Nikon D800 updates

I was lucky to get a D800 from BestBuy today. Check your local store - they may have some in stock. My Amazon order is still in a "not yet shipped" state (pre-ordered at 1:07 am the night of the announcement). Some readers already received shipping dates from Amazon. Many small dealers in the US got D800 shipments today, but the majority of the orders were sent to NPS members. I have not heard anyone (non-NPS) getting a camera from one of the major US online retailers.

Today Apple released Digital Raw Compatibility update 3.11 that includes support for the Nikon D800:

Keep in mind that Nikon will suspend all shipments next week for their yearly inventory count.

I will probably not be able to answer all the emails I received in the past few days. Thank you all for the detailed updates from all over the world. I will be playing with the D800 in the next few days and will probably be offline.

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  • You are going to love it!
    Got mine yesterday and I am very impressed so far !.

    • D800 Yay!

      Got mine yesterday, ahead of some NPS members in the queue (good luck I guess).

  • Mine will arrive via FedEx in the morning :) Yay!

    • Nokin

      Congrats. It would be helpful if rumorists would say where and when they pre-ordered. Lots of Amazon and B&H customers checking here trying to see if we will get our D800 on Monday or if we have to wait 3-5 weeks! – (Ordered from Amazon, 1st night, 1:36am EST)

      • Larry Miller

        I am not an NPS member, but I go on Berger Bros. list a year ago, and they called today to let me know they had it. It will arrive tomorrow morning.

    • PeterT

      Got mine yesterday. Ordered last Friday 🙂

  • tnilsen


  • Pegdrgr

    good call on being offline! I am doing the same, although after compulsively monitoring NR for the past month and a half I find it hard to not come here to see what is going on.

  • PapaLiam

    Ouch that hurts! I too, am on that long Amazon waiting list. Congratulations!

  • Potato

    Thanks for the update on Amazon status! Mine will be here on Monday. So excited!!

  • Steeptrails

    Just got a text message from Amazon confirming mine shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. Looks like I’ll get to play with mine tomorrow too…

  • Scott M

    Congratulations! I was also very lucky today to call at the right time and pick up my D800 at a Costa Mesa, CA Best Buy. I never would have thought it would be an option when I pre-ordered from B&H. I have enjoyed all the news and rumors in this blog and now I can relax and get back to normal life. Good luck to you all!

  • trialcritic

    I wish I could but cannot drive. I am happy for all of you who got the cameras. Would request all of you who got their cameras to go to Amazon or B&H and cancel your orders there asap to push us poor folks to get their orders faster.

    • DMc

      I’m so happy to hear non-NPS users are getting cameras. Maybe we’ll see postings about the camera and not NPS bashing comments.

      Oh, and . . .

      This is the obligatory D4 comment on a D800 blog. It seems like every D4 announcement is rife with bleating comments about the D800. “Where is my D4? My dealer assured me I’m first on the list! Why is Nikon wasting resources on your camera before they made mine?”

  • mandrake

    I also found one at a Best Buy in Illinois. They had two, one went on display and the other to me.

    • Andy

      Which Best Buy? I was about to check locally but I’m holding off for an D800E so didn’t want to be tempted. 🙂

      I don’t think Best Buy will be selling the E model…seems like they wouldn’t meet Nikon’s qualifications of having the people there willing to explain to customers the differences in the E and non-E models.

      • Banksie

        My local shop (a Nikon Pro dealer) got their order. I’ve been in the queue with them since day one for the E and they claim they’ll be getting those in the second week of April.

  • I picked up 2 D800’s at a Best Buy in Virginia Beach this afternoon. Just called them up and they held them for me. Had 2 on pre-order at B&H, ordered on Feb 15th, so pretty sure I was far down the list.

  • yakker

    Interesting world – who would have thought Best Buy would suddenly become the go-to source for high-end Nikon products.

  • My D4 arrived in Regina today and will be here tomorrow. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the D4 and D800 are being delivered at exactly the same time, within days or even hours?

  • Amazon has some of the most unreliable customer service I’ve ever seen. No one knows anything, and I’ve heard from 2 separate individuals that they haven’t received a single piece of stock in of the D800. Yet, people who ordered from them are receiving their orders as soon as tomorrow. Unbelievable.


  • John

    I received a shipment confirmation this morning from Ritz Camera. Should have it by Friday.

    • Joaquim Prado

      Really? when did you ordered? I was told I was in the first batch from ritz but haven’t received any confirmation yet!

  • Bjorn

    Admin – Am I doing something wrong? I can’t format my memory cards on my D800, but it will take pics onto them. Were you able to?

    • Stefan

      works on mine – press the “mode” and the “trashcan” button at the same time till you see a blinking “FOR” on the LCD display … or better, go through the setup menu (pick the wrench) – first option “Format memory card”.

      • Bjorn

        Thanks, I tried holding the buttons down and using the wrench… and didnt work for my SD or CF cards (Lexar 16GB/32GB respectively). Very odd

        • Gary

          I’ve had the same problem with a 16GB Promaster card. D800 says Card Err. But it’s been fine with both a SanDisk and a Kingston card (<16GB).

          I just assumed it was a probblem with the card, but I mention it here in case we can spot a trend.

          • Gary

            The card works fine with my D200 but NOT the D800! Any ideas, please?

    • Greg

      I’m having trouble with a Lexar card too, but apparently because the 128GB card isn’t compatible. Lexar Professional, SDXC, 133x, 128GB.

      I’ve never actually needed to do a firmware update on a camera before– is this the type of thing Nikon would add support for later, or are we forever stuck with lower capacity cards?

    • Chandra

      Might be doing what I was doing. I was trying to format using the menu and in my older camera, the OK button was the center button of the multi-switch. Whereas, on the D800, after you select which slot to format, the OK button is on the bottom left and that has to be pressed.

    • yes, no problem here with 64GB SanDisk

  • Sdiggity

    Congrats NRAdmin!! Happy shooting!

    • I did plan a trip this weekend, but my dog is in the hospital, she is not doing well… the trip got canceled.

  • Jai

    Anyone in Australia received any information or shipping details or anything yet?

    • Alan

      I’ve been told end of the month. That’s from Leederville Camera in W.A.

  • Kyle

    I ordered from Amazon and still have not heard anything. I did however find one in a Best Buy in Atlanta, 2.5 hours away. 5 hours round trip and 180 in tax later and I am a happy camper. Now the question becomes to I keep the Amazon order and sell it on Ebay or just cancel it?

    • FF

      I am non-NPS, ordered from amazon ~9:20-9:30 PM PST on 2/6. My Amazon D800 changed to shipping soon with delivery March 26-27. My credit card was charged too.

      • FF

        Just received my shipping email. WIll have my D800 tomorrow. woooohoooo

    • trialcritic

      Cancel it. It will push us who ordered more than a month ago higher up the list.

  • Art

    Since I put in for an “E”, these next few weeks are going to be really really painful.

    Please please post pics and “reviews” for the rest of us “E”-ers to read and keep us drooling… I mean busy.

    On the plus side, I am #3 on PictureLine’s waiting list…..

  • NikonCoupleSoFlo

    I too was able to purchase one at my local Best Buy though I know the camera manager. A buddy of mine went to another Best Buy and they told him they can’t sell it until tomorrow.

    I really think the way the nonlinear retailers are handling communications is horriblie

  • Theshotlesstaken

    This is so weird! Where the hell did all the cameras go? To Best Buys and NPS people? Doesnt make any sense. 30,000 cameras just up in the air like that.

    • JC

      dude, there’s other country on the map other than USA =.=”

      • Greg

        I still agree with the sentiment– where did all the /US/ cameras go? Best Buy seems a bit over represented among the success stories…

  • Ray

    My amazon order just went to shipping soon with a delivery date of monday , match 26, 2012. The right side of the order status also lost all the options except order cancellation which I think not. I ordered at 1:17 am, 2 hours after announcement.

  • Over the past half hour, I’ve complained my way into free 1-day shipping for my Amazon D800, but still no answers. They’re sticking to their guns that they have yet to receive any stock and “the post says it will take 1-2 months”. -_-


  • Mark J.

    This is really messed up that those of us who waited, pre-ordered within minutes(about 3m after B&H pre-order went up i was done already) and we havent even gotten a peep out of them and now at this point im starting to wonder if i will get it anytime in the next 3-4 weeks due to Nikon taking time off, and B&H observing passover for half of next month… Tried my Seattle area best buys today and only the Bellevue store got any, and the 2 of them they got were gone about 5m after they opened. So 2 guys who didnt pre-order, get copies, and me, who pre-ordered 6 weeks in advance, get not even confirmation of when i might get it….

    Nikon, your really not winning any hearts here. If it wasnt for my glass invested, that new Canon would be looking mighty tempting right now. Don’t know how Nikon expects to increase market share with this shoddy of order processing and distribution in the US.

  • Kyle

    You will all be happy to know I decided to cancel the Amazon order. As much as it would be nice to turn a little money on the Ebay, I am extremely happy with the one I have and I know how you all feel waiting because I too ordered on announcement day and was pissed when Amazon delayed it.

  • Tuck

    Fortunate to get mine yesterday March 22nd evening; Been told only a few sets available in Singapore and Nikon is giving a few sets only to those dealers who commit to ordering/stocking certain quantity of other models.

    • Tim

      Did you buy yours in Singapore? Which store??
      I’m off to Japan in a few weeks for an impossible hunt for one and to save a few bucks..

  • Ryan

    Just a little bit of personal input on the Best Buy situation…

    From what was explained to me, and ultimately what I had to deal with, every Best Buy store has an exclusive contract with Precision Camera in Texas for warranty repairs. I sent in a D7000 body for repair through best buy and got back in return a camera with missing screws, scratched sensor, and disconnected microphone two months later. Because stocks of the D7000 were non existent and sending it back to the same garbage repair company seemed out of the question, I had to take a replacement in the form of a Canon 7D….

    Not saying that Nikon wont stand behind the warranty if you send it directly to them and bypass Best Buy, but once Precision touches it Nikon is no longer responsible for the cameras warranty at all.

    That being said, Best Buy rocks and did as much as possible. Getting $3,000 worth of rewards zone points isnt a bad deal either…

    Enjoy the new cameras, anxiously awaiting an Amazon D4 order with no estimated delivery date (saved 5% though so at least theres that..)

    • Calibrator

      “I sent in a D7000 body for repair through best buy and got back in return a camera with missing screws, scratched sensor, and disconnected microphone two months later. Because stocks of the D7000 were non existent and sending it back to the same garbage repair company seemed out of the question, I had to take a replacement in the form of a Canon 7D….”

      I don’t know about you but I’d take those clowns to court if they wouldn’t rectify the situation. Especially if I had the time, shooting with a different camera.
      Not holding them responsible is the wrong thing to do in this case, IMHO.

      • Ryan

        I do agree with you but after the amont of time I put into just trying to get the camera back to me in the first place I guess i sort of gave up. The store managers tried getting me a replacement D7000 by (they claimed) checking every best buy store inventory in NY (where I am), CT, MA, PA, and NJ to no avail. I paid Best Buy $1600 ish for the D7000 when they accidentally started selling it before the official release and had it for 11 months of constant shooting with 110,000+ actuations so I figured getting put into a slightly more expensive brand new body and shelling out $1500 for some lenses that I could later sell to tie me over until the new Nikons were released wasnt a bad idea…

        At the time.. didnt seem like the worse case scenario, but after using the camera for a week or so and pushing it to the limits I hated it and a month later it failed on me with some b/s “Cant access card” error that was happening with every card (sandisk extreme pro, no cheap crap) and after sending it back to canon they sent it back 4 days later without fixing the error.. Still failed as soon as I powered it back on for the first time.

        Never again.

        • Greg

          You know, when they tried to pitch me their extended warranty, they kept repeating over and over that if something went wrong I’d probably get a brand new camera.

          Silly me thought the new camera would at least come from the same manufacturer… Still didn’t take the offer, though.

  • Shane Eaker

    Nikon might deserve some criticism. From an end user, customer perspective, it’s rather disappointing that Nikon wasn’t ready to fill D4 and D800 pre-orders. And, its unbelievable that retailers seem to be in the dark as to when pre-orders will be filled. Does Nikon think they can break business school 101 rules (under promise, over deliver) on their higher end products and not create opportunities for their competitors? If I were a business competitor of Nikon’s, I’d be trying to steal their market share by capitalizing on Nikon’s problems.

    • DMc

      If Nikon produced enough to fill all pre-orders before shipping then we would wait a lot longer.
      Nikon or their retailers would be faced with tons of cancellations and returns from people who ordered multiple places.
      Nikon would tie up a lot of capital in a product for which they would have to rent warehouse space – those costs would reflect in the price.

      I think it is better to get a good product launch and spread a few extra cameras to all the dealers so they don’t drop the product line.

      If I was a retailer and knew Nikon was sending everything to the big stores I would drop their line and sell the other cameras. Consumers wouldn’t come to my store for Nikons because all the big boys get the cameras and I would sell Canon. The new photographers would all start with the Canon line. Nikon would slowly lose market share.

  • B. W. B.

    Like the others, got the last one of the D800 bodies at any of the local Best Buy stores tonight (north Texas region), thanks to the several comments in the other posts about having luck with them. Will cancel the body order with Adorama tomorrow (though will keep the other accessories I placed with them).


  • Tim
  • Benjo

    Honestly, did B&H actually receive a single D800 for plebeians? My colleague has her order confirmation from 04:24EST and hasn’t heard a thing, still says backordered tonight. Like an idiot I waited until 8:44EST, which the poor B&H guy said probably puts me in May (he was nice, poor guy has probably answered the same question 800 times today, and of course he said “we can only guess, but from what I’ve seen you’re looking at May”). No camera store I can find within 3 hours has any, nor Best Buy.

    It’s a tad pathetic to be whining as I am, but I was hoping to have it for a big job this weekend. That said, clients have never noticed what camera I used, mainly they want dramatic lighting and interesting angles (architecture).

    Perhaps I should be less antisocial and find an NPS sponsor so I can be special.

  • BillM

    I was pretty late in ordering my D800 from Amazon; however, I just checked status and it says “Delivery Estimate: Monday April 16, 2012 – Tuesday May 1, 2012” Even my Olympus OM-D E-M5 order which I placed almost immediately after it was announced has no estimated delivery date 🙁

  • atanz

    whoa just got a tracking number from Amazon! delivery for tomorrow. I’m also first on the list at my local Best Buy for their shipment tomorrow. hmmm

    • StillWaiting

      atanz: Congrats! What time did you order from Amazon?

  • Adam

    I work for a Canadian retailer and yesterday we received a small amount, that couldn’t be sold until today. Out of the HUNDREDS of pre-orders, we literally got a tiny fraction of that. I’m guessing, so there is not fact to this, but I believe it will be 6 months by the time we can fulfill all of our pre-orders. Mind you, we will have cancellations which will bump people up the list. Nikon Canada has mentioned that each shipment will be small numbers, but they hope to keep it frequent.

    However on the Canon front, they had sent us enough units to fulfill all pre-orders and have a few in-stock. Bizarre times we live in folks.

    All I can say to all of you out there, just have patience and please don’t take it out on your salesman or any salesman for that matter. It isn’t our fault, we have no idea when more units are coming. We aren’t lying to you. We really don’t know.

    • Hmmm….. Henrys, Vistek, Dons, McBains, The Camera Store ….?

      Don’s got D4 in yesterday and I will have it tomorrow via courier. No wonder I can’t sleep.

  • bricah

    Just a thought. Seeing as many have placed multiple orders, I wonder if some of the major retailers aren’t allowing a day or two to get the cancellations in instead of having packages refused or returned because people already received from other sources.

  • Bob

    Just got my shipment notification from Amazon, scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Mar 23).

    I had pre-ordered the night it was available.

  • Anthony

    Just checked Amazon, 8:00pm Pacific Time; 11pm Eastern. Now says “Shipping Soon” with a delivery date of Monday, March 26th. I ordered from Amazon 20 minutes after the link went live on Feb. 6th.

    • Nokin

      What time was it that the Amazon pre-order link was live on Feb 6?

      • Brian K

        I received my confirmation email at 2/6 11:27pm CST. It could not have been more than 5 minutes before that.

        • BenCK

          My confirmation email from Amazon on 2/6 is 11:23pm CST. I’m the one that posted the links here first. I literally ordered within seconds of the links becoming live on Amazon’s site (I was refreshing Amazon waiting), so about 11:20pm CST is when Amazon first started taking orders.

          My D800 will arrive on Friday.

          • FF

            Thanks to you, my D800 will be delivered today from Amazon.

  • Jacob

    My amazon order shipped about half an hour ago. I preordered within 1 minute of the link being live the night of the 6th.

  • AXV

    So it looks everyone who preorderd with amazon the day of anouncement are getting their cameras shipped today, I ordered late at night so I hope mine ships tomorrow, I still have 12 days for it to arrive, otherwise I’ll have to cancel. Still I won’t get my hands on it for a couple of weeks. Let’s hope my credit card clears with no problems.

    • Nope. I ordered within minutes of opening the flood gates on the 6th. Still no shipping notification or change in estimated arrival date.


      • Todd Crump

        Same here. I preordered as soon as it was announced and I show scheduled delivery of April 13-april 31st. Crazy. Missed 4 of them at best buys around so cal.

      • AXV

        did you recieve the e-mail:

        We’re writing about the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# 104). Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the item(s) as soon as we expected and need to provide you with a new estimate of when the item(s) may be delivered:

        “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
        New Delivery Estimate: April 16, 2012 – May 02, 2012

        If you still want us to ship the delayed items when they do become available, (though they may arrive later than expected) please visit Your Orders on address to approve the delay.

        I did approve it, now I’m scared I got screwed by amazon, since I declared I can wait maybe they will make me wait.

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Scary. I’d like to know what others did.


        • sand

          I also got the same email. But now delivery status is changed to 27th March. GO and check at your amazon account. My guess is it would be due much sooner..enjoy..

          • Oh noooo! Mine’s still unchanged! Maybe they’re doing this stuff by hand or something (though, my few chats tell me otherwise). It all seems very methodical and incremental. Each person going in order, one after the other, instead of a massive batch order change.


            • AXV

              Mine’s unchanged too, I am getting uneasy hahaha I am checking my email every half an hour or so expecting to have their email say: Your order has shipped!

            • Steeptrails

              No, it doesn’t cause a delay in your order. I spoke with a customer service rep to ask that very question. After talking to her, I ‘approved’ the delayed date. The very next day (today) I got confirmation the order had shipped, with delivery for tomorrow.

              Amazon’s system is really messed up — giving new ship dates almost daily — but they did finally come though and ship the unit on the 22nd, the exact date Nikon said the camera would be released.

        • PicturePerfect

          My window is April 16 to May 1 while others have April 13 to April 30 and you now have May 2. I don’t know what Amazon is doing with these multiple dates because some with the earliest date still have no notification of shipping.

          It seems like Nikon is trying to keep everyone happy by shipping a small number of cameras to every one of their dealers, including Best Buy with the result that nobody is happy except the few who snagged one. If they are this far behind in production (after a ramp up period) it would appear that it will be a very long time before all of us see a D800 in our hands.

  • I called several Best Buys, and the closest one with them in stock was 2 1/2 hours away… so we impulsed a road trip. The were kind enough to hold it for me. Five hours later, I’m safe at home with my D800.

    Just got home, spent the car ride back setting it up and even doing some test shots. It was super dark in the car, and I was INCREDIBLY impressed at how well the AF system can focus in low-light.

    • Kyle

      I did the same thing! Not only did I get it launch day, but it was an adventure as well.

  • Jim

    Has anyone (USA) received a shipping email from anyone but Amazon? Never would have thought that Best Buy/Amazon would ever beat B&H/Adorama to the punch, man how things have changed…

  • Bruce29982

    Just now got the ship notice from Amazon for one day delivery tomorrow Friday

    Ordered 12:28am EST 2/7/12 – big thanks to BenCK for the early posting of the pre order link here.

    credit card charged earlier today and had a Monday delivery but am getting tomorrow now.

    And it is shipping from Whitestown, IN if that matters to anyone

    • How do you know at what time you ordered? I can only find the date, not time..


      • Bruce29928

        Check the time on your Amazon email from the original order notification.

    • BenCK

      I’m glad I could help you out. I’m surprised you remembered my name. I got shipping notification as well and it should be here tomorrow.

      • Bruce29928

        I was in a frenzy that night, searching Amazon, waiting for Admin here to post links, and then the first links to B&H didn’t work.

        Jumped on the link you posted and then could go to sleep.

      • John

        I remember too. Thanks for the link BenCK!

  • Kevin

    at bestbuy? omg… do they have any x pro 1’s too?

  • Trialcritic

    Nikon is playing games now. If it announced where it is going to deliver next, we could pick it. Comparing Best Buy to B&H is crazy, they are not making points with their best customers. Wonder why they did this. We cannot take a chance and have to keep our orders which could take upto 2 months.

    • While I totally agree with the overall sentiment… Let’s not kid ourselves. Soccer mom’s & college girls are Nikon’s best customers (P&S market). They probably figure NPS in the most dire need are taken care of, the plebs can wait.

      Bad time to be a pleb… Got an order into B&H on the evening of the 7th; don’t even want to know where that puts me..

  • Ugh… I ordered from Amazon probably 3 minutes after the link went live on Feb. 6. Still no shipping info. from Amazon. I guess I could try some Best Buy locations in the AM… But not really looking forward to ~$300 in local sales tax.

  • vilaroImages

    So looking forward to all the reviews from you lucky folk that have got your D800. Don’t keep me waiting too long guys.

  • Bill

    NR Admin — I’m stoked you got your well-deserved D800 and happy to see some smiling faces around here!

  • AC

    I must be an idiot for pre-ordering with Adorama, since no one mentions them. I would use B&H but I’m always afraid they’ll go on some jewish holiday right when I want my stuff. Adorama won’t give out any info on the phone. I’ll find out tomorrow if I get a shipping notice.

    • Bash a Jew

      The number of holidays B&H takes! 😀

  • Cedric The Cat

    A (very detailed) first impressions review: The Nikon D800

    • Banksie

      Cedric the Cat, thanks for that link. It’s good to finally hear now from a ‘real’ user and NPS member, and not one of the Nikon handpicked pre-production ‘users’ that we had to rely on before the camera actually shipped.

      What he is saying is very important and people need to listen:

      “I don’t think the D800 is a general purpose tool. Where the camera will shine is in the studio for work with controlled lighting, or landscapes.”

      He then goes on to talk about doing a comparison with the Leica S2 and the Hasselblad HD-39. And then about deficiency issues of Nikkor lenses (he also has samples of images taken with a Zeiss ZF lens.)

      Yet here we have everybody going crazy trying to get one and they are talking about it being their D700 or even their DX replacement camera. I think there’s going to be some major disappointment for many people.

      And no, I’m not trolling at all. I’ve ordered the 800E myself. But it’s for a specific use only (studio work and large print output from a Lambda RA type printer.) I’m absolutely keeping my D3s (and will no doubt upgrade to the D4 eventually.) But I also own several Zeiss ZF lenses that I’ll be using with the D800E. (I’m also keeping my M9 and my film M6 for street use and my documentary type work.)

      I hope people realize that the D800 is not at all a replacement camera, but a new camera altogether. I’m certain there will be a D700 replacement (smaller D4?) eventually. I dunno, but I think if it’s going to be your only camera and your ‘general use’ camera, it might be much wiser to wait.

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