Nikon 1 J1 and V1 firmware update v1.12

Today Nikon announced new firmware update for the mirrorless J1 and V1 cameras. The only fix in this update is for an issue that caused some frames to be duplicated in slow-motion movies recorded at a frame rate setting of 1200 fps.

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  • Adam

    Dammit Nikon…release a firmware update that will actual provide value to your customer.

    • Parci

      and such a firmware would be…?

      • Adam

        How about the ability to even customize the Function button? That would be a good start.

      • Steve

        How about faster shutter speeds when using AUTO ISO. This 1.12 update is just a waste of time.

        • Arthur

          Yeah, customization of the Fn-function (I’d like to use it as ISO) and faster shutter speeds for the non-M modes and I’m extremely happy.

        • Oliver

          I agree wholeheartedly. The one thing preventing me to buy the V1 is the lack of a decent AUTO ISO. Why oh why can’t we set the shutter speed that the AUTO ISO should adjust to?

      • Hhom Togan

        Focus peaking when using manual focus lenses too.

      • mirror 🙂



  • Roger

    How about AEB

  • Neil

    I wonder if other fixes got snuck in? Nikon has done that before. But yeah, some things I’d like to see (just got a V1 for fun):

    1. Fun + dial to change shooting modes (PASM)
    2. Fun + up/down to change ISO
    3. Turn off auto-review (please!)
    4. AF-C when using FT1

  • tamrong

    real waste of time indeed,

  • How about a firmware update to enable bracketing? With the high frame-rate you could shoot handheld hdr even with moving subjects. That would be nice.

  • anonymous one

    Admin: how likely is another firmware update on things really worth it?

  • chuck

    NIkon how about improvement for auto ISO for more choices?
    How about fixing the auto modes to bump shutter speeds and ISO!

  • Jabs

    Just looked at a J1 today at Best Buy for the first time as usually a very busy person.

    WOW – sold on it as I also had my D700 with me and it (the J1) was really fast and the V1 will have to be my next camera as the supply and issues with the D800 and D4 get fixed.

    Nkon’s on a roll indeed.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, the 1200 frame rate got my attention. It should be a lot of fun to get extreme slow motion!

      • inginerul

        It’s fun but it’s very very low res. Useless except amusement.

        • KenTi

          I have the V1 and just updated the firmware and tested out the 1200 FPS…

          I was photographing our kitchen lights and one of them is a dimmable LED (I’m testing out LED lighting to see if it’s a good alternative to CFL).

          The fast frame rate showed how bad the LED light flickered. At 1200 FPS, it was going on and off about 2-3 times a second during playback. Needless to say, I’ve removed the LED and will try something else.

          My point is, it may be for amusement, but it also saved me from headaches caused by a flickering light that I would never have noticed if it hadn’t been for the fast frame rate of the V1 😉

          • Magnus

            Your LED light is *supposed* to flicker (although so fast that the eye cannot notice, and will certainly not give headaches).
            It is a feature, not a bug.

            • KenTi

              In theory, maybe, in reality, no…

              The same video setup was used to shoot standard LED lights (I have both bulb types and floodlight type LEDs) and they did not exhibit flickering at all. I think it was a feature of the dimmable ones. (at least the brand that I got from Costco)

              Yes, they were so fast that I couldn’t see without the aid of the camera, but so do standard florescent lights (like in an office) and my wife is sensitive to that kind of flickering so they got returned yesterday.

        • Jabs

          It might be useless to you, but being a long time slide shooter with Nikon film Pro bodies (F3’s and F4s), I use a cheap L22 in my Business and no one is complaining. Just stepped up to a D700 with MD and also want an AW100 plus not getting rid of my L22.

          I use my L22 always with Fill Flash and it is awesome for its purpose and the size needed for my Presentations – maybe some of us know how to photograph well – Hmmmm!

  • xcm

    I am using with many switar lenses…. 10,16,25,75mm … they are all very fast lenses…
    -focus astitant missing
    -light mesure missing
    -24p, 25p missing
    -under 1/100 cant rec video ( EU ) why cant rec with 1/50 shutter???
    -for timelaps, cant set under 5 sec (WHY????????)

    All of them are depend on firmware….

    • Davide

      Absolutely XCM your right! I have my D800 now and bought it because of the brilliant video. I would love to use my Bolex lenses on the V1 camera in situations where I need to be even more discreet and light weight. Nikon I love you but WAKE UP! I will buy the V1 in a heartbeat when you give me 24 25 fps & 1/48th 1/50 shutter. Nikon Listen to XCM! Lots of people, not just in pal areas want 24/25th FPS. The rest of the camera is brilliant But I will not buy till I get what XCM suggests above!

  • Alan Tawil-Kummerman

    How about implement HDR in the software and making it available!?

  • ich bins

    I ask me what role this “1” system is going to play: high price tag, very small sensor and now the new D3200 is cheaper and much better and offers HD-movie. So what?

  • CamaMan

    Off all the fixes and features that could be added… Somebody noticed a duplicate frame in a 1200fps video.
    Talk about splitting hairs! 😀

  • I guess I will update mine in the vain hope that other things have been snuck in as well.

    Would love to see:
    -programmable Fn button
    -focus peaking for manual focus
    -selectable AF points (esp with FT1)
    -longer exposure times with FT1

    I love my J1…it has been my everyday camera since I got it

  • How to use continous shooting mode on NIKON

  • Petruchioo

    I think you first have to fix the problem by switching the display and buttons to control the focus!

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