortly thereafter the venerable D3x which was selling for $8,000!

        • Michael

          I think it will be around $1600. Why? Because, other than the sensor, D700 is better than D600 in every way. You can now get a D700 used for around $2000, so how could Nikon sell the D600 if it were priced the same as D700 yet have worse specs?

          • human tripod

            You’re assuming the D600 will have worse specs than the D700. I doubt it.

  • trialcritic
    • BenCK

      I’ve been shooting my D800 with the 35mm f/1.4G and the 85mm f/1.4G with no problems at all. In fact the results have been nothing short of amazing with those lenses.

  • mike

    I have a D800 on order from TWO retailers in the UK since March with no sign of anything coming from either.
    I think I’m going to place a couple of orders for the D800x and see what comes in first.

  • Sports

    The D600 sounds like a natural D7000 replacement, except for the price, unless it really WILL be 1500. It’s the same level of features … well, high-end consumer or low-end prosumer or whatever. The D7000 replacement HAS to be better than the D3200/24 Mp to make any sense at all, so why not an FX?

    The D300S and its (not yet rumored) replacement is a different kind of camera. It could be on its way out – who knows, but that doesn’t make a new similarly priced camera a replacement. A new model has to be the same kind of camera to be a replacement … and obviously better.

  • kede

    My D800 isn’t coming 🙁 I blame you Nikon. Ordered 7feb in Belgium…

  • B!

    The fact that they were briefly in stock could only mean that other stores have also received a batch so we should see more shipments from Amazon, BH etc.

    Hopefully I get mine this time around.

  • nuno santacana

    What did happen with the meeting in Casablanca on 28 May?

    • BartyL

      The piano player kept playing “As Time Goes By” over and over.

      • PeterO

        Now that’s funny on so many levels.

      • Andrew

        Yeah but, the anticipation was priceless!

  • Prophet of Doom


    Nikon starting to clear theDX inventory……..then no more DX bodies other than the 3200.

    Why else would Nikon have put the new 24mp sensor in the base model and rendered the rest of the DX line obsolete?

    • Andrew

      Simple, the D3200 is the D3100 replacement; and a kind of D5100 replacement until the D5200 is released. So with the D3200, Nikon can take its time in replacing the D5200, that is why we will not see the D5200 until next year.

  • peregrino

    tHANKS, NikonRumors
    Your rumor turned up true.
    Read your post shortly before noon and immediately clicked on the link to BestBuy.
    The D4 went into my basket immediately but I called the local store and asked for confirmation that they could get the camera. The store clerck checked the inventory and got confirmation for a delivery date of June 6. Then started the process of sale over the phone. I made to the store by 12:30 and got the transaction recorded on the cash register receipt at 12:40pm. Delivery to the store in Morgantown for June 6.
    Just this morning I called the local Nikon dedicated shop who once again stated that they could not get the camera. I have had a standing order with Adorama since January 20.
    And by the way, why did you cancel me out? No such user in the system anymore….

    • Michael

      That’s not a rumor?

  • Joaquim Prado

    still waiting my D800 !

  • D5200

    What does this say about the D5100?
    Is the D5200 coming soon?

    • Dimitrii1130

      next year..

      this says that D3200 is an impressive cam..
      i think many consumers prefer d3200 to d5100. 24mp sounds better than just 16.. both have 4f/s.. i would take d3200 of these two.

      and don’t know what will happen with d5200. maybe she will get the 24mp sensor. (maybe further improved) and at least 5f/s. i don’t think that d5200 is enough pro for the new 16mp sensor. but time will tell.
      a 24mp d5200 would also differentiate from a really fast 16mp d7100.

  • Simone

    Not bad of an instant savings on the d7000

    For what its worth, my D7000’s aperture lever died a few days ago while shooting a concert/festival. And it’s two weeks out of warrenty too. Darn it. And I’m going to Europe in two weeks. I said yes to the $300+ repair bill and hoping that it gets repaired in under 2 weeks. Otherwise I’m renting.

    Oh, and I had just over 30k shutter clicks.

    • D400

      My D7000 has 50k clicks, no problems sofar

  • Groosome

    The D5100 reduction is a larger percentage reduction than the D7000 which could suggest that a 5200 may come out sooner. Anyway I recently helped myself to a 2nd hand D7000 in brand new condition with about 2000 actuations and am quite happy with it. I’d still be tempted by the specs on the rumoured D600 which sounds in so many ways to be a full frame D7000. My prediction: $1800 and I think I was not too far off with the D800 price before it came out – just my musings 🙂

    • Andrew

      I think the rumored D600 price of $1,500 is for body only. So anything up to $1,800 including lens could be justified. But a price of $1,500 with lens would be stunning. If the D600 with its full frame sensor comes in a D7000 body, it should be a much more attractive camera than the D7100 camera in a DX body. Most consumers and many professionals would welcome the D600 in a smaller body.

  • peter2

    stumbled upon this. They appear to have many D800’s in stock, but they also drive the price to the sky too.

    and why would they pair the d800 with dx kit lens 18-105 (and the likes) I don’t know.

  • Frank Farmer

    Placed my order this morning from Best Buy (thanks for the tip Nikon Rumors!). Called later to check on its status but they couldn’t tell me anything more than the website, which was: “Order Status: 1 item(s) – Order in process of being fulfilled; Usually ships in 0 – 1 days.” The email confirmation of my order provided: “Order in process of being fulfilled. Estimated arrival date: 06/05/2012 – 06/12/2012.” That was with the free shipping. I did notice that the website now states that the camera is “sold out online.” I look forward to getting a shipping confirmation!

  • Clark Scott

    Based on the tip from NR, I immediately ordered a D4 from Best Buy and received confirmation of my order stating that it would arrive June 4 or June 5. Today, I received a call from Best Buy asking me to confirm that I had ordered the camera. When I did, the representative said the D4 would be shipped Monday and I would receive it Tuesday (June 5). This evening, I received an email saying that the camera was backordered and they would send it to me in 7-30 days or whenever they got it. I cancelled the order. ln my opinion, Best Buy is running a scam to collect orders for whenever it gets D4s. No matter what, it is a really badly run business and I will never shop there again.

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