Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600

On several occasions in the past, Nikon representatives mentioned that the D800 is not the replacement of the D700 but “a whole new category of camera”. There are rumors of a new, cheaper full frame DSLR camera from Nikon that will be called D600. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • Unknown MP count at that point
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • Dual SD card slots
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • There will be no build-in HDR feature
  • Possible integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer

As usual, information about products that will be released several months in the future are not very reliable, so I would rate this rumors at 40% probability for now. If this turns out to be true, it will change the whole dynamic in the Nikon product line - maybe we will end up with three DX models D3x00, D5x00 and a high end D7x00 (all with 4 digits names) and the rest will be full frame cameras - D600, D800, D4 (with 1 and 3 digits names). I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.

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  • NickySix


    • NickySix

      1st btw

    • Martin

      No, this one’s made for ME 🙂

    • Foolishcfo

      Absolute BS. Keep going down market, Nikon! I hope they make it in Sendai so they have another excuse not to deliver my D800.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Wowie, wow, wow.

  • Peter2

    D800 please arrive soon, otherwise I’m having hard time deciding between d400 and d600 🙂

    • Kon_head

      No D800 delivery, No D400 announcement. Nikon forced my hand to buy another D7000 for a job next week, and, it came with a defective battery !!

      Enough is enough, with this new rumour, I am cancelling my D800 pre order, sit, wait and enjoy a quiet single-camera summer 🙂

  • Would be quite weird for them to go back in numbers, they usually go up.

    • Art

      Yes. Especially since — as technology always progresses — it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were better than the D700 in many respects such as low light.

      • Martin

        Especially dynamic range should be improved.

        • Arthur

          +1 for improved dynamic range! Everything else is already perfect on the D700, in my opinion they may even keep the D600 at 12Mp!

        • Art

          Yes, I’m sure it will have better dynamic range. Just look at the D7000, it totally rocks over the D300 even though it is not nearly as “pro” as the D300. The D7000 benefited simply because it was released later than the D300 was.

    • Happened a while ago w/ the D50>D40 as well. D40 was better in many ways (newer sensor, better screen & menus, etc) but it did remove some things as well-AF motor being the biggest delete.

      • Don

        D40 was better in many ways (newer sensor, better screen & menus, etc)…

        Are you sure about the newer sensor? According to dpreview, the D40 and the D50 shared the same 6.1MP CCD sensor.

        • Nope, guess it was the same, just with significantly better processing/tweaking. I just knew the files coming off of it looked around a stop better at 1600 than they did out of my D50 at the time.

    • Bonetti

      No they dont, d100 was announces first and then d70, d5o, d80, d40, d90 and d60. I was told in school that all these numbers where less that 100

      • Brent Schmidt

        You must have skipped the day where they talked about the difference between “Where” and “were.” 😉

        • 12

          You must have skipped the day where it doesnt matter.

          Sure you put a smily face but still that is not a fix all for your nitpicking.

    • FussyBob

      Well maybe Nikon is combining models.

      D400 + D800 (D1200) divided by 2 = D600

      Probably going to be built in Thailand, or Nikon Malaysia start-up facility.

      • Foolishcfo

        Nikon is sick of us all bitching about our D800 orders so the rumor is they will sell the D600 camera in kit form and let us put it together! And….the instructions will be in Japanese!

        • Matt

          And it will come with that little double-ended hex-key driver made by Ikea.

          • PeterO


        • preston

          and you deal with translations like this –

    • Ralph

      Up in number would represent a higher model, this is a lower model then. Isnt this what a heap of people have been asking for, entry level FX?

    • DX2FX

      Not entirely true. They started with D70 and then went backwards with D60 and so on. The D600 is aptly named as an entry FX model after the D700.

    • RC

      They went backward in numbers when they went from the D50 to the D40.

  • ffaabb

    cheap FX means there will also be an expensive DX no? like.. D400. The numbers are really confusing

  • NickySix

    Oh By the way the D7000 is not High-End – The D300(s) is high-end – where is our pro DX body?

    • hexx

      well, this d600 would fit the bill perfectly if DX isn’t a requirement (wildlife for example)

    • poo

      why do you need a pro dx if an entry level fx can handle all of ones dx needs?

    • Don

      Yes, where is the pro DX body? Even the D300 was not “pro” enough. I loved the D2H(s) and D2X(s) bodies and the integrated grips, but such bodies disappeared for DX once the D3 arrived. And lately, all things DX point to consumer-ish bodies. Yuck.

      Would love to see Nikon have pro bodies with integrated grips for both DX and FX. There is a legitimate pro market for both formats.

      • Mark J.

        There is NO legitimate “pro” market for DX bodies anymore. Not when one can just go into the menu of their FX body and turn it into a DX whenever they want. Or as of now even go to a in between crop mode of 1.2 as well. DX is relegated to people who either can’t afford, or can’t justify spending the money on(all about priorities) an FX body. It’s that simple now.

        100% agree though that integrated grips on say the D700/D800 range of cameras would be really nice. I mean hell, with how much the D800 grip is, they could of just built it into it at probably a cheaper cost too!

        • Rob Ueberfeldt

          It’s Nikon that has done the relegating. They could make a pro dx body with a cheap sensor and make it affordable. Bring us a D400 with all the bells and whistles before christmas (well before christmas) and make it CHEAP enough to make the opposition faint. Then mortgage the company and start making lenses for all three model ranges cause that is where Nikon needs to get it’s act together.

          • s.dunn

            I think his point is more that Nikon doesn’t want to make a pro DX camera. I think Nikon learned a very valuable lesson from the D700 that it canalizes sales from their pro cameras. I would suggest they lost a lot of D3S sales to the D700. I dont think they will do that again. The ISO performance of the D800 is already too close to the D4. If they make an inexpensive camera, be it DX or FX that can compete toe to toe with the pro bodies a lot more people will buy the cheap one. Had that not been an option a few of those people will buy the pro body, I would suggest the others will still buy a camera in the price point.

            Fully ready to eat crow on this, but I think the D7000 was the death blow to the Pro DX line.

    • B!

      Maybe PRO DX is an oxymoron. Last pro DX body I’m aware of was the D2Xs

      • 12

        The only place where DX is still considered pro is on the internet. Useless recycled garbage information about I know someone who shoots spirts with a D200…

        Sure this goes against “its not the camera it is the photographer concept”…

        I believe there are pro cameras and pro photographers. A pro photographer can use a d70 but that still doesn’t make it transform into a pro camera.

        The price alone makes any DX camera fall in the “serious amateur” category from a marketing standpoint.

        The truth is all cameras are capable. But not “Pro” seems a little pretentious really.

    • BornOptimist

      Nor did admin say D7000 is high end, he says maybe we END UP WITH a high end D7x00

      • that’s just my speculation – that’s the way I can make sense of the model numbers: 4 digits fro DX, 1 and 3 digits for FX

        • zlik

          Or D9x00 for pro DX ? Then it will be D3x00 D5x00 D7x00 D9x00 and the DX line up is complete. Plus gives enough names for the future (until d3900 d5900 d7900 d9900).
          I think it would be an error to “mix” the pro line (D100-D200-D300) and the top consumer line (D90-D7000) into D7x00.

        • BornOptimist

          You know, sooner or later it will make no sense to distinguish “series” by number of digits.
          Since Nikon advance their model numbers by 100 (or 1 for their top line), they will run out of numbers if they don’t reuse model numbers again.

  • David G.

    In before hundreds of people complaining about the D800 shipping delays.

  • Merv

    Guess there will be a D300s replacement of some sorts coming along

  • Andy

    What did I say all the time? D800 was not a replacement for D700.

    Oh, joy. This will be my new camera. 🙂


  • GB

    God, I hope its not dual SD slots.

    • 120-300 os for Nikon

      +100 and make a lock on the card door like on the old D200 and D300.

      • nikkor guy


        Or the D70/D70s style memory card door.

        • Gb

          Maybe dual XQD? Or whatever that new card is called.

    • Bjørn

      Dual SD slots would be a MAJOR irritation to me.
      But I see this rumor as BS, so I see not much risk in this happening.

      • too early to tell, but remember what was the feedback few months ago when I said that the D800 will have 36MP…

        • Art

          Yes Peter, I always get a bit of a chuckle. Everybody either didn’t believe it or totally dumped on Nikon for making a potentially fatal mistake.

          Now, as it works out the D800 is a literally groundbreaking and revolutionary camera that produces truly amazing photographs.

          At this point, we are (mostly) all believers now in the incredibleness of the D800 and Nikon’s wistom. Not sure I believe yet in the D800-EasterBunny. I won’t truly believe until it arrives and I’m actually holding it.

        • John Richardson

          Peter, at this point if you told me the next Nikon Camera came with a Monkey and Dog to accompany you while you take photos with your new Nikon camera

          … I would not discount the possibility.

      • With 64gb 95mb/s cards available for under $200, where’s the irritation? I’d love to see something like this. Then I wouldn’t have to carry around a CF reader anymore, since all laptops and some tablets read SD.

        Just check out the way the D7000 and D800 write to those fast SD cards–they rip!

    • Greg Webb

      Actually, I’d much rather it were SD than CF. I might buy one as an SD camera but probably wouldn’t if it was CF. (Though the ideal would be XQD as a good hybrid and that beginning to get market traction, but I’m beginning to see flying pigs there.)

      CF has *one* advantage over SD for me – speed. I lose though everywhere else –
      * Cost – I’ve already got plenty of SD cards, plus CF seems rather more expensive
      * Size – SD are much smaller so easier to carry a bunch in pockets
      * Strength – in testing CF cards are rather prone to being crushed, SD aren’t
      * Reliability – I’ve killed a camera in the past by a misinsertion bending a pin in the slot, I’ve known cards get killed by things getting stuck in the holes. I’m told both are very, very common at repair centres – the interface simply wasn’t designed for repeated insertion and removal and with those pins is enormously more fragile than SD’s rolling ball contacts.

      I very, very rarely find the speed limitations of SD to be a critical factor for me – I’d honestly much prefer any new camera to have SD slots; it’d probably swing the purchase for me.

      • BartyL

        I agree with this. The header pin / socket connection on CF cards is a major design weakness in this application.

        That said, if the specs and pricing were otherwise right it probably wouldn’t prevent me from buying the camera.

        • RC

          CF cards seem much more durable to me. I’ve had an SD card crack on me before. They’re so wimpy. But I wouldn’t have a problem if they used SD as long as they’re able to offer very high burst depths and write speeds (better than what the D300 can do now).

      • Peter

        dude, just use a cf to sd converter. if you have 1 cf slot you can have 2 SD cards.
        don’t complain about cf slots you can have sd. on the other hand if you have sd you can only have sd.

  • Jimmy

    Cue the gimps complaining about no D400.

    • The Gimp

      Meh, I’m not worried by the lack of D400s.

      What really upsets me is the lack of ball-gags and handcuffs. I ordered my S&M kit from B&H probably about a nanosecond after the pre-order link went live, and I’m still waiting. At this rate I’ll be lucky if I get restrained and beaten before Christmas. Of course, the torture of waiting is quite exquisite.

  • Anonymous

    Maaan…. Nikon is on a roll. Guess is 16MP (D4’s) sensor…

    • DC Cat

      D4 sensor seems kind of unlikely (might cannibalize high end sales). D3s sensor, maybe? I’d be happy enough with that to probably sell my D700, depending on other features.

    • B!

      wishful thinking?

    • Hendog

      I think it could be likely to be the 16mp D4 sensor. It will not cannibalize D4 sales, as it will be “entry level” FX. So, only 4-5 fps and very few of the D4’s other pro features. I’d say something like an FX version of the D7000.

      If you are in the market and can justify a D4 (sports, journalism etc.), you’re not going to hang out for an “inadequate” D600.

      A lot of us might feel majorly bummed at a D600 release if we barely decided to get a d800 out of lack of patience for a D700 replacement but didn’t quite need all those megapixels.

      If Nikon released this hypothetical D600 before the D800, they wouldn’t have sold nearly as many of them or have anywhere near the demand in my opinion.

  • Mo

    screwing the D400 crowds once again. I don’t wanna spend 3 times as much on replacing my lenses. Just give us a D400 first then do whatever you want with full frame cameras. Hell, make a 3300 full frame

  • Craig

    What does “Auto DX crop mode” mean?

    • The camera detects any DX lenses automatically and will shoot so that you get a DX image with a DX lens (from the FX sensor). So all photos will appear normal.

      • Nikonano


      • Eric

        Hope you can override it to be able to use 35mm f/1.8 on FX with some vignette.

        • Carsten

          Yes you can (unlike with Canon)

          BTW, I find it quite a stretch to infer an upcoming new model from statements like “not a replacement for the D700”

          There will be for sure new models, but if there will be replacement for an existing model …

  • David

    This does not change my mind in getting the D800. I have no use for a stripped down, lower resolution FX camera. The D800 gives me top image quality and resolution, my D3 gives me speed where I need it. If anything I could see myself getting a small & light DX body.

  • The D800 might just be a bit too expensive for my taste, a new entry level FF would be greatly appreciated Nikon, bring it on and you can have my money!

    • B!

      Nikon screwed up and priced the D800 a bit too low. Anywhere between 3300 and 3600 (with cheaper grip) would have probably sold just as many. If another FX is introduced it would have to be very limited or it will canibalize both D4 and D800, not too real if you ask me.

      • ahmet


        that move on Nikon’s side doesn’t make sense. It seems like with D800 Nikon managed to upsell a lot of people who were in the $2000 range budget. Why would cannibalize the D800 sales when you cannot make them fast enough to meet the demand.

      • Andrew

        I don’t think so, a lot of people were complaining when they thought the price of the D800 would be between $3,500 and $3,800 range. Pricing the D800 at $2999 caused a lot of people to compare the D800 to the D700 and consider the D800 to be a bargain. People are price sensitive and act accordingly. I don’t know how much the D600 will cost, but pricing it at $1999 or less will shakeup the photographic world.

  • D7k based FF body?

    • Andrew

      That would be awesome!

  • Craig

    Oh, ya, and who gives a rats azz about GPS. Toss that out in favor of WiFi.

    • kaygeebee


  • Craig

    Let play guess the price. I will start. $2,350US.

    • Prajyot

      I will go for $1800+ .
      D700 is $2100 so D600 has to be less….but again it will come out next year…

      • $2,699 list, $2,399 street once the dust settles.

      • B!

        D700 for $2100, yeak ok used on ebay. It was briefly at 2199 but that was only becuase it was out of stock in 98% of the places. Don’t forget inflation and said camera is going to be 2600-2800, perhaps a true lower MP D700 replacement.

      • Andrew

        I think $1,800+ is very doable. The D7000 with a magnesium alloy body at $1,200 was a shocker and because a very successful camera. Nikon is capable of repeating that type of aggressive pricing with the D600.

    • NoName

      …$1,999.00 US

    • fxdude

      1500 €

    • I say $1,899

      • Anonymous

        Dayum… if that is true, Nikon will be having its competitors for lunch. I think $2199, the same price as D700. The difference is not that much between $1900 and $2200… sub $2k makes for a great price point though. Now, what will the sensor be?????

      • Andrew

        Thank you – you have given us a very good reference point to dream!

      • LeGO

        The new 2nd-Gen Sony 24mp FF sensor on a D7000-body would likely meet the $1,800 to $2,000 price target.

        Upside for Nikon is that it will have a camera that will compete with Sony’s new 24mp FF SLT and also sell a lot of new FX lenses for Nikon.

      • Osborne syndrome all over again.

        While the “curve” Nikon uses would predict US$1899 as a price point for a missing camera, it would be silly to price it there. The demand level would absolutely be the same at US$1999 as US$1899, thus you’d be giving up US$100 on every sale. For what? The camera doesn’t currently have any competition, so undercutting the competition wouldn’t justify the US$1899 price.

        I went through this same debate with Adam Osborne in 1980, and lost, unfortunately. That company left millions of dollars on the table, millions it could have used. When there’s a critical perceived price point bar (US$2000) and you have no competition, you price just under that bar (US$1999).

  • Jimmy

    GPS? Why not have it integrated when most compacts offer it anyway.

    For people like you, who don’t take any photos outside of their bedroom, I can see why it’s not a critical addition.


    • hexx

      nice one 😉

    • bob2

      I want to know where you took yet another picture of your cat.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Mos compacts are made of plastic. No signal blocking. Higher end Nokon DSLRs have a full metal chassis, causing interference/signal blocking and need an external antenna. This is why (Nikon said this in an interview a while ago).

  • CRB

    Thats a relief….so the D400 will be APS-C?….at least i hope…

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    Well what more to come D400 next ? hopefully one cf card slot and other iso 12.800 clean and 6 to 8fps exspeed 3

    • 120-300 os for Nikon

      Many thanks Peter the Great!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    I sure hope it doesn’t have dual SD card slots either. CF all the way! Now where is my pro level DX D400?

    • Craig

      Can you please explain the SD vs CF contempt?

      Is it strictly because you have a CF investment?

      I have always used the fastest SD available with no issues.

      What gives?


      • I think SD has its place, but it isn’t in a PRO DSLR for many reasons.
        1.) SD is too small, IMO…I have lost SD cards, but never a CF. Plus, when doing laundry, I have overlooked SD cards in a pocket, but not a CF.
        2.) SD has exposed contacts, where CF is recessed in holes. I have never fried a SD through static electricity personally, but I have heard of people experiencing this. CF has no contacts which can be touched with charged fingers.
        3.) IMO, the CF shell is stiffer and less likely to be damaged in your pocket with your ring of keys.
        4.) CF is faster than SD, at least the specifications say so. Currently the fastest CF cards are 1000X or 150MB/s; faster than the brand new XQD cards (on paper).
        5.) I’m sure many here can dispute my points 1-4 above, so for the record I am not disputing SD as a valid technology for certain devices, I am just saying it shouldn’t be used in all devices.
        Final Thought: The new XQD card from Sony is much faster at writting when getting frames spit at it from the D4 buffer. An absolute joy for any sports action shooters!

        • Eric

          You refer to pro DSLR’s, but you lost some cards and damaged some with your keys?

          • I own other devices which use the SD cards. And yes, I am hard on stuff, my friends say I could break a boat anchor. I’ve washed SD cards, lost them, and had damaged them in my pockets where other stuff was. Maybe that is why I prefer the pro stuff, its harder to break. @R!, “CF is dead!!!!!!”, not yet, but it is on its last leg. I think XQD will put the nail in the coffin of CF.

        • Jorge

          OMG. Seriously? Keeping cards in your pocket? Regardless of whether it’s a CF, or SD get yourself a pocket rocket case, or even a freakin’ zip lock bag for crying out loud.
          Freakin’ amateurs…

          • @Jorge, thanks for the advice…I have long since bought into waterproof hard cases for all my media cards. I am one of those guys where life’s school of hard knocks definitely applies.

      • R!

        CF is dead!!!!!!

        • Jonathan

          CF cards are built for pro use, so are the XQD cards. SD simply can’t compete with that. I can easily snap an SD card in half. CF, not so much (not easily anyway). It makes no sense to have all this pro gear and then stick some flimsy card in the camera. That card stores your precious images. Really, the card should be the most well build piece of gear you have.

          • Dr SCSI

            +1000, and very well said.

  • bsii

    Pessimism: hopefully my D800 arrives before this comes out.

    Optimism: at least if I decide if I want this instead of the D800, I’ll have a D800 to use hopefully sometime soon until I get a D600 months after its released, and then some preorders of the D800 still won’t have their D800s and I’ll be able to sell my D800 for little loss.

    Harmful Optimism: I should just preorder a D600 immediately no matter what, too, and worst case sell it on eBay and be THAT GUY.

    Pessimism: what if the D600 is so great I need one IN ADDITION to my D800!? Catastrophe!

    • Hendog

      I hear you totally bro.

      A lot of us might feel majorly bummed at a D600 release if we barely decided to get a d800 out of lack of patience for a D700 replacement but didn’t quite need all those megapixels.

      If Nikon released this hypothetical D600 before the D800, they wouldn’t have sold nearly as many of them or have anywhere near the demand in my opinion.

  • Hmm, D3200, D400 – was thinking they were going to upgrade the D7000 to D7100/7200 all using the 24MP Sony Sensor. the D400 IF it has the same focusing system as the D4/D800 that would be really sweet as the D7000 accuracy is just not there when needed.

    The D600 doubtful as the D700 price was lowered to $2199.99 it would have to be much cheaper than that yet have a newer sensor? IF they are designating it D600 it wouldn’t make sense to have a BETTER SENSOR and be LESS than the D700?? Call me crazy but I don’t think the D600 will happen. Unless they discontinue the D700?

    • kyoshinikon

      It is obvious they will eventually…

    • PAG

      Agreed that a D400 with the new D4 AF would be the ticket, though I would be happier if it was less than 24MP. I think 6 fps would be a bare minimum with 8 fps more likely.

      A lineup of D3xxx, D5xxx, D7xxx, D4xx, D6xx, D8xx, and D4 would cover all the profitable bases.

      • @PAG, don’t forget the D800H!! It’ll be the mini sports version of the D4 in a D800 body. Nikon could easily place it right between the D4 and the 36MP D800 in price. It could come in around $4000, and be what the D700 was to the D3, but a much better camera with the D4’s shutter. You just wouldn’t get the FPS of the D4 until you added the optional battery grip MB-D12 for another $500.

        The D600 will be the DX to FX gateway camera. Based on the various Nikon patents for cheaper FX glass, it is obvious they are trying to fill a niche market. I imagine the camera will be 12MP and come in the same body as the D800, having low ISO performance similiar to the D3S.

        • Correction: “having high ISO performance….”

  • Oh, goodie another battery grip. I guess having the MD-10 which fit both the D300 and D700 cut into the bottom line so each camera body will now have it’s own unique battery grip. Sigh…there should be one grip to fit all DX bodies and one for the non-pro FX bodies.

    Still holding out the specs will be better than the D700 and a big enough sensor so the DX mode is useful.

    • Foolishcfo

      And the new grip will be backordered so that you aren’t made to feel special!

    • Don

      Sigh…there should be one grip to fit all DX bodies and one for the non-pro FX bodies.

      (With due apologies to Tolkien) One Grip to fit them all … and in the pixelated and de-noised darkness bind them!

  • Bryan

    I predict this IS the D300 replacement. Nikon’s new lineup: D3200 $700, D5200 $900, D7200 $1200 all DX. D600/400 $1800-2000 FX, D800 $3000 FX, D4 $6000 FX. Three cameras at different price points for each sensor type.

    Maybe they’ll actually do what Thom Hogan is suggesting and make the best camera they can at each price point.

    • John

      You are right this is the D300 replacement. There is no “Pro” DX (D400) forthcoming. Look at the lens offerings coming out now, nothing that a “Pro DX” user would want, all consumer grade. You want to put an 18-300 on a “Pro DX” instead of a nice fixed 14 or 16mm f/2? The nice DX lens offering that had been coming out a couple of years ago (like the 10-24 or the 17-55mm) have stopped. Nikon wants their “Pro DX” users to move to FX. Why the Auto DX mode? That is why. The consumer DX lenses are fine for 80% of what people shoot, but if you are serious about that last 20%, NIkon is telling you that you have to go FX.

      DX is now be consumer only, and how many consumers need 24MP DX? I have a D100, D200, and was waiting for the D400 for better low light performance when the D7000 came out and I got one for $1100. Too good to pass up at that price compared to my D200 sensor and the D300 cost at the time. It’s a nice camera, nice sensor, but nowhere near a “Pro DX” in features, like a buffer.

      • @John, I agree 100%…ProDX users will be forced to go to an entry level FX body if they want to have the high quality build of what used to be the D300/D300S. Eventually, the D800 and D4 will move back down in price as production meets demand; I can easily see those cameras going for $2699 and $5699 six months from now. This means the D600 will have to be priced under that future mark on launch day, significantly too ($1799 would be my guess). The cost to manufactur a PRO DSLR made of magnesium on a 4 axis CNC machine is too prohibative for the DX target audience in general. Although there definitely is a few (very few) DX shooters who are demanding a PRO style DX DSLR. I just don’t think Nikon can afford to chase down these few to make a few sales. If we see (or when we see) a D400 come out, I think it will take the hybrid approach like the D7000, i.e. plastic and machined aluminum body. This is a good balance between strength, weight, and durability.

      • Jerry

        John, that makes perfect sense. I’ve been waiting on an FX with high iso at the $1800 price point. The D7000 is a deal, but there’s always that certain “something” missing from DX photos.

    • Craig


      I agree. I have been stating since the first of the year the D300s replacement has to come soon so the pros are ready for the Olympics. This camera – whatever it is – is it – as long as the Auto DX mode is correct.

      • R!

        I think you the one that is right !!!!!!!

  • Erik

    I think that this is true: Nikon will have now an DX and a FX line instead of a pro and consumer line. The D7100, which will be released in September this year I think, is the replacement of the D300s and D7000, the two camera’s which has a truly overlap: it doesn’t make any sense for a pro who prefers a DX camera to buy an D300s instead of a D7000 which is in many ways the better camera of the two. But the pro will choose the D300s because that is the ‘pro’ cam.

  • John

    I’ve been thinking about cancelling my D800 pre-order and now I just might if this becomes more concrete. Don’t need 36MP – 16MP would be fine – I could live with 24MP as well as long as the high ISO DR is better than the D700 and there is no streaking/blooming of the sensor with overexposed highlights in high ISO images.

    I would imagine that this new body would have:
    – Slower frame rate (fine with me)
    – 95% OVF (don’t like it, but I can live with it)
    – Video (that’s OK, but not necessary)
    – Less rugged frame (OK too as I don’t abuse my D700)
    – Maybe no body AF motor?
    – Hopefully still has the built-in flash (can’t imagine that it wouldn’t)
    – etc.

    • @John,
      “I would imagine that this new body would have:
      – Slower frame rate (fine with me)
      – 95% OVF (don’t like it, but I can live with it)
      – Video (that’s OK, but not necessary)
      – Less rugged frame (OK too as I don’t abuse my D700)
      – Maybe no body AF motor?
      – Hopefully still has the built-in flash (can’t imagine that it wouldn’t)
      – etc.”

      Expanding etc…
      – Fewer CLS groups for built in flash to control, maybe just two, plus the in camera group.
      – Frame will be built up to D300/D700 standards, no worries here.
      – Cache Buffer will be less
      – New Expeed 3 Processor
      – Possibly a smaller LCD
      – Accepts new wireless transmitter dongle from D3200
      – Same EN-EL15 battery
      – etc…

      • Andrew

        Removing the AF motor will make this camera useless to me. The whole idea of dumbing down the product would make no sense at all! I believe that Nikon will exceed expectations with this new product – higher ISO than the D800 and 6 fps (with 8 fps in DX mode). The D800 will still be desirable for high MP and the D4 for performance (11 fps), higher ISO, and build quality.

        • @Andrew, agree with higher ISO, faster FPS. If Nikon removes the AF motor, I think it makes sense for those who are vested in DX glass with AF-S. This gives them a bridge camera to FX. The fact Nikon has started patenting budget FX glass, kind of hints to what is to come. I guess it really depends on how much cost the AF motor adds to all D600 cameras vs the new sales on older lenses.

  • Dimitrii1130

    it must be sony’s new 24mp sensor. using an old sensor just for this camera wouldn’t make sense. using d4′ s sensor in a cheap camera (released within a half year) would make d4 ridiculous.
    and in summer there will be sony’s A99 (?) with a new 24mp-perfect for a cheap nikon.

  • That Guy

    I’m willing to bet it will be made outside of Sendai. Allot of folks have been screaming for a less expensive full frame camera, ironically most of them only have DX lens.

  • Beso

    I find all these new product launches and speculation laughable given the D800/D4 supply fiasco. Maybe Nikon has a new strategy of flooding the market with non-existent product as a means of beating the competition and becoming the non-existent product leader.

    • Andrew

      Nikon is indeed flooding the market, but the demand for their cameras far exceeds supply. That is a good position for any company to be in. At least there are people using the D800 and D4 around the world as we speak.

  • Mike

    If true, and I ain’t betting, could this be a D700 Jr, and be something “less”, perhaps in a more D7000 body (more composite-like), sans video or video lite, and coming in around $1600?

    That would make sense.

    My best,


    • MRGABE

      PSSH. wouldnt sell. why not just buy the D700 in that case? it cant NOT have video.

  • nikkor guy

    D700x anyone ?

  • T.I.M

    This is the end of the never planned D400.

    • fxdude

      Forget the D400, the utopian camera. Now we start talk about D600. 🙂 woo wooo I like rumors!

  • Joaquim Prado

    “I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.” And avaibilitty in 2013!

    Lots of users who bought the D800 will switch to this new FF camera, for sure! Many orders will be cancelled!

    • if the D600 turns out to be true – too early to say

      • but if true, I really expect to be less then the D800, not 100% VF coverage, less MP, maybe even worse ISO…

        • this is also why Nikon always releases the most expensive products first and they go down the line – many people who bought the high end cameras will not “upgrade” to a lower end model

          • St.

            I would go for D600 if it was released at the same time with D800. Now, after I have D800 I don’t know what camera Nikon has to offer so I can switch.
            Thom Hogas speaks in his post from today about releasing a new 24-85mm FX lens – do you have any info about such thing???
            As I understand (from his previous posts), he thinks that Nikon won’t just release a new 24-70mm with VR – that would be too small upgrade. So he expects 24-85mm (probably VR and f/2.8)

            • John Richardson

              What the hell is your thought process?

              You have a D800 and now you are thinking of switching? Get a life, and better yet go take some photos and stop changing your gear as often as you are supposed to change your underwear.

              Have a D800 and thinking of switching? Then turn off your computer until we send you an e-mail that tells you to turn it back on. FFS.

            • St.

              So many rude words and you didn’t even read what I wrote above (or simply misunderstood it)
              I said that I love D800 so much now, that I really don’t know what kind of camera Nikon has to release to make me replace the D800 with that camera.

              PS: I DO have a life, I DO shoot with my D800 and DO enjoy it a lot. Do you?

        • DX2FX

          I don’t think D600 will have worse ISO.. Look at D3200, it just got better and better. Maybe not as good as D4.

          • LeGO

            At an equalized 24mp, it is reasonable to expect that the Sony 24mp and Sony 36mp FF sensor will yield the same results.

  • Henry

    Well – D700 is already out of business, I guess there is a stock that needs to be sold, but it will be gone soon.

    D600 – cheap FF, well maybe a good idea to help users into the FF world and require some expensive glasses 🙂

    I’m waiting for my D800 though 😉

    • Jan

      Well, in the case you described and the case for me personally, the good thing about the possible D600 will be the AutoDX crop mode, enabling you to take your DX glass with you for a possible crossover period with no need to replace all your glass at once. That combined with the hopefully nice entry price will get a lot of people to upgrade to FX for sure, I’m just waiting for it to happen. Cheers!

  • Phil

    Unless it has a kitchen sink attached to it, I’ll be moving to Canon.

    • T.I.M

      Thank you, have a nice trip !

  • D700guy

    This is getting to be re-god-damned-diculous

  • Benjo

    I’ve heard the ‘two more bodies this year’ statement all over the place now…if true, I fear it will be far more mundane – D5200 and D7100. It’s inevitable that they’ll both be updated, probably all to Sony’s newer DX sensors, ie 24mp.

    I’d be happy with lower end FX options, just because the more folks buying FX lenses and sensors, the less they’ll cost. It’s a bit elite currently, which keeps prices higher.

  • Joel

    This is huge! D400, D600, D800, D4, D4X. Direct competition with 7D, 5D mark II, 5D mark III, 1DX. Nikon should have done this a long time ago.

  • Peter

    Let’s all pre-order at B&H at the same time!
    But seriously, this is an interesting development. IF it is true.

  • 1. GPS should have been integrated into the D4 and D800

    2. WiFi/wireless flash triggering via WiFi should have been integrated into the D4 and D800. ($900 or so(?) for WiFi for the D4, when a similar unit for the D3200 is $80, is highway robbery. I don’t mind having paid $6000 for my D4, but I take offense to getting raped for the WiFi, when that much money would buy a fully loaded, unlocked iPhone 4S with WiFi, blue tooth, 4G, a camera, and angry birds.)

    3. DX was considered pro back in the day, when the D1 and D2 units were DX. This is likely due to their limited capabilities in making full framed sensors for a reasonable cost. (Noted, Kodak’s DCS 14/N was full frame). Thom Hogan constantly bemoans the lack of new ‘missing’ DX lenses. It’s quite apparent that DX now means enthusiast, and FX is pro. Period.

    4. Another full-framed, ‘lower end’ body would make a nice second body, or a remote shooting body.

    • Ralph

      I think youre onto something, I hardly ever use my live view screen – perhaps Angry Birds on Nikon.

    • I’m a poor guy, so..

      “4. Another full-framed, ‘lower end’ body would make a nice second body, or a remote shooting body.”

      The possible D600/FX it will be my main camera, I hope that can satisfy my advanced aspirations and don’t get limited by the camera itself. 🙂

      • For most people, it would definitely be their primary, and only, body. What I mean is that if it is your secondary body, having a full frame, and thus the same focal lengths for all your lenses, can be a nice thing. This may be ‘lower end’ in that it would be the lower end of the Nikon FX line, not overall.

  • Yoan

    Oh btw, isn’t it “horizon” in English? 😛

    • B!

      Goes to show you how blind everyone is, everyone is a D800 zombie.

    • it is, I was thinking in a different language 🙂

      • B!

        Horyzont? Hehe, trafilem w dziesiatke?

  • Gpereir4

    Nikon is going to run out of names soon! That’s what I like about Canon’s “mark x” system. Easy to keep straight!

    • B!

      Alphabet doesn’t stop at a D you know

      • Gpereir4

        MAN! Spoiler alert, not cool! We haven’t made it past the “D” unit in school yet.

  • rkas

    And please make it a D3100 body with an EVF and focus peaking and metering with AIS lenses. That would be kinda perfect imo.

  • its nice if its true,

    I want a
    a d600 with
    256,xxx iso
    120fps 1080 video
    4k capable
    18fps dx and 15fps fx

    and price maybe $2600

    yeah it will be great.

    • B!

      LOL, and I want the same but at $600, what’s your point?

    • another option is the 16MP sensor from the D4 with not as good high ISO performance

      • Don’t forget the D3S sensor as an option…only 12MP, but hey those are great megapixels and they would fit nicely in a D600.

        • B!

          A lot of people would drop their D700s quicker then you can finish reading the anouncement.

          • Jorge

            I absolutely LOVE my d700. I would not part with it even after I receive my D800. Never, Never, ever, ever. It is an amazing camera up to ISO 3200 which is about the max I shoot. I have done some “test” shots at ISo 6400 and they were ok, but I wouldn’t go there. I don’t feel that for my photography I need higher than 3200. Heck, when I feel I may go above 800 I pull out my multiple SB’s for light.

            • @Jorge, absolute 100% correct with respect to the ISO of the D700/D3! The SB’s help but the D3S and D4 is a real joy; the one to two stops gain in ISO make the upgrade a worthwhile consideration. The gain in ISO is like getting a one stop gain on all of your glass simultaneously!

        • Eskimo Nikonian

          Totally agree. I think this is the more likely option. They can harvest a mature sensor with higher yields while protecting the D4’s position as the FX top dog. Though the D700 was released a year after D3 (the first FX camera), the 700 soldiered on through the D3s’ reign providing that distinction between the two. If the D3s sensor trickled down to a DX00 body, that would be nice…and a true successor to the D700.

          • The D700 was developed first and marketed second. Poor decision and neglecting sales in the D700 segment has always been Nikon’s Achilles heels.

            Or mine. It drives me up a wall.

      • B!

        You mean they’d cripple the sensor?

        If done in software people will somewhat quickly find a way to unlock it.


    if this is true, I SWEAR TO GOD, i shall not eat until i have it. all i ask is for video capability to match the D7000 with 720/60 added in as a feature and around 6fps with a buffer to match the D300s..

    • Philx1979

      D300s buffer? What’s good about it? Very poor compared to the 7D

  • bjrichus

    Possible rumor about bracketing?

    Don’t care about lack of HDR crud, but bracketing…. ESSENTIAL.

  • hexx

    i’d be happy if they just rename d700 to d600 reduce price and sell it as entry level FX camera 😉

  • Up $#!t’s Creek!

    any word on video?

    • Me


    • Other


    • Jorge

      F*ck Video! what the heck is wrong with you all and this video BS in a camera?

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