Nikon D800 now in stock on Amazon Germany

I am surprised, but I guess they did not have many pre-orders: the Nikon D800 is currently in stock on

Update: today Adorama and B&H started shipping Nikon D800 cameras to non-NPS pre-orders in the US.

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  • 50Β’

    Any word on what the general wait for a D4 is?

    • Che Ibarra

      I placed an order for a D4 immediately on March 8th when Amazon again opened it for pre-order. It said my Delivery Date was March 22nd….that came and passed. Then it changed to “We need more time to give you a better estimate on your delivery”..then yesterday I got an email saying I will receive my D4 on April 21. About 3 weeks from now….I’m home that’s true. I suspect it is.

      • I just placed a preorder on a D4 about a week ago and just got an email yesterday saying that I have an expected delivery date between April 17th and May 24th (heck of a window, huh?). Was yours a range or just that date?

        • D700guy

          Somehow I dont feel your pain. I pre-ordered mine on Jan 6th and havent heard a god damned word

        • Rob

          I didn’t order mine until March 13th, and my “estimated arrival date” with 2-day shipping is April 21. I’m guessing they expect their next shipment around April 18-19th and they gave almost everyone that date. I don’t expect to get one then.

          • Che Ibarra

            If I don’t get mine on April 21th, I am cutting my left nut off!

            • B!

              ROFL, That could make an interesting YouTube video. Such dedication!

        • Adam

          I got lucky and found one at best buy! It is not too late to try.

          • CodeRed

            A D4 at Bestbuy? For real?

            • Adam

              For real. I had to pay tax though.

        • Che Ibarra

          Mine was a specific date. April 21th.

  • Amadeo

    please ship mine from there to me in usa

    • Jason

      when $2999 item is priced at $3899 – it does not sell, and sits “in stock”.

    • they had lot of pre orders but started to require credit cards so many people canceled

    • have already sold out their allocation again!!!!!

  • Wataru
    • kamran

      motherfoockers probably recalled all UK stock and are shipping it in Japan, because they know all the orders they have to fulfil in the UK at the moment are for the older ‘incorrect’ price, where as they probably have a higher profit margin in Japan.

      • Judge Judy

        that price hike was an “adminstrative error”… excusa moi

        • Jeremy Kyle

          “administative error” my ass

  • juicebox81

    does this mean its only a matter of time before Amazon US gets another shipment?

    • T.I.M

      Probably not, because some fucking hassholes bought tons of D800 and are selling them back on Ebay for a fortune.
      Welcome to the $$$$$$ country.

      • St.

        I could not agree more with T.I.M.
        The precious “Pro NPS” who can’t live without the new camera…
        I have to tell you that exactly the “REAL PROs” don’t like to change their gear until they REALLY DON”T NEED TO!!!
        The advanced enthusiasts are those, spending crazy money most of the time, just because it’s their hobby.
        I wish NPS could track all those serial numbers (of D800 now on eBay) and cancel the membership of those, who bought them with preference.
        They can easily change their membership with the commerce/trade one.
        It’s a shame, because NPS only gets negative reputation.

        • Marcus

          Do you have any sort of proof of what you are claiming? From what I’ve read, there are a bunch of non NPS members that have gotten hold of the D800 as well.

          Anger over your own assumptions is not very healthy.

        • Andrew

          This is pure speculation. Do not drag the NPS members into your conspiracy theory. You are not being respectful to these hard working professionals.

      • Roger G

        To bad you where not smart enough to buy loads of the D800 and sell them for a profit.

      • Edubya

        I thought buying from an unauthorized seller (like aforementioned douchebag on ebay) voided the warranty. Anyone know how Nikon handles this in actual practice?

        • Jason

          that ebay douchebag feels that “E” antialiasing filter is worth only 88 bucks!

          D800 = $4200 and D800E = $4288

        • Moo

          voided the warranty doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. why does Nikon have to deal with it at all?
          of course only a fool buys ‘brand new camera’ off ebay

          • Andrew

            The warranty is an insurance policy. It is estimated that 4 to 5% of every manufactured product may experience some type of defect; are you willing to take the chance? I have seen people take the risk and when they experience problems, they blast the manufacturer for releasing defective products or not supporting their product. So the point is not whether it works or not. The point is, is the consumer acting wisely when they take such risk!

      • jason battery

        is no one selling OEM branded EN-EL15 for very cheap on ebay? Or are they labeling the box with Nikon logo fakes?

        Ebay has no OEM – only originals from china. sure!

  • Radek

    Hope amazon uk will get it back in stock soon!!! waiting for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Christian

      Hey, why don’t you just buy it on It’s the EU πŸ™‚ I often buy CDs on, no sweat at all to get it shipped to Germany. (and my D800 is on its way to me…)

    • Huggy

      If you buy from Amazon Germany and get it sent to the UK it will cost you about Β£50 less (including P&P) than in the UK (after the price increase) and you should get it on the 3th-4th of April. Then just download the english instruction manual.

      • Srini

        It depends on the euro-sterling conversation rate. You might easily be charged up to 0.90 pence/euro (actual interbank market rate is 0.8355)…without postage, the camera price itself would be circa Β£2609.10….

        • I just paid Β£2545.04 including shipping after the Euro conversion.

          • Huggy

            ooooh! Mine was Β£2551.40 inc p&p, But RussB, have you a euro plug adapter, may cost you Β£6.37? I’ll just steal the wife’s D7000 charger.

            • I’m not sure it will need a Euro plug adapter will it? I seem to remember receiving power options for all EU countries last time…

  • AXV

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeae! Pleeeeeease! Amazon! I only have 3 days left ;__;

    • B!

      Wait I though world doesn’t end until later on

  • Pablo

    Oh god, just got soooo lucky! Just picked one up locally!!
    But I’m not allowing my self to use it until I sell my D7000 with
    Quite a few accessories and lenses to help pay for this!! I’m only keeping
    My 50 1.4 and maybe, and that’s a big maybe my 70-300 vr.
    Got to pay off that credit card lol.

  • Dave

    Should get mine from by Monday at the latest πŸ™‚

    • Change it to “morning express” (+5 Euro) and you will have it on saturday πŸ™‚

  • Iain

    Amazon UK no longer seem to be taking pre-orders, just a page to sign up for when D800 becomes available.

  • Jetfire

    Us wont get next shipment until next week After inventory most likely.

    • AXV

      Yes that’s probably the problem.
      Stupid ass nikon launching a product when inventory coming, retards.

      • Jeff

        I made the same point a couple of days ago. They ARE stupid.

    • Crimed

      Could it be that the first shipment was by air freight to generate buzz and reviews, but the later shipments are already on their way (sent before Nikon inventory) by container ship and will appear in greater numbers soon?

      Oh well at least it’s a nice fantasy as I wait for an Amazon promise of April 13-30.

      • Crimed

        referring to Amazon USA

      • Jetfire

        I believe they’re be doing air freight for a little while long to at least get the first pre-orders out.

  • Mark J.

    This is a surprise. Did not expect any of the big online retailers(amazon,bh,etc) to get any that weren’t reserved for a good long while. Hopefully this taught everyone a lesson about buying locally at least. I sure know it did me. Got mine on Tuesday from my local camera shop without a pre-order. Never again will i order a in demand item on release day from the web.

    • D700guy

      I’m sure it’s possible with a D800, but unlikely to have such luck with a D4, or even a D800E

      • Adam

        Found a D4 at best buy. There is no difference D800 vs. D4

        • joey

          I was told by three Best Buys in the Sacramento area that they didn’t carry D800s. Do they only carry them in select stores?

        • D700guy

          I dont believe you.

          • Adam

            Just trying to help. The best buy guy had to search thief oms system, but found one in there and was able to get it to the store. Maybe others will be so lucky, it is worth a try. I was inspired by the admin config a d800 there too.

            • Adam

              The* not thief

    • Eskay

      I will never buy from a local store. Nikon is an anomaly. Most of the other companies send stuff to big retailers. Not sure what Nikon is trying to prove. Would never shop at a local store. If i have to wait so be it. I ordered on 7th early morning on amazon. Still waiting.
      local stores –
      sales tax
      Higher price
      Customer service sucks
      Return policy sucks

      • Mark J.

        You must not live in a city with a strong photographer base. Here in Seattle we got a killer Camera store that has been around since the 1930’s and is pretty much a mini B&H. They teach classes, rent anything you can imagine, sell just about everything short of Hassies and have very knowledgeable staff. And prices are generally the same minus sales tax. Which as much as i don’t like it either, people not paying sales tax so often is part of the reason damn near every state is facing a budget crisis right now.

        • B!

          People not paying sales tax on online purchases is not part of the reason. Corruption, overspending, missing money, fat pensions, etc, etc etc ARE THE REASON. You like paying taxes, continue to do so.

  • I suspect this is a mistake: I haven’t gotten any update on my order. It still says they cannot give an estimated shipping date.

    But hopefully I’m wrong and will see my order details to be updated soon.

    • Last time I preordered a Nikon product at it was the same: I got the cam a few days (1-2) AFTER the guys who just bought it when it became available.

      Place a new order an cancel your old one !?

      • Yeah, considering whether it might be worth trying to see if that would work. But then again, I don’t want to loose my place in line if it turns out not to work.

        In the mean time I’ve sent them an email requesting clarification regarding the stock.

        • Update: The status of my order just changed to “expected delivery April 3rd 2012”.
          Would be pretty amazing, considering I ordered it on March 25th.

          • Juhani

            I just ordered now and:

            Lieferung voraussichtlich: 7. April 2012 – 13. April 2012

            • Ordered yesterday, delivery date is still 31. Maerz 2012 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • Well it doesn’t look like a mistake to me. I just ordered one and it says “Shipping Soon” straight away. Delivery for early next week…

  • Tony

    They are offering delivery by 31st March, and at a Euro price which is virtually equivalent to the pre-increase price in the UK.

    • OMG I love Nikonrumours!!!!!!!! Just ordered mine from .de as suggested, will be in my hands in the UK in a couple of days πŸ™‚ I’ve effectively paid the “new” price, but now I get to shoot all summer with it and use the peripherals I have piling up (new cards, batteries etc)…

  • MS

    I preordered in Italy on 21 March – not shipped yet. Currently, I cannot find the D800 on Amazon Italy and Amazon UK using the search. My order page says: will be shipped by Amazon EU SARL (the Luxembourg Amazon headquarters in Europe). Amazon Germany states: will be shipped by Amazon Germany. Did anybody here receive a D800 from Amazon Italy yet?

  • MS

    I just checked Amazon France: also available there for 2899 EUR.

  • Robert

    Thanks for the tip. Now ordered and my Swedish pre-order will be taken away if Amazon gives a positive message.

    All UK citizens: Why do you not order directly from

  • Adorama just emailed me and called me personally to tell me that my D800 has shipped and will be here in the morning.

    • AXV

      Where do you live? So I can maul the ups delivery guy, steal the D800 and be hapy. You just fill a small form and get another D800 πŸ˜‰ ups just writes it off.
      Everybody wins.
      (except the delivery guy, but he’ll have some excellent story for his grandchildren)

    • Anonymous

      When did you place your pre-order with Adorama? I placed mine on 2/7 morning, and am waiting, impatiently, I guess πŸ™‚

      • Brock

        I called in the morning right before it went on sale on their web site.

      • I ordered it about 9am the morning they started taking pre-orders. I have some NPS friends who still haven’t gotten theirs, which I don’t completely understand.

  • sf

    i ordered mine on the 9th of feb. today (this evening) i got mail from amazon that is is delivered : )

    • Andromeda

      That can’t be, you joking right? US? Impossible, I ordered on 2/7/12 and nothing…

    • Eskay

      Yeah right. Ordered feb 7th too no delivery estimated delivery now April 27th

  • Gerry

    Because then they can’t complain any more πŸ˜‰

  • joeyG 58

    I am just trying to figure out how Germany Amazon got a shipment in when H+Nikon wash,t even shipping this week??????

  • Update: today Adorama and B&H started shipping Nikon D800 cameras to non-NPS pre-orders in the US.

    • Jan

      Good news. I hope some of those getting the ship notification from B&H and Adorama will chime in with an order time.

      • ShooterMcGavin

        Well to help narrow it down, I can tell you that I ordered from B&H at 3:30 a.m. ET on 2/7 and have not yet received a notice.

        • Anjan

          I had talked to b&h customer service today at 5pm… they said they got few “less than 100” bodies of D800

        • hq

          Ditto. Ordered on Feb/7 at 3:00am but have not received a confirmation yet.

          • hq

            Just spoke to B&H. They said the order they received was last week – the one presumably shipped to NPS members. Can a non-NPS member confirm if they received shipment confirmation from B&H?

            • Saben

              I am a non-NPS
              I can confirm I received shipment confirmation from B&H
              on the 29th

    • D700guy

      I have a D800E on pre-order from B&H. It hasn’t shipped. Nor do I have a date.

  • AXV


    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# 104):

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: April 16, 2012 – May 03, 2012

    Is that so? Well F U amazon!

    • sand

      I ordered on Amazon at 12:52 AM that will be 7th Fb and I got it on tuesday (27th march) and I have no connection what so ever with NPS. Worst part :weather is strange and I am busy… So no time to go out with this baby…

      • AXV

        Damn you amazon!
        When did it ship? last friday?

        • sand

          yep…mine was 2 day shipping…

    • JMail

      Ordered on 3/6 10:26 PM PST. I didn’t make the first batch. Got e-mail today from Amazon US and it is shipping today. Coming in from PA to CA. I’m camping in front of my house tomorrow and I will be away from Nikon Rumors for next 3 years πŸ˜‰

      • JMail

        Sorry 2/6 was the order date.

      • AXV

        This gives me hope hahaha

  • Eric Eckes

    Amazing. The rest of the world has their cameras while America waits. I envy all of you who are playing with your D800’s tonight!

    • T.I.M

      Tonight I can play with my 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 105mm, 200mm, 300mm, and my D5100 !
      Maybe not so funny, but better than watching TV !

      By the way, I have an excellent tip that can save you $$$$ on your lenses, but I’ll wait NR get a little less busy to talk Peter about it.

      • B!

        Why wait? Obviously a lot of people will be buying new lenses for their new FX. Come on, share the knowledge.

  • Saben

    I have ship notification from B&H!!
    Ordered 02/07/2012 at 12:23

    • Saben

      12:23 am

      • toku

        12:23am EST? I was watching B&H like a hawk and didn’t see the “Add to Cart” button until 1:40am EST at the earliest.

        • Saben

          Yes. EST

          I originally ordered the E version, which went on sale first. After more research on the two versions I realized the E was not the right choice for me.

          So I sent a email with my concerns and they refunded me the difference, I paid in full with PayPal. They said I would not lose my place in line.

          I was also ” watching B&H like a hawk”, refreshing like a crazy man πŸ™‚

          Hope you get yours very soon.

          • hq

            Saben- congrats! I didn’t realize I was that late! It must’ve been all the research I was doing to decide for D800 vs. D800E. The D800E link was available earlier, as pointed out. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

    • Foolishcfo

      You lucky dog!

  • Karate Kid

    I got my D800 yesterday and I’m not an NPS member. I ordered it from Unique Photo in NJ.

  • Michael Switzers

    What is the matter with you people? It’s an effing camera. Only the D800 will allow you to take the great American picture? Your five year old D300 is such a piece of crap that you can’t wait a couple of months for a new camera? “The rest of the world (has their D800) while America waits”? Really? Clearly someone in Washington isn’t doing their job. America shouldn’t wait for anything much less an effing camera.

    • Jason

      Yup! Cant wait. Also, if Nikon raises the price from 2999 to 3000, we will sue!

    • Jason

      ya’all ranting on an american website, and buying overpriced nikons. We rule!

      • CY

        Rule what?

        • zzTOP

          Rule the nikon waitlist. ugh

    • Obviously you never got exited about anything under the tree.
      (or anything you shot) πŸ˜‰

      • Michael Switzer

        My point exactly. You can’t get excited by pictures you take unless its been shot with a camera you found under the Christmas tree when you ten. I’m just sayin’…

        • AXV

          So you got payed to comment in here? Or are you just trolling for free?

          • Michael Switzer

            Paid by who? I’m in the same boat you are. I ordered my camera in February. I am a DGA director who has been shooting with Nikon cameras since 1966, many of which have produced some pretty good pictures. I’m just saying a late camera is hardly worth all the hair pulling, conspiracy theory inventing, hissy-fit having, and just plain stupid self pitying. Who is actually the troll here?

            • AXV

              I do not care who you are or how important you think you are, poser.
              To me it is worth the hair pulling, who are you to tell me otherwise huh? I can shoot fine with my F3/T but I want a new toy, so what?

              I am against nikon stupidity of not meeting the demand OF THE FIRST DAY sales.

            • Michael Switzer

              I’m a poser? Or a troll? Which is it? “FU amazon”? “Nikon is stupid”? Clearly you have some anger management issues, or you are very, very immature.
              BTW– You can look me up on IMBD if you wish. I am neither a poser or a troll. I am just not a spoiled brat.

            • AXV

              Ok so now we are pulling our gentleman’s vegetables out of our pants, mister IMDB big shot? Please, best you have is season 2 prison break, I liked it but season 1 was best IMHO. I should now, I saw it on megaupload.
              Let’s not continue this non-sensical argument. Nikon is doing wrong with this, they are in for a lot of unhappy costumers. Not delivering in time, raising the prices, what’s next? Faulty cameras and bad manufacturing? This could all be avoided, it will not be their downfall, but it’s a bad road they’ve chosen.
              I could have anger management issues and I am immature, but at least I can run a successful happy-costumers bussiness, unlike nikon or you maybe since I don’t see anything for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    • B!

      Real nice! You sir a just too mature. Perhaps America just isn’t for you.

      • AXV

        Are you referring to America the whole continent or the “united states of (the continent) america”?

  • Josef

    I ordered from OneCall on 2/8. My camera will be here tomorrow.

    Time to get reacquainted with the ol’ tripod.

  • Michael

    I got the call this morning from the local camera shop that my D800 was in… and picked it up about 10 minutes later! woot! πŸ˜€

  • I ordered from my trusty local Nikon dealer. No one has seen any D800s yet. A few D4s came in and got picked up by customers.

  • Brock

    Adorama just emailed me that they are shipping. Woot.

    • Eric

      Same here! Feels gooood!

    • Eric

      Also worth mentioning that the grip was shipped with it.

    • AC

      When was your order date/time?

      • Eric

        I called in and placed my order on the 7th – shortly before the listing went up online.

        • Brock

          Ditto. Someone here tipped me off to that. Thanks.

  • John Duarte

    2899Euros that’s $3800US. Germans Love NY, will come to NY to buy the camera and have enough spare change to pay for the trip.
    Good thinking

  • RW

    Ordered from Amazon USA 11:48pm PST on Feb 6th and nothing. NOTHING. I’m DYING OVER HERE !!!

    • Ben

      Sorry to hear that you’re dying! Please tell your next of kin to remove your name from the D800 order list so that the rest of us move up a spot πŸ˜‰

    • Zoot

      As Oscar Wilde famously observed, “It’s not the despair that kills you; it’s the hope.”

      • The historian

        At the time, Mr. Wilde was awaiting delivery of
        his brand new ‘Eastman Kodak’.

  • Ryan

    WILL Amazon be able to actually fill the initial February 6th &7th pre-orders by April? Or is it going to takes months…. I ordered on 4:45 EST Feb 7th.

    • Andromeda

      same question, ordered @ 3:45 am 2/7 amazon…

  • StevenG

    You guys are lucky ! I pre-order mine in the midnight on Feb 6th now Amazon told me the ETA : Tuesday April 24 – Friday June 1, yes, in 2012.

    • AXV

      At least I’m not the last one of the feb 6th orders who haven’t received it yet…

    • kevin

      really? i ordered it march 24th. amazon tells me that ill get is mid April to may 24th

  • Paul A

    My guess is that many people just ordered a D800 on serval different stores just to cancel the orders as soon as the first ones got ships.

    That would blow the statistics and result in a very uncalcuable situation for most shops to make a prediction for those late in the queue.

    You will see the camera much fast for now the cancelling will begin. That might also be the reason for the D800s being in stock right now.

    So – keep cool. Easy to say for me – mine in coming today πŸ™‚

    Cheers up.

    • AXV

      I think amazon is the one who’s going to see this more, because they were the first to offer a pre order and they are being the last ones to ship.
      Best buy completely blew everyone away (they probably did not get many, but because no one was expecting them they actually got to the shelves.)

  • Strile

    I have ordered D800 from B&H Photo on February 7th, 2012 @ 00:45 a.m.
    B&H sent me the notification and the UPS tracking number for my D800 on March 29, 2012 – 15:30.
    D800 should be arriving into my hands on March 30, 2012, by 17:00.
    I am near Boston, Mass.
    I am just an ordinary buyer from B&H. Not NPS.

  • Robato

    1st post. Been following NR & comments for some time. Ordered D800 from Adorama 2/7, a.m. Got an email it shipped last nite. Been using Nikon since 1973ish. Just shot sxsw in Austin w/ D700. No concerns that were not my own fault.

  • alfora

    Good photo stores FTW!

    I ordererd my D800 one day after Nikon’s announcement at my local photo store (in Vienna, Austria) and got a call from them on March, 21st and bought it on March, 22nd.


    Sorry, but I HAD to rub that in to you guys that I HAVE a D800 already!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Andreas

    I preordered my D4 10th January and I haven’t heard a word πŸ™
    I live in Sweden.

  • Jimmy

    Here a small ray of light from Holland. I just gotten a call from my dealer here in Holland that my D800 is underway to them today. Last week they got 1 body only and this week they will also get only 1 body which they reserved for me. So, there are some bodies dripping in.

  • Q

    OK, I’ve ordered this one. Seems like they are going to ship it pretty soon, order status changed to “Shipping soon” almost immediately, just like for any other item in stock at amazon. Got to cancel my 2099 GBP order from amazon UK then, just want the damn thing asap πŸ™‚

  • Ant

    It wasn’t an aberration, I placed my order last night German time and by this morning I had delivery confirmed for early next week. To be honest I was expecting a longer wait, in which to talk myself out of it.

  • ParachuteSJ

    Just got the notification that my D800 is ready for
    Pick-up in Switzerland (digitec). Ordered
    It on Feb 8th

    • Srini

      That’s the cheapest deal on D800 costing a sterling equivalent of Β£1850 – Β£1960 depending on the Swiss franc – sterling conversion. How do you bring it in pl? Don’t you pay customs and UK VAT at the point of entry? thanks

      • David

        Damn that’s cheap

        I’ve got a friend in Switzerland. I’ll bookmark that site and if it ever becomes in stock, I’ll ask him to buy one and post it as a gift πŸ˜‰

        Or hell, a flight to Geneva doesn’t cost much

        • Srini

          Check out if it is European warranty. But it is a great deal for sure…


  • Nordic

    Anyone else order from WEX in the UK?

    I placed my pre-order first thing on the 7th and am constantly told by them that i’m in a ‘good’ position and they are ‘well placed’ to get deliveries from Nikon.

    This isn’t filling me with confidence I’m going to be getting it soon – given that Nikon have clearly done a second, large international shipment now, I’m pretty disappointed.

    • Huggy

      I went to Park Cameras, I was told I was first on the list. The order was placed at 9.20am on the 7th of Feb. I phoned them twice prior to getting them in offering to pay and ensuring I was first on the list. They got 16 in and posted them out-but not to me. I wasn’t very happy to say the least. Now they won’t tell me where I’m on the “list”. If you really want it my advice is-order from Amazon Germany (it will accept your user name and password as if you were using Amazon UK-its all laid out the same, but in German), including P&P it will be about Β£2,551.40-thats still about Β£50 cheaper than in the UK and you should have it by the 2nd to the 3rd of April. Get yourself a euro adapter so you can charge it and download the instructions. Simples!

      • Srini

        The final sterling rate for this camera depends on the exchange rate (EUR-GBP) conversion. While the current interbank rate for euro-sterling is 0.8340, the banks usually add a heafty cushion of 5 to 10 pence from the prevailing interbank exchange rate. The final price without postage can easily be more than the UK price.

        To give an example, at the current interbank euro-sterling rate, EURO 2899 = Β£2421 plus postage.

        Some banks, at this moment, charge 0.8850 pence to one euro. That takes it to Β£2566 plus postage.

        I am not sure if it is worth buying from the continental Europe. The plus side is you get the camera in the next few days.

        It is a nice deal if we have a euro bank account.

  • TanduΓ

    No stock! finish

    I’m still wait in Italy…only NPS

    ETA on May!

  • Sven

    I placed an order for the D800 on February 8th with Amazon. Until yesterday my account kept telling me that they couldn’t determine the final shipping. So I went to a local store and picked up a camera I had ordered two days before and cancelled the Amazon order. It’s really funny that Amazon now – only one day later – has started shipping D800s…

  • Srini

    As some one pointed out, it is clear that multiple orders are being cancelled across the board. The reality of actual number of orders would start sinking in. How many new orders went through after the recent price hike?

  • I got my d800 (my first full frame) on wednesday from Darty in France. Ordered it on March 2nd πŸ™‚
    And today I am doing a glamor shoot with it (makeup artist is working on model right now πŸ˜‰ ) Let’s see how it comes out πŸ™‚

  • Zoot

    UK buyers might like to look at Mathers of Lancashire. Their latest news, on March 29th, is “Good news – Nikon will honour pre-order prices…”. AND their listed price for the D800 remains as “cheapest in Britain… Β£2295.00”

    Now, I don’t know if they are still taking pre-orders at Β£2295.oo, on the understanding that Nikon will honour that price, but it might be worthwhile giving them a call (the number is on their website) and confirming that that is the arrangement.

    • David

      Problem is that they are one tiny store and they have over 500 pre-orders. You’ll be joining a long, slow queue.

      I reckon the fastest way to get a d800 in the UK will be to either order it from abroad, or wait for it to hit currys, PC world, comet etc

      • Zoot

        Blimey! One tiny store in the UK has D800 pre-orders worth in excess of a million pounds.

        This camera might turn out to be a commercial success.

  • Matthias shipped my D800 yesterday, it arrived today. Ordered Feb. 13.

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