Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600

On several occasions in the past, Nikon representatives mentioned that the D800 is not the replacement of the D700 but “a whole new category of camera”. There are rumors of a new, cheaper full frame DSLR camera from Nikon that will be called D600. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • Unknown MP count at that point
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • Dual SD card slots
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • There will be no build-in HDR feature
  • Possible integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer

As usual, information about products that will be released several months in the future are not very reliable, so I would rate this rumors at 40% probability for now. If this turns out to be true, it will change the whole dynamic in the Nikon product line - maybe we will end up with three DX models D3x00, D5x00 and a high end D7x00 (all with 4 digits names) and the rest will be full frame cameras - D600, D800, D4 (with 1 and 3 digits names). I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.

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  • Old Amsterdam

    Holy Mackerel, we just sold the bridge we used to sleep under with a more than reasonable profit.
    My roommate (Female) allowes me to spend part of the gain at an intelligent device able to capture “The Light”.
    After many and long sessions of negotiating, smoking pot and having sex the D800 combined with a 24-70 2.8/70-200 2.8 seemed to become my companions for the next couple of years.
    The D800 is hardly available due to gay NPS members selling theirs at Ebay and now this!
    Not going to tell her and clearing the history on the iPad, I’m sure she will find our little secrecies out.
    Wish me luck and endurance.

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      • Old Amsterdam

        Please explain!

    • BartyL

      No, it looks

      • BartyL

        Oops! Was just going to say the post looks like a bit of a larf and NOT to delete it.

    • Sable Hill

      Yes, this is absolutely true, so everybody please cancel your D800 preorder so I can get mine faster !!! 🙂

  • Fred

    D3XXX – DX
    D5XXX – DX
    D6XX – FX
    D7XXX – DX
    D8XX – FX
    D9XXX – DX
    D(X) – FX
    D9000 = D300 DX upgrade maybe.

    • GeofFx

      I like how you laid that out Fred. I agree. When you lay it out like that, it becomes clear that there is a missing D4XX – FX.

      That would allow the D600 to be more of a D700 type body, leaving room for a bare bones entry FX D400 in the future.

      • Fred

        Actually I left out D4XX because ‘4’ (or at least the pronunciation’ is synonymous with ‘death’ – or something like that – in Japanese).
        I imagine it’s OK naming one camera with a ‘4’ but maybe not a whole series.
        may sound quaint but there are still hotels/apartments etc that don’t have the number ’13’ on either rooms or floors.
        The numbering (as Zlik suggest) goes upwards from entry level to pro.
        The Japanese, I think, are very systematic in their approach so the sequence makes sense – at least from my seat – but not that Nikon have paid it much heed in the past.
        D90 was, once upon a time, Nikons top DX model so keeping with the ‘9’ is sort of logical for the top end DX.
        Having DXXX for both FX and DX doesn’t ‘compute’ as they say.

        • Fred

          I could also add that (for DXXX and DXXXX) odd numbers are DX, Even numbers FX – just to make the logic a little clearer.
          4 DX cameras and 3 FX.
          No need for the D4??? number sequence.
          Maybe D1X would be DX mirrorless and D2X FX mirrorless.

          • @Fred, “Even numbers FX”?????
            Last I checked, D3, D3S, D3x, D700, all FX, all odd numbers; now the D800 and D4 are FX and even.
            The D100, D300, D300S are all DX, and all odd, but the D200 is even. Your logic isn’t quite holding up here. 🙂

            Maybe I can help…
            DX, i.e. single digit, D1, D2, D2H, D2X, D3, D3s, D3X, D4 are all PRO bodies, with everything prior to the D3 having a DX sensor, and everything D3 and up having an FX sensor.

            DXX, i.e. double digit, D40, D50, D70, D70S, D80, D40X, D60, D90, are all consumer bodies with everything having a DX sensor. After the D90, they ran out of double digits to signify a better camera; perfect examples, D40X and D60 were released AFTER the D80?! Nikon then goes to quad digits to signify the consumer lineup in attempts to reduce consumer confusion.

            DXXX, i.e. tripple digit, D100, D200, D300, D300S, D700, D800 are all semi-PRO (pro-summer) bodies, with everything prior to D300S having a DX sensor, and everything D700 and up having an FX sensor.

            DXXXX, i.e. quad digit, D3000, D5000, D3100, D7000, D5100, D3200, are all consumer bodies having DX sensors. The second digit from left designates the second release of a particular model. I would expect to see the D7100 and D5200 series released next. Maybe it is a coincidence, but they are all odd numbered and DX, so your statement about the DXXXX series holds true.

            So, if Nikon makes a D600 FX, logic would suggest everything D600 and up would be FX (i.e. D900 too). This is why I think the baby brother to the D4 will be called the D900. If D600 will be considered the lowest entry level FX, then anything below that would probably be DX. So, this might indicate that a D300S replacement is in the works (a.k.a. D400) and explains why their book titles for it, for pre-order. It would be interesting to know where the D300s were made; it might give us an idea where the D400 will be made. Another thought… the D500 could be the LAST PRO-SUMMER DX camera that Nikon plans to make. Maybe the DX folks have hope afterall.

            • Fred

              Acrually the logi is that Nikon may actually apply some logic to their numbering at last.
              As one can see in the body of your reply, the nomenclature jumps all over with D40/D90 in the same group but different target markets, D300/D700 – mixed DX and FX cameras.
              It might be that Nikon are trying to straighten out matters, then again, maybe not.
              Anyway, it’s just an idea and is anyone’s guess. The future will reveal all.

    • Gvm

      I’d look at it slightly differently:

      Amateur bodies :
      D3x00 – DX
      D5x00 – DX
      D7x00 – DX

      Semi-pro bodies :
      D4x0 – DX – replacement of D300s
      D6x0 – FX – replacement of D700
      D8x0 – FX

      Pro bodies :
      D(x) – FX
      D(x) x – FX – replacement for D3x – may be 36mp with 4k video.

      • Looks perfect… absolutely perfect

      • Zlik

        I would look at it slightly differently too:

        Entry level amateur:

        D3x00 DX
        D5x00 DX

        D7xoo – DX
        D6x0 – FX

        D4x0 – DX
        D7x0 – FX
        D8x0 – FX

        Dx – FX
        DxX – FX (high resolution)

        • Jan

          That looks perfect IMO. The D6x0 it is then! I’ve been waiting for some entry-level-priced FF for quite some time, at the moment I don’t really care if it will be the D4x0 or the D6x0 as long as at least one of them is FF – resolutionINdependent. 😉

        • Vin

          I like this line up, looks good to me, now will there be any CX pro? Or semi pro? 1 V 2, 1. X ?
          Carbon mirrorless lightweight?

        • Zlik

          The successor of the D300s (if it exists) could either be the D310 (future D3x0), the D400 (future D4x0) or the D9000 (future D9x00). Going to D9x00 would be logical as they would end up with 4digits = DX and 3digits = FX.
          DX line:
          D3x00 amateur
          D5x00 amateur
          D7x00 enthousiast
          D9x00 pro

          FX line:
          D6x0 enthousiast
          D7x0 (D4 mini?) pro high speed
          D8x0 pro high resolution
          Dx pro high speed with grip
          DxX pro high resolution with grip

        • Extraclass

          Don’t understand why there is more a class, could it be that we are creating groups that do not actually exist? for example “Semi-pro” class?
          A maximum of no more than 3 groups, amateur, enthousiast, and Pro.

          However the enthusiast and Pro is very close to, the difference is that a living from photography and others don’t. There are enthusiasts with better equipment than pros. 😉

      • Not sure how people still assume the D800 is a semi-pro body. What, is it the size? The inbuilt grip? What isn’t ‘pro’ about the D800? What are pro’s using? Some are using D300, some are using D7000, for god’s sake.

        I think the group that automatically assume a professional camera to weigh over a kilogram and have inbuilt grip have never held a camera prior to 1990. The F5 certainly changed Nikon’s professional lineup. It was huge, but that was the first. The F6 went back to what today would be similar to a D800 or D300 size camera.

        100% Weather sealed and 10fps is professional for sport shooters and hard circumstances, but there is a large host of professionals that never shoot in those conditions. For them, a camera with good ISO performance, 100% viewfinder coverage and decent autofocus and meter system are all that is necessary.

        Some don’t even need autofocus.

        It’s not size, it’s features. That list needs a nudge in a few places.

        • Tom


        • +1

        • El Aura

          Maybe we could inverse the definition, not the cameras used by professionals but the cameras not used by non-professionals, ie, cameras catering largely to professionals only.

        • @shigzeo,
          IMHO, there are really three classes of DSLR cameras, and they are defined by their features, and not so much if a person makes money with them or not. I think the classes of cameras help people quickly identify the types of feature sets one can expect in a camera.
          1.) Professional
          2.) Semi-Professional or Pro-summer
          3.) Consummer

          It is just typical that a PRO (a person earning a living with the tools) will gravitate toward classes 1 and 2 above for paid work; where as very few PROs will use class 3 out of convience (weight/size/non-descript), cost, or possibly just to prove a point. Once you have experienced what a class 1 or class 2 camera can do for you, you aren’t likely going to go down to a class 3 if you don’t have a very good reason to do so.

  • jonF

    Now the Nikon path is starting to be clear…the D300s + D7000 = D7x00 the new high end DX camera. And the D700 yields the D6000 the new entry FX, which will have aspects of the D4. Perfect. It could not be a better field of cameras for the next several years.

    • Andre

      D7x00 to compete with the Canon 7D? Sounds like a recipe for disaster…

      • Nikonnut

        The D7X00 already whoops the 7D for IQ

        • zlik

          The D5100 “whoops” the D300s for IQ. Is it a better camera ? I don’t think so.

          • Michael


        • Andre

          Just as it whoops the D300s.

          I own both a D300s and a D7000, and as brilliant as the D7000 is, it is just not as nice to use as the D300s.

          If Nikon were to not replace the D300s with a proper replacement that has all the controls on the body they would be handing that entire market to Canon’s 7DII (or whatever they replace the 7D with) on a silver platter. Somehow I doubt they’d do that so that they can bring a couple of folk over to the FX side of life.

          If you look at the numbers of D300, D300s and 7D’s sold over the years it’s just too much money to say ‘no thanks’ to.

          I’m convinced we will see a proper DX replacement for the D300s, not some half arsed D7000 with breast implants

          • “some half arsed D7000 with breast implants” = ROFLMFAO!!

  • An upgrade to D700; I would see following along the D4 path… same sensor smaller body like what they did for the D700 pulling from the D3.

    I hope they would stay away from the SD cards though and go with the CF cards.

    Also if I remember correctly they had D70, then they came out with D50, D40, D60 in that order. Wouldn’t they follow that with D700 to a D500?

    I hope they keep the professional buttons like the FX cameras all have and they don’t introduce the nob with the green mode and portrait and night pictures.

    Will be interesting with what they come up with!

    • Stefan

      It’s time they get rid of CF … CF had the edge in old times, but SD in it’s latest carnation SDXC has caught up nicely.

      – SD doesn’t bend the pins in your card reader
      – SDXC is as fast as CF
      – SD is much cheaper
      – SD is much smaller
      – SD cards don’t get sand stuck in the pinholes when you are at the beach

      • Drew

        SD sucks. They are too small and flimsy and I hate them. Their top-end cards are no match to CF, either. CF is the professional standard, and SD will always be a consumer solution.

        • Greg Webb

          Flimsy? Not in testing – stronger, in fact. CF cards are prone to crushing due to their structure which SD aren’t.

          And you lose that very fragile lots of pins going into lots of small holes interface that was never designed for repeated fast changes – it’s just a minaturisation of the old PCMCIA standard and was intended for semi-permanent storage in handhelds.

          • BartyL

            I hate those pins! I would be very happy if an entry-level FX camera with twin SD slots were released.

            • JETELINHO

              ME TOO, don´t like the CF, have like 3 of them & 4/5 SDs – never a problem with SD, very often with CF. would – at the very least – keep it 50-50 as in caseof d300s = NOT ONLY CF, PLEASE (but whatever – bring the d600 on the market … there are only few DSLRs there 🙂 / just kidding, would think about it seriously …

              regards, Jet

      • R!

        Yeah,SDXC 95 mbs UHS1 are the new top cards on the market : fast ,light not expensive and readable evrywhere!!!!

      • @Stefan,
        SD has exposed contacts, prone to electrostatic damage.
        SDXC is not as fast as CF, best cards from Lexar are 600X vs 1000X speeds for SDXC and CF respectively. CF has the higher bandwith according to the specs.
        SDXC is cheaper, but not by much for top grade Lexar cards.
        SDXC is much smaller, agree, but prone to loss because of smaller size.
        SDXC doesn’t have holes to get sand in, agree, but I have never gotten anything jammed in my CF cards’ holes. But then again, I don’t use my CF cards as a mini shovel for making sand castles at the beach, so I’ll give you this point.
        @All others, yes, I too hate the pins, but I haven’t bent any on any of the cameras I own. The CF cards have two different sized key slots on the sides which prevent you from putting the card in flipped upside down or backwards. However, on older cameras which supported CF Type I and CF Type II cards, you could put a Type I card in the Type II capable slot at a slight angle, thereby bypassing the protection mechanism the keyed slots were supposed to provide. If you did this, there was a bit of friction when shoving the card in, but with force it could go in and bend pins. Starting with the D300 and D3, Nikon went to a Type I slot only; this smaller slot prevented you from inserting the card wrong, but Type II cards couldn’t be used. I have on numerous ocasions, started to insert the CF Type I cards in my D700 incorrectly, but the keyed slots prevented a full insert and damage to pins. So yes, this is definitely a drawback to CF, which might explain why the CF working group created the new physical interface on the XQD to use recessessed gold plated fingers which are also keyed to prevent misalignment; they took the best features from both formats!
        I only wish more manufacturers would embrace the XQD format, it has many of the advantages of SDXC and CF, speed being its number one, followed by capacity.

  • Gino

    24 mp FX sensor (ISO performance similar to D3s)
    6 fps (8 fps with battery grip)

    • Not bloody likely–but I’d buy two!

      Here’s why it’s not likely: the 24 mp design never had fast read out so higher than 6fps and video was right out. The 12, 16, and 36mp designs all read out faster, at least enough for video and decent frame rates.

      12 mp unlikely because they never got 1080p out of them.
      36 mp unlikely since they only just released the D800, and what would they strip from it to justify selling it cheaper?

      So 16 mp D700 replacement? I have trouble believing that would come out this year, but I’d certainly welcome it!

      • twoomy

        You mean there’s something magic about the number 24 that prevents sensor manufacturers from making a new sensor with 24mp that outputs better or faster than what we saw in the D3X and the Sony a840 and a900? LOLz.

        It’s no coincidence that Sony is likely to announce their updated full-frame camera in 2012 and it has 24mp. And they would go to hell in a handbasket if a new 24mp sensor couldn’t do 1080p. This isn’t 2008!

      • If we can get 4 fps form a 24 Mp. “entry level” like the D3200, what makes you think 6 fps would be so hard to pull off?

    • R!

      I wish for 24 mpx and at least 10 fps!!!!but If Its the D4 sensor It will be alright also !

      • R!

        As soon It’s anounced ,I’ll cancel my D800 order!!!!!!!(might keep my D800E order tho !

    • Pat Mann

      To be a meaningful transition for all those DX users (like me) out there who are waiting for a new top-of-the-line DX camera, it would need at least 10 mp in DX mode provide an upgrade path for someone with a good range of DX lenses – redoing all your wides and your midrange zoom in particular is a BIG bill to pay for an upgrade to FX.

      So I agree that the entry-level DX needs 24 mp minimum to be a transition camera to FX. Nikon’s continued hobbling of the DX range with continued failure to provide wide primes and a 50-135 pro zoom suited to DX tells me they must have a long-range plan to drop that format for pro and advanced amateur. That’s a disappointment to me since I seek a more compact system, but if wildlife photographers can get 10 mp (D600) or 15 mp (D800) from DX mode in an FX camera, they’re going to be able to worry less about a DX pro body. I suspect they’re going to seek at least 6 fps in DX mode and a pro operating interface rather than an entry-level interface from the D600 to make the move.

      OTOH, if Zeiss fills this lens gap (which exists with both Nikon and Canon) with a range of APS-C prime lenses with the higher resolution needed for the small format, expanding from Sony NEX, they could bring a resurgence of interest in both Nikon and Canon DX bodies.

  • Nikonito

    24 Mp Sony (A99 Rumors)
    6 Fps / 8 With Grip.
    Video = D800

    • R!

      Yeah, that’s what we need for sport and Wildlife Action!!!!!!

  • Mat

    Boom, I bet its going to be 24MP FX, 1080p@30, Headphone Jack, no GPS, 6fps, BI flash, optional wifi dongle, ISO250,000, Same proces as D4/D800/D3200, same screen size….Blah blah boring specs…. Where was this a year ago? or TWO?

    • m35g35

      Probably because an earthquake and a flood just seemed to get in the way of your fun.

    • @Mat: I suggest you go Canon. They make much more advanced cameras than Nikon…

      • Ren Kockwell

        To hell with both you fanboys, he’s right. Flood or no, Nikon pursued other paths and let the heavily flawed 5D Mk II run roughshod through the market.

        • There is a joke here. I can sense someone (like me) to point out a small, clean truth: this is Nikon Rumors, a fan-run site for fanboys.

          We are fanboys.

          The commenter above you is a troll.

    • jabs hater

      yo we already have this , its called the 5d3

  • Baraldi

    bla bla bla bla bla

    • Sam

      This is also what I think !

  • Vin

    Sounds like it will be an FX, D7000, $2222.00. ,
    Would be cool if it was small and light, but that might cost more. FX can only be so small, the batteries have to go somewhere? The size of FX is that size for a reason, I don’t think below $1850. Nikon would really be doing us a service at that low price point. 16mp-18mp. Leave a little room for upgrade and still be fast and good for low light. Should sell well. I did not think they would do this. But might be the smartest move they have made for some time. The 125 million dollar steppers for fab work are not selling as fast as they were. So they can make up a lot of profit in the DSLR cameras. Even Canon is looking to change there strategies in the Fab tools industry. I think this may be why Canons Mark III is so much. costs of making large frame sensors is actually on the increase. The steppers that Nikon has been making for the whole tech industry for over 20 years are slowly getting to there limits of nm. Lithography, and the cost of silver and natural resources is always going up. This can change, it sounds as if there are some new ideas in the works. Read this. Its dry! But does speak of issues behind the cameras,

  • Boom, I bet its going to be 24MP FX, 1080p@30, Headphone Jack, no GPS, 6fps, BI flash, optional wifi dongle, ISO250,000, Same proces as D4/D800/D3200, same screen size….Blah blah boring specs….

  • Hugg

    If it comes in at around $2000 or less, I would definitely consider purchasing it.

  • T.I.M

    The D800E that sell on Ebay for $7000 come from ADORAMA, meanwhile REAL photographers (and BTW customers) are waiting………

    • T.I.M

      if your ordered your D800E at ADORAMA, why don’t you give them a call…..

      Here is the $7000 D800E :

      • ActionJunky

        First, the camera has not sold. Second, that person is asking for shipping charges on top of the $7,000. However, I wouldn’t rule it out. There are plenty of people with more money than brains.

      • D400

        “Serious Buyers Only. Obviously if you’re thinking about buying THIS Nikon D800E, you’re pretty serious….but if you have any questions (other than will I lower the price) please feel free to email me. This sale is for someone with an urgent need for this gear! If you’re that person, I’m here to accommodate you. If you’re not this person, please move on and have a nice day!”

        LOL. Maybe he just wanted to be on nikon rumors.

  • Worminator

    It was only a question of when, not if, Nikon and Canon would bring out a a “low end” full frame camera. I must say I did not expect this to happen so soon, as they seemed content to milk (and people seemed content to buy) $3k bodies for the foreseeable future. So now the question is:

    1. How much will it cost? (one assumes $1999-2499)
    2. What features will Nikon cut to prevent it from taking away D800 sales?

  • Worminator

    “I believe that the new cameras will all be DX models – my vote goes for Nikon D3100, D7000 and D300s replacements.


    We’ve had the D3200, the D7100 is almost certain, so that makes the D600 the D300s “replacement”

    Which, if you think about it long enough, makes sense.

  • I cant see it Being any more than 24mp, but 16mp would be more likely and FPS would be no more than 4fps..

    Some hoping 6 fps and 8 with battery grip, well why would you even bother buying a D4 then especially if its 24mp? You could potentially get three of these for the cost of one D4, and yes the weather sealing may not be like the D4, but hey you could buy another if the first gets a lil wet and mouldy.. 😛

    So I believe nikon will keep the specs respectable but low end, as if its too high, they will eat into D800 or D4 sales…

    Anyway Thanks Peter for showing that my post in the D400 book article had a little merit, and wasnt just complete horse poop.. 🙂

  • Don

    Why does everyone talk about the D7000 like it’s right in line with the D800. It is not a Pro camera. It does not have an adaquate buffer. It really doesn’t matter if it shoots 14 fps if the buffer fills up with 2 or 3 shots and then slows down drasticly. Anyone requiring high frame rates can not use this camera. That’s why it is NOT the D300 replacement as some have suggested. The x000 series will always be this way. Less features, less buffer, not as good seals, etc, etc, etc. That’s what the x00 series has that the x000 series will never have.
    It’s not about MP or fps, it’s all the other Pro type features and build, like buffers, seals, and CF cards.

    • I dont think anyone is saying the D7000 is anything near a PRO camera.. and if they are, then i think its very wrong.

      BUT, thats not to say that the next D7x00 wont be a pro DX camera..

      It makes perfect sense for the Model Numbers to be different for DX and FX bodies so they are easily recognizable.

      And of course Nikon can make the D7x00 into a top of the line DX camera, just cause the previous one was more a mid range, whats stopping them making the next much more pro? Just because model numbers are similar doesnt mean the future versions have to be.

      I am tending to agree, D400 or whatever was going to be called is dead, there never will be a D400, it will be the D7x00.

      So whats left for this year from nikon is D600 and D7x00.

      • Malc

        Perhaps the next top of the line pro DX will be the D7400 ?
        Taking cues from the D7000 and the rumoured, but never to be, D400.
        16mp, weather seals, large buffer, high fps ?

      • Don

        I hear both of you,and I’m not saying I am Notradomus (sp). However, I think to this the x00 vs x000 distinction is Pro vs Ameteur, not FX vs DX. I think Pros want DX cameras and FX cameras. However, I will agree that the D800 shooting DX at 16MP and FX provide both a DX and an FX in one body.

        The reason I said in line with the D800 is every time someones says they want DX in low light, people said , Oh, just get the D7000. Well, for some of us, that is not an option. We want a Pro DX in low light.

        I think there STILL will be a D400 and the D600. IMHO, the D600 will be the bottom end of the FX Pro cameras and the D400 will be a DX Pro camera. And I think there will be a D7100 and maybe even a D9000. But if there is, the D9000 will not have the buffer and seals, and other features of a Pro camera.

        That’s what I’m thinking, but who knows.

  • Anon

    Maybe Sony can makes sensor for less cost now. There’s also a rumor of cheap Sony FF camera.. maybe the same sensor as in D600.

  • Making sense given that D700 is no longer allowed to ship in so many countries due to battery restrictions and an adjusted FX with around the same 2000 USD price mark with 16MP, 100% view finder and 5 FPS would definitely kick Canon’s butt.

    At the moment Canon 5D mark 2 is killing D700 out there being the most affordable/available entry level FX body. Nikon will have to come up with something if they wish to stay in the game.

    The D800 was never made to replace D700, you can tell when Nikon discontinued 3DX after its release rather than D700.

  • Dave

    This makes a lot of sense to me, and is what I”ve been holding out for after the D800 came out, because the D800 camera was not for me, the D4, not for me, the d300s not for me, the D700. almost for me except for no video. With this new model, I’m quite excited about it and will start saving now. It appears that this camera fills a void in their lineup, the serious amateur that wants great FX shots without paying several thousand and not having to deal with the insane amount of pixels in the 800. I’d predict this is highly probable.

  • jason

    D600 is the D3200 of FX format. Low tech

  • Bob

    There is nothing insane about 36MP; such file sizes will be common place in a year or two. It’s floppy disks that have gone out of fashion.

    • mcd

      Right, and we’ll all have flying vars….. Data storage is not cheap, SATA drives are cheap, but they are not real storage. Go get yourself a few HP SAS RAID arrays and controller and tell me how cheap storage is……..and unless you have better tech than the rest of the world, a Blu-Ray 50g backup takes about 5 hours!

      • Anon

        Redundant array of inexpensive disks. My home storage server cost €1000, half of which was 6 cheap SATA disks. It easily saturates gigabit ethernet. HP what?

      • Jake

        Data storage is absolutely cheap. Hard drive space is about approaching 30 gigabytes per dollar. And the fact that you think a 50 gigabyte backup on a SAS RAID array takes 5 hours means that you’ve never used any connection faster than USB 2.0.

        • twoomy

          @Jake–He said Blu-ray backup. And he’s right. No matter how fast your disks are, if you burn them to blu-ray, it WILL take a few hours. I suggest you take back your “USB” insult, since you didn’t read his comment correctly.

    • twoomy

      I hope you all are thinking of backup or secondary storage disks when you calculate how cheap or easy large files are. Storing large files is easy. Backing them up is not: it’s time consuming and you have to be organized and make sure you do it regularly and verify that your backups are working.

      SATA is cheap, but failures are not rare. If you have 5TB of raw and processed images, a lot of thought and time should go into how to keep things safe.

  • Vin

    I always thought of myself as an odd fellow, but maybe I can learn to be more even, 400, 600, 800, for me. By 2014?..

  • Nostradamus

    The D600 will be 16 mp !!!
    4 FPS and a $500 grip that will allow 7 FPS
    100-6400 native ISO
    1 SD and 1CF slot
    51 AF points
    No built in HDR !!!
    Price $2199
    Available by thanksgiving …..

    Then you have til December 21st to enjoy it…

    • Nostradamus

      Oh and it will have 1080 video….. : D

      • Leonardo DaVinci

        yipee…thanks for info Nostradamus…..with D800 i am not painting anymore

    • 6 FPS minimum

      I bet

  • aznpoet

    I wish …

    D600 –>
    Stout Magnesium alloy body similar to D800
    24mp FF sensor
    51 AF points
    6 FPS, 8 FPS w/ grip
    ISO performance better than D800
    2 SD card slots
    video = D800
    pop-up flash w/ CLS
    built-in HDR, WIFI and GPS
    price: $2,999

    • Sam

      PRICE 2,999?!?!?!

      Go Buy a D800.

      • john

        One doesn’t buy a camera for the price alone, fool.

    • Worminator

      Well, you’ve just described the D700x… unlikely such a camera would get a lower model number than its predecessor.

    • price: $2,999!?

      price: $2,999!!???!!??

      Are you Ok? For this price, I get a D800.

      The possible D600 come very close to 2000$, Nikon are adjusting their prices if anyone not noticed, a global manouver. Nikon are put on te market better prices and better equipment than his main rival. This is a year of Nikon!

  • Sound like this could be my “Dream” camera.
    A D7000 with full frame sensor.
    Hopefully >16MP and >$2000
    with super high ISO
    and HD1080P Video at 60fps.

    • Janis

      1080p at 60fps is very unlikely. The whole 2012 generation will have 60fps only at 720p. Otherwise the D4 and D800 would have it, too.

      • Discontinued

        Yeah right. You do not get how it works. Nikon introduces new qualities and features frequently below the top of their range. Pretty smart, that is. Made me buy a D7000 last and a D800E this year.
        Now what do you think Nikon wants me to do, if I feel urged to have 1080 at 60 fps? Buy or rent elsewhere? Wait for D5 or D900? I highly doubt it. There is a good possibility they want me to buy a D400 or a D600. Even a V1 does 60 fps in full HD. Won’t be long to see it in Nikon’s DSLRs, too.

    • Absolutely agree 🙂 FF D7000 is exactly what Im waitng for.. well, as long as it has above 14 steps of DR that is.. D7000 is just the right size for normal sized hands!

  • RobJons

    A D600: does sound like a dream camera. Yes, FX with D7k specs.
    But “There will be no build-in HDR feature” why that fly in the ointment? I really want that feature… I just don’t have time for a lot of PP.

  • Lindsey

    I hope it has video! If it’s the d7000 fx with video I will be pumped! 🙂

  • 11

    FF D600
    DX D8000 this is the the D400, but uses the new naming scheme
    to be released by mid summer

  • Ole

    Best rumour in a long long long long time! Was going for a used D700, but this is a way better option!! Thanks admin

  • jabilson007

    No HDR?! I am not buying this camera!! 😉

  • John Richardson

    These are truly the halcyon days of digital photography.

  • Bullshit!! Long live DX. It’s lighter, smaller and has better AF point coverage than FX does. DX Forever!!!

  • Birder Bill Whiteley

    A rather large bird told me it will have a 16MP sensor. Possibly from the D4 parts bin. I’m thinking this could be true as the D600 is the D700 replacement afterall.

    Also a tweet from another bird suggests the D400 is coming. 24MP and DX. The manuals are ready for pre-order.

    • cpm5280

      I was going to make a funny about six-foot-tall yellow birds, but I think you might be right. Perhaps not about the D4 sensor, but in general, maybe.

  • Ronchon

    Don’t make me laught ! a D600 for the summer ?! … year delivery is not mentioned

    Nikon should in first deliver D4 an D800 …

  • You’re a large bird short of a cuckoo’s nest Birder Bill Whitely. But I like your style even though you’re not half as smart as I am. I have my own website and you don’t and that says alot about my genius. I can do with 3MP what Joe McNally does with 36MP. And I do it with only a SB600 without all that CLS hogwash. Check out my genius at

  • Clark Tanaka

    DUAL SD!?


    • Difference levels

      If we can divide the camera levels, I see Professional vs Amateur, so… DXXX are Pro level, DXXXX are amateur level. The D600 will get pro functions/IQ that the D7000 don’t have for sure. Comparing the D7000 with the D600 is a mistake that a lot of people are doing this time.

      We must compare apples with apples.

  • Janis

    I never understood what the D5X00 is good for. I would much rather see a DX line like this:

    D3X00 – beginners
    D7X00 – advanced beginners/semi-professional
    D400 – professional

    That would make much more sense.

    • I have to agree qith part of it. Don’t forget D400 is DX. I guess none of the DX bodies can go with a pro photographer… It’s just my oppinion.

      D3X00 – beginners
      D7X00 – advanced beginners
      D400 – semi-pro
      D600 , D800, D4 – pro

  • Erkem

    Isn’t too odd see in the same paragraph, “release this summer” and “seceral months in advance”? The summer will start in two months, so this camera is supposed to be show in less than five months, time enough to know a lot about it just now.
    What is really strange is to have now a rumor related to a product that will be released in such a short time.

    Anyway, i hope this camera to become true, as it will be perfect for me if it is the shift for the d300 line in price

  • Cyberacc

    No HDR? The source has got to be wrong. Even my old iPhone has HDR. Lack of HDR is a major deal-breaker for me. I’d better get the new Sony A99.

    • Tom

      LOL, learn to fucking shoot then. HDR is a band aide and usually a blurry fuzzy one at that.

  • Face the Facts

    Face the facts – the D600 is just a rumor and so is the D800.
    Nikon doesn’t make cameras any more, just rumors.

    • Jay

      Well, in that case the D600 rumour must be real. As I’ll be reveiving my D800E today…

  • EnPassant

    Where are these rumors coming from?
    From a known, secret source?
    Just speculations found here and on other places collected and choosen by admin?
    Or a mix of both above?

    I am one who for a long time have been propagating there will be a cheaper Nikon full frame DSLR camera in a smaller body, most likely the same as the replacement for D7000 with a bigger prism.
    Not that I have any insider information, but it simply make logical sense. With the D800 having 36 MP and the D700 being outdated and soon, if not already, will cease production as parts for it are not being made anymore Nikon need a new entry level FX model to bridge the gap between DX and FX.
    The smaller the gap the better as it make the step easier to take. Therefore it is best to have essentially the same camera in both DX- and FX-version, just like before with D300(s) and D700!
    It also helps keeping production and developing costs down!
    Naturally price is also very important. To increase the number of FX-users it must be cheaper than D800.

    The perfect candidate for such a camera is the D7000 replacement constructed for use with both DX- and FX-sensor.
    Dual SD-card and new battery grip are points in this rumor post supporting that conclusion.

    I do not personally care what name Nikon give their cameras. I therefore initially thought such a camera may get a name like D8000 or D9000 as I like most at that point like most still expected we would see a replacement for D300s named D400. But others persisted speculating D400 would be FX. Although I didn’t agree with many of the claimed specifications like D4 16 MP sensor and body like D800 it makes sense reserving the four digit numbers for DX-cameras only.
    D400 would then be the logical name for a lower spec FX camera saving the D500 and D600 names for the replacements.

    But just recently the name D600 start show up from as it appears nowhere. It is still a lower than D700 number but also means replacements may need to have names like D610 and so on.
    So for what is Nikon saving the D400 and D500 names? Hardly for DX-cameras as they for now on should get names like D8000 and D9000.
    Could it be Nikon already plan an even smaller FX-camera in body like D5100? That articulating screen is really handy and naturally there should be such an option for FX-cameras as well! Maybe we will know in a few years?

  • Mike

    I am happy, as long the D600 is small small small…..

  • Alan

    Lest we get carried away, reflect on the phrase “entry level full frame camera”. That certainly won’t be a D700 replacement either. There may be a good market for such a model but it would involve serious decisions to get the price down – something like a FF version of the D3200 perhaps. Plastic body, 24MP FF sensor and pentamirror VF anyone?

    • Jojo

      “entry level full frame camera”
      Does entry level necessarily mean the same for DX & FF formats?

  • The only feature I don´t like is:

    Dual SD card slots

    I won´t buy the camera if it doesn´t have a compact flash card slot

    • JoMiner

      why not ?
      Do you want pay more for the the CF in the camera which is cannot use the CF feature ?

    • Discontinued

      I hate CF slots and am always afraid the pins might bend. I fail to see your point. SD is perfectly fine IMO. Wish my D800 had two of them.

  • Tony Montana

    My bet is that it will be the D3s Sensor in a smaller body.

    • Yoan

      More likely the D3x one. With improved ISO.

  • David

    Well, as long as we all remember NOT to order from B&H this time.

  • Moe Jacknally

    The D600 will be the D700 replacement:
    16 MP Sensor(Similar to D4)
    Around 7 -8 fps
    Slightly better Iso than the D700

    everything else will be worse than the d800/d4

    Buildt in Wifi would be great though….

  • D400

    Okay you lot. . . . . you think that the entry level fx body with no weather sealing, probably 95% VF, not too many fps, probably no focus motor, probably no AI tab, probably not pro autofocus, not too big a buffer, which will fill up fast with SD anyway, and not too many video features for no less than $2k will render the d400 obselete?
    Remembering the D400 will be at least 12 fps, possibly XQD slots, focus motor, AI tab, 100% VF, weather sealing, pro autofocus, big buffer, and probably advanced video features, probably for about $2k?
    Get real. Entry level means they chop out everything except what is absolutely necessary. That is why they are cheap.

  • Sammy

    if this rumors turns to reality it will be great and i will buy one in a tack of second 🙂

  • peterw

    There will be no problem in the future concerning good FX camera’s. A lower level (cost and weight) FX would be nice sometime.
    I hope there will also be no problem in good DX camera’s in the future like D300/D300s. I ‘need’ a DX camera with the best possible autofocus buffer and built quality for nature photography like birds. Happilly birds is not the smallest of markets at present. In that aspect a D7000 doesn’t do the trick.

    However, that’s for future, my present camera’s are fully operational. Higher iso and even faster autofocus would be nice, off course.

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