Nikon D4 and D800 pre-orders are back on Amazon with a March 20th release date

The Nikon D4 camera is again open for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of March 20th, 2012. Amazon stopped taking pre-orders just few hours after the D4 announcement. They probably now know how many cameras they will get in the first shipment and started taking pre-orders again.

Update: Nikon D800 and D800E pre-orders are also opened:

The Nikon D800 is also listed with a March 20th release date. No release date is given for the D800E:

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  • cannot upload the image from my phone, will add it later

    • Munster
      • Taylor

        Good Article!
        I am no lawyer here, but I think the difference is Apple hurts more consumers than Nikon.
        Apple reached millions of consumers. Nikon only hurt a few hundred rich “Artiest” who rather go out charge more to their wedding couples than organize a fight with Nikon.

      • Jose

        Yes, Apple has a bigger target on their back, and much deeper pocket.

      • Shawn

        Nikon pro fan boys are the 1% fat cats with ability to charge more to their newly weds, they don’t mind contribute more to the temple of Nikon.

        • Mock Kenwell

          So ignorant…

        • Exactly. We are the 1%. I’m so sick of all the rest of the 99% that don’t have billions of dollars like me.

  • Gabe

    I wish I could afford it right now

  • Shane

    I’m deep in the B&H queue. Anyone recommend Amazon over B&H?

    • Rob

      Amazon won’t sell more then they can offer at the moment where as B&H has no problems keeping people on the waiting/backorder list.

    • Go for it. Amazon is good too! When you say deep in B&H queue, when did you place your order?

      • Shane

        June 20th. I think they started taking orders on the 8th.

        • Shane

          I meant to say January.

          • I don’t think that your are very deep in the queue. This is the D4 we are talking about and not the D800. Just my personal opinion. But if you want to make sure, just place your amazon order as well and cancel the other when the first one confirms your order for shipping.

          • Robin

            I don’t think you are in the queue at all, as no Nikon D800 was available to pre-order on January 20, 2012

            Heck, it wasn’t even announced that early.

            • This is the D4 we are talking about.

          • Nikon Shooter

            From my personal experience I can tell you that B&H are crooks or in the very least sharks when it comes to their used equipment. One time I’ve ordered an exotic lens that was impossible to find new, but was necessary for an assignment. Their description had it as in very good/like new condition. What I received was a lens that looked like it was mainly used for driving nails and it was reflected in its image quality, which needless to say was unacceptable. I called and told them that I still needed a functioning lens for the job, but they had no replacement so we settled on a refund, right after they were finished trying to rudely convince me that the lens was fine. When the refund hit my account I was shocked to see that they had the nerve to charge me for the return shipping! They are crooks and liars. Will never deal with them again.

            • catinhat

              KEH is THE place for used gear. Their “bargain” rating is someone else’s “excellent”. Doesn’t get any better in my experience.

            • Ken Talkwell

              One poor experience and the whole place is to be avoided. We should alllllllll give up using B&H because of your post. Firstly: you’re lying and second save the drama for your momma.

            • I have bought used lenses from B&H and they were LIKE NEW “Demo” rated. Sorry you had a bad experience while there are others like myself whom had positive ones.

            • ken

              I agree!! I was walking past B&H one day when a quarter fell out of my pocket and i could not locate it…I’ll never use B&H again because of this reason!! yawn…*not*…!

            • Nikon Shooter

              One day I was laughing at somebody else’s misfortune because I like to act like a total douchebag and that’s when I saw another douchebag chasing after a rolling quarter right into an intersection where he got hit by a car which was driven by a B&H employee. Even though it was really funny because of the irony, I chose not to laugh:
              karma can be a bitch in many ironic ways.

    • Grant

      I have had great service with B&H. Being in upstate NY UPS Ground is next day. I would stay in the B&H queue. There may be cancelled orders that would bump you up. I cancelled mine for recent financial issues….

      • Yagion

        I’m a frequent buyer at B&H, but I’ve had one incident that makes no longer at the top of my list. I ordered a Tamron lens for Nikon. On the receipt and shipping label, they also indicated it a Tamron lens for Nikon. But instead, they sent me a Canon mount Tamron lens. I called them and requested an exchange, but they didn’t have the Nikon mount in stock. They refunded, but decided to charge me shipping fees. WTH? I had to pay for their mistake?

        • St.

          …it sucks.
          I had some troubles with them too. The also think they are the best and some of their customer support representatives are ignorant and not very nice.
          I order from Amazon and Adorama now.

          • ken

            you should probably correct that and say you think that they think they are the best and you think that their CSR’s are ignorant….I’m sure B&H are glad they lost a customer like you 🙂

        • Calibrator

          A letter to the CEO (or whatever is the highest ranking person) often does wonders. Tell him/her how disappointed you are but keep polite.
          Bosses often want mistreatment letters like this to have something in their claws against their minions (comes in handy to dismiss wage raises for example).
          And even if the order to do things like you describe originated from him/her you have a good chance that you will get your right with a return letter calling this a singular case.

        • Banksie

          If you email them and be concise and succinct with scanned copies of the order, they will refund the shipping. Sometimes it just gets overlooked. And if you had waited for an exchange they would not have charged you the shipping for the second shipment. And when you return a product, they will email you a UPS prepaid shipping label to use. The exchange will be shipped without any additional charges. You can also just get a B+H credit to use any time and with free shipping on your next order.

    • Brad

      I’d stay with B&H. Last year I ordered a D7000 from Amazon and received a D90 in a D7000 box. WTH. Amazon doesn’t care what goes in or out of their warehouses. B&H is reliable and honest. If you’re within a few hours drive from NY, you’ll get it the next day with regular UPS Ground.

      • St.

        Yes – I like their shipping speed – I live close to NYC so it is the next day or max 2 days.
        But I don’t like their attitude.

    • GBM

      B&H are good people, but for me Amazon has always been rock solid. They are the first place I go looking, so I would recommend them without hesitation so long as the order is being fulfilled BY Amazon. Again.. for the record, I love B&H, too.. and am a frequent customer there as well.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      Can’t go wrong with Amazon.

    • ken

      if you don’t know yourself why the hell are you giving either $3k or $6k ?

  • Rich in Tx

    can’t afford the D4; but have a D800 on order from b&h. Have not heard any updates from them recently. Does anyone know if it is still on track to ship around the 22nd of March?

    • Ed

      They seem to think so. I just talked to them yesterday to find out where I am in the order of shipping.

      • Anthony

        Hi Ed – I’m curious…did B+H say where you were at in their pre-order queue? I ordered a D800 from them just after 9:00 a.m. (CST) on February 7th. I’ve considered calling to see where I’m at on the list, but wasn’t sure if they’d actually give out that info.

        • jason

          Nope, they cannot (or dont want to) tell the position in queue. i asked them twice. I ordered 9pm, feb 7…

  • Amazon started to take preorder for D800, too.

    • And, so does D800E

    • Luke


      yeh amazon has D800 up for pre-order again too ! and says stock available 20th march

  • Ben

    Should this be interpreted as “they have enough stock to deliver a camera on march 20? I am not familiar with how amazon inventory works.

    • Ralph

      My experience on Amazon indicates they take per orders and place orders with suppliers expecting to get whatever they order, hey seem to think they are big enough to demand whatever they want and get it. Not sure Nikon will see things their way.

  • Mike

    Finally we have what seems to be an actual date. So glad they have opened them for just two weeks from now. That sounds more official than making a call for over a month in advance. I just hope the smaller shop I ordered from (with nps priority) gets it on that date.

  • Sean

    Amazon is opening up pre-orders again, but if you read the fine print, they say they re-opening it up and will ship as they come. The below is on their website:

    Note on Availability: This item is in high demand and initial shipments of product may not fulfill all customer orders as supplies from the manufacturer are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and if the item is not currently in stock, we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional quantities in a timely manner. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.

    • did not see that on the mobile version

      • Sean

        It is on their regular site. Followed it with the link you had provided. That said. I don’t mind people canceling their orders at other places and going with amazon… just means i’m cutting queues somewhere 🙂

    • Levi H

      Yeaaaaah… because of this I’m probably sticking to my Adorama pre-order instead of switching to Amazon, although I do love their fast and inexpensive shipping.

  • T.I.M

    My grand-mother used to say:

    “You’ll get it when it’s in your hands”
    (or something like that….)


    • MLN

      A very wise woman indeed, like all grandmothers! 🙂

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      That’s what she said.

  • Levi H

    I have my D4 pre-order w/ Adorama. But I have an Amazon Prime account, so if they have pre-orders available again, does this mean they have enough coming in to cover more pre-orders? Or will they make us wait like other companies? I’m super tempted to switch!

    • I pre-ordered through Adorama as well. They’ve been a huge pain, and even cancelled my order because their system selected in-store pickup only (my card is tied to a PO Box, but their system didn’t indicate that was a problem when I checked out). I only found out about the cancellation when I called in a month later to get an update. They seem pretty rinky-dink.

      I pre-ordered through PictureLine and Amazon just in case.

      • Art

        PictureLine is awesome to work with. They are just down the road from me and they do a good job answering my questions and dealing with my constant pestering for the D800 for the last year and a half. 😉 I can’t say enough good things about them.

      • Levi H

        Awe man, that does sound terrible. I’ve never had a problem with Adorama before just buying good glass from them when Amazon didn’t have it in stock at the time, but they are never as fast shipping wise. I guess I’ll find out this time how they truly compare on speed by how fast everyone else gets their D4.

  • I believe they know how many they (Amazon) are getting as they are shipping and get a manifest of what is coming. They closed their initial pre-order but “PERHAPS” they are getting more than they anticipated and reopened it. Again it’s merely speculation.

    Like others have mentioned (like myself I had ordered from B&H on Feb 8th). B&H has not update on my order. So I placed an order with Amazon as well. Originally I believe the ship date was March 22nd? Now Amazon is claiming “estimated” ship date of March 20th. I too am a Prime Member so for $3.99 I can get it overnighted. I am not canceling my order with B&H whomever sends the shipping notification first gets my business.

    If you would like more information on the Nikon D800. We post the latest news, images and have discussions as well. Check out and join my flickr group:


    • Dan

      Like I said before…there’ll be plenty of D4’s to go around (despite what NR says)! Don’t you get it? The whole shortage/canceling pre-orders/delaying shipment/etc is all marketing tactics…and apparently it’s working pretty well. Just like when the car you want is always the last one on the lot sheeeesh!

      That’s not to say that I’m invulnerable to the hype :P. I just put in my order for the D4 and can’t wait to get it on March 22nd :D, even though apparently the 5KIII kicks it’s *ss in the high ISO arena. I’m not about to ditch my Nikon glass just for that.

      • Don

        I just put in my order for the D4 and can’t wait to get it on March 22nd 😀 , even though apparently the 5KIII kicks it’s *ss in the high ISO arena.


        Says who?

      • Ya, I’m really trying to understand this comment. You’re suggesting the new Canon 5DIII out-guns the Nikon D4 in high-ISO handling?

        Have a look at those 5DIII samples again. It’s not hard to de-noise an image, leaving it relatively noise-free, as long as you have ZERO regard for detail and sharpness. The samples look like they were run through Topaz Labs DeNoise on high settings, across the board. No detail, no sharpness and overall a very plastic looking image.

        Same goes for the 1D X. Noise reduction is applied at a very low ISO, from the samples I’ve seen.

        Nikon’s approach is a much better one. Design and build sensors with high QE, resulting in a high SnR, then de-noise the image using the best noise-reduction algorithms and best sub-system in the industry. Basically, start with good sensor characteristics, then process those files properly and efficiently. The end result is an image file with great high-ISO handling, DR and lots of detail.

        Nikon would not release a camera that didn’t deliver on these qualities Nikon is so well known for, not at this stage. Which is why the D800/E is so ground breaking. Is the D800 the direct replacement for the D700? No, we know that now. Will Nikon release a direct 5DIII competitor (i.e. D700 replacement)? Yes. Does this mean the D800 performs badly? No at all. In fact, it’s performance is better than the D700, even at the pixel level from just about every high-resolution sample I’ve seen. The D800 rivals even my D3s in noise handling, up-to ISO-12800, especially when down-sampled to 12MP.

        • T.I.M

          Hey !
          Where have you been ?

  • Landscape Photo

    Is the release date of D800E April 12th as before?

  • Art

    Finally some D4 / D800 news. I was starting to think that this wasn’t Nikon Rumors but some other photo site…..

    • Speaking of one “other” photo site….they do a great job, for sure. However, it made me grateful for NR Admin when I saw the lack of updates on that other site after some “other” camera announcement.

      NR Admin kept a steady flow of great info, details, samples, speculation, updates, and even a few fun rumors for good measure just to keep us all sane.

      Thanks, Admin.

      • Art

        Yes, Peter does a great job. When you see how other sites are run, it gives you a whole level of additional appreciation for what Peter does.

        • jodjac

          I agree. Some sites are so messy and cluttered that I get a headache trying to read them. Here’s an idea, lets all post each and very piece of equipment we own each and every time we put up a post! That makes total sense on a forum or blog like this! Then the forum can look as classy as the old classifieds in the back of an old Shutterbug magazine.
          Nikon Rumors Rocks. Thanks Admin.

          • Mock Kenwell

            +1. Ordered my D800 through the NR link. That’s the best way to say, “Thank you” to Peter. Everyone here should do the same.

        • +1,000,000

      • thanks!

  • kevin

    march 20 , HOLIDAY !!!!!!!!!!

    • Trialcritic

      I have told my manager that the day I get my camera, I am offline. This is way too important. My order in b&h was on feb 7, 8am, wonder when I will receive it. Damn, this is a pain.

  • T.I.M

    We need the AF-S 300mm f/4 to be upgraded with VRII (and better tripod foot).
    What about before May 25th ?

  • doug

    Will the U.K. get a release camera first than the Americans??????, because ill have my D800 next friday. Muhhahahahahhahaha.

    • T.I.M

      That’s right,
      I heard that all the D800/D800e that did not pass the quality control test at 100% will be for the UK market.
      I really feel sorry for you guys….

      • Iris Chrome

        TIM, now I know you’re just jealous cause he’s British and he’s getting his D800 before you… :p

  • GBM

    Sweet! At the very least, this speaks well for the D800 not being “delayed”.

  • Louie

    Is there a way to find out where your place in queue for B&H is? I paid for mine in cash and don’t see anyting on the receipt as far as my place in queue.

    • T.I.M

      Did you get your shipping cost refunded ? (the D800 it’s now free shipping at B&H).
      Call them, I paid with Paypal and they made a refund to my account.

      • Louie

        I was going to pick it up at the store when it arrived so i didn’t pay for shipping . hehe

        • T.I.M

          But you probably have to pay for state taxes….hehe !

          • Louie

            $500 something in state taxes. :*(

            • B!

              It wouldnt be any different if he ordered from Amazon. Taxes would be collected too.

      • Don

        TIM–I know you didn’t ask me directly, but B&H did charge my account for the full price when I pre-ordered in Jan (due to a computer error, allegedly). I found it on my statement in Feb. and I “kindly” asked them to remove it and they did that fast enough. When irked me was that there was $45 of interest on my card from their mistake and it took several rounds of email and a call to finally get them to refund the interest accrued. I threatened to go ballistic on the interwebs if they didn’t fix their mistake and they did–belatedly–so credit where credit is due.

        I tried asking the CS rep where I was in the queue for the D4 but he didn’t have a clue. FWIW.

        On a side note, I ordered an NEC PA241 from them before and it came quickly and packed well. They also had the best price so I’m overall slightly on the plus side with them.

        • Don

          Oooops. Reading is fundamental. Just noticed that TIM was asking about shipping charges and not a “mistake” charge. Sorry about that. My story still stands, though!

  • JoshRtek

    I leave for vacation on a red-eye the evening of the 20th…I wonder, with one-day shipping, if I’ll get my camera on the 20th or the 21st??!

  • Yay! This is 2 days sooner than I heard last!!! I am so darn excited about my D800 I can barely contain myself!

    • Yagion

      haha. same here

  • kede

    same here in europe my pre-ordered D800 is listed “Before march 20é

  • I ordered mine from Darty in France and they gave me a date of 3rd April 🙁

    • T.I.M

      From Darty ????
      Et tu veux faire la lessive avec to D800 ?

      • Ce n’est pas un robot ???? :O

        • Kang

          Man I wish I knew what these guys were saying. Something about a robot??

          • broxibear

            Ils sont intelligents étant des ânes, mais nous avons google traduire lol

            • hehe

              merdes sourdes-muettes

            • Dan

              Est-ce que les francais font vraiment la lessive? Je croyais qu’ils mettaient simplement plus de parfum hahahahahaha!

          • Meh

            something about Peace in our time.

          • hehe

            How to drop your weapon and raise your hands over your head.

            • Twaddler Belafonte

              Ménage à vu, eh?

        • Yo

          Chars français ont deux vitesses de marche avant, quatre rapports de marche arrière

  • looon

    This is a good sign in general, however in their fine print for D800 it says “…… we have taken orders up to our initial allocations.” So it doesn’t sound like you can just order one now and expect to be included in the March 20 allocation.

  • Yay!

    It’s great to see such a huge 95-cent saving on the D800 too. I think I’ll take advantage and buy three.

  • Trav1

    I have a D800 preordered from B&H but I did it a week after they went up! Hoping I’m not waiting forever, I want my camera soon but if I have to wait a bit longer I can deal with that I’ll be leaving mine where it is

    • Scott M

      Don’t feel too bad, I ordered mine on Feb. 20 from B&H. That’s 13 days of people in front of me.
      Would have ordered sooner but waited on a check in the mail. Hope Mar. 21 is D day.

  • Frank

    B&H took my money out of my account already for the D4. Does that mean I’m on the first shipment ? Or do they do that on all orders

    • Dormant

      Are you outside the US? B&H charge immediately for overseas orders.

      • Frank

        No, US

      • Scott M

        What kind of credit card?
        Sounds like very good news to me.

        • Frank

          My bank card VISA.. I called the other day, all they could tell me is they have no info on the D4 yet= (

    • Don


      See my post above responding to TIM. They aren’t supposed to charge our cards until it ships so call them up and demand your money and any interest accrued back. They had a computer error so they should be responsible for the sequelae of their mistake.

      • Frank

        Thank You.. I WILL

  • y

    Most likely the D4&D800 are shipped in the same containers, the same freighter shipped all the way from japan.

  • burgerman

    Confirmed delivery by phone – Jessops UK March 12th. (Ships to me overnight) 2 days ago.

    I was 7th on the list, called 9am day it was added to the website.

    • burgerman

      Typo — should be 16th… Friday.

  • broxibear

    How many of you, that have pre-ordered the D4 or D800/E, have pre-ordered at more than one retailer with the idea of canceling one after the first delivers ?
    Is anyone going to admit to it lol ?

    • Iris Chrome

      Haha, broxi you sound like your guilty of that yourself? 😀

      • broxibear

        I’m guilty of many things Iris Chrome but this isn’t one of them lol.
        I’ve got plenty of other equipment to look at before thinking about swapping my D3 for a D4.
        I was just curious how many of these pre-orders were the same people ordering at multiple retailers, I know it happened when the D7000 was anounced so I’m sure it’s happening now.

        • Yessir

          I’m guilty of doing that. I need a D800 and D800e, so I have both ordered from my local shop and from B&H. I prefer to buy locally but if it looks like I’ll get the camera much sooner, in time for my next trip, I’ll take it from B&H.

    • Me. Amazon and a local shop, though the local shop knows what I’m doing and I’m fairly sure the swarm of computers running Amazon don’t care at all 🙂

      • Banksie

        I ordered from my local shop which also is a Nikon Pro dealership. Local dealers will get their allocations like everybody else and through their Nikon sales reps. If your shop has a good relationship with their rep, then you’ll have no issues getting one. My shop knows me well and I’m the first on their list (which has now been filled.) Plus Nikon now has their new MAP pricing in place so there’s not going to be any discounts from the big places like B+H or Amazon.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Thought about it, but decided against it. Just not cool.

  • Natan Lorenzi

    Hahaha, great, you can save 0.95 $ if you buy a D800 on Amazon!

    What is the best store?


    Or another?

    • RedTheLobster

      In my personal experience:


      Never ordered from Ritz or Beach.


      • Kevin

        FWIW, we each have our own customer service stories. I’ve had a very good history with B&H. I ordered my D4 in the first 15 minutes after they started taking orders, so hopefully I’ll get it around the 20th.

        I ordered my old D200 from Beach a few years back. They were quick, no problems. D700 came from Amazon, no problems.

        I used to order a lot from Adorama, but I got fed up with their customer service trying to process a return.

        • Yessir

          Ritz is terrible. I get a 5% discount through them, which amounts to a chunk of change on big ticket items. Still, it’s not worth the insanity of dealing with Ritz.

    • T.I.M

      @Natan Lorenzi
      I usually order from B&H (or Adorama when not in stock at B&H).

      I always receive great customer service from B&H, but you have to know that B&H products reviews can be faked, mine was totally transformed (and then deleted after I complained).

    • Crimed

      You might want to check out Unique Photo in Fairfield, New Jersey if you live in New York State. They have a big selection of pro level equipment and saving over eight percent sales tax on orders shipped to New York ain’t peanuts on these cameras. I don’t know about their ability to be the first with a new product however. I’ve had good experiences with them on regular items.

  • Rob

    I just ordered the D800 from amazon! I was going to order it from B&H but i figured they have had pre orders up sense day 1. As where amazon had all that time where people could not get on the wait list witch mean it must be a lot shorter.

  • Amazon opens and closes ordering on items with uncertain stock as they learn more about their potential incoming stock. I’m sure their original pre-order was open for far less time than necessary to avoid what happened with the D7000 (canceled pre-orders).

    Based on past experiences, it’s safe to say that Amazon now has a general estimate of incoming stock and will attempt to close pre-orders as soon as that stock is sold. They cover their butts with any in-demand item with that disclaimer, but, if they know they are not able to cover orders they switch the pre-order buttons to a notify button.

    I would be willing to bet all pre-orders made now will be fulfilled by Mar. 20 or the following couple of weeks, but mostly on the 20th.

    • John

      It looks like you are right. I just pre-order ar and the shipping estimate is from march 24 to march 30, 2012.

      • Atrain

        What shipping speed did you use? I used one day shipping and it says the delivery estimate is March 21st. I’m curious is they are just using a ship date of March 20 for all of the preorders or if they expect a second shipment in a few days later.

        • My guess is it was Free Super Saver shipping.

          I also used one day and have 21st as the estimate.

          Based on similar situations in the past, all orders will have this estimate even if they are not shipped in the initial group.

          • John

            I used Super Saving Shipping, I think it said “Delivery Estimate: Monday March 26, 2012 – Friday March 30, 2012 “, not shipping estimate. Probably I will use it for a wedding shoot in April – will shoot mainly D700 and use D800 for backup or for outdoor/group shoot/church/reception, etc… to avoid process too many large files.

  • Iris Chrome

    LOL at all the switching comments. If it’s not Canon and Nikon then it’s Adorama and Amazon.

  • Anonymous

    I just pre-ordered the D800 from Adorama within a few hours of their website accepting the pre-orders. I did not place any other pre-order any where else.

  • ben

    Thank God! only about 2 weeks till the trolls can move on the the d400.

  • Rob

    Just cancelled my Ritz order, and ordered at Amazon. I have a Prime membership, and they posted in the confirmation email that my expected delivery date is March 22. Getting really close now 🙂

    • Heh, what, too cheap to spring for the $4 1 day shipping? 🙂

    • ken

      expected/estimated == guaranteed

  • Nikkor

    We ordered 2 D4’s and 2 12-24mm zooms. I get one and the chief gets one and I’m so excited i’m about to poop myself. All the glory of a D4 and new lens and it doesn’t cost me a cent. Never have I owned a new body camera. Always bought a use model that was maybe a generation old and still new quality but never new NEW.

    • The Sigma 12-24mm?

      • Nikkor

        Good catch. The 14 – 24mm zoom, Nikon

  • Jorge

    Well that means that my D800 Amazon delivery date is still good? March 26-March 30 eta per Amazon?

  • Ren Kockwell

    I ordered from B&H. Got an e-mail last week saying they weren’t sure how many bodies they would get, so they couldn’t give me an estimated time of delivery.

    • Ralph

      Yeah, I got the same and sent them back a polite email telling them to refund my credit card if they can’t ship on first allocation.

      • B!

        What did they say to that email? I ordered very late (like February 28th or someting) so the guy on the chat said I might not be in on the first shipment. Considering doing a backup order at Amazon.

  • Frank

    Did no one notice the statement on Amazons page for the D800-

    “This item is in high demand and we have taken orders up to our initial allocations. We will continue to accept pre-orders and fill them as soon as additional inventory becomes available. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.”

    They did not get more D800’s they just opened the pre-orders up again for the que.

    • Frank

      Its the same for the D4 as well. Sorry people, its not more D4’s they just started a new line for the second shipments.

      • TT


        I see the comment about Amazon already taking orders up to their initial allocations for the d800, I just looked at the d4 listing and do not see the exact same comment. The comment for the D4 is as follows:

        “Note on Availability: This item is in high demand and initial shipments of product may not fulfill all customer orders as supplies from the manufacturer are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and if the item is not currently in stock, we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional quantities in a timely manner. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.”

        So depending on when you placed your order for the D4 there appears to be a chance you receive one from the initial shipment.

        For the D800, it appears Amazon is specifically stating the initial allotment of product has already been sold.

        • Frank

          Yeah it was the same message when I checked. They just changed it again to the message you quoted.

          My main concern is the D800. I have it on Pre-Order from Adorama but I have no idea if I’m on the initial orders there.

          I just wanted to make people aware of that message on Amazons page, but even so it seems as though there is still open orders on their initial shipment because as Rob said he made an order today from Amazon and it gave him a shipment date. (Although i don’t know if he meant for the D4 or D800, he hasn’t responded back yet)

          • TT

            I just placed an order tonight for the D4 on Amazon, the estimated delivery date March 21st.

            We’ll see….

          • David_07

            I’m guessing the March 21 estimated ship date is just an automated response from amazon. I ordered at 10pm and got the same auto response from amazon for a March 21 ship date. And this was a good 6 hours after they opened up the pre-orders. The Amazon page for the D800 clearly states that their initial allotment is accounted for, and pre-orders are going into the queue for future shipments. I hope I’m wrong, but Amazon has had to change it’s estimated ship date a couple of times since they first started taking orders, so that ‘s why i think this is another gaff.

            • RC

              I just ordered it and also got the same estimated delivery date (March 22, 2 day shipping).

  • Rob

    That’s not true Frank, my order was placed Today, and I have an order number and an expected delivery date of 3-22, does that sound like I’m on a list?

    • Frank

      For the D800 or the D4?

  • Zeb

    Why isn’t the D4 listed on

  • Natan Lorenzi

    Does anyone know when this cameras will be available regularly in USA market? Because I will be there in August, and I want to buy one D800. But, I heard that will be regularly only in 2013. Is that right?

    • Frank

      That is majorly false, lol. Nikon will be producing about 30,000 D800 A MONTH. There will be no problem getting a hold of a D800, save for money :)= the D4’s on the other hand, will be around 5,000 a month, but even so should be regularly available around late April I would say.

      • B!

        Highly doubt it! No way April. These cameras are in very high demand. 30,000 a month is nothing. Think global market not just US.

        • Natan Lorenzi

          Yes, Oriental and European market is really big.

  • icSlowMo

    I have a D800E on Pre-order from Amazon on Feb. 6th…. Anyone else have a D800E on pre-order and what does it say for shipping date(s)?????

  • Gideon

    I’ve pre-ordered a D800E on Feb 7 and got another update from Amazon :

    From: “ Customer Service” <order-update@ama…
    Cc: ""
    Subject: Your Order (#…)
    Date: Mar 5, 2012


    We wanted to let you know the recent e-mail you received regarding the release date of the “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)” was incorrect.

    Nikon has estimated that this product will begin to ship in mid April 2012, and not at an unknown date. Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited. Rest assured that we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

    We’re very sorry for any inconvenience and concern this may have caused.

    We hope to see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

    • icSlowMo

      That is the same E-mail I received from Amazon, but was wondering if anyone else has a set date????? Or is this e-mail what all D800E buyers have for info????

  • Ray

    I still think the release of the D4 will be March 15th and the D800 will be March 22nd. I think amazon just stated the release date of the D800 inadvertently for the D4. Peter, what is your knowledge of the release dates?

  • Jc

    I ordered my D800 and estimated delivery time is March 21, 2012

  • MashingTheGas

    Reading a lot of negative/defensive comments about B&H here tonight. No real surprise there. I would NEVER buy anything in the price range of a D4 from anyone online.

    While there’s merit in buying online whenever possible, I always buy through my local retailer. They’ve been around since I was in high school, have a great reputation and have ALWAYS matched anyone’s on-line price without me asking. Granted, I pay sales tax that I wouldn’t otherwise pay for an on-line purchase, but dealing with another human being behind the counter, knowing that if something goes wrong it’ll get fixed pronto and I will NEVER have to argue with some nitwit half a continent away is well worth the extra 7%. Plus, I’m supporting my local economy.


    • One More Thought

      I agree…if you are buying an expensive item there’s much more security in buying local. If you can’t afford the state and local sales tax on a D4 or D800 then you shouldn’t be buying one of these cameras in the first place.
      My local shop is terrific and it’s reassuring to be able to deal with the same people over and over again. Their service is terrific, and they deserve my business.
      Remember, if you always seek out purchasing by price, you eventually get no service, no human interaction, etc. You end up with a Walmart economy. So don’t complain the next time you get poor customer service or can’t speak to a human being about your concern.

      • MashingTheGas

        +1 right back atcha.

      • Banksie

        I’m not worried about security or whatever when buying online. But I do buy local on principal. My shop knows me well, gets what I need quickly, and always matches B+H prices. It’s a good relationship. And they employee local people who spend their own money locally, too.

        As far as taxes, there have been several posts here in the past about the fact that everyone has to declare sales tax (in states with sales tax) on items purchased online that weren’t originally taxed (it’s called a use tax.) This has to be declared on your state income tax return. Last month I got forms from my tax accountant to fill out and one of them was “how much did you spend on online purchases last year.” My accountant applies the same tax rate as I would have to pay locally, and I then declare and pay them.

        • If you live in Utah, and you use your gear for professional film work, you can claim sales tax exempt thanks to the Utah Film Commission.


  • trialcritic

    Mail from B&H

    Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon D800digital SLR camera.
    We know you’re excited about this camera and we’re as enthusiastic to get it to
    you as you are to receive it.

    This moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do
    we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation
    evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.

    Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio

  • ukj

    Off topic any word when the 50mm 1.8g will be back in stock admin?

    • Sean

      go to craigslist… tons of those af-s lying around in california 1.8s and 1.4s 😛 and at least $20 off the retail price 😛 in pretty immaculate condition 😛

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