Weekly Nikon news flash #161

  • LockCircle is announced the LockPort 800 for the Nikon D800:

"The LockPort 800 is a new product developed to help avoid damaging your D800 mini HDMI camera port. The LockPort 800 protects definitely the fragile output on your camera from tough production abuse with a rock solid universal clamp and a smart mini to full-size HDMI adapter."

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  • Nod

    Still no refurbished D800 at B&H…

    • vertigo

      And still no regular furbished D800s at B&H either.

      • We stopped waiting and bought a pair of D700s instead. Works just as well for weddings.

        • T.I.M

          Nice move, now you have a stereo 3D 24mp camera !

        • Jabs


          I too just picked up a spotless used D700 and a quick question – How do you check the Shutter count on a D700, as I downloaded the Manual, but have not had the time to go through it yet – lol.

          Love it so far and adds to my L22.
          On to the quest for a V1, a D800E and then a D4 later plus that Aw100 too.
          Anyone selling lenses like 28-70 D?

          • iamlucky13

            I don’t know if there is another way to check, but the number of actuations is listed in the EXIF data for your photos.

            However, it is a non-standard tag, so not all programs that display EXIF data will show it. The Exif Viewer plugin for Firefox does not for example, although the plugin for Irfanview does.

          • Dave in NC

            Take a photo, then upload it to myshuttercount.com. It will tell you how many clicks the body has had.

          • Noodo
          • Jabs

            Thanks everyone for the tips and just also got a quad core desktop to run Artist-X plus installed the new Ubuntu 12.04 – suwheeet! Have to get adjusted to the new way of doing things in the latest Ubuntu Release.

            Fast and also using Win8 Dev Preview with a dual core desktop, so next up is Adobe’s CS6 and Lightwave 10 – LOL.

            WOW – Laptops are so slow compared to desktops for editing D700 and L22 files!!!

            Just looked at a J1 today for the first time – lol – sweet too and now want one, at least the V1 and those sweet lenses and fast focus with 1080.

            Just finished my first job with the D700 and now to edit and fix things up – Happy camper – GO Nikon!


    • iamlucky13

      Interestingly, the refurbished D3000 with the 18-55 VR is listed at $359.95.

      While the older D40 and 18-55 non-VR is listed at $399.95.

      Of course, the differences between the two aren’t very big, most substantially that the D3000 has an 11 point AF system, 3″ screen, and just a hair faster FPS.

      Even more interesting is that the D40 is selling for the same price as the D3100, which has a much more capable sensor, Live View, and for those who care, video mode.

      Heck, at that price, I’m tempted to grab a refurb D3100 to keep around as a travel camera, or even better, to spend $100 to get a D5100. With as much abuse as I’ve put my D40 through, I count every day it continues to work as a bonus.

  • Jan

    I think I can tell my 70-200 apart from my 50 f1.4 without overpriced lens caps thanks.
    But I’m sure if you make it white with a red ring the Canon guys will lap it up…

    • David

      Yes, but a lot of the primes look quite similar in your bag

      I stuck a piece of tape on each one to mark them out so you can grab them quickly. This is just a fancier version of that.

      • Dormant

        The lens cap bling thing has one fatal flaw.

        My lens caps move from lens to lens as I switch lenses in the field. It’d take longer, and be a pain, if I had to try and keep the lens caps matched all the time.

        Anyways, I can tell by feel alone which lens is which.

        • GeoffK

          As do mine Dormant. Not something that was on my wish list.

        • Ditto that! They circulate pretty frequently for me too.

        • iamlucky13

          Indeed. What is needed is an electronic rear lens “smart cap” that connects to the electronic pins on the lens to read the ID of the lens and display it on an LCD screen. Bonus points if it’s compatible with pre-AF lenses that have been chipped.

          The average pro could then equip all his lenses with these smart caps for only a few thousand dollars.

          (Hint, the above is sarcasm…unless you’re a rich hobbyist with more money and propensity for bling than skill. In which case, contact me and I’ll get to work on inventing these for you. All of your friends will be insanely jealous.)

      • Yep, I’ve been using tape on mine for over a year now. But I have to agree with the posts below, that they never stay with the right lens for long.

        • Sports

          But from time to time, they WILL be correct 🙂

        • PHB

          I thought the same thing. This might work for the front cap, but the rear? its just silly. Anyone retentive enough to get the right cap on is going to be retentive enough to put them in the same spot in their bag.

          Mark the lens and it is far more likely to be effective.

      • ithurtswhenipee

        The only way I see this as practical is if you had a 20, 24, 28, 35, 40,50 in the same bag. But those lenses in the same bag is far from practical. This is up there with that machined aluminum body cap in the crap product category.

  • whiner

    I wonder what Nikon could do to improve the 35mm 1.8? The CA is already corrected in camera Jpegs. Faster AF? Longitudinal CA?

    • whiner

      Oh, nm. They are making it cheaper to produce. It’ll be exactly the same, just a different production method.

    • King of Swaziland

      Looks like that patent reduces coma and astigmatism, not CA. And if the translation is correct, it may already be in production, with newer lots getting the improvements.

  • When changing lenses I take the lens cap off the lens that is going on the camera, and place it on the lens that came off the camera. So if the focal length was printed on the lens cap it would almost always be wrong. Can’t see why I would bother!

    • ed

      I’m with ianw on this. my lens caps never live on the same lens twice so printing stuff on them makes no sense to me. and if it did, what’s wrong with a simple sticker rather than having to buy all new lens caps?

      • +2

        I’ll stick with the plain black “Nikon” caps. Now the filter end of the lenses, I generally keep the same lens cap on each lens. But as others have mentioned, you should get a swift kick in the a$$ if you can’t identify your lenses by look. Sure, in a bag with the end up this could be useful, but just keep things in the same place and you’ll never have to think about it.

        Nice concept, but someone didn’t follow through with the thought process. It’s like that huge metal body cap that weighs the camera down even more in your bag, costs like $50 and serves no other purpose than to look “cool”.

        • Mr A. (Always) Right

          In the famous words of Monty Python “what a stupid concept ”

          As Ianw said the cap off the lens coming off goes on the cap of the lens going on. My bag has a few extra back caps just in case… I was shooting on the boardwalk and while holding the body and two lenses simultaneously as well as juggling the cap to screw it on the lens going in my bag the cap falls and slips perfectly through the gap in the board walk… Splash! It’s sinks to the bottom. No problem grab another and move on to e important stuff. …… Now if I had one of those flashed caps or lens bling I might have been distracted enough to jump in and save the bloody thing, ignoring my paying gig and getting all wet in the process.. No thanks I” ll stick with the cheep black ones .. “what a stupid concept “

    • peteee363

      i was thinking the same thing, i almost never keep a particular cap on a specific lens. when i start shooting, i remove the body cap, and the first rear cap. then i put them together, and drop them in the bag. then when changing lenses, i just swap the rear caps to the next lens. but a sticker is a bad idea. the caps are made with a plasticised plastic, and if a rubber based adhesive is used, it will get all gummy and messy over time. most cheap labels are made with a crayton hot melt, or similar. craytons are similar to rubber, and cause gooey mess over time. the last thing i want in my bag is messy gummy glue near my lens. i will stick with plain old caps!

    • Discontinued

      Same here. My lens caps swing through the hole lot of lenses. No monogamists found in my camera bag. Maybe the wedding photographers or religious fundamentalists handle their lenses and caps differently ? ? ?

      • Funds

        Atheists don’t believe in lens caps?

        • That would be Alenscapists.

          • BartyL

            As distinguished from Acapnostics, who don’t think it’s possible to prove or disprove the existence of lens caps.

  • Is it just me or are these Lens bling blings for Nikkor lenses getting rather “Anal?”

    • Noodo

      Nah, just butt ugly.

  • EAJ

    Just as Bit-O-Honey candy bars are sponsored by the American Dental Society, I suspect these silly sphincterized lens caps are sponsored by a manufacture of sensor cleaning products.

  • shawn

    What camera bag is that?

    • Gabriel

      + 1 to that. That bad is hawt. Want!

  • GL42

    That’s a good looking camera bag- anyone know which one it is?

    • FIXITT

      Looks ‘xactly like —
      Domke 700-02A F2 Original Rugged Wear Camera Bag around $140

      • pragjna

        thanks! saves my question 🙂

      • You are correct sir!

        I have one of these and the F1X – very nice bags.

  • SoftonDemand

    I hope Nikon can refresh their 85mm 1.4g and 50mm 1.4g and 35mm 1.4g into f1.2 just like canon 😀

    • NoFunBen

      i want vr more then 1.2

  • adnan

    maybe a 50 1.2,since the 1.4G iznt upto the mark relative to the 24/35/85,but i dont see nikon upgrading the rest!
    and that bag is indeed hot!

  • I’m with ianw at the top and others. What’s the point when the rear cap never goes back on the same lens.

    Very nice bag

    btw, did anyone click the link and see the 105mm, masquerading as a 28-70 or am I seeing things?

  • Foolishcfo

    I got to play with the Nauticam NA-D800 topside at the Scuba Show this weekend. Nauticam also had their D4 housing there. It’s pretty big and definitely negatively buoyant. Sea and Sea is expected to start shipping their D800 housings sometime next month. It lists for $3200, $400 less than the Nauticam hosting. It was nice to finally hold the D4 and D800!

  • Porkchop

    I would have to say that rear lens caps with the focal length is absolute rubbish. Im no pro but I can close my eyes and reach into my camera bag and just by touch and feel alone figure out what lens is in my hand. And if anyone is wondering I dont own only one lense I usually keep 6 or so in my bag.

    • BartyL

      Do you have 6 copies of the same lens?

      • Porkchop

        Nope all different focal lenghts.

        • I dunno, the 24, 35, and 85 primes are all VERY similar in a camera bag.

      • Calibrator

        I have 6 bags with one lens each. I never confuse things!

      • Sports

        I have 6 cameras and one lens.

      • FIXIT

        LOLLLLLLL — really, all of you guys should do stand up comedy so you can buy more Nikon stuff. Thanks for breaking the tension. I do own 7 camera bags myself because I can’t afford the fancy gears. I have a D40. But of course, none of you can remember that model.

    • silmasan

      I dunno, I just want to make life easier for my 6 assistants.

  • vertigo

    I only get mixed up by the 50mm 1.4D and the 24mm or 28mm f2.8D, and my lens caps switch from one to the other as I swap lenses. Seems like I’m not the only one. Probably not all that useful for most of us.

  • Jesse

    Does anyone know what bag that is?

  • Rom


    i think people will spend more time trying to match the cap to the right lens lolz.

    Much faster with the universal cap which you can put on any lens you want hahaa

    fail design. Not for easy access but rather confusing organisation.

  • Banksie

    It’s kind of funny to read comments about which bag that is. Domke bags have been around for decades. They’re instantly recognizable. And they had always been the most popular bag for PJs. The digital age has brought in a whole population of newbies to photography, that’s for sure. 🙂

    • Film = Hipster

      Film sucks.

      • Apollo

        With film, you can do things that you can’t do with digital. Also, Digital has made photographing too easy and too cheap!

        • >>With film, you can do things that you can’t do with digital.
          >>Also, Digital has made photographing too easy and too cheap!

          I’m begging to differ. I’ve was a film shooter for the first 20 years of my professional career; and up til 10 years ago, I might have agreed with you.

          But what, pray tell can you do with film that you can’t do with digital – and please don’t give me that “it just has a better feel” nonsense. I get just as much aesthetic and emotive impact out of today’s digital as film ever produced.

          • Uh, I’d say up until the D800.

            I shoot medium format, and my Epson M-750 scanner gives me 1:1 optical scanning resolution output at about 7000×7000 pixels. The D800 gives me resolution close enough where that advantage is pretty much gone. And if you get the D800E, there’s even another advantage gone. The edge-acuity on film is crazy.

            I will still shoot film because I love the process. I love developing and scanning my own film.

            • So then lets compare apples to apples.

              In35mm, Film has been surpassed for some time, if you want to offer up your Medium format, that’s fine, but then you have to take into account cameras like the H4D-60 that shoot 6708 x 8956 out of the box.

              Even in the finest scans, you have added a generation of duplication (and hence, loss)

              So I say again, what can you do with film today, that you can’t do with Digital?

              Hey, I was a film shooter for 20 years, and loved it; but sorry, there is no qualitative benefit of film over digital anymore.

        • silmasan

          >>With film, you can do things that you can’t do with digital.

          I love film, but the reverse is also true (to a somewhat even greater degree of importance today): With digital, you can do things that you can’t do with film.

          >>Digital has made photographing too easy and too cheap!

          Exactly. Just don’t confuse “accessibility of tools” with art.

      • Banksie

        Um, what does not knowing about Domke and being a digital newbie have to do with this ‘film sucks’ stupidity. PJs now all use digital. And they still use Domkes. At least they know what a Domke is, and know the ‘Jim Domke shooter’s bag legend.’

        They used film back when the bag was first designed by Jim Domke because there was no digital, duh. But they don’t anymore. However, one thing they did do is to bring way better image making talents and skills to their digital work since they knew more about photography than any current digital age newbie can ever hope for.

        I have that same advantage because I learned on film decades ago. But I was also a very early adopter of digital. I now use a hybrid of techniques; the best of both worlds. I do feel kind of bad for digital newbies since they lack a lot of knowledge of certain things (e.g., like understanding the quality of light itself.) Plus they see the gear itself as the biggest part of photography which is unfortunate. But that’s not their fault really, the manufacturers are pushing it on them (and laughing all the way to the bank.) For digital newbies it’s more about the toys (back in Jim Domke’s day there were only a few camera bags on the market, not there are literally dozens of them.) But that’s okay. At least they’re having fun. 🙂

        • Film = Hipster

          You mad bro?

        • mikils

          ”Plus they see the gear itself as the biggest part of photography which is unfortunate.”

          C’mon, photographers -myself included- have always been prone to think that, Film vs Digital, daguerreotype vs colloidal, the temptation is simply too much to resist joining the fray at least once a month!

  • Jamie

    Nikon lens caps with a small digital display in place of these stickers which automatically recognises which lens it’s attached to & displays the focal length of that particular lens until detached.

    I prefer my idea.

    • silmasan

      Nice idea. I think Nikon can start selling them next year for $666.66 each.

  • HotDuckZ

    Arrgghhh~!!! I lost my caps again somebody help me!! Where it is??? 😛

  • Jamie

    & Banksie, I’ve always used Peli cases. I’m by no means a “newbie” to photography, but have never heard of this brand until now.

    • Domke is less known for their bags today they they were 20 years ago – now the market is pretty saturated, and companies like Think Tank come out with some pretty innovative and sexy bag concepts (and market themselves effectively)

      But for a good photojournalism bag, nothing beat the Domkes – they were rugged rugged rugged, and just a good, basic bag that lasts though tough conditions for years.

    • Banksie

      @jamie: well, you’re either a “newbie” or have been living in a cave. 🙂

      Domke was (and still is) one the world’s legends of camera bags. Jim Domke was a photojournalist who couldn’t find a bag that a photographer could use on the run and still easily access the gear. So he designed his own and the ‘Domke legend’ was born.

      New companies like Think Tank have basically followed his original concept. Although Domke is still made in the USA while all Think Tank products are made in China.

      • Film sucks

        Like digital destroying film in every way. Think tank have destroyed domke.

  • The Manatee

    Why isn’t Nikon rumours covering the Nikon left Point autofocus problem issue?????

    • T.I.M

      @The Manatee
      Because NR don’t want people to think he is focusing to much on that issue.

      • Funny studs

        Aaahhhhhh hahahahahahahahahhahahhhhhhHHHhHHhaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Calibrator

        Perhaps admin thought that this topic had already too much exposure…

        • T.I.M

          Or it’s to serious to be treated in a flash !

    • catinhat

      The more I read about D800/D4 issues with (a) autofocus and (b) overexposure on the dpreview forum, the more I’m convinced it all started with D7000. Nikon clearly redesigned and “improved” software for both at that time, and then they used the same software base to move it up their design chain to higher level models. I truly wish they left it where it was in their D3/300 generation. Always spot on. Now, if I had an urge or necessity to upgrade, I would be very uncomfortable, especially with the AF issues. I’m sure the new algorithm they implemented is buried somewhere under mounds of software revisions, and most likely they won’t go back several years, but instead will try to make adjustments to the current versions. Good luck to them and all of us.

    • GeoffK

      A post was made inre this problem that some are having. How many times should the admin post a story on this ?

      • +1

        And it was even up as the first post for several days.

        I really wish more people realized there is a forum for this stuff and they don’t have to hijack the posts.

    • Nothing to cover. If yours exhibits this, send it to Nikon for a fix or replacement.

  • i have 28-300 + 18-200 in my bag but i always pick the wrong lens!
    now i see this caps and me thinks: gimme cool caps.
    then i see: only primelenses. why only primelenses?
    how stupid is this company to not make caps for the best lenses in se world (see ken rockwell) ???

    ps: 28-300 and 18-200 go well on my D800E!

    • Samas

      18-200 on a D800E? Ok. Well. Ahem. Yikes. Fine. I mean, COOL! 🙂

  • Detective swallow

    Check this youtube video, it is so so true about the attitude of people who want D800. Best video on youtube. Before any dum ass remarks that i am from canon, no no no. Let’s see how long it takes for Nikon staff to defend the video or the retards who think Nikon cares about them.


    • Canon troll hunter

      Your preemptive denial tells us you’re from Canon.

      • Dective swallow

        You are so so so so so wrong. I just see it like it is. How long you worked for Nikon ??? open your mind and stop defending them. You must be one of those famous photographers that gets all the gear for free ???? Why else would you defend a brand that has totally took the piss……..I bet you have an answer for that !!! Brand loyalty means sod all, grow up and stop thinking that Nikon care about you…..THEY DONT. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Next you will say that Canon cameras are made from chocolate and nikon made from gold. Pathetic that grown adults defend a brand that bends them over and buggers them. I use a D4, I like it, But, I don’t worship Nikon or have to gloss over how they treat customers. Nikon must be pissing them self laughing.

        • SR

          I want to agree with you on some level, but you’re acting like such a jackass I just can’t.

          Sure, there are some people who are waiting for a D800 who are d-bags. That’s just some people in general, and not specific to people who shoot Nikon. That video was full of such ridiculous lies that any humor was completely lost. The people who made that video are just as big of losers as the small minority of people they’re trying to make fun of.

          Losers are just a % of our population, and it’s the same % for Canon and Nikon. We just can’t live our lives without having these losers amongst us.

          Deal with it, and try not to become one of them.

      • Detective swallow

        Can you not come up with something a bit better then that, thats what everyone on this site says if someone complains how bad nikon service is. Please post your email and I will send pics of all my Nikon gear (it will be bigger and more expensive then any small minded twit that always replays with a ridiculous response. . Pathetic small minded person. You must work for Nikon, fucking arse hole. Even this website will NOT tackle how the retails are pissing customers around. This site sold out long ago. Fucking small minded tosser

        • lesliecool

          admin please remove this trollol

          • GeoffK

            I second that lesliecool.

        • I’d rather see your portfolio fanboy.

        • Canon troll hunter

          I just trolled a troll!

          Hi fives all round!

        • Thomas

          Are you serious? I don’t want Nikon caring about me. I want them to care about their products and be the industry leader. Which they have delivered.
          You may want to look at your local NPD (or NIP) stores before trashing all retailers. I took me three days to get my D800 from a local NPD. Adorama couldn’t even give me a estimated delivery date. That has nothing to do with Nikon other than that they treat all NPD and NID the same. Fair business practice to me.

    • Mike

      Maybe the guy diesnt want a 5DIII cause he has a host of Nikon lenses? That’s funny! Really though, it’s the same $hit, different pile. For the last 5 years, Canonites’ response to the attributes of the D3/s/700 have been: “….. I don’t care, my 5DII has 21mp….. I don’t care, my 5DII has 1080p video…. did you see that episode of House?….. I don’t care, I have f/1.2 glass, why do I need ISO 102,000?”. Now they are on the flip side of the pixel debate and they are defending their small penis by saying it has a high sperm potency Pssst Canon anti-pixites…. it’s not all about pixels. Pssst, Nikonians it’s not all about the pixels. They are a bonus for some applications, and nuisance for others, but generally, they are great for the nuances of the image.

      I never feel/felt insecure about 12mp, I don’t know why Canonites have to belittle the notion of 36. CaNikon made very capable cameras with the right improvements to make either camp happy. Shoot, be happy. Life could be worse.

    • SR

      Wow, that doesn’t do much other than prove that Canon Fanbois don’t know anything about numbers either. Not worth watching.

      Canon trolls used to think Megapixels were more important, now that Nikon has more they have to make up stuff. Seriously, autofocus points? That is what makes a better camera now? Canon “has less noise”, really? So losing all detail to heavy handed noise reduction is what counts now? Are they really saying that most Nikon glass can’t handle the resolution of the D800? I guess they never saw any pictures from the D7000, almost the same pixel density, looks great and resolves tons of detail, even on a freaking 18-55 amateur kit lens. D800 isn’t an action camera, that’s what the D4 is for.

      Cameras are just tools, and the people who make videos like this are bigger tools.

    • lesliecool

      trolling I see… posting the same thing in multiple threads

    • zoetmb

      That wasn’t the least bit funny or real. The Hitler videos from several years ago were far funnier.

      Why is it a surprise that a new Nikon camera is in short supply? They’re always in short supply. Nikon is not going to put in manufacturing lines for peak demand and then have excessive supply or excessive capability. We’ve been through this tons of times.

      On the other hand, Nikon is absolutely terrible at managing inventory and they leave $ millions on the table. A few weeks ago, the only bodies you could buy at B&H were a D3100 and a D5100. The situation is a bit better today: they currently have the D5100, D7000, D3100, D300s and the D3x in stock with the D3200, D800E, D800 and D4 available for pre-order. However, I find it hard to believe that the D3100 and D3x is actually still being manufactured, so this implies that Nikon suddenly found stock, which says to me that they’re inventory management is very poor.

  • AM

    Well, it seems that the only use for those caps is to advertise bags.

  • T.I.M

    The rear caps with focal number could be very usefull, I won’t mistaken my 24mm PC-E with my 200mm f/2 anymore !

  • I can’t believe people are already looking for refurbished D800’s

    • T.I.M

      Why are you surprise, there is already tons of D800 for sale on Ebay !

  • Canon Uk

    Go go go, how many fools are going to defend Nikon today ??? how many Nikon staff will post fabulous comments ??? mmmmm.

    • T.I.M

      @Canon UK
      I love Nikon lenses, I love Nikon DSLR, I love Nikon flashes, I love Nikon filters, I love Nikon scaners, I love Nikon binoculars, I love Nikon microscopes, I love Nikon enlargment lenses, but I HATE Nikon’s lack of communication.

    • Shawn

      How many sane sensible people are left in this world?
      How many people are more interested in truth than brand wars?
      How many people actually want to take pictures instead of argue about Canon vs. Nikon?
      How many idiot trolls will there be today?
      How many people can make great pictures regardless of what camera they are using?
      How many people realize how much better the current batch of amateur cameras is compared to the high-end cameras of 5+ years ago?

      • T.I.M

        A good camera won’t make you a good photographer, but you can’t be a good photographer without a good camera.

        • POP

          in your opinion.

          • Mike

            How does a 100m Olympic sprint final look when captured with a pin hole camera? There may be a great photographer behind the pinhole csmera, but you wont be able to tell who won.

        • Shawn

          The word “good” is too ambiguous here. What is a good camera? What is a bad camera? There are people who have made great photographs on what might be considered “bad” cameras. I’ve seen so many GREAT photos taken by so many DIFFERENT cameras that I know it doesn’t matter.

          The only “bad” camera is the one that is not with you, or perhaps one that is broken.

        • But wait… what about Terry Richardson????

          …. wait for it….

      • umeshrw

        because the cameras of 5 years ago weren’t good enough, people were on film still. Also common pics can be clicked with anything but pro pics need certain standard gear . and good gear makes it easier and creates less problems in post .

  • GeoffK

    Tape and marker are free. ;- ) Use your printer to make the labels if you want them to look more professional.

    • BartyL

      Have you been stealing stationery again GeoffK?

  • Gordon

    Nice bag, shame about the bling.

  • Nikkor guy

    Revision to the 35mm 1.8? What is happening to the 18mm f1.8G ?
    Nikon stop wasting time & money, the lens is already cheap !

  • Simone

    Yikes! B&H has a 6mp D40+18-55mm for $40 more than a D3000+18-55mm.

  • Shasta_D

    Why not just sell a rainbow of colored lens caps. That way, they’re cheap and simple to use. You get to decide what color goes on what lens. You can use the same color on lenses that are obviously different, like a 70-200 vs 50.

    Or just make a proximity sensor to the lens and when your hand gets near it, the digital lens cap speaks out in a Siri voice this a 50mm lens.

  • Trevor

    The caps are a neat idea but I completely refuse to buy anything from BlackRapid after their patent trolling for the BR straps.

    • *shrugs* They are the best straps I’ve used, though.

      I’m going to buy what works for me.

      • Trevor

        I found the Luma Loop to be much more comfortable and it stayed in place on my shoulder much better than the BlackRapid. Plus the webbing on my BR wore out *extremely* fast before I replaced it with the Luma.

        The problem now is that we’ll not see another strap of this design because nobody wants to spend the money to fight a bogus patent. They certainly didn’t come up with this idea out of the blue, nor were they the first to adapt the rifle sling design to a camera strap.

        Personally, I don’t care if they were the best thing since sliced bread. I won’t support companies that patent troll.

  • Shawn

    I think the caps are for thieves so they’ll know which one to grab first. So just be sure to by the ones that say “18-55 (no VR)” for all your lenses.

  • Frans

    Does anyone know the brand and type of the bag?
    I do like that one….

    • Trevor

      Not sure which model but it definitely looks like a Domke.

  • Improve the 35mm f/1.8 DX? How about a 35mm f/1.8 FX?

    • just what I was thinking.

  • Daryl

    Three Nikon rear caps for $2.99 from China including shipping, they come in any color you want as long as it is black. Good enough and I am speculating this will be less expensive than the bling-thing-a-whatever.

    • T.I.M


      “they come in any color you want as long as it is black”

      • Old Amsterdam

        Quote Henry Ford:
        “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

        In order to become a Dutch citizen you have to pass several tests.
        I know it’s the same in the U.S. , may be even more strict.
        You missed some of your new country’s history. -)

  • tengris

    The lens caps are really a final highlight of 2 million years of human evolution, but a miss a lot of things for my personal needs:
    – Telekonverters AI 1.4x, 2x
    – Telekonverters AF-S 1.4x, 1.7x
    – Mamiya 645 to Nikon adapter
    – M39 to Nikon Adapter
    – Extension tube AI 27.5mm
    – Extension tubes AF-S 12mm, 20mm, 36mm
    – Original Nikon Lens Tumbler 24-70mm for hot coffee on set. Has a screw mount instead of a bayonet, therefore the cap for the regular AF-S 24-70mm will not fit.
    And the telekonverters and extension rings have front caps as well, what it these are upside in the bag?

    Ok, too much shortcomings. I’ll stay with the old stuff. At least they have “Nikon” on it, in case somebody asks my what brand I use.

    And, to be honest, these caps are consumables. I have at least three that fall off the lens while I’m just pulling it out of the bag. And three others of that weird Sigma type, which fit on the lens in exactly one position. These are banned. If I’m juggling with one camera, two lenses and one cap in just two hands, I don’t appreciate additional problems.

    That’s where I see room for improvements.

    • Dormant

      Thanks for clearing up an age-old puzzle. I have one end cap that doesn’t fit like the Nikon ones – it’s the weird Sigma type! (which I’d never heard of)

      • tengris

        > weird Sigma type
        Well, it’s not necessarily a Sigma patent, but that’s the only non Nikon and non Nikon clone model I have. The old style Nikon caps fit in every position, those third party caps used by Sigma need to be aligned by the index dot to fit correctly. Otherwise one may struggle to get them off again.

        But that’s all temporary solutions. In a year or two we will have caps with integrated display and EXIF reader, which will show exactly what lens they are on. The perfect solution for the “may caps are rotating between all may lenses” problem.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,

    Look at these – Use your smartphone to control your DSLR


    • T.I.M

      I don’t have a smart phone (no even a stupid one)
      I don’t have a watch.
      I don’t have a car (I can’t drive anyway).
      I’m not on Facebook.

      But I have a sexy Asian wife, 3 nice and beautifull daughters, I live in USA, I have a nice cool house…….and $22,000.00 worth Nikon photo gear.

      I don’t need alot to be happy.

    • I already mentioned that on PhotoRumors.com.

  • nicolai240

    can somebody maybe tell me what bag it is on the photo? i like it and i want to buy one.

    i would be happy about help

    lg nicolai

    • Trevor

      It’s a Domke. Looks like the F2 model.

      • nicolai240

        thank you very much 🙂 very very much

        bye bye

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