Weekly Nikon news flash #151

  • Yongnuo released YN-560 II, YN-468II flash units for Nikon.

New Nikon D4 promo video:

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  • I want that RedRock rig.

  • I want a D800 and $6000

    • +1

      He shot a film and won a killer camera, whereas I didn’t enter a contest, make a great film, and win first place against all the other contestants.

      I have to admit, it’s great short. Definitely deserving of a win. Doesn’t make me want that camera any less. 😉

  • Chimphappyhour

    At first, I thought the last video was titled “New Nikon D4 porno video” :p

    • why are 90% togs fat? is an average tog job really that comforting?

      • Jorge

        Because many of us are pretty freakin’ good at our “jobs” and make a sh*tload of money doing it. Why? Because we work our bunns off to get that business.
        Unless the amateurs…

        • well that explains the fat togs as much as saying that you drive a car because you like to walk and having so much moneys so you can afford a train.

      • loco

        Because as photographers we spend most of our time in front of a computer screen, sorting, processing and making album drafts. I would say that 8o% of my time is spent in front of a computer, sitting down and chewing on some crackers, chips or pumpkin seeds.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      It kind of stimulates kit lust !

  • Nikon are now using the same music I use for my wedding slideshows! Damn them. Everyone will think I copied!

    • The auto white balance is so good that if you have the money to spend on this camera you will be a good photographer now..

      Did I hear correctly??!!

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Remember this from Nikon’s Facebook page:

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses, and a good lens is essential to taking good pictures! Do any of our facebook fans use any of the NIKKOR lenses? Which is your favorite and what types of situations do you use it for?”

          -Sorry thing I did didn’t work before

    • John Carew

      Joel, do you can give the name of the music, please?


  • texajoe

    An extra grand just to have gold (yellow) trim. To me it’s not worth it. I’ll take the original with blue trim for about half.

    • The price is actually only about $210 over the cost of the stock version. This one includes the gold follow focus (which is equivalent to the MicroFollowFocus | Blue), where the page for the stock version doesn’t add in the price for either follow focus until you select the version you want.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Only $210… ok…

        • I think it’s interesting that they’re doing a special edition for Nikon at all. I mean these guys aren’t chumps, and the fact that they’re devoting resources to an entire lineup of rigs special-made for Nikon users is pretty telling of what kind of response the D4 and D800 are garnering in the industry.

          This is phenomenal support, and *crosses fingers* the start of a trend where Nikon VSLRs become a standard in the industry. I’ve been using the cameras for years (for filmmaking), ever since the D90/D300s. Sure it’s nice to see the world recognize that Nikon does it right, but the real point here is what appears on all counts that Nikon did it right and made the dream camera for both stills and motion shooters, a hybrid title that applies to more professionals than ever before.

  • Why is the video from dslr camera’s generally soft, does this have to do with the way they are downsized to 1080? Can someone explain or provide a link.

    • because it is not super35 video camera but a DSLR

      you see?


      S…. wait for it….. is for………..


      yep. exactly.

      but for some reason, folks think it is good idea to add video to DSLR instead on focusing on important things, like GIVING ME FINALLY SUN READABLE SCREEN OR SQUARE SENSOR OR WHATEVER OF MILION STILL FEATURES I WANT

      • Oops

        Your “Website” is your email… enjoy the spam.

      • Fail

        LOL It’s Digital Single-Lens Reflex…

        Epic fail bro.

      • Ummmm

        You don’t know what dslr stands for do you

      • Plus one guy


      • Jivs

        You took the words right out of my mouth, more or less. STILL? Really?

      • simpleguy


    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Define “soft” what are you looking at in particular?

      • soft = not as sharp as other film / high-end digital video camera’s (non-dslr)

        • Monkey Nigh Mo

          Then it’s to do with sensor size and the massive DOF you get from video cameras and their relatively tiny sensors. As for film, they spend so much getting the best of the best. Plus generally film guys (I’m talking Hollywood and the better guys from around the world) know how to pull focus (or hire one guy just for pulling focus).

          HDSLR are no softer when done right.

  • Donatello

    So 36 MP is too much for a high-end dslr? Possibly, but what do you think about the new Nokia 808 with 41MP camera? 😀

    • Toecutter

      Not bad for $600 eh

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    For those who don’t understand the “fanny-pants” reference in the film. In Australia a “fanny” is female genitals.

    • haha

      That always makes me laugh when I hear people say “fanny pack.” As in, “Honey, did you put the camera in your fanny pack?” Hope it didn’t have the grip attached.

      • Monkey Nigh Mo

        Remember when a nanny named Fran “fell on her fanny”?!?!

        Sounds like a bizarre adult film. :X

        Don’t get me started about Americans wearing ugg boots outside. Lol what’s next?! Acid wash jeans and flannelette shirts over black acka-dacka t-shirts (with a mullet of course)? 😉

  • photdog

    Is the pocket wizard a kind of “answer” to the WT-5?
    However, after in the NR discussions many asserted radio instead of IR steering for the speedlights wouldn’t be possible because of different frequency limitations in different countries some wizards apparently can do it and Canon’s rumored EX 590 as well…

    Anyone with practical experiences with the Yongnuo flashes? Do they work reliable with TTL and CLS…?

    As mentioned before: to do video with DSLRs on a pro level requires not only a different skill set but also a bunch of extra equipment. Just a rig goes for $2000 + and take a look at decent video heads for your tripod…; thus all in all will ring up to the equivalent of a D4 body at least.
    Who the heck will really make use of a “clean HDMI output” for some family-clips? With the exception of some journalist’s –darling DSLRs video is not going to stay. We’ll see when the hype has settled after some years…

    The result of the MP poll wasn’t soooo clear after all. I mean there are still 42% for the 36P sensor. And if, by the time, some more people would come to understand that you got to have different cameras for different task, like you also cannot open up a professional car-repair with just a Leatherman in your hand, it will become even more

  • Toecutter
  • T.I.M

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Nikon will release the D750 in May.
    – same body as D700
    – D4’s 16mp sensor
    – video full HD 24/24/30 fpm
    – one card slod (same as D700)
    – retail price $2495

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    • JohnT

      @T.I.M. – is the D750 rumor speculation/wishful thinking, or does it have a reliable source behind it? Thanks

      • T.I.M

        Of course it’s reliable,
        my wife is Asian, and her brother-in-law’s son works for someone married with his daughter who have a boyfriend technician in a Nikon factory !

        • JohnT

          In that case, it’s a lock! 🙂

  • Scott M

    You wish

  • ano102

    admin :
    in last august we think that we are near the release of d300 replacement
    any preliminary information about d400 that you can give us for the moment ?

    very surprising that there is no leak about d400 at the moment …

    • T.I.M


      There will be no D400 DX camera, professional Nikon cameras will now be only FX format.
      You still need a D400 ? Shoot DX on your D800 or get a D7000 !

  • ano102

    I am afrait that you are right …
    the 36 MP is to much for animal photography, I woulf prefer a pro DX with 16-20 MP and lower noise
    I get a d7000 for animals photograpgy, but buffer is small, the rate could be higher and I dream of the capabilities of AF of the new d4 (put a TC20iii on a 500F4! for example)

  • David

    In the interview, see the moire on the left shoulder of his red shirt!

  • burgerman

    >>> There will be no D400 DX camera, professional Nikon cameras will now be only FX format.
    You still need a D400 ? Shoot DX on your D800 or get a D7000 !

    I suspect this may be right. Or close to it. Whats the point of a DX camera now? D800 is already an excellent DX camera.

    No point even making DX only cameras now.

    • Jim

      Except for the cost of an FX sensor.

      The D800 might be a good DX camera, but it’s definitely more than I want to pay.

      • ^^^ That^^^

        That leaves a huge gap in the market, one I’m guessing Nikon is not keen to leave wide open for the likes of Sony et. al. to fill unchallenged.

  • Beats

    Nikon Product Life Cycle manager:
    I won’t have to let you know when I get the job. You’ll know I got it because the very next day Nikon will announce the D710, same size as the D800 with the D4’s sensor …

  • fred

    There are no professional DX-only photographers in 2012.

    If you actually require a camera with pro build quality, then you also have a collection of full-frame lenses, because you’re a photographer who needs tons of flexibility and durability in a system. The D800 will be your bridge for the DX lenses you bought when it was all there was. And if you don’t own any DX lenses and are happy with less pixels, the “baby D4” called the D400 will be an attractive option too. It will cost what a D300s does today.

    If you’re sticking to DX as 2012 rolls through, it means you’re happy with a rather paltry selection of optics with excessive depth of field. The only fast zoom-Nikkor in the range is built like a D7000, not like a D300. Nikon has a camera line for you: the D7000 and its descendants, with the same solid but slightly plasticky build as the best DX zoom you can buy.

    There is no room left in the lineup for a DX camera with pro build quality.

    • What then will the price be for the D400? A mini D4 (with the same sensor) for $1,799? I just don’t see that happening, especially when it will easily sell for roughly double that price.

  • T.I.M

    DX format is dying.
    Did you seen any “pro” DX lens (f/2.8-1.4) released in the last few years ?

  • Jorge

    It really doesn’t matter that no D400 is expected but I don’t think that gap will be open long as I agree that Nikon can’t have that price point empty. I still use my D300 on occasion but my go-to right now is my D700. And, end of March I “should” have my D800 for landscapes and studio work. I suppose DX users will have to stick with the D7000 which is an excellent camera until Nikon catches up… I love surprises!

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