Online Nikon Stores coming in Europe by the end of 2012

Hybris Software issued a press release that it has developed an e-commerce solution for Nikon Europe that will include online stores for selling Nikon equipment directly to consumers:

Hybris, a leading provider of multichannel commerce and communication software, has announced that it has developed a B2C and B2B multichannel commerce solution based on the hybris Multichannel Commerce Suite for Nikon Europe (, one of the world’s most recognized brands for state-of-the-art imaging technologies. Nikon’s new multichannel commerce initiative, underpinned by hybris, will see the company roll out its ‘Nikon DealerNet’ (B2B) and ‘Nikon Store’ (B2C) online retail sites for its imaging business across more than 35 European geographies by the end of 2012.

The German Nikon Store is already online at

Via Photoclubalpha

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  • Bas

    Dutch store also online:
    Just as those for :
    United Kingdom
    and Germany

    • Nikon UK doesn’t have a link on their main page yet. I also tried Nikon France – their store is not online yet.

      • ken works for me and require username/pwds

      • johann

        @NR : no pro model available (on uk site), but the picture on the top shows d4/d3x d800/d800e and another camera, either d700 or d300s (i think d700)… so no more dx pro or no more d700 (as nikon confirmed they will keep d700, I think the last is the d700 not the d300s)…
        and no more d300s either on the consumer side.

    • Jason

      I dislike Nikon Stores! Because they raised prices in the entire market, by enforcing iPhone type price consistency – partly, to create a level playing field for their online store with established merchants. Example, Nikkor 24-70 was average selling for 2699 and used 2200 at B&H, now its 2899 with used at 2700. Customer got the shaft.

      • Andrew

        Pricing is not a static thing and the long term benefit of Nikon’s new pricing policy may be greater than the short term cost.

        Nikon’s new pricing policy could help the consumer. For example, the more retailers that carry Nikon’s equipment, the lower the end-user price will be – eventually. But if a mega retailer prices the competition out of the market, then Nikon will have fewer dealers advertising their products which will result in fewer sales, thus prices will increase. But in addition, Nikon has been introducing more capable cameras at more affordable prices. For example, the D7000 with magnesium alloy body sells for only $1200. And the D800 sells for only $3,000, replacing (at least in the eyes of many wedding and landscape photographers) the extremely expensive D3x, which sells for $8,000. So my point is, the customers have not been shafted, they are being helped by Nikon’s overall pricing policy.

  • Jonas

    It’s been around in sweden for a couple of years.
    It works as a showcase for Nikon products.
    And always at recommended prices.
    Last years big hit was a USB-cabel, which sold 18 pcs(!).

    • C_QQ_C

      –And always at recommended prices–

      That’s why Nikon is trying to control shop prices too i guess , thry do not want competition for their onloine shop …

      • R!

        Nikon is trying to achieve an uniformity of the prices in the euro zone,that’s what I’ve been told by several pro shops in France,at the same time they will make pro rebates a lil less important,wich means that pro prices will be less interesting ,more expensive:the conclusion is buy your lenses now they will be more expensive soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Noteurameri

          The hike in price for some countries are mainly because of the depreciation of the currencies in those countries against the JPY. It does not affect countries with currencies appreciate in the same direction as JPY.

          Blame your government for letting your currencies slipped than blamed Nikon for hiking the price.

  • Francesco

    The price for Europe equipments are bigger than wath I can find in Italy from Nital (official dealer in Italy). We will see on D800/D4…

  • rttew

    wow, i wonder how the vendors (adorama and bandh) are going to like that??? so much for loyalty.

    • Tiger1050Rider

      Hmmmm. Exactly where in Europe does Adorama and B&H have a store?
      This intital roll out is for Europe.

      It will be interesting to see the different prices at first hand. Because of the EU Laws, Nikon in Spain (for example) can’t refuse to sell at Spanish prices to someone from say Estonia. They will also have to honour the warranty…

      • neversink

        No, B&H and Adorama don’t have stores in Europe, but they sell a tremendous volume internationally through phone and on-line orders. They have been doing this for years…..

      • Cuius

        Given prices in Spain for Nikon equipment I don’t foresee many Estonian customers. I live there, and shop in UK or USA – even with shipping, and tax with the latter, it’s cheaper than local dealers.

      • I can’t speak for another retailer, but as a family-managed store, it’s very important to the Adorama owner that he is able to come into the office every day – which is why we are only in New York!

    • Andrew

      What do you mean about loyalty? Adorama and B&H would most likely sell the camera for less. But also, they have the advantage of bundling with the camera other products that are not made or sold by Nikon. Nikon will get some sales, but it will not put a big dent on these companies sales. And besides, any additional money Nikon makes will go into research and development, and also infrastructure. So the better Nikon’s products become, the more people will buy them, and the more money everyone will make, including Adorama and B&H.

  • Rich in TX

    I would like to see a DSLR configurator, (much like Dell’s computer configuration) that would allow customers to create their perfect camera and then purchase it directly from Nikon.
    (i.e. so if I wanted to, I could get a D4 chassis, D800 sensor, add GPS, add built in wifi, etc.)
    That would be super cool.

    • Francesco


      • Michael


    • btdown

      -video = +1111

    • +1
      Way cool!

    • Art

      + 01001100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100001 00100001 00100001
      00100000 00100000 01000110 01101100 01110101 01101111 01110010 01100101 01110011 01100011
      01100101 01101110 01110100 01110011 00100001 00100001 00100001

      (Love It!!! Fluorescents!!!)

    • mikils

      You forgot D3100 price. Forget it.

    • waki waki

      Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Andrew

      Make sure you get someone to drive you home tonight!

  • C_QQ_C

    seems to be a mistake in the Dutch shop too, selling a 50mm F1.2 nikkor as a 50mm F2 Nikkor… 🙂 :

  • getanalogue

    The link to the store cannot be found on Nikon Germany’s website yet. Also, all links on the store’s website to cameras, lenses and so on are not live yet.

    • the link is present on the main Nikon Germany page – right column, on top:
      Nikon Store
      zum Nikon Store
      Besuchen Sie den neuen Nikon Store.

  • XLRT

    As long as they list the MRSP instead of the market prices no one in his right mind is going to buy anything from the official nikon stores. The Nikon 24-70mm/f2.8 for example is listed for 1929,- EUR in the german Nikon store. But in Amazon Germany it costs only 1466,99 EUR. This is almost 500 EUR price difference.

    Nikon should have saved the money invented in creating and maintaining the stores in something more useful.

    • Nikon is just playing a game, the same game all other manufacturers play. It is called the MSRP or UVP.

    • Andrew

      You would be surprised how many people will go to their store and pay that price.

  • jorg

    netherland is online, yes. cameras up to D7000 + lenses up to AF-S 300/2.8, no pc-e lenses. D300s missing, D300 listed, bit labeled “out of production”.
    so maybe the “heavier” gear is not even listed there at the “B2C”-store? or not yet?
    how is the “B2B” store supposed to look?

    probably too early to get a feeling for this…

  • ActionJunky

    What would you do if Nikon waited until all the online stores were up and running, then lowered prices to those equaling the other retailers. Apple does this quite successfully.

    What would you do if Nikon were to start opening brick and mortar stores? Do you think they would more knowledge and support?

    In the short term, I am in favor of the Nikon online store. If you are a pro and you must have it for an important event, it’s nice to have another outlet.

    • Interesting scenario…

      While I do think that Nikon’s move to force suggested retail pricing is definitely a move in the direction of positioning their own online stores for competitive direct sales, they would be foolish to attempt brick and mortar, they are not Apple.

      And I would say that Nikon should be careful about how well they try to compete with the established mega vendors like B&H and Adorama. Retail direct is not Nikon’s core competency and if they aggravate the mega vendors by muscling in on their retail channel then it may not take much for someone like Sony or Cannon to convince them to give them Nikon’s shelf space on the web site and web promotional efforts since there would not be any incentive to push Nikon any more.

  • T.I.M

    Nokia release a cellphone with a 41mp photo sensor…..poor D800 !

    • Halogenic

      If we asume Nokia’s sensor is fullframe and tecnics equals those of nikon, then perhaps poor D800, but the real thing is that megapixeles is not all in photography. Nokia’s sensor is 41mpix but final image is only 5mpix with a sensor many times smaller than D800’s one.

      • T.I.M

        yep, but you can’t make a call with the D800 ! (not yet)

        • lolly

          … and you can’t put a D800 in your pocket either (ever) 😛

        • Actionjunky

          How do you know? It has a microphone, headphones, and it tethers to an iPhone with Eye-Fi. Just joking, but it really is not that far from it.

    • XLRT

      And maybe in the near future we can mount nikon lenses on the nokia:

      This will kill the D800 😉

      • Lardinio

        That’s the biggest waste of $250 I have ever seen. Some of those pics are truly heinous.

    • harras

      And what has THIS post to do with the announcement of the Nikon store?????

  • R!

    Because the increase of saleson the net due to the better prices of webs market places like Amazon etc…Nikon is probably trying to get his market control back,hopefully they will offer good prices as well as good maintenance.

  • Doug

    This wont change a thing for the consumer, only that the warranty will be covered easily
    but in the question prices everything will remain the same Nikon is just trying to remove the middle men because they want to keep the percentage of sales to them instead of giving it to the seller, we wont be able to hackle for lower or combo prices if we start buying from them.

    • ActionJunky

      This is an over-simplification. Value-added resellers that provide extra value are worth the effort. I suspect the real problem is that many vendors are not providing the value OG good customer service, warranty service, and knowledgable staff. It’s in the best interest of Nikon to offer premium services where some vendors do not.

  • Michael

    It’s only gonna help them. They’ll even earn the extra money the dealers normally earn.

  • In the mid 70s I worked in Pro Camera Stores in Los Angeles. From The list price to the net was 40%. Cameras were discounted 20%. Then came mail order and by the 1980 cameras were being sold at dealer cost plus 10% max. By 2000 the camera companies were scaling back on their reps. We have lost over 30% of our “Mom & Pop” shops here in America. All camera manufacturers and or distributors will be selling directly to the public at the prices they want to sell at. It will be difficult to have a hands on experience. It’s coming

    • T.I.M

      I met my wife online back in 1998, never had a chance to put my hands on her before I came in USA !
      (but I knew that with an Asian woman I did not take a great risk)

      • Calibrator

        > I met my wife online back in 1998, never had a chance to put my hands on her before I came in USA !

        Before you came “in” USA or “to” USA?

        • T.I.M

          both !

  • Hassle Bad

    Looks like they ar about to follow in the footsteps of Apple, Bang&Olufson, Bose, Loewe, etc etc etc: lift the brand experience to more life-style and while doing that have fixed pricing introduced, own retail outlet and/or Shop-in-Shop with selected retailers….

  • Doug

    H4D-60 60MP

    +1 Poor Nikon D800

    • preston

      huh? Are you really comparing a $3,000 body to a $40,000 body, or did I miss some humor here?

      • wublili

        yes you did miss. the humour comes from earlier news. (and comments)

        • preston

          I did see the Nokia thread. It was funny because they were imitating the (all too real) consumer that only looks at the advertised megapixels to determine picture quality. I did see that. None of this humor applies to the H4D comment.

          That’s fine if this was supposed to be funny (I’m not trying to merely put him down for failing at humor) – I was really just worried that his comment was dead serious!

          • Doug

            good thing you noticed i was preparing the blade to kill mysellf

  • neversink

    Look – Nikon is still reeling from both the Tsunami disaster in Japan and then the Thailand floods. They need to be creative figuring out how they can profit the most. Things are better, but there is still disarray at some of the plants…

    • asdfasdf

      There are a lot better way than price fixing to make profit. Actually all they need to do is raise the manufacturing cost. Save them a whole boatload of cash with all the lawyers drafting up new agreements/contracts for new price and all this online store BS.

      No one’s buying from their shitty online store.

  • seb

    Now I am a little bit surprised – as mentioned in other comments these shops have already been online for a couple of days. Germany for example

    They don’t sell their professional line to consumers though. At least they don’t do this in Germany.

  • CT

    They wont get many informed costumers buying from the Swedish online store. Site is sluggish, link to the pro section failed and the prices are seriously out of whack, atleast on some items.

    AF-S 14-24, Nikon price 17990 SEK compared to 13 990 SEK at Cyberfoto (well regarded store)
    AF-S 24-70, 16990 SEK compared to 13990 SEK
    AF-S DX 35, 2190 SEK compared to 1790 SEK

    When chosing DSLRs and professional you get “Sorry no products matches your criteria”. Searching for D800 as an example yields no result. Can only assume the site as it is today is a prototype even thou you can register and probarbly shop from it.

  • Tiger1050Rider

    The UK Store is there BUT…..

    you get server errors if you click DSLR or NIKKOR lenses.

    They really should have kept this hidden until all the background stuff is complete.

  • jorg

    no chance they could stage this like apple did. apple managed to brainwash their users into quasi-religious belief, nikons attempts to redesign their brand-gestalt are:
    -as yet only adressing p&s and amateurs
    -often sub-par, like “every photog is only as good as his gear”
    -not adressing the prosumer-crowd. luckily nikon still has the old pro-nimbus (yet)
    -betting on one big global claim “I AM XYZ”. well, i´m lovin´it, uhm.. no.

    not that canons attempts (every picture tells a story- tell us yours) are much better, but that one was imho more “camera-like”.

  • Lucky Europeans, now they can pay MSRP including VAT without even walking down to the local camera shop. So much for supporting the little guy.

  • jorg

    strange. landing-pages lead are online, but lead into 404. netherlands looks like the only working shop, go orange!

    most shops look alike, but there are differences in detail:
    background germany: man reading german paper
    background denmark: little kid picture
    most others: some wintermood-pic

    then there is this third row suggesting to buy a J1: different faces in different countries + those people do not really look like casted models, nikon-staff?

    france does it right: password.

  • kock renwell

    Too bad world ends at 2012

  • Talking about France: an excellent 17 min long History of Nikon video (in French):

    • T.I.M

      link ?

      • Dixie

        • T.I.M

          Ok I get it now, thanks !

          You win Dixie !

        • yes, posted that earlier – I wish we have that in English

          • T.I.M

            This is a great video !

            I already watched part of it (I’ll have to wait tonight when the kids are in bed to fully enjoy it).

            One funny fact:
            Nikon made the lenses for the first Canon cameras (who was only making cameras at the beggining)


            • Do you want to translate it for the rest of us? I know it’s pretty long…

        • T.I.M

          I watched the whole video, quite long but very interresting.
          Maybe they will do a version with english subtitles, I’ll contact them and ask.
          Thank you again for posting !

          • I have the contact of the person who did the video – I can ask him as well.

  • nothanksnikon

    booh – the last thing i want is my beautiful city’s local photographic district businesses to disappear.

    nikon wants a chunk of amazon’s european pie, and they’ll eventually get some of that action — but they’re going to end up helping to kill off local businesses as well.

    but hey, profits over all else. thanks, mega-corps.

  • Bernard

    I’m sorry but I do prefer to deal with real human beings over the counter as long as they are amicable, competent, and offer reasonable deals, even if they are a bit more expensive than the Internet prices. I’ve been doing that for decades and I never regretted it.

  • JeroenW

    Just had a look at the dutch site. If those are the prices they are NOT going to sell anything.

    189 euros for an 18-55 without VR, 329 for the 18-105. Those prices are pure insanity!

  • Admin, I have an important question. Do you have a list of countries which would be included in that selling web? Something makes me think Ukraine will pass as always. We (ukrainians) do not have any realible service centre, not to mention progressive selling offerings…

    • They mentioned 35 countries in the press release but I have no additional info.

  • jsa

    Makes me think, Nikon are making a global push to eliminate resellers, then they can stop consumers buying from which ever country has the best price on the product, reinforcing the jacked up pricing in some regions.

    • asdfasdf

      The day they do that is the day they die. Canon maybe behind, but not that behind.

  • The prices on these stores are massively high.

    And Nikon can’t lower them, otherwise the distributors will get SO pissed off.

    Competing with your own clients is crazy, especially when the clients are big & strong (see Nital in Italy, the big stores, etc…). Nikon knows it.

    I believe this is just an initiative to show that they are advanced and they sell stuff online.

  • OMG

    Why isn’t any consumer group stand out fighting with Nikon?
    I am no lawyer, but, this price fixing practice sure smells!
    My guess is Nikon photography-product buyers are TOO cheap to form/pay for an advocacy group.
    The re-sellers don’t care about that, they are making fat profits and laughing to the bank as we posting our disbeliefs.

    • IndyGeoff

      I’m not too cheap, I am just willing to let he market roll along and IF prices get too high stop buying Nikon equipment. I dont shoot for a living, so have the luxury to not upgrade or change brands.

  • Been there guy

    Why isn’t there any advocacy group standing out?

    I am not a lawyer, but, this price fixing practice sure smells!!

  • Been there guy

    “Price fixing: An agreement between business competitors selling the same product or service regarding its pricing.” —wikipedia.

    Nikon seems to skirting the anitrust law here in the US. Can we report them to any oversight agency?

  • Been there guy

    This link is for the US Nikon fanboys.
    We need to act together to deal with this price fixing issue in the US and soon will spread.

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      You’re about a hundred years too late, it’s already been decided in U.S. v. Colgate.
      A manufacturer can not be forced to sell to a retailer with which they don’t wish to do business. BestBuy is on strike one and a half with Nikon, if the manager at the Portland store is to be believed.

  • Been there guy

    Case law changes often. The US v. Colgate showed the Court interpreted the Sherman Act very narrowly. If the case bring up again, the Court could change their view too.
    The bottom line is simple, if you don’t fight, you will NEVER win!

    How about boycott Nikon for three months in US, they will change their minds quickly!

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      I happily paid 1199 for my D7000, and I will be frickin thrilled to buy the D800E I have on order.I also ordered it LOCALLY at Pro Photo in Portland, which helps keep that fine shop in business.

  • Been there guy

    If no one in the US buys the D4 & D800 for one month, they will change their policy, anyone wants to joint?

    I am willing to wait out for my D800E.

    • IndyGeoff

      I buy so infrequently that Nikon would not notice my boycott. ;- )

  • PeterO

    We’ve done the “price fixing” discussion once before. All the armchair and real lawyers chimed in and voila, nothing happened. If the lowest price matters to you and you need the equipment, do your homework, shop around, compare, avoid scam artists, pay the price and enjoy. Part of the fun of making “tech” purchases for me is to research the various products and get the lowest price, sometimes by haggling (yes that still works).

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