Sea&Sea MDX-D800: another underwater housing for Nikon D800 coming soon

This is how the soon to be released Sea&Sea MDX-D800 underwater housing for Nikon D800 will look like. It should be announced this summer with a price tag slightly over $3,000. I have no other details at that point.

Check also those D800 underwater housings from IkeliteHugyfotNauticam and Ikelite.

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    I’m done with all underwater housings unless they reveal one for the D600..

    • Foolishcfo

      Then wait for Ikelite. Sea and Sea is for the big boys.

      • C

        Titanic has been released twice already! What’s this one gonna do?

        Titanic take 3?

        • Josh

          Are you kidding? This is the wedding guys dream tool.

          The underwater wedding is in full swing

        • john Richardson

          It ain’t gonna do anything until the D800’s production is upped ………..otherwise it’s just another pretty face (sorta).

    • coming soon…

      • Stop toying with me

        is this for real?

  • Foolishcfo

    Hah! I had mine ordered before Admin put his post up! I bet I get the housing before I receive my D800.

    • I agree – you will probably get the housing before the D800 🙂

      • Foolishcfo

        You’re right except for the happy face.

  • Andrew

    How many underwater photographers are there with all these housings.

    • Foolishcfo

      That’s why they cost so much. Several vendors are fighting for the 10 of us that dive our cameras.

    • Not that many high end housings get sold, but go on a live aboard dive trip that costs $350 to $500 per day per diver and you will see quite a few of these. The sad part is these will get used for one or two weeks per year and the guys that own them frequently shoot only underwater, and mostly boring macro.

  • Jason

    Well I for one own a Sea&Sea MDX-D300s so that’s two of us on here! Cost me £3000 here in the UK. If you add in the cost of the ports, arms, strobes etc, the camera + lens is the cheapest part of the system! Not that you’ll be able to say that about a D800-based system 😉

    • Foolishcfo

      This will be my third Sea and Sea Housing. People talk about how great the Nauticam’s ergonomics are but they aren’t bullet-proof (really, I dare you to shoot your housing) like Sea and Sea’s housings. Word has it the retail price in the U.S. is $3,199. Backscatter is already taking preorders. Just for fun, and to run up the cost, I bought two YS-D1 strobes to go with it!

  • Samas

    This is stupendously amazing! The camera is still invisible to all the common folk. All these third party accessories make me go crazy without the camera body.

  • D700guy

    It will be a perfect addition to my non existent D800E

    • T.I.M

      I called B&H today, if you ordered your D800E on february 7th before 9AM it will ship this week (we’ll see….)

      • T.I.M

        9AM EST time.

        • dgbinpc

          I hope you are right about this. Mine was ordered at 0057 on Feb. 7th!

          • T.I.M

            Ok, I guess I’m wrong again….
            I don’t wait for that camera anymore.

      • D700guy

        It hasnt shipped yet.
        Just checked my orders and it’s still ‘backordered’ status.

        I hope you’re right as it will renew some faith I’ve lost.

        I’m currious though; how on earth were you able to extract information like that from them? I’ve asked similar questions and all I get from them are the boilerplate ‘canned’ responses, or that they can not reveal such info.

      • D700guy

        I just had a live chat with B&H, and got almost zero from them.
        Apparently, I placed my order in the middle of the night while they were closed, like 2AM-ish. But he said that the data was not entered into their systen until the next day. What time the next day, I have no clue and he wouldnt tell me, just that I am on their pre order list, and that orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Total horse-shit.

        So I cant see how you guys are getting exact info from the regarding order placements. They wont give me dick.

      • hehe, I see that they using SolidWorks as their CAD -system… the rendering is so bad… for like 200$ they will get a kick ass rendering…

        im only a studient…

    • Joseph

      Been enjoying my “E” model for almost two weeks…but I was probably #1-2 on the list as I preordered the moment it became live on the B&H site.

  • AM

    And where are the D800s that go inside those housings?

    • T.I.M

      they are on Ebay……

  • Nikon Shooter

    These underwater housing news are not even remotely relevant to more than 99% of us.
    I say occupy Nikon Rumors!

    Seriously though, how about not wasting posts on things no one seems to care about (no offense to the couple of you that do care.) I do realize that it’s not really “wasting posts” if you didn’t have anything else to post about in the first place, but come on, the Nikon universe is so vast that I simply refuse to believe there’s nothing else to write about. I guess NR Admin is not ready to quit his day job yet and give his site the 100% it deserves. Too bad Peter, you are just forcing us to switch to Canon.

    • Foolishcfo

      What are you looking for? More Coolpix yawners? And thanks Peter, one more maroon going to Canon!

      • Nikon Shooter

        It’s always comical to be called a “moron” by someone who can’t even spell it. I think even maroons like you can see irony in that 😉

        • Calibrator
        • rto

          Bugs Bunny would regularly say “What a maroon.” A lot of people say that, imitating him. Or maybe his spell check changed it. Or maybe English is his second language. My guess is his spell check changed it.

          • Nikon Shooter

            Poor spelling and poor proofreading skills go hand in hand.

            • Foolishcfo

              Forget Bugs. You are a moron. Did I spell it correctly?

          • Foolishcfo

            You correctly got the reference. I think Nikon Shooter was in the womb when Bugs was around.

        • Foolishcfo

          I can assure you I know now to spell moron. Since I don’t personally know the person I didn’t feel it appropriate to use that word. Those old enough to remember Bugs Bunny know that is how he used that word in a nice way. Put your dictionary away and go play with your Coolpix.

          • Scott M

            Old enough to remember Bugs Bunny calling any and all idiots…marOOns. You are correct.

        • GregS

          Wow. What a maroon.

    • John Richardson

      Dear Ex-Nikon Shooter

      Either send me your Nikon stuff and go get your Canon, or STFU.

      You are just another one of those little spoiled girls that come here to whine, maybe you can go to the toy store and get some new Barbie clothes, that might keep you happy until Mommy gives you money for your new Canon P&S.

      • Nikon Shooter

        My Mommy has already spent all of her money on my new Barbie clothes. No new Canon P&S for me.

        • John Richardson

          I know, I spent too much on the damn Ferrari.

    • Andrew

      What, are you telling us that the only news we should hear about are things we are already interested in? You write too well to be harboring such thoughts.

    • glen

      go and switch to canon. don’t include us. that’s only you and yourself. i believe this is Nikon rumors. all about (not specifically the camera or lens itself) but all in connection with the nikon camera can be posted here..
      in my humble opinion, if the post is not interested to you or not catches your interest, then don’t read..

      • Nikon Shooter


    • I am speechless… go buy a Canon and get over it 🙂

      • Frosty

        + 1 gazillionbillionmoronion….

        Damn straight Peter…

      • John Richardson

        He won’t be happy there either, and will cray “I am gong to Sony…” It never ends.

    • T.I.M

      I 100% agree with Nikon Shooter, no more underwater houssing, but you shoud put some porn on this website.
      Like a Nikkor 300mm f/2 mounted on a Nikon F6 with a Fujichrome Velvia 50 next to it !

    • dave

      Because there are those that care about it. You don’t like, don’t read the article. The real question though, is does the housing have a mechanism to disengage and re-engage the battery when your D800 locks up at 90 feet?

    • Jabs

      OK ‘Nikon Shooter’ off of the mouth! – lol.

      When did a simple housing story lead anyone to go to Canon?

      In case you forgot, Nikon has been on a roll since the D3/D700/D300 and then the D3s and D300s made more headway, then the D7000 and D5100 steam rolled over them and now the D4, D800 plus now D3200 has buried everyone.

      Not to mention the Nikon1 System – LOL.

      Maybe your head is buried in sand, but most know that Nikon has basically RAN away from the competition.

      Just got my first Pro DSLR – a D700 too and looking forward to a D800E and then a D4, so wake me up when Canon has anything remotely like these. Had my first gig with the D700 and though I don’t really know how to use it YET, being an F3 shooter, I was able to start shooting in less than 2 minutes without the manual too.

      Maybe you got up on the wrong side of the bed or you are having a bad day, but please don’t take it out on our Administrator here – we love him – LOL.

      All Rumors all the time even the minimal or odd ones and the boring or even trivial ones = what this Web site does best.

    • It’s okay. I’m irritated too.

      Only because I live as far away from an ocean as is possible. It’s a 12+ hour drive to my closest one.

  • Spy Black

    I think a year from now we’ll finally be able to walk into a store and buy a D800. If the D600 does surface, it may make buying a D800 that much easier.

    As for the Sea & Sea housing, although obviously this gear is a must if you’re professionally shooting, a Sealife camera would be far more practical for non-pros.

  • Spy Black

    …now if we only had a digital Nikonos. (Sigh…)

  • I currently use a sea & sea to house my d300s and the housing is so solid and rugged. underwater images can be viewed on the following link

  • timon

    noise at base ISO,
    much detail in the shadows,

    • This has exactly “what?” to do with this underwater housing?

      That article has been discussed here already in the past several weeks. We know the D800 has zero noise and WAY more detail in the shadows at base ISO.

  • Anyone know where exactly the D4 and D800 preorders are at? That is, people who ordered the D4 before [date] have gotten them already, people who ordered the D800 before [date] have gotten them already.

  • While the interest in a metal housing for a D800 may be limited to a relatively small group of those who visit this site, the item is in no way off topic. The availability of underwater housings is also somewhat indicative of the acceptance level of the body, which is high.

    Having said all that, despite my regular scuba diving trips, I don’t shoot underwater. This result is a combination of my lack of satisfaction with the results other photographers get, expense and a desire to cruise the reefs in a very relaxed mode that can’t be achieved while trying to take pictures, or do any other complex task.

    I can tell you that it bugs the hell out of other divers that someone with as much dive experience as I have, who also is an avid photographer out of the water, does not shoot underwater.

    • ActionJunky

      I am an avid diver and have shot some photos underwater. I can tell you from experience that no one wants to buddy with the photographer. The photographer spends too much time in one place. However, they all want the photos for free when your done. Funny how that happens.

  • Jabs

    Review up on D800 – 82% – yipppeee! Out before their Review of the D4 too – Hot camera.

    • And the 82% stems from their totally arbitrary rankings they assigned to tested values. Look at those green bars and tell me how they match up with anything they actually said.

      • Jabs

        @Sean – yeah LOL – at least they are trying to do better and also seem less biased. Maybe they should hire you to photograph things for their tests???

        • I’d rather be out shooting people than test charts. 😉

  • ActionJunky

    It’s funny how this underwater market is contrary to the traditional market. The top camera manufacturer’s produce far more point and shoot cameras than DSLR’s. However, these top-end camera housings are the first to market. Underwater camera professionals may need these, but how niche is that market. I seriously doubt that many avid recreational divers will consider $10,000 to $12,000 to take underwater photographs, including camera, housing, lens, and strobes.

    I would rather see a housing for the Sony NEX-7, Samsung NX1000, or Nikon V-1 with 160′ depth rating for less thn $1,000. These cameras have great low light capability with video.

    With stobes, you should be able to get in the water for $3,000 to $4,000. This is still expensive, but much farther within reach of the recreational diver.

    I think they are missing the boat here.

    • Spy Black

      “I would rather see a housing for the Sony NEX-7, Samsung NX1000, or Nikon V-1 with 160′ depth rating for less thn $1,000. These cameras have great low light capability with video.”

      Sealife already has that market covered. While the cameras you listed probably have better sensors, the quality of the available Sealife system is very good, and a kit with camera, bracket, flash and continuous light will cost just over $1000 for a 14 megapixel camera with HD video that has a 200 ft maximum depth rating. For the non-professional or semi-professional, this is probably as good as it gets.

      • ActionJunky

        I appreciate your position and I want to support our supporters, but the sea life camera cannot be compared to one with a larger sensor, higher ISO capability, interchangeable lenses, and better IQ. These advantages are all crucial to underwater, low-light photography. I know the stobes can easily equal the cost of the camera and housing.

        Maybe it’s time to put my engineering degrees to work…

        • Spy Black

          Look before you leap. 😉 Have a go over to the Sealife website and have a look at the actual photos taken with the camera before coming to such conclusions.

          For the non-pro or semi-pro, you can’t beat the Sealife system.

          • ActionJunky

            I appreciate your position at Sea & Sea, but they do not offer what I need. I rarely, if ever, see them on dive boats. I need a camera with interchangeable lenses that I can use above or below water, with low-light capability, in that price range. I am really excited about the Olympus OM-D and the number of 4/3 lenses available. Most pros or advanced amateurs already have 2 cameras. To purchase a third, dedicated to underwater photography is asking too much.

            • ActionJunky

              Correction… Sealife, not Sea & Sea

            • Spy Black

              “…but they do not offer what I need. I rarely, if ever, see them on dive boats. I need…”

              That’s fine and well, but not everyone needs that level of sophistication when diving. Sometimes less is more. Years back my dive buddy had a Nikonos system, and I had a Canon Aqua-Snappy I used on the shallower dives (the Canon was rated for only 1 atmosphere). It was funny in that I liked the sophistication of his setup, yet he liked the simplicity of mine.

              It’s sad that we may never see a digital Nikonos.

  • TucsonDiver

    Yes, there are not tens of thousands of people setting on the edge of their seat waiting for the D800 housings to come out. It is certainly a select crowd. Having been a photographer for some time now, I do shoot underwater as well with an old D200. One thing I can tell you, you have no idea how hard it is to take quality underwater pictures. Nothing sits still, not even the photographer. Everything you know about lighting can be tossed aside; it is a whole new world of learning. When you have tried, you then will be amazed at the pictures you see in SCUBA Diving magazine.

    • ActionJunky

      I have done it and I stand by my conviction that the new mirror less cameras, with their glass options and more sensitive sensors are the way to go. You are correct, underwater pictures are difficult, but not impossible.

  • TucsonDiver

    I forgot to mention, Spy Black, as for any money you would spend on the Sealife systems, just toss it in the trash. They are cheaper for a reason and you rarely get good results. Point and shoot cameras do not work when the action does not sit still, In my opinion.

    • Spy Black

      “They are cheaper for a reason and you rarely get good results. Point and shoot cameras do not work when the action does not sit still, In my opinion.”

      Never blame the equipment for the shortcomings of the photographer! Years back I shot with a Canon Aqua-Snappy, a 35mm underwater point & shoot rated to only 1 atmosphere. By using my photographic knowledge I was able to make it do things you wouldn’t think. I got a Nikons SB103 flash and found a slave trigger for it, and put it on a third-party bracket system. The 103 was triggered by the Canon’s internal flash. I was able to get shots with that setup you wouldn’t think you could get with a P&S.

      It’s all in the mind, and how you use it. 😉

      • TucsonDiver

        If you were indeed using a “Aqua Snappy” then you certainly were not diving very deep, and light/color loss was not much of an issue. I too use to shoot both film and Point and shoot cameras (Olympus C8080 w/dual Ikelite strobes) as an seasoned dive photographer will tell you, shutter lag is a huge issue. I took amazing pictures with my C8080, but not consistently for that very reason. I don’t care how skilled you claim to be, if you have every tried to use point and shoot cameras on a drift dive or an area with strong surge, you would surely agree!

        • Spy Black

          “…if you have every tried to use point and shoot cameras on a drift dive or an area with strong surge, you would surely agree!”

          If use ANY gear under those conditions, you’re going to be challenged! Especially with a full rig. Ultimately it comes down to how proficient you are with whatever equipment you’re using. Obviously a more versatile system will give you more options and a higher image quality, but all you need to do is go over to the SeaLife website and look at the images actually shot with their camera to see that it is not as incompetent a system as you believe it to be.

  • D700guy

    Its Friday may 11th and I still do not have a shipping date/notice from B&H.
    I am starting to suspect that they either lost my order or are bumping others ahead of me. Either way, I’m doubting I will get a D800E until they become a surplus in their store. Maybe sometime next year if I’m lucky.

    Beyond pissed about this.

    • nuser

      same here.
      I don’t think they are letting others in front of you.
      I think they are simply not getting shipments from nikon.
      Hopefully nikon fixes production issues with misaligned viewfinders and dirt on sensors by the time we get the camera.
      That’s the only nikon-positive thought I could come up with 😉
      I don’t remember waiting that long for a nikon camera ever before.
      D700 still works though.

      • T.I.M

        The N8008/F801 was worse, 6 monts wait

        • nuser

          i really hope they don’t beat that record, but they are almost half-way through

  • Gino

    I ordered two D800’s on February 7th, one from Adorama and one from B&H. The D800 I ordered from Adorama shipped on Friday….I canceled my B&H order.

  • Domi

    Look at Easy Dive Leo II

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