Adobe released Camera Raw 7.1 release candidate with Nikon D4/D800 support

With the release of Photoshop CS6, today Adobe announced also Camera Raw 7.1 release candidate with support for:

  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D800E
  • Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED
  • Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D
  • Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 (Nikon mount)
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  • ActionJunky

    Fantastic news. Now we have new software, new high speed memory cards, new vertical grips, and discounts for the D800. Now, if I could only get the D800, I’d be in business. 🙂

    • josh

      It that on your Christmas Wishing List….

      • Jorge

        Well I don’t know about Actionjunky but I had a pre-order on 2/7 around 9am. I cancelled it mid-April. I think I will wait until December when (hopefully) all the bugs are worked, and the firmware is updated. That D800 will make an awesome Christmas gift for me.

    • Foolishcfo

      I feel your pain. I ordered my underwater housing today and my fear is it will arrive before the D800.

      • Calibrator

        What better way to test it?

    • Jonathan

      The good news is that if you ordered early you should get it. I got mine yesterday from a February 7th order. I’ve started putting it through it’s paces. I’m definitely happy so far.

  • I am surprised the shipping version of Photoshop CS6 did not support the D4 and D800/E.

    • jason

      even Adobe’s order for D800 was delayed : )

      hence, late CS6 test and release

  • I’m pumped and ready to download CS6 Creative Cloud on the 11th! Spectacular 1-day belated-birthday present! And for only $30 a month for 12 months, awesome value.
    Now I’m just waiting for W8 to come out in October then I’ll get a new 180/240GB SSD and load everything on it, it’ll be glorious.

  • It took a lot of digging, but I found how to do this Creative Cloud thing now. The instructions from Adobe are this:
    1. Download the trial now. I did the whole master collection.
    2. Use the collection until May 11 or so.
    3. Your Creative Cloud license should be available May 11, even if you paid for it today, as I did.
    4. Enjoy. I know I will.

    I’m not sure why this process isn’t clearly laid out in the FAQ.

    • John Richardson

      +1 on this.

      It works and I am up an running as of last night.

  • Purple&Gold

    Perfect timing. Got tracking info from Adorama for the D800. Expect delivery on 5/14. Ordered the morning of 2/07. I’m extremely ecstatic.

    • Anonymous


      What is the time of your order confirmation email?

      Thank you.

      • Purple&Gold

        It’s 4:20pm. I ordered within half an hour after preorder went live.

        • jason

          4:30 PM? on 2/7 …. or AM?

          just getting my hopes up, with 10PM 2/7 from b&h : )

          • Purple&Gold

            I apologize. Checked the time stamp on my Ipad and it said 4:20pm. Just check the confirmation email on my PC outlook and it said 8:21 AM which is correct. That’s Pacific time.

  • Support for the Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D?

    W0w – they are finally catching up to a lens from 1989!

    (sorry, but that kind of deserves the sarcasm) 🙂

    • Calibrator

      > (sorry, but that kind of deserves the sarcasm)

      No, actually it doesn’t.

      It makes more sense to correct modern mass-market lenses that you can buy everywhere – and that actually get bought – than “fleamarket stuff” that mostly gets collected but not used by *many* people on a daily basis.

      Secondly – without knowing this lens from experience – it is a macro prime, which usually doesn’t need as many corrections as other types like most zooms.

      But all of this is pretty much unimportant if there is no kind of direction anyway and new lens profiles are the work of volunteers that submit that info.

      So grab the lens profile maker program, your old treasures and create some profiles to close the gaps you feel are important! If Adobe does not accept them you could also provide them on a website to spread the word.

      • Nikon Shooter

        So what you are saying is Adobe adds open-source projects to their software and then charges us $700 for it? I’m not sure what deserves more sarcasm: a brand new profile for the in-production lens since 1989 or guys like you, who are willing to defend a company that apparently takes advantage of you without any vaseline and yet somehow leaves you quite satisfied and grateful.

        • Calibrator

          You pay $700 for lens support for an old 60 mm macro?

          Pardon me that I won’t spend my time debating with you…

  • I’m confused. I’ve been using D4 RAW files on CS5 and the Camera Raw 6.7 plug-in for some time now. (sometime relative to how long the D4 has been out)
    What’s new here?

    • Funny you mention that, I wasn’t having any issues with 6.7 either.

      Also, I’m not having any luck with the 7.1 installer for Mac. Keeps saying it’s corrupt or something. Someone screwed up.

    • Camera Raw 7.x is the version that ships with Photoshop CS6. Apparently CS5 got the camera support before CS6, which makes sense because CS6 wasn’t available before today and CS5 was available at the time the D4 and D800 were released.

      • Larry G

        Just wait until you are using Lightroom 4 which uses Camera Raw 7.1 and from Lightroom “open in” PS CS5. Up comes the error message telling you your Camera Raw is not up to date and need to open in compatability mode because the adjustments made in Lightroom’s CR7.1 are beyond the capability of PS CS5’s CR6.7. Of course, when you check for updates in PS, there are none available there are none available because 7.1 wasn’t designed to support and update the most recent prior version CS5 or 5.5.

        So get prepared for the error message every frigg’n time letting you know the underlying structure is compromised. Adobe’s way of hounding you into an upgrade .

  • Hendog

    I’m not buying Photoshop until they reduce the prices for Australian customers to be comparable with US prices. We are literally paying twice as much! Why?

    • Andre

      You ask why —-
      Coz we are down under and companies like a$obe reckon they can screw us up the —– any way they can.
      Coz we as a country are too stupid to get on our feet and complain loud and long ( although the recent enquiry into online off shore pricing policies against the likes of a$obe has just been announced ) and act like sheep by buying the product.
      Coz too many wankers reckon a$obe products are the best.

      Why don’t you just do what most Australians do, act like Ned Kelly and “borrow” a copy.

      Oh, and I have never paid a cent for any a$obe product, never stolen one either.
      Too many better programs out there to use and that way I don’t have to look like a sheep that has been —— where the blowflies gather.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      The cost of software as such is zero.
      The cost of the CD’s and the package is very low.
      The development cost is also very low (if divided by the number of copies sold)
      The major cost factor is support as real people have to answer hotlines and e-mails.
      Australians complain twice as much as US customers !

      • slt

        You have absolutely no idea a) about software development cost (which are huge, and a major factor in software prices) and b) support cost (which are very little for Adobe and most other software companies in Australia, because that support isn’t based here but in countries like India). So in fact it costs marginally more to provide a copy of PS to an Australian user than to an US user, yet we get charged double the price. Why? Because they can. Like Andre above, I vote with my feet! And Australians have all the rights to complain twice as much as Americans if they get charged twice as much, I reckon!

      • Andre

        To put it mildly anonymous wanker maximous you are a total retard.

        To put it in the right context you are a dead set imbecile who has no idea what day it is, where any other country other than the one you live in is and I strongly suspect that your mental ability is impaired by too many generations of inbreeding.

        I fail to see why packaging and disc costs ( do you even realise that most products come on a DVD these days and not a cd ) are at all relevant when the DOWNLOAD version here in Australia costs double the US price.

        As for the call centre costs, I reckon that would be your brothers, sisters and fellow countrymen (wherever that would be ) ringing to find out which way up the “CD” goes in their computer.

    • BartyL

      Even taking into account Customs Excise, GST and a wage structure that dares assist the workforce with its Bolshevik aspiration of feeding and clothing itself, it would seem that we are being gouged.

      • That’s a good point, maybe they are setting the price based on average wages or something, which makes sense in an oddball way. The Ozzie rate of pay is a lot higher than most places when you exchange. Can’t you just use an IP blocker or something and download a US version tho? I haven’t looked into it myself.

        There’s a lot of good software that is a quarter of the price tho, so I also vote with my feet.

        • Nau

          the problem is when you run a business and trying to put it on tax… so you have to purchase locally 🙁

  • PicturePerfect

    LR4 won’t print images that are NEF files modified in LR4. WTF? It is supposed to support the D800 and is advertised as such but when I went to print it just ejects the page in my Epson R1900. LR4 tech support says “sorry” but printing not supported. So I have a program that will take the NEF files, modify them but only let me look at them on the screen unless I convert them to a different format that LR4 likes. Adobe sucks!!!!!! Anybody else with this issue?

  • choiMatthew

    just wondering – can CS5 users update their ACR to version 7 once it’s properly released?

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