Amazon UK started canceling Nikon D800 pre-orders due to “restricted supply from the manufacturer” *updated*

Update: Amazon UK started to contact customers with canceled D800 pre-orders to notify them that this was an error and all orders will be reinstated.

Today Amazon UK started canceling D800 pre-orders because Nikon has informed them that "D800 is in restricted supply" and "no longer available". You can read the full text of the sent emails at the [NR] forum. This is even more annoying for people who pre-ordered their D800 before the UK price increase. Amazon may also have a legal reason to cancel unfulfilled pre-orders after 90 days - I read somewhere that if a seller cannot deliver the purchased goods in 90 days, the contract is void (maybe someone with a legal background can clarify that).

Other retailers have also sent emails about D800 shortages, but have not canceled any pre-orders yet:

"As you maybe aware that this particular model has been extremely well received. Nikon, therefore are currently experiencing supply shortages due to the high demand of this product and at present are unable to provide an accurate estimate of availability dates.

Whilst we are not in a position to satisfy all current orders due to this stock shortage, Nikon have provided assurances that Jessops will remain as the first retailer to receive stock allocation in the UK. We would like to thank you for your continued patience on this matter and will endeavour to keep you updated regarding stock availability."

From Jessops UK

"Because the backlog in fulfilling these orders is unprecedented in our history we want to let you know we’re aware of your frustration. Many of you have asked for detailed order information and detailed information about when you can expect to receive your camera. Unfortunately we cannot answer these questions with the degree of specific information many requests include.

In a popular forum dedicated to digital photography a former Nikon USA sales rep wrote:
When I was a Nikon sales rep, Nikon USA absolutely did not tell dealers ahead of time how many units of any backordered product they would be allocated... So when dealers tell you that Nikon does not tell them what's coming and when, they're almost certainly telling the complete truth.

We cannot tell you when we expect our next delivery and we cannot tell you how many that delivery will include.
We do not know. Nikon USA does not tell us. Because of this dearth of specific information we cannot predict when any individual customer’s order will be fulfilled. We share your frustration about this uncertainty and apologize for the distress it has caused some of you.

We are in contact with Nikon USA daily and continue to press them to deliver as many cameras as possible to us and to do so as quickly as possible. We renew our promise to you that we will fulfill your orders in the chronological order we received them."

From B&H

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  • Steve F

    The Songkran holiday just happened in April in Thailand. This is the Thai new year and while officially its only two days the place is effectively shut for 2-3 weeks as people go home and drink and party and sleep (this is the hottest time of year) . It’s like the period in the UK from the week before Christmas until the end of the first week of January. Even if stuff is being built its not being QA’d or its not being shipped, or the guy to sign the customs form release isn’t there. I wouldn’t want a Songkran camera because if you are working you are either angry or drunk.

    To me its simple. Nikon know what A: their production capability is and B: their back order queue is. A/B = C = how long it would take someone ordering today to get their camera . That number is either 2 weeks or 6 months but they know it. They don’t want to say because the mystique is building an aura around the camera. Apple do the same thing (the last iPad release never sold out in Singapore where I live despite much press hype to the contrary)
    I want a D800 but having bought an early D3 when it came out I’ve learnt that you should always wait for the “S” or” X” model to get the field tested quality product.
    I am waiting for the D800S

    • Andre

      I suppose your comments might be relevant if either the D4 or the D800 were made in Thailand but because both those bodies are made in Japan I fail to see why you even pointed out anything about holidaying Thais ——

    • Gabriel

      I agreed with you. There will be an “S” just like D3, D3s or D300s. I ordered D800 but after read all about the issues and changed my mind. Will wait for D800s or D4s, which ever come out first.

  • LEo

    This is bad news: ordered my D4 1 month ago… hope to get it fol July…. but growing skeptical aboutit: SHAME ON YOU NIKON

  • Detective swallow

    Check this youtube video, it is so so true about the attitude of people who want D800. Best video on youtube. Before any dum ass remarks that i am from canon, no no no. Let’s see how long it takes for Nikon staff to defend the video or the retards who think Nikon cares about them.


    • Why didn’t they talk about colour range and dynamic range?

    • Mike A

      I have a D800 on order from and they have promised to maintain the original order price. But this video is hysterical in a strange way it displays the contempt that Nikon clearly has for its uk customers!

  • miketja

    So, I called Amazon as soon as I received my cancellation, spoke to some person who didn’t understand, and kept repeating that they are unable to source the camera and therefore it was in my best interest to cancel the order. I then spoke to his supervisor, and got the same rubbish, and was told that my next step to complain was to write a letter. After seeing that some others got their pre-orders re-instated, I wrote a letter and emailed it to the address provided by the supervisor, and within minutes I had an email back, saying the cancellation was a mistake and that they’re reinstate my pre-order at the original price. Yay!

    Of course, I’m still not expecting to get the D800 for many months… Grrr…

  • Daf

    Received update:

    On May 6th, you were sent an email stating that your order for the Nikon D800 had been cancelled. This email was issued in error and your order will be fulfilled at the price at which you placed your order.

    Amazon is working with Nikon to ensure we are able to fulfil all customer orders as quickly as possible. We’ll update you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.

    Please note that your order will not show in Your Account at present. We are working on a resolution for this.

    We’re sorry about any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Thumpr

    My D800 is on the way from Amazon US!

    I got a shipment notice the morning of Sat. May 5 saying that I will have it May 9.
    I had ordered the morning of February 7th, and had received all the same delay and shipment estimates as everyone else.

    Amazon had given an estimate of April 16-May 1, but on April 30 had sent me a notice that they wanted my permission to delay the order some more to keep me on the list. I said yes, and then they came through.

    • Gino

      On February 7th, I pre-ordered a D800 from both Adorama and B&H, but they still can’t give me an ETA on when I will receive my camera. So how is it that Amazon is able to give an ETA for pre-orders from their company, and why are Amazon pre-orders getting filled faster? Did Amazon get a lot more supply from Nikon compared to Adorama and B&H???

      I know next time I purchase a camera, I’ll be ordering from Amazon!!!

  • CE

    My D800 arrived on Monday the 1st of May but only just opened it last night as I was out of town when delivered……First impressions; absolutely fantastic……amount of detail…to die for!!!! Only noticiable downside is the fps….but I can definitely live with that…..

  • CE

    My D800 arrived on Monday the 1st of May but only just opened it last night as I was out of town when delivered……First impressions; absolutely fantastic……amount of detail…to die for!!!! Only noticiable downside is the fps….but I can definitely live with that……

  • mark nichols

    Simple point Nikon, don’t advertise a product if you cant supply it, how to really annoy folk.Amazon as above, I’m so annoyed with both companies, but Nikon you really have proved to be a completly incompetent. So I’m off to go and switch to cannon this week sell all my Nikon gear and be happy with a camera, I took 3 weeks holidays started yesterday to use my D800 shame you can’t get one so instead loyalty to Nikon has finished…

    • Terry Dadswell

      Hey Mark, if you can’t still use your present Nikon camera to continue taking your photos, then why are you even trying to get an upgrade like the D800 or even jump ship? The person behind the camera is what makes or breaks your pictures. Sure the D800 will give you more detail among other things, but making a statement you are jumping ship to the competition just because Nikon can’t keep up with the demand is pretty lame. Your present camera surely must have done fine till now or you wouldn’t be using Nikon in the first place (this goes for everyone who is thinking the same). Just use what you have for the next few months or so till Nikon catches up with the demand and be satisfied. The D800 isn’t going to all of a sudden make you a better photographer. Instead, it will make you concentrate on the finer details that you probably didn’t look at before and may even frustrate you at first.
      I am still using the same camera since I bought 4 years ago and haven’t upgraded (been waiting for something like the D800) and I am still able to take great pictures while waiting for my order to arrive like everyone else.
      The grass is not greener on the other side. Just saying. Don’t do something you are going to regret.

      • Neekon?

        Ese is to be dismissed.
        His knee jerk response and foul mouth prove that maybe he should have paid more attention in grade school english comprehension.

        Read Terry’s post again: He didn’t say to not upgrade because you should deal with what you have. He said deal with what you have while you are waiting for your upgrade.

        After all, what the heck was everyone (who was bitching) using before the existence of the D800?
        You all act like not getting this (or any) piece of equipment has somehow destroyed your (probably non-existent) photo careers and hobbies.

        As for Mark, I hope you do switch to Canon equipment. It’s probably mass idiots like you who think the next awesome piece of equipment will make you an awesome photographer and clogging up the demand for orders. Go clog up Canon’s supply and leave the Nikon supply to the serious folks.

        • ese

          So you didn’t comprehend what I said either. People are fed up with “dealing with what they have”, you don’t want more dynamic range? If a camera with a closer spec of what you want already exists why should you have to wait, more so because of stupid decisions someone made back at nikon HQ.
          People were using film before D800 so now they have to stick with it? Just because you say so?
          People don’t want to be played like fools, you must be an Apple consumer not to be aware that this is BS.
          Go hump steve (blow)job’s tombstone.

          • Kungfu Panda

            Judging from your foul mouth you didn’t attend school or your mommy didn’t teach you how to behave.

            I am your real daddy so get your finger out of your ass and start photographying. No use to spent time on forum like this. Wash you bloody finger first before pressing the shutter. You ain’t getting my new D800E for sure.

          • Neekon?

            Once again, you missed the point. Read it again.
            I’m wasting my time with you ese. I’ll move on.

            Anyways, I waited 3 months for my D800.
            Not once did I bitch about it or consider Nikon to be a crappy company because I had to wait “so long”. As a matter of fact, I’m impressed that I even got mine last week; considering the insane amount of orders that Nikon has to fulfill worldwide and the factory delay during the Tsumani last year.

            And do you know what I did during those 3 months I had to wait?
            I continued to shoot portraits and pre-weddings with my D700 and D300 using the skills I’ve learned over the years, with the tools I had to work with. And made money.
            Not bitchin about Nikon or their dealers’ supply and demand BS. Which is really no ones fault but the circumstances.

            And no, I am not an Apple user.

        • Gary

          There are two sides to this.

          * On one hand Nikon have clearly screwed up the launch of the D800. Period. Not only with the shortage of supplies, not only with the reported problems, but also with the deafening silence from them. Disgaceful.

          * On the other hand, it IS a darn good camera. And I wouldn’t be inclined to sell my kit and swap brands just because of the delays. After all, advances are always being made and, at any given moment, Canon will offer features that Nikon doesn’t have and vice-versa. What are we going to do – switch brands when every new model comes out?

          But hey, if someone wants to switch brands, then so be it. I wish them no ill. I’d just rather they left quietly. There are people waking up this morning in real pain, all over the world – let’s all keep things in perspective, eh?

    • mark nichols

      The reason is my antiquated D2H which ive had the best time with and is now so unstable to use i really need another camera. So i was lookng at the 700, waited for the upgrade news and pre-ordered, Heres the problem instead of Nikon coming out with when you may get a camera we get nothing, Ive called Nikon UK to be told of there suprise at how many orders where place. Foolishly i have 3 weeks holiday with no new camera to use, so my options are a 700 or switch and get the new canon.

      Im just very annoyed at the very poor customer service recieved. But not alone.

      Im not playing brand wars i just wanted the 800 plain and simple but if they are going to be many months away i need the most resolution for my very hard saved money. So the cannon offers me what ill need. I would rather stick with Nikon and people are allways amazed ive taken so long to upgrade but my D2H has been a real trooper and done the job i needed.

      The camera is nothing more than a tool and let us remember the person behind makes the images, captures the moment…So im really not bothered if it’s AB or C, but obviously i have an investment in lenses, but then it will just be the same as when i went from film to digital and lost a lot of money…..

      So im not having a camera war its availability in my case.

      • Gary

        I know just how you feel. I expected to replace my D200 last autumn, and booked a long holiday in South America for this February. I ended up using the D200, and phoning in my D800 pre-order in from the Falkland Islands!

        BTW if yo’ve already invested in Nikon lenses, would hiring a camera for your holiday be a reasonable option for you? Just a thought.

  • AXV

    Screw nikon. I hate it that they did this stupid thing and are now pissing off all the costumers and at the same time selling these cameras like there is no tomorrow.
    Nikon engineers did a masterpiece of equipment, but the sales people are hurting nikon and I wish they hurt it more than they really are (they are not losing sales, they won’t lose them because they can’t even cope with demand) and even while pissed off people are going to wait for months to recieve theirs or pay “corrected” prices.

    I just want to see an official statement that heads are going to roll, that sales VP’s and decision makers are being fired because of this BS.

  • Unyil

    wtf nikon….if u hv a factory in every major city…new york, london, paris, dubai, beijing, jakarta, sydney…..this would not hv happen….thumbs down

    • Hhom Togan

      If they had factories in those cities the price would 2x-4x than what you are paying now, you do understand they manufacture in China, Thailand, etc. because the work force is cheap there?


  • Rob Rhead

    I got my D800 last week…not the one I have had on pre-order for what feels like a lifetime (which has now been cancelled)…I was on holiday in Germany and purchased one “off the shelf” from Saturn….for less than the original UK pre-order price. How about that!

  • dm

    I can’t believe anyone is surprised that the demand exceeds supply for this camera. This camera is LONG overdue, the anticipation for its release was huge. I’m not known for my detective skills and even I knew a year before they announced it that the camera would be hard to get when it finally was released. Once we paid our taxes, I finally submitted my order and I’m now in the back of a very long line, but that’s not something to get mad about. There are more important things to worry about than whether or not I’ll have this camera now or 3 or 6 months from now.

  • Igor

    Just got my D800 from BestBuy after ordering last Wednesday. Called B&H to cancel my Feb 7 preorder – they did not even ask why, that must be a very common call for them now.

    I know it’s been discussed many times, but still… this is a little reminder to those waiting for Amazon/Adorama/B&H/whatever.

  • ThePhotogsBlog

    I ordered mine a month ago through Montreal’s best pro-oriented camera store with whom I have been doing business for many years. I left a $500 deposit as a evidence of my sincerity to own one, and as incentive for the store to pressure Nikon Canada to ship them my camera ASAP so they can collect the remaining $2500.

    1. I am one of many, many people to do exactly the same thing.

    2. The store I deal with is one of many all over the country doing exactly the same thing and Canada is a very tiny portion of the worldwide market for this product.

    3. Nikon is only manufacturing 30,000,000 units per month, which isn’t a lot given the global demand.

    Therefore I will be:

    a. Unsurprised, if not entirely content to receive mine sometime between Labor Day and Christmas.

    b. Somewhat surprised to receive mine prior to Labor Day.

    c. Very pleasantly surprised to receive mine by July 1st.

    d. Positively astounded to receive mine earlier than that.

    That doesn’t mean I’m happy to have to wait so long, but I knew going in I’d have to wait quite a while to get mine, and that by the time Nikon ships my camera to my store, I might be able to walk into a store someplace and buy one off the shelf. I’m also resigned to the virtual certainty that it will drop in price within a month or two of my getting mine, and that within 6-12 months of my getting mine, Nikon will be announcing a D800s or D800x with improved performance. So my advice to everyone is “Calm down and be patient. Nikon doesn’t care a whit how much you hyperventilate while waiting to get your camera. They have you by the balls and they know it, so you might as well make the best of it, even if you don’t enjoy the sensation.”

  • ThePhotogsBlog

    As evidence that I should proof-read my posts, Nikon’s production figure is 30,000 per month, NOT 30,000,000, as I posted in a haze wishful thinking.

  • Daniel

    Just got an email from Amazon Uk… they did put my d800 order back on my account and gave me £20 gift card to apologise!!!!

  • David

    My Amazon UK D800 has been reinstated and I now can view my order and it has the following information:

    Dispatch Estimate Saturday 16 Jun 2012 – Monday 16 July 2012
    Delivery Estimate: Tuesday 19 Jun 2012 – Tuesday 17 July 2012

    Lets hope Amazon are being conservative with these estimates… Has anyone else received anything?

    • Daniel

      I’ve got the same.. ordered mine on the 20th of march

    • Daf

      Similar (again ordered 20th March)

      Delivery Estimate: Saturday 16 Jun 2012 – Tuesday 17 July 2012
      Processing for dispatch

      Heart jumped when I saw “Processing for dispatch” but then sunk at the date. One must be a mistake as they can’t both be true.

      • Martyn

        I had the same, but then yesterday had an update, delivery between, 12th and 14th of May!

        And just got another email, item dispatched, delivery tomorrow!!!

  • Omfg I have just been called by Warehouse express.. D4 is on its way!!! Working from home tomorrow to accept delivery.

    How excited am I !0)


    Omfg it better be worth it….


  • stillwaiting

    Has anyone gotten their D800 they ordered from B&H recently and if so, when did you order it (time&date) ?

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