Nikon D600 release probability now at 80%

Today was all about the new Leica products but I still  have a quick update on the Nikon D600 - I can now raise the probability of the D600 release before Photokina to 80%. Note that some of the specs may still be inaccurate or incomplete.

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  • Tony McCrory

    ooo 1st? 🙂

    • glenn

      All masters that are just one good tool away….

    • lol yawn

      especially X2 is total disappointment.

      monochrome leica will be also failure. at 18Mpixels lol

      i have 18green megapixels in D800 and need no color filters to balance B&W, because i have another 9Mpixels red and 9Mpixels blue

      yea as expected, everything is failure. But i am sure some non photographers who love to talk about photography and sell 49$ books to other leica photographers will love them lol

      • sorry wrong post lol

      • I agree, the Leica announcement was a huge disappointment. I don’t think I will ever buy another product from them and will probably sell the little Leica products that I own. The M9 was a big step forward, but I think it has been a down hill ride from there, at least for me – I am obviously not part of their target audience. Compare all this with what Nikon was able to achieve with the D800 in terms of price and performance.

    • HansD

      The (Nikon) future is clear:
      – DX-DSLR will die sooner than we think
      – The future of DX is mirrorless
      – DX will become amateur mass market mainly, the compact/bridge upgrade
      – enthousiasts will upgrade to “cheap/plastic” FX bodies and lenses (with a pro attitude)

      • photo-Jack

        After we have seen (again) in the D800 what potential Nikon has, it is a pity how the market twists the actual outcome: many of a people, who are less concerned about making an image but more concerned about their image trying to appear like a pro.

  • juicebox81

    HAS IT BEGUN YET?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Jan

      Really hope specs may still be inaccurate or incomplete.
      cuz a low spec FX vs my high spec DX makes upgrade path muddy…

      • Global

        Would love for Nikon to make a D7000 style FX.

        NOT a D5100 style FX.

        They may know their business (but I know what I want to buy!)

        • D7000

          D800 IS D7000 style FX

          • Nikonuser

            >D800 IS D7000 style FX


          • Sorta. The D800 has a far superior AF sensor, but lacks the D7000’s U1/U2, which I find extremely useful.

            • enesunkie

              It’s a shame that the U1/U2 feature did not make it on the D4 and D800.

            • Joel

              Huh? There are 4 user presets on the D800..

            • DX2FX

              And KR will be delighted with this D600 ! 🙂

            • enesunkie

              @Joel I like the U1/U2 dial on the D7000 as opposed to the memory banks on the D800. Also, There is no way to lock settings in a bank. I think they fixed that on the D7000 .

          • mehmet

            D7000 style FX under 1500$ ??? are u joking?

        • diy75

          I’d actually like a D5100 style FF: light weight, good IQ, and has swirl LCD (also, less expensive). If I need D7000 style FF, I’d buy D800.

          • biko

            have you tried d5100 with the 70-300? unbalanced and uncomfortable.

        • Lex

          I would buy a d7000 style Fx camera too. D5100 fx just doesn’t appeal to me.

        • Nikonaddict

          If it comes with a variangle LCD I’d go for it anyway.

      • Jake

        I just really hope it will still meter AI, AIS lens because if it does, who needs a AF motor!

        D600 +
        35mm f1.4 ais
        50mm f1.2 ais
        85mm f1.4 ais
        135mm f2 ais
        180mm f2.8 ais
        200mm f2 ais
        300 f2.8 ais

    • Foolishcfo

      It has not begun. This post is about a watered-down FX camera, not a full featured DX like the soon to be announced D400.

    • theAlvix never ended !! 😀

  • Dandansoy

    Let’s see some ISO numbers! and maybe my D800 will become D600.

  • Alberto Nikoni

    So this means that there will be no D300s replacement. There is no room for it now unless they price the D600 to about $2.5k.

    • KnightPhoto

      D600=Super news for Nikon Corp and Nikon-shooters alike, great job as usual Admin!

      “So this means that there will be no D300s replacement. There is no room for it now unless they price the D600 to about $2.5k.”

      I don’t draw the conclusion that a D600 eliminates a D300S replacement though. There is still a reasonable market of us Wildlife and Sports shooters that need an updated state of the art, high fps and better low light crop camera. Sports and Wildlife shooters already have the big lenses (and some already have the D4 too) and glomming them onto a 4fps D800 or a D800H (D700 replacement) is not the solution to those of us who need reach and speed and rough and tough body. A D300S replacement still has a legitimate market amongst high-end shooters. I agree the high-end DX market is smaller than when the D300 first came out 5.5 years ago, a lot of these shooters have gone over to FX, but even for those of us who own one or more FX cameras already, we still have a strong need for a DX “D400”. I plan to shoot a mix of FX and DX. A kit consisting of all FX or all DX is not what I need, I need a kit that continues to include DX alongside my FX cameras.

      There’s no law that says the cheapest FX camera must be more expensive than the highest end DX camera (if that is what is about to happen).

      • Fred

        +1 on all accounts
        Wildlife photography requires lighter/smaller kit than FX provides.
        FX is great when ‘going wide’.
        They’re different animals with different purposes.
        I’d also like a ‘lower cost’ FX for when the need arises but DX would be my mainstay. In other words I’d buy both FX and a 300 DX replacement – but need good low noise on both accounts.

        • plug

          +1 Compare having a 300 f4 (preferably a replacement for the current lens) with a D400 DX when out in the wilds on foot with a 500 f4 and D800 FX. No contest if you don’t want to break your back. D400 because the D7000 has some limitations.

      • biko

        I think the d7100 will be the replacement for both d7000 and d300s. With this Nikon will have 3 levels of cameras per sensor size; DX: d3200/d5200/d7100
        FF: d600/D800(E)/D4

      • HansD

        Quote “… we still have a strong need for a DX “D400″

        Could you please explain who is “we” and why “we” need DX stuff.

        • Jim, Texas

          @ Hans
          In a debate club you’d get a medal for your question after “who is WE”.

          But if you’d follow up the discussion here, you’d know, that there is a customer group (for instance in the wildlife field) who like to shoot DX with larger lenses. And a D300s type of camera balances telephoto lenses far better than the D7000 let alone the D3xxx/D5xxx form factor. Furthermore the D300s has a superior AF compared to the D7000. And “we” imagine how advantageous it would be to have a lens like the recently patented 135/1.8 making actually making it to a 200/1.8 on DX. This are some of the reasons, why a group of customers “we” envision a D400 DX and think neither a D600 nor a D7000 can be a replacement for it!!!

    • T.I.M

      @Alberto Nikoni
      I think The.Invisible.Man already said 100.000.00 times that there will be NO D400.

      • D400

        So you think an FX D3200 will remove the market for a DX D4?
        Or do you think the $3000 D800 @ 4fps has removed the market for a $2000 D400 @ 12 fps?

        • @D400

          You need 12 fps to take pictures ?
          You should buy a camcorder.

        • Ralph

          Yep, photographing hummingbird wings is a bitch

          • Jamie Bales

            You don’t need high FPS to capture motion… You need a high shutter speed. You could catch a hummingbird with a camera capable of 2FPS if you can shoot it at 1/2000.

            • Dave

              You need both. When things are going extremely fast, there is no way you can anticipate what phase the object is in. You need to have a lot of frames to choose from. For instance, if the hummingbird shooter wanted the wings in o forward position, he could never expect to be successful taking one shot at a time.

            • Tom Christiansen

              To freeze hummingbird wings, you need only a high-speed strobe. Everything else is immaterial, and misleading.

        • mikils

          A Camera capable of 12 fps for $2000? Fat chance. Keep dreaming!

      • Hendog

        Yeah, in many ways the D800 replaces the D300s, since it is still a very good DX camera in crop mode. Of course, there is not the high frame rate, but in every other way it should satisfy the D400 market. If not, get a D7000! Easy!

      • ffaabb

        @T.I.M & @Invisible man

        I really hope there will be a d400 (prosumer DX)

        there is this rumor about a Canon new crop/APS-C Prosumer camera body in fall…

        Could Nikon release d400 on the same week, as they usually do?

        • T.I.M

          The DX “pro” camera existed because there was no FX sensor (and the sensor was expensive to make).

          All professionals know the benefits of having a FX sensor, see how good the D800 sells (we’ve been waiting years for that camera)

          For now, all pro cameras will be FX.
          Would you use 10 inches wheels on a Ferrari ?

          • Nikonnut


    • Komalkumar

      The trend with the camera makers seem to be merging top end consumer models with pro DX models… D7000 with D300s in to one model whatever the name is
      in the canon camp also they are talking about 60D with 7D….

      With the coming of D600 with auto crop option and D800 and D4 with multiple crop options there is literally no need for a particular DX top end… all that is needed is to make the consumer top end model to be equal in specs to the DX pro body which might have a better market than a DX pro body !!

      With the crop options in all the FX models the need for a DX model goes down…. As all that is needed for few shooters is a smaller and lighter body, which seems very much possible with the coming of D600 !!

  • John

    Care to share why your confidence has shot up to 80%?

    • Not Surprised

      I would also like to know what constitutes these assurance levels. Admin is usually correct — but I would just like to know how to %s break down…???

      10% – some rumors
      25% – rumors from educated sources
      40% – rumors from educated sources with key specifics
      60% – rumors from educated sources, who happen to usually be correct
      75% – strong hints from employees or those with non-disclosure agreements
      90% – specific details from employees or those with non-disclosure agreements
      100% – confirmation from employees or those with non-disclosure agreements

      • Gimme D600

        80% – strong hints at specific details from employees or those with non-disclosure agreements?

        I agree!

      • My idea was – 100% when the camera is officially released. Over 90%, the camera is coming for sure. Bellow 50% – I am not confident this will be released. I Usually don’t post rumors under 30% probability.

        • Gimme D600

          I think it’s a good system! At least you didn’t go [NR1] or whatever, 80% that’s an actual figure 😉

  • If the iso range is as good or better than the D800… I just might have to sell my d700.
    I would totally sacrifice the autofocus points of the d700 for improved MP count, ISO performance, and dual card slots at an affordable price.


    • JED

      So the D800 is not affordable?

      • Adam

        If you have $1500 budgeted towards a camera, $3000 is not affordable.

        • B!

          Or in other words with $1500 you’re SOL with both D800 and D4. Used D3s is out of reach too just to be clear here.

      • @Jed The D800 is just too many mega pixels for my needs. I was really hoping for a low light capabilities equal to d3s at around 18-22 mp.. instead we got a 36mp monster which is cool for some but not for me. For weddings I use a D3s and D700 as a back up. For video projects I use a d5100…. If this D600 turns out to be relatively close to the specs I was hoping for, then I would be able to sell the d5100 and d700 which probably would pay for the D600 if the price is around $1500-2000. If I get a 800 then I have to dish out an extra grand or more… which i would rather use on glass
        D600 would be used as a backup for weddings… as well as an everyday walk around camera for me. With the ability to do videos if i need it to. So it sounds quite tempting.

    • Even if some kind of ISO range is released it won’t mean much until someone has actual camera and test it. The reason for that is: rumored sensor technology in D600 is Sony. Completely different engineering track.There is no “universal standard” to rate acceptable ISO limits across manufacturers (and the fact that this will be a Sony sensor in Nikon camera just messes up assumed standards even more). It is up to engineering team of particular sensor/camera. So, even if “rating” is say the same as for D800, up to a moment we can practically test one vs. another that “spec” does not mean much. At best it means that it may work somehow at certain ISO. How much noise that includes is quite arbitrary. Also do not forget pixel depth. Same ISO at 12bit and 14bit is matter of order in magnitude in quality (well, 8x, approx. 10x)…

      • AL

        D7000, D5100, D5000, D90, D300s were all using Sony made sensors, and there were no issues….

      • TN

        Wait, noise changes as you change the bit? I’ve been using 12-bit instead of 14 on my D7000 to gain a little on my buffer when I’m doing a lot of high-bursts. Should I change?

        • Fred

          No, noise is not specifically related to the A/D conversion.
          Noise comes mainly from the sensels. A/D conversion bits may affect your DR though.
          Have a look at for starters

      • Nikon doesn’t embellish their iso ranges… like CANON does..
        For example the Canon’s native iso range for the 5dmk3 is 100-25600 vs d3s 200-12800… The D3s is better from the test and real world shots that i’ve seen. The D800 is rated at 100-6400iso and I’ve seen shots at 12600 that are perfectly usuable.
        If nikon announces that the d600 will have a usuable iso of 100-6400 I think it will be just fine based on Nikon’s Low-Light track record. I’m hoping it will be rated at 100-12,600iso … that would be awesome!

    • Seems to me those people selling D700s better do it quick because I expect prices to drop considerably. I have been looking on Craigslist for a D700 and some people are asking too much for the current state of cameras out there. I anticipate it will drop even more by July.

      • MikeV

        yeah, your right.. with the announcement of the D800 and now a possible FX D600… the D700 will dive bomb in price because nobody would want to pay 2000 on a used camera when they can get a brand new d600 for around the same price or cheaper. I think after this wedding next week I’m going to put mine up for sale.

        • Tiger1050Rider

          Well, I have a 3yr old D700 that I have no intention of selling.
          I am going to relegate it to my backup/second string camera though when my D800 arrives.

  • Spy Black`

    That’s sounding great. I know many are harping on the possibility that it won’t have a focus motor, but for me it’s sounding like an awesome body. Sadly it will probably be as difficult to obtain then as the D800 is now.

    • Rob

      Unlikely. This will have to be a much higher volume (and probably mature) sensor. And it will probably not be assembled in Sendai.

  • djm

    The product that I’m most interested in at this point is a 50mm f/1.2G AF-S. This was rumoured a while back – any news?

    • Oh, Gawd, please, PLEASE, have Nikon give us a 50mm 1.2g AF-S! But until then, I am still thankful my 1.4g & 1.4D ( I love the 50mm F/L).

      • Ben Dover

        Too bad your 50 1.4d won’t focus on a D600. ;-(

        • Iris Chrome

          His 1.4G will.

          • Gimme D600

            Warning: The D600 will not be for old school Nikonians that have previously complained at advancements such as the ‘digital’ DSLR

            • Jake

              hahaha, +1

            • Ozzz

              I won’t laugh if I were to switch my $3000 AF-D outfit to AF-S…oh wait DANG they still haven’t got replacement for my 135/2D!!

            • Fred

              Or 105 F2 DC, 180 F2.8 etc
              Only just over 60% of Nikon FX glass is AFS …

            • jorg

              Hrhrhr +1

            • Gimme D600

              I’m surprised no one trolled me for writing ‘digital’ DSLR and not ‘digital’ SLR ,I woulds have coulds soundeds smarter hurrhurr

        • No, it won’t focus on a this alleged D600. But it will focus just fine on my D700 and D7000. Therefore, no problem.

  • We just bought 2 D700s but we’re curious about this. If it drives the prices of D700s down further, we can pick up a third as a backup and ditch our two crop backups.

    • BartyL

      That’s like, what, 8 or 10 D700 cameras you’ve purchased in the last few days?

      • Moo

        It’s for his wedding photography. Because wedding photography are good for D700 and D700 are good for wedding photography. And did he mention that it’s for wedding photography? Because it’s curious to be in wedding photography.

        • Rob

          I swear to god, Moo…

    • Yet another Mike

      Ya, Mike cool it with the D700 purchase anouncements. Here and on dpreview, every post is qualified with “we just purchased 2 D700 and are tickled pink”. We get it.

      • Hah. Sorry about that! I’m ridiculously giddy about this camera right now.

        • Ralph

          Matching bookends for every shelf??

        • Fraucha

          Giddy? Seriously??

          Scoring a barely legal big breasted exotic Vietnamese stripper makes me GIDDY, not a camera.

          • umesh

            Frankly we at NR get giddy by cameras.

            • umesh

              Sorry I meant to say…… NIKON cameras.

          • Vertigo

            GIDDY is a symptom of the hepatitis.

  • D7100 -> D600 …. ?


  • Arthur

    Great news!!

  • north

    @Admin, how do you judge if something is 80% and not 70%? Where to the percentages come from?

    • Renato S.

      I think that from a rumor stand point, the difference between 70% and 80% is irrelevant, it just mean that there is a “high chance that it will become true” but he still can’t “confirm it for sure” and yet, still better than “I’m not so sure it will happen”, that would be around 50%. This is no science, it’s not that literal and precise measure.

  • bd

    Oh yeah, the same old group of groupies, life on the edge of new products, never mind master the tools they already have…. and with lots of come back remarks too!

  • BartyL

    Sensor the size (and most probably the same or better performance) of a D3X, body build and features likely at D7000 level, for little more than I paid for a D50 six years ago (less when inflation is taken into account). Will drive down the prices of 2nd hand D700s. Screw drive motor or no screw drive motor I can’t see how this is anything but good news.

    • +1

      I completely agree.

    • Gimme D600

      +2 Doubly completely agree

  • Renato S.

    ISO has to be better than D800 and probably it will top Canon 5D MKIII by a small margin since Nikon usually does a better job on that.

    If the rumored price is correct, that’s how Nikon has decided to address the growing high-end $1000+ mirrorless market – Fuji XPRO1, Sony NEX-7 and Olympus OM-D E-M5. Although the market segments and purposes are very different, somebody willing to step up from entry-level/mid-level might think about paying a little more for a FF body.

    But at the same time would it mean that Nikon is not going to release a D7000 successor? That doesn’t make sense, so I guess it will be priced higher, but anything around $2000 will be an aggressive move from Nikon, I don’t know how it will affect the D800 sales, since the 36MP sensor has a different purpose, but it will certainly affect the Canon 5D MKIII.

  • George Washington

    Let it have the D4 sensor? Pretty please?

    • B!

      LOL, Good one!

    • Rob

      And be priced under $20!

  • Nau

    Im over it already… lol

    give us some new lenses mid range replacement for 24-70 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  • Benjo

    Made in Thailand I assume?

    If it’s made in Japan it should be widely available by 2015.

  • nuno santacana

    @NRadmin, many thank, but how can you know such minor details and still don’t know about something so important as the High-ISO performance?

    Would you say D600 will be D700 replacement? or should be expect a D710?

    • Dimitrii1130

      look at the specs -> it wont be the d700 replacement. but i think that the high-iso performance will be better than d700’s.

    • hard to say at point – the D600 maybe by the D7000/D300s replacement (at least in terms of price point)

  • 80%, like wow.

    • Gimme D600

      I’m starting to BELIEVE! I wonder what yummy AF-S glass to put on that sweet thing

      • DX2FX

        Such as the 24~70mm f2.8, 70~200mm f2.8 VRII, 35mm f1.4G

        • Gimme D600

          Those sound very tasty, as well as the 1.8G trinity: 28 1.8G, 50 1.8G, 85 1.8G… How about a little (true) ultrawide zoom 16-35mm F4 or real deal macro 105 2.8… I could go on and on

          This is where the AF-S debate is a bit silly, first time or new school Nikonians aren’t going to mind an FX AF-S only camera. The legacy users still have plenty with the D800 or even a D7000.

        • Dimitrii1130

          i want a new 24-70mm f2.8 with VR. otherwise i will take tamron’s..

  • 103david

    Much as a (relatively) inexpensive FX cam sounds really cool…my stance remains, “Consider the bodies as disposable as a Kmart cardboard box with a big blue rubber band on it, but invest in the lenses.” In other words, I don’t want to keep on buying expensive glass always…no focus motor and\or no AI feeler=Deal Breaker.

    • mikils

      this stance, alas, if perfectly sensible in good old film days, is right no more. You shall now always consider the sensor, if not the body.

  • Mark J.

    Maybe it will shoot pixie dust out of the built in flash too!

    Man these comments are funny anytime a D600 post comes up now…. $1,500 price, better ISO than the D800, same sensor as the D4, weather sealed, 100% viewfinder, etc etc etc

    Get Real, it’s going to use the lowest quality FF sensor Nikon has ever used at this price point. And will have the quality of a D300/D7000 Not to say it still won’t be good, but it won’t be besting a D800, D4, D3X, or anything like that in any aspect(other than maybe 1-2 fps over the D800). Just look at the rumored(gutted) specs to date. This is not going to excel at anything at all, it’s just a means for people who can’t budget a D800/D4 or D700/D3/D3s to get into the full-frame game. Which is a GREAT thing, and a good idea

    • nikonuser

      >Get Real, it’s going to use the lowest quality FF sensor Nikon has ever used at this
      >price point. And will have the quality of a D300/D7000

      Not so fast…

      This sensor could well be based on the (excellent) D3x sensor. It could even be better (in the same way the D300/D90/D5000 used a better 12MP DX sensor than the one that the D2x/D2xs used.

    • Anonymous

      All it has to is equal the 5D3 (which is not a big deal), and voila… the Canon trolls won’t be able to froth enough! I just visit the DPR Canon forums for laughter, and this would just make that a zoo and a circus combined.

  • Roadie

    Without a motor, I can’t buy this because then all my legacy lens will become (practically) useless.

    • B!

      It’s simple, the D600 is not for you.

      • Violet

        Not everyone can afford a $3200 camera. And when you have a camera that is $1200 with an AF-motor, and then this that may be a few hundred extra WITHOUT one… it’s one of those Bullshit trade offs the company does. AF Motor vs Bigger Sensor. Just more ways to get the consumer to spend more money (Lenses with AF-motors in them). Or double the price and move up to the D800. It’s pretty shady if you ask me.

        • Violet

          Especially when Canon has AF-motors in all their amateur bodies… Makes me debate jumping ship.

          • Noise and AF are the issues with Canon, though…it took the 5D2 line 5 years to break even with the D700.

          • Jake

            No, Canon doesn’t?

            The Canon EF mount, meaning Electronic Focus, (meaning AF-S), has been standard for 20 years. No cameras with the EF mount, (not even pro ones) have a built-in autofocus motor.

            You don’t know anything. It’s time to stop posting.

            • MysterF


            • +2

              Ignorant whiner.

            • Gimme D600


              Clueless, please jump ship

          • Tonio

            Canon has motors in all their AF lenses. They don’t have motors in the camera body.

          • jorg

            Bye then

        • Anonymous

          Did you forget that you can’t even mount FD glass on the new Canons? At least with Nikon, you can mount most legacy glass.

        • pete

          Have you ever heard the word “Marketing” ?

      • spock

        and not for me either…not motor no $ for Nikon. I will throw a few hundred towards slapping a motor in this baby , then maby.

    • Gimme D600

      The D600 would be a hit, AF-S only won’t bother new buyers. Legacy buyers should look at the awesome D800 and let Nikon make some goddam money

      • Fred

        “Ah-so, to all our faithful supporters with legacy lenses, we don’t give a flying fluk. So sorry”.
        “We only care about stealing customers from honourable Canon company”
        Good marketing ploy.

        • Gimme D600

          Nikon needs all the help it can get as far as marketing goes. The D600 wouldn’t take away from the D800 as all serious legacy users should be aiming for that camera as their upgrade. If your not that serious than the D7000 is an absolutely awesome camera, and there is still the possibility of a D300S replacement.

          • Fred

            Nope, I want a camera that can actually focus accurately.
            Hence the D7000 and D800 don’t meet the requirements.
            So they’re also as good as ‘no focus motor’.
            FX is of interest for ‘going wide’ but mostly I need reach.
            Hecne would buy a DX 300S replacement for primary requirement and a D600 for secondary, when needed.

    • Phil

      Why, are you such a poor photographer that you can’t manually focus?

  • WSY

    I am still trying to figure out who is the target market Nikon is trying to aim with the D600 feature set. Could it be:
    a) budget beginners? – I am not too sure they will appreciate the cost and difference of FX over a DX
    b) advanced amateur? – They probably wouldn’t like the budget features like non metal body, no CF and no AF motor

    The closest i can come up with is Nikon might actually ramp down the DX line to all but the most budget camera (<$1000) and everything after in FX.
    Of course there is also the possiblity that Nikon wants two lines of FX and DX each with their own budget to pro level gears.

    • Jikon

      I can’t say for sure what their actual plan is, but whatever target they were aiming for, they hit me. I’m looking to get into the FF game and have been considering Sony(price) and maaaybe Canon. Besides the fact that I was very happy with my D80, the low price on this one will allow me to afford a really nice new AF-S lens which I will be able to use with other bodies I might get in the future. This will lead me to getting other lenses as well.

      My decision could have gone any way, but this will keep me in the Nikon camp for a long time. Nikon just kept/gained a new customer.

    • Gimme D600

      I think that this concept is aimed at the advanced amateur/semi-pro market. Judging by the specs this would hit the spot because many of us just think the D800 is too much machine for the purposes of the non-full-time-Pro. I have been following the D800 vs. 5D MKIII debate closely and last week got the glorious chance to try both side by side.

      The D800 is an absolute beast, it has an unbelievable IQ but thinking that my current services end up mostly online or incorporated into graphic arts the gorgeous 36MP files were complete overkill. The 5D was a sporty fun animal that I just drooled over it, the files were manageable with my current system and the color looked punchy out of the box.

      When it came down to drawing some conclusions it was disappointingly neither, with a budget of $10K or under the Canon was completely overpriced and the D800 was not as sporty, too much of a studio and full-time-Pro machine for the on location services that make a side business fun and exciting. The 7D came to mind… Good performance, shitty sensor… The D7000 came to mind, and started to look like a good contender… if only it was FX.

      Hence this rumor of a sub $2K Nikon FX started the excitement again… 28 1.8G, 50 1.8G and a 85 1.8G could be exactly what I was waiting for.

      • I agree with Jikon and Gimme D600 – I’m overdue for an upgrade from the D80 I’m currently using (and am happy with) but really am hoping for something that is fairly solid. If the D600 is built with a body with decent weather sealing/mag alloy I’m definitely interested. At $1500 is this doable?

        D7000 – mag/alloy top and rear covers $1180 CDN, $1200 USD
        D300s – mag/alloy body $1500 CDN, $1700 USD
        D700 – mag/alloy exterior cover, rear body and mirror box $2500 CDN, $2700 USD

        How much does the FX add to a DX build? Is there any possibility that it’ll be built more like a D300 than a D7000?

      • Voice of Conscience

        Do you guys realize that in huge parts of the world a $3000 camera would be completely out of reach and even a $1,500 camera would be a huge stretch? Think Africa, rural China/India southeast Asia…..this camera would be a godsend.

        • Gimme D600

          Good point! This is where Westerners loose sight of the fact that Nikon is a global entity and emerging markets would be all over a ‘streamlined’ FX camera.

          The D800 has already achieved many milestones but it is trying to give it to Canon when it comes to video plus at the same time flex when it comes to specs. But the pricing in the global arena is unreachable for most.

  • Hi Admin,

    Do you know which one it will be? D400 or D600? Or is it both for different market segments?

    • Nikonuser

      No one knows yet. But consider this…

      If Nikon eliminates the D300s tier and the D4x tier, they would have 5 cameras in their lineup when they historically have had 7. If they add a D600, they would then have 6 cameras, with a net loss of one.

      Ditch only the D4x, and make a D300s replacement AND a D600, and Nikon will still have 7 bodies.

      I don’t see them decreasing their lineup to 6 bodies.

      • Fred

        D700 has morphed to the D600 and D800 (splitting the line).
        Probably find that the D7000/D300 will be combined into one ‘high end DX’ for those who need with the arrival of the D600.

    • don’t know

  • doug

    Who cares about a affordable FF camera, all i want is indulge myself in a new X2 for $2000, oooooo life is wonderful.

  • phantasm

    It may not be for everyone, but it certainly has me interested. I’ve been desiring to switch over to Nikon for nearly a year now. Ideally I would love a D700 but they are always out of stock at B&H and Adorama. The D800 just seems like too much. I was hoping for a D700 replacement in the 18 to 24 mp range and at a $2,500 price point. If this rumors turns out to be true and it’s low light IQ is as good as the D700, I found my next camera.

  • currundiru

    Still waiting for a d300s replacement…. WITH AF motor.

  • Michael Switzer

    Do you think if I order it now on Amazon and B&H I’ll get it on the second or third release?

  • peregrino

    This is great news, more Nikon rumors of a new D600 or whatever camera. Great HYPE from NikonRumors. Great to sell nikon cameras that they don’t seem to be able to manufacture. Are you now officially owned by nikon?
    How about some rumors on the reasons they can’t deliver the d4 or d800 almost 4 months after the camera D4 was officially announced.?
    I would really like to get a better clue on what is going on….
    So NR youcan get all these amazing facts on upcomming cameras, but no leaks on why these delays on shipping product to committed customers?

    • Gimme D600

      If you have followed this site for a while you would notice that NR has very good sources, on the inside perhaps. At my local store (in Canada) 18 out of 27 orders have been fulfilled, the D4 customers are busy using their D3S or D3X’s until the units ship and it’s time for the upgrade. Out of the 4 orders outstanding for the D4, none of those customers are concerned about delivery because they are all full time pros that don’t need the D4 to keep shooting their contracts.

      The Canon customers that are waiting for D1X’s are stuck and the 5D MKIII customers are stuck waiting for the new 24-70 MKII to ship in July and the grips haven’t shipped either.

      New releases like this are always met with anxiety from customers who have money down and the ‘lucky’ customers that get their cameras first become Beta testers for all the firmware and mechanical issues that are not caught in development.

    • Jim, Texas

      Don’t you worry!
      If you have seen the price tag, you’ll know that this one is targeted to the mass market made in China. Thus there will be sufficient supply.

  • Tonio

    AF-S only bothers me. A lot of current FX lenses are AF-D. DC portrait lenses for example.

    • Worminator

      I would guess that if any rumored details are wrong, it’s the “no AF motor” part.

      No AF motor would mean no AI coupling ring either. It would be keeping with Nikons “march towards progress”, but it would also put the D600 in the same company as the D5100, which seems a bit unlikely for a $1500 camera. Though it would be in keeping with Nikon’s recent trend in being really vicious about feature differentiation across models. i.e. if the marketing department decides you will pay for it, they make sure it is not available on the cheaper model.

  • SparkyD4

    That smoke is starting a big fire now!

    • Arkasai

      Fire comprehension fail?

      • Lol

        Your comment made me lol.

  • John Richardson

    Is it me, or am I the only one waiting to hear:

    “That’s it Nikon, I’m pissed I’m switching to Lytro!” ???

  • DVX

    Ahhh great news!

  • Jojo

    for some people… its their pure luck or their right connection? check this out . .

  • timon

    in fact, d300s almost faded away in Japanese market already more than one year. If Nikon wanted to launch a d400 dx, there is impossible waiting so long for this. Maybe d400 dx is no longer launched.

    Japanese local market in second half of this year, Nikon the prices and products have a huge lacuna between d800 and d7000, there is needed a new model product to fill up. In local market of Japan, the d700 and d300s shipment already ended from Nikon. The revised Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law enforced starting, November 20 2011, in Japan.

    In currently, Canon 5d2 to continue sales till a cheaper successor coming, but obviously the eos 7d sales is not as good as 5d2, or the meantime than d7000 is.

    So what a model could Nikon bring? D400 dx? almost impossible.

    FX d600 is a possibility, and the price around US $2000, if the d600 body is based on d7000.

  • Joe

    39 points are good enough. However, based on D7000’s performence, the accuracy of the outer points are really poor. Hopefully, D600 is made in Japan. The reasonable price tag might be 1899 or 1999. There might be a D400 with 24M DX sensor priced at 1399 or 1499 with same focus system as D800. And the D7000’s price may be lowered to 999 or 1099.

  • jiamflash

    admin, great for an cheap FX, but when is the D7100 and 18-300 coming?

    • Maybe the D600 will completely replace the D7000 product line?

      • Dimitrii1130

        i cannot believe that.. the market is big enough for a d7100. and i could image sony’s new 16mp sensor in a damn fast d7100 (8-10pics/s)

  • I_got_my_d800

    Apparently NR is somehow testing the water for Nikon in some ways. The “no AF motor” rumor is part of it. If too many people react negatively, Nikon would put it in. If most people say “don’t bother”, then Nikon would probably skip it to save a few pennies.

    Even if the camera is U$1500 I can’t see how the AF screw drive motor can be left out. Even $800 D90 and $1200 D7000 still have the AF screw drive motor. Nikon has been doing quite well replacing the AF-D lenses but they are far from totally done with AF-D yet. (80-400VR, 35/2, 14/18/20 primes, 105/2, 135/2, 200 macro, 180/2.8…)

    The real surprise could be the inclusion of 1080/60p. Seeing how D5100 supports 1080/30p and D7000 only 1080/24p, I can totally see D600 outdoing D800 in the frame rate dept.

    • BartyL

      Any camera likely to be released in the next few months will have had its hardware design well and truly finalised by now.

      There will some firmware tweaking up to, and following, its release.

    • No, I am not – I do not have, and never had any contacts with Nikon except one the time when they had a security flaw on their website and I contacted them about it.

  • ericnl

    so for the price of a D800 body (or less than of a 5DmkIII body) you will be able to buy a D600 body together with a 24-70 f/2.8 AFS lens.
    what’s not to love about this rumour?

  • Dropper

    I would drop the in-body AF motor and the mechanical aperture too! Dropping AF motor pushes sales of new AF-S lenses which are future indeed and dropping the mechanical aperture would make opening the lens aperture for desired f-stop more precise and eliminate the flickering. Canon did this long time ago and now it’s Nikon turn. So for me drop the AF motor and make the aperture electronic. For users with older AF-D lenses make AF adapter for these modern bodies and make some additional cash from it.. so go Nikon! Let us show the D600 🙂

    • Sahaja

      And just where would you put this AF adapter? Might be possible on a mirrorless camera but not on an F-mount DSLR.

  • edm

    This rumor sounds promising, but Nikon-san, please include an internal AF motor as there are far too many good lenses (and photographer) not wanting to be left out in the cold.


    • Andre

      Amen to that!

  • Paco

    The D600 is not a 80% rumor. It is a real camera. In the spanish most famous big stores, the sellers know than they will receive the D600 before summer.

    • DX2FX

      When NR first posted this D600 as 40% probability, I already knew it is real and coming soon..

  • Andre

    If the D600 becomes real, I just hope that the AF motor rumor is false, even being a entry level FX DSLR it wouldn’t make much sense in removing it. Even my 6 year old Nikon D50, which is a entry level APS-C DSLR, has the AF motor.
    Come on Nikon, please don’t spoil what it looks to be a promising camera because this will most likely to be my next camera.

  • EnPassant

    I have a feeling the no AF motor rumor is just made up to heat up the discussions here!

    Producing a fx camera for the budgetminded whith just a handful lenses the target group can afford doesn’t make sense from a competition standpoint as Canon will have a full range of new and used lenses that can be used on Canon’s budget FX camera that is rumored.

    Even though Sony is a much smaller player than Canon and Nikon for full frame cameras their Sony A99 would have many more lenses with AF than Nikon’s D600 if it leaves out the AF-motor.

  • GrahamL

    I wonder what the weather sealing will be like on this.

  • Tony5787

    I’d be curious to see what this does to D3x prices in addition to D700 prices. The D3x took about a $3k hit when the D800 came out and if Nikon offers the resolution of the D3x for $1500the with better high iso performance there SHOULD ne nothing keeping the D3x from plummeting again.

  • CommonSense

    Nikon is interested only in their profits and happiness of its shareholders. The inclusion of AF motor is clearly a bussiness decision. People on this forum only confirmed that the AF motor is a big issue for many – Nikon will welcome this (including me), because they can release a FF camera that will lure current amateur DX shooters in to much higher priced cameras that needs expensive glass to work the best (future nikon FX lens profits assured). For the rest, there is D800 that will not get cannibalized by this D600.

  • Arkasai

    Lots of uproar around the missing auto focus motor, which is retarded because Canon’s done just fine without them in the body for 20 years; just be glad they aren’t ditching the F mount like Canon ditched FD. I also find it a little annoying when people call auto focus lenses “vintage,” it better be manual focus, pre-80’s, and made in Japan if you call it vintage. I don’t just call it vintage if it’s old and built to a higher standard, it has to be from a totally different era of photography.

    Anyway, totally unexcited for this camera…if it’s real I can only see it adding to the current confusion in Nikon’s line. Can’t seem to figure out who this camera is for, since its frame rate, resolution, price, iso(?), and probably build quality will be mid-range by today’s FX standards. Nothing about this camera says “best in class,” and when looking at the competition a lot of the current offerings are preferable to this fabled D600.

    • Anonz

      and probably being “mid-range” is what Nikon is aiming for. the D800 is priced a bit high for enthusiasts – the D600 (although without AF motor), is how Nikon is going to separate the market between the high-end and low-end FX cameras, so that the D800 sales won’t be harmed as much

      • EnPassant

        D800 won’t get hurt by including an AF motor in the D600.
        Nikon can’t even build enough D800’s for everybody who want to buy it.
        D800 is the dream camera come true for everybody who was dreaming about a D3x but couldn’t afford one.

    • Drew

      Canon doing “just fine” without in body AF motors is due to the fact that they never had in body AF motors. In contrast Nikon utilized in body AF motors for a long time before moving to AF-S and has quite a large library of great non AF-S lenses some of which don’t have an AF-S equivalent (it wasn’t until last year that we had AF-S copies of the 50 f/1.8 and the 85 f/1.8).

      Do I think Nikon needs to release new AF-S lenses… yes. Do I think all Nikon lenses should eventually be AF-S… yes. Do I think it would be a big mistake for Nikon to not put an in body AF motor in the D600… YES.

      I agree with the slight confusion on who this camera is for with its current specs and I’m hoping what has been listed so far are off a little. I’d prefer to see Nikon spec the D600 to be a true replacement to the D700 which would make it (spec wise) a more direct 5D3 competitor than the D800 currently is. There is a market for a semi pro full frame body that is fast, good in low light, and has a reasonably high (16-24 mp) resolution. I know there are plenty of photographers who don’t want the burden of 36mp (slower fps/processing, large RAW files) in their workflow, but don’t quite need the D4 either.

      • Fred

        Very well said
        For those who think that the D600 with AF motor would canibalise D800 sales – the differentiation, amongst others, is the MP count – 24 vs 36.
        Everyone needs 36 MP for pictures of cats and dogs.

    • mikils

      let us see WHAT camera of the competition is going to beat these specs/price ratio! Anyone?

      • Arkasai

        I would buy a D3200, 7D, or even a D300s over a D600 at this point honestly. And really, I dunno where Nikon got the balls to sell a full frame 24mp camera for $1500.00, when they spent the better part of the last hardware cycle trying to sell us the pro version of this camera for $8,000.00

        • it was marketed to those who care.

          you could buy A850 with same image quality and even better viewfinder for under 2000$ for same time

          • Arkasai

            DxOMark might disagree on the image quality, and I doubt many people found themselves choosing between a D3X and A850/900 since you could get a pro camera about the price of the Sony.

    • Ben

      I think you have some misconception here. the D600 is not for those wanting the best in the class, if so pls go for the D4 or D800. its for enthusiasts and those using a DX camera wanting to upgrade to a full frame format for its various advantages. not everyone can afford a $3K camera and an accompanying $2K lens to get the best outta it.

      • exactly… And by not having a AF motor Nikon is using this to their advantage to market all the new 1.8 G lenses (28, 50, and 85) … which are relatively affordable. Hopefully they will update the 35 f2… as well as many other good older lenses that would not be able to autofocus on this body. (if the rumor is indeed accurate)
        People may gripe about it if they have older lenses that won’t work but for the most part the lenses retain their value and you can sell them to put towards an upgrade without breaking the bank.

        • Bill

          You can take a way weather sealing, give me a plastic body, a penta-mirror view finder and a low res screen. But I want my AF motor and manual lens compatibility.

          No AF motor is targeting the users entering the market, so they buy motorised lenses. No entry level user buying his/her first DSLR will spend $1.5k on a camera body.

          An entry level FX camera targeted to existing DX users makes more sense. Targeting those who have a D7000 level camera and want to move to full frame. Nikon still sells AF-D lenses.

          • I’m sure as time goes by the AF-D lenses will be phased out…

            • EnPassant

              Not this year. Replacing all AF-D lenses will take several years. Some may not even get replaced. Nikon still sell manual lenses that in practise got obsolete more than 20 years ago although Nikon kept selling FM2, FM3a and F3 for a long time as well as the Cosinamade FM10 and FE10

          • MJr

            A penta mirror ? Seriously ? That hurts man.

        • flanders

          Nikon is taking out the AF motor so people are forced to buy new lenses or more expensive cameras if they want an AF motor, or a button or bracketing, for that matter. Therefore, Nikon is simply crippling their cameras to make profit. This seems a little manipulative and unethical to me. Nikon is deliberately NOT giving consumers what they want.

          I warn all DSLR buyers of Nikon’s practices and tell them Canon makes cameras that are full complete packages instead of being stingy and greedy with buttons and commander mode and focus motors, etc.

          I also tell them about how there is no VR in the sensor or in prime lenses.

      • Arkasai

        No misconception, the D4 and D800 are in their own classes based on price and unlike the D600 have some notable best in class features like the QXD slot or 36MP sensor.

        • Toecutter

          The D600 will be in its own class based on price just as you point out the D4/D800 are based.If you stick some ‘best in class features’ on it ,that price will have to go up…..jeez

          • Arkasai

            That was all implied, but thanks for clarifying.

    • D700guy


    • Jake

      Again, as long is it meters AI, AIS lens it will be on my wish list.

    • R!

      The way you’re talking you probably have 2 Leica S2 and M9 with all the lenses!??????

      • R!

        D600 sounds supadupa great!!!!!I take 2 ,I don’t need slow Leica body!!!!!

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Does it have an auto coffee maker motor built in?

    I don’t know how to make the coffee (or focus) otherwise. Mommy never told me how to wipe my nose too…

    Deal breaker if not.

    • dgm

      Instead of being a smart A…. may be you could also think that some of us do not have a fantastic eyesight, which also does not get any better with age and do not necessarily have the cash to change all their perfectly functional AFd to buy AFS lenses. Still the same group could also be very happy with an entry level FF camera; Which is something we were used to have when using film.

      Does that sound to difficult to comprehend ?

      • agree.
        missing af motor is deal breaker for me.
        D90 have it, and 1500$ cam not? keep it for your self then unless you will make new af-s lenses as small as they were.
        35/2AF-D is one of those i would put right away on D600
        full frame 24Mpix combo for under $1800. That would show all those pathetic leica and µ4/3 users

        • Richard M

          Even with my ageing eyesight I don’t find the 35mm AFD difficult to focus manually. It’s the zooms and longer lenses that I need some help with and AF-S is so much better than AFD. The 35mm is one of the few AFD lenses I haven’t replaced with an AF-S. I still have and use my AFD macro lenses (60 & 105) but if I want autofocus for macro work (faster moving macro subjects) then I use the AF-S lenses (also 60 & 105).

      • Thaumazein

        -6,5 diopter on the left eye, -4,5 on the right eye. I’m 21 and used a D5000 with its small viewfinder, now a D7000. And it’s not a bit of a problem to nail the focus with manual focusing.


        • Batmanuel

          You realize there are many vision problems that glasses can’t fix? If you get vitreous detachment, macular edema, etc etc your vision still suffers even with glasses.

          Enjoy your 20s, you jerk.

          • Photos are visual

            If you’re that blind perhaps try a different hobby? Music enjoyment perhaps?

      • Scott

        Agree 100%. I’m a prime shooter, Nikon and Leica, from film to digital (currently possess Nikon FM3a and D200).

        I’d gladly buy 2, yes two, “entry level” FF Nikon bodies, one for a 28 and another for a 50, if priced right and built right by Nikon to support my current glass (I’ve no use for kit zooms). This is how I shoot with my Leica’s – a .58 M6TTL body wielding a 28/2 Summicron and another .72 M6TTL body with a view finder magnifier wielding a 50/2 Summicron. A bag holds a Voightlander 21/4 and Leica 90/2.8 in waiting for special circumstances.

        I’d love to shoot much more affordable Nikon digital in the same fashion. But if Nikon aims it’s new FF bodies at f4 zoom shooters, I’m not in the market for Nikon’s new body. I’m looking to shoot AF-D and AI-S glass on these bodies (28mm f2.8 AI-S and 50mm f1.8 AF-D, mounted with 24/2.8 AF-D and 105/2.5 AI-S waiting in the bag).

        Otherwise, I’d likely just wait, sitting on my current gear for however many more years, either until some other suitable FF body appears, or just *maybe* take a look at the D800 once the frenzy calms way, way down (I don’t like to purchase anything I haven’t held in my hands, looked through the view finder, etc.). But I’m not really interested in storing or managing 36mpx raw files given my typical max 11×17 print (more commonly just 5×7 or 8×10) or, even much less, Web jpegs.

        Instead, putting no $$$$ in Nikon’s pockets, I’m much more likely to seek out used/refurbished D700 bodies instead (as will many more folks once they realize that ever more megapixels do not *typically* contribute to their Web/print image quality or, otherwise defined, creative potential).

        My only real current beef with the D200 is (1) I’m accustomed to the classic “FF” DOF and FOV/magnification/working distance of my lenses and (2) the terribly “unsmooth” transitions from highlight to shadow areas on portraits, repleat with terrible “last generation” noise and “posterization.” Lovely, smooth tonal transitions and rich, subtly graduated shadow tones “out of the digital-body box” is something for which I’d gladly pay Nikon (much) more money.

        But being a middle aged fellow, selling all of my currently collected Nikon glass on eBay and then “up/down grading it” – often with many unwelcome compromises, per modern AF lens design constraints – is just a gigantic PITA and an affront to this (and likely many other) customer among the Nikon faithful.

        Never forget that Nikon, unlike Canon, did not abandon their manual focus AI faithful in their move to auto-focus AF lenses and the bodies that loved them 🙂

        • AXV

          Don’t forget that Nikon unlike canon couldn’ t afford to lose the people using AI, therefore we still have it, but it was not for the users it was a financial decision, now they are getting rid of that “mistake” with the AF-D vs AF-S support.

          If it means more money for them they would rape the costumers one by one. It’s a business and remember, every move is based on more money making they will never, ever, ever make a move that means less money if there’s anything else that will make them more.

          • Sahaja

            It might attract some Canon customers, who don’t have any AF-D Nikon lenses. But why alienate loyal Nikon customers who do?

            • AF-S FTW

              From reading the comments I think it’s because the “loyal customers” are old people with failing eyesight who can’t tell the difference between an old lens a a modern lens. They’re therefore not going to buy any more lenses. Bad for business in Nikon’s eyes.

              Why cater for old people who don’t want to buy more lenses? They’re going to die soon anyway.

              Go for the young blood and make money for decades to come.

      • “may be you could also think that some of us…do not necessarily have the cash to change all their perfectly functional AFd to buy AFS lenses. Still the same group could also be very happy with an entry level FF camera; Which is something we were used to have when using film.”

        It sounds like you feel entitled to what you want from Nikon, regardless of whether or not it is within the scope Nikon’s market aims, let alone any considerations as to economic viability.

        Is the only factor here your impulses, desires, or budgets? If you cannot afford a full-priced body with a focus motor built-in; or a new fleet of lenses after selling your older, high-quality lenses; and cannot be satisfied with a DX body with a built-in focus motor; or an older DSLR with the focus motor built-in; or a film body; or the necessary medical care to correct your eyesight enough to be able to shoot: then it sounds like the problem isn’t Nikon’s so much as your own economic woes.

        I’m sure many here could empathize with your situation in one way or another, but does that make it Nikon’s duty to put themselves in the red so they can help you maintain a hobby you cannot reasonably afford?

        • JohnB

          djeez Adair, is that your ‘christian’ attitude? ”
          I’m sure many here could empathize with your situation in one way or another”–does that include you? Apparently not.

          of course we are ‘entitled’ to ask from a company what we want.

          • Please explain what is Christian about one getting personal gain at another’s expense simply because your want dictates it.

            I want to be a speedboat owner/enthusiast. I don’t make enough money to buy a collection of speedboats to satisfy my desires. I think you should buy me the speedboats so I can have my wants fulfilled. If you don’t agree to buy me these speedboats, you are not Christian, and instead are a self-centered egotistical selfish jerk.

            It is not my job to subsidize your hobby. If you have a need, ask me and you’d be surprised what I (and many others) would gladly do to help you out. But demanding that Nikon take a loss so you (or anyone else) can “have it your way” is the most un-Christian thing I have heard all year.

            • JohnB

              Ron, your views are wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start.

            • You are entitled to your opinion.

              That said, I would be interested if you could explain how your philosophy is sustainable.

              Better yet, show me proof that you have bought dgm all new replacement AF-S lenses or a brand new D800 (with no expectation of repayment) and I will admit I am wrong right here. Otherwise, your judgmental accusations indict you as a phony and a hypocrite.

            • Ron, I agree with you. But you’re are arguing with a niche market. Pointless. These people want 24Mp FX sensor in D800 body for d300s price no compromise. In fact, they demand it or else.

            • I can’t argue with that. It’s senseless, and yet it’s the world in which we live.

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